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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

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Term 2, Week 3


Thursday May 10, 2012

Corey Billows and Jake Manton donating Blood.

I was totally impressed by our students who showed outstanding reverence and respect throughout the mass. Thank you for the preparation of the mass by our RE Team of Bruce Were, Rory Harris and Sr Kanistal and the musicians and music faculty of Emma Woehle, Louise Guthleben, Felicity Davies and Josh Roach.

From The Acting Principal Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Introduction Mr Noel Mifsud this week has been attending the Australian Heads of Independent Schools Association (AHISA) conference in Christchurch, New Zealand. The principals have been examining the traumatic impact the earthquake last year had on the city and the lessons learnt from their experience for schools to have clear and sustainable trauma strategic plans to deal with any major crisis within a school community. Last week the College community celebrated the feast of Blessed Edmund Rice with a mass celebrated by Fr James Valladares in the Centenary Gymnasium. The mass was a wonderful experience of giving thanks for the life and legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice. Br Michael Flaherty cfc gave a detailed reflection on Edmund’s life and the values that underpin the ethos of the college.

This week we welcome back Mrs Amanda Portus who will be teaching drama in the Junior Campus every Monday.

senior school students who have not yet paid for their photographs can do so online (refer to the envelope) or return your envelope to the front office with full payment details.

Anniversary of the birth of Blessed Edmund Rice

You may have noticed the CBC commercials that have recommenced last Sunday on Channel 9. These commercials will be advertising our Open Day, which is Sunday 20 May from 11.00am until 2.00pm. Some students will be asked to be involved in Open Day activities or as guides. If your son has been asked to be involved in Open Day he will be bringing home a consent letter. Please sign this letter and return to his home class teacher. All parents are welcome to attend and invite friends or relatives that are considering enrolling their son at the college.

This year we celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Blessed Edmund Rice. He was born on 1 June 1762 in Callan. The Parents and Friends have organised an anniversary dinner on Saturday, 2 June in the CBC Centenary Gym at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. All members of the College community are invited to this family evening to celebrate the birthday of Edmund Rice and the legacy he has left us here at CBC. The cost of the dinner is $25.00 per adult, $12.50 per child under 15 and children under three are free. There will be a complimentary drink upon arrival. The evening will include an Irish band and school musicians. Bar facilities will be available. Please support this evening by organising a table. Tickets are available from the finance office.

School Photos

Blood Donation

School photos have occurred this week in the senior school. Next Friday 18 May the Junior School will have photographs taken at the Junior Campus. All students are reminded that they must wear their full winter uniform on the day. Students must bring their envelopes that are handed directly to the photographers. Any

It was pleasing to see this week a large number of students and staff donating blood supporting the Red Cross “City Challenge”. The college has won this award for the last five years and the community has continued to totally support this vital service through donating blood saving the lives of hundreds of people.

CBC Open Day

Liberating Education

We open hearts and minds, through quality teaching and learning experiences, so that through critical reflection and engagement each person is hope-filled and free to build a better world for all.

Faith Excellence Community Compassion

Counsellor’s Corner Reconciliation Because we are human we sometimes offend others and therefore need to ask forgiveness and be reconciled with them. At the present time there is a great resistance, even among young people, to forgive others. Jesus speaks so insistently and so uncompromisingly on the necessity of heart-felt forgiveness of, and genuine reconciliation with others. It is not easy but it is essential eg. in marriage, in families, among relatives and friends. “If you do not forgive others’ failings, your heavenly Father will not forgive yours.” (Matthew 6 : 14): “Offering a gift at the altar ? - first be reconciled to your brother or sister, then offer.” (Matthew 5 : 23): “How often must you forgive a brother or sister? - seventy times seven times.”(Matthew 18 : 21); and the parable of the unforgiving servant (Matthew 18; 23-25) ends with the solemn warning, “that is how my heavenly Father will treat you unless you each forgive your brother or sister from your heart.” “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.”(Our Father) There is no room in this teaching for our saying, “He/she should have known better”. Forgiveness by the offended should precede, not wait for, repentance by the offender. Jesus has set us the example when he said of his executioners, “They know not what they do,” and forgave them. Being reconciled is hard but putting it off makes it even harder. Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor

Year 12 Tutoring


Parents are reminded that the college offers tutoring for all Year 12 students after school. This tutoring is offered by former students who obtained greater than 90 on their ATAR. Unfortunately, this opportunity is only being utilised by a small group of Year 12 students. I would promote that all Year 12 students take advantage of this support provided by the college.

Thank you to Mr Josh Roach who supervised the fourteen students that attended the “Generations in Jazz” festival at Mount Gambier last weekend. We didn’t win a place but Marcus Baricelli got an honourable mention in the presentations.

Year 10 Career Expo The Year 10 students today attended the Career Expo at Wayville. This experience will be invaluable to all Year 10 students in reflecting upon their future career pathways and selecting their work placements later in the year.

NAPLAN Tests NAPLAN test will occur next week for all Year 3, 5, 7 and 9. The tests will take place over three days starting on Tuesday, 15th May and conclude on Thursday, 17th May. The schedules for the tests are: • Tuesday 15 May

Language Conventions and Writing

Zac Camerlengo is to be congratulated on being selected to represent SAPSASA at the forthcoming School Sport Australia Basketball Event. Zac will represent the state at competitions in Melbourne in August. Congratulations to staff member Liz Shackleford who gave birth to Aliana Claire, weighing 7lbs 5oz and 50.5cms long. We wish Liz and her husband Tim all the best.

Happy Mother’s Day Thank you to all the mothers that attended our Mother’s Day morning tea today at the Junior School. We wish all our mothers and grandmothers and mothers-to-be a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday. We give thanks and prayers for the love, care and nurturing that our mothers have given us throughout our lives.

• Wednesday 16 May Reading, and

Prayer for Mothers

• Thursday 17 May Numeracy

We pray for young mothers, who give life and count toes and tend to our every need; May they be blessed with patience and tenderness to care for their families and themselves with great joy.

It is important to remember that NAPLAN is only one aspect of the school assessment and reporting processes, and does not replace the ongoing assessment that occurs throughout the year on each student’s performance. If you have any queries related to the NAPLAN tests do not hesitate to contact Mrs Sandra Buchanan, our NAPLAN Coordinator.

Arrival of Students at School Parents are reminded that students are not to be left early at school. Yard duty at both the junior and senior school does not commence until 8.15am. It is becoming a concern as a large number of students are being left at the junior school prior to 8.15am and there is no staff member designated at that time for duty. As a college we have a legal responsibility for students who are on our property and students who do arrive before 8.15am on the junior property will be required to attend morning school care. We would appreciate parental support with this matter.

We pray for our own mothers who have nurtured and cared for us; May they continue to guide us in strong and gentle ways. We remember mothers who are separated from their children because of war, poverty, or conflict; May they feel the loving embrace of our God who wipes every tear away. We pray for women who are not mothers but still love and shape us with motherly care and compassion. We remember mothers. Grandmothers and greatgrandmothers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our memory and nourish us with their love. Amen.

