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3d ANGLICO at Mt. Whitney


Leadership Under Physical Stress



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In Memoriam – Brooke Astor


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Semper Fidelis Golf Classic


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Front (L-R): Lance Corporal Payton, Gunnery Sergeant Kline, Gunnery Sergeant Knoll, Lieutenant Colonel Sega, and Gunnery Sergeant Olmos; Back (L-R): Lieutenant Colonel Martin, Lieutenant Colonel Bailey, Lieutenant Colonel Kleineahlbrandt, and Lieutenant Colonel Stenberg

On September 27, 2007, twenty-three Marines and two Sailors from 3d ANGLICO arrived at Mt. Whitney, California to participate in a professional military education (PME) session on “Leadership under Physical Stress” using Sir Ernest Shackleton’s failed South Pole expedition as its study. The first day consisted of a conditioning hike up to an altitude of 11,000 feet to acclimatize in preparation of the next day’s climb to the top of Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental United States at 14,490 feet. The group concluded the day by discussing and watching a documentary on Sir Shackleton’s expedition where his twenty-seven crew members survived for approximately two years after their vessel was crushed by the ice pack.

Ms. Alexis Thomas, President, Thomas Associates Inc. and Brigadier General Thomas Draude, President and CEO, Marine Corps University Foundation

The next day the Marines divided into five groups and started the ascent to the top of Mt. Whitney. Four teams made it to 12,500 feet where they found the trail completely snowed under from an unexpected blizzard. However, several members broke trail and continued to 13,200 feet and only stopped due to extreme danger of ice and trail steepness. All experienced some sort of fatigue from either altitude or exhaustion, but discovered what it takes to physically and mentally overcome this condition to lead Marines in a difficult environment. A discussion was held after the hike comparing this “little” experience to that of Sir Shackelton’s. USMCR)

(Edited version of article from Lieutenant Colonel John J. Sega, USMCR)

“We Change Lives and Save Lives!”

Marine Corps University Foundation Trustees Chairman General Carl E. Mundy Jr., USMC (Ret) Vice Chairman Mr. Guy P. Wyser-Pratte

P. O. Box 122 • Quantico, VA 22134-0122 Phone: (703) 640-6835 • Fax: (703) 640-6177

President and Chief Executive Officer BGen Thomas V. Draude, USMC (Ret) Secretary and Chief Operating Officer LtCol John R. Hales, USMC (Ret) Treasurer Mr. William J. Scott General Counsel BGen Francis E. Quinlan, USMCR (Ret) Mr. B. P. Adams Ms. Kim T. Adamson Col William R. Ball, USMC (Ret) Mr. David L. Carder LtGen George R. Christmas, USMC (Ret) MajGen Jerome G. Cooper, USMCR (Ret) Mr. W. John Driscoll Mr. Patrick J. Finneran, Jr. Mr. Frank C. Gardner LtGen Wallace C. Gregson Jr., USMC (Ret) MajGen William C. Groeniger III, USMCR (Ret) Mr. Bruce H. Hooper Mr. Donald R. Knauss Mr. Robert A. Lutz MajGen Leslie M. Palm, USMC (Ret) Mr. Durwood W. “Skip” Ringo MajGen Michael D. Ryan, USMC (Ret) MajGen John J. Salesses, USMCR (Ret) SgtMaj Lonnie R. Sanders, USMC (Ret) Mr. Jason A. Santamaria Mrs. Thomas A. Saunders, III BGen George H. Walls Jr., USMC (Ret) Mr. Frederick L. Webber Founding Chairman The Honorable Anthony D. Marshall Trustees Emeriti General Robert H. Barrow, USMC (Ret) Chairman Emeritus Col G. F. Robert Hanke, USMCR (Ret) Vice Chairman Emeritus LtGen Anthony Lukeman, USMC (Ret) Vice Chairman Emeritus Honorary Trustee Col Charles J. Goode Jr., USMC (Ret)

