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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 3, Week 2


Friday July 27, 2012

The 2012 Senior Formal at the National Wine Centre

Year 12s gather for a photo

Monsignor Aitken and Fr Sutherland chose for the mass the following Gospel reading from Luke 22:14–20.

From The Acting Principal Dear Parents and Caregivers, Last Sunday Monsignor Robert Aitken and Fr Robin Sutherland celebrated their Sixtieth Anniversary of Ordination with a Jubilee Mass at St Francis Xavier Cathedral. Both Monsignor Aitken and Fr Sutherland were ordained by Archbishop Matthew Beovich at the Cathedral on 22 July 1952. The mass was a wonderful celebration of two men who have devoted their lives to God and have touched so many parishioners within the Archdiocese of Adelaide. Monsignor Aitken has had a long association with Christian Brothers College as a chaplain at the College since the late 1950s and has continued to support our students in their sacramental journey. It was pleasing to see many staff attend the mass on Sunday and I would like to thank the following students who also attended: Jayson Whitworth, Paddy Clarke, Corey Billows and Jake Tollenaar.

When the hour came, Jesus and his apostles reclined at the table. And he said to them, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. For I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds fulfilment in the kingdom of God.” After taking the cup, he gave thanks and said, “Take this and divide it among you. For I tell you I will not drink again from the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.”And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.

This scripture reminds us of the “Eucharist” which comes from a Greek word eucharisteo which means “to give thanks”. Each week at mass in the Eucharistic Prayer we are reminded of the Passover meal and why we come together in communion to give thanks for God’s creation, for Jesus, for meaningful life, for comfort and peace. It is in the quiet moments of the sacrament that we not only remember but also give thanks. As a College community we give thanks to both Monsignor Aitken and Fr Sutherland for their vocation to the priesthood over the past sixty years.

Inclusive Community

Our community is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships and committed to the common good.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

Staff News • Mr Ron Mobbs our Director of Water Sports finishes at CBC this week and commences a new position as Rowing Coordinator at Wilderness College. We thank Ron for his total support of the water sports activities in the college over the past five years. He will be missed by all members of our community and we wish him all the best on his new adventure and look forward to seeing Ron at future rowing regattas. • Mr Denis McCarthy will now be extending his leave until the end of Term 3. Mr Michael Spudic will continue to teach the Year 7 Gold class. • Mrs Glenda Kent commenced this week and is replacing Mrs Preeti Patil who is on leave for Terms 3 and 4. • We welcome Mrs Eleanor Marin who commences this week and will be replacing Mr Peter Tippins while he is on leave for the next month.

Farewell for Mr Ron Mobbs The Water Sports Auxiliary will be having a farewell BBQ lunch for Mr Ron Mobbs at the CBC West Lakes Rowing shed. The farewell will occur this Sunday 29 July at 11.30am at the CBC Boat Sheds, Dotterel Drive, West Lakes. They will be having sausages, soft drinks and some wine and beer available for purchase. All members of the CBC community are welcomed. If you wish to

attend please contact Mr. Andreas Reisinger, President of the Water Sports Auxiliary on 0404492008.

Your son should have received his class photographs this week from his Pastoral Care teacher. Please ensure that your son has received his photos.

The Catholic Schools Cross Country will occur next Thursday 2 August in the eastern parklands. This is a major sporting activity and includes all Catholic primary schools. The P&F will be cooking a BBQ lunch to raise money for the college. All members of the College community are welcomed to attend.

Show Day - Change of date

CBC Art Exhibition

Could parents please be aware of a misprint that occurred in the Term 3 parent/student planner that was distributed with reports. The Show Day will now be on Thursday 13 September. The College will conclude at 12.30pm at both campuses to allow the opportunity for families to attend the Royal Adelaide Show. Given the College is providing a half day we would appreciate it if students are not absent on other days while the Royal Show is occurring.

Our annual CBC Art Exhibition will occur next weekend. The opening night is Friday 3 August and tickets are available from the Finance office. The exhibition will be open throughout the weekend (4–5 August) and will display in the Centenary Gymnasium over 150 paintings and sculptures produced by some 50 local artists. Please take the opportunity to visit the exhibition throughout the weekend.

Class Photos

Counsellor’s Corner Trust or Fear It is important to spend time discovering whether in my heart I really trust God or whether my attitude is basically one of fear: not reverential fear but fear which cripples my way of acting. I need to reflect to see if in my heart I believe that God has my best interests at heart. Do I see God as an enemy, a friend, a dictator, a policeman, a judge or a Father Christmas? Is my God forever complaining and finding fault? It is by listening to my feelings that I will discover the attitude I have towards God. I can see more clearly who God is for me by reflecting on the answers I give questions such as: do I want to please God? Do I want to bribe God? I can know God loves me unconditionally by so much recorded in the Old and New Testaments eg. Parables of the Prodigal Son, the Good Shepherd, the forgiveness of the good thief or Mary Magdalene. How I see God in very important not only for communication in prayer but also in searching for God’s will for me. Many distorted images of God will not lead to life-giving knowledge: God as dictator, policeman, judge, Santa Claus, perfectionist or faultfinder, have one thing in common: they ration out love according to my behaviour. “If anyone loves me he will keep my word and my Father will love him and we shall come to him and make our home in him.” (John 15:23.) “...this is the love I mean: not our love for God but God’s love for us.” (1 John 4: 10.) As one mother put it in her lilting Irish brogue, we will find God, “a lot better than he’s made out to be.”

