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Thank you to our Trustee, Ms. Alexis Thomas, and Thomas Associates Inc. for spending countless hours designing and updating our new and improved website. The Thomas Associates team – Mr. Bill Smith, Mr. Chris Barr, Mr. Chris Bailey, Ms. Mae Thomas, and Mr. Ryan Kelly are MCUF’s “Web Team Extraordinaire.” The new website is now up and running. We MCU President, Major General Donald R. Gardner, USMC (Ret), addresses attendees at the Russell Leadership Conference.

think you will agree that Thomas Associates has done a magnificent job! Please view the results at

“We Change Lives and Save Lives!”

Marine Corps University Foundation Trustees Chairman General Carl E. Mundy Jr., USMC (Ret) Vice Chairman Mr. Guy P. Wyser-Pratte President and Chief Executive Officer BGen Thomas V. Draude, USMC (Ret) Secretary and Chief Operating Officer LtCol John R. Hales, USMC (Ret) Treasurer Mr. William J. Scott General Counsel BGen Francis E. Quinlan, USMCR (Ret) Mr. B. P. Adams Ms. Kim T. Adamson Mr. David L. Carder LtGen George R. Christmas, USMC (Ret) MajGen Jerome G. Cooper, USMCR (Ret) Mr. Patrick J. Finneran, Jr. LtGen Wallace C. Gregson Jr., USMC (Ret) MajGen William C. Groeniger III, USMCR (Ret) Mr. Bruce H. Hooper Mr. Donald R. Knauss Mr. Robert A. Lutz Mr. Christopher G. Oprison MajGen Leslie M. Palm, USMC (Ret) Mr. Durwood W. “Skip” Ringo, Jr. MajGen Michael D. Ryan, USMC (Ret) MajGen John J. Salesses, USMCR (Ret) Mr. Jason A. Santamaria Mrs. Thomas A. Saunders, III Ms. Alexis F. Thomas BGen George H. Walls Jr., USMC (Ret) Mr. Frederick L. Webber Founding Chairman The Honorable Anthony D. Marshall Trustees Emeriti General Robert H. Barrow, USMC (Ret) Chairman Emeritus Col G. F. Robert Hanke, USMCR (Ret) Vice Chairman Emeritus LtGen Anthony Lukeman, USMC (Ret) Vice Chairman Emeritus Honorary Trustee Col Charles J. Goode Jr., USMC (Ret) Director of Business Operations Ms. T. J. Walding Director of Special Events Ms. Patricia T. Monroe Director of Program Support Ms. Sherda K. Schmid Secretary/Receptionist Ms. Sherri L. Deditch Administrative Coordinator Ms. Carla H. Edmisten


P. O. Box 122 • Quantico, VA 22134-0122 Phone: (703) 640-6835 • Fax: (703) 640-6177

Thomas V. Draude

Summer 2008 Dear Friends of the Foundation, Summer has reached Quantico! For those alumni of Officer Candidate School and/or The Basic School, no further comment is necessary, especially regarding weather. For the rest, “Dog Days of Summer” means it’s too hot to work like a dog! First, I want to thank our Trustee, Alexis Thomas, and all the folks at Thomas Associates who have worked so hard to create our amazing new website. You may tour the results at: Our Development Committee continues to hum as it engages more opportunities to raise funds and inform others about MCUF. In the latter regard, in July and August we co-sponsored three events at the Marine Memorial Club in San Francisco. Our upcoming events include: • Semper Fidelis Golf Classic - September 22nd Laurel Hill Golf Club, Lorton, Virginia • Major General John H. Russell Leadership Award Luncheon - October 22nd The Union League Club, New York City • Thomas Associates’ Fundraiser - September 30th The Globe and Laurel Restaurant, Stafford, Virginia (Honoring the veterans of 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines who fought in Vietnam and at Dai Do) This is our “University Issue,” and you’ll find much to admire about the success of Major General Gardner and his fine staff at the Marine Corps University (MCU). It was another great year and I’m proud of MCUF’s part. We touched each school and each student in ways we can’t begin to imagine. I had the privilege of teaching an elective at Command and Staff College and served as a senior mentor during its end of year exercise, “Nine Innings.” I also joined the School of Advanced Warfighting students in Vietnam. (My report on my Vietnam visit will be published in November’s Naval Institute, Proceedings. There are photos of the trip on pages 12-13 in this newsletter.) In May, our Chief Operating Officer, John Hales, accompanied the Marine Corps War College students on their annual trip to New York City. The MCU graduation was a great event complete with many colorful uniforms of the International Officers. General Robert Magnus, the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, was the guest speaker and noted the presence of youthful observers - the babies and toddlers who wanted to be heard! As he stated, their voices represent the future. Of the 197 Command and Staff College graduates, a record 164 received the optional Master of Military Studies Degree. My thanks to those who approved my plea in the last newsletter for help in updating the Foundation’s computer system and underwriting the Foundation News! Foundation Trustee, Bob Lutz, linked us up with the General Motor’s Information Office to receive the new server and computers we sought. And, Trustee, David Carder, asked his friend and former Marine, Anthony F. Serra of Birmingham, Alabama, to help. Mr. Serra and his wife, Mary Margaret, generously agreed to underwrite our newsletter for a year. I hope that your summer has plenty of rest and relaxation for you to charge your batteries for the year. Please know how grateful we are for your support and encouragement. Semper Fidelis,

