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C B A S TA F F John McNair President & CEO Lori Godfrey Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs


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Lindsay Greene Vice President Marketing & Member Services Jeremy Thomens Graphic Design & Member Services Coordinator Cassie Conklin Marketing Specialist Peake Wilson Vice President Corporate Events & Leadership Division, CBA Corporate Secretary Kristi Greer Director of Professional Development Donna Coutant Education Coordinator


Advancing Our Agenda


“Stepping into the Unknown Can Help Us Accomplish Great Things.”

l e g i s l at i v e

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General Counsel Corner: ADA Website Compliance: What is the Status Quo?


A Letter from Lori

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From the President’s Desk

Advancing Our Agenda The first quarter here at CBA has been filled with many accomplishments, changes and improvements. The pace has been fast and furious, and I am grateful to CBA’s leadership bankers and the team here at CBA for their support and dedication. I have provided several key updates for your review: LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD: On Wednesday, March 26, the Georgia House of Representatives followed the Senate by voting unanimously to pass SB 157! While Georgia does offer the Georgia Secure Deposit Program, the pledging requirements and associated fees are inherently cumbersome and costly for community and regional banks. Unfortunately, the programs created a competitive advantage for “Too Big to Fail” banks over community banks. Recognizing this inequity, CBA took initiative at the start of the legislative session to seek a remedy. We worked closely with Governor Kemp’s staff, Treasurer McCoy and other industry stakeholders to craft legislation to make the necessary changes to level the playing field. SB157 has now cleared the Georgia Legislature and will soon go to Governor Kemp and hopefully will be signed into law. As called for in the legislation, CBA will then work with the State Depository Board to craft rules for approval of third-party service providers that wish to work with banks and municipalities. By statute, the rules must be in place for DEC 31, 2019. Our hope is to establish an acceptable framework well in advance of the year-end deadline. In closing, I must recognize Ms. Lori Godfrey for her deft skill at negotiating the legislative process. Your entire CBA staff was engaged in this process as well! The leadership and direction of CBA Advocacy/PAC chairs Mr. Clark Hungerford and Mr. Caric Martin were invaluable in this process. Finally, I must recognize and thank our strategic allies- The National Federation of Independent Businesses, The Georgia Municipal Association, The Association of County Commissioners of Georgia and the Georgia Bankers Association. This is huge win for Georgia’s communities and community banks! COMMUNITY BANKING DAYS at GEORGIA’s UNIVERSITIES: Growing awareness amongst new college graduates for Georgia’s robust community banking industry is a priority for CBA. As new graduates enter the work force, CBA wants

John McNair President & CEO Community Bankers Association of Georgia

to make sure they understand the differences between community banks and money center institutions for their banking needs and professional careers. To help, CBA will be discussing a pilot program with one of the state’s universities to host an on-campus community banking day event. Over time, CBA will seek to develop similar partnerships with other colleges throughout the state. Be on the lookout for more information from CBA about this program as well as requests from CBA regarding your interests in offering internships and overall full-time employment. THANK YOU, GOVERNOR KEMP!: CBA’s Day at the Dome on February 13th was an incredible success! Not only did we secure several co-sponsors for our cornerstone legislation regarding municipal deposits, but all in attendance were treated to a photo op with Governor Kemp. In addition to the photo op, the Governor joined our group for lunch and graciously spoke to all regarding his platform initiatives and the critical role community banks can play in supporting the efforts of his administration. Considering the demands on his time, all of us at CBA are so grateful for the Governor’s visit! Enjoy the spring and I hope to see you all at our spring meetings, Leadership Division Convention, and other events!

F lo u r i s h

“Stepping into the unknown can help us accomplish great things.” It was wonderful to see so many of you at ICBA LIVE in Nashville, Tenn. It’s always great to be with fellow community bankers, and now, as ICBA president and CEO, our members! What a great time we had—full of learning, inspiration and fun. Our theme this year was all about being bold, in innovation, leadership and life. Stepping into the unknown can help us accomplish great things. It forces us to see things from a new perspective, and it challenges us in ways that make us question, learn, improve and grow. It helps us to flourish. It could be something as simple as making a loan to a new kind of business in your community, or bringing in a new technology. Whatever gives you the opportunity to do something positive for your customer, your community and your bank. As community bankers, we are bold in our communities every day, but we can all try stretching just a little bit further. Our industry has so much momentum right now, especially in terms of advocacy and innovation, so now is the time to continue to push the boundaries.