Catholic Schools Cross Country

Year 11 and 12 Formal Last Saturday I was fortunate to attend the Year 11 and 12 Formal at the Wine Centre. The evening was a great success and the students’ behaviour throughout the evening was exceptional. The managers of the centre commented that they were one of the best behaved schools they had ever hosted. All students and their partners are to be congratulated on an outstanding effort. Thank you to Mrs Nicole Leary and the Year 12 SRC Leadership Team for organising the event.

Staff Professional Development All staff attended last Friday a combined professional development day with Fr Richard Leonard at SAC. He was an engaging presenter who through his personal stories made us reflect as educators on how we can connect God within the culture of our students. Fr Richard focused on the influence of social media in our students’ world and how our teaching and faith development need to make connections with their world and experiences.

Conclusion Please keep in our prayers and thoughts family and friends affected by the shootings in Colorado this week. “I will listen for the word of the God of peace. Surely the God of peace will proclaim peace to God’s people, to the faithful, to those who trust in the God of peace ... Love and truth will embrace; justice and peace will kiss. Truth will spring from the earth; justice will look down from heaven.” (Psalm 85: 9-12)

Live Jesus in Our Hearts Forever

Mr Shaun Clarke Acting Principal

Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

The Acting Deputy Principal

Farewell BBQ The Water Sports Auxiliary will be hosting a farewell BBQ for Ron Mobbs (Water Sports Director). Drinks, BBQ and salad with be available. All parents associated with water sports at CBC are welcomed to attend. 11.30am, Sunday, 29th July CBC Boatsheds, West Lakes 2


At the end of my first week I enjoyed attending the senior Formal. I was very impressed with the boys’ behaviour and appearance and it was obviously an enjoyable event for all. Ms Nicole Leary and Nicholas Carfora deserve congratulations for their hard work. That morning I dropped into the Year 9 football game and saw a very competent CBC team playing against St Paul’s. As well as a win I witnessed a well-drilled side playing as a team. Well done Mr Crisanti and boys. I thought that this week I would write a few reflections about Posture and Spinal health for young people. Studies show that posture is the first important consideration. Research says that at any given time up to 25% of students can be suffering from some back pain. Students should be encouraged to stand tall and to sit well. Shoulders should be aligned over the hips

and when sitting the back rest of the chair should be used and feet should be resting on the ground. When computers are being used the keyboard should be placed at elbow height. The screen should be around 50 to 60 cm from the eyes and the top of the screen should be at eye level. In terms of carrying loads the use of backpacks worn over two shoulders is the best form. Research suggests that, where possible, back pack weights should be no more than 10% of body weight. When standing for long periods of time young people are encouraged to remove their backpacks and to rest them on the ground. Locker use is strongly encouraged as a way of reducing loads that need to be carried to each lesson. These are a few of the main tips from an excellent document put out by the Department of Education Training and Employment entitled ‘Spinal health for young Australians.’ I commend it to you. After all, nearly 80% of adult Australians will suffer disabling back pain at least once in their life.

Br John Ahern Acting Deputy Principal

Fr Robin Sutherland

From the Archives Monsignor Robert Aitken The Christian Brothers College community warmly congratulates Monsignor Robert Aitken on the celebration of his sixty years in the priesthood. Mass was held at the cathedral last Sunday to acknowledge Monsignor Aitken and Fr Robin Sutherland (old Collegian) who was ordained with him in 1952. Two other old Collegians Fr Terry Holland and Fr Tony Boylan who were also ordained at that time have since died.

On Sunday 22 July Fr Robin Sutherland celebrated having served sixty years in the priesthood. Fr Sutherland was an old scholar of CBC in the 1930s after first attending St Thomas’ at Goodwood. After leaving the College he studied as a radio technician at the School of Mines but later began ecclesiastical studies at St Francis Xavier’s Seminary and then at Corpus Christi College in Werribee. Fr Sutherland was ordained at the cathedral with two CBC classmates, Fr Terry Holland and Fr Tony Boylan (both deceased), together with Monsignor Aitken. After ordination Fr Sutherland served in the parishes of Walkerville, Kangaroo island, Birdwood, Clearview and Marion. Mrs Jacinta Weiss Director of Heritage, Community and Marketing

School calendar Week 3 Mon 30 July Tues 31 July Eucharist/Confirmation Parent Meeting 6.00pm – Junior School Red Cross – Jazz band (Town Hall) Vietnam Pilgrim Student Gathering - SMC Wed 1 Aug

Casual Day & BBQ

Thurs 2 Aug

Maths Competition 9 – 10.30am Catholic Schools Cross Country

Fri 3 Aug

CENSUS DAY Art Exhibition Opening Night Junior School Assembly UniSA Year 10 Career Presentation

