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A Division of McCants Communications Group, Inc.

15th Annual 1995-2010


Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Richmond and 16 counties in Northeastern, NC Hampton Roads - Richmond - Northeastern, NC’s Largest Circulated African-American Business Directory Published Annually By Black Pages USA - McCants Communications Group, Inc.

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The staff and management of Black Pages USA express warm thanks to everyone who helped make the 2010 Hampton Roads Area Black Pages a success. We also offer sincere thanks to our major corporate advertisers.

The involvement of major corporations clearly indicates their commitment to and support of Black business development, while also marketing quality products and services. Reinvesting a portion of revenues back into the local Black community makes good business sense for major corporations. This indicates a strong commitment to the development of a more prosperous community in general, thereby promoting a better quality of life for everyone. Again, we thank you!

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The Beach

emier convention destination, our o host your multicultural meetings, trade shows at the new Virginia


CONTACT: Reggie Stevenson Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau 2101 Parks Avenue Suite 500 Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Phone: 757-385-6661 Fax: 757-437-4747


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Black Pages USa 2010

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Mission Statement


The mission of McCants Communications Group, Inc. is to encourage, support and facilitate economic empowerment of the African-American community through the development of a strategic local business network, educational initiatives and communications ventures. Through actualization of our mission, we will reach all segments of the African-American community including (but not limited to youth, retirees, and the working class. Through employee commitment at all levels of our organization, individual and team efforts will yield value-added services to our entire client base.


Hampton Roads/Richmond/N.E. North Carolina

Roanoke/Lynchburg/Northern VA/DC

North Carolina:



Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point

Wilmington/Cape Fear Region/Jacksonville


South Carolina:









About the publication & publisher

A Division of McCants Communications Group, Inc.

The Publication Black Pages USA is published and distributed in 12 cities throughout five states along the southeastern seaboard of the United States. These directories, which highlight African-American owned businesses, are published by McCants Communications Group, Inc. An African American owned business, McCants Communications Group, Inc. strives to offer black business owners in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida the exposure and visibility to put them into the mainstream business community.

The Publisher Gerry McCants is President and Owner of McCants Communications Group, Incorporated a multi media company based in Greensboro, North Carolina. McCants holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Urban studies from Virginia Union University and has been self employed for 21 years. An avid business leader, he currently serves on the following boards and organizations: Wachovia/Wells Fargo Bank Advisory Board-Greensboro, North Carolina A&T State University Entrepreneurship Advisory Board and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. (Zeta ‘79) (Tau Omega). He has completed the MBDA Executive program at Dartmouth University Tuck School of Business designed for entrepreneurship and received a certificate for the Babson College Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators. In 2006, McCants traveled with a delegation of business owners to the United Kingdom, visiting Kent and London, England to engage other black owned companies as a part of a Business Trade Mission from the state of Virginia. McCants provides print, internet reference guides and trade fairs for consumers and businesses who want to market to a diversified consumer and business audience.

Letter from the publisher Dear Black Pages Supporter: A major mandate for the African-American community is to harness our $900 billion in annual economic clout. For too long disjointed efforts have resulted in us retaining little of the wealth that we create each year. Many other groups have prospered in our free market society by adhering to a basic economic principle -- the recirculation of dollars within their communities. Less developed countries have also seized on this simple principle. China has flooded the U.S. market place with imports, while displacing American workers and holding the lien on billions of dollars in U.S. debt. Yet China has fiercely guarded its own marketplace, creating a huge trade imbalance that ensures the United States will stay in its debt for the foreseeable future. At the time of this writing, the ratio was nearly 5:1. For every $5 in products that China exported to the United States, they imported $1 in American products, according to foreign trade statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau. While our capitalistic, entrepreneurial spirit has gained traction around the globe, we continue to negate our role as major power brokers wielding $900 billion in spending power each year. As our nation rebounds from an economic recession brought on by greed, lack of vision, weak leadership and the lack of investment in less developed regions of our country, we have a unique “teaching moment.� We know that enterprise must be tempered with social responsibility and that a responsible government must intervene when the business community loses focus of that fact. Even in its infancy, the administration of President Barack Obama has done much to raise the profile of African-Americans and has, more importantly, set the pace for a new wave of young, well-educated entrepreneurs. None can dispute the fact that we are the wealthiest and most educated professionals and entrepreneurs in the entire civilized world. Our history as hard working Americans has been documented through the sacrifice of many of our ancestors, who made the treacherous journey from the shores of Africa, built a foreign country, and otherwise survived unparalleled obstacles. The time is now for a systematic reshifting of our priorities. Yes, we must create competitive businesses, but we must also become competitive consumers — not only within our borders, but within the global economy. Gerry McCants, Publisher President, McCants Communications Group, Inc.

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Have your business displayed in the Hampton Roads Black Pages. Reach thousands of Consumers. As an African-American business owner or professional in the Hampton Roads Area, the Black Pages can work for your maximum visibility at reasonable rates 365 days a year. Have your business listed and displayed in the next annual edition of the Black Pages, USA. Please photocopy, fill out this form and mail it to our office today: 355 Crawford St. Ste 602, Portsmouth, VA, fax to 757-399-0969 or email to

COMPANY NAME ______________________________________________________ CONTACT PERSON __________________________ TITLE_____________________ TYPE OF BUSINESS ___________________________________________________ ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________ CITY __________________________________ STATE _________ ZIP _________ PHONE # _________________ EMAIL _____________________________________ WEBSITE _____________________________________________________________

A Division of McCants Communications Group, Inc.

Building A Better America by Building Stronger Communities.


Gerry McCants President

Sandra McMullen Vice President of Sales

Elijah Purkett Accounts Manager Hampton Roads, VA & NE, NC

D. Renee McMannen Office Manager

Christopher Bass Art Director

Laleise Curtis Staff

A Division of McCants Communications Group, Inc.



Content Advertiser Submission Form ................................................ 8

Health Watch: Gum Disease .............................................. 48

Index of Advertisers ............................................................ 11

Who’s Who: Optima Health Care........................................ 51

Black Pages Specifics......................................................... 12

Health Watch: Deciding how to care for a loved one........... 52

How To Use Black Pages ................................................... 13

Who’s Who: Dentistry ......................................................... 54

Distribution Points............................................................... 14

For Your Information: How to save money when renting..... 57

Up Front: City of Portsmouth............................................... 15

For Your Information: City of Chesapeake.......................... 58

Up Front: City of Chesapeake............................................. 16

For Your Information: Delicate Dry Cleaning....................... 59

Up Front: City of Newport News.......................................... 17

For Your Information: Suffolk Economic Activity Report...... 60

Up Front: Radford University .............................................. 17

For Your Information: To plan a Fun & Successful Event ... 64

On The Cover ..................................................................... 18

For Your Information: Senator Yvonne B. Miller.................. 66

Category Listing.................................................................. 32

For Your Information: Defense Base Act............................. 67

Minority Business Awardees: City of Chesapeake.............. 39

For Your Information: Identity Theft..................................... 68

Minority Business Awardees: City of Hampton.................... 40

For Your Information: Radford University............................ 70

Minority Business Awardees: City of Norfolk....................... 40

For Your Information: Employment Services Program ....... 71

Minority Business Awardees: City of Virginia Beach........... 39

For Your Information: H.E.L.P.............................................. 72

Historically Black Colleges & Universities........................... 44

Churches ............................................................................ 74

DISCLAIMER: The publishers do not guarantee the absence of errors nor against the presence of unintentional inclusions or printing errors. No responsibility for the same can be or is assumed. Every attempt will be made to comply at the next earliest printing. Copyright 2009, BLACK PAGES USA. All rights reserved. Reproductions or use in any manner without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Layout and Design: Designed Marketing Group

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Black Pages USa 2010


Absolute Pest Management.............................................................. 37 Apex Financial Group of Virginia, Inc................................................ 34 Bailey Enterprise-IC Budget Rental................................................... 56 C. E. Dean Contracting Co................................................................ 28 Carolina Cleaners Inc........................................................................ 38 Children Of The King N-Fant Care.................................................... 28 Churchland Printing & Graphics........................................................ 37 City of Chesapeake Economic Development Department................ 42 City of Portsmouth Department of Economic Development.............. 36 City of Suffolk Department of Economic Development...................... 31 Designed Marketing Group................................................................ 87 Department of Economic Development . .......................................... 36 Dr. Angela Lanier............................................................................... 82 Elizabeth City State University.......................................................... 35 Envision The Moment LLC................................................................ 88 Hampton Convention and Visitor Bureau.......................................... 55 I Grow................................................................................................ 41 Jackie Thomas Real Estate................................................................. 2 Jon L. Scott, DDS, PC....................................................................... 49 Kolorexpress Printing........................................................................ 60 Law Offices of G. Anthony Yancey.................................................... 36 Montagna Klein Camden, LLP-Attorney Charlene A. Morring........... 37 Office Of Human Affairs..................................................................... 56 Optima Health Plans.......................................................................... 31 Patient/Aide Home Care.................................................................... 28 Powell Industries, Inc......................................................................... 30 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.-Jeff Bates, Independent Associate..... 68 Radford University............................................................................. 43 Senator Yvonne B. Miller................................................................... 66 State Farm Agency-Frank Owens, Agent.......................................... 29 State Farm Agency-Jenel Smith, Agent................................back cover State Farm Insurance-Agency Recruiter........................................... 82 The National Maritime Center............................................................ 42 The Remedy 1 Hair Salon ................................................................ 38 The Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau......................... 49 UPS Stores........................................................................................ 49 WaterPlus.......................................................................................... 35 Verizon Wireless................................................................................ 83 Vision Development Agency.............................................................. 84 Yvonne B. Miller ............................................................................... 41

Black Pages USA


1 (888) 299-6296

specifics We utilize this section to provide specific details and other pertinent information relating to the Black Pages. The Black Pages-History and Background:

The Black Economy:

The Black Pages concept started over 30 years ago. Today, Black Pages-type publications are produced in about 30 cities and metropolitan areas throughout the United States. McCants Communications Group, Inc. is a minority-owned corporation that publishes Black Pages USA in Greater Southwest Roanoke/ Lynchburg (VA), Hampton Roads-Richmond(VA)Northeastern, N.C., Raleigh/Durham/Cary (NC), Triad (NC), Charlotte (NC), and the Greater Fayetteville/ Wilmington/Cape Fear/Jacksonville (NC) regions. Black Pages USA publications are also distributed in South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.

U.S. Census statistics indicate that the Black community has an annual income of $900 billion. The Black Pages serves as a means through which a portion of this tremendous spending power can be used in the Black business sector. Utilizing the Black Pages to promote and access the goods and services of Black businesses provides for the growth and development of those businesses, which in turn provides employment and career opportunities for tomorrow’s youth. Obviously, we also urge Black consumers to utilize the goods and services of the major corporate advertisers listed in the Black Pages. Through their investment, these companies demonstrate their concern for and commitment to the Black community, thereby promoting economic self-reliance.

Why the Black Pages? The specific purpose of the Black Pages is to feature and highlight minority-owned businesses. The introduction of the Black Pages concept during the past several years is timely. The current economy of the United States is increasingly focusing on individual entrepreneurial efforts, self-help initiatives and small business development. The Black Pages seeks to provide exposure to individuals and businesses at the forefront of the entrepreneurial effort. The objective of the Black Pages is to help these individuals and businesses provide positive leadership for today’s youth, as well as a realistic alternative to the traditional career/ employment opportunities of the past. While primarily highlighting minority-owned businesses, we also encourage and solicit major corporate involvement in the Black Pages. The corporations that advertise provide support and assistance to minority business development while marketing quality goods and services. The involvement of major corporations is a wise business investment and improves the entire community.

How to Obtain Copies of the Black Pages: Distribution of the Black Pages is primarily conducted via the major churches in the area and by a number of established distribution points that have been set up in your area (see Distribution Points Listings on page 14). Our staff will also provide copies of the Black Pages to all of our advertisers, corporate and government procurement officials, local groups and organizations, as well as at conventions, trade shows, festivals, and other community events. A copy of the Black Pages can be obtained by contacting our office at (877) 273-1709, or mailing $5.00 for postage and handling for each copy to 301 N Elm St, Ste 266, Greensboro, NC 27401.

how to use black pages USA How to Use The Hampton Roads Black Pages USA is a specially formatted magazine/directory that provides a wealth of information, facts, and articles, in addition to the advertisements for corporations and local business persons. We encourage you to understand that the Hampton Roads Black Pages is a very important tool in the rejuvenation of the crucial entrepreneurial segment in the local Black community. As the Hampton Roads community moves into the 21st century, the entrepreneurial efforts of individuals will play a very important role in determining the future of our children. For your convenience, the Black Pages contains the following: Table of Contents — guides you through the entire publication to assist you in finding a particular section of interest. Index — provides a quick method to identify the location of advertisers who offer products or services that you seek. On the Cover Section — highlights the individuals and their associations with the businesses that are featured on the cover. This section gives an insight to their personal backgrounds and other important details. For Your Information — provides very pertinent information relating to education, personal finance, real estate, minority business development and various statistics. Health Watch — provides information on various areas of medicine, diseases and preventive methods in an effort to better educate our audience. Up & Coming — highlights relatively new entrepreneurs or persons whose businesses are experiencing significant growth. This section provides additional details about opportunities for these growing businesses.


Distribution Points Black Pages Hampton Roads • Richmond • N.E., N.C. Absolute Pest Management 4665 S. Cape Henry Ave. Norfolk, VA 23502 (757) 853-5200

Dr. Angela Lanier 5589 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth, VA 23701 (757) 488-3392

Apex Financial Group of Virginia, Inc. 355 Crawford Street Ste. 320 Portsmouth, VA 23704 (757) 640-1928

Jackie Thomas Real Estate 184 Thalia Village Shoppes Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (757) 431-1800

Bailey Enterprise-IC Budget Rental 3316 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (757) 486-0050 C. E. Dean Contracting Co. 4665 S. Cape Henry Ave. Norfolk, VA 23502 (757) 853-5200 Carolina Cleaners Inc. 506 E. Washington Street Suffolk, VA 23434 (757) 934-2760 Carolina Cleaners Inc. 1100 Armory Drive Suite 106 Franklin, Virginia 23851 (757) 516-2544 City of Suffolk Department of Economic Development 440 Market St. Suffolk, VA 2343 (757) 514-4040 City of Suffolk Department of Parks and Recreation 110 West Finney Avenue (3rd Floor) (757) 514-7250 City of Suffolk Department of Tourism 321 N. Main Street (757) 514-4130

Jon L. Scott, DDS, PC 1186 Big Bethel Road Hampton, VA 23666 (757) 825-6280 Law Offices of G. Anthony Yancey 801 Boush Street Ste. 202 Norfolk, VA 23510 (757) 622-9466 Montagna Klein Camden, LLP Attorney Charlene A. Morring 425 Monticello Avenue Norfolk, VA 23510 (757) 622-8100 Office Of Human Affairs 2410 Wickham Avenue Newport News, VA 23607 (757) 247-0379 Optima Health Plans 4417 Corporation Lane Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (757) 552-8882 Patient/Aide Home Care 1800 First Colonial Road Ste. 1815 Virginia Beach, VA 23454 (757) 515-2708 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.-Jeff Bates, Independent Associate 810 Kempsville Road Ste. 3 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (757) 679-6390

VA. State Senator Yvonne B. Miller 1401 Tidewater Drive Suite 8 Norfolk VA 23504 (757) 627-4212 State Farm Agency Frank Owens, Agent 1776 Laskin Road Ste. 201A Virginia Beach VA 23454 (757) 428-3101 State Farm Agency Jenel Smith, Agent 4027 Bainbridge Blvd. Ste. 101 Chesapeake VA 23324 (757) 545-7526 The National Maritime Center One Waterside Drive Norfolk VA 23510 (757) 664-1026 The Remedy 1 Hair Salon 4376 Holland Road Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (757) 463-7026 UPS Stores 7870 Tidewater Drive, Ste 206 Norfolk, VA 23505 (757) 587-8771 UPS Stores 1024 Centerbrooke Lane, Ste F Suffolk, VA 23434 (757) 539-0034 WaterPlus 5950 Poplar Hall Drive Ste. 107 Norfolk VA 23502 (757) 466-7293 ECSU Book Store 1704 Weeksville Rd. Elizabeth City, NC 27909 (252) 335-3400

Upfront City of Portsmouth aVoris A. Pace, L recently named the Director of Marketing and Communications for the City of Portsmouth, has a list of accomplishments within the Hampton Roads area.