Rebeca Romero Rainey President & CEO Independent Community Bankers of America

Who else is better equipped to advocate for economic prosperity at the local level? Nobody except you, community bankers. Feel honored and privileged to be part of such a profound mission. Your community and customers count on you. So, let’s continue to be bold as we move forward after yet another fantastic national convention. We look forward to seeing you in Washington from April 28–May 1 for the ICBA Capital Summit! Where I’ll Be in April I’ll be in Little Rock, Ark., at The Venture Center for our Demo Day of the ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator, and in Memphis, Tenn., with our state regional partners. I’ll end the month in Washington, D.C., for our ICBA Capital Summit.

That’s why, if you aren’t already planning to join us in Washington, D.C., later this month for ICBA’s Capital Summit (, I encourage you to register. We’d love to have you join us. We need every community banker, from every corner of our nation, to tell the positive story of our industry with legislators. We need you to tell them how community banks, our customers and our communities are affected by the regulatory burden, unfair competition from credit unions and the Farm Credit System, and issues around data and cybersecurity. Our newly released legislative and regulatory platform, Community Focus 2020: The Community Bank Agenda for Expanding Economic Opportunity ( communityfocus2020), is a multifaceted advocacy approach for the 116th Congress. ICBA has been hard at work sharing this framework with policymakers. We’re advocating commonsense reforms that will promote greater access to financial services and economic opportunity in local communities nationwide.

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legal news and updates for cba members

Have a topic you would like to see covered in “General Counsel Corner?” Email us at generalcounselcorner @



Michael N. White

Attorney (478) 749-9921

Corrie E. Hall

Attorney (478) 749-9949

Tiffany M. Weatherholtz

Spring 2019

ADA Website Compliance: What is the Status Quo? By Michael N. White, Corrie E. Hall and Tiffany M. Weatherholtz Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability for goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any place of public accommodation. A “place of public accommodation” includes a bank or other service establishment. While litigation against places of public accommodation over ADA compliance is nothing new, over the last few years, the question of whether a website is a place of public accommodation has been a source of increased and costly litigation across the United States. The number of lawsuits for inaccessible websites increased in 2018, nearly doubling the number of cases filed in 2017. With this litigious backdrop, it is very important for community banks to understand the current status of the law surrounding ADA compliance with respect to their own website offerings. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has jurisdiction over Georgia; accordingly, Georgia community banks would be wise to look to the Eleventh Circuit’s case precedent on this issue. In a recent case, Haynes v. Dunkin’ Donuts LLC, the Eleventh Circuit held that a plaintiff, who was blind, stated a claim for relief against Dunkin’ Donuts because the Dunkin’ Donuts website was a service that facilitated the use of Dunkin’ Donuts stores, which are places of public accommodation. In Haynes, the plaintiff attempted to use Dunkin’ Donuts’ website to locate stores and to purchase an online gift card. However, the website was not compatible with any screen reading software necessary for his use. Thus, he claimed a violation of the ADA. While the District Court dismissed the complaint for Haynes’ failure to state a plausible claim for relief, the Eleventh Circuit determined a nexus existed between the challenged service – use of the website – and the physical location. The Eleventh Circuit’s holding affirms the precedent that goods and services, even if intangible, offered as a public accommodation cannot discriminate against people with a disability. This case is binding precedent in Georgia, but other United States Courts of Appeals are split on this issue. Some circuit courts have held that a website alone is a place of public accommodation, whereas others have followed the Eleventh Circuit’s requirement of a nexus. As a result of this ambiguity, 103 members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to former United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions on June 20, 2018, requesting that Department of Justice (DOJ) publicly state that “private action under the ADA with respect to websites is unfair and violates