Thomas V. Draude Brigadier General, USMC (Ret) President and Chief Executive Officer

M a r i n e C o r p s U n i v e r s i t y F o u n d at i o n , I n c . Supporting Active Duty Marines Since 1980

We thank Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Serra of Birmingham, Alabama, for their generous underwriting of the Foundation News for one year. They are Semper Fidelis!

From the Desk of the University President... The University had a highly successful year:

• The Marine Corps War College (MCWAR) recognized Lieutenant

Major General Donald R. Gardner, USMC (Ret) President Marine Corps University

Success in today’s operational environment demands a thorough understanding of not only the art and science of warfare, but the subtleties of cultural difference and their implications. Marine Corps University (MCU) understands this need and has evolved to become the premier institute for instruction in both arenas. With the outstanding support provided by the Marine Corps University Foundation (MCUF), MCU continues to fulfill its mission of educating students that can make critical decisions on an increasingly dynamic and complex battlefield. On behalf of MCU’s faculty, staff, and students, I want to thank MCUF for their continued, generous support of our Marines and Marine Corps Professional Military Education (PME). They have supported us in numerous ways to include the highly successful and educational Erskine Lecture Series. This year we were privileged to have the Deputy Director of the CIA, Stephen Kappes, speak at the fall Erskine Lecture, and Iraqi Ambassador Hamid Al-Bayati as the speaker at the spring lecture. Both were extremely informative and timely.

Colonel Darrin Denny, USMC and Lieutenant Colonel Harold R. Van Opdorp, USMC for Academic Excellence. • The Command and Staff College (CSC) concluded a successful year with an outstanding final exercise, Nine Innings, which combined intellectual rigor with a realistic living scenario. Additionally, the CSC added Chinese and Korean to its Cultural Language Program. The CSC awarded Major Jonathan P. Dunne, USMC, The Nihart Award for his paper, “Transformation of the Marine Corps Artillery in Support of the 2015 Expeditionary Force.” Lieutenant Commander Anthony L. Russell, USCG, received The Dean’s Writing Award for his paper, “Carpe Diem; Seizing the Opportunity in the Arctic with a Comprehensive U.S. Arctic Strategy.” The Streusand-Cooper Award winner was Major Randolph G. Pugh, USMC, for his paper, “The Communist Party of the Philippines: Mixed Messages or Turning Over a New Leaf?” • The Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) conducted an end of the year exercise that integrated the Marine Corps Planning Process, employed all Command and Control Systems, and reinforced Marine Corps Doctrine. • The School of Marine Air Ground Task Force Logistics (SOML) increased the academic rigor of all courses and SOML’s credibility in the field of logistics education throughout the Department of Defense. Students in the Tactical Logistics Officers’ Course, the Advanced Logistics Officers’ Course, and the Marine Corps Logistics Education Program received college credits from the American Council on Education. • The Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) Division is rewriting the course work for EPME, which will further assist the Operating Forces in cultivating tactically sound and technically proficient NCOs. • The outstanding personnel and facilities at the Gray Research Center continue to attract high caliber historians, researchers, and writers. • The Marine Corps University’s History Division marked the University’s 19th anniversary with a Marine Corps University Press Launch Ceremony commemorating the new publishing arm of the Marine Corps University’s History Division. Following a brief presentation, Major General Donald Gardner and Dr. Charles Neimeyer presented the Commandant with a copy of, “Among the People: U.S. Marines in Iraq,” the first publication of the Marine Corps University Press. The new Academic Year promises to be a very challenging and fulfilling one. MCU, with MCUF’s assistance, remains fully committed to providing the best possible educational experience for all of our students. We are determined to continue to assess the skills and knowledge required to maintain our position as the preeminent fighting force in the world and to pass that information to our officers and enlisted Marines.

Qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellumn. He who wishes for peace prepares for war.


Marine Corps University Leadership The mission of the Marine Corps University is to develop, deliver, and evaluate professional military education and training through resident and distance education programs that prepare leaders to meet the challenges of the national security environment. And, to preserve, promote, and display the history and heritage of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award three Master’s Degrees. Major General Donald R. Gardner, USMC (Ret)


Colonel Paul J. O’Leary, USMC

Chief of Staff

Dr. Jerre W. Wilson

Vice President, Academic Affairs

Colonel Darrell A. Browning, USMC (Ret)

Vice President, Student Affairs and Business Operations

Dr. Kurt A. Sanftleben

Vice President, Instructional and Research Support Director, General Alfred M. Gray Research Center Archives and Libraries (GRC)

Sergeant Major Richard A. Hawkins, USMC

Sergeant Major

School Directors


Colonel Michael F. Belcher, USMC

Director, Marine Corps War College (MCWAR)

Lieutenant Colonel J. Alex Vohr, USMC

Director, School of Advanced Warfighting (SAW)

Colonel Raymond C. Damm, Jr., USMC

Director, Command and Staff College (CSC)

Colonel Herman S. Clardy III, USMC

Director, Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS)

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey L. Manning, USMC

Director, School of Marine Air Ground Task Force Logistics (SOML)

Lieutenant Colonel James J. Minick, USMC

Director, Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME)

• Sergeant Major Ramona D. Cook, USMC

Director, Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) at Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan

• Sergeant Major Phillip A. Fascetti, USMC

Director, Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) at Camp Pendleton, California

• Sergeant Major R. D. James, USMC

Director, Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

• Master Sergeant Scott R. Peterson, USMC

Director, Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) at Twentynine Palms, California

• Sergeant Major Anthony L. Swann, USMC

Director, Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) at Quantico, Virginia

• First Sergeant James Vealey, USMC

Director, Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

MCUF Marine Corps University Program Support Academic Year 2007 – 2008 Program Support for Academic Year 2007– 2008 totaled almost $1 million! Marine Corps University Foundation (MCUF) supports Marine Corps University’s (MCU) 15,000 students, ranging in rank from Corporal to General Officer, by providing resources that enhance and enrich Marine Corps professional military education and leadership. These students benefit greatly from the augmented learning opportunities that MCUF provides by preparing them to successfully carry out their future Marine Corps missions and responsibilities. Thanks to our donors, the Marine Corps University Foundation provided the Marine Corps University the following funding: $690,000 — Marine Corps University Headquarters: •6 Academic Chairs •Lejeune Leadership Institute •Leadership Communication Skills Center •Interactive Media Instruction •2 Erskine Lectures •Marine Corps University Journal $82,000 — Command and Staff College

Major Jon Werijon from the Indonesian Navy visits the United Nations in New York City along with the rest of Command and Staff College’s International Military Students.

$73,000 — Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academies (6) $29,000 — Expeditionary Warfare School $21,000 — Marine Corps War College $14,000 — School of Advanced Warfighting $12,000 — General Alfred M. Gray Research Center Archives and Libraries $3,000 — School of Marine Air Ground Task Force Logistics

Dr. Paolo Tripodi, MCU Donald Bren Chair of Ethics and Leadership, teaches an ethics class to College of Continuing Education students in Okinawa, Japan.

M C U F Supp o rt S • Academic Chairs • Battlefield Studies Worldwide • Leadership Communication Skills Center • Visiting Scholars and Subject Matter Experts • Conferences and Symposia • Faculty Development and Student Research • Archival Preservation and Acquisition • Interactive Media Instruction

Gunnery Sergeants from the Advanced Course at the Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy at Marine Corps Base Camp Butler, Okinawa, study the island’s battlefields.


2008 Awards

The Dr. Elihu Rose Award for Teaching Excellence

Dr. Edward C. O’Dowd, professor at the Marine Corps War College, is the Marine Corps University (MCU) recipient of the 2008 Dr. Elihu Rose Award for Teaching Excellence. The award recognizes outstanding teaching during an academic year at MCU, to include the colleges, schools, and academies throughout the Corps. Each school nominates a teacher who is the epitome of an instructor and a board selects the recipient of the MCU Rose Award from those nominees.