Thomas V. Draude

November 2007

Dear Friends of the Foundation, Do you find that time seems to go by faster as you get older? It certainly does for me – perhaps because I enjoy so much what I do.“ How time flies when you’re having fun!” is a truism. (Its corollary that I learned when I lived near the Folsom Prison is also true, “How fun flies when you’re doing time!”) Anyway, so much has happened since my last letter to you. On a sad but inspiring note, Pat Monroe and I represented our Foundation at the funeral for Brooke Astor on August 17th. It was a beautiful ceremony attended by our Vice Chairman, Guy Wyser-Pratte; Trustee, Jordan Saunders; and Vice Chairman Emeritus, Rob Hanke. Marine pallbearers from the I & I Staff of the 6th Communications Battalion were just superb. The daughter of General Russell, the 16th Commandant, and mother of Anthony Marshall, our Founding Chairman, had a true Marine presence at her final ceremony. I recently spoke with Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak, author of First to Fight, the marquee book on the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ Reading List. General Krulak was pleased with the popularity of his book and reiterated that all royalties come to our Foundation. His generosity will ensure we can continue to “Change Lives and Save Lives!” It is also a classic book – you will want your own copy – and MCUF gets the royalties – what a great deal for all! On October 3rd, we benefited from the generous support of Corporate Member Thomas Associates who hosted a fundraiser on our behalf. Scheduled during the middle of the Modern Day Marine Corps Exposition here at Quantico, the event was held at the Thomas office in the town of Quantico. Attractions included live and silent auctions and book signings by two Marine Corps University authors. We see this as an annual event and a wonderful way to increase our exposure. We are so grateful to Thomas Associates – who also brought us two new Corporate Members! (Read more in this issue!) Our Erskine Lecture series is off to a roaring start as a result of the superb presentation by Mr. Stephen Kappes, Deputy Director of the CIA, on October 10th. He gave a clear, informative picture of the Agency (130,000 applicants last year; one in seven employees has been on the job less than a year). His primary focus, naturally, was the Middle East, but he touched on worldwide terror and its effects and solutions. His Q and A session was particularly impressive as he answered with candor and authority. He is a former Marine officer whose son is also a Marine officer. This was the busiest October I have experienced in my time here! We just returned from our annual Major General Russell Leadership Award Luncheon in New York City. It was a success in all respects. We honored former Marine, Park B. Smith, for his support of Marines and were honored to have the Commandant’s representative, Brigadier General James Laster, Commanding General of Training Command, as our Military Guest of Honor. Let me close by saying thanks for all you do and have done. Happy Marine Corps Birthday, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas!

Director of Business Operations Ms. T. J. Walding Director of Special Events Ms. Patricia T. Monroe Programs Manager Ms. Sherda K. Schmid Administrative Assistant Miss Mary K. Aldridge

Semper Fidelis,

Thomas V. Draude Brigadier General, USMC (Ret) President and Chief Executive Officer

M a r i n e C o r p s U n i v e r s i t y F o u n d at i o n , I n c . Supporting Active Duty Marines Since 1980

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Save The Date

Semper Fidelis Award Dinner The Sheraton Premiere Hotel at Tysons Corner Vienna, Virginia

IN MEMORIAM Brooke Russell Astor, 1902 – 2007 The Marine Corps University Foundation mourns the death of our benefactress and Honorary Trustee, Brooke Russell Astor. Mrs. Astor passed away on August 13, 2007, at her home in Briarcliff Manor, New York, at the age of 105. She is interred in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, New York. We send our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Astor’s son, our Founding Chairman, The Honorable Anthony D. Marshall, his wife, Charlene, and Mrs. Astor’s many friends. Brooke Astor served well the citizens of New York and the Marines she loved … to the end she was Semper Fidelis. Roberta Brooke Russell was born March 30, 1902 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the only child of John Henry Russell, Jr., a Marine Corps officer who retired as the 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps, and his wife, née Mabel Cecile Hornby Howard. She was named for her maternal grandmother, Roberta Traill Brooke MacGill Howard. The Foundation’s annual Major General John H. Russell Leadership Award Luncheon in New York City is named in honor of her father. Brooke Astor was fluent in Chinese after spending her childhood in China and many other places, including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Hawaii, and Panama. She was educated by her governesses, briefly attended The Madeira School, and graduated from Holton-Arms. She and her first husband, John Dryden Kuser, had one child, Anthony Dryden Kuser, born in 1924. The couple divorced in 1930 and she married her second husband, Charles Henry “Buddy” Marshall, in 1932. In 1942, her son Anthony Dryden Kuser, changed his name to Anthony Dryden Marshall. In the mid 1940’s, Brooke Marshall went to work as a features editor at House & Garden magazine. She also briefly worked for Ruby Ross Wood, a prominent New York interior decorator.