He has served as the Marketing Manager/ Creative Designer for the City of Portsmouth since January 2007. In this position, he implemented the strategic marketing plan, provided oversight for the City’s advertising agency, and collaborated with internal departments and external businesses to create awareness of offerings, increase the return-oninvestment and positioning of Portsmouth as a city of choice. In 2001, Lavoris was employed by Norfolk State University. Hired as the Associate Director of Marketing because of his varied experience, he ultimately became the Director of Marketing, wrote the Strategic Plan and re-established the department as the University’s in-house advertising agency.

City of Portsmouth etty J. Burrell was B appointed Chief Financial Officer for the

City of Portsmouth, Virginia in December 2007. Prior to joining the City, Ms. Burrell worked for the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida as Director of Finance for nearly two years. Ms. Burrell also worked for the City of Richmond, Virginia, having been promoted from the position of Chief of License, Assessment, and Tax Audit to Chief of Revenue Administration. She returned to the City of Richmond and served for three years as Deputy Director of Finance after briefly working as Tax Collector for Miami-Dade County, Florida. Prior to her service with the City of Richmond, Ms. Burrell served eleven years as the elected Treasurer of New Kent County, Virginia. Ms. Burrell holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Averett University and a Master of Science in Administration with a concentration in Public Administration from Central Michigan University.

Known as the “Logo Guru” in Hampton Roads, Lavoris has designed numerous recognizable logos and signatures for the City of Portsmouth, Norfolk State University, Portsmouth Schools Foundation, Hampton Roads Black Media Professionals, and Faith Deliverance Christian Center–just to name a few. LaVoris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Norfolk State University and has received many commendations and awards for his work from Admissions Marketing to Excel. He also holds professional memberships in a variety of marketing and common intermal organizations.


Upfront City of Chesapeake


eter Wallace is an Information Technology and Business Continuity Professional with over 28 years of related experience in the public and private sectors. His background spans many years in large to medium multiplatforms including the mainframe and client server environments. As CIO at the City of Chesapeake, Peter provides IT leadership for the overall technology direction of the City in support of the business goals and acts as a technology aggregator for the enterprise delivery and support of data analytics and customer facing applications. The directive includes identifying needs through interaction with department heads and senior management with a thorough understanding of business needs and operational procedures, defining business processes, and implementing scalable and innovative applications such that the City can continue its operations without interruption and with a maximum of efficiency, while staying within budget in terms of both time and money. The City of Chesapeake recently received the 2009 Local Government Green IT Award for its innovation, 35% electricity reduction, and cost savings within the Data Center. Under Peter’s previous leadership, the City of Boynton Beach, FL implemented an enterprise GIS system, which resulted in being awarded 1st place for Innovation in Communication and Technology from the Florida City and County Management Association (FCCMA) in 2003. Peter has a BS Degree in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and a Computer Science Degree from LaGuardia College. Peter also received accreditation as a Certified Chief Information Officer (CCIO) from the Florida Institute of Government at Florida State University.


Black Pages USa 2010

City of Chesapeake


eirdra McBride will admit that as an accountant by trade working for a municipality and other entities, it is a rare opportunity to be working in the exciting world of the hospitality industry. As a veteran in the field of accounting for over 20 years, McBride’s career includes experience in public accounting, and positions in internal auditing and financial analysis for non-profit, education and healthcare organizations. For the past 17 years, she has risen through a series of supervisory accounting positions for the University of Maryland Medical System, Baltimore, 1990-91; Sentara Enterprises, Norfolk, 1993-94; and the City of Chesapeake, (Finance Department and Economic Development – Conference Center), 1994-present. In the past 7 years, Ms. McBride has served as the General Manager of the Chesapeake Conference Center and initially served as the Finance Manager at the inception of the Center’s operation in August 1997. As General Manager of a facility that has had the distinct honor of being consistently noted for it’s excellent culinary cuisine and service, Ms. McBride oversees all aspects of the financial operation, sales and marketing efforts, food and beverage services, building operations, and client relations in event planning. While her co-workers from the hospitality sector might consider “exciting” a relative term, McBride has no reservations describing them as a caring and conscientious team of professionals. According to her, any group, organization or business holding a meeting, reception or other function at the Conference Center can rest assured they will receive superior service from the most attentive and efficient staff she’s ever seen. Confidence and pride in where she works are two attributes that are very important to “Dee”, as she is affectionately known. As a “numbers” person, she’s pleased with the Center’s financial performance, and quick to point out the additional tax revenues generated for the City and the patronage of the area’s restaurants and hotels by Conference Center guests.

Upfront Office of Human Affairs


isha BryantShannon was appointed to the position of Deputy Director for the Office of Human Affairs (OHA) in July 2002. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting from Winston-Salem State University.

Lisha represents the Office of Human Affairs on several Commissions and Coalitions. She was appointed by the Newport News City Council to serve on the Newport News Commission on Youth. She also serves on the Peninsula Obesity Prevention (POP) Coalition, the Keeping Our Kids Safe: Newport News Violence Prevention Network and the City of Newport News Census 2010 Complete Count Committee. Additionally, she serves on the Southeast Community Day Planning Committee and is a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) where she participates in numerous community service projects and activities throughout the year. One of her favorite quotes is “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth� by Muhammad Ali.

Radford University


rae Cotton joined Radford University as the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students in October 2007. A native of Texas, Trae was admitted at age 16 into the inaugural class of the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) at the University of North Texas (UNT). Professionally he has helped to open two public universities and has served in various capacities within Student Affairs, including coordinator of the College Reach Out Program, assistant to the Dean of Student Services, and founding Director of the Office of Student Development at California State University Channel Islands where he was responsible for the development of all co-curricular programs on campus.

She is married to Andrew Shannon and is the proud mother of two daughters, Andrea Nicole Shannon who is pursuing her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Life University in Marietta, Georgia and Inesha Nichele Shannon, a freshman at Old Dominion University.


On the Cover Cornell Bailey Budget Rental

Cornell Bailey was born in Philadelphia, PA, but moved to Wilmington, DE as a teenager. He is the sole operator of the Budget Car and Truck Rental Agency located at 3316 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 and chief executive officer of Bailey Enterprises, LLC. Mr. Bailey graduated from the Howard Career Center in Wilmington, DE and attended Wilmington College in Newcastle, DE where he studied Business Management. He then joined the United States Navy and served four years working in Logistics and Inventory Control. After being honorably discharged, Mr. Bailey continued his business studies, receiving various certificates for his management and leadership training. Mr. Bailey spent 16 years working in retail services as both a supervisor and manager. He has managed high volume outlets, controlled inventory valued over millions of dollars and increased customer service and sales at various locations. He was promoted several times due to his outstanding skills in understanding the relationship between quality customer service and increased profit.

Mr. Bailey was the location manager for Enterprise Car Rental Agency in Wilmington, DE, working at several locations where he increased sales and devised improved customer service satisfaction programs. He was promoted to Branch Manager and transferred to Virginia. It was here that Mr. Bailey decided to branch out on his own and seized the opportunity to own and operate his own car and truck rental agency. Mr. Bailey is now the chief executive officer of Bailey Enterprise, LLC, a subsidiary of the independently owned and operated Budget Car and Truck Rental Agency located in Virginia Beach, VA. His goals are to become a business patron and give back to his community, as well as provide support and inspiration for other entrepreneurs within the Hampton Roads area. Mr. Bailey lives in Virginia Beach with his wife of 14 years, Belinda, and their daughter, Lynnell. He is a member of the Retail Alliance of Hampton Roads and a member of the Prince Hall Eastern Light Lodge No. 4.

Erica Scott & Roy Branch Carolina Cleaners

With more than 30 years in dry-cleaning, Mr. Roy Branch is a professional in the cleaning industry. He has been in business for the past 32 years. His business, Carolina Cleaners Inc. is located in Suffolk, VA. He has been honored numerous times for his support in the community where he has his business. Mr. Branch began his business with wife Jannie in the late 70’s with two young children. He has overcome many obstacles and still has a flourishing business that has expanded to having a drop-off and pickup in Franklin, VA. He has kept his family in the business, immediate and extended. His children, Talbot Branch and Erica Scott, are very involved in the family business. Erica is the manager of the Suffolk location.

Mr. Branch is dedicated to his business and guarantees his work. He treats his customers with courtesy and respect and believes in customer satisfaction. We hope that you will visit Carolina Cleaners Inc. to meet Mr. Branch and allow him to care for your valuable fabrics.


Black Pages USa 2010

On the Cover Mark Irvin General Manager

Mark Irvin is the General Manager of an Import Warehouse for a Major Retailer in Suffolk, Virginia. The team which Mark leads is responsible for the coordination of imports through the Virginia ports to consolidation points across the United States. While the process of inventory replenishment and routing is orchestrated by a dynamic team within a core operations center at the Import Warehouse in Suffolk, it also thrives on the partnership of the businesses and the community that support its operation. Mark is a firm believer that leadership is about connection, support, and partnership and clearly the components of importing goods and services involve all of those attributes. Mark’s framework for people and teams come from his roots in the ROTC program at Vanderbilt University and as a soldier in the United States Army. Mark holds a B.A. from Fisk University in Nashville, TN and a M.B.A. from Franklin University in Columbus, OH.

Mark began his career as an Officer in the Army in a variety of roles which included Platoon Leader, Operations and Intelligence Officer, Company Commander, and finally as an Instructor at the Army’s Academy of Health Sciences in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Mark’s background with teams, people, and logistics later guided him into his current career path in a number of Fortune 500 companies ultimately landing him here in Hampton Roads. Because of Mark’s background as an inter-city kid, he has always been heavily involved with mentoring and supporting the local community through a number of avenues. He is the father of three kids. Mark Jr., who is currently serving in the United States Army, is a graduate of Western Branch High School (Chesapeake) and the United States Military Academy at West Point; Paul who is currently attending Grambling University in Louisiana and Joy who is attending Old Dominion University.

Anthony C. Epps Apex Financial Group of VA, Inc. Anthony C. Epps is the CEO/ President of Apex Financial Group of VA, Inc. with nearly three decades of experience in business and financial planning. A graduate of Norfolk State University, Mr. Epps received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. He also has obtained the Life Underwriting Training Council Fellowship (LUTCF) designation. Mr. Epps is a qualified member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the Norfolk State University Alumni Association, the Association of Black Insurance Professionals (ABIP), The Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). Mr. Epps is also a Trustee of The Moments of Truth Ministry, located in Norfolk, VA. The mission of Apex Financial Group of VA, Inc., is to provide insurance and financial service in a timely and professional manner at a competitive price with dedicated personnel. The company’s distinctive competence will center on customer satisfaction and competitive prices. Meeting financial objectives is more complex than ever before. Few individuals have the knowledge and time required to sort through the spectrum of options. Planning effectively and understanding the choices to make educated decisions can be a fulltime job. A financial plan is a long-term commitment, a process that requires constant review and updating. We establish an ongoing confidential relationship with our clients, that allows us to help you draft a plan that fits your personal objectives. Apex Financial Group of Virginia, Inc. , keeps you aware of financial opportunities, tax laws and economic trends. Our full-service planning firm has a team of highly skilled professionals that has produced thousands of loyal and successful clients. You can rely on Apex Financial to keep your plan on target, despite changes in these economic times. Fortunes are not made in one day. Our advisers do not win a clients trust, loyalty and respect by providing a one-time service. At Apex Financial, we earn our clients confidence day by day, over a lifetime.

On the Cover Jenel Smith State Farm

Jenel Smith is a fully licensed Agent for State Farm Insurance in Chesapeake, Virginia. Originally from Elizabeth City, North Carolina Jenel moved to Hampton Roads. Her position as a Member Appeals Coordinator for Optima Health Plan twelve years ago, offered a solid foundation in her transition to State Farm. She strives to keep her clients and members of the community educated on their insurance and financial matters. She has earned her degree in Business Administration from American Intercontinental University and is currently working on her Master’s in Business Administration. Jenel is an active member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). In addition to company-wide awards earned in 2009 and 2010, Jenel’s accolades includes being featured in national publications such as Black Enterprise Magazine and Today’s Advisor. She was also the top insurer of small business-owners statewide offering business liability, workers compensation, business retirement plans and keyman life for business continuation.

“I love and truly believe in what we do. I want my office to be viewed as the best choice for insurance needs. At this Agency, we work with passion, professionalism, and genuine concern for our clients.” Her quality time is spent with her family. Jenel is a devoted and dedicated wife and mother. She is the wife of the wonderful Timothy Smith and the mother of Timia Smith (14) and Tai Smith (11). She also credits her parents for their constant guidance and support in all she’s done. At home, she proudly proclaims herself as the family air hockey champion. For an insurance and financial review for yourself, your loved ones or your clients, contact the Jenel Smith Agency at (757) 545-7526(PLAN). Be sure to visit her website at

Attorney Charlene A. Morring Montagna Klein Camden LLP Charlene A. Morring is a partner with the Norfolk law firm of Montagna Klein Camden LLP where she practices in the areas of workers’ compensation, personal injury and Social Security disability. Her practice includes pursuing claims under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. She and members of her firm also specialize in pursuing Defense Base Act claims, involving those who are injured while working overseas. Attorney Morring received her B.S. degree from Old Dominion University, graduating as a Kaufrman Scholar. She received her law degree from the University of Richmond School of Law, where she was recognized as a Hudgins Scholar for her scholastic skills, as well as her intense character and leadership in her community. Charlene currently mentors in RAMP at Ruffner Middle School, Norfolk, VA. She spends her free time by actively serving her community and volunteering at various organizations and civic leagues. She is a member of the Virginia State Bar, the North Carolina State Bar, The Association of Trial Lawyers of America, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and the Norfolk Portsmouth Bar Association.


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On the Cover Fire Chief Don Horton City of Portsmouth Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services

Fire Chief Don Horton began his service with Portsmouth Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services in March of 2009, coming to the city with 29 years of distinguished fire and management experience within the fire service. Chief Horton began his career in the fire service in March of 1980 with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in Richmond, Virginia. Serving in varying capacities as he progressed through the ranks, he completed many assignments, including duties in fire suppression, station management and public information. Chief Horton’s staff positions included Support Services Division Commander, Deputy and Acting Fire Marshal, and finally retiring following four years as Deputy Chief for Richmond. Chief Horton also developed the first mentorship program for Richmond’s public school students. He coordinated Project Safe Place, providing Richmond’s fire stations as places that troubled youth could go to receive help, and also mentored Fire Explorer members. Chief Horton completed an Associate Degree in Fire Science (2004) and a Bachelor Degree in Business Management (2007) during his tenure in Richmond. Following his retirement from Richmond in 2007, Chief Horton accepted the position of Fire Chief in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, serving for two years.

Among Chief Horton’s many awards received during his service are Junior Officer of the Year (1992 and 1998), Support Services Officer of the Year (1998) and the Life Safety Achievement Award (2000). His proudest achievement, when asked, is his leadership of a dedicated team of fire professionals while serving as Fire Marshal. A solid concentration on public education and engineering and code enforcement by this team resulted in zero fatalities in 2005 for the city of Richmond, a city of 200,000 citizens. This was the first time the city had met the zero-fatality goal in more than twenty years. Married to Shirley Horton for 18 years, Chief Horton has a daughter, Sherri; a son, Dion; and a grandson, Blair.