2008 Rose Award Recipients Dr. Edward C. O’Dowd - Marine Corps University Dr. Donald F. Bittner - Command and Staff College Major Clint J. Nussberger, USMC - Expeditionary Warfare School Gunnery Sergeant Curtis A. Rice, USMC - Enlisted Professional Military Education, Staff Noncommissioned Officers Academy (Okinawa, Japan) Lieutenant Colonel John W. Sondermann, USMC (Ret) - College of Continuing Education

The Colonel F. Brooke Nihart Award Major Jonathan P. Dunne, USMC, was awarded the 2008 Colonel F. Brooke Nihart Award for his paper, “Transformation of Marine Corps Artillery in Support of the 2015 Expeditionary Force.” The award is presented annually to a Command and Staff College student for superior research and analysis in developing the outstanding paper presented in the Master of Military Studies Program.

Dean’s Writing Award

Major General Richard Tryon, USMC, Commanding General of Marine Corps Recruiting Command, presents the International Officer Award to Lieutenant Commander Asok Rao, Indian Navy.

Lieutenant Commander Anthony L. Russell, USCG, was the recipient of the 2008 Dean’s Writing Award for his paper, “Carpe Diem: Seizing the Opportunity in the Arctic with a Comprehensive U.S. Arctic Strategy.” The award is presented annually to the Command and Staff College student whose master’s paper on an instrument of national power, other than the military, is judged best.

Streusand-Cooper Award Major Randolph G. Pugh, USMC, was the recipient of the 2008 Streusand-Cooper Award for his paper, “The Communist Party of the Philippines: Mixed Messages or Turning Over a New Leaf?” The award is presented annually for the best paper addressing information operations or information as an instrument of national power.

International Military Officer Award Lieutenant Commander Asok Rao, Indian Navy, was the recipient of the 2008 International Military Officer Award at the Expeditionary Warfare School.

MCUF Funded Academic Chairs: Academic Year 2008–2009 Kim T. Adamson Chair of Insurgency and Terrorism - Dr. Mark A. Moyar General Robert H. Barrow Distinguished Chair of Military Studies - Brigadier General Thomas V. Draude, USMC (Ret) Donald Bren Chair of Ethics and Leadership - Dr. Paolo G. Tripodi Donald Bren Chair of Innovation and Transformation - Lieutenant General Paul K. Van Riper, USMC (Ret) Major General Matthew C. Horner Chair of Military Theory - Dr. Matthew D. Hughes Brigadier General H. L. Oppenheimer Chair of Warfighting Strategy - Vacant Guy P. Wyser-Pratte Chair of French Studies - Mr. Remy Mauduit


Meet Our Trustees Our Foundation’s accomplishments are due in large part to the dedicated and untiring support of our Trustees – both past and present. They are the distinguished men and women who do the work of our Foundation. These Trustees are successful in their chosen professions and take enormous pride in supporting professional military education and leadership programs that instill in today’s Marines the enduring qualities to which they attribute their success.

M r . bruce h. hooper Trustee, Mr. Bruce Hooper, joined the Board in 1987 and served as the Foundation’s President from 1994-1997. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in 1952, and subsequently served in the United States Marine Corps as a Naval Aviator until 1957. He was in the active Marine Reserve at the Naval Air Station Willow Grove, reaching the rank of Major, and served as the Executive Officer of VMF-218. Mr. Hooper is a retired businessman. He was the Director and Vice President of Sales and Marketing of IOT Corporation and of Interstate Oil Transport Company, a private group of familyowned companies engaged primarily in waterborne commerce. Mr. Hooper is the Vice President of the Thornton D. and Elizabeth S. Hooper Foundation. He also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Foreign Policy Institute of Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Hooper reside in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