In 1953, after Charles Marshall’s death, she married her third husband, Vincent Astor. Though she was appointed a member of the board of the Astor Foundation soon after her marriage, upon Vincent Astor’s death in 1959, she took charge of all the philanthropies to which he left his fortune. She decided that since the money was made in New York it should largely be spent there. Hers was a hands-on approach, personally going over applications and then going out to meet the people who ran the programs to see what they were doing. In 1979, the Command and Staff College at Quantico, Virginia, envisioned a foundation whose mission would support and enhance professional military education. Mrs. Astor was instrumental in making that dream come true with a generous grant from the Astor Foundation. The Command and Staff College Foundation (now the Marine Corps University Foundation) was born, and thanks to her, countless Marines have benefited from the education and leadership programs the Foundation has supported over the years. Despite liquidating the Vincent Astor Foundation in 1997, Mrs. Astor continued to be active in charities and in New York’s social life. As a result of her charity work, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1998. Her life’s motto summed up her prodigious generosity with the quote, “Money is like manure, it should be spread around.” Mrs. Astor was the author of four books: Patchwork Child, an autobiography written in 1962; The Bluebird is at Home, a novel written in 1965; Footprints, an autiobiographical work written in 1980; and The Last Blossom on the Plum Tree, a period novel written in 1986. Brooke Astor led a full life. In her own words, that were read at her funeral, she stated, “I want to leave my fellow man more sure there’s a divinity that shapes his end. I want to leave him with the knowledge that death is nothing and life is everything.”

Mrs. Astor chose the epitaph for her gravestone. It reads: “I had a wonderful life.”


On October 3, Thomas Associates President, Ms. Alexis Thomas, hosted a reception for the Marine Corps University Foundation at their Quantico office. It was a perfect opportunity for those attending the Modern Day Marine Military Exposition to find out about MCUF and also enjoy some delicious food and drink while waiting for the traffic to subside.


Meet the Authors Book Signings Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965

By: Dr. Mark Moyar

Dr. Mark Moyar

As a result of the Thomas Associates

Red Rogue: The Persistent Challenge of North Korea

Reception, two new corporations

By: Dr. Bruce E. Bechtol, Jr.

joined MCUF’s Corporate Member Program. We welcome Flatter & Associates, Inc. and

Dr. Bruce Bechtol

Live Auction Items

Lion-Vallen Industries to the General John A. Lejeune Council.

•Nascar Driving Lesson •Parachute Jump •Gettysburg Overnight Trip

•First to Fight books autographed by Lieutenant General Victor Krulak •“The Cake”

Thomas Associates President, Ms. Alexis Thomas, said to Auctioneer, Mr. Seamus Garrahy, “Starting bid on this cake is $5,000!”


Additionally, MCU professors Dr. Mark Moyar and Dr. Bruce Bechtol were there to sign their newly released books, and guests could bid on silent auction items and participate in a live auction with Gettysburg Legend, Seamus Garrahy, as the auctioneer. Everyone had a great time and Ms. Thomas tells us this will be an annual event. Thomas Associates generously donated the proceeds from the auctions to MCUF in support of our mission.

silent Auction •Case of Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay •Golf for Four at Augustine Golf Club •Autographed Fran Tarkenton Football •50 Caliber Shell Casing Containing Sand from Iwo Jima •Leatherneck Tartan Tie

“Working with the Marine Corps University Foundation has provided Thomas Associates Inc. a unique opportunity to better understand the University and its many schools; it has also allowed us to play a small part in the very critical worldwide support that MCUF provides to the Marine Corps. Our relationship with MCUF also gives us better visibility on how the Marine Corps trains its leaders, which, in turn, helps us create better products to help them lead.” Alexis Thomas President Thomas Associates Inc. Ms. Alexis Thomas

•2 Round Trip Virgin America Airline Tickets Washington, D.C. or New York City to San Francisco •“At All Times Ready” Hand Signed and Numbered Lithograph •“Chesty” Hand Signed and Numbered Pencil Drawing of Chesty Puller •Civil War Diorama •MCUF’s 25th Anniversary Collectible Coca-Cola Bottle

Thomas Associate Employee, Ms. Connie Dancaster

Thomas Associates Program Manager, Dr. Jeff Harrington, and Colonel Ritch Rodebaugh

Thomas Associates Director of Marine Corps Programs, Colonel Ritch Rodebaugh, USMC (Ret), and Mr. Seamus Garrahy

29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Al Gray, stopped by to lend his support.

(L-R) Brigadier General George Karamarkovich, USMC (Ret), Brigadier General Thomas Draude, USMC (Ret), and Ms. Alexis Thomas

2007 Semper Fidelis Golf Classic Augustine Golf Club, September 17, 2007 A Great Day of Golf, Food, Fun, and Marine Corps Camaraderie!