Sat 4 Aug

Art Exhibition

Sun 5 Aug

Art Exhibition

Mon 6 Aug

Drama Performance “Mates” Year 7 – 12 at 11.30am

Tues 7 Aug

Year 9 DOE Camp (A) Oral Health Survey - Junior School Year 12 Assembly - SATAC

Wed 8 Aug

Year 9 DOE Camp (A) Oral Health Survey - Junior School

Thurs 9 Aug

Year 9 DOE Camp (A) Defence Forces 11.00 – 12noon

Fri 10 Aug

Year 9 DOE Camp (A) Whole School Assembly (Junior & Senior) 50’s, 60’s & 70’s Music Night 7pm – Conference Centre

Mon 13 Aug

Catholic Schools Music Festival – Combined Rehearsal Oral Health Survey - Senior School Vietnam Pilgrim Student Gathering - CBC CBCOC Meeting

Tues 14 Aug

Catholic Schools Music Festival – Combined Rehearsal Oral Health Survey - Senior School

Wed 15 Aug

Birthday Mass 11.30am Birthday Fete – CBC (Casual Day)

Week 4

Monsignor Aitken has been involved with CBC for over fifty years but it was not until 1967 that he had a formal role as College Chaplain. The Annual of the time states that as well as saying Mass each week he was much involved in hearing confession and counselling students. Unfortunately his duties at the Cathedral prevented him from continuing in this role but he remained involved in life at the College. On 20 November 1968 he celebrated Mass at the Cathedral with Archbishop Gleeson to commemorate the centenary of the arrival of the Christian Brothers in Australia. In 1978 he helped to organise the centenary Mass to celebrate the first one hundred years of CBC Wakefield Street. He was there for the old Junior Campus’ twenty-first birthday celebrations and in 1987 he blessed the extensions to that building. Since that time he has maintained his commitment and connection to the College, especially the Junior Campus students. He has also served in the parishes of Croydon, St Francis Xavier Cathedral and Dulwich/Burnside.

Week 5

Monsignor Aitken Blessing the Junior Campus extensions, 1987

Christian Brothers College and the Parents and Friends Association warmly invite you to the Twenty12 Art Exhibition, showcasing traditional and contemporary works from established and emerging South Australian artists. Opening Night entry includes wine, food and entertainment.

Fri 3 – Sun 5 August

Opening Night - Friday: 7pm – 10pm Entry: $20 per person Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 4pm Entry: Gold Coin Donation

For more information, please contact: Doriano Lopresto on 8400 4200 or Tic k

ets now



le f
















NIDA Scholarship In the first week of the holidays, James Russo, Jack Poole, Joseph McWilliams and I apprehensively waited outside the drama theatre to begin our NIDA acting course. For the week to follow, we would be partaking in a variety of fun and exciting exercises and learning new acting techniques to improve our skills in drama. The four of us were awarded scholarships to do the course at no charge through an ongoing relationship between the NIDA and CBC. We were divided into groups of twelve on the first day and these were to be the people that we would be taking the course with. Our course leader, Emma, introduced herself and we got straight into some acting exercises. Over the week we participated in many fun and challenging drama activities; we also learnt how to analyse and break down scripts. I took away many new techniques and ideas from the course that I am sure will aid me in my future. I gained confidence and had a small taste of what the acting industry is truly like. Overall it was a great experience and I hope that I am able to participate in it again next year. Sam Sunter Year 10 Student

A Friendly Reminder Recently, you received a package through your child’s school inviting your family to participate in the National Child Oral Health Survey (NCOHS). The NCOHS team would like to extend our thanks and appreciation if you have already completed and returned the consent form and survey questionnaire. If you have not yet responded and would like your child to participate please fill out the consent form and the survey questionnaire and return it in the reply paid envelope. If you require a new NCOHS pack please contact the school or NCOHS on 1800 131 045. Your and your child’s participation is greatly appreciated.



Year 2

1st Toby Kay 2nd Steven Hall 3rd Henry O,Mahoney

Assistant Principal - Junior Campus Dear Parents and Friends, The recent break appears to have refreshed our hard-working staff and students. The boys arrived at school last week settled, calm and eager for the term to commence. Last week, parents received reports for your son’s achievement in Semester 1. These reports are insightful regarding the quality of the work being assessed. They will provide many students and their families with areas of affirmation and recognition from the good work done by staff and students. There will always be the opportunity for reflection on what can be done better, and hence ways to set goals for Semester 2. I encourage all parents to engage in constructive dialogue with their sons and class teachers about performance achievements within the many aspects of school life. Parents also had the opportunity to attend discussion meetings on Wednesday evening. If for whatever reason you were unable to attend, please do not hesitate to contact your son’s class teacher to arrange another mutually convenient time. Last Friday, R-12 staff members from CBC and St Aloysius had the privilege of listening to Father Richard Leonard SJ (a Jesuit Priest who shared his wisdom about faith, Education and the influence of the Media in the 21st century. Father Richard was an inspirational speaker. Last Sunday at St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Monsignor Aitken celebrated 60 years as a Catholic Priest. Monsignor has served faithfully the Catholic Church since 1952 and is much loved and highly regarded. Monsignor is a true friend of CBC and gives so much in the way of class masses and liturgies in our Junior Campus. I thank the Year 5/6 students at the Junior Campus for their kind words when writing to Monsignor and Jayson Whitworth for attending the celebratory mass along with Mr Were and other staff from the CBC community.