Frank J. Owens State Farm Frank J. Owens is a native of Elizabeth City, N.C. and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Elizabeth City State University. He subsequently taught in the Hampton City Schools, was a head track and basketball coach, and enjoyed an impressive winning record during his coaching tenure. While teaching, Owens felt the drive to further his knowledge and expertise in education. He enrolled in Hampton University where he earned a Masters Degree in Secondary Education Administration. He has had long-standing interest and experience in business endeavors beginning with ownership of Owens Vending Company, Fondalto Computer Enterprises, and Caldwell Chemical & Manufacturing Company. In 1993, Owens began his State Farm career and has built a thriving and successful agency in Virginia Beach. He achieved the status of a Select Agent, and a Legion of Honor State Farm Agent through his actions driven by keeping the customer’s best interests as his primary goal. Owens embodies the State Farm mission of “like a good neighbor State Farm is there.” His many policyholders indeed have a true friend and neighbor in him. Owens helps people to manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams through over seventy State Farm product lines including but not limited to: Auto, Homeowners, Life, Health, Long Term Care, Mortgages, Auto Loans, and Credit Cards. Owens and staff treat all customers in a caring, friendly and professional manner while striving to delight them in every contact. Owens’ office is the first and best choice for service, insurance and financial needs.

On the Cover Wendell F. Braxton Office of Human Affairs, Inc. Wendell Braxton was appointed to the position of Executive Director of the Office of Human Affairs (OHA) in February of 2006. Since taking over the helm at OHA, he has seen the agency grow to the point where it now operates more than 25 different programs to aid disadvantaged citizens on the Peninsula, and employs over 300 individuals annually. Born in Newport News, Braxton received his Bachelor’s Degree from Hampton University (then Hampton Institute) and a Master’s Degree from Virginia State University. He is also a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. He has held jobs in the public sector throughout his professional career. A retired department head with 25 years of service with Hampton City government, Braxton headed up that city’s departments of Developmental Programs and Minority Programs. In recent years he has also served as the Executive Director of the Tidewater Regional Minority Purchasing Council and as Eastern Region Director of the Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council. While holding the above positions, Braxton maintained a dual career by simultaneously serving as an officer in the Army National Guard for 30 years. Active in the community, Braxton currently serves as the President of the 100 Black Men of the Virginia Peninsula Chapter, Inc. In addition, he is the Immediate Past President of the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and is a Past President of Les Hommes Civic and Social Club. He serves on the boards of Peninsula Institute of Community Health, Virginia Community Action Partnership, and the Zeta Lambda Education Foundation and is a Deacon at First Baptist Church, Hampton, VA. He is married to Jean Braxton, and they have two grown children.

Karen Brace Remedy 1 Hair Salon Karen Brace is a native of Portsmouth, Virginia where she attended Portsmouth School of Beauty Culture. Under the close training of Ms. Andrea Carrington she graduated 6 months ahead of schedule and obtained her cosmetology license in 1993. She states, “Ms. Carrington was heaven sent.” Karen has worked in salons in Virginia and Maryland and has attended over 20 continuing education trade shows with at least 10 classes per show. Always looking to expand her education, she completed Pharmacy Technician certification at Norfolk State University because she recognized the necessity to obtain more knowledge on both the positive and negative effects of medication to the hair. She also completed study of Trichology under the direction of Dr. Hooshang Akbari. She has performed platform hair artistry for Barry Fletcher of Barry Fletcher Hair Products and also for Rudy Artis of Influence Hair Care Products. She has attended to stars such as Nia Long and hopes to expand her list of celebrity status clients. She is on the Steering Committee for the Virginia Black Expo and also volunteers her time to students at Booker T. Washington High School’s Career Day for Mrs. Lajuan HinesRome whenever called upon. Karen is co-owner of the Remedy 1 Hair Salon in Virginia Beach located at 4376 Holland Road. She leads a staff of 7 highly-trained stylists with a wealth of education and trained in the latest hair care techniques. Dedicated to customer service and educating their clients in sustaining hair care at home, The Remedy 1 Hair Salon looks forward to continued growth and strength in their clientele and hair care! The Remedy 1 Hair Salon “Healing for the Hair”.


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On the Cover Senator Yvonne B. Miller Virginia Senator Yvonne B. Miller’s career has taken her from segregated schools to the Virginia State Legislature, where she made history as the first African-American woman to serve in the House of Delegates (1984), the first to serve in the Virginia Senate (1988), first woman to chair a Senate committee (1996), female Senator with the longest legislative service (House of Delegates) 1984-1987 and Senate 1988- Present. Senator Miller was born in Edenton, North Carolina and grew up in Norfolk. She probably acquired her taste for teaching by being the eldest of 13 children. She became a 1st grade teacher in 1956 after graduating from Virginia State College. Faced with segregation and massive resistance of the era, she enrolled at Teachers College, Columbia University’s summer program, to earn her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Later, she joined the faculty at Norfolk State College where she prepared others to teach. While there she earned her Doctor of Philosophy in College Teaching with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education at University of Pittsburgh. She has been honored as a teacher; mentor; professor; church leader; legislator and as a role model for others, not only Virginians, not only African-Americans, but for all who strive to quicken the conscience of our society. She is also a lifetime member of the NAACP.

Penelope Ward Kyle Radford University Radford University’s sixth, and first female President took office on June 1, 2005 with more than 30 years of experience in state government, the corporate and legal worlds and higher education. In 2007, President Kyle led the development and implementation of the University strategic plan, 7-17, Forging a Bold New Future. This plan identifies four strategic directives: investments in people, in programs, in society, both global and local, and in activities that will ensure the future success of Radford University as it prepares to enter its second century of service to the Commonwealth of Virginia. In the 7-17 Plan, the University intends to become one of the top 50 Masters’ Universities in the nation. Through President Kyle’s leadership, the University has added its first three doctoral programs and launched an initiative to grow graduate student enrollment by offering additional doctoral and masters programs. Since President Kyle’s arrival, the University has secured more than $200 million in state funding for new buildings for the College of Business and Economics and the College of Science and Technology, three new residence halls, a new student fitness/wellness center, among other enhancements that give the University community state-of-the-art facilities.


On the Cover Dr. Willie J. Gilchrist Elizabeth City State University Dr. Willie J. Gilchrist became the ninth chief executive officer of Elizabeth City State University after his March 15, 2007 approval by the UNC Board of Governors. Prior to his appointment, he served as interim chancellor of ECSU from September 1, 2006. With an extensive background as an educator and administrator for over 30 years, he last served as superintendent of Halifax County Schools (NC) since 1994. Chancellor Gilchrist holds an undergraduate degree in health and physical education from ECSU (1973), a master’s degree in administration from Brockport State University in New York (1975), and a doctorate of education in administration from Nova Southeastern University in Florida (1998). He has also completed additional graduate work at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. After graduating from ECSU, Dr. Gilchrist spent four years as a teacher and counselor in the Rochester, NY, public schools before returning to northeastern North Carolina. He began his administrative career as an assistant principal at Eastside School in Jackson in 1977 and was soon promoted to assistant principal of Gumberry High School. He was named principal of Gumberry High in 1979, and after three years in the post, he was named principal of Northampton County High School-West in Gaston. After 11 years in that post, he was recruited to serve as associate superintendent of schools for Northampton County. Less than a year later, in May 1994, he was named superintendent of Halifax County Schools, overseeing a rural district serving nearly 5,500 children. In 2001, Dr. Gilchrist was elected by the NC Senate to the UNC Board of Governors, the policy-making body for the 16-campus University of North Carolina. He began his second four-year term in 2005 and resigned from this Board to accept the appointment at ECSU. During his years as a Board of Governor member, Dr. Gilchrist chaired the Board’s Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs; the Task Force on Teacher Supply and Demand; and the Gardner Award Committee. In addition, he served on the Committee on University Governance, the Committee on the Future of Information Technology, and several other ad hoc committees. In addition to his work on the Board of Governors, Dr. Gilchrist has served on the Governor’s More at Four Committee, the Governor’s Education First Task Force, the Halifax County Airport Authority, the Halifax-Warren Smart Start Board of Directors, and the boards of the Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Halifax Development Commission, and the BMB Shelter Home. Active in professional and civic organizations, Gilchrist has received numerous awards and other recognitions for his contributions to education and service to children. A 1994 recipient of ECSU’s Outstanding Alumni Award, he has also been named Middle-Level Superintendent of the Year by the NC Middle School Association (2003), Halifax County Schools Administrator of the Year (1999), Region 3 Superintendent of the Year by the NC High School Administrators Association (1998), and Principal of the Year for Northampton County Public Schools (1986, 1992-93). Dr. Gilchrist and his wife, Jacqueline, have three adult children, all of whom are ECSU graduates.


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On the Cover Mrs. Sylvia C. Whitaker Optima Health Plans Mrs. Sylvia C. Whitaker, a native of Norfolk, VA is a licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent for the Commonwealth of Virginia. She is currently the Regional Sales Manager of Optima Family Care - the largest single-licensed Medicaid managed care organization in the Commonwealth. Her area of responsibility includes strategic longterm planning of product growth and development, implementation of marketing and sales strategy, and community outreach efforts throughout the State. Highly competent in personnel development, administration and management, she manages a staff of thirty supervisors and sales associates that has consistently grown membership through effective marketing and sales efforts. Sylvia holds an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from St. Leo University, graduating magna cum laude. She is a 1999 graduate of Project Inclusion, the United Way of Hampton Roads training program for minority board member candidates. Sylvia developed and implemented the Optima Family Care Girls Community Basketball Program. This program combines basketball and health education for girls ages 12-14 which has grown to include 28 cities and counties covering Hampton Roads, Central Virginia, Southside Virginia (Danville area) and The Valley (Winchester area), with plans for further statewide expansion. Sylvia serves on various boards and commissions, with her most recent appointment, the Board of Directors for PICH. She has earned numerous honors and awards. In Sylvia’s spare time, she is a featured vocalist with the well-known local group, The Good Life Band. Sylvia just celebrated 25 years of giving her personal and professional time, talents and resources for the betterment of communities statewide.

Attorney G. Anthony Yancey Law Offices of G. Anthony Yancey G. Anthony Yancey has been the sole attorney and manager of the Law Offices of G. Anthony Yancey since 2005. Attorney Yancey received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Hampton University, where he was honored as the top business management student in both his junior and senior years. Attorney Yancey received his law degree from North Carolina Central University as he graduated in the top one third of his class. Attorney Yancey began his legal career as a prosecutor for the City of Portsmouth for over two years with a special assignment to the Drug Team for the last year and a half. He left prosecution for private practice in 2001. Since 2001, Attorney Yancey has focused his practice on handling serious criminal cases as well as family law and automobile accident cases. With over 11 years of trial experience, Attorney Yancey believes in aggressively representing his clients as if he were standing in their shoes. This unique view of handling cases fuels Attorney Yancey’s motto of “doing whatever it takes to get the job done”.


On the Cover Mary J. Bullock City of Chesapeake

Mary J. Bullock was appointed to the position of Director of Human Resources on July 1, 2004. She has held several positions in the Department of Human Resources since her employment in 1978. Her prior experience was with the City of Norfolk and in the banking field. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Hampton Institute (now known as Hampton University) and a Masters of Public Administration Degree from Old Dominion University. She is past President of the Hampton Roads Conference of Minority Public Administrators (COMPA), being the first female elected as president. She was also the first minority president of the Virginia Chapter of the International Public Management Organization. Ms. Bullock has served on the board of directors for the YWCA of South Hampton Roads, Places and Programs for Children and she is currently a member of the Board of Directors of EDMARC, a hospice for Children.

She is a member of the Norfolk Chapter of the Links, Inc., Norfolk Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and several other community and social organizations. She is a Senior Steward at St. John’s A.M.E. Church.

Jeffery Bates, Sr. Small Business & Group Benefits Specialist, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., and subsidiaries.

Jeff is an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., and subsidiaries who specializes in Small Business & Group Benefits. He also markets the Identity Theft Shield. He is a Navy veteran who served 26 years in multiple capacities around the world, with Navy Intelligence being his most interesting assignment. Jeff also worked five years as an educator with Virginia Beach City Public Schools. He is a native of Columbia, SC and now makes Virginia Beach, VA his home. Jeff holds a B.A. degree in Human Resources Administration, (specializing in conflict resolution), an A.A. in Liberal Arts and pursued his Master’s in Technology Education at Old Dominion University. Volunteer service to the community has been a sense of duty in Jeff’s life for many years. He was the Chairman of Virginia Beach Crime Task Force and served as a supervisor for the Juvenile Court Youth Service Unit for fourteen years. Jeff is an active life member of the NAACP, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Disabled Veteran Association. He is also a co-founder of the Virginia Beach African American Leadership Forum (VBAALF). He faithfully attends church in Virginia Beach at the Chapel by the Sea.

Jeff’s passion is to make a difference in people’s lives by expanding the national market of Pre-Paid Legal throughout the United States and Canada. His mission is to see the words written across the Supreme Court Building, “Equal Justice Under Law” become a reality for all people.


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On the Cover Jackie Thomas Jackie Thomas Real Estate Jackie Thomas first became introduced to Real Estate in the early 80’s when her parents decided to purchase their first home. Being so impressed with the prompt attention to detail and genuine concern by the agent led Jackie Thomas to investigate real estate for herself and almost 30 years later Jackie is still investigating and successfully showing genuine concern for others each and every day! Over the years she has been backed by major Real Estate companies such as Century 21, Secure Realty, Larasan/Better Homes & Gardens, Realty Executives and Wainwright Real Estate and has been a licensed broker since 1987. In June 2000 Jackie Thomas Real Estate was established and has been successful serving the community as a small local company for the past 10 years. Jackie and her associates pride themselves with offering “The PERSONAL TOUCH” to all that come in contact with them. Jackie Thomas, broker and owner of Jackie Thomas Real Estate and native of Hampton Roads has always prided herself in educating her clients throughout their real estate process. The hundreds of referrals she receives yearly indicates that the clients she services really appreciate the level of service and care she provides. Jackie Is also a longtime member of The Million Dollar Sales Club and recipient of many top listing and sales awards over the years! Her office consists of a Staff of over 20 highly trained sales associates and a property management team with the same beliefs and goals as Jackie. They specialize in Residential Resales, REO’s/Bank Owned/Foreclosure Properties, Short Sales, HUD Homes, New Construction as well as Property Management. The Goal of Homeowership is our Top Priority!!! So no matter what your real estate needs are; buying, selling, building, renting, or investing, Jackie and her staff are ready to assist you!! They are true professionals in every sense of the word!!

C.E. Dean Absolute Pest Management and C.E. Dean Contracting Co Absolute Pest Management was founded on December 17, 1991 as a vision of Carlton Dean Sr. Under his leadership, the company has grown into a successful family run business. Through the years, this pest control company has provided quality service at an affordable price to Hampton Roads while being a visible part of the community it serves. As the president and CFO of Absolute Pest Management, Mr. Dean ensures that services are rendered by thoroughly trained, uniformed technicians under the supervision of personnel with years of experience and formal training in pest management using environmentally safe methods recommended by the Environmental Protective Agency for the target pest. As a past-president of the Tidewater Pest Control Association and a member of the National Pest Control Association, Mr. Dean and the employees of Absolute Pest Management Inc. attend workshops and re-certification training annually to keep current on the changing trends in the field. The company specializes in the identification and treatment of termites and wood destroying insects and Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Reports. Carlton Sr. is a graduate of Southern Illinois University. He served twelve years in the United States Navy. He is member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, a past master of Blooming Light Lodge #132 and a former District Deputy for the Knights of Pythagoras male youth organization. Carlton is married to Nanette Michelle Dean, a teacher with Norfolk Public Schools. They have two sons, Carlton Jr. and Deion Dean.


Home Care Providing quality care is our business !

Carlton Dean Sr. ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡


We have a team of Nurses, CNA's, Medical Technicians, LPN's and Personal Care Assistants waiting to care for your loved ones in the privacy of your home or facility. Our nurses provide care and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Meal Planning & Preparation ¸ Medication Reminders Hygiene Assistance ¸ Light Housekeeping Errands &Transportation ¸ Diet Monitoring Walking Assistance ¸ Coordinate Home Service Visit Friends ¸ Pick-up prescriptions ¸ Grocery Shopping

Residential & Commercial Structural Repairs Class A Contractor Lic # 2705050894A

757-853-5200 4665 South Cape Henry Avenue · Norfolk


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1800 First Colonial Road Suite1815 Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Phone:(757)515-2708 Fax:(757)368-0699

email: Va

Dependable and Innovative

We provide management and supervision of a wide range of facilities services: Healthcare/hospital housekeeping Commercial laundry operations

Powell Industries Inc. has become one of the top facilities management companies along the Eastern seaboard. Founded in 1997 by Curtis A. Powell president and CEO the company offers services that maximize your company's current programs and assist in new ways to handle the maintenance of your facility. The company's initial focus was healthcare facilities management and consulting that has gradually expanded into providing a full range of comprehensive facilities management services. Government offices and agencies rely on PII facilities management services to bring order to their buildings and grounds. PII has years of experience providing Facilities Management Services to government customers, including municipal, state, and federal agencies. PII is at the forefront of proven management techniques, service improvements and technology advancements skills we've perfected after more than 35 years of combined experience at customer facilities just like yours. Allow us to customize a plan for your own unique requirements.