due process principles in the absence of clear statutory authority and issuance by the department of a final rule establishing website accessibility standards”, and to “provide guidance and clarity to website accessibility.”i In response, the DOJ published a letter on September 25, 2018. The DOJ acknowledged that it had recently withdrawn previously published rule making actions on these issues. Further, the DOJ stated that it is currently evaluating whether promulgating regulations on specific website accessibility standards is necessary and appropriate to ensure ADA compliance while following regulatory reform of Executive Orders that reduce regulation and control regulatory costs. The DOJ noted that the absence of a specific regulation does not serve as a basis for noncompliance with the ADA, but that noncompliance with a voluntary technical standard may not indicate noncompliance with the ADA either. According to the DOJ, places of public accommodations, like banks, have flexibility as to how their websites comply with ADA. The DOJ then suggested that Congress possesses the ability to provide greater clarity on the issue. However, Congress has not yet addressed this issue and the murkiness of the status quo remains. At this time, Georgia community banks must look to the Eleventh Circuit’s guidance on ADA website compliance without clearer guidance on how this practically works. Banks have other sources of guidance on this issue, albeit they are voluntary sources, which include Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), published by the World Wide Web Consortium, and WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool), which identifies potential errors. While website remediation may be costly for community banks, so too are lawsuits stemming from alleged violations of the ADA. Accordingly, community banks would be wise to investigate what options are available to them to make their websites ADA compliant so the threat of litigation does not hang over their heads. However, the costs associated with this compliance should not be ignored either. It may be that community banks are better off determining what nexuses exist between their websites and their physical locations to determine whether their websites will be subject to the ADA. i Letter to the Honorable Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of

the United States, dated June 20, 2018, from 103 Members of the United States House of Representatives.

Attorney (404) 978-7800


4 | ww m | Spring 2019 OFFICES MACON + ATLANTA

“General Counsel Corner,” a recurring column featuring legal news and information of interest to CBA members, is brought to you by James-Bates-Brannan-Groover-LLP. Visit us at

l eg i s l at i v e

A Letter

from Lori

Lori Godfrey Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Community Bankers Association of Georgia

In November 2016, just a few short weeks after joining CBA, I made a bank visit to a community banker that was not a CBA member institution. I stopped by to visit with the bank as I used to work with them in my former capacity as a State Regulator. When I go out on bank visits, one of my primary questions that I want to have answered is “What kind of regulatory (either federal or state) issues are you having that CBA can help you with?” I asked this particular banker the same question and also asked if they would be willing to join CBA again as a member. This banker said that if I was willing to help them with an issue, then he would be willing to rejoin as a CBA member bank. So I said, “Tell me what the problem is and let me see what I can do.” One of the biggest challenges that this particular bank faced is the lack of deposits on their balance sheet, which causes liquidity to be tight. The bank has brokered deposits on their balance sheet and they are always looking for more deposits. One of the items that he and his CFO discussed with me is the issue of pledging securities for municipal deposits. Pledging against municipal deposits does nothing for a bank’s liquidity position and in fact ends up causing their liquidity to be a little tighter as the pledging requirements are 110% of the original amount of the deposit in the bank (less FDIC insurance). The banker indicated that there is a possible solution for this issue by having the ability to do business with Promontory Interfinancial Network (Promontory) for a sweep account for non-maturity deposits. This banker stated that he would like to be a test case for this product, but the Office of the State Treasurer would not sign off on this. This banker asked me to take this cause up and lobby on their behalf to get this changed as this would represent real liquidity to his institution. I committed to trying to find a solution for the bank and the banking industry as a whole.

Treasurer may be. What I learned was that conversations have been occurring on this topic over the last several years with no luck. Other states have changed their laws over time to allow the Insured Cash Sweep Account to be used as an option in lieu of pledging securities since the full amount of the deposit is insured by FDIC insurance. In 2016, there were more than 40 states that allowed this type of account. After attending a meeting with the State Treasurer’s office on this subject, I quickly realized that this was going to require a legislative solution. Fast forward to November 2018, the election results came in and we knew that there would be a new governor at the Capitol. This was our time to see if the new administration would be supportive of our efforts for a legislative solution, because at that point Georgia was the ONLY state that did not allow the use of a deposit placement service for municipal deposits. As you now know, CBA’s priority legislation for this session has been SB 157–Municipal Deposits by Sen. John Kennedy (R), Macon, that is the exact solution this banker was asking for. We are thrilled that SB 157 has passed both the House and Senate chambers unanimously! While we still need the Governor’s signature on the bill, we anticipate this will occur sometime between now and June 30th. So, when CBA visits and asks how we may help you or your institution, trust me...we are listening and trying to find a solution for you. It may take time as making changes does not happen overnight, but know that we are here for you! CBA is your us help you. Keep providing us with anecdotal information on your issues as your stories really make the requests to our legislators more realistic and help to illustrate what problems their constituents are facing.