Year 3

1st Oliver Trimboli 2nd Lachlan Staunton 3rd Awok Machar

Under 10

1st Marial Mabok 2nd Daniel Bessan 3rd Jack Bourke

A reminder that all students are required to finish the Premier’s Reading Challenge by the end of Week 7. Please ask your son to see me if he needs support in meeting this expectation.

Under 12

Congratulations to the following students for successfully completing the challenge:

1st Akok Machar 2nd Isaac Gianetta 3rd Louie Catherwood 1st Michael Frederick 2nd Dario Lunnetta 3rd Mitchell Vonthoff

Under 13

1st James Callaghan 2nd Cooper O,Donnell 3rd Lawrence Gianetta A great effort by all boys who competed on the day. A special mention to William Holmes from Year 1 who produced the best run from a Year 1 seen at CBC in 20 years. In the Under 11 event, Akok Machar and Isaac Gianetta must be commended for their outstanding runs. Special thanks to Robyn O’Reilly, Gaye Kingham and Karen Chambers for their tireless work on the day.

3 White

Jamie Fry

4 White

Anthony B, Lachlan E, Marial M, Thomas R, Luca T

5 White

Liam R

5/6 Gold Adam W Keep reading! Mrs Caroline Wilson Teacher / Librarian Junior Campus

The Catholic Schools Cross Country will be held on 2 August 2012. Please make sure you put this in your diaries.

Reminders • Coles Sport for Schools Vouchers. Please collect and send or give to front reception desk. • Casual Day and BBQ, 1 August 2012. • Grand Opening Night for the CBC Art Exhibition is Friday 3 August and will be held at the Senior Campus; it will continue until 5 August. Further details can be found on the Christian Brothers College website.

Congratulations to the following students

• Tuesday Special Meal Deals continue each Tuesday in the canteen.

• Parent/Caregiver coffee mornings continue every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.40am until 9.30am. This is a great way to meet new parents whilst enjoying a coffee together.

Wishing you God’s blessings for the week ahead.

We’re Collecting Sports for Schools


Year 1

1st William Holmes 2nd Nate Bielak 3rd Ben Saliba

3 Purple Nicholas K

Friday morning we will announce the team results at Assembly.

• Junior Campus Assemblies – every Friday at 11.20am – all family and friends of our students are welcome.

1st Pasquale Sicuro 2nd Andrew Callow 3rd Brandon Piper

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Under 11

On Tuesday CBC Junior Campus House Cross Country was held. Thank you to the many parents and caregivers who attended. The students once again made me proud, displaying great sportsmanship. Much preparation by Mr Michael Buttfield and Mr Adam Baird went into organising the event and we thank them for their hard work in preparing for such a successful day.


Junior Campus Library

Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus

Please drop off your vouchers at the Reception desk at the Senior or Junior Campuses. Thank you.



Junior Campus RE Coordinator Dear Families and Friends Last Friday, our staff community had the opportunity to share a day with Fr Richard Leonard a Jesuit Priest who shared much wisdom about faith, education and the influences of the media. This day was filled with much laughter, lots of opportunity to challenge our thoughts and feelings about how our community works with your sons to best prepare them for a world where the media certainly does have the power to influence our young people.

served our community since the 1950s.

Learning Outcome

We look forward to many more opportunities to share the wisdom of Monsignor Aitken.

At the completion of the task the students will have the opportunity to:

Congratulations, Mons!

• Identify the significance of the occasion and readily recognize the symbols of their confirmation.

Have a good week.

Gospel Challenge – Compassion “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12

Do you like being teased?

• Understand the emotions and actions associated with making their confirmation and use these ideas to make connections with other sacramental celebrations. • Explore the SAINT that they used to choose for their Confirmation Name.


Do you like having friends?

Students need to research the SAINT they have chosen as their CONFIRMATION name and present their findings to the class.

Do you like connecting with people?

Assessment Criteria

When we connect with others we build stronger, positive more encouraging communities.

50% Poster Content (To be displayed at the Cathedral on the occasion of your son’s Confirmation.)

Do you like being bullied?

This week let’s try and remember the following connecting habits as we are reminded by this week’s Gospel Challenge.

His challenge for us all was in our daily work if we can encourage our boys to be:

What are Connecting Habits?

• Grateful • Loving • Forgiving

Respecting others

Supporting others

This will need to include biography of the person’s life and sharing of the contribution they made to society which made them worthy of being a SAINT. Furthermore, there will need to be some sharing on the reason you chose this particular SAINT

Encouraging others

Trusting others

30% Presentation

Then, we would be on the path of creating young men well-equipped to make a positive contribution to society.