robert a . lutz Trustee, Mr. Robert A. Lutz, joined the Board in 1995. He was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and became a U.S. citizen in 1943. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree from the University of California-Berkley and served on active duty in the Marine Corps from 1954 to 1959. He flew with the 4th MAW until 1965, logging more than 1,300 hours and attained the rank of Captain. Mr. Lutz currently serves as Vice Chairman of Global Product Development at General Motors Corporation. His automotive career started in 1963 at General Motors where he held a variety of senior positons in Europe. He has also served as the Chairman and CEO of Exide Technologies, and had distinguished careers with the Chrysler Corporation and the Ford Motor Company. He is the author of Guts: The Seven Laws of Business that Made Chrysler the World’s Hottest Car Company. Mr. and Mrs. Lutz reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Mr. donald r. knauss Trustee, Mr. Donald R. Knauss, is a native of Highland, Indiana, and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University. He served in the Marine Corps as an artillery officer, attaining the rank of Captain. Mr. Knauss is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Clorox Company. Prior to joining Clorox, he spent 12 years with The Coca-Cola Company as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Minute Maid Company, and President and Chief Operating Officer of Coca-Cola North America. Mr. Knauss has served on the Board of Trustees since 2002. For the past four years, he has served as the Dinner Chairman for the Semper Fidelis Award Dinner. Under his leadership, Coca-Cola North America was the Semper Fidelis Award Dinner Sponsor in 2005 and 2006, and The Clorox Company sponsored the Dinner in 2007 and 2008. Mr. and Mrs. Knauss reside in Berkley, California.

Mr . durwood w. “skip” ringo, Jr. Trustee, Mr. “Skip” Ringo, Jr., joined the Board in 2007. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and holds a B.S. from The Citadel, an M.E. from the University of Florida, and an M.A. from the College of Naval Warfare. He also completed the Kennedy School of Government’s Program for Senior Executives in National and International Security at Harvard University. Mr. Ringo served in the Marine Corps as an aviator and retired as a Colonel. He is a graduate of the Naval Test Pilot School and the Naval War College. Mr. Ringo currently serves as the Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Washington Operations, at DRS Technologies. After his Marine Corps retirement, he joined the Professional Staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee and then served as Government Programs Executive for the General Electric Company where he managed tactical programs for GE Aircraft Engines. Mr. and Mrs. Ringo reside in Reston, Virginia.


2008 Russell Leadership Conference Article by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Parkyn, USMC

The 2008 Russell Leadership Conference marked the first occasion of this event in seven years. First conducted in 1981, the Conference is named for the 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Major General John Henry Russell, Jr. General Russell’s long service to the country included repeated tours of duty in locations around the globe, and a unique trend of service as a trainer and educator of Marines. Notable among these periods of duty was his early service as the instructor of one of the Corps’ earliest schools for Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs). The 2008 Russell Leadership Conference resulted from recommendations of the Commandant’s 2007 Values and Ethics Working Group held at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. Bringing Corporals and Sergeants from every part of the Corps to Quantico, the Conference’s advertised capacity was two hundred participants. Enthusiastic response among NCOs and their leaders, however, caused attendance to swell beyond two hundred and thirty. Previous Russell Conferences employed groups of senior Officers and senior Staff Noncommissioned Officers to address leadership issues that impacted NCOs. The 2008 Russell Leadership Conference is the first-ever conference in which NCOs were not represented by proxy. Accordingly, the 2008 Russell Leadership Conference adopted a theme recently articulated by the Commandant of the Marine Corps: NCOs Will Win This War. Major General Donald Gardner delivers closing remarks.

Their respective Sergeants Major carefully selected the participants of the 2008 Russell Leadership Conference. Prior to their arrival at the Conference, participants completed the same Values and Ethics Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James Conway Survey administered by the John A. Lejeune Leadership Institute (LLI) to over 1,200 Marines in the fall of 2007. The results were impressive – Conference participants expressed higher expectations of themselves and their peers, greater acceptance of the Core Values, and a greater sense of activism and ownership of their responsibilities than indicated by their peers in the Fall 2007 survey.

Dr. Joe Thomas, LLI Director, congratulates Sergeant Charles Van Acker, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, on his first place essay, “The Leader’s Code.”


The Conference’s format entailed an ambitious blend of hard skills training, collegiate lecture, and gaming. Throughout the Conference, LLI personnel took notes and actively sought out NCO perceptions on issues such as Mentoring and Core Values. Senior NCO presenters at the Conference included Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Sergeant

Major Kent; Sergeants Major Hawkins and Castle, and First Sergeant Courville. Civilian presenters included the following: Marine Corps University’s Dr. Bruce Gudmundsson, Senior Fellow for the Case Studies Program; author of Achilles in Vietnam, Dr. Jonathan Shay; Harvard University’s Professor Sarah Sewall; Wars of Blood and Faith author, Mr. Ralph Peters; Air University’s Mr. Remy Mauduit; and the author of Blood Stripes, Mr. David Danelo. Marine Corps University Foundation’s generous assistance enabled the participation of these civilian presenters.

y, gives the keynote speech on day one of the Conference.