Landscaping and lawn care Tree maintenance Janitorial management Hazardous material management Solid waste management Minor construction projects Total facility housekeeping services Contract commercial & retail housekeeping services Site management & consulting services Stadium and arena cleaning services Special event services Contract retail floor care services Stone and marble care Wood floor cleaning and restoration Post-construction & grand opening cleaning services Carpet care service programs Exterior pressure washing services Window cleaning services After disaster/emergency response services Acoustic ceiling tile cleaning services Food service sanitation services Interior/exterior painting services Parking lot maintenance In-house/outsourced centralized linen laundry operations Uniforms

Powell Industries Inc.



Curtis Powell Barbara J. Clark Fonda J. Powell Jason A. Powell

A Facilities Management Company P.O. Box 2596 Newport News, VA 23609

(757) 471-2207

Just Like You, We Put Family First. For the quality medical care you want your family to have, choose Optima Family Care. For no cost, you get: • medical providers from a large network • dental and vision care (some limits may apply) • a ride to and from any covered service, such as your doctor’s office • after-hours medical guidance • home visits to explain your benefits • and much more Get health care that really puts your family first. Call today and learn about Optima Family Care at:


Just Like You,We Put Family First. Underwritten by Optima Health Plan





Suffolk Economic Development 757-514-4040

Ethicom City of Suffolk SUF 6441 Norfolk International Airport Duratran 2009 = Fastest Growing 48� x 24� Proof 7 7-31-09

It’s a good time to be in Suffolk


Category Listings Attorneys

Montagna Klein Camden, LLP Attorney Charlene A. Morring 425 Monticello Avenue Norfolk VA 23510 • (757) 622-8100 Law Offices of G. Anthony Yancey 801 Boush Street Ste. 202 Norfolk VA 23510 • (757) 622-9466

Automobile & Truck Rental

Bailey Enterprise-IC Budget Rental 3316 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach VA 23452 • (757) 486-0050

Beauty & Barbering

The Remedy 1 Hair Salon 4376 Holland Road Virginia Beach VA 23452 • (757) 463-7026

Bottled Water

WaterPlus 5950 Poplar Hall Drive Ste. 107 Norfolk VA 23502 • (757) 466-7293

Child Care Provider

Children Of The King N-Fant Care (757) 652-6180


Carolina Cleaners Inc. 506 E. Washington Street Suffolk VA 23434 • (757) 934-2760


Elizabeth City State University (800) 347-3278 32

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Radford University (540) 831-5321


Office Of Human Affairs 2410 Wickham Avenue Newport News VA 23607 • (757) 247-0379

Contractors-General C. E. Dean Contracting Co. 4665 S. Cape Henry Ave. Norfolk VA 23502 • (757) 853-5200

Convention Center

Hampton Convention and Visitor Bureau 1919 Commerce Drive Ste. 290 Hampton VA 23666 • (757) 722-1222 The Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau 1000 19th Street Virginia Beach VA 23451 • (757) 385-6652


Dr. Angela Lanier 5589 Portsmouth Blvd. Portsmouth VA 23701 • (757) 488-3392 Jon L. Scott, DDS, PC 1186 Big Bethel Road Hampton VA 23666 • (757) 825-6280

Event Planning

Envision The Moment LLC (757) 725-2771

Facilities Management Powell Industries, Inc. (757) 471-2207

Category Listings Financial Services


Apex Financial Group of Virginia, Inc. 355 Crawford Street Ste. 320 Portsmouth VA 23704 • (757) 640-0207

State Farm Agency-Frank Owens, Agent 1776 Laskins Road Ste. 201A Virginia Beach VA 23454 • (757) 428-3101

Government-Economic Development

State Farm Agency-Jenel Smith, Agent 4027 Bainbridge Blvd. Ste. 101 Chesapeake VA 23324 • (757) 545-7526

City of Chesapeake Economic Development Department 501 Independence Parkway Ste. 200 Chesapeake VA 23320 • (757) 382-8040 City of Portsmouth Department of Economic Development 200 High Street Ste. 200 Portsmouth VA 23704 • (757) 393-8804 City of Suffolk Department of Economic Development 440 Market St. Suffolk VA 23434 • (757) 514-4040

Government-State Senator Senator Yvonne B. Miller 1401 Tidewater Drive Suite 8 Norfolk VA 23504 • (757) 627-4212

Health Insurance Optima Health Plans 4417 Corporation Lane Virginia Beach, VA 23462 • (757) 552-8882 Home Health Care Patient/Aide Home Care 1800 First Colonial Road Ste. 1815 Virginia Beach VA 23454 • (757) 515-2708

Legal Service

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.-Jeff Bates, Independent Associate 810 Kempsville Road Ste. 3 Virginia Beach VA 23462 • (757) 679-6390


The National Maritime Center One Waterside Drive Norfolk VA 23510 • (757) 664-1026

Packing and Shipping

The UPS Store 7870 Tidewater Drive, Ste 206 Norfolk, VA 23505 • (757) 587-8771 The UPS Store 1024 Centerbrooke Lane, Ste F Suffolk, VA 23434 • (757) 539-0034

Pest Control

Absolute Pest Management 4665 S. Cape Henry Ave. Norfolk VA 23502 • (757) 853-5200


Category Listings Printing

Churchland Printing & Graphics (757) 484-4242

Real Estate

Jackie Thomas Real Estate 184 Thalia Village Shoppes Virginia Beach VA 23452 • (757) 431-1800

State Farm Agent Recruiting State Farm Insurance-Agency Recruiter 11820 Fountain Way Ste. 206 Newport News VA 23606 • (757) 873-4794


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                          •

37 undergraduate and 4 graduate degree programs, including the arts, humanities, education, mathematics, science, technology, pharmacy, aviation and more…

Ranked #2 in the category of Top Public Baccalaureate Colleges in the South and #11 among Historically Black Colleges and Universities by U.S. News & World Report's America’s Best Colleges 2010.

Since 2008, student athletes have won two Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association championship titles: Lady Vikings Volleyball 2008 and Lady Vikings Bowling 2009. The following coaches have been named the CIAA Coach of the Year: Waverly Tillar, (football 2008); Shawn Walker (basketball 2008); Linda Bell (volleyball 2008 and 2009); Jody Williams (bowling 2009).

Received $750,000 grant from the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation to support the UNC Chapel Hill/ECSU Doctor of Pharmacy Partnership Program.

The ECSU Community Development Program received an $800,000 grant from HUD which will be used for home repairs, homeownership counseling, and computer literacy. The grant will also support the Community Development Program's efforts to assist nonprofit organizations in their search for grants volunteers and assistance with project implementation.

For more information about ECSU, please call 1-800-347-ECSU/252-335-3305 or visit E C S U

i s


c o n s t i t u e n t

i n s t i t u t i o n

o f

T h e

U n i v e r s i t y

o f

N o r t h

C a ro l i n a .


Licensed in Virginia and North Carolina

Carlton Dean Jr.

Vachel Dean


Levi Kinchlow Proprietor

Termite & Pest Control Real Estate Termite Report NPMAMoisture Control Annual Termite Inspection


When you're ready for the next printing project give Churchland Printing a call for a very competitive quote.

Structural Repairs Complete Termite/Moisture Damage Repair

Newsletters ŀ Flyers ŀ Business Forms ŀ Booklets Brochures ŀ NCR Forms ŀ Campaign Printing Full Color Printing ŀ Typesetting and much more...

757.484.4242 ~ Fax 757.686.5611 "Our greatest asset is your satisfaction" Serving the Tidewater Area since 1995

Type Of Pests ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡

Powderpost Beetles Roaches Ants Carpenter Bees

¡ ¡ ¡ ¡

Fleas Bed Bugs Spiders Old House Borers

Class B Contractor Lic: 2705126140

757-853-5200 4665 South Cape Henry Avenue · Norfolk


x x x x x

Fine Dry Cleaning Wedding & Formal Wear Expert Stain Removal Jeans Washed & Starched Shirt Laundry Two Locations

506 E. Washington St. Suffolk, VA 23434



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1100 Armory Drive Suite 106 Franklin VA 23851


Minority Business Awardee City of Virginia Beach

City of Chesapeake, VA

Prescott Sherrod

Dr. Harry E. Jenkins Harry Jenkins Family Dentistry

• PEMCCO Incorporated is a minorityowned firm established in Virginia Beach in 1995. • PEMCCO is a highly professional minority-owned business enterprise specializing in Information Technology, Engineering, Systems Installation & Integration and Management Services. • Prescott Sherrod, the company founder and President, began PEMCCO by providing consulting services assessing client readiness to automate their business processes and by preparing technical documents for systems integration and business development. • PEMCCO is committed to preparing today’s businesses for tomorrow’s challenges by offering a highly skilled and diverse staff motivated by customer success and satisfaction. • PEMCCO is very active both regionally and nationally in the areas of Traffic Management Systems and Security Surveillance and economic development. Commercial Clients • AMSEC LLC. • Computer Sciences Corporation • Stephen J. Burgess, PC • Viasys Corporation • EDS Corporation • TMASC • Fuentz Systems • AT&T • Raytheon Company • Professional Software Engineering, Inc. • General Dynamics Federal Agency Clients • Fleet Industrial Support Center • General Services Administration • Navy Public Works Center, Norfolk • SPAWAR Systems Center, Charleston • SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego • U.S. Army • U.S. Air Force • U.S. Navy • United States Military Academy, West Point • Defense Information Systems Agency State/Local Agency Clients • Virginia Port Authority • Virginia International Terminals • Virginia Department of Transportation • Hampton Roads Transit Authority • Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority


racticing Dentistry since 1995, Dr. Jenkins originally began working in Portsmouth with his father, Dr. Harry L. Jenkins. In 2000 he began working for Coast Dental which is located in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, which also owned offices in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia. He was the first black doctor to work in the Greenbrier office and went from wearing scrubs, jeans and tennis shoes to wearing a shirt, tie and a white coat. In time he gained the trust of his new staff and patients and as a result, production in that office grew from $15,000 to $45,000 a month. In 2004 Coast Dental pulled out of Virginia. With God’s grace and mercy, Dr. Jenkins purchased the office in March 2004. Dr. Jenkins currently provides dental care to several nursing homes in Hampton Roads. Is the volunteering Dentist at Park Place Dental Clinic and Homeless Connect in Norfolk. He is also active with sponsorships to various charities in Hampton Roads Dr. Jenkins serves on the Chesapeake Regional Health Foundation Board, Member of Old Dominion Dental Society and serves on Security and Door Keeping Ministries at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church in Chesapeake. Dr. Jenkins holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hampton University and a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry.


Minority Business Awardee City of Hampton, VA

City of Norfolk, VA

Zel Technologies, LLC Jack L. Ezzell, Jr

Livas Group


ack L. Ezzell, Jr. is CEO of Zel Technologies, LLC. (ZelTech) located in Hampton, Virginia. ZelTech is one of the nation’s premier professional services firms. Mr. Ezzell is a graduate of North Carolina A & T State University, holds a MBA degree from Ohio State University and is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel who was recognized as a leader in applying advanced technology solutions to critical defense problems. ZelTech has grown from a small consulting firm into a multi-faceted engineering and information technology corporation. ZelTech is a recognized leader in the introduction of leading edge technologies to support critical homeland defense activities. Headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, ZelTech has operations within the United States and abroad. Mr. Ezzell is a believer that the private sector should give back to the community. He established a KidTech program for children and senior citizens, serves as a mentor for minority businesses, is a former member and two-term rector of the Board of Visitors for Norfolk State University (NSU), Vice-Chairman of the NSU Enterprise and Empowerment Foundation, Co-chair Elect of the Hampton Roads Partnership, past Chairman of the Hampton Industrial Development Authority, Vice-Chairman of the Board of WHRO Public Broadcasting, and Vice-President of the JamestownYorktown Foundation 2009 Board of Directors. His private sector boards include Sentara Health Care and the Virginia Company Bank. He served on Former Governor Mark Warner’s transition team, the Peninsula BRAC Working Group, as a state-wide advisor on minority procurement issues and as a member of Governor Kaine’s Economic Development Strategic Planning Committee. Jack L. Ezzell, Jr was awarded the Business Leadership Award by the City of Hampton for Outstanding Vision, Dedication and Commitment to Excellence in the Hampton Roads Business Community. Mr. Ezzell was presented this award by City Councilman Paige Washington, Jr. at the 2009 Annual Black Expo.


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he Livas Group Architects is a minority firm that was originally founded in 1948 by Henry L. Livas, a native of Arkansas and former Hampton University Professor. In 1960 Mr. Livas relocated the firm to Norfolk, Virginia and is now located in the Historic Freemason Community of downtown Norfolk. The firm includes professionals and consultants that specialize in comprehensive architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design planning. A few of their projects include: • Granby High School (Renovation) • Ruffner Middle School • Schools in both the Chesapeake and Virginia Beach School Systems. • Attuck’s Theater (Restoration and Addition) • Johnston Memorial Library, Virginia State University • The Harvey Library, Hampton University • Wilson Administration Hall, Norfolk State University • Armstrong Stadium, Hampton University • Convocation Center, Hampton University The Livas Group has been in existence for 60 years and has not only served our community with their professional expertise but has for years, opened its doors to college students and provided them with the nurturing, training and skills needed to become successful in the field of architecture. The Livas Group is the oldest minority architecture firm in the state of Virginia and has used creative ideas, initiative and innovations in designing and developing structures for its use and the enjoyment of the users.

Yvonne B. Miller Senator, 5th Senatorial District Representing Portions of Norfolk/Chesapeake/Virginia Beach Committee Assignments: -Transportation - Chair

- Senate Finance

- Rehab & Social Services

- Commerce & Labor - Rules

Physical Address: 1401 Tidewater Drive, Ste 8 Norfolk, VA 23504 757-627-4212 757-627-7203 Fax

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 452 Norfolk, VA 23501 E-mail: Paid for and Authorized by Yvonne B. Miller

During Legislative Session: 910 Capital Square, Room 315 Richmond, VA 23219 804-698-7505 804-698-7651 Fax


Good Companies Make Good Company 42

Chesapeake is one of America’s best communities for attracting international business investment, with over 80 companies representing at least 19 countries. The largest and most dynamic business district in Hampton Roads with a business friendly climate, natural resources, and a talented labor pool. Just a few reasons why good companies find themselves in good company here. Call 757-382-8040 or visit for more information.