From that point forward, I began conversations with Promontory to learn more about their products and to determine what the reservations of the State

S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 5

l eg i s l at i v e

CBA Hosts 1st Quarter Banker Regulatory Forum in Macon The CBA hosted its 1st quarter Banker Regulatory Forum, focused on Compliance, on Thursday, February 14, at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon. Bank members and endorsed/associate members gathered for the interactive forum. The regulators covered their agencies’ hot topics which allowed for productive discussions among the group; and, general questions were later posed from various sources. Topics discussed included BSA, customer due diligence, fair credit report implications, beneficial ownership, marijuana banking, fair lending (and marketing/outreach), redlining, vendor management, risk assessment and management, contract disclosures, new rules for HMDA, UDAAP, flood insurance, compliance testing and more. Following lunch with the regulators, the bankers’ only roundtable included an update on banking-related legal and legislative issues from James-Bates-Brannan-Groover (JBBG) Associate John Sillay. The main topic covered was the Municipal Deposit bill CBA and JBBG worked on this session. The bill was sponsored by Senator John F. Kennedy.

Special Thanks to the Forums’ Exclusive Sponsor

CBA’s next Banker Regulatory Forum will be held Thursday, May 2, 2019, at CBA Headquarters in Atlanta and will focus on Safety & Soundness. Learn more and register for the forums at

The reasons to trust us with your SBA lending really stack up.

Profit from people you can trust. Our SBA expertise helps you maximize your community

bank’s earning potential. Our team becomes your team, managing and simplifying every step of the process, from loan packaging and closing, to securitization and sale, to portfolio servicing. All at no net cost to you.

Talk to us today. 800.340.7304

6 | ww m | Spring 2019

l eg i s l at i v e

Grass Roots Day at the Dome

CBA Members Make Their Voices Heard! On Wednesday, February 13th, CBA held our Grass Roots Day at the Dome. We were thrilled to show off our new format for Advocacy for our community bankers. This year, CBA provided transportation to and from the Capitol so our bankers did not have to stress with traffic and parking. CBA is thankful for our sponsor, Promontory Interfinancial Network, for providing our bankers with this opportunity. CBA members worked the halls of the Capitol equipped with talking points for our priority municipal deposit bill and page slips for both the House and Senate. Our bankers paged their respective Representatives and Senators to explain the importance of the municipal deposit legislation for their banks. The legislators love having their constituents at the Capitol to voice their concerns first-hand. This was the first time many of our bankers had actually experienced “on the ropes� at the Capitol. At noon, everyone convened at the Georgia Freight Depot for a luncheon with our legislators. Governor Brian Kemp was gracious with his time and took the opportunity to join our event to kick things off. CBA is thankful for all of our bankers for stepping up and making this event a huge success! We are also thankful for Governor Kemp, Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck, Department Commissioner Kevin Hagler, members of the legislature, and staff members of various government offices for joining our event. In addition, we would like to thank James-BatesBrannan-Groover-LLP for their sponsorship of the event and their ongoing support throughout the legislative session.

Transportation Sponsor Lunch Sponsor

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Contact Center

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c o r p o r at e e v e n t s