Mass And Prayer Services

There was much insight from Fr Richard’s presentation and I took away much from the experience.

Negotiating with others.

20% Self Reflection – What did you learn about this SAINT and how will this learning help you as you continue your journey as a Catholic.

Furthermore, as part of this pursuit, it is important for educators and care-givers to remain faithful, hopeful and loving in the way we communicate with each other.

Wed 1 August

Reception Prayer Service led by Mrs Clifton’s Class

If you have any questions about this particular task feel free to speak with either your Class Teacher or myself.

Wed 8 August

Year 1/2 Prayer Service led by Mrs Ozgo’s Class

Some important dates for your information:

Fr Richard shared some contemporary theology about where God may fit into the world’s suffering and pain.

Wed 15 August CBC Birthday Celebrations at 11.20 Centenary Gymnasium

• God does not directly send pain, suffering and disease.

Wed 22 August Year 4 Prayer Service led by Mr Mackereth’s Class

• God does not punish us. • God does not send us accidents to teach us things, though we can learn from them. • God does not will earthquakes, floods, droughts or other natural disasters. • God does not kill us off. • God has created a world which is less than perfect, else it would be heaven, and in which suffering, disease and pain are realities. Some of these we now create (starvation, ecological damage, changes in food, stress, accidents.) • God grieves with us when we despair and delights in our goodness and creativity. A fully compassionate, more ‘hands-off’ God. Fr Richard has published many books and if you’re interested to learn more visit the following two sites. We look forward to Fr Richard coming to work with us again in 2013. Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a celebration mass for the much loved Monsignor Robert Aitken who celebrated 60 years of devotion and vocation as a Priest. The ceremony was held at St Francis Xavier Cathedral and was a fitting tribute to a remarkable man who has 8


Wed 29 August Year 5 Mass led by Mrs Buchanan’s Class Friday 31 August Confirmation Ceremony led by Archbishop Wilson at St Francis Xavier Cathedral. Sunday 2 Sept

First Eucharist at St Francis Xavier Cathedral at 11.00am.

Wed 5 Sept

Year 6 Mass led by Mrs Younie’s Class

Wed 12 Sept

Year 3 Prayer Service led by Mrs Duddy’s Class

Friday 14 Sept

Junior Campus Liturgy TO BE CONFIRMED

• Tuesday 31 July 2012 at 6.00pm at the Junior Campus (Eucharist/Confirmation) • Tuesday 28 August 2012 at 6.00pm at the Junior Campus (Wine Tasting) • Friday 31 August 2012 at 7.00pm at St Francis Xavier Cathedral - Confirmation Ceremony celebrated by Archbishop Philip Wilson. • Sunday 2 September 2012 at 11.00am at St Francis Xavier Cathedral – First Eucharist. Mr Bruce Were Junior Campus Religious Education Curriculum Coordinator We cannot change the world but we can make a contribution to making it a better place.


Sacramental Program For 2012 As the boys continue their preparation for Confirmation and First Eucharist a reminder to all parents that the following parent meetings are an important phase of the ongoing commitment that you have for your child’s personal faith and formation journey. This week the boys have received notification from their Class Teachers of the important SAINTS project that they will need to complete by 15 August 2012.

Junior School Scholastic Book Club Orders due Thursday 2 August

BASKETBALL Open A Basketball CBC 89 defeated Mercedes College 32 CBC was the better team on the day to record its seventh consecutive win. The game plan was to win four quarters and to use all players effectively, particularly utilising our height advantage and passing to the low post. We took a commanding lead in the first quarter to dominate with a 28-7 score line. It was disappointing that the team took the foot off the pedal in the second to allow a determined Mercedes side to capitalise on our lack lustre defence in the second to come back with some good baseline drives and three pointers to give us a narrow lead in the second quarter 18-12. The halftime break gave the team a chance to refocus. The message to players was to maintain discipline in defence and offence irrespective of the score, share the ball around, use quick passes down the court once we secured the defensive ball; and shot selection. The players responded and countered Mercedes’ base line drives with double- and on occasions triple-teamed efforts to outscore them 24-8. CBC did well in the fourth quarter to gain on this momentum to secure the defensive rebound first and unleash some accurate long passes down the court for uncontested lay-ups winning the last quarter with a 19-5 margin. We congratulate Mercedes for their spirited game and sportsmanship and wish them well for the rest of the season. It was a good win for the team considering that we were two men down through injury and playing with two men who were not 100% due to illness and injury. Poynter was playing under the flu cloud but you would not have thought so seeing his speed in defence and offence. He marked his counterpart doggedly and used his superior speed to counter every move. I still am shaking my head at how he got one shot in. Poynter got a mid-court pass, drove to the basket with three opposition defenders on him. He ducked and weaved but kept his eye on the basket to lob the ball up and scored. Sach exerted his influence in the first quarter with six points and the third with seven (including a three). He was instrumental in the offensive zone with quick passes, making good position and cutting to the basket. Given the combination, Sach also doubled up as a power guard and was credited with four turnovers which enabled the ‘runners’ to receive and convert. Balkwill was at his tall best this game getting the rebounds at both ends to score. He covered the court well to get back in defence and contributed a handy 10 points as he used his height to full advantage on an inside pass or contested rebound. Ciabattoni contributed 22 points to our win as he played a very controlled game in his shot selection. He read the plays well and anticipated the fast breaks when they were on to punish the opposition. Ciabattoni sealed the game for us in the fourth which some excellent individual drives to the basket. Squire fitted seamlessly into the Open A squad replacing the injured players. He played the point/shooting guard role and excelled in it. Squire set up the play in offence on his shift and defended well. In addition he contributed a valuable six points for the team. Megins had a significant impact on the game being the top rebounder and assisted in setting up other players for scoring opportunities. He was at his best with his centre drives off a pass to convert with a floater or finger-roll. Megins had the greatest influence in the first, second and fourth quarter finishing with a 20 point haul. Hilliker played well in his role as point and power guard but was also influential in mid-court where he denied some opposition passes to their forward players. This denied the scoring opportunities. He also made good position to score. Kurvers was playing with an injury but nevertheless moved well to block out the opposition in defence and screened well in offence to present for an option pass or allow for his team mates to roll off his screen for a lay-up. In my estimation, his great contribution to this game was his