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ARE THE RULE Highlighted by the US News and World Report as a Top 20 Public Master’s University in the South and named a 2009 “Best College in the Southeast” by Princeton Review, RU is a university where exceptional people find exceptional opportunity. Known for fostering inventive faculty-student collaborations, Radford University empowers its graduates to succeed on a local and global stage. RU promotes a dynamic curriculum of more than 140 undergraduate and graduate programs, including two new doctoral degrees in the last year alone. Outside the classroom, RU offers a thriving campus life, outstanding NCAA Division I athletics, co-curricular programs and services for a diverse student body, and a beautiful campus located in the heart of the New River Valley. For more information, please visit Radford University does not discriminate with regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, national origin, religion or political affiliation in the administration of its educational programs, admissions or employment practices (rev. 6/02).


historically black colleges & universities ALABAMA


Alabama A&M Post Office Box 908 • Normal 35762 256-851-5245 Alabama State University • 915 S. Jackson St. • Montgomery36101 334-229-4291 Concordia College • 1804 Green St. • Selma 36701 334-874-5700 Miles College - Post Office Box 3800 • Birmingham 35208 205-929-1661 Oakwood College - 7000 Adventist Blvd. • Huntsville 35896 800-824-5312 Selma University Dinkins Hill • Selma 36701 205-872-2533 Stillman College • 3600 Stillman Blvd. • Tuscalusa 35403 800-841-5722 Talladega College • 627 W. Battle St. • Talladega 35160 256-761-6219 Tuskegee University • Old Administration Bldg. • Tuskegee 36088 334-727-8500

ARKANSAS Arkansas Baptist College 1600 Bishop St. • Little Rock 72202 501-374-7856 Philander Smith College • 812 W. 13th St. • Little Rock 72202 501-370-5221 University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff • 1200 N. University Dr., Mail Slot #4983 Little Rock 72202 • 501-370-5221

CALIFORNIA Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science www. • 1731 East 120th St. • Los Angeles 90059 • 323-563-4800

DELAWARE Delaware State College • 1200 N. Dupont Hwy. • Dover 19901 302-857-6353

Howard University • 2400 Sixth St., NW • Washington 20059 202-806-2700 University of the District of Columbia 4200 Connecticut Ave. NW • Washington, DC 20008 202-274-5000

FLORIDA Bethune-Cookman College 640 Mary McLeod Bethune Blvd. • Daytona Beach 32114 • 904-255-1401 Edward Waters College 1658 Kings Rd. • Jacksonville 32209 904-355-3030 Florida A&M University • Suite G-9 • Tallahassee 32307 850-599-3796 Florida Memorial College • 15800 NW 42nd Ave. • Miami 33054 800-822-1362

GEORGIA Albany State College • 504 College Dr. • Albany 31705 229-430-4650 Clark-Atlanta University • 223 James P. Brawley Dr. • Atlanta 30314 404-880-8000 Fort Valley State College • 1005 State University Dr. • Fort Valley 31030 912-825-6307 Morehouse College • 830 Westview Dr., SW • Atlanta 30314 404-215-2632 Morris Brown College • 643 Martin Luther King Dr., NW • Atlanta 30314 404-739-1560 Paine College • 1235 15th St.• Augusta 30901 800-476-7703 Savannah State University • 342 Bull St. • Savannah 31404 912-356-2181 Spelman College • 350 Spelman Lane • Atlanta 30314 800-982-2411

ILLINOIS Chicago State University • 9501 South Street King Dr. • Chicago 60628 229-430-4650


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historically black colleges & universities KENTUCKY Kentucky State University • 400 East Main Street • Franfort 40601 502-597-6813 Simmons University Bible College Louisville 40210 • 502-776-1443

LOUISIANA Dillard University • 2601 Gentilly Blvd. • New Orleans 70122 504-816-4670 Grambling State University • 100 Main Street • Grambling 71245 318-247-3811 Southern University and A&M College • Baton Rouge 70813 • 225-771-4500 Southern University at New Orleans • 6400 Press Dr. • New Orleans 70126 504-286-5000 Southern University at Shreveport • 3050 MLK, Jr. Drive • Shreveport 71107 800-458-1472 Xavier University • One Drexel Dr. • New Orleans 70125 504-483-7388

MARYLAND Bowie State University • 14000 Jericho Park Rd. • Bowie 20175 301-464-3000 Coppin State College • 2500 West North Avenue • Baltimore 21216 410-383-5990 Morgan State University • 1700 East Cold Spring Ln. • Baltimore 21239 800-332-6674 University of Maryland • Eastern Shore • Princess Ann, MD 21853 410-651-6410

MISSISSIPPI Alcorn State University - 1000 ASU Dr., #300 • Lorman 39096 601-877-6147 Jackson State University - 1400 J.R. Lynch St. • Jackson 39217 601-979-2100 Mary Holmes College Post Office Drawer 1257 • West Point 39773 601-494-6820

Mississippi Industrial College Holly Springs 38835 601-252-2440 Mississippi Valley State College - 14000 Highway 82 W • Itta Bena 38941 662-254-3344 Rust College - 150 Rust Avenue • Holly Springs 38635 662-252-8000 Sojourner Douglas College - 500 North Carolina St. • Tougaloo 39174 888-424-2566 Tougaloo College - 500 West Country Line Rd. • Tougaloo 39174 888-424-2566

MISSOURI Harris-Stowe State College - 3026 Lacieside Ave. • St. Louis 63103 314-340-3366 Lincoln University - 80 Chestnut • Jefferson City 65102 573-681-5022

NEW YORK City University of New York-City College Convent Ave. and 138th St. • New York 10031 212-650-6977 City University of New York-York College 94-20 Guy R Brewer Blvd. • Jamaica 11451 212-650-6977 Long Island University-Brooklyn • 720 Northern Blvd. • Brooklyn 11201 800-548-7526 Long Island University-C.W. Post • 720 Northern Blvd. • Brookville 11548 516-299-2900 Medgar Evers College • 1150 Carroll St. • Brooklyn 11225 718-270-6022

NORTH CAROLINA Barber-Scotia College • 145 Cabarrus Ave • Concord 28025 704-789-2901 Bennett College • 900 E.Washington St. • Greensboro 27420 336-370-8624


historically black colleges & universities Elizabeth City State University • 1704 Weeksville Rd. • Elizabeth City 27909 252-335-3305 Fayetteville State University • Newbold Station • Fayetteville 28301 910-486-1371 Johnson C. Smith University • 100 Beatties Ford Rd. • Charlotte 28216 704-378-1011 Livingstone College • 701 W. Monroe St. • Salisbury 28144 704-797-1000 North Carolina A&T University • 1601 East Market St. • Greensboro 27411 336-334-7946 North Carolina Central University • Fayetteville Street • Durham 27707 919-560-6298 Shaw University • 118 E. South Street • Raleigh 27601 919-546-8275 St. Augustine’s College • 1315 Oakwood Avenue • Raleigh 27611 919-828-4451 Winston-Salem State University • 601 MLK, Jr Drive • Winston-Salem 27110 336-750-2070

OHIO Central State University • 1400 Rush Row Rd. • Wilberforce 45384 937-376-6348 Wilberforce University • 1055 N. Bickett Rd. • Wilberforce 45384 800-376-8568

OKLAHOMA Langston University • P.O. Box 728 • Langston 73050 404-466-2231

PENNSYLVANIA Cheyney University of PA • Cheyney and Creek Roads • Cheyney 19319 610-399-2275 Lincoln University (PA) • Lincoln Hall • Lincoln University 19352 610-932-8300

SOUTH CAROLINA Allen University


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1530 Harden St. • Columbia 29204 803-254-4165 Benedict College • Harden & Blanding Street • Columbia 29204 803-253-5143 Claflin University • 700 College Ave., NE • Orangeburg 29115 803-535-5339 Morris College • 100 West College Street • Sumter 29150 803-934-3225 South Carolina State University • 300 College St., NE • Orangeburg 29117 800-260-5956 Voorhees College • P.O. Box 678 • Denmark 29042 803-703-7111

TENNESSEE Fisk University • 1000 17th Ave. N • Nashville 37203 615-329-8666 Knoxville College 901 College Street • Knoxville 37914 800-743-5669 Lane College • 545 Lane Avenue • Jackson 38301 901-424-4600 Lemoyne-Owen College • 807 Walker Ave. • Memphis 38126 800-737-7778 Meharry Medical College 1005 Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Blvd. • Nashville 38126 615-327-6486 Tennessee State University • 3500 John Merritt Blvd. • Nashville 37209 615-963-3101

TEXAS Concordia University at Austin • 3400 Interstate 35 N. • Austin 78705 512-486-1106 Huston-Tillotson College • 900 Chicon Street • Austin 78702 512-505-3000 Jarvis Christian College • P.O. Box 1470 • Hawkins 75765 903-769-5730

historically black colleges & universities Paul Quinn College • 3837 Simpson-Stewart Rd. • Dallas 75241 214-302-3648 Prairie View A&M University • P.O. Box 3089 • Prairie View 77446 936-857-2626 Texas College • 2404 North Grand Avenue • Tyler 75702 800-306-6299 Texas Southern University • 3100 Cleburne Street • Houston 77004 713-313-7420 Wiley College • www.wileyc.edu711 Wiley Avenue • Marshall 75670 903-927-3311

VIRGINIA Hampton University • Office of Admissions • Hampton 23668 757-727-5328 Norfolk State University • 700 Park Avenue • Norfolk 23504 757-823-8396 St. Paul’s College • 115 College Dr. • Lawrenceville 23868 434-848-3111 Virginia Seminary & College Lynchburg 24501 • 703-528-5276 Virginia State University • One Hayden Street • Petersburg 23806 804-524-5000 Virginia Union University • 1500 North Lombardy St. • Richmond 23220 804-257-5881

WEST VIRGINIA Bluefield State College • 219 Rock Street • Bluefield 24701 304-327-4065 West Virginia State College • P.O. Box 1000 Campus 187 • Institute 25112 304-766-9200

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS University of the Virgin Islands • 2 John Brewers Bay • St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands 00802 340-693-1150 • DIVERSITYBuilding

Deciding How

To Care For A Loved One


Deciding how to care for an ill or incapacitated parent or loved one can be difficult. For the thousands of people who find themselves in the situation of caring for their own children and aging parents at the same time, knowing the options available can make a big difference in stress levels. In many cases, a nursing home or assistant living is not the best, or least expensive, choice.

ome health care - where a trained aide or nurse visits the home and helps a patient with daily activities and medical care if required - has become a preferred option to placing a loved one in any type facility. Although many nursing facilities offer excellent care there is a stigma associated with being in an “Institution.” Also, studies show again and again that the elderly respond better when they are cared for in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Many families continue to care for dependent parents or spouse at home. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, approximately 25 percent of all workers in the U.S. provide care to a elderly parent or spouse. This, however, may become impractical when the caretaker works, has children of their own, or the parents suddenly require greater medical assistance than can be provided. Home health services have greatly expanded over the years. Patients can get assistance in running errands such as food shopping and picking up prescriptions, preparing meals, cleaning the house and getting a ride to the physician. Home health care can be full-time or part-time. Whether someone needs round the clock attention or an aide to visit for a few hours a day, help is available. Everyone’s situation is different and most home health agencies assign an experienced case manager, usually an assessment manager to visit the home, evaluate and assess the person’s needs and work with the client, family and home care staff to draft and implement a plan of care. More than ten million elderly Americans need help today with such basics as bathing and dressing, preparing meals and other activities of daily living. Many more need nursing attention and with the percentage of senior citizens expected to increase sharply by the year 2020, the demand for home health services is sure to grow.

Patient/Aide Home Care Owner/Operator: Margaret Clark Web Site: Phone: (757)515-2708 48

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Bring It to The Beach As the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier convention destination, our team is ready to work with you to host your multicultural meetings, conferences, conventions and trade shows at the new Virginia Beach Convention Center.

CONTACT: Al Hutchinson Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau 2101 Parks Avenue Suite 500 Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Phone: 757-385-6652 Fax: 757-437-4747

w w w. v b m e e t i n g s . c o m


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ayfour Inc., a family venture established by Glenn, Shirley, Christopher and Victoria James are the owners of The UPS Store(s) located in the Centerbrooke Shopping Center in Suffolk, and the corner of Tidewater Drive and Little Creek Rd. in Norfolk. The stores are authorized shippers for FedEx, DHL, UPS, and the United States Post Office. Today, The UPS Store is the world’s largest franchisor of retail shipping, postal and business service centers. Offering consumers and small businesses a wide range of products and services, including packaging, shipping, black and white copies, color copies, laminating and binding, mailbox rentals, postal services, moving and shipping boxes, fax sending and receiving and notary service. Glenn and his family came to Hampton Roads in 1991. He spent 30 years in the military, retiring in 2004. Looking for a career transition that would involve the entire family, they found that opportunity with The UPS Store franchise.


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helley Lawrence, President and CEO of Envision The Moment LLC., an event planning company, is located in Hampton, VA. A native of Hampton, VA, she is a graduate of Virginia State University with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a M.of Ed. in Guidance and Counseling. She is also a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned a Post-Masters Certificate in Administration and Supervision. She is currently attending Old Dominion University to pursue her Ed. S. in Administration and Supervision. She is a member of First Baptist Church of Hampton and an active member with the Newport News Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Her company was established in January 2009. She decided to become an event planner when she realized that the same creative strategies she used with her students over the years could be used with her adult clients. If you are looking for professional, distinctive service, call Shelley at (757) 725-2771 or visit the website at

Optima Family Care

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curtis Johnson

Clarence Joyner optima family care

optima family care

Sharon Cooper-Lewis

jesro nesbitt

optima family care

optima family care


Gum Disease Be On Guard! The mouth, as the gateway to the body, is constantly attacked by invaders – viruses, bacteria, parasites andfungi. Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection in the mouth that destroys the portion of the jawbone that holdsyour teeth in place. Periodontal disease not only robs you of your teeth, it can destroy your health as well. Bacteriafrom the gum tissue enters the bloodstream, and can destroy immune cells, as well as travel to organs in the body. If these cells or organs are compromised, damage or disease can occur to the body. “We found the mouth can be a major source of chronic or permanent release of toxic bacterial components in the bloodstream during normal oral functions,” said Dr. E.H. Rompen, who directed a recent study of periodontal disease. Unlike most diseases that give us early warning signs, gum disease progresses silently, often without pain. In fact,most people who have this disease do not even realize it unless their dentist diagnoses it. It may developslowly or progress quite rapidly. After the age of 35, three out of four people have gum disease. A multitude of bacteria are busy in our mouths, day and night, while we sleep. With gum disease, the best defense is a good offense. 52 Black Pages USa 2010

Gum Disease Contributes to Several Diseases An infection in the mouth can affect the overall health and have serious systemic (general body) effects. Like otherinfections, the bacterial cells that cause periodontal disease, or their toxic products, can enter the blood system and affect other organs. Several studies confirm that people with gum disease are at greater risk of various diseases affecting the entire body. Bacteria that causes gum disease has been shown to contribute to: • Heart disease/Heart attacks • Diabetes • A higher risk of delivering premature, lowbirth-weight infants • Infective endocarditis, a potentially fatal disease • Respiratory Disease. • A weakened immune system that can slow healing of wounds and reduce a person’s response to hepatitis B and flu vaccines. • Tooth loss

Many Diseases Can Be Detected Through Routine Oral Exams Dentists are now serving as disease detectives for their patients. Roger Smith, DDS states, “More than 120 disease signs and symptoms can now be detected through a routine oral exam. Regular dental checkups are more important than ever, not only for oral health but forgeneral well being.” Oral cancer is just one of many conditions that can be spotted through routine dental exams. As examples: Bad breath and bleeding gums are often indicators of Type 2 diabetes. 44 million Americans are at risk for osteoporosis; dental X-Rays may show the first stages of bone loss. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. A sore and painful jaw should send a warning signal to older people that a heart attack is possible. Gum disease is curable if caught early. It can be arrested and controlled even if it has advanced beyond the first stages. Dr. Robert Holt, a periodontist with the Florida Institute for Periodontics & Dental Implants, states, “In the past, periodontal (gum) disease was just considered a mouth infection. But it’s not just a mouth infection anymore. Researchers have discovered correlations between periodontal disease and chronic medical conditions. Now, more than ever, people have solid reasons for taking care of their teeth and gums.” Gum Disease Is the Second Most Common Disease, Behind the Common Cold American Dental Association Early Warning Signs of Gum Disease • Gums that bleed when you brush your teeth • Gums that are red, swollen or tender • Pus when gums are pressed • Permanent teeth that are loose • Change in the way your teeth fit together when biting • Any changes in fit of dentures • Persistent bad breath Any of these are symptoms of gum disease. Gum disease eats away the portion of the jawbone that supports your teeth. If you see any of these symptoms, contact us. Angela Lanier, D.D.S. (757) 488-3392


Who’s Who dentistry

Dr. Angela Lanier


TESTIMONIAL I wanted to take some time and write to you as to how well our advertising in the Black Pages Directory works. We’ve run ads in your directory for the past 5 years, and just renewed for a sixth. We have a 5-to-1 return on investment with Black Pages - meaning we’ve received $5 in revenue from each $1 spent on the ad. Obviously, this is a no-brainer decision for us to continue advertising with you. The directory is very well done, and far more esthetic than a typical yellow page directory. The articles and biographies of some of the advertisers is a very nice touch. I wish you continued success, and we intend to continue advertising in your directory for years to come. Joe Kerner Marketing Director for Dr. Angela Lanier


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How to save money when renting You just have to be knowledgeable about how the car rental industry works.