Tournament Winners First Place Team - Meggitt Defense Systems FATS/Caswell Barney Barnum, Steve Piccirilli, Bill Rausch, Pat Wills Second Place Team - The Boeing Company John Harris, Brent Heppner, Max Norgart, Rick Schwab Third Place Team - Friedman Billings Ramsey & Co., Inc. Paul Adkins, Darrell Browning, Steve Pritsios, Bill Scott

On Course Prize Winners Marine Corps Public Affairs Officer, Brigadier General “Boomer” Milstead

Golf Chairman and MCUF Treasurer, Mr. Bill Scott

Colonel Barney Barnum

Former Trustee, Mr. Bill Scott, won $1,000 in cash. Prize sponsor, Mr. Larry Klipp, presents the prize.

Hole-in-One - No winner this year (sponsored by Lindsay Cadillac) Closest to the Pin - Rich Brooks (sponsored by Stanley Associates) Longest Drive - Pat Wills (sponsored by Stanley Associates) Straightest Drive - Greg Gasser (sponsored by Stanley Associates)

MCUF President and CEO, Brigadier General Tom Draude

Tournament Sponsors

Silent Auction Sponsors

Foursome Sponsors

AAI Corporation Tote Bag Sponsor AT&T Government Solutions Snacks and Rain Poncho for Goodie Bags BAE Systems Golf Balls for Goodie Bags Freeman Beverage Wine Friedman Billings Ramsey & Co., Inc. Hats for Goodie Bags Gasser Chair Company, Inc. Third Place Prize Sponsor GE Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team Golf Shirt Sponsor Harris RF Communications Golf Balls for Goodie Bags Northrop Grumman Hand Sanitizers for Goodie Bags Officers’ Equipment Company Business Card Raffle Sponsor PepsiCo, Inc. Soft Drink Sponsor Raytheon Company Breakfast and Lunch Sponsor Rolls-Royce North America Mulligan Raffle Sponsor Sprint Government Systems Division Magnetic Clips for Goodie Bags Stanley Associates Closest to the Pin, Straightest Drive, and Longest Drive Contests Sponsor Textron Inc. Dinner Sponsor

Agility Defense & Government Services Apple Ipod Nano

AAI Corporation

Bud Hilbmann

AT&T Government Solutions

Marine Corps Walking Stick

Agility Defense & Government Services BAE Systems

Kelley Drye Collier Shannon

The Boeing Company

The Clorox Company

Golf Outing at Columbia Country Club

Meggitt Defense Systems FATS/Caswell

John Dowd

Bag Boy NXO Revolver

EDO Corporation

Organizer Cart Bag

Friedman Billings Ramsey & Co., Inc.

Officers’ Equipment Company Marine Corps 230th Anniversary Proof Silver Dollar Raytheon Company

“The DI” Hand Signed Poster by Jim Ryan

Textron Inc.

EADS North America

Gasser Chair Company, Inc. GE Aviation General Dynamics Harris RF Communications Kelley Drye Collier Shannon Lockheed Martin Corporation

“Pamper Her,” “Instant Date,” and

Meggitt Defense Systems FATS/Caswell

“Movie Time” Baskets

Northrop Grumman Officers’ Equipment Company

Raffle Prize Sponsors

PepsiCo, Inc.

Larry Klipp - $1,000 in Cash and $500 VISA Card General Dynamics Two - $250 Washington Golf Center Gift Cards

Raytheon Company

Pratt & Whitney Rolls-Royce North America Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Sprint Government Systems Division Stanley Associates Textron Inc. Thomas Associates Inc.

Meet Our Trustees Our Trustees are the distinguished men and women who do the work of our Foundation. They are successful in their chosen professions and take enormous pride in supporting professional military education and leadership programs that give today’s Marines the tools to excel in the Corps and in life.

The Honorable Anthony D. Marshall Anthony Marshall served as Chairman from 19831993. He is the son of Brooke Astor and the grandson of the 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Major General John H. Russell. Ambassador Marshall served four years in the Marine Corps during World War II, landing his infantry platoon on Iwo Jima on D+1. Ambassador Marshall is an investment manager, author, theatrical producer, photographer, intelligence officer, diplomat, and entrepreneur. He served as Ambassador to the Malagasy Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, as non-resident Ambassador to the Seychelles, and as Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environment Program. The author of seven books, he is also a Contributing Editor of Conde Nast Traveler. He and his wife, Charlene, joined David Richenthal in producing the Tony Award winning play, Long Day’s Journey Into Night. He and Mrs. Marshall also produced I Am My Own Wife which won Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Actor. Ambassador and Mrs. Marshall reside in New York City.