rebounding and often undervalued efficient screening. Machar and De Pinto did not play due to injuries. It was a good team game as every player contributed to the score board. While this was significant, as a coach, the even more significant exhibition of team cohesion was to see the five players on court get in a huddle when the opposition had a shot from the foul line (hence a break in play) to encourage, talk tactics and reinforce team work. That is more valuable than the win. Also impressive was the unselfish combination passes on the inside to score. The teams thanks the coaching team of Mrs Kurvers for scoring duties, Mr Mellow for his advice and the loyal parents who turned up to support the team. Next game is against Westminster School at 10.30am at home. Best Players: Oliver Megins, Emile Sach, Gian Ciabattoni and Aaron Balkwill. Mr Gary Jalleh Coach

Open C Basketball CBC 33 defeated Mercedes 23 The CBC “C” team notched up their 4th win in a row with this triumph over Mercedes. The defensive hustle was excellent creating many offensive opportunities. Sunny and Vincent led way in this area. Alexi, Nam, Andrew, Giuseppe and Joie were strong under the boards. Giuseppe top scored with 10pts, which included two three pointers, Nam scored 9, Andrew 6, Vincent 4 and Joie 4. Well done on a great team effort. Mr Tony Carrieri Coach

football Year 9 Football CBC 11.17 (83) defeated St Paul’s 5.6 (36) Best Players: McPherson, Peterson, Strange, Daly, Sarunic, Perpetua, Goal Scorers: 2 Sarunic, Bojovic; 1 Tully, Perpetua, D Pinksterboer, Nardecchia, Boffo, Byrnes We returned from the break and with injuries to our Vice Captain Jack Owens and consistent performer Luke Johansen, and an injury concern over our centre-halfforward Nathan Koulizos. We predicted that St Paul’s would be a solid competitor and they were. However CBC started with another dominant display which again began with a commanding performance from ruckman Trent Daly. When not competing in the air, Trent acts as an excellent additional mid-fielder; he runs hard and provides a valuable link through the middle. Trent sustained this for the first half before ‘resting‘at centre-half-back in the second half. Capitalising on Daly’s ruckwork was the consistent and talented Captain Jack Strange, who again provided much drive from the middle and around the ground. Austin Crisanti used his hardness to thwart the occasional attacks of St Paul’s with excellent tackling and work in the packs. Our forward line was productive albeit inaccurate, kicking 6-6 in the 1st term to just 1-1. St Paul’s were more competitive in the second term as CBC managed just 3-3 for the quarter. Their forward thrusts were continually repelled by the attacking and creative Will McPherson at centre-half-back. After half-time there were significant positional changes. McPherson continued to do well at centre-half-forward and Chris Boffo moved into ruck where he performed admirably. The performance of Tyson Sarunic up forward in the first half, then at full back in the second half was outstanding. Sarunic took chances, leaving his opponent and meeting and repelling every St Paul’s attack head on.

We ended up scoring only 2-8 in the second half to St Pauls 3-4. It was disappointing to lose the second half and this would not have occurred had our goal kicking been more accurate. A special mention must go to Liam Peterson who had his best game of the year over 4 quarters on the wing. It was also a credit to Jack Owens for fronting up despite injury and his father Wayne for continuing to goal umpire. These acts typify the excellent atmosphere that is evident in this football team. Mr Matthew Crisanti Coach