Call Your Local Company. Rather than working

with the 800-number for large car rental agencies, save money on your car rental by dealing with your local rental center. Dealing with a local representative face-to-face will almost always ensure that you are given the best deal.

Check the Web for Discounts. Web-only

discounts are becoming increasingly common with car rentals, and you might be able to save money by going through third-party sites like and These websites also allow you to shop with comparisons. Your auto insurance transfers over to a car rental, but you have low liability and high deductibles. In the event of an accident, you will face a double whammy. Besides having to potentially pay out of pocket for the vehicle damages of another party, you’ll also have to pay for a portion of the repair costs for the car rental. Unless you’re rich, you don’t want to be in this kind predicament. Your auto insurance transfers to cover a car rental, but you don’t carry collision or comprehensive. This means you won’t be covered at all in the event you slam into another object or someone decides to steal the rental. As a result, you’ll have to pay for everything out-ofpocket. The costs will be much higher than the fee you pay daily for the extra insurance.

What Rental Moving Truck Insurance Covers

Insurance will protect you and the vehicle if you should get into an accident. It may also protect your possessions from damage and theft. Contrary to popular belief, your regular car insurance cannot protect you while you are driving a moving truck rental. You can choose from two different common types of rental truck insurance. Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) will cover you if there is a claim made against you or the moving truck rental company by another party. In these cases someone else is making a claim for damages against you while you were driving the truck. The other major type of insurance is Limited Damage Waiver insurance (LDW). This form of insurance protects you from paying for any damages incurred on the rental truck, up to a certain amount. If you are concerned about your valuables, ask your rental company if they offer assessed value insurance. This form of insurance will help cover the cost of your items should they be damaged or stolen during your move. Assessed value insurance is a good idea if you are moving cross-country, but it probably isn’t necessary if your trip is short. Before you move, be sure to check your household or renter’s insurance policy. Your items may be covered by your other forms of insurance, so you won’t have to spend money on the rental insurance.


For your information LOCATION: The City of Chesapeake is part of Virginia’s Hampton Roads, America’s First Region, located at the midpoint of the U.S. Atlantic Coast, 3.5 hours south of Washington, DC.

Two-thirds of the U.S. population and industrial production are within 750 miles (1,200 km) of Chesapeake, one of the 100 largest cities in America, and one of its best locations for business investment and quality of life. Together with the neighboring cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News, Chesapeake makes up a dynamic MSA of more than 1.6 million people. 20 countries from 5 continents are represented in Chesapeake’s business community. WORKFORCE: As part of the Hampton Roads (Norfolk - Virginia Beach - Newport News) Metropolitan Statistical Area, Chesapeake is located within 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) of two-thirds of America’s population and industrial activity. Chesapeake embraces the global village concept, blending the best of America with the cosmopolitan influences of over 90 foreign-based companies from 19 different countries. QUALITY OF LIFE: Consistently ranked by the FBI as one of the five safest U.S. cities with populations over 200,000, Chesapeake is a family-oriented city with a pace that’s in keeping with dynamic global business community. Its location at the heart of Hampton Roads ensures that cultural and recreational opportunities to suit every taste abounds. Our quality school system employs more teachers with Masters Degrees than any other in Virginia The Chesapeake Conference Center, with one of the largest ballrooms in the Commonwealth of Virginia, offers the ideal setting for corporate and social events, whether for 10 or 2,000 guests. EDUCATION: Chesapeake and Hampton Roads, provides access to some of the best public and private education resources available. The Chesapeake City Public Schools Division is consistently ranked among the top in Virginia and the country. The highest concentration of higher education institutions are in Virginia and educate over 83,000 students each year. All of this helps make the regional labor force, which exceeds 800,000, one of the most welleducated and technologically advanced, in America. Through a unique program, Chesapeake students are guaranteed to employers. If a business hires a worker within five years of graduation from high school and the worker is unable to perform the work due to a deficiency in reading, writing or math skills, the school system will retrain the worker to company specifications no cost to the employer. BUSINESS SERVICES: Whether you’re interested in opening a new business in Chesapeake or you have an existing business looking to expand, the City’s Economic Development Department is committed to helping you succeed. Business Retention: We work closely with other city, regional and state agencies to ensure our business community has the resources necessary to prosper. PERMITTING: The Economic Development Department has a professional engineer on staff dedicated to working with businesses in creating a streamlined development process. Site Selection: We will work with you and your representative in identifying the right location for your business. Our database includes information on office, manufacturing and distribution buildings throughout the City, as well as land available for development.

INFORMATION RESOURCES: If you need demographic or marketing information, or assistance in creating a business plan, the Chesapeake Economic Development Department will help. If we don’t have the resource you need, we’ll point you in the right direction. Your business success translates to the City’s success.

Delicate Dry-cleaning

Dry-cleaning your delicate clothing should be considered in protecting your investment. To maximize the longevity of your fine apparel, steps should be taken to protect its fabrics, to include reading the label of the clothing before doing anything to the garment. The label gives details on how the garment should be cared for, providing specific instructions that should be followed. Otherwise, you could seriously damage the fabric or shaping of the garment. Being aware of your surroundings is also another way you can help in the care of your clothes. Always be cautious for spills and sharp objects that could do damage. When you are consciously aware of what you are doing it makes you more able to control little mishaps. Still, you can protect your garments in the event of a spill by getting the garment to the cleaner in a timely fashion. However, there are times when no matter what is done, even the “best” cleaners in town can only do but so much. In such situations, there are spots that cannot be removed or, with certain clothing, colors will bleed or fade, even if the labels are followed completely. Progressive shrinkage or relaxation can not be prevented. Also, worn or torn areas caused by wear, perspiration or damage caused by insects or liquid spills can often be problematic. Cleaners can’t prevent or correct holes caused by chemicals, nor can excessive shine on clothes caused by wear or extreme heat as well as repeated long term use of home ironing on the same garment be fixed by the dry-cleaner. Using any chemicals at home to get out stains can damage the fabrics, often irreversibly. For further information on how we can best care for your garment, please call or visit us at Carolina Cleaners Inc., 506 E. Washington Street, Suffolk, Virginia, 23434, 757-934-2760.


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Every day businesses and individuals just like you choose That’s because we understand that you can have low prices and quick turnaround times, but without quality your projects won’t make an impact. We are continually investing in products and processes that enhance your experience.

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how do YOU spell color?

2008 Annual Report for the City of Suffolk, Virginia, Department of Economic Development

Northgate will

ProLogis to develop 83 acres at Northgate.

offer an excellent location to our future customers [because of] its proximity to I-664, nearby port facilities and the growing Hampton Roads area.

Richard Strader ProLogis

Senior Vice President and Regional Director of the Southeast Region


enver-based ProLogis (PLD: NYSE), a leading global provider of distribution facilities, has purchased 83 acres with rights to an additional 42 acres at Northgate Commerce Park, including 14 acres from the Suffolk Economic Development Authority. The company will develop up to seven multitenant, state-of-the-art distribution facilities, which will be built in accordance with U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system which recognizes performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. “Northgate will offer an excellent location to our future customers [because of] its proximity to I-664, nearby port facilities and the growing Hampton Roads area,” said Richard Strader, ProLogis senior vice president and regional director of the southeast region.

2.1 million square feet of “green”

distribution space

City of Suffolk Department of Economic Development 757-514-4040

Phase One: Over 600,00 square feet. At full build-out, the properties will total as much as 2.1 million square feet. Construction is now under way on Phase One, which includes the construction of two buildings – one comprising 489,500 square feet and the other, 154,000 square feet. “We are glad to welcome ProLogis to Suffolk. This exciting new development will make industrial space available for many new companies in our city,” said Mayor Linda T. Johnson. “The location of these buildings, close to Interstate 664, will attract many different types of regional operations.”

500-acre master-planned development. Northgate Commerce Park is a master-planned regional commerce park with Virginia Enterprise Zone designation for new and expanding businesses. Design criteria for the park provides a professional and attractive setting for office as well as light and heavy industrial uses. At full development, Northgate Commerce Park will encompass approximately 500 acres.

Envision The Moment LLC., would like to offer you a few suggestions to make your planning experience easy and enjoyable. Here are some tips you should consider: -Allow time to plan an event. Planning is the most crucial and time-consuming aspect for any type of event. The earlier you start, the more likely you are to secure your preferred venue on a particular date and develop a successful event. -Budget! Have dollar figures in mind when you plan. You should be able to build a budget based on your event plan. If money is tight, seek donations or co-sponsorship. -Reserve a room based on the number of attendees you realistically expect and best fulfills the purpose of the event. You don’t want to crowd your guests and you want to accommodate all the activities during your event. -Ordering equipment and determining a room’s furniture placement will be simplified if you plan in advance how you want the room to look and discuss it with the planners. Include what elements you feel are necessary such as food tables, staging, podiums, sound equipment, etc. Ideas and tips for inexpensive centerpieces or room decorations: • Spring, summer, fall, or winter themes are inexpensive (use seasonal food and flowers, find things outdoors that represent the season) • Simple and plain are usually most elegant • Rent extra plants for a large or plain room • Make sure guest table centerpieces are either very low, or extra tall and somewhat see-through so your guests can talk • Purchase items you can re-use many times, as opposed to poster board and glitter • Try white or colored strung lights (like Christmas tree lights) instead of candles • White is usually less expensive than color when dealing with linens, so use white with judicious use of colored accents


Senator Yvonne B. Miller 2010 Committee and Commission Appointments

Senate Standing Committees and Subcommittees 1. Transportation, Chair 2.

Finance a. Subcommittee on General Government/Technology, Chair b. Subcommittee on Health & Human Services c. Subcommittee on Education d. Subcommittee on Tramsportation

3. Rehabilitation & Social Services 4. Commerce & Labor a. Subcommittee on Financial Institutions & Insurance, Chair 5. Rules Joint Legislative Studies Hampton Roads Transportation Network Legislative Commissions Virginia Commission on Youth, Chair Council on Virginia’s Future Disability Commission Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability Virginia Workforce Council Virginia-North Carolina High Speed Rail Compact Commission Intergovernmental Cooperation National Commissions, Boards, Etc. NBCSL – National Black Conference of State Legislators CSG Public Safety and Justice Task Force NCSL Human Services and Welfare Committee NCSL Transportation Committee SLC Human Services and Public Safety Advisory Councils Assistive Technology Advisory Council Family Impact Council

Defense Base Act


any Defense Base Act workers are exposed to significant noise while overseas, not only from artillery, but also from industrial noises such as bulldozers, cranes and other military equipment. Hearing loss suffered due to this noise exposure while overseas is compensable to Defense Act employees through the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Under the Defense Base Act, you must produce an audiogram which measures your hearing loss and an accompanying report explaining the loss. The audiogram must be administered by an Ear, Nose & Throat physician or an audiologist. The hearing test must be performed at the 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 hertz levels in both your left and right ears. A claim must be filed with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs within one year of the date that you were provided with a copy of the audiogram and told that you have a noise induced hearing loss. Please note that the entire hearing loss does not have to be caused by noise while overseas. Noise while overseas need only to play a part in the overall hearing loss. If it does play a part in the overall hearing loss, you may be entitled to “tax” free cash payments depending upon the percentage of loss that is suffered, and to medical treatment, including hearing aids, for life. If you would like our assistance in pursuing a hearing loss claim on your behalf, please submit to us a copy of your audiogram and accompanying report with your name, address, telephone number and a detailed work history.



Identity Theft

We live in an information-oriented society. Technology allows us to do business and make transactions literally in a matter of seconds. This abundance of information has given rise to a new crime - identity theft. In fact, according to a 2003 release from the Federal Trade Commission, approximately 27 million Americans have fallen prey to identity thieves since 1999. Each year that number climbs higher and higher. In 2003 alone, almost 10 million people in the United States reported being victimized by identity bandits.

So what does that mean? Someone has stolen your credit card – your credit card company can help you with that, right? Well, according to the FTC, almost 60% of identity theft issues don’t pertain to your existing credit card accounts. Identity theft can occur as a result of new lines of credit being opened in your name either through credit cards or bank loans, as well as phone/utility fraud and even employment related fraud. Because we are susceptible through so many avenues in our daily life, we are all at risk. What can you do? Where would you turn if you found yourself in this situation? Would you know where to start to clear your name? Well, now you don’t have to worry about what to do as we have the answer. As you already know, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is a pioneer of the legal services industry. With more than 30 years of experience in providing legal rights protection to our members, we have now teamed with Kroll., the world’s largest risk consulting company. For more than 30 years, Kroll has helped companies, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to risk and capitalize on business opportunities. Kroll is an operating unit of Marsh Inc., the risk and insurance services subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., the global professional services firm. With offices in more than 60 cities in the United States and abroad, Kroll can operate and restructure businesses; scrutinize accounting practices and financial documents; gather and filter electronic evidence for attorneys; recover lost or damaged data from comput¬ers and servers; conduct


Black Pages USa 2010

in-depth investigations; screen domestic and foreign-born job candidates; protect individuals, and enhance security systems and procedures. Over the last three years, Kroll has developed a unique solution for victims of identity theft. This new service is now available to Pre-Paid Legal members through the IDENTITY THEFT SHIELD benefit. What does this benefit provide our members? The Identity Theft Shield gives you easy access to the resources you need to understand your credit ratings and to fight back if an identity thief threatens your financial standing. This benefit is designed to alert you to suspicious account activity, and to restore any resulting damage to your credit history. 1. Credit Report Through Experian Make sure your financial records are accurate. Your credit standing is one of your most important financial assets. It not only affects your ability to get credit, it often dictates the interest rate at which you can borrow. It can also affect your ability to purchase insurance or to find employment. Some insurance companies and prospective employers use your credit rating to gauge your sense of responsibility. Experts recommend you review your credit report regularly. The Identity Theft Shield makes it easy. Members are en¬titled to an up-to-date credit report from Experian at no additional charge. Personal Credit Score and Analysis from Experian Know your credit score . . . and how it affects your ability to borrow. Your credit score is derived from the information in your credit report. This score is used by lenders to determine your creditworthiness. The higher the number, the better your chance of being approved for the credit you want. A detailed analysis of your Personal Credit Score will be included with your Credit Report. You can use this analysis to evaluate your current credit standing. 2. Continuous Credit Monitoring Through Experian Learn of suspicious activity before your credit is ruined. A professional thief can assume your identity in just a few hours. But it can take years for you to repair your credit standing. Early detection is key to minimizing the damage caused by thieves who steal you name.