Charlie Curry Memorial Spring Clay Shoot

A Touching Tribute & Successful Fundraiser Held at Albany’s Wynfield Plantation on Congratulations go out to our two prize winning teams! The 1st and March 26th, the Charlie Curry Memorial 2nd Highest Scoring Teams were: Spring Clay Shoot raised funds for CBA’s PAC/PR. “We were touched by the turn-out for this very special Clay Shoot. Charlie’s family supported the event as well as many other bankers and Associate Members who knew Mr. Curry and his passion for the CBA and Georgia’s community banking industry as a whole,” stated John McNair, President & CEO, CBA of Georgia. “Our sporting clay shoots continue to be a fun experience for everyone involved and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the support for this worthy cause.” Over 80 bankers and Associate Members came out and helped raise First Place team sponsored by Second Place team sponsored by Colony Bank (L-R): Ronald Lindsey, Mauldin & Jenkins (L-R): Thomas funds for CBA’s PAC/PR Funds and enjoyed a tribute by Scott Jeff Wiggins, Chip Leveson and Bennett, Michael Lott, Rob Douglas Tomlinson, CEO, Flint Community Bank, honoring Mr. Curry and Tommy Clark. The team’s average and Jonathon Guthrie. The team’s average was 73.25. was 75.5. his legacy. The day’s highest individual score was 93 shot by Mickey Davis with During his tribute, Scott stated, “…I will tell you Charlie was very Family Bank’s team. The following individuals scored 80 or better: passionate about the CBA…I’m so glad we changed the name of Ronald Lindsey (91), Rusty Trawick (89); Dave Fain (86); Tommy this event, it’s very fitting…I can’t say enough about Charlie, but Clark (82); Jonathon Guthrie (81); Andy McMath (80); and, Caleb we are so much better off having known him.” McKeever (80). Chuck Harwell, President & CEO, Community Bank of DublinA very special “thank you” goes out to the Curry family for their Laurens County, CBA Board Member and long-time friend and support of this event: First State Bank of Randolph County was colleague of Mr. Curry, shared, “Charlie Curry was the epitome a 12-gauge sponsor and had a full team. Scott, Brandi, Heather, of community banking and the definition of a life fully lived. He Lorraine and Jimmy also joined the group for lunch. was the one who first got me involved with the CBA of Georgia and it seems I saw him at every CBA function following that. He Additionally, we thank the volunteers for their help during the was an avid supporter of Georgia’s community banking industry entire day: and of the CBA. He fought hard on behalf of both on a regulatory and legislative basis. And, because CBA’s Clay Shoots are PAC/ Heather Curry Hoats (Charlie’s daughter) PR fundraisers, I thought we should honor him at these events Debra Weil, Community Banking Co. of Fitzgerald (LD Chairman) in some way. Naming the event after him was one small gesture Jessi Englert, The Independent Bankers Bank (and drink sponsor) we can make to continue his legacy of supporting our industry.” Paul Clanton, The Baker Group (CBA Endorsed Member)

Thank You to OUr Sponsors! premier sponsor

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Correspondent Banking Fed Funds Management Servis1st Access Online Settlement Services De Novo & Escrow Services

Participation Loans Holding Company Loans Correspondent Lending Agent Credit Card Issuance

2500 Woodcrest Place | Birmingham, AL 35209 855.881.0364 | Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender

10 Annual th

c o r p o r at e e v e n t s


Spring GOLF Regional &

Luncheon TOURNAMENTS Meetings Albany

Tuesday April 23, 2019

Milledgeville Wednesday April 24, 2019

Each Spring Regional Luncheon will begin at 10:30 am with the popular Bankers Only Peer Group Meeting, during which bankers can openly discuss hot topics important to them and receive feedback from their peers. Also during this time, a Legislative Update will be provided by a member of CBA’s General Counsel James-Bates-Brannan-Groover-LLP and an Accounting Update will be provided by David Wood from Porter Keadle Moore, LLC. Immediately following the Peer Group Meetings will be Registration/Networking for all Luncheon and Golf participants. Promptly at 11:45 am the buffet lines will open and we’ll begin the informative luncheon program. Afterwards, enjoy a beautiful afternoon and evening on the golf course while supporting CBA’s PAC/ PR Funds (shotgun start at 2:00 pm). The tournaments will end with a fun cookout featuring burgers, dogs, all the fixins and assorted beverages. The CBA maintains the only state PAC working exclusively for Georgia’s community banks. Make plans now to play, raise funds and network!