M r. B. P. “R ick ” A dams Rick Adams is the President of Adams Consulting Group, a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, marketing, and sales. Mr. Adams has an undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky an MBA from Pepperdine University. He served in the Marine Corps from 1956 to 1958 with units of the Second Marine Division. Mr. Adams has been a senior executive with several corporations in the telecommunications and computer industries. He was Chief Marketing Officer for Tachyon, Inc., an international satellite broadband services company; Chief Marketing Officer for Rhythms NetConnections, a provider of DSL internet access services; Marketing Vice President for AT&T Global Business Communications Services; Vice President - Worldwide Industry Marketing & Business Development at AT&T/NCR; Vice PresidentMarketing & Sales for Fujitsu Business Communications Systems; and held several senior positions with GTE. Mr. Adams and his wife, Carol, reside in Paradise Valley, Arizona where he enjoys tennis, squash, and hiking.

General Robert H . Barrow, USMC (R et) General Barrow served as the Foundation’s Chairman from 1993 to 1995. After his retirement as the 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps, he was appointed to the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management. His 41 years of service included command in World War II, the Korean War in the Chosin Reservoir Campaign, and in Vietnam in operations in the vicinity of the DMZ, Khe-Sanh, and the A Shau Valley. General Barrow attended Louisiana State University (LSU), the University of Maryland, and Tulane University. In 1942, he left LSU to enlist in the Marine Corps. After graduating from recruit training, he was retained as a Drill Instructor and while on the drill field was selected to attend OCS. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in 1943. He and his late wife, Patty, retired to his boyhood home, Rosale Plantation, in West Feliciana, Louisiana.

M s. Kim T. Adamson Kim T. Adamson has served as the Treasurer and the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Westminster College of Salt Lake City and is working on her Masters Degree in Professional Communication. Ms. Adamson retired as a Senior Justice Court Judge for Salt Lake City and also served as a law enforcement officer for over 20 years. As a Chief Warrant Officer 5 USMCR, she was mobilized in October 2001 and has served in many billets to include a tour in Iraq as a Civil Affairs Officer and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Officer with the 4th Civil Affairs Group. She is currently assigned to the Marine Corps Lessons Learned Center Individual Mobilization Augmentee Detachment. Ms. Adamson serves on the Westminster College Alumni Board and is an active member in many civic organizations. She enjoys scuba diving, skydiving, cycling, traveling, and reading. She has homes in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Coronado, California.

Headquarters Company, 8th Marine Regiment PME I know I speak for every Marine present when I say that this PME trip was a motivating experience that reinforced our pride and dedication to Corps and Country! I would like to say thank you to all the people who had a hand in approving and/or funding this trip. They should know that it was worth more than any amount of paperwork or money that needed to be filled out or spent to make it happen. Corporal Timothy Harris

••• I believe this was a great idea to hold the PME in our nation’s capital. We visited the Arlington National Cemetery. It is a phenomenal feeling knowing that we, today’s Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Coastguardsmen, continue with the legacy that our men and women who lie there, left behind. Washington, D.C. is definitely a tour site I would recommend to anyone or any organization. It is one of, if not the most, educational sites in our nation. Corporal Roberto Garay

••• This PME was a great idea for NCOs. It not only gave us a different side of the Marine Corps and what our fallen brothers and sisters went through, it also built up trust and respect among the Sergeants and Corporals. Altthough we are different in rank, we are all NCOs. Sergeant D’Artagnan Childs

The NCO PME trip was one of the best times of my life. I saw things that I’d only dreamt of seeing. One of the most exciting moments was when I was in Washington, D.C., walking up to the Lincoln Memorial. I have seen this monument so many times, but to walk up those stairs, one step at a time, and stand in front of this statue of a man who helped free my African ancestors, a man who helped shape this nation into what it is today with our freedom, was breath-taking. To me, the Lincoln Memorial signifies life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Everything that this country stands for was right there in front of me. I turned to look towards the Reflecting Pool and saw the Washington Monument towering over everything. I imagined people surrounding the very steps I was standing on top of, a crowd of people there to listen to a proud black man speak about a life of equality, justice, and a nation without violence. I realized that I was standing in the exact spot where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. Growing up black in an urban city, he was the main person we studied in black history. To stand there and see what he saw was absolutely amazing. This trip was one that will always stay embedded in my mind as one of the proudest moments of my life. Some people will never get to see anything of this magnitude. I am extremely honored to have seen what I saw at our nation’s capital. Sergeant Demetrius Sinclair

In going on this PME, I would say that I gain work with. Away from work and standing be each opened up in their own way. Their word but were sincere and profound. During mea but always there was a tone of togethernes I found the PME to be educational, stimula that in the future I am able to attend a sim

Visiting the Marine Corps Museum was lik followed the footsteps of the fallen with e exhibit reminded me why I became a Ma uniform with pride and respect.