With your Identity Theft Shield membership, your credit files will be monitored through Experian daily. Suspicious activity will be brought to your attention, providing you with early detection. You’ll receive prompt notice if any new accounts are opened in your name . . . or if negative notations are added to your credit report. 3. Fraud Restoration Service Get personal assistance and advice from experts. Any discrepancy in your credit report should be addressed at once. Call our Customer Service Department at the designated Identity Theft Shield number and explain your concerns. If it is identity theft, our fraud investigators will assist you every step of the way. A Fraud Restoration package with complete and detailed materials, aids, and instructions will be rushed to you. If you sign a Limited Power of Attorney, you will be entitled to Enhanced Restoration Services. Kroll will work with you to determine the extent of the fraud in your credit and regarding your identity. On your behalf, Kroll will issue fraud alerts to the three major credit repositories, the Federal Trade Commission, the Social Security Administration, and the United States Postal Service. Kroll will work with the bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies to restore your credit accuracy with regard to your identity theft issues. If necessary and reasonable, Kroll will work with law enforcement, the department of motor vehicles, and other organizations to resolve your identity theft issues. If you decline the Limited Power of Attorney, you will receive Basic Consulting Services. Kroll will work with you to determine the extent of the fraud in your credit and regarding your identity. Kroll will provide you with contact information and procedures for the organizations you will need to work with. Kroll will provide sample letters and forms and be available to you through a tollfree phone number for assistance and advice throughout the process of restoring your identity. Now, it is important to understand any identity theft that occurred prior to the membership enrollment or any situations relating to a business identity are not covered. Identity Restoration will not apply if the identity theft is the result of a dishonest, criminal, malicious, or fraudulent act you, your spouse, or child participated in, directed, or had knowledge of. Restoration services will not be

provided for a preexisting, known stolen identity event. You must be an active, paid member to receive restoration services. Plan benefits do not cover financial losses arising from the identity theft. Did you know, that on average, $1,200 in out-of-pocket expenses to clear their names? With Pre-Paid Legal’s IDENTITY THEFT SHIELD, the cost of combating identity theft is much less. For just $12.95 a month [$9.95 along with the Pre-Paid Legal membership], IDENTITY THEFT SHIELD members have the added security of knowing they have someone to fight the battle for them. And the best thing is, this monthly fee provides benefits to you, the member, and your spouse. Reports on identity theft are everywhere - television, newspapers, magazines, talk shows, etc. Now that you know this benefit is available, doesn’t it make sense to have this sort of coverage? Imagine the peace of mind you would have knowing you and your spouse would have access to all of these services if you found yourself to be an identity theft statistic? Contact, JEFF BATES, Independent Associate, to sign up for your Identity Theft membership by calling 757-679-6390. Don’t wait until it is too late - do it today! For a full list of disclosures and exclusions, please consult the Identity Theft Shield written material provided by PrePaid Legal.


Radford University

Founded in 1910 by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Radford University (RU) is a comprehensive, coeducational institution providing a wide range of academic, cultural, public service and research programs. With approximately 9,200 students including over 1,000 graduate students, RU distinguishes itself through its commitment to the learning experience. As a premier teaching and learning university, RU is student centered and focused on providing outstanding academic programs. Well known for its strong faculty/student bonds, innovative use of technology in the learning environment and vibrant student life on a beautiful campus, the university offers many opportunities for student involvement and success both in and out of the classroom. Highlighted by the US News and World Report as a Top 20 Public Master’s University in the South and named a 2009 “Best College in the Southeast” by Princeton Review, the University offers 106 program options through its six undergraduate colleges: Business and Economics, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, Science and Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Human Services, and Education and Human Development. In addition, there are more than 30 programs of study at the masters, specialist, and doctoral levels in the College of Graduate and Extended Education. Outside the classroom, RU offers a thriving campus life, outstanding NCAA Division I athletics, and a wide variety of co-curricular programs and events for a diverse student body with over 200 active student organizations, including NPHC organizations, NAACP, Men of Standards and Women of Power and Purpose. Philanthropy is also a major aspect of student life, and Radford University has recently been named to the national President’s Higher Education Honor Roll for Community Service. The primary service project that gained the University this recognition is the over 2000 hours of work done on the historic Mountain View Cemetery where former slaves and members of the local black community were buried from 1865 to 1965. Overlooking the historic New River in the City of Radford, RU provides a stimulating yet tranquil setting in the New River Valley of Virginia. Located conveniently to Interstate 81, Radford is within easy driving distance of several metropolitan areas. In addition, the university community has supported the development of a cultural atmosphere that rivals that of many major urban universities.

Today RU is boldly advancing new programs to prepare graduates to succeed in a rapidly changing technological environment. High-tech centers can be found throughout the disciplines. RU believes in the dynamics of change and has a strong commitment to continuous review, evaluation and improvement in the curriculum and all aspects of the university. RU recently dedicated the $27.5 million Douglas and Beatrice Covington Center for Visual and Performing Arts. As the fifth president of Radford University, Dr. Covington was the first African American president of a predominantly white institution of higher education in Virginia. Current president, Penelope W. Kyle is leading the University through many significant changes including the planning for new buildings to house the College of Business and Economics and the College of Science and Technology. Planning for the new student wellness and fitness center is well underway, as are plans for other state-of-the-art living and learning facilities. 70TheBlack Pages USa 2010is located at current website


One of the Office of Human Affairs (OHA) newest endeavors is the Employment Services Program. This program was made possible through President Obama’s Stimulus Package or ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) funding. There are three components to this program: the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), the After-School/Out-of School Program (ASOSP) and the Adult Training Program. The first component, the Summer Youth Employment Program was designed for youth between the ages of 16-21 who meet the eligibility requirements of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) to gain employment in non-profit and faith-based organizations. The SYEP, which began on August 5, 2009 with an Orientation and ran through August 29, 2009; provided 65 teenagers and young adults with actual paid work

experiences in supervised job settings throughout Newport News and Hampton, Virginia. Before being placed at a worksite, the young people had to participate

in an Orientation Session where they were given invaluable information on topics including Life Skills, What You Should and Shouldn’t Do on the Job Site (Work Etiquette), Accountability, Responsibility, Resume Writing and Budgeting; to name a few. They had the opportunity to listen to multiple guest speakers which included various members from throughout the community as well as OHA staff members. Some of those speakers were: Councilwoman Tina Vick, Saundra Polk from the Office on Children Youth and Families, Terri Francis and Teunsha Diggs from the Office of Human Affairs and Sheriff Gabe Morgan. Sheriff Morgan brought a surprise guest who emphasized to the youth the importance of the lessons that had been discussed in their Orientation Session. This special guest was Officer Petri HawkinsByrd, Judge Judy’s reliable Bailiff.

were achieved through training and counseling sessions that were conducted over the course of the program. SYEP work site placement partners included several departments in the

Office of Human Affairs, the C. Waldo Scott Center for HOPE, Six House, the Menchville House, the Office on Children, Youth and Families (now the Partnership for Youth), Carver Memorial Church, several Boys and Girls Club sites and the Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

During the duration of the SYEP, participants not only received work experience, but also life skills that helped to prepare them for future employment and endeavors. These experiences



.E.L.P, Inc (Helping, Empowering, Liberating People) is an outreach ministry of Garrett Opportunity and Development Program, Inc (G.O.D.P.), designed to be uniquely positioned to have a significant impact by engaging in public dialogue and joining coalitions that support social justice. A not-for-profit faith-based initiative that will connect with the community by offering a multiplicity of services, this initiative, a vision of our leader Bishop Johnnie L. Reid is committed to serving by meeting spiritual, social, economic, basic, emotional and social needs. We are our brother’s keeper and as such we will provide ways to get involved with helping to meet the challenges that impact our local community. H.E.L.P., Inc offers several services including various groups (i.e. anger management, domestic violence, substance abuse, parenting‌) to the community. The nature of the group is to create a safe environment in which the participants will become involved with addressing issues and concerns by exploring new behaviors and responses in a social context. The groups tend to contain elements that enable a 72 Black Pages USa 2010

simulation of family and community experiences. In this context, a member can address issues of family of origin and break through past barriers in order to find release from old ways of being which originated in the family. Societal and cultural discourses can also be addressed and promote how members of the group can respond to the community in a different way. The government has vowed to assist and educate new and existing faith-based and community initiatives through the Office of FaithBased and Community Initiatives (OFBCI). In welfare and social policy, the Federal Government will play a new role as supporter, enabler, catalyst and collaborator with faithbased and community organizations. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives have been established to make Federal programs more friendly to faith-based and community solutions and to make federal funding more accessible. In recent years, policymakers have begun looking to churches, synagogues, mosques, and other faith-based organizations to play a greater role in strengthening communities.

If the government ascertains a need to link, partner and network then our aim as a local church is to position ourselves to be able to initiate healing and much needed services. Our goal is to be the conduit for CHANGE – to be the 21st Century organization that transforms one life at a time. This can only be done not by sponsoring projects independently but rather seeking collaborations that will establish and foster growth and development in our community. The mission of G.O.D.P., Inc and H.E.L.P, Inc. is to restore hope, provide opportunities and services, connect with community leaders and organizations and advocate for the disenfranchised. To put it plainly, we want to transform the lives of prostitutes, gang leaders and participants, drug users and abusers, victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse as well as those persons who are facing challenging times in a changing economy. Our philosophy of ministry includes commitment to neighborhood and community-based services and we intend to develop and provide services within the community as long as there are unmet needs requiring creative intervention and response. The activities and services of Garrett Opportunity and Development Program, Inc are available to all residents of the communities in which it serves without regard for income, race, color, national origin, religion or handicap of the participants.

The main objective as related to community service is to:

1. Promote active participation in existing community service project undertaken by the church. 2. Present a physical presence of the church serving the various needs of the community in a non-church environment. 3. Work cooperatively with existing community service groups. 4. Design specific community service projects:

Union Mission Women’s and Family Shelter We have partnered with the Union Mission Ministries to implement a Job Readiness Success 2010 initiative that will aide the shelter residents in being equipped

to secure employment, helping them to restore their families and lives. Girl Scout and Boy Scouts: We have partnered with Girl Scout of America and the Boy Scout to offer the inner city, high risk youth the opportunity to be exposed to the arts and cultures… Each One Teach One: This program will connect with local volunteers and educational institutions in providing a venue where children are able to receive academic tutoring and instruction, aiding them in successfully completing SOL testing administered in public schools. Mentoring: This initiative will allow the professionals from a diverse background to shape the lives of young men who are at risk and those who are not at risk. Norfolk Theological Seminary and College: Through ACI Accreditation the school offers Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees. The schools mission is to provide biblical, theological and academic education that will aid growth in spiritual transformation. Chesterfield Heights Civic League: H.E.L.P., Inc is within the framework of The Virginia Faith-Based and Community Initiative (FBCI) that serves as a gateway for community and faith-based organizations interested in collaboration with government to address community needs. We want to be able to answer the question asked by the fearless leader MLK – “What are you doing for others?” What can we do is another question. How can we assist the mother with 10 children who lack the basic resources needed on a day-to-day basis? How can we rescue a woman who allows her low self-esteem to keep her in a relationship whose ultimate fate could be death? Change is inevitable – growth is optional. We choose to embrace the inevitable. Bishop Johnnie L. Reid, Founder & Executive Director Dr. Deborah Brown, Director of Administration Della Hendon, Program Director Patricia Ellison-Weaver, Chief Financial Officer For more information, you may contact Della Hendon at (757) 343-0088. 73

Churches Bank Street Memorial Baptist 7036 Chesapeake Blvd. • Norfolk • 757-857-0197

First Baptist East End - 649 30th St. • Newport News • 757-380-5327

Bethel Baptist 1647 Briarfield Road • Hampton • 757-826-7710

First Church of Newport News Baptist 2300 Wickham Ave. • Newport News • 757-244-5530

Grove Baptist Church 5910 West Norfolk Road • Portsmouth • 757-484-4149

Trinity Baptist 2900 Chestnut Ave. • Newport News • 757-247-1603

Joyner Road Church of God 31 Joyner Road • Hampton • 757-826-4661

Joy Church of God In Christ 821 28th St. • Newport News • 757-244-5788

New Bethel Cathedral COGIC 56 Harris Creek Rd. • Hampton • 757-850-3649

Abundant Love Restoration of the Living Word 615 Chestnut Ave. • Newport News • 757-244-5683

New Mt. Olive Baptist Church 66 Big Bethel Road • Hampton • 757-838-7729

First Baptist of Jefferson Park 615 42nd St. • Newport News • 757-380-0274

New West End Baptist 2413 Shell Road • Hampton • 757-722-6236

Ivy Baptist 50 Maple Ave • Newport News • 757-244-8165

Peninsula Baptist BMA of America 24 Mary Ann Drive • Hampton • 757-827-9016

St. Matthew Reform AME 1002 Hampton Ave • Newport News • 757-380-6501

Riverview Baptist 667 Hannah St. • Hampton • 757-244-5828

St. Paul AME 2500 Chestnut Ave. • Newport News • 757-245-1594

Sixth Mt. Zion Baptist Temple 2003 Kecoughtan Road • Hampton • 757-244-5027

United Bibleway Temple 1612 Ivy Ave. • Newport News • 757-244-0760

St. James United Methodist 1533 W. Queen Street • Hampton • 757-826-7375

United House of Prayer for All People 1811 Ivy Ave. • Newport News • 757-247-9726

Third Baptist 1214 Victoria Blvd. • Hampton • 757-247-3212

Denbigh Assembly of God 128 Deal Drive • Newport News • 757-886-1546

First United Baptist Church 6400 Roanoke Avenue • Newport News • 757-245-8517

Gethsemane Baptist 3509 Chestnut Ave. • Newport News • 757-244-8833

Second Baptist Church East End 3307 Chestnut Avenue • Newport News • 757-245-6248

First Assembly of God 7010 Ave. • Newport News • 757-826-4449

Union Baptist Church 361 Maple Avenue • Newport News • 757-244-4267

Living Word Tabernacle 55 Tide Mill Lane • Hampton • 757-826-9501

Peninsula Baptist Association 863 Cloverleaf Lane • Newport News • 757-596-4587

Antioch Baptist 2819 Roanoke Ave. • Newport News • 757-244-8874

Wesley Grove United Church of Christ 2308 Roanoke Avenue • Newport News • 757-247-0434

New Emmanuel Baptist 521 North Ave. • Newport News • 757-595-2159

Calvary Seventh-Day Adventist 1200 17th St. • Newport News • 757-244-0913 Miracle Temple Mission 7330 Warwick Blvd. • Newport News • 757-244-3540

Fountain Baptist 2200 Bay Ave. • Hampton • 757-247-3705


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Churches Galilee Baptist 850 28th St. • Newport News • 757-244-2547

NORTHEASTERN, North Carolina

Little Zion Baptist 1824 West Queen St. • Hampton • 757-838-0363

Alligator Route 2, Box 34313 • Columbia

Macedonia Baptist 201 Pear Ave. • Newport News • 757-245-3935

Antioch 1458 North Side Road • Elizabeth City

Mt. Calvary Baptist 1129 33rd St. • Newport News • 757-244-9818

Bagley Chapel 332 Kings St. • Hertford

Mt. Rone Baptist 1134 25th St. • Newport News • 757-247-1593

Bailard’s Grove Route 1, Box 139 • Eure

Providence Baptist 1331 30th St. • Newport News • 757-247-1183

Blanchard’s Grove P.O. Box 21 • Hobbsville

Shalom Baptist 111 24th St. • Newport News • 757-245-2447

Calvary 1027 Hunter St. • Elizabeth City

New Grafton Baptist 4401 Chestnut Ave. • Newport News • 757-245-2209

Cedar Branch Fran Mar Trailer Park • Elizabeth City

Rhema Christian Center 1700 27th St. • Newport News • 757-245-2209

Center Hill P.O. Box 6I1 • Edenton

Tabernacle Baptist 1113 25th St. • Newport News • 757-245-0836

Chapel Hill Route 2, Box 23-B • Poplar Branch

Abyssinia Baptist 3001 Wickham Ave. • Newport News • 757-244-0607

Christian Hoke P.O. Box 67 • Moyock

Greater Walter AME Zion 656 28th St. • Newport News • 757-247-5475

Corinth Route 1, Box 85 • Jarvisburg

Mt. Calvary FBH Church of God 4901 Madison Ave. • Newport News • 757-247-9805

Cornerstone P.O. Box 1667 • Elizabeth City

Faith Temple Church of God In Christ 252 W. Queen St. • Hampton • 757-722-1560

Ellis Temple P.O Box 132 • Winfall

Second Baptist 617 32nd St. • Newport News • 757-244-6188

First Baptist Gates Route 2, Box 305 • Gates

Zion Baptist Church 633 20th St. • Newport News • 757-380-1885

First Baptist, Hertford Route 2, Box 217 • Hertford

First Free Will Baptist 6148 Jefferson Ave. • Newport News • 757-826-7233

First Baptist, Roduco P.O. Box 32 • Roduco


First Zion Grove 513 Madison St. • Plymouth


Churches Galatia Route 3, Box 672 • Hertford

New Piney Grove Route 1, Box 37 • Gates

Galilee 817 Park St. • Elizabeth City

New Providence Route 2, Box 289-B Moyock

Greater Welch’s Chapel P.O. Box 1035 • Edenton Haven Creek Route 1, Box 1842 • Manteo Jerusalem Route 1, Box 106 • Columbia Joppa Route 1, Box 160 • Hobbsville Lamb’s Grove Route 1, Box 2191 • Elizabeth City Lebanon Grove Route l, Box 153 • Gates Melton Grove P.O. Box 277 • Winfall Memorial P.O. Box 2191 • Elizabeth City Mt. Carmel Route 5 • Elizabeth City Mt. Delane P.O. Box 130 • Roper Mt. Pleasant Route 1, Box 312 • Columbia New Bethel Route 2, Box 426 • Edenton New Chapel 315 W. 4th St. • Plymouth New Haven Route 1, Box 345 • Hertford New Hope Route 2, Box 232 • Gatesville New Middle Swamp Route 1, Box 88 • Gates