The desired end state of the Conference was threefold: to accelerate internalization of our Core Values among NCOs throughout the Corps, to provide attendees the newest LLI products to use in their units, and to use Conference lessons learned at Marine Corps University schools and in publications. Where the last two components of the end state entail work that can be completed in a classroom, the first requires a “seed planting” effort that will result in slow but tangible change as Marines continue to grow within the culture of the Corps.

LLI’s Leadership Programs Section believes this year’s theme – NCOs Will Win This War – ably addressed an issue that is central to the Commandant’s concerns for our warfighting abilities. Although the 2008 Russell Leadership Conference’s effects will be difficult to measure, the exit surveys returned to LLI indicate enthusiastic reactions to the conference. The John A. Lejeune Leadership Institute wishes to thank the Marine Corps University Foundation for enabling this truly landmark event!

A Conference participant asks the Sergeant Major of Marine Corps, Sergeant Major Carlton Kent, a question.


Have You Heard? In May, we said farewell to MCUF Trustee, Sergeant Major Lonnie R. Sanders, USMC (Ret), who stepped off our Board. Sergeant Major Sanders was a member of the 1996 Strategic Vision Group which set the Foundation on its proper course and then joined the Board in 2000. We thank him for his service to MCUF and Sergeant Major Lonnie wish him and his wife, Janice, fair winds Sanders, USMC (Ret) and following seas. ••• MCUF President and CEO, Brigadier General Thomas Draude, and MCUF COO, Lieutenant Colonel John Hales, recently visited Trustee, Bruce Hooper at his home in Villanova, Pennsylvania. We are Mr. Bruce Hooper and Lieutenant Colonel John Hales happy to report that Mr. Hooper is well on the road to recovery from his recent illness. ••• Congratulations to our Trustee, Jason Santamaria, and his wife, Kim, on the birth of their son, Michael Alexander. Michael, born June 12, 2008 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, California, weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces. His father says, “He’s not quite big enough yet to fit into the digital camouflage baby outfit Mr. and Mrs. Jason Santamaria that I bought for him.” ••• MCUF former Trustee, Lieutenant General Thomas H. Miller Jr., USMC (Ret), passed away on November 27, 2007, at the age of 84.  Sadly, his widow, Ida Mai, passed away on May 16, 2008. A memorial service to remember and celebrate both of their lives was held on June 2, 2008, at the Old Post Chapel at Fort Myer, Virginia, followed by burial at Arlington National Cemetery. We send our condolences to the family and friends of General and Mrs. Miller. ••• We welcome Ms. Sherri Deditch, the Foundation’s new Secretary/ Receptionist, to our MCUF family. She and her husband, John, reside in King George, Virginia. Ms. Sherri Deditch


Trustee, Mr. Donald R. Knauss, Chairman and CEO of The Clorox Company, will be the Chairman of the 2009 Semper Fidelis Award Dinner. This will be the fifth year that Mr. Knauss has chaired the Dinner Committee and the third year that The Clorox Company has sponsored the Dinner. We thank Mr. Knauss and Clorox for their continued, generous support of this annual event. ••• Mr. Thomas A. Saunders III, President of Ivor & Company, LLC, will receive the 2008 Major General John H. Russell Leadership Award at the Foundation’s October 22nd award luncheon at The Union League Club in New York City. Mr. Saunders is married to MCUF Trustee, Jordan Saunders. Mr. Mr. Thomas A. Guy P. Wyser-Pratte, the Foundation’s Vice Saunders, III Chairman, is the Luncheon Chairman. ••• On June 19th, General Peter Pace, USMC (Ret) was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At the award ceremony, President Bush said, “... the selfless service and visionary leadership of the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have helped keep our nation safe.” General Pace retired in October 2007 after a distinguished career that included an assignment as the President of the Marine Corps University. ••• On July 2nd, the Commandant of the Marine Corps presided at a ceremony where Lieutenant General James F. Amos was promoted to the rank of General and assumed duties as the 31st Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps. We General James F. Amos, USMC congratulate General Amos and send our best wishes to the former Assistant Commandant, General Robert Magnus, as he steps into retirement. ••• We also congratulate Major General John R. Allen, USMC, on his appointment as the Deputy Commander, United States Central Command, and for appointment to the rank of Lieutenant General and Major General Major General Douglas John A. Allen, USMC M. Stone, USMCR, on his appointment as Commander, Marine Forces Reserve; and Commander, Marine Forces North, and for appointment to the rank of Lieutenant Major General General. Douglas M. Stone, USMCR