Mr Shaun Clarke Acting Principal

Uniform Shop The Uniform Shop is operating from 227 Flinders Street, Adelaide. For more information, please call 8400 4249. Normal trading hours: Monday 8:30am to 5pm* Wednesday 12pm to 5pm* Friday 12pm to 5pm* (*During school terms - extra trading hours are advertised for school holiday trading) Mrs Claire Summerton Uniform Shop Manager



Mr Noel Mifsud warmly invites you to attend Christian Brothers College


11am - 2pm, Sunday 20 May

in their ability to cope and get through their difficulties. “You can do it” is far more powerful in terms of promoting an attitude of persistence than “If it is a little too hard then try something else.”

From The Deputy Principal Persistence Is The Key To Success One of the criticisms that are often mentioned of today’s generation is their lack of persistence to see a task through to the end. However, our world today is different and children now need to be multi-skilled, meet deadlines, and conform to social pressures and norms. The constant pressure students face both in their academic and personal life can make it seem like an impossible hurdle to complete all the tasks set and meet the expectations placed upon them by others. John Quincy Adams, the sixth US President stated that: “Persistence and patience have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish” The ability to persist at a task and see it through to the end is one of the most important success attributes that both parents and teachers can develop in a student. There are numerous times every day when students must persist rather than give in. A young child learning to tie shoelaces must persist. A primary aged student must show determination to finish tasks and a secondary student needs to work through difficulties, particularly those he doesn’t understand or complete right away. They need to be able to persist when work gets hard or life gets tough. They need the ‘stick ability’ to work through difficulties and hang in there when things don’t go their way. Some children are more naturally predisposed to persist than others. They have a determined, even competitive streak in their temperament that doesn’t allow them to give in. These children and young people can drive themselves very hard to succeed. The results of the Australian Temperament Project show that persistence is the one temperamental factor that can be improved over time. Parents and teachers can develop persistence in children and also impede its development by making life too easy for children so that they don’t have opportunities to persist or hang in there. Parents can promote persistence by encouraging their children to keep going and not give in at the slightest hurdle or difficulty. Parents can be a sounding board for children’s gripes but they should show confidence

It is important to let children know that there is a correlation between effort and success. In fact, they need to learn that by giving effort they will more than likely experience more success. The ability to persist in the face of difficulties maybe an old-fashioned quality but it is one of the best success attributes that children will ever develop. Four practical strategies that parents can use to promote a sense of persistence in your children: • Develop a vocabulary for persistence. Words like “Hang tough”, “Work Hard” and “Hang in there” can become part of their every day vocabulary. • Point out to children when they stick at a task. Most parents know it pays off when they catch their children being good but it also pays off to catch them being persistent. The behaviours you focus on as parents expand so let them know when they have been persistent. Also remind them that persistence generally pays off. • Help children to remember times when they experienced success by HANGING IN when they were younger. Let them know that persistence has paid off before and it will again. • Talk about HARD WORK with your children. They need to understand that to be successful they need to do things that are NOT fun or easy. While it would be good if all work and learning was fun, in reality, this is not always the case. Persistence is a very important trait to develop in life because it is intimately interlinked with our own personal development and self improvement. We will only get better in life by persisting and moving on. Without persistence, our ability to grow and develop will be seriously restricted, and so will be our success, happiness and what we can personally achieve. “Energy and persistence conquer all things”. - Benjamin Franklin

school calender Week 4 Mon 14 May Reception – Year 2 Swimming CBCOC Meeting Vietnam Pilgrims Student Gathering at St Mary’s College Tues 15 May NAPLAN Testing Reception – Year 2 Swimming House Meetings Wed 16 May NAPLAN Testing Reception – Year 2 Swimming Stage 2 Drama Moderation Thurs 17 May NAPLAN Testing Reception – Year 2 Swimming Stage 2 Drama Moderation Fri 18 May

Sun 20 May Open Day

Week 5 Mon 21 May Board Meeting Tues 22 May Wed 23 May Thurs 24 May Fri 25 May

Year 9 Dancing Junior School Assembly (JS)

Sat 26 May

Sorry Day

Week 6 Mon 28 May Tues 29 May Wed 30 May SAG BBQ/Casual Day Thurs 31 May Catholic Schools Athletics Day Fri 1 June

Whole School Assembly (Junior & Senior) 250th Anniversary of the birth of Blessed Edmund Rice Year 8s at Rostrevor 9.00am – 1.30pm

Sat 2 June

Combined ER School Dinner (Italian Club)

Week 7 Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal

Mon 4 June

CBC Corner TV’s

Only 1


Samsung 51in Plasma TV Model PS51D450A2MXX Series 4+ 450 16 Samsung 51inch Plasma TV’s are available for sale at $599 each. (Recommended retail price is $750.00). These units are near-new and have only been used for four days during Clipsal. They will be sold on a first in basis. Please contact Frank Scali on 8400 4207 for further information.

P&F Meeting

Tues 5 June Wed 6 June

Year 1 – Marine Discovery Centre

Thurs 7 June Fri 8 June

For Sale

NAPLAN Testing (Catch up Day) House Meetings Junior School Photos

Order your 2012/2013 ™ Entertainment Book now. Great Mother’s Day Gift! Available from the Finance Office.



Year 9 Dancing

Term 2 Fee Reminder All Fees are due and payable immediately. If you have any queries please contact The Finance Office on 8400 4207.



Senior Campus REC Coordinator Stopping & Remembering Before the prayerful gathering of staff Tuesday morning in the chapel I was reminded to inform the gathering of the death of a staff member’s grandmother. Earlier, I had received an email informing me that Archbishop Leonard Faulkner was, this week, undergoing surgery for cancer. The email went further to describe a community’s support and prayer. We stop and remember. Give thanks for a shared life & pray for those in community. Maybe these two poems attempt to stop, & remember & give a voice life.

Adelaide University Library – Year 12 Student Access We are lucky at CBC to have nearby access to many wonderful institutions full of amazing information and resources. One of the institutions that students can access for research support is the main library of the University of Adelaide, the Barr Smith Library, located right in the centre of the University on North Terrace. The library’s physical holdings (print and microform) exceed 2 million items which support research strengths of the University including the health sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences, environmental sciences and social sciences. Although anyone is entitled to visit the library to read, photocopy or take notes, Year 12 students are able to sign up for the Year 12 Program, which gives them borrowing privileges and remote access to two databases. The cost of joining the library is $27.50 for the year (membership needs to be arranged with library staff prior to visiting).


after the eulogy

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me, or follow this link:

for Jan

in the rattling afternoon a sink full of teacups we choose to wash to steam our eyes no one is drying Jan, you fill the chapel & the next & the one after that

and finally a breath and the dimpled Gulf, a brush of wind like a kiss flutters wood against wooden blinds knocking an afternoon’s rhythm as the rest of the ward sleeps I feel the pulse in your hand in my hand there is time to sleep after the cup of ice chips have melted all your words

