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Sweetly Positioned‌ for value conscious businesses.


Big Agency

Industry expert hired to identify problems and suggest solutions. Typically, do not actually implement creative campaign.

Staffed with strategists, creatives and account managers and typically deliver great creative results but, expensive with entire teams billing hours to your projects.

Great Results + Lower Costs = Real Value

Cumbersome and slower with multiple layers of decision-making and management. Best for the largest branding projects and campaigns

Freelancer Typically, less experienced at brand strategy and business problem solving. Typically need more supervision and direction. Tend to be single disciplined: design or writer. Best used for tactical projects.

CREATED TO FILL THAT SWEET SPOT CALLED VALUE. Somewhere between cheap & inexperienced and good—but expensive, is the sweet spot known as VALUE. We like to think it’s something that most folks appreciate and it’s the foundation of our business model. For many businesses, thinking small just makes sense. And while BBSD may not be ideal for every situation, we think you’ll find us a great fit for most.

Today’s businesses want it all. Quality. Quick turnarounds. Brand leadership and business problem-solving skills. And they want it all at a price. Barthelmes Brand, Strategy and Design (BBSD) is a branding micro-agency with expertise in brand development, brand support and all areas of creative campaign development and strategic design. By helping businesses understand the emotional connection that consumers have with powerful brands—we help them present their brand in the best way to help shape a better brand experience for their customers. Typical projects include brand and identity development, integrated marketing campaign development and business collateral system design and production. Notable clients served includes: PNC Bank, Express, Marquee Club Group, ABB, KPMG, Continental Office, Park National Bank, RG Berry (Dearfoams), Lilly, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Roche, Holophane and Flowtronex International.

Brand Managers‌

accomplish more by thinking small.

BBSD got up-tospeed-quickly to assist our in-house team during a big push. And they’ve been even more effective developing campaigns and redesigning our collateral system.

BBSD WAS CREATED TO HELP OVERWORKED BRAND MANAGERS AND MARKETING DIRECTORS HAVE JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER DAY. BBSD knows that the one thing that every marketing professional is short of is time. And so, when you need additional help, the last thing you have time for is explaining process, fixing errors and baby-sitting. Hiring experience makes all the difference. One less headache equals a little bit better day.

Concepts for PNC Bank/in-store campaign. Design, illustration, copy-writing: BBSD.

PNC Business Banking Collateral system. Design, production and project management: BBSD.

Brand Strategy and Development ⠎ Creative Direction ⠎ Strategic Design ⠎ Advertising ⠎ Project Management

Visit BARTHELMESBRAND.COM for additional creative samples.

Event posters and banners for PNC Bank /Arts Alive program. Illustration BBSD.


Small Business Owners‌ compete better by thinking small.

BBSD is my marketing department-ina-can. They help me create marketing budgets, lead strategic meetings and develop all of our creative. And because they are small businessminded, we’re always on the same page.

BBSD DELIVERS ALL OF THE BRAND LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE AND CREATIVE FIREPOWER THAT SMALL BUSINESSES NEED TO COMPETE…AND WIN. Lower costs, faster turn-times and fewer layers than larger agencies. Plus, the strategic thinking, experienced project management and brand development skills that a freelance designer just can’t bring to the game— BBSD helps “level the playing field” for small businesses.

Branding campaign for Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club. Concept, design and copy writing: BBSD.

Website for Novel Connection. Concept, design, illustration and copy: BBSD.

Brand Strategy and Development ⠎ Creative Direction ⠎ Strategic Design ⠎ Advertising ⠎ Project Management

Visit BARTHELMESBRAND.COM for additional creative samples.

Collateral system for Overload Fitness. Design and production: BBSD.


Anyone Managing Budgets… receives greater value by thinking small.

It makes my job a lot easier when our agency’s invoices match the original estimate—and if there are any questions or adjustments needed, I speak directly with the owner and sort it out in a few minutes.

GREAT RESULTS AT A GOOD PRICE—THAT’S OUR POSITION. If results and cost matter, take a look at BBSD. When you need a full-sized agency—use them. But when you have smaller campaigns or projects—it just makes sense to pay only for the services you need. BBSD is a highly skilled and experienced micro-agency. We deliver big agency results at freelancer budgets.

Branding campaign for Scioto Reserve Country Club. Concept, design and copy: BBSD.

PNC Bank P.O.P. campaign. Concept, design and illustration: BBSD.

Branding, identity and marketing campaign for Aqua Resort and Spa. Concept, naming, design, copy and illustration: BBSD.

Brand Strategy and Development ⠎ Creative Direction ⠎ Strategic Design ⠎ Advertising ⠎ Project Management

Visit BARTHELMESBRAND.COM for additional creative samples.


Small, Nimble, Collaborative‌ BBSD helps solve business problems.

I hope you like the samples and my point of view. Thanks for your time. I look forward to working with you and I’ll work hard to make your job easier. Chip Barthelmes

IT’S A GREAT TIME TO THINK SMALL. We begin every project the same way. Stop, listen, and see things from the clients perspective. We see our primary role as problem solvers. Communicate your message to your audience in the most efficient manner possible. Lower costs, faster turn-times and fewer layers than larger agencies. Plus, the strategic thinking experience, project management and brand development skills that freelancers can’t bring to the game— BBSD helps businesses manage workflow and budgets.

Founder and creative director, Chip Barthelmes has applied his client-side thinking and consumer-centric design & visual story telling to dynamic communication solutions for 25 years.

The BBSD approach is disciplined, strategic and visually arresting. And by helping our clients leave their comfort zone for ideas and solutions that will cut through the noise—we deliver results.

“Success goes far beyond designing a nice logo or brochure—finding a way to connect with the right audience—to capture their attention—and to speak in a voice that they will understand, embrace—and act upon—should be the goal.”

Chip founded BBSD in 2009, knowing the time was right for a creative business model that was nimble, collaborative and small—yet highly experienced—a branding agency that could solve business problems for clients and deliver “big agency” results at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional agencies.

No one wants to be sold to, but consumers do need information and want to be presented with goods and services that have relevance to their lives. Brands that reach out to the appropriate audience in an authentic way— and with deference to consumers’ busy lives— will thrive.” A solid understanding of a brand’s market and customers, creates a foundation for creative that hits the mark and delivers results.

Visit BARTHELMESBRAND.COM for additional creative samples.

a branding and design micro agency

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Think Small 2014  

Capabilities brochure for Barthelmes Brand, Strategy and Design: a branding and design micro agency.

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