We welcome our newest Corporate Members, CUBIC Applications, Inc., to the Semper Fidelis Council and Windsor Continental Corporation to the General John A. Lejeune Council. Thanks to all of our Corporate Members for their tremendous support. ••• We also thank our newest Friends of the Foundation: PNC Bank recently donated $10,000 and Mr. Park B. Smith, recipient of the 2007 Major General John H. Russell Leadership Award, donated $5,000. ••• Ms. Carol Ramkey, Head Librarian at the General Alfred M. Gray Marine Corps Research Center Archives and Libraries is a recipient of the 2008 Special Libraries Association Military Library Division Distinguished Service Award. Congratulations, Carol, and thank you for your long and dedicated service to the Military Libraries Division. ••• Mr. Kenneth H. Williams has been named the Senior Editor of the Marine Corps History Division’s Marine Corps University Press. ••• Dr. Amin Tarzi, Director of Middle East Studies at Marine Corps University, reports that plans are well underway for MCU’s September 17th symposium, “The Iranian Puzzle Piece: Understanding Iran in the Global Context.” The MCUF funded symposium is an important event that will enhance the overall understanding of Iran from a multitude of perspectives. ••• On May 6th, H. E. Ambassador Hamid Al-Bayati, Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, spoke at the Spring General Graves B. Erskine Distinguished Lecture. His timely topic, “No Better Friend than America: Progress in Iraq” was of great interest to the audience of 600 Marine Corps University students, faculty, and Foundation guests. A lively question and answer period followed his presentation. ••• On May 13th, Sergeant Major George H. Mason, USMC, Sergeant Major of the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia, spoke to 250 students attending the Quantico Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) at the annual Sergeant Walter K. Singleton Distinguished Lecture.  His talk included personal leadership experiences and future leadership challenges the students will face. Members of the Singleton family joined SNCOA and MCUF guests for dinner before the lecture. The Singleton family was represented by Sergeant Singleton’s three sisters: Sarah Calvery and her husband, Buddy, of Arlington, Tennessee; Carolyn Murphy and her husband, Richard, of Brighton, Tennessee; and Lucy Faye Harvey and her husband, Richard, of Memphis, Tennessee.

Second Lieutenant Owen Wrabel received the 3-08 Major General Edwin B. Wheeler Award for infantry excellence and the Lieutenant Colonel Vic Taylor Award for the Distinguished Graduate at the Infantry Officer Course at The Basic School. Second Lieutenant Owen Wrabel, USMC, receives the Taylor Award ••• from Lieutenant Colonel Vic Taylor, USMC (Ret) Dr. Mark A. Moyar, the Kim T. Adamson Chair of Insurgency and Terrorism, recently returned from a two-week trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. He said, “Overall, the trip was a major success. Dr. Mark Moyar and I learned a great deal about Major General George Flynn, Deputy Commanding General, counterinsurgency in Iraq and Multi- National Corps-Iraq, in Baghdad Afghanistan that I had been unable to learn through exhaustive reading of published information. Spending time in these countries, of course, also provided insights that can only be obtained by being there on the ground. In addition, I forged some ties with officers who will play large roles in the Marine Corps and the rest of the U.S. military and government in future years. During the trip I spread the word about what is going on now at MCU.” ••• And finally, it was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Staff Sergeant Charles Owens, USMC, the former Quantico Marine Band Drum Major. He was killed May 1st in a motorcycle accident in Joshua Tree, California. Staff Sergeant Owens was transferred to Twentynine Staff Sergeant Charles Owens, USMC Palms, California, shortly after his last Quantico performance at the Foundation’s 2008 Semper Fidelis Award Dinner. “He was my go to man... the first person I would have gone to when planning a memorial. He gave everything he had to his Marines. He is really going to be missed.” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Robert A. Szabo, Quantico’s Band Officer. We send our deepest sympathy to Staff Sergeant Owens wife, Charla, and his children Jordan and McKenzie.