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New Ramoth Gilead 610 Ray St. Elizabeth City New Salem Route 4, Box 529 Elizabeth City New Sawyer’s Creek Route 3, Box 142 Camden New Shiloh P.O. Box 78 Shiloh Olive Branch 500 Bonner Drive Elizabeth City Palmyra Route 3, Box 622 Elizabeth City Philadelphia Route 2, Box 11 Shiloh Pleasant Branch Box 57 Powell’s Point Pleasant Grove 611 E. 6th St. Washington Poole’s Grove Route 4, Box 975 Hertford Providence 128 E. Carteret St. Edenton Riddick Grove Route 1 Belvidere

Churches Ryan’s Grove Route 3, Box 42-A Edenton

Warren Grove Route 3, Box 260 Edenton

Salem Missionary Columbia

Weeping Mary P.O. Box 1 Jamesville

Samuel Chapel Route 6, Box 153 Elizabeth City Saunders Grove 1305 Lincoln St. Elizabeth City Stoney Branch Route 2, Box 317 • Gates St. James 425 Hariot Dr. Elizabeth City St. John, Creswell P.O. Box 164 Creswell St. John, Columbia Route 2, Box 373 Columbia St. John, Edenton Route 2, Box 174 Edenton St. Paul Route 1, Box 57 Belhaven St. Riddick P.O. Box 244 St. Stephen 701 Cypress St. Elizabeth City Union Branch Route 1, Box 44-B Chesapeake Union Chapel P.O. Box 1192 Elizabeth City

White Oak Chapel Route 1, Box l23-B Edenton Zion Tabernacle Route 1, Box 81-A Sunbury

IN THE SUFFOLK AREA Antioch UCC Church 900 Hull St. • (757)-539-0667 East End Baptist 523 E. Washington St. • (757)-539-3324 Faith Temple Apostolic 476 Wellons St. • (757)-934-2735 First Baptist Church Orlando 505 Eola Ave • (757)-539-0032 First Baptist 112 W. Mahan St. • (757)-539-6623 Gethsemane Baptist 1656 Copland Road • (757)-539-5894 Greater Sweet Beulah Holiness 137 Maple St. • (757)-539-9535 Healing Chapel Baptist 1242 Exchange Road • (757)-934-0527 Lakeview Baptist 635 Brook Ave. • (757)-934-1047 Little Mt. Zion Baptist 3288 Pruden Blvd. • (757)-539-1991 Macedonia AME 127 Pine St. • (757)-539-4502 Metropolitan Baptist 125 County St. • (757)-539-2696


Churches Mt. Joy Church of God In Christ 307 County St. • (757)-539-2931

Missouri Baptist 2020 Lake Cohoon Road • (757) 934-1176

Oak Grove Baptist 2635 E. Washington St. • (757)-539-8012

Palm Tree Baptist 8165 Whaleyville Blvd. • (757)-986-4303

Paul’s Temple Holiness 720 Hosier Road • (757)-539-8336

Tabernacle Baptist 3621 Nansemond Parkway • (757)-538-9017

Piney Grove Baptist 4901 Deer Path Road • (757)-934-0745

Laurel Hill United Church 8001 South Quay Road • (757)-657-6234

Pleasant Grove Baptist Pineview and Bulter Drive • (757)-986-3648

Rose of Sharon UHC 2440 Nansemond Parkway • (757)-538-2217

Pleasant Union Baptist 215 Webb St. • (757)-539-0367

Yahweh’s Ministry 461 Smith Street • (757)-488-7043

Rising St. James PHC 201 N. 6th St. • (757)-539-7026

Zion United Church of Christ 5200 Quaker Drive • (757)-934-0223

Sixth Street Baptist 322 Goodman St. • (757)-539-7087


St. Paul’s Baptist 806 Lincoln Ave. • (757)-539-9692 St. Paul’s RZUA 613 Spruce St. • (757)-539-9822 Tabernacle Baptist 3621 Nansemond Parkway • (757)-538-9017 Tabernacle Christian United Church of Christ 1401 E. Washington St. • (757)-539-7257 Galatians United Christian 2320 Manning Road • (757)-934-0897

Blessed Sacrament 170 Painter St. • (757)-423-0305 Christ the King 1803 Columbia Ave • (757)-622-1120 Holy Trinity 155 W. Government Ave. • (757)-480-3433 New Mt. Zion AME Church 113 Seekle Street • (757)-423-3283 Our Lady of Lavang 1806 Ashland Ave • (757)-622-5345

Bethlehem Christian Church (United) 312 Bute Street • (757)-539-1167

Pentecostal Church of Deliverance Martin Luther King Center 355 Campostella Road • (757)-548-2365

St. Mary’s Church of God in Christ 3637 Nansemond Parkway • (757)-538-0155

Sacred Heart 520 Graydon Ave • (757)-625-6763

Eaton’s Temple Holiness 185 S. Main St. • (757)-539-1649

Second Calvary Baptist Church 2940 Corprew Ave. • (757)-627-8462

Church of the Solid Rock of the Apostolic Faith 735 Brook Ave. • (757)-539-2314

St. John’s African Methodist Church 545 E. Bute Street • (757)-625-2713

Mineral Springs Baptist 4849 Mineral Spring Road • (757)-986-3994

St. Pius X 7800 Halprin Drive • (757)-583-0291


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Churches The Basilica of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception 1000 Holt St. • (757)-622-4467

Calvary Evangelical Baptist 205 Gust Lane • (757)-485-3658

Union Chapel AME Church 1200 St. Julian Avenue • (757)-625-6484

Celestial Baptist 1439 Mt. Vernon Ave • (757)-399-8516


Centennial Baptist 1910 Atlanta Ave • (757)-397-9638

Centerville Chapel 1116 Fentress Road • (757)-482-2997 Church of St. Therese 4137 Portsmouth Blvd. • (757)-488-2553 Gordon Chapel 1164 Battlefield Blvd. • (757)-482-3775 Greater Bethel 2320 Cedar Road • (757)-487-4018 Lee’s Chapel 1097 Bells Mill Road • (757)-547-5045 New Mt. Olive 916 Middle Avenue • (757)-545-5795 Prince of Peace 621 Cedar Road • (757)-547-0356 Rehoboth 406 Shell Road • (757)-486-1379 St. Luke 241 St. Luke Church Road • (757)-547-1404 St. Mary 536 Homestead Road • (757)-488-2663

IN THE PORTSMOUTH AREA Emanuel AME 637 North Street • (757)-393-2259 Holy Angels 34 Alton Parkway • (757)-485-2142 Church of the Resurrection 3501 Cedar Lane • (757)-484-7335 St. Paul 516 High St. • (757)-397-7066 Brighton Rock AME Zion 1300 Centre Ave • (757)-393-0570

Christian Antioch Church of God In Christ 2200 Palmer Street • (757)-399-1099 Church of God and True Holiness 2129 Chestnut Street • (757)-399-8394 Copeland Holiness Chapel 2604 Ash Street • (757)-393-1907 Ebenezer Baptist 728 Effingham Street • (757)-393-1662 Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal 637 North Street • (757)-393-2259 Fairwood Agape 3709 Elliott Avenue • (757)-397-8911 Faith Evangelical 1800 Elm Avenue • (757)-397-6551 Faith Fellowship Community 706 Broad Street • (757)-487-2096 First Baptist 1025 Elm Ave • (757)-399-6566 First Baptist Church South Portsmouth 1445 Centere Ave • (757)-397-3948 First Baptist Church Taylorsville 2720 Turnpike Road • (757)-399-673O First Church of Deliverance 1824 Deep Creek Blvd. • (757)-397-7716 Fourth Baptist Church 726 South Street • (757)-397-3536 Grove Baptist Church 5910 W. Norfolk Road • (757)-484-4149 Guiding Light Apostolic Church of Christ 115 Cavalier Blvd. • (757)-399-2420


Churches Holy Light Church of Deliverance 1918 Lincoln Street • (757)-399-9543

New Mt. Olive Baptist 1000 County Street • (757)-399-3890

Holy Trinity 3611 Thorne Ave • (757)-399-7886

New Mt. Vernon Baptist 3555 Victory Blvd. • (757)-487-1940

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 15 Park Manor Road • (757)-488-2215

New Testament Baptist Church 403 Rapidan Street • (757)-487-1070

Macedonia Church of God in Christ 1800 Azalea Ave • (757)-397-4398

Noble Street Baptist 100 Noble Street • (757)-399-1889

Martin Luther King Jr. United Methodist Church 1701 Elm Ave • (757)-393-1944

Olive Branch Baptist 2603 Airline Blvd. • (757)-488-2270

Morning Star Missionary Baptist 2111 High Street • (757)-397-4960

Prince of Peace Pentecostal Holiness 1543 Summit Ave • (757)-399-0291

Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist 901 Thomas Circle • (757)-399-2656

Providence African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1141 Mt. Vernon Ave • (757)-393-1146

Mt. Carmel Baptist 3310 Deep Creek Blvd. • (757)-399-8646

St. James Church of God in Christ 1625 Chestnut Street • (757)-399-8757

Mt. Hermon Baptist 2901 London Blvd. • (757)-393-9295

St. James Episcopal 928 Effingham Street • (757)-399-9118

Mt. Nebo RZUA Church 2515 High Street • (757)-397-3613

St. John Baptist 2200 Effingham Street • (757)-399-3737

Mt. Olive Church of Christ Holiness 1610 County Street • (757)-399-0386

St. Mark Church of Deliverance 3801 Turnpike Road • (757)-399-8373

Mt. Sinai Reform Zion Union Apostolic 2716 Moton Street • (757)-399-9075

St. Mark Missionary Baptist 2710 Columbus Ave • (757)-399-7182

New Beginnings Christian Center 5900 Arthur Ave • (757)-636-8008

St. Paul Holiness 1500 Elm Ave. • (757)-399-8096

New Berean Baptist 3600 Bamboo Road • (757)-483-4821

St. Paul’s African Methodist Episcopal 2400 Chestnut Street • (757)-399-4375

New Bethel Baptist 4212 Greenwood Drive • (757)-465-3241

St. Thomas Baptist 2700 Elm Ave. • (757)-399-6995

New Community Church of God in Christ 3615 Tyre Neck Road • (757)-484-8903

Third Baptist 461 Godwin Street • (757)-393-9312

New Hope Church of God Holiness 2500 Peach Street • (757)-393-2801

Tidewater Bibleway Temple 508-510 High Street

New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ 300 Phillips Ave • (757-397-1659

Trinity Apostolic Faith 1305 Piedmont Ave


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Churches True Vine Pentecostal Holiness 1048 Queen Street • (757)-399-9509

St. Matthew 3314 Sandra Lane • (757)-420-6310

Twine Memorial United Holy Temple 1419 County Street • (757)-399-0349

St. Nicholas 712 Little Neck Road • (757)-340-7231

Williams Temple Christian Antioch 2215 Chestnut Street

Star of the Sea 1404 Pacific Avenue • (757)-428-8547

Zion Baptist 527 Green Street • (757)-397-1671 Zion Bethel United Church of Christ 1617 Des Moines Ave • (757)-397-5418

IN THE VIRGINIA BEACH AREA Campbell Chapel 3225 Indian River Road • (757)-721-3987 Church of the Ascension 4653 Princess Anne Road • (757)-495-1885 Church of the Holy Apostles, Anglican/Roman Catholic Congregation of Tidewater 1596 Lynnhaven Parkway • (757)-427-0963 Greater St. Andrews African Methodist Episcopal Church 3008 McDonald Road • (757)-420-4209 Mt. Zion 2268 Princess Anne Road • (757)-427-1218 New Light Full Gospel Baptist Church 5549 Indian River Road • (757)-420-2397 New St. John 5425 Rock Creek Lane • (757)-427-1218 The Living Word Ministry 5045 Admiral Wright Road • (757)-499-9092 St. John the Apostle 800 Los Coanes Way • (757)-426-2180 St. Luke 2304 Salem Road • (757)-427-5776 St. Mark 1505 Kempersville Road • (757)-479-1010 St. Mark African Methodist Church 1740 Potters Road • (757)-428-7310



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Profile of achievement Journey of Faith “GOD Continues To Bless As We Walk By Faith” David Rhodes and Margaret Bush of Vision Development Agency are humbled to be the only African-American owned DIRECTV Franchise. “Our credit and financial statements did not warrant this opportunity, but God made a way,” says Rhodes. David and Margaret have eleven children and eight grandchildren. “We are pleased to provide not only a great service, but also to help others realize their dreams and financial aspirations,” says Bush. While waiting on the 6-month application process, Rhodes and Bush decided to move forward through adversity. They signed a five-year lease agreement on November 19, 2009 and set out to build their sales team. “It was really tough to recruit a door-to-door team during the winter months and the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. For the most part it was just the 2 of us” says Bush. They knocked on doors through winter in Michigan while sacrificing their home to live in the 3,000 sq ft office for 3 ½ months to develop their vision. They stepped out on faith believing that God would make a way; moved most of their living room furniture into the waiting area and one couch in the back office that they slept on. They stored food in the car during the winter months and lived off of .88¢ microwave dinners and sometimes ate as guests at a local senior citizens center where one of their customers worked. Rhodes and Bush refused to give up. Rhodes would clean the snow off their cars and move them around the parking lot giving the illusion to the other tenants and potential recruits that they were not living out of their office. But eventually they came to realize that it was really nothing to be ashamed of, that it was actually something to hold their head up high about. “We were going to do whatever it took to build our business, failure was not an option! We started telling potential sales personnel about our story because we wanted to hire people with the same type of work ethic that we had,” explains Margaret. “It was then that our team started to grow”. During the same time frame, David coached his youngest son’s basketball team, at the YMCA, which was also where they took showers. After waiting six months, owners received notification from DIRECTV February 19, 2010 that their application was approved. Vision Development is now one of DIRECTV’s top 5 Dealers, leading a team of sales professionals that support both residential and commercial customers across the country. They continue to close daily sales meetings with prayer giving thanks and asking for prosperity to serve His people. David, having over 20-years experience in the entertainment and telecommunications industry, and Margaret over 10-years combined experience in the advertising, marketing, and telecommunications, are well suited and dedicated to providing quality-focused customer service nationally. “It is our vision to open other offices throughout the United States while Grand Rapids continues to be our corporate headquarters”, explains Rhodes. “Our aim is to help folks become business owners within our organization without franchise fees and start up cost. We are looking for professional minded folks who are able to manage and train others to sell DIRECTV in other states”. There is GOOD TV, BETTER TV, and then there is DIRECTV



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Join the growing number of individuals interested in the fight to win the “War on Poverty”

We take considerable pride in our reputation for developing and administering programs that help our community’s disadvantaged and low-income population OHA Components: x x x x x

Children’s Services Community Services Head Start & Early Head Start Housing Services Peninsula Community Development Corporation (PCDC)

Office of Human Affairs, Inc.

Call (757) 247-0379 or visit


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COX Bundle



Using Cox Communications at home and at work saves you time and money. And you get the added condence that you have a local resource to help you make the most of your budget and your time.


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Jenel Smith State Farm Agent


State Farm Agency Recruiting 1-800-727-0255


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Black Pages VA  

Black Pages USA impowers and minority community. Offering a business directory and information on black issues.

Black Pages VA  

Black Pages USA impowers and minority community. Offering a business directory and information on black issues.