Mrs Sandra Mason Head Librarian

Paul McGuire Library

Mr Rory Harris Senior Campus Religious Education Coordinator

From the Archives May 9th is the anniversary of the death of Br Reginald Murphy who died in 1979. Br Murphy is best remembered for composing the music for the school song in the mid 1940s but his contribution to the College music program was varied. He arrived in Adelaide in 1940 and quickly made contacts in theatre and music circles -- so much so that he was able to procure the services of the ABC Symphony Orchestra for the school concert. He liked 4


to produce productions of musical satire such as ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ featuring the tallest senior students as the dwarfs. In 1943 he formed the CBC Quintet whose performances at charity concerts and functions was so successful they were often involved in stage and radio engagements including a number of national hook-ups with the ABC. His other major role in the school was as the teacher of the evening commercial classes. These were highly regarded with a number of students excelling in the state examinations. The progression of World War 2 and the resulting drop in the number of students caused the classes to be disbanded after a few years. Twenty years earlier the College had the opposite problem! Classes were full and there was no room to expand so the decision was made to purchase Rostrevor as a second campus of CBC. It was to accommodate the boarders and the senior students and was blessed and opened by the Archbishop on 6 May 1923. Mrs Jacinta Weiss Director of Heritage, Community and Marketing

up-and-coming musicians. We had to be back for our competition performance early in the morning so we went to bed early before we were all awakened by the sound of Vocal Ensemble Director Mr Ben Gillard at 5:30 a.m. A breakfast of champions (no milk-“bad for the vocal chords”) later and we were back on the bus. As we pulled in to the competition area the bus got a flat tyre: Annoying, but a whole lot better to discover it then than at the end of the huge day at 10:30p.m.

Music News CBC Vocal Ensemble Compete in “Generations in Jazz” As soon as the last note was sung in the Final hymn of the Edmund Rice Mass on Friday May 4th, the Vocal Ensemble boarded the bus for the journey down to Mt Gambier for “Generations in Jazz”. GIJ is a Big Band and Vocal Jazz competition held annually in and around “The Palais” at O. B. Flat, about 10 km south of Mt Gambier. With a cohort of St Mary’s students travelling with us, we were part of a 2500 throng of school-aged musicians from around Australia. After unloading at our lodgings, “The Lobsterpot Lodge” at the Pt MacDonnell Caravan Park, we made our way to the main marquee for the opening night concert featuring brilliant local, national and international artists James and John Morrison, Grammy Award winner Gordon Goodwin, Ross Irwin (The Cat Empire), Phil Stack (Thirsty Merc), Emma Pask, The Idea of North and a plethora of

Generations in Jazz is the most prestigious Jazz music festival for secondary students in Australia. This is a yearly event that includes both instrumental and vocal divisions. It is not only a performance opportunity but a competition amongst the best of the best student musicians. This festival is in a surprising venue to say the least, several big top tents pitched in the middle of a massive paddock. This year the vocal ensemble were fortunate enough to stay at the lovely Port McDonnell Foreshore Caravan Park - a great location, being a 15 minutes drive from the venue with fantastic scenery and accommodating hosts. Last year CBC attended the same competition, as a group with another 18 vocal ensembles. This year the vocal ensemble participated, being better than ever alongside 32 other high school vocal ensembles. We had all been working very hard to perfect our two songs, the set piece song “Dear John” (arranged by Andrew Piper from the famous Australian a capella

After performing really well we spent the rest of the day watching Vocal Ensembles and Big Bands in the 7 different divisions before the Saturday Night Concert, compered by Darryl Summers, and featuring the aforementioned artists plus the GIJ Academy Band and a performance by last year’s Div 1 winners Marryatville High School. After collapsing into bed we were back again in the morning for the concert and final results announcements. We didn’t win but it was an invaluable experience for the boys, and soloist Marcus Barricelli was given an honourable mention. Quick! Back on the bus at 4:00pm, fine cuisine at downtown Naracoorte Macdonald’s swapping stories with musicians from Wilderness, St Peters, St Mary’s, Glossop High, Toowoomba High and Seymour, pit stops at Keith and Tailem Bend and we were back at CBC before you could say xylophone. Special thanks to Mr Ben Gillard for his enthusiasm, expertise and patience. Mr Josh Roach Coach Captain

group The Idea of North) and our own choice song, an a capella rendition of Ray Charles’ “Georgia on My Mind”. Since the start of the year we had been meeting on Tuesday evenings for an intense one and a half hour practice and when the competition was getting closer, we rehearsed almost every recess and lunch in our vocal sections. I believe because of our solid commitment, we performed to the best of our ability and raised the bar for ourselves. There were many benefits in participating in such an amazing and huge festival. These include interschool communication and reputation, watching performances from world class musicians such as Gordin Goodwin, James Morrison, Emma Pasque, and The Idea of North to name a few. This also gave us an opportunity for the vocal ensemble to represent the college in a positive light and be acknowledged in the public. Most importantly we bonded as a group

more than we imagined possible, through our love of music, and we had such a great time together. We’ve recently learnt that we came 9th out of 20 vocal ensembles in our division, with a score of 80/100. This is a great effort from all of us and I hope we can go back next year and get an even better result! Special thanks Mr Roach for looking after us in Mt. Gambier and driving us everywhere. And an even more special thanks to our fantastic vocal ensemble coach and conductor Ben Gillard, for being supportive of us, teaching us all the songs patiently, and putting up with all of our crazy antics. Marcus Barricelli Vocal Ensemble Leader

CBC Parent and Friends invite family and friends to a dinner to celebrate the

250th anniversary of the birth of Blessed Edmund Rice the founder of the Christian Brothers

Saturday 2nd June 2012 at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start, CBC Gymnasium bar Facilities Available (no eskies please) • Irish Band • Tickets from CBC Finance Dept. Adults $25 Children Under 15 $12.50 (children under 3 free) smorgasbord dinner and a complimentary drink on arrival Contact Margaret Salagaras - 0417 881 446 for any queries



9 Red

Apri l Year 9 Class Award Class of the Month – April

Year 9 Coordinator The Year 9 students settled into Term 2 seamlessly. I am very pleased to note that the boys are working very well collaboratively and are responding to the academic challenges of the second term. The subject teacher, parents and students interview night was a great success for this year level. We had a great turn-up of parents (and some brave students) to review their son’s progress. It is wonderful to see the level of care expressed by these parents. Term 2 is an exciting one for the students. NAPLAN testing runs from next Tuesday 15 May to Thursday 17 May. Mrs Sandra Buchanan, the NAPLAN Coordinator, put out a schedule in last week’s Newsletter. I am blessed with dedicated English and Mathematics teachers who are administering practice test to their charges in order to bring out the students’ best on the day. Coupled with that, we have a superb team of counsellors in the Inclusive Education Team who act in vital support in the whole process. Please do not hesitate to call the College if you have any concerns. My dear parents, this is the really exciting part. Your wonderful sons start dance lessons with the ladies from St Aloysius College beginning on 18 May! Experience dictates that your household budgets will be out, due to a sudden rush on haircuts and deodorants (the poor ozone layer will also be affected). Please pander to the lads. I hope to, with the help of Mr Ly, Mr Hicks and Mrs Rechichi, have some wonderful photographs for you in subsequent newsletters.