Year 8A Football Immanuel College 8.6 (54) defeated CBC 1.2 (8) Goal Scorers: 1 J. Howard Best Players: D Aplin, A McPherson, B D’Antonio, R Goodwin, R Atkinson Having played Immanuel last term, we knew that we were up against a very tall and talented team. They certainly had not got any smaller since we last played them. To CBC’s credit we only played one bad quarter and are certainly getting closer to competing with the better teams. The first quarter was a real arm wrestle. Even though we did not score, Immanuel kicked their only goal in the last minute of the quarter and we were right in the game. Unfortunately the second quarter was very disappointing for CBC, letting the opposition dictate terms as we meekly surrendered the quarter. Out attack on the ball was weak and our run and support was non- existent. After a bake from the coach at the long break, our effort in the third quarter was much better, but was not transferred to the scoreboard, as Immanuel kicked 2 goals to our solitary point. I was very pleased with the way we finished the game, with both teams kicking one goal each in the last quarter. We were beaten but not disgraced. CBC tried hard in patches but failed to capitalise on the hard work done by a handful of players. In the end, Immanuel was able to control the game and run out comfortable winners. This was always going to be a game for the players who were prepared to get dirty and throw themselves into packs, tackle hard, keep their nose over the ball and just keep pushing the ball forward. This aspect was epitomised by Daniel Aplin; he tackled players twice his size, fearlessly dived into packs and was prepared to take the heavy knocks for the team. Unfortunately, not enough team-mates copied his example. Andrew McPherson was fantastic in the backlines and when on the ball. If it wasn’t for him the opposition would have scored a lot more goals. I lost count of the number of times Andrew intercepted the opposition kicks into their forward line, talked hard and continually drove the ball forward. Ben D’Antonio started the game ‘on fire’, winning many possession on the ball. Even though he could not sustain the effort throughout the game, his attack on the ball set a great example. Royce Goodwin battled valiantly in ruck and around the ground. Having to jump against much taller opponents took its toll on Royce, but he never stopped chasing and laid some great tackles. Riley Atkinson, like Royce, tried hard all day; whilst beaten in ruck, his work around the ground was terrific. His capacity to run all day and make a contest was very encouraging. Unfortunately, a number of CBC players lacked the desire to attack the ball flat out, instead taking the easy option to play from behind and meekly try to then tackle their opponents. CBC players need to use their strengths and back themselves against their opponents. Every player must be prepared to fiercely contest for the ball, rather than sit back and hope someone else does the hard work. There were some very encouraging signs and pleasing individual efforts throughout the game, but like in past games, too much was left to be done by too few. Mr Peter Tippins Coach



Year 8B Football St Michael’s 8.6 (54) defeated CBC 4.2 (26) Goal Scorers: 3 Michael Severino, 1 Tom Austin Best Players: Jared Brusnahan, Michael Severino, Adrian Niscioli, Lachlan Jarvis, Oliver Way Despite the score line and a third quarter fade-out the boys played a very competitive game of football. The highlight was the effort in the fourth quarter which saw strong tackling, commitment and some excellent passages of play. The back line was once again the key in keeping CBC in touch with St Michael’s. Thanks to two new team members, Tom Austin and Stuart O’Neill, who were valuable additions to the side. We also welcomed back Michael Severino from injury, who kicked an impressive bag of three goals. Well done boys - it was a strong team effort. Mr Jerome Teakle Coach

Prep B Football Pulteney 7.2 (44) defeated CBC 6.4 (40 Goal Scorers: A Lovell 2, K Brown 2, Ma Frederick 2 Best Players: A Lovell, Ma Frederick, Mi Frederick, B Salvemini, K Brown, J Kleeman This week we played Pulteney Grammar for the first time since they defeated us in round 1 by over 20 goals. It was a much improved performance, with the boys fighting hard all day. We hit the scoreboard early and were in front most of the day, but were overrun in the last quarter and lost by 4 points. Well done to the team; 134 point turnaround since last time. Mr Vincent Rignanese Coach

Year 4/5 Football PAC 8.6 (54) defeated CBC 4.3 (27) Best Players: Kaine Baldwin, Liam Ryan, DonovanYarron, Akok Macher and Mark Neville Franklin Our first game back after the break was against the wellcredentialed side from Prince Alfred College. At the start both teams observed a minute’s silence to remember the tragic passing of Jackson Marsh from Pembroke College. The game was played in excellent spirit and for three quarters it was goal for goal; it was only a third quarter fade-out by the CBC Little Heroes that cost us the match. To their credit they kept their heads up and won the last quarter. There was some real inspirational play from Kaine Baldwin and Liam Ryan who continued to work and press really hard. Donovan Yarron produced some brilliance from defence and despite not being a natural defender, his best work is when he runs straight at the ball. Thanks again to Sharon Moten for supplying the oranges and Andrew Neville for waving the flags. Our next challenge is against St Peter’s. Mr Bruce Were Coach

Year 2/3 Football CBC 9.1(55) defeated Coromandel Valley 5.0 (30) Back from our mid-season break and the boys put on the best first half for the season so far, we dominated the centre clearances but more importantly when we had possession of the ball we kept it and moved forward without losing it or turning it over, that gave us the chance to hit targets and kick for set shots at goal. This was very effective seeing us kick 7 goals to 1 by half time. Some great performances all round with everyone contributing.