Brigadier General Thomas V. Draude, USMC (Ret), Joins the School of Advanced Warfighting General Draude’s 2008 Vietnam Itinerary: Saturday, March 15 - Ho Chi Minh City General Draude arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to join School of Advanced Warfighting students on their 2008 Asia/Pacific Staff Ride. • Tour of War Remnants Museum • Tour of MR7 Museum

Depiction of Vietnamese prisoners in Central Prison of Hanoi (Later the “Hanoi Hilton”)

Sunday, March 16 - Ho Chi Minh City • Mekong Delta Tour/Dragon Island • Tour of Ap Bac Battlefield (Tien Giang Province) • Travel to Hue City Monday, March 17 - Hue City Hue City Battle Study Tuesday, March 18 - Khe Sanh • Travel to Khe Sanh • Study of Khe Sanh Battlefield, including: Con Thien, Da Krong/A Shau Valley Museum and Lang Vei Wednesday, March 19 - Hanoi • Travel to Hanoi • Staff Ride Tour of: Army Museum, Hoa Lo Prison, Temple of Literature, Ba Dinh Square, Long Bien Bridge and Truc Bac Lake

Monument of downed U.S. aircraft with picture of wing being towed away

Missle at Hanoi’s War Museum

Thursday, Friday March 20-21 - Dien Bien Phu • Travel to Dien Bien Phu • Staff Ride of Dien Bien Phu Battlefield: Battle Positions Gabrielle, Ann-Marie/ Huguette, Beatrice and Isabelle Hill Dominique/Elaine and CP Bunker/Museum • Travel to Hanoi Saturday, March 22 - Hanoi General Draude remained in Hanoi; SAW students traveled to Manila. • Hoan Kiem Lake/ Ngoc Son Pagoda/ Sunbeam Bridge • Old Quarter Shopping • St. Joseph’s Cathedral • Air Force/Air Defense Museum • Quan Thanh Temple – Guardian of the North • Depart for home


SAW students and faculty at Dien Bien Phu’s strongpoint, “Isabelle”

the Barrow Distinguished Chair of Military Studies, (SAW) Students in Vietnam, March 2008 “


he great trip we experienced was underwritten by the Foundation. I had a chance to see, first hand, what our support does for students and faculty to enhance and enrich professional military education. As much as I believed in our mission before the trip, I am now even more committed to it.”

Brigadier General Thomas V. Draude, USMC (Ret) General Robert H. Barrow Distinguished Chair of Military Studies MCUF President and Chief Executive Officer

At each stop throughout the trip, one of the SAW students provided a handout regarding the battle or the significance of the area and led a discussion of its operational aspects. The staff did not get involved in the discussion unless they were needed.

Main command post bunker at Dien Bien Phu

Travel in Vietnam’s Delta – by Sampan propelled by Vietnamese women

“Soviet Style” patriotic statue in Hanoi

Colonel (Sel) Chris Woodbridge and an “Old Veteran” at Cao Dai Temple

School of Advanced Warfare Students Major Charles Berry, USMC Lieutenant Colonel David Bradney, USMC Major Steven Brain, Australian Army Major Jason Brown, USAF Lieutenant Colonel Andre Demers, Canadian Army Major Kyle Ellison, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Robert Fulford, USMC Major Jon Halverson, USMC Major David Hudspeth, USMC Major Kevin Hutchison, USMC Major Eric Johnson, USA Major Brian Kane, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Bjornar Lunde, Norwegian Army Major Michael Martin, USMC Major Robert McCommons, USA Major Michael McWilliams, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Jason Morris, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Michael Samarov, USMC Major Christopher Severson, USMC Major Michael Sierco, USAF Major Farrell Sullivan, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Michael Targos, USMC Major Geoffrey Weiss, USAF Major Matthew Woodhead, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Calvert Worth, USMC School of Advanced Warfare Faculty Colonel (Sel) Christopher Woodbridge, USMC – Director of SAW Lieutenant Colonel Alex Vohr, USMC – Deputy Director of SAW Dr. Wray Johnson – MCU Professor Dr. Edward O’Dowd – MCU Professor Dr. Gordon Rudd – MCU Professor


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Ammunition for the Mind Generations of Marines have proven to be elite warriors because they are always ready. Being part of this country’s premier fighting force requires more than mere physical fitness -- it calls for mental fitness and the sharpest minds. The Marine Corps University Foundation’s mission is to provide resources that enhance and enrich the professional military education and leadership of active duty Marines. Through the generosity of Foundation friends and members, revenue from special events, and our Corporate Member Program the Foundation ensures that Marines serving around the world today and in the future will always be the “first to fight for right and freedom” by giving them the resources to have the best professional military education possible. We give Marines the tools to excel in the Corps and in life.

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A mmunition for the Mind

“We Change Lives and Save Lives!” “Gentlemen, start your engines!” SAW students in Vietnam.

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