The class of April is Mr Dan McMahon’s 9 Red class. This class has evolved over a term to be a bright and welcoming room. I was impressed with the vibrant pictures on every wall. Additionally, they have adapted to an initiative by another class to neatly secure laptop charger cables and arrange them on the computer cabinets. They have also demonstrated consistent administration and clean up procedures. I have also been impressed with their response to the academic and behavioural expectations of the different subject teachers in addition to their pride in the College uniform. Congratulations.

Bourke House Assistant Jordan Murphy (9WH)

Hurley House Assistant Michel Maio (9GO)

Academic Results The Term 1 results of students have been analysed. It is very heartening to see that the majority of students have improved in both their relative ranking and average scores. The students have been very proactive in seeing me about this and I congratulate them on their individual academic improvement. The College takes great pleasure in seeing students respond and systematically approach their full potential. There will be an acknowledgement of students who performed well in Term 1 later in the term.

Marks House Assistant Nicholas Anderson (9PU)

Year Level House Assistants 2012 In Week 1 of Term 2, students in Year 9 were asked to nominate for this vital leadership role in their year levels. The responsibilities are to help the House Captain on Sports Day, Inter-house competitions and other duties regarding the wellbeing of students in their year level. The results of the year level House votes elected these students.

O’Brien House Assistant Michael Tran (9GR)

I congratulate these students on their appointment. Bourke Hurley Marks O’Brien Smith Walsh

Jordan Murphy Michel Maio Nicholas Anderson Michael Tran Liam Peterson Jack Owens


Smith House Assistant Liam Peterson (9RE)

Year 9 News Naturally, this is followed by a Middle School Social expertly coordinated by Mr Richard McLoughlin on Friday 15 June at the Fogolar Furlan Centre. Unfortunately, another hit to the household budget once again. More information to come. 6


Mr Ian Hamilton Assistant Principal Wellbeing has put out the historical details of the various Houses to which these students belong in the last Newsletter.

Walsh House Assistant Jack Owens (9WH)

The China Tour of the Year 9 Students The four Year 9 students were: Shunkai Ban, Alexander Hamam, Samuel Pons and Liam Salter. From conversations with them, they had a wonderful time and this trip to China has certainly broadened their perspective of the world. This group will hope to present their perspective to the staff soon. This is one perspective of their tour.

China Tour Year 9 This year four students in Year 9, along with a Year 10 and a Year 11 student went on a study tour to China with Mr Mifsud, Miss Riccio and Miss Ben. The point of the trip was to help us immerse ourselves in the Chinese culture and add value to the learning experience of the Chinese language course. After the trip we knew that we would need much rest from all the hard work that went into it. On our first day we awoke early and began our journey over the seas to Shanghai in China. We began our journey in Shanghai at the World Financial Centre and visited many other great tourist attractions which really lifted our spirits. These other attractions included the Ancient Town of Zhouzhuang, boat cruise along the Huangpu River and visit a visit to the theatre to see an acrobatic performance in Southern China style. We managed to fit in a school visit in Shanghai, where we meet many Chinese students at the Shanghai No.8 School. It was here that we realised just how smart and hard working the people of China truly are. We continued from Shanghai to the city of Qufu where we visited the birthplace of the wisest teacher in China, Confucius. We went to the temple where he grew up and to his cemetery where his body was laid to rest. All of us had a great time learning about the history of the country and were surprised by the many diferent aspects of the Chinese culture. The teachers also thought that we needed a bit of physical working out as well as history lessons. We climbed many tall structures such as Mount Tai, which consisted of 3791 steps and the Great Wall which was a series of many large slopes. Aside from visiting all the main tourist attractions that China had to offer, we also put our language skills to the test when we tried our luck at bartering with the locals in the Pearl and Oriental Markets. Surprisingly, we became experts in very little time! All in all, the group enjoyed the trip to China. We all learned a lot about China in general and it was nice to expereince firsthand all the attractions and history discussed during our Chinese lessons. Given the opportunity, we would all definitely return to China. Samuel Pons On behalf of the other Year 9 students; Shunkai Ban, Alexander Hamam and Liam Salter.

Feature Students – Contribution to the College Community Mr Noel Karcher the Breakfast Club Coordinator has informed me of two Year 9 students who have diligently turned up every Tuesday and Thursday morning to help prepare and serve breakfast to students. They have not missed any session since Term 1. They give their time freely for the service others between 7.45 and 8.15 am. The two students are Alexander Hamam 9 Red and Phillip Pulis 9 Green. They have brought pride on themselves, their families and their Pastoral Care Groups. Well done gentlemen! Mr Gary Jalleh Year 9 Co-ordinator

Alexander Hamam (Left) and Phillip Pulis (Right)



Acting Assistant Principal – Junior Campus Dear Parents and Caregivers, As you are aware the staff at the Junior Campus have organised a Mother’s Day morning tea for the special women in our boys’ lives. I wish to thank Ann Ozgo and Marti Madigan for their leadership regarding this event and for providing the boys with an opportunity to express their deep love and respect on this special day. Michael Jordan said of his mother: “My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in my heart and mind.” Thank you for entrusting to us your most precious gift, your sons and grandsons. Thank you for the foundation you have provided and continue to provide to their young souls and minds. They are clearly blessed to be nurtured by your love and have you walk beside them in life. As a college community, we are privileged to share in your life journey and want you to know that we treasure your sons and grandsons as our own.

Learner Wellbeing in the 21st Century I had the privilege on Monday to be invited to present, along with Professor Martin Westwell, at the Catholic Education Deputy and Senior Leaders Association. My presentation focused on “Learner Wellbeing in a 21st Century Context” and Professor Westwell focused on the “Neuroscience of Learning” and in particular “Executive Brain Function”, an area of the brain that is responsible for increased levels of engagement, self-regulation and problem solving. The executive functions refer to a number of functions centred largely in the frontal and prefrontal cortex of the brain (located behind the forehead). This area is associated with the coordination and synthesis of emotions, thinking, memory and body or physical movement. Thus, the executive functions play a crucial role in the integration of many processes and, therefore, in the problem solving and control processes.