My favorite place to visit was the Vietnam placed my hand against the names of the pain and the struggle and the feat that th who wear this uniform, I commend them. F country, I honor them. For all the men that Marines of today and me, I salute you. I am an American, and most of all, I am proud o about the past history of this great country the PME, and I hope we can do it again.

Since January, MCUF has sponsored Professional Military Education (PME) trips to the Quantico area for eleven different Marine Corps units. The Marines visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps, the various monuments and museums in Washington, D.C., and often attend an Evening Parade at the Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C. Below are excerpts written by some of the Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) from Headquarters Company, 8th Marine Regiment who participated in their PME trip in May.

ned a greater appreciation for the Marines I efore the images of those before them, they ds were not of work or day-to-day business, als we smoked, joked, and had our laughs, ss and reverence for the intent of our PME. ating, and a great experience. It is my hope milar event with those Marines junior to me. Corporal Joseph Into

I went on this trip not wanting to go. The thought of giving up one of my weekends for some waste of time trip had me in a bad mood. Walking around the Marine Corps Museum, though, looking at the exhibits and seeing the great accomplishments, deeds, and actions of Marines who came before me was a pretty humbling experience. The museum was full of exhibits dedicated to Marines who went through hardships that I can’t even fathom. Later that night we went to the Evening Parade at 8th and I. I walked away from this trip with an unexpectedly changed view of what it means to be a Marine. This was due to my increased understanding of the heritage of this nation and the Marine Corps.

Memorial. As I walked along this wall and ese great men, I got choked up. I felt the hese men went through. For all the men For all the men who gave their life for this went before me and paved the way for the m proud to be a Marine. I am proud to be of being me. This trip has taught me a lot y. So thank you for the opportunity to enjoy


If I were to sum up the trip in just one word, it would be “incredible.” This trip has made me think about why I love doing what I do each and every day. On numerous occasions, I got butterflies in my stomach when I thought no one could really understand unless they were in the military. I want to thank you for making this trip possible. I really did get a lot from this PME and everything I got to see and experience. Corporal J. L. McIntyre

Corporal Steven Culp


ke going back in time. From Iwo to Iraq, I each exhibit that I visited. The boot camp arine, and why to this day I can wear my

Corporal Thomas Aponte

What separates a leader from a follower is having the integrity to make hard decisions and do what is right no matter what the personal consequences may be. During this trip with my fellow Marines, I was able to more fully grasp the concept of what it means to be a leader of Marines. Looking back, I did not learn seven principles to be a better leader or how to operate some piece of gear. No facts or figures really stuck with me, instead, a great pride in my Corps and the knowledge of why it is that we exist in the first place was instilled in me. Knowing this, everything else is secondary.

Corporal Joshua Ammon

Staff Sergeant Lenard Tilley

The Marine Corps founded itself on the brotherhood and the bond of its men. This trip completely changed my mindset and thoughts on how the Corps looks at its personnel. As a grunt, being able to see some of the people, awards, and accomplishments of those who have served so respectfully brings me back to the real reason on why I picked the Marines over any other service. I recommend a trip like this to all personnel who forget why they joined the most prestigious branch of the military.

Corporal Jason Ewing

Have You Heard?

Mr. Patrick J. Finneran

Mr. “Skip” Ringo

We are pleased to announce the election of three new Trustees to our Board of Trustees. Mr. Patrick J. Finneran Jr., President of Support Systems, Integrated Defense Systems, The Boeing Company; Mr. Brigadier General George H. Walls Durwood W. “Skip” Ringo, Government Programs Executive, GE Aviation; and Brigadier General George H. Walls Jr. USMC (Ret) will attend their first meeting in November. ••• Madison Avenue’s Advertising Walk of Fame now has a new member in its ranks. “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.” will be forever enshrined on the “Walk of Fame” for advertising slogans. The announcement was made in New York on September 26th during Advertising Week 2007. Advertising Week is the largest and most prestigious annual gathering of advertising and media industry leaders in North America. This recognition reaffirms the unique relationship the Corps has with the American public and the special partnership with the advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson. “This slogan reflects the unique character of the Marine Corps and underscores the high caliber of those who join and serve their country as Marines,” said Major General Richard T. Tryon, Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruiting Command. ••• We thank Flatter & Associates, Inc. and Lion-Vallen Industries for joining the General John A. Lejeune Council of our Corporate Member Program. We also thank The New York