Luncheon Speaker


Thursday April 25, 2019

Agenda for each Meeting 10:00 a.m. Banker Registration 10:30 a.m. Bankers Only Peer Group Meeting 11:15 a.m. Networking & Registration 11:45 a.m. Buffet Opens 11:55 a.m. Welcome Remarks 12:00 p.m. “Robbery: Prepare, Respond, Recover,” Mike Burke 1:00 p.m. Closing Remarks / Luncheon Adjourn 2:00 p.m. PAC/PR Golf Tournament (Shotgun Start) 6:00 p.m. Post-tournament Cookout

“Robbery: Prepare, Respond, Recover” Nothing is more important than the safety of you, your employees and your customers. Robbery is a violent crime that has and will continue to victimize financial institutions across our great nation. SHAZAM’s Senior Robbery and Crisis Management Consultant, Mike Burke, will identify procedures to better prepare your institution, equip you with response tactics and expose you to the recovery process. Mike Burke SHAZAM Johnston, IA

CBA will provide a brief Legislative Update to close out the luncheon program.

Pricing for Members Per Location Lunch Only - $55 per person Lunch & Golf - $195 per person ($215 for Roswell)/$175 per person for a foursome ($195 for Roswell)

(Mike will draw a name at each luncheon for a lucky banker to win a Robbery Response Kit courtesy of SHAZAM.)

thank you to our Golf sponsors

Registration is open! For Golf Tournament sponsorship opportunities, contact Lindsay Greene at or 770-541-0376. For general information about the luncheons or golf, contact Peake Wilson at or 770-541-0379.

thank you to our luncheon sponsors Beverage Cart All 3 Tournaments

Post Tournament Cookout 1st & 2nd Place Team Cash Prizes All 3 Tournaments All 3 Tournaments

Range Balls Albany & Milledgeville


Range Balls - Roswell

Longest Drive/Closest to the Pin Albany & Roswell

Gift Baskets All 3 Tournaments

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Milledgeville Hole Sponsor All 3 Tournaments

Hole Sponsor All 3 Tournaments

Hole Sponsor Albany & Milledgeville

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Roswell Hole Sponsor - Albany

Hole Sponsor - On Course Milledgeville

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41 stAnnual

Leadership Division Convention &


i-Trade Show

H i lto n H e ad, S C

THURSDAY-SUNDAY, JUNE 6-9, 2019 Omni Hilton Head OCeanfront Resort

Lead the way to Hilton Head! As a leader, it’s important to know exactly how to communicate most effectively with each of your team members, customers, shareholders and superiors. At this year’s Annual Leadership Division Convention & Mini-Trade Show, we’re offering training to help you do just that. You’ll learn about peer analysis, connecting with existing and prospective customers, value based leadership and adding value to your leadership style with effective communication tools. The convention is the perfect mixture of business and pleasure. Emceed by CBA’s very own President & CEO, John McNair, this year’s convention features fantastic speakers who will educate you and help you develop your leadership skills, a dynamic mini-trade show, an evening outdoors, a comedic magician for the entire family and whole lot more! Attendees will have numerous opportunities throughout the convention to network and share ideas with their peers including breakfasts, breaks and evening activities. The entire family is invited to participate in the PAC/PR 5k/Fun Run and the popular Family Reception and Dinner on Saturday night which concludes with hilarious family-friendly entertainment.

CBA’s Famous Mini-Trade Show! CBA is known for its one-of-a-kind Mini-Trade Show offering bankers and exhibitors the opportunity to network in a time-efficient setting. Bankers can get up to speed on the latest products and services designed for community banks. Breakfast before Friday’s General Session and Mini-Trade Show will be a hot buffet and last approximately 45 minutes – and is open to all fully-registered bankers and exhibitors. Immediately following the Mini-Trade Show, the CBA will host a 25-minute refreshment break featuring networking and great prizes! Contact Lindsay Greene at lindsay@ for more information. Thank you to our exhibitors! ACG • Ameriprise Financial Institutions Group • ATM Response • BankSmart • Barret School of Banking • CashTrans • Check Printing Solutions Computer Services, Inc. • Crescent Mortgage • CRS Data • Cummins-Allison Corporation • DeNyse Companies • First Bank Mortgage Partners Fitech • Genesys Technology Group • Harland Clarke • Intercept Consulting Group • Pentegra • Point to Point Environmental • QwickRate SBA Works • Secureworks • SHAZAM • STS Group • The Baker Group • Travelers • VGM Forbin

1 2 | ww m | Sp ring 2019


Meet the Speakers Keynote Speaker: Cam fine Saturday, june 8th “Community Bank Voices Matter!” Major legislative and regulatory victories for community and regional banks over the past two decades have come because community banks had their own distinct voice in the policy debates. Imagine what the financial legislative and regulatory landscape would look like without a community bank voice at the policy table? The “one size fits all” legislative and regulatory philosophy would be unchallenged, and community banks would be nothing but a policy afterthought.