Junior Campus Canteen Notice By now, all students should have a copy of the new Junior Canteen Menu which is also attached to this newsletter. May we please ask that students order the Specials on the specified day only, for example Nachos on Thursdays and Chicken Burgers on Mondays. The canteen does not always carry the stock to supply the item on a different day. Your help in this is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mrs Penny Dearman Canteen Co-Ordinator



Having an insight into the neuroscience of learning allows educators to design and plan learning that is brain compatible. Understanding the role of the “executive functions” ensures we, as educators, design deep rich learning tasks that promote high levels of engagement, thinking and problem solving, which are the skills of the future. It is through the “executive functions” that we also become acutely aware of the interconnectedness of emotion and cognition and the importance of building a learning environment and culture focused upon the optimal emotional climate for learning. This is referred to as a state of “relaxed alertness” and is demonstrated within learning environments that promote low threat but high challenge. As we embrace a world that is characterised by continuous and rapid change and increasing global interconnectedness, we acknowledge both the richness and complexity these changes present in our lives and the education of our children. Young people need optimum levels of wellbeing to manage this complexity, and maintain this optimal state for learning, including the skills to integrate, reframe, create, relate and communicate across cultures, being able to work for the common good and act with responsibility at a local, regional and global level. Thus, the importance of our journey with Professor Westwell into the neuroscience of learning and in particular our deepening understanding of the development of “executive functioning” is critical if we are to ensure both high levels of wellbeing, optimism and resilience in our children, as well as the cognitive ability to meet the challenges of the future, with high levels of thinking and problem solving grounded in ethical decision making. “Learning that engages the executive functions appropriately not only teaches content but also expands the development of the processes by which learning takes place. Emotional control, motor functions, problem solving, planning, decision making, time management, intelligence, spatial orientation, speech, motivation, persistence, risk assessment, judgment, impulse control all have the opportunity to develop. This is because development of the executive functions automatically integrates the emotional, social and cognitive domains (abstract as well as concrete knowledge) with content.” (J.Fuster 2003)

Reminders • Junior School Photos are to be taken next Friday 18 May; all children MUST be in their full winter uniforms. • Due to Junior School Photos being taken there will be no assembly held at the Junior Campus next week. • It is of great concern that large numbers of students are arriving at school before the start of the school day. Your son’s safety is of paramount concern for us and early arrivals place staff in a compromising situation regarding duty of care. Please note children are supervised from 8.15am and therefore should only be arriving at school unless enrolled in Before School Care. The College has invested in a Before School and After School Care Program, and thus if you need extended care for your child then you need to book them into the program. I ask for your consideration and cooperation in regard to this matter. Enquiries for both before and after hours school care can be made to Mrs Gai Kingham and Mrs Riandi Van Dyk on 84004265. Before school care is available from 07.15am - 8.15am and after school care is available immediately after school until 6pm. Children who arrive prior to 08.15am will be taken into before school care; similarly, children who have not been picked up from school by 3.45pm (or 2.30pm on a Thursday) will be taken to out of school care and families will be billed accordingly. I wish to leave you with this thought. It has been said that a mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible, as it is this love that is spirit-driven and there is no doubt that it is the spirit that is transformative moving individuals from the ordinary to the extra–ordinary. Never underestimate the power of love and the relationship that exists between you and your son or grandson. Let us continue to work together to allow the impossible, the extra-ordinary to shine! God’s blessing to each and every one of you on Mother’s Day.

Mrs Caroline Clarke Acting AP – Junior Campus AP – Vision and Innovation

Premier’s Reading Challenge Update Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge: 2 Purple Toryn C, Steven H, Hudson K, Toby K, Dylan R 3 White Thomas B, Asher B, Cooper S 4 Purple Hugh S Mrs Caroline Wilson Teacher / Librarian Junior Campus

Junior Campus REC Coordinator Dear Families and Friends This Sunday’s Gospel talks about Jesus being the vine and we are his branches. When looking at a vine one can see the interdependence of the branches to each other and then their total dependence on the vine. All tangle together as they grow from the central stock, undifferentiated by anything but their fruitfulness; such is Jesus’ relationship to the new community that grows from his life, his companionship, his death and resurrection. As with those first disciples, we are called to branch out and be hospitable communities who live by and bear the sap of Christ’s risen life to others. The challenge is there for all of us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and if we do this we are bearing more fruit for his tree. Last week, after a personally stressful day at school, as I was walking to the train to go home, I was reminded of the importance of this message of reaching out to others in a hospitable community. In the rush to meet my next train, I was met by a man from Afghanistan who had only been in Australia for two weeks. He appeared lost and was looking for the suburb Holden Hill; clearly he was a long way from his destination. This presented me with an opportunity to render him some assistance. I took the time to talk to him and walked him to the bus stop where he would be able to make it home. I asked the driver which bus the man needed; he replied and the stranger was happy to know he would be soon home. As I wandered to the train station, I reflected and although I missed the train that I had planned to catch it was a time to consider that this was a moment when we are called to be hospitable communities with one another. Too often all of us are far too consumed in our pursuits and forget to consider the message of Jesus in our daily lives. Have a good week!

Gospel Challenge: Celebrating Our Gifts We all have gifts from God – the challenge is to recognise each other’s gifts and provide opportunities for all people to shine. Romans 12:3-12 “For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think ; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith. 4 For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function, 5 so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. 6 Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly: if

prophecy, according to the proportion of his faith; 7 if service, in his serving; or he who teaches, in his teaching; 8 or he who exhorts, in his exhortation; he who gives, with liberality; he who leads, with diligence; he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness. 9 Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honour; 11 not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord” Yesterday is History Tomorrow is a Mystery Today is a Gift.

St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal On Wednesday 9 May, Bob Byrne from the St Vincent De Paul will be visiting the Junior Campus speaking with all classes and there will be an opportunity for our community to donate warm clothing and blankets to the annual St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal. Your donations will be greatly appreciated by those people less fortunate than us. Mr Bruce Were Junior Campus Religious Education Curriculum Coordinator We cannot change the world but we can make a contribution to making it a better place.

Let your true colours shine and believe in yourself to allow your gifts to shine.

Mass And Prayer Service 23rd May Year 6 Mass led by Ms William’s class 9.00am 30th May Year 5 Mass led by Mr Malloy’s class 9.00am 1st May 250th Anniversary of the birth of Blessed Edmund Rice. Mass, Venue and time to be advised. 6th June Year 4 Prayer Service led by Mr Rignanese’s class 9.00am 8th June First Rite of Reconciliation – Edmund Rice Chapel 9.30-10.30 13th June Year 3 Prayer Service led by Mrs Duddy’s class 9.00am 20th June Year 1/2 Prayer Service led by Mrs Radbone’s class 9.00am ALL PARENTS AND GUARDIANS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THESE LITURGICAL CELEBRATIONS

Sacramental Program For 2012 This week, we commenced our Sacramental Program for 2012 and if you have not collected confirmation cards for your son’s upcoming confirmation a proforma can be collected from the front office, which we ask you to complete and return before the end of Term 2 to provide us with ample opportunity to complete the paperwork before our confirmation ceremony in August 2012. Some important dates for your information: • Friday 8th June 2012 at 9.30am – 10.30am Edmund Rice Chapel to be celebrated by Fr Dean Marin. • Tuesday 31st July 2012 at 6.00pm at the Junior Campus (Eucharist/Confirmation) • Tuesday 28th August 2012 at 6.00pm at the Junior Campus (Wine Tasting) • Friday 31st August 2012 at 7.00pm at St Francis Xavier Cathedral - Confirmation Ceremony celebrated by Archbishop Philip Wilson. • Sunday 2nd September 2012 at 11.00am at St Francis Xavier Cathedral – First Eucharist. A reminder that these parent meetings are a symbol of your commitment to your son’s personal faith and formation journey and accordingly your attendance is compulsory.