The third quarter was also strong and we kept up the intensity to ensure Coromandel didn’t get a chance to settle into the game. Coromandel found their rhythm in the last quarter kicking 3 unanswered goals but the damage had already been done and CBC held onto one of their best wins of the season against a tough team. A fantastic effort all round and the boys once again showed us how they are improving their skills and also coming together as a well drilled team. Goal Scorers: Matthew Adams (2), Samuel Cutri (2), Blake Mc Donough (1), Asher Bemmer (1), Cooper Pool (1), Lachlan Staunton (1), Hunter Dwyer (1) Best Players: Samuel Cutri (c), Lachlan Staunton and Blake Mc Donough Thanks to Assistant Coach Ms Williams and Cosi for goal umpiring. Thanks for the Orange’s Mr Steve Brooks Coach

In the second half, Aidan Hood stepped into the goals and Ganesh played midfield. The changes had an immediate effect. Aidan stopped several shots on goal and CBC scored from the rebound. The best play of the day went unrewarded. Aidan kicked the ball out to Tyler Yeadon on the right wing, who, with a burst of speed, passed several Mercedes players and took the ball deep into the corner. A brilliant right foot cross found Jason Merola on the far post and his header passed on the outside of the post. A great game from Diamond in the striker role, and Joseph Pangallo dominated on the left hand side in the second half. Brett Ashfield was solid on the right, and with Steven Kakogianis, David Fantasia and Ashish Singh, Joseph Locampo, Joseph De Donatis were dominant in defence. Congratulations to all players for an excellent game. Mr Michael Lucas Coach

8B Soccer Cabra 12 defeated CBC 1

Soccer Year 10A Soccer CBC 5 goals defeated Sacred Heart 0 The game was the same as always, cold, wet and everyone gets there 15minutes before kickoff. The game started quickly with the midfield (Mathew Dawber & Jesse Francesca) stealing the ball a number of times and setting up our forwards allowing Daniel Filosi to score the first 3 goals. Our fate was already sealed with our keeper Ben Jackson not touching the ball until 20 minutes into the first half. We missed numerous shots in the first half which could have given us a dramatic lead. The second half kicked off just the same except for the loss of Daniel Filosi, so we had to keep the work rate up so we could hold onto our lead. They pushed harder in the second half than in the first. It helped us that Jackson O’Donnell managed to score a goal as well as Dj Hancar which advanced the score to 5-0. The whole team worked hard and best on field was Mathew Dawber who ran all day in the midfield. Men of the Match for this game are Daniel F and Matthew D for their tremendous efforts in the forward line and midfield, dispossessing the opposition of the ball resulting in opportunities to score. All of the team played extremely well to keep the opposition at bay. Our next match is home against St Paul’s College. Kick off at 8.15am; be there 7.45am for warm-up. Goals Scorers: 3 Daniel F, 1 Jackson O’D, 1 DJ Hancar Thank you to all parents who support the boys by getting them to the matches and cheering them on. Also a big thank you to Mr Hvalica for running the line. Mr Emmanuel Gaitaneris Coach

Year 10 B Soccer CBC 8 defeated Mercedes 0 Goal Scorers: 3 Diamond Karbiah, 2 Joseph Pangallo, Nicholas Latonis, Ganesh Westbury, Steven Kakogianis With the last game of Term 2 cancelled due to wet weather, and the holidays, it has been three weeks since the team played together. The 8-0 result suggests that the team should have more time apart! Mercedes were one player short, and this week we had three on the bench, which did help when there were tired legs. The first 10 minute period was fairly even until Nic Latonis saw the goalie off his line and popped the ball over his head and into the net. From there the game swung firmly to CBC’s favour. Unfortunately several first half opportunities missed the goal, or were saved by the Mercedes defence, which kept the score to 2 – 0 at the end of the first half.

Goal Scorer: Brandon Shunmugam Special relief goalkeepers: Joel De Donatis, Haimish Marshall, and Julian Cocca. The final scoreline was difficult to take home with us, but we all showed our efforts till the very end. Mr Andrzej Skrzypiec Coach

Year 6A Soccer CBC 10 vs Pulteney 0 The boys played a fantastic first half and set themselves up for a terrific win after some wonderful passing of the ball. Throughout the first half, the boys worked well as a team and moved the ball around the pitch with poise and precision. James Brown played a great game in defence while Luke Conti scored 4 goals. Adrian Parnis had very little to do in goals because of the wonderful performance by the outfield players. A solid effort by all players, well done boys. Mr David Molloy Coach

table tennis Open Table Tennis CBC defeated St Peter’s After a student free Friday it was a measure of grit and bravery that nine players were at school in the afternoon to bus down to Hackney and bring home glory. Against an undernourished St Peter’s and with a long weekend of sorts in their hearts they cut a swathe through the opposition with gallant verve and self-depreciation. It was a delight to watch these young men engage, share the games and generally look after their own and teammates’ interests. On the drive back to school they almost broke into song! We contemplated responsibility, commitment and team work as we wheeled our bicycles down Frome Road into the fading light. Mr Rory Harris Coach

Insight 2012T3W02  
Insight 2012T3W02  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 3, Week 2, 2012.