Council of the Navy League for their annual $10,000 donation in support of our Professional Reading Program. ••• The Senate recently confirmed the promotion of Lieutenant General James N. Mattis, USMC, to the rank of General and his appointment as the Commander of U.S. Joint Forces Command and NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation. Congratulations General Mattis! (No four star photo was available at press time.) General James N. Mattis, USMC ••• Dr. Amin Tarzi has joined the Marine Corps University as the inaugural Director of Middle East Studies. The Director of Middle East Studies supports the University by providing a resident scholar with expertise on Iran and the implications of Iranian policy for the region of Southwest Asia. The Director will research and publish scholarly articles on Iran to include topics related to strategic assessments, regional security issues, diplomacy, alliance relations, technological and military developments, U.S. policy, and the implications of developing issues for the Marine Corps. Additionally, the Director will assist MCU students in academic research projects related to Iran and serve as a guest lecturer/ seminar leader for the colleges and schools of the University. Dr. Tarzi is an analyst and professor with a focus on researching and teaching multidimensional aspects of the Middle East and South/Central Asia. He has lived and traveled extensively in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates and has traveled to Iran and other Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries. Dr. Amin Tarzi ••• Congratulations to Dr. Bruce. E. Bechtol, Jr., Associate Professor of International Relations at Command and Staff College, on the publication of his book, Red Rogue: The Persistent Challenge of North Korea. Dr. Bechtol is a former intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency and a retired Marine. He has lived and worked in South Korea and continues to visit there frequently. Red Rogue analyzes the changing nature of North Korea’s national defense, foreign policy, and illicit economic activities in the post 9/11 era. •••

On October 16th, Dr. Mark Moyar, holder of the Kim T. Adamson Chair of Insurgency and Terrorism at MCU, was the featured speaker at the New York City Union League Club’s “History Evening.” Eighty guests, to include Trustee Kim Adamson, attended the dinner and discussion of Dr. Moyar’s book, Triumph Forsaken: Ms. Kim Adamson and Dr. Mark Moyar The Vietnam War, 1954 - 1965. Triumph Forsaken has been referred to as “one of the most important books ever written on the Vietnam War.” Drawing on a wealth of new evidence from all sides, Dr. Moyar’s book overturns most of the historical orthodoxy on the Vietnam War. ••• MCUF will receive the first royalty check from Lieutenant General Victor Krulak’s book, First to Fight, in January. Thanks again, General Krulak, for your continued, generous support of our mission! ••• Former Marine Corps University President, General Peter Pace, USMC, retired October 1st after 40 years of service to our country and Corps. As the first Marine Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Pace led our Armed Forces during a most challenging time. From full combat operations to critical relief missions, General Pace was an inspiration to the men and women who wear General Peter Pace, USMC (Ret) the uniform and the families who support them. We thank him, and his wife, Lynne, for their leadership and selfless service and wish them “fair winds and following seas” as they enjoy the next chapter of their lives. ••• Harvard University students Brandon Bartch (Senior), Ecaterina Burton (Senior), Christopher Sanders (Junior), Asher Bartch (Sophomore), and Shawna Sinnott (Sophomore) are recipients of a grant from the Oppenheimer-Stein Marine Corps Scholarship for Academic Year 20072008. The Marine Corps University Foundation provides merit awards to undergraduate students admitted to or already enrolled at Harvard in support of costs associated with their education. Those awards are based on a parent’s honorable service while on active duty in the Marine Corps. Recipients must be sons or daughters of a Marine who (1) is on active duty, (2) has been honorably discharged after a minimum of five years active duty, or (3) died on active duty. Students who maintain a full-time status and are in good academic standing may qualify for a renewal of the grant for each of their undergraduate years. For more information about the OppenheimerStein Marine Corps Scholarship contact the MCUF office.