Inter-House Volleyball Competition Our first inter-house competition is under way with a volleyball competition. Over the next fortnight each year level 7 – 12 will play off to determine which house year level team will progress to the semi- finals. Year 10 -12. The inter house Volleyball Competition involving students in years 10,11 and 12 is being run by the Senior School Leaders with the assistance of Mr. Colin Curnow. It is being played over three days, beginning on Friday 27th April. The matches are decided on a first to 25 point basis with each year level playing matches at different times across three courts. Each house is represented by at least six players from each year level. The first Year 10 match saw Hurley face off against Bourke with Hurley going through the first stage of the competition along with Walsh and Mark. In year 11 O’Brien, Hurley and Smith went through and at the time of writing, Year 12 was still being hotly contested. All the games have been amazingly entertaining and each team has tried everything possible to go through. Year 9 played on Tuesday, Yr 7 on Wednesday and Year 8 will play next week. Semi finals and finals for all year levels will be played on Friday May 18th. The standard of volleyball has been excellent with six teams entered from all year levels. The winners of the inter house volleyball competition will be announced along with the runner up. We expect the final game to be very exciting. And a very big thank you the Year Level Coordinators, Mr Curnow and House Captains for organising and running the whole competition. The result for the Inter House Volleyball competition for all year levels is display in the table. Year 10 and Year 11 went one round while Year 12 went for round one and round two. Lansana Dolley Hurley House Captain Year 10 Result House Names





25 -23



25 - 20



25 - 19

Year 11 Result House Names





25 - 21



25 - 6



25 - 16

Year 12 Round 1 Result House Names





25 – 19



25 – 21


25 - 18


Round 2 Result House Names





10 - 6



10 - 9



10 - 7




Total Scores O’Brien House Hurley House Smith House Walsh House Marks House Bourke House

44 42 41 21 19 18

Note: Round three yet to be played to determine SemiFinal teams. Year 9 Lunchtime Competition Tuesday May 1st 2012 Round 1 - 7 minute game House Names





12 - 11



17 - 13


14 - 9



Round 2 - 7 minute game House Names





14 - 12

Round 3 - 2x 4 minute game House Names





18 - 15

Note: Hurley to play in Semi finals.

Year 7 Lunchtime Competition Wednesday May 2nd 2012 Round 1 - 7 minute game

The new Chess season started with lots of excitement - and terror last week with the starting of the Primary C grade competition held for the first time at CBC Junior School on Tuesday after school. The boys were very motivated and all played well. The Senior Competition kicked off with both Division 1 & 3 competing at the SA Chess Centre on Friday night; like their Primary counterparts they played well for mixed results. Primary C Grade Round 1 Pulteney Orange 3.5 defeated CBC Purple 0.5 CBC Gold 2 drew with St Andrew’s Pink 2 St Andrew’s Yellow 2.5 defeated CBC White 1.5 Junior Chess League Division 1 Round 1 PAC Gold 5 defeated CBC Purple 0 Junior Chess League Division 3 Round 1 Pembroke Red 3.5 defeated CBC Purple 0.5 CBC Gold 2 drew with PEC Red 2 St Paul’s 3 defeated CBC White 1 Round 2 CBC Purple 4 defeated Walford Gold 0 St Paul’s 2.5 defeated CBC Gold 1.5 PAC Red 2.5 defeated CBC White 1.5 Best players were James Earnshaw and Minh Kim Nguyen who each won both their matches in Division 3. Mr Tom van Ruth Coach

football First XVIII Football

House Names



Westminster 18.19 (127) defeated CBC 9.4 (58)



21- 10



19 - 14



17 - 12

Best Players: M Nye, N Delaat, M Formichella, Pbiancardi, T Bielby, A Caon, A Gallamarino. Goal Scorers: N Delaat 6, Nye, Byrnes, Pickering. I once heard a saying that to succeed in life: “Bite off more than you can chew, and then chew like crazy”. The First XVIII is certainly having to work overtime in its progression into Division II this year. The scoreboard conceals an effort by the team which showed perseverance and courage to keep to the task in a positive manner. However, we were outgunned in manpower in a few crucial positions which always kept us under pressure. So with less uncontested ball our efficiency going forward prevented free flowing scoring. Matthew Nye produced one of the best leadership games I have seen in my coaching career. Brave, skilful, creative and inclusive with his surrounding teammates, he is a powerhouse at this level and certainly a chance to win a second Chris Buss B&F at this early stage of the season. Close behind him was Michael Formichella who mixed it up all day. Alex Caon took over the rucking duties and then continued to dominate proceeding in a manner similar to a Matthew Primus clone. Nic DeLaat despite carrying an injury kicked six goals and carried our forwards all day. First gamer and the first Year 9 student to play in my time as coach, Tom Bielby did more than his fair share in a tough environment. Pele Biancardi was lively on the wing and shows promise for the future. Again, all players had their moments of contribution but the intensity and frequency must lift in the future. Mr Colin Curnow Coach

Round 2 - 7 minute game House Names





18 - 11

Round 3 - 2x 4 minute game House Names





19 - 13

Note: Marks to play in Semi finals.

Year 9 Football Blackfriars 10-8 (68) defeated CBC 8-9 (57) Best Players: Burns, Strange, Johansen, Owens, Nicholson Goal Scorers: Tulley 3, Bojovic 2, Strange 1, Suranic 1, Nicholson 1 Several very good players were unavailable this week and there were also players that carried sickness or injury into this game. The team was instructed to lift in response to these challenges and at times they responded well. CBC had just 18 players but only 17 had boots until quarter time so we were a player short for the 1st quarter. The conditions were very slippery because of dew and this caused a high level of ball-handling mistakes and turnovers for both sides. The 2 sides were evenly matched in the 1st quarter and in the 2nd quarter we dominated play but only managed to produce a small lead at half time. The teams were again well matched in the 3rd quarter but Blackfriars made the most of their opportunities late in the quarter and went in at the last change 2 points up. The game was also even in the last quarter but Blackfriars kicked goals whilst CBC kicked points. We certainly had our opportunities but made mistakes at important times. I was pleased that CBC followed instructions to keep their feet and push the ball forward. We were again prepared to look for space and we played our best when we succeeded with running football. Jonah Burns played an excellent 4 quarters on the wing. Jack Strange worked tirelessly around the ground and provided lots of run and drive. Luke Johansen was an excellent running option on the wing and we missed his work in the last quarter when he was rested due to injury. Jack Owens and Troy Nicholson were competitive in the midfield all game. Our 1st opportunity to train will allow for some teams structures to be developed and this should add efficiency to the way we play. Mr Matthew Crisanti Coach

Year 8A Football CBC 15.12 (102) defeated Nazareth 0.0 (0) Goal Scorers: 3- A McPherson, 2 – J Howard, T Sarunic, B D’Antonio, 1- D Aplin, R Atkinson, M Cotsios, J Edgington, R Goodwin, H Nihill Best Players: All Played Well! What a fantastic result! Our commitment and attack on the ball was terrific. We were first to the ball, ran hard, tackled fiercely; and our second and third efforts were admirable. Having to play 14-a-side (Nazareth request) proved a blessing in disguise as spaces were created and there was no crowding around the ball, enabling us to play to our strengths. I was really pleased with the way players looked to involve their team-mates in the play and our intensity around the stoppages was first class. Royce Goodwin and Riley Atkinson were in everything, whether winning the rucks, getting clearances around the ground, or stopping the opposition in defence, their ability to manoeuvre out of confined spaces and get clear is fantastic. I particularly liked the way both players involved their teammates in the play. Andrew McPherson was superb all over the ground. When he has the ball he bursts from the packs, sprints clear and more often than not finds a team-mate in a better position. Taylor Sarunic, Ben Adams, Daniel Aplin and Michael Cotsios worked tirelessly all over the ground and their ability to win the contested ball, sprint clear of the pack and deliver into the forward line set a fine example. Their reading of the play and endurance on a big ground was commendable. Ben D’Antonio and Haydn Nihill set up many attacking opportunities and their ability to find space and run with the ball bamboozled the opposition. Dominic Sangermano was solid as a rock in defence and was always prepared to throw himself into packs and get the hard ball. Jordan Howard was ‘on fire’ in the forward line, his pace and ability to get into the open being a highlight. Michael Gabrielli set up numerous attacks for CBC from the half-back line, tackling fiercely and kicking long to position. Jacob Edgington was continually able to get his hands on the ball first and create opportunities. His speed and attack

on the ball was the key to keeping the ball in our forward line. Luke Squire never stopped running and his pace and commitment to attacking the ball in the forward line and midfield was very pleasing. Special mention to Zane Bennett, Josh Gregorace and Max Douglas who played really attacking games in defence. Whenever the ball came into defence they attacked the ball fiercely and provided tremendous run from the backlines. All players played some part in this victory and this was the pleasing fact. If we can continue to get contributions from most players each game, rather than rely on a few players to do the work, we will continue to improve and compete fiercely against the stronger teams. It was our desperation and intensity at the contest and our ability to get numbers around the stoppages than led to this victory. Well done to all players. Mr Peter Tippins Coach

Year 6/7 Football Div 2 Pembroke (A) 21.12 (138) defeated CBC 0.0 (0) Despite playing boys much older, taller and stronger, our team battled hard and kept their heads up all day. We were competitive in the third quarter, but were beaten by a better, more polished team. We will be better for the run and look forward to an improved performance next week. Mr Vincent Rignanese Coach

Prep A Football Div 1 CBC 21-16 (142) defeated Sacred Heart College 2-1 (13) This match was the season’s opener and our boys played with a splendid attacking style to record a very comfortable win. We will face much stronger opponents in the matches ahead. A willingness to handball quickly and to look for team mates was impressive. Most of our goals stemmed from keeping the ball moving and avoiding stoppages. Our tackling was swift and effective but we urge players to remember that not giving away free kicks is a skill of the game. The following boys played their first match in the famous purple and white oufit and each performed admirably: Jack Evans, Oscar Kacic, Lachlan Matthias, James Callahan, Lewis Cockram, Harrison Webb, Jordan Altamura and Kristian Ciabattani. It was pleasing to see Michael Frederick in sparkling form having missed a majority of last season with a broken arm. After a year away from CBC, we welcomed the return of Laurence Kenmore. We look forward to the return in due course of Harrison Way and Hayden Clarke from arm injuries. Mr Denis McCarthy Coach

Year 4/5 Football Pembroke vs CBC Power (4/5A) Last Saturday, the CBC Power played Pembroke at home and despite playing a man short were more than competitive for 3 and half quarters. The CBC Power led the way for most of the game because of cleaner, smoother ball movement. There were some excellent passages of play where they moved the ball quickly. Pembroke clearly had many more inside 50s and the CBC back 6 -- led superbly by Thomas ‘The Rock’ Grech and his side kick, Adam Wells, Ethan D’angelo and Blake Angel -- did a wonderful job. Our midfield group led by Callum Atkinson and Akok Macher all contributed well and supported their team mates. Final Scores were: Pembroke 5-16 36 CBC Power 5-3 33 It was a great contest, and the boys did a great job despite playing one man short all game.

I was really with impressed with their ability to run and spread when they moved the ball quickly the results were there for all to see. There is a lot of excitement looming with this group of players, if they stick to their structures and team play – a win will not be far away. Thanks to Mr Atkinson for goal umpiring, and thanks to Mr Moten for blowing the horn. Best Players: Thomas Grech, Blake Angel, Callum Atkinson. Goal Scorers: Bourke 2, Yelland, Atkinson.

PAC vs CBC Crows (4/5B) On Saturday our boys played the highly skilled PAC boys - most at least a head taller than our boys!! This did not stop our CBC Crows team from chasing the ball, even when outrun or out-skilled. The first quarter we were down a few players, while waiting for a couple of boys from CBC Power to come and help us make up numbers. The boys did not let this hurdle get in their way, and just got on with the game. By the second quarter the boys could see that PAC were a lot stronger team, but they kept motivated and got back in there, giving their all. Having the extra team members helped, and we appreciated Donovan, Kaine, Ethan, and Thomas assisting our team after playing their game. We finally got on the board with a point kicked this quarter! In the third quarter, we had some good runs with the ball, and started to put in a really fighting effort as a team. We were not going to back down! 3 points were scored and some fantastic team work was shown. The fourth quarter was well run, and even though our boys knew they would not be able to win the game, they showed us what footy is all about. They tried their best, worked as a team, and showed good sportsmanship. Special mention goes to our point scorers - Thomas Grech with 2, and Donovan Yelland scoring 3. Our best on ground was Eric Tsoukatos, who showed fantastic determination and played hard. Thanks to Dani Franklin for providing the oranges for the boys at half time and Mr Boffo for goal umpiring. Mr Andrew Neville Coach

Year 3 Football CBC 14.4 (88) defeated Goodwood/Unley 4.1 (25) So we got our first game nerves out of the way last week and the boys come out of their blocks this week ready to go and quickly settled into the game. From the start of the game we had 15 boys on the field desperate for the ball and some very courageous marks taken in the packs and even a few taken by our players running through the pack. By half time we had poured on 9/2 through the boys wanting the ball more than their opponents and once getting possession they used the ball well to move forward. Overall a very impressive game of solid footy and if the boys can replicate it every week they will be rewarded with a very successful season. A very gutsy effort boys well done. Tips for training this week – Looking for a target once you have possession. Goal Scorers: Tom Brooks (4), Matthew Adams (4), Blake McDonough (2), Samuel Curti (1), Cooper Pool (1), Lachlan Staunton (1), Vincenzo Velardo (1) Best Players: Tom Brooks, Blake McDonough and Toby Thanks to Ms Williams and the volunteers for helping out Mr Steve Brooks Coach



rugby Rugby Under 18 PAC 30 defeated CBC 7 Best Players: A Caon, D Bagshaw, L Clifton, C Meyer An impressive start, the score does not reflect the calibre of this match. Mr Ian Hamilton Coach