The recipient of the 3-07 Major General Edwin B. Wheeler Award for infantry excellence and the Lieutenant Colonel Vic Taylor Award for the Distinguished Graduate at the Infantry Officer Course at The Basic School was Second Lieutenant Gardner M. Smythe. The 4-07 recipient was Second Lieutenant Sean P. Leahy. •••

The recipient of the Colonel I. Robert Kriendler Award for the highest leadership average for the 195th Officer Candidate Class at Officer Candidates School was Second Lieutenant Joshua T. Adamson. •••

The Fourth Quarter Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth F. McLeod Award for the outstanding Marine from the 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, was Corporal Donald F. Bowley. ••• In September, we said good-bye to MCUF Executive Assistant, Ms. Kelly Hasselbring, and welcomed Miss Mary Kay Aldridge to our Staff. Kelly accepted a position closer to her home in order to Miss Mary Kay Aldridge spend more time with her son. Mary Kay lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and brings a wealth of experience to the Administrative Assistant position. ••• One of the goals of MCUF President and CEO, Brigadier General Thomas Draude, is to “brand” everything (to include his vehicle) connected to the Foundation. The General’s new personalized license plate reads MCUFDN!


General Graves B. Erskine Distinguished Lecture Featuring Mr. Stephen R. Kappes, Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

MCUF President and CEO, Brigadier General Thomas Draude, greets Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kappes as they arrive for the pre-lecture dinner at The Clubs at Quantico.

Intelligence Service in July 1995. He has more than 12 years of overseas experience with assignments in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. He speaks Farsi and Russian.

Mr. Stephen R. Kappes

“ T he War of I deas: C ombating I slamic Ex tremism ” On October 10th, Mr. Stephen R. Kappes spoke to an audience of approximately 1,000 Marine Corps University students, faculty, and Foundation guests at the Fall Erskine Lecture. His remarks about Islamic extremism were relevant, informative, and thought provoking and led to a challenging and lively question and answer period. Stephen R. Kappes was born on August 22, 1951 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Anatomy-Chemistry from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and a Master of Science Degree in Pathology from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. From 1976 to 1981, he served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Mr. Kappes joined the Central Intelligence Agency in January 1981 and was based in the Near East and South Asia Division until his promotion to the Senior


From 2000 to 2002, Mr. Kappes was the Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Counterintelligence and served concurrently during part of this period as the Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Counterintelligence Center where he guided the Agency’s operations and technical programs against foreign espionage threats. As a career Central Intelligence Agency officer, he also served as Deputy Director for Operations and Associate Deputy Director for Operations from 2002 to 2004. In 2005, Mr. Kappes retired from Federal service and entered the private sector. He joined Armor Group International in April 2005 and was the Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors from November 2005 to June 2006. Mr. Kappes left the private sector in 2006 and was sworn in as the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on July 24, 2006. Mr. Kappes is married to the former Kathleen Morgan and they have two children.

The purpose of the General Graves B. Erskine Distinguished Lecture Series is to broaden the perspective of students at the Marine Corps University at Quantico in the social, political, and cultural dimensions of this nation and the world. Distinguished representatives from government, education, journalism, and other major fields are featured guests.

You Can Help! Thank You As the end of the year approaches, we want to say thanks to all of our donors! 2007 has been a record year for the Marine Corps University Foundation (MCUF). Our 2008 budget has been approved and your continued financial support will be essential to help us reach the goals we have set for increased funding of education and leadership programs for active duty Marines.

However, we still need your help! An unrestricted gift to our Annual Fund will give the Foundation needed flexibility to continue our record-breaking support for programs at the Marine Corps University, as well as the ability to underwrite new, special initiatives. It will also allow us to increase support of educational programs for units serving in the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment.

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The Marine Corps University Foundation maintains a strong working relationship with many corporations. The companies listed above generously support us through our Corporate Member Program. With their tremendous support, we will continue current programs and will have funding for the serious consideration of new initiatives. There are five levels of Corporate Membership. The specific benefits at each level may be tailored to meet the corporation’s individual needs. Scarlet and Gold Council – minimum annual gift of $50,000 Commandant’s Council – minimum annual gift of $25,000 Leadership Council – minimum annual gift of $15,000 Semper Fidelis Council – minimum annual gift of $10,000 General John A. Lejeune Council – minimum annual gift of $5,000


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Ammunition for the Mind Generations of Marines have proven to be elite warriors because they are always ready. Being part of this country’s premier fighting force requires more than mere physical fitness -- it calls for mental fitness and the sharpest minds. The Marine Corps University Foundation’s mission is to provide resources that enhance and enrich the professional military education and leadership of active duty Marines. Through the generosity of Foundation friends and members, revenue from special events, and our Corporate Member Program the Foundation ensures that Marines serving around the world today and in the future will always be the “first to fight for right and freedom” by giving them the resources to have the best professional military education possible. We give Marines the tools to excel in the Corps and in life. “We Change Lives and Save Lives!”

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