Soccer Open B Soccer CBC 14 defeated St Peters 2 A very lively opening game by the Open Bs. High levels of skill and enthusiasm were on display from the whole squad of 16 players. It was impressive how we kept going in the second half as St Peters got a bit more organised and challenged us after a very one-sided first half. Much harder challenges are ahead I am sure, but this team may take some beating and certainly should be very entertaining to watch for any parents or friends that can get to the games. Mr David Bocock Coach

the whistle went and we had lost 3-2. Good game from the boys, but bad luck. Adrian Mastrangelo

Year 8B Soccer Gleeson 5 defeated CBC 2 Goal Scorers: James Kakogianis and George Theodoulou Best Players: Amir Husseinipour, Rafal Stawicki and Harry Isherwood. It was a welcome opening game to the season -- cool brisk morning, and boys with high spirits. The first early goal was a surprise and a delight. It did not last long with a reply goal within the minute. According to Julian Cece, we need to unlock the abilities of our forward line if we are to improve, and this will come as we develop through training. As a team, we have some bonding to do, but the boys played generously and we glimpsed the potential that lies with the individuals on the team, described by Rafal as “really really good, just a bit scrappy”. See you all next week. Mr Andrzej Skrzypiec Coach

Year 4/5 Soccer The Friday night soccer games for 2012 have begun. The CBC Lions

CBC 3 drew with Pulteney 3 What an exciting first game. It took a little time for the boys to find their stride but when they did, we managed to battle a well-practised Pulteney team. Our goals were scored by Cosmo Labbozzetta and Ben Harper. CBC Tigers

Year 10A Soccer

Pulteney 2 defeated CBC 1

CBC 3 defeated Rostrevor 2

The Boys looked as though they played a good game, with lots of spirit but tired legs at the end! Our goal was scored by Lachlan Elliott. Well done! Mrs Sandra Buchanan Coach

CBC started the 2012 season with a win against our brother rival college, Rostrevor. They were first to find the net and as always CBC takes time to assess the situation and then equalise the score for the first half. With some fantastic play by all, another score was added to the tally by a joint effort from Jesse and Jordan. Jesse scored the free kick just outside the box, took a shot at the goals and hit the cross bar. Jordan followed up and assisted the ball into the net. Rostrevor replied with another goal from a free kick as well, catching our goalkeeper by surprise. Our boys didn’t take this lightly and pursued the net again. Play was tough and vigorous and the ball was being volleyed back and forth until our boys had the run and Daniel sealed the match with the winning goal. Man of the Match for this game goes to Daniel Filosi for his tremendous efforts in the forward line, dispossessing the opposition of the ball allowing him to score. Our next match is at home against Sacred Heart College. Kick off at 8.15am. Be there 7.45am for warm up. Goals Scorers: 2-Daniel F, 1-Jordan D Thank you to all parents who support the boys by getting them to the matches and cheering them on. Also a big thank you to Mr Havlica for running the line. Mr Emmanuel Gaitaneris Coach

Year 9 Soccer St Michaels 3 defeated CBC 2 Goal Scorers: Antonio Labbozzetta, David Lemi A good effort from the boys, leading 2-1 at half time, but unfortunately lost in the end. The boys played well, but were unlucky not to get the win. We started off slow, with St.Michaels dominating the first few minutes and scoring the opener. CBC picked up their game with scoring two quick goals in a couple of minutes before half time. The next half CBC was playing well until St.Michaels had scored and the scores were level. St. Michaels had scored once again and CBC was fighting to try and get an equaliser, but

table tennis Open C/D Table Tennis Adelaide HS defeated CBC An all boys’ open table tennis team in an all boys’ school I understand. But when the girl friend of one of the boys shows up for an away game things can get complicated. Chivalry won the day. I simply explained that I couldn’t take the young lady on the bus so the couple walked to the game. If we were playing Immanuel, at Immanuel, things may have got weird, but Adelaide High School on a crisp autumn afternoon is only a walk away. We lost to a powerful, protein-powered group of young men but we were gallant in small victories and slight defeats. As for the couple? They were last seen walking towards Chinatown in the breaking dusk. We contemplated distance, geography and romance, as we wheeled our bicycles down Frome Road into the fading light. Mr Rory Harris Coach

Year 8/9 Table Tennis PAC 117 points defeated CBC 104 points Best Players: Jarrod Denholm and Michael O’Malley Our second match of the season was played against an in-form team from PAC. Our fellows played in fine spirit despite going down to a stronger team on the night. Our singles players were the standout of the match. Well done to all who played. Mrs Sharon Hargrave Coach

Year 8/9 Table Tennis vs PAC

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$ 3.00 $ 3.00

Hot Hot DogDog withwith Cheese Cheese




Monday Monday $ 4.50 $ 4.50 (with lettuce (with lettuce & mayo) & mayo) Chicken Chicken Burger Burger Tuesday Tuesday FriedFried Rice,Rice, Noodles, Noodles, Curry Curry RiceRice$ 4.00 $ 4.00 Vietnamese Vietnamese RollsRolls (Combination, (Combination, Chicken Chicken , BBQ, Pork) BBQ Pork)

Wednesday Wednesday Sushi Sushi (Chicken, (Chicken, Tuna,Tuna, Salmon, Salmon, Veg) Veg)

$ 2.70 $ 2.70

Thursday Thursday Nachos Nachos

$ 4.00 $ 4.00

Friday Friday BeefBeef or Potato or Potato Pie Pie Pasties, Pasties, Sausage Sausage RollsRolls

$ 3.00 $ 3.00


• Tomato Tomato

• Cucumber Cucumber

• Mayonnaise Mayonnaise

• Vegemite Vegemite

• Lettuce Lettuce

• Beetroot Beetroot

• Mustard Mustard

• Tzatziki Tzatziki

• Gherkin Gherkin

• Carrot Carrot

• Tomato Tomato Sauce Sauce

• Cheese Cheese

• Capsicum Capsicum

WRAPS WRAPS Chicken Chicken (Mayonnaise, (Mayonnaise, Tomato, Tomato, Cucumber, Cucumber, Lettuce) Lettuce)

$ 5.50 $ 5.50

HamHam (Mustard, (Mustard, Tomato, Tomato, Cheese Cheese Lettuce) Lettuce)

$ 5.00 $ 5.00

Vegetarian Vegetarian (Cheese, (Cheese, Carrot, Carrot, Lettuce, Lettuce, Cucumber, Cucumber, Capsicum, Capsicum, Tzatziki) Tzatziki)

$ 5.00 $ 5.00


Salad Salad BoxBox

(Chicken, (Chicken, Tuna Tuna or Ham or +Ham lettuce, + lettuce, cucumber, cucumber, tomato, tomato, carrotcarrot and cheese and cheese

(Various (Various Flavours) Flavours)

$ 3.50 $ 3.50

If sauce If sauce is required is required for hot forfoods hot foods or specials, or specials, please please add an addextra an extra 20 ø 20 ø

JellyJelly CupCup

Fresh Fresh FruitFruit (Seasonal) (Seasonal)

$ 0.80 $ 0.80

$ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ 1.50 $ 1.50

“Yoghurt “Yoghurt Shop” Shop” Yoghurt Yoghurt

Insight 2012T2W3  
Insight 2012T2W3  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 2, Week 3, 2012.