How Does Your Bank Stack Up? Shawn O’Brien, QwickRate

Stop Selling and Start Connecting: Why your Marketing program isn’t Working

Friday, june 7th

Patrick Dix, SHAZAM Friday, june 7th

High performing bank boards know the strengths and weaknesses of their own bank and of their competitors’. This session will cover the data that should be regularly analyzed by the board including how to construct a meaningful peer group and the different methods that should be used for peer comparison.

Information is coming at your customers and your potential customers faster than ever. This session explores the ways digital media is changing the way we market to customers, the new ways customers are digesting the information you serve up and how you can differentiate your message by connecting with customers instead of trying to sell to them.

The Keys to Successful Leadership April Farlow, Leadership Coach & Trainer Presenting Two Sessions Saturday, june 8th

Part II: Identifying Communication Styles

As a leader it is important to identify our values and learn to recognize the values of others. This session allows participants to identify their personal values, discover the strengths and blind spots of their values, and engage with others whose values are different, although equally important.

Individuals all come to work with their own styles and tenancies. For this reason it is important to identify our own style and to be able to recognize communication styles in others. Participants will leave the session with new tools to recognize different styles, ways to adjust their communication when working with someone of a different style, and place value on team members who work differently.

Jonathan Burns, Comedic Magician Saturday, June 8th Born with the gifts of flexibility, curiosity, and goofiness, Jonathan Burns now uses these unique talents to astonish audiences around the globe. Jonathan has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Jay Leno Show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and La France a un incroyable talent (France’s Got Talent).

THURSDAY, JUNE 6 th morning free afternoon & evening

Convention Registration Exhibitor Set-Up LD Board Functions (by invitation only) FRIDAY, JUNE 7th morning

Breakfast General Session with Mini-Trade Show lunchtime free

Part I: Leading Through Values

“Funny Business”



(Dinner on your own) Desserts & Outdoor Party for the whole family SATURDAY, JUNE 8th morning

5k & Fun Run Breakfast General Session 7-Minute Spotlight afternoon free evening - for the whole family

Chairman’s Family Reception, Buffet Dinner & Raffle Drawing Family Entertainment SUNDAY, JUNE 9th Departures

S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 13



CHALLENGE Fitech promises to make you more money with your existing merchant services portfolio or we will pay you $15,000 - no strings attached

Let Matt Mingenback, Director of Sales at Fitech, provide a proposal that beats your current bank’s program.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT Matt Mingenback, Director of Sales 817.698.2268 301 Commerce Street, Suite 1400 Fort Worth, Tx 76102 © Copyright 2019 Fitech Payments, LLC. All rights reserved. Fitech Payments, LLC is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, OH.


7-Minute Spotlight

5K & Kids’ one-mile Fun Run

A Chance to Win $1,000 in Cash

Again this year, CBA is proud to announce this fun, informative and rewarding presentation. During Saturday’s General Session, be sure to attend the 7-Minute Spotlight… and your chance to win $1,000! Bankers Healthcare Group will share information on their services for 7 minutes. Be in the General Session for the entire time (no late walk-ins) and submit a simple entry form at the end of the presentation. A drawing for $1,000 will be awarded immediately afterwards. The drawing is for bankers and bank directors only who attend the entire presentation. You have 1,000 reasons to attend and pay attention!

Back again, this popular activity will raise money for one of the Leadership Division’s most important initiatives – CBA’s PAC/PR Funds. The run will begin at 6:15 a.m. on Saturday for adults and 7:00 a.m. for kids. There will be plenty of time to refresh before breakfast and the General Session. Winners will be announced during the General Session on Saturday. The cost is $20 per runner ($25 on-site) and includes a commemorative t-shirt. Sponsorships are available!

thank you to our leadership division sponsors! platinum sponsors

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General sponsor

individual event sponsors

Welcome Refreshments Board Appreciation Reception & Dinner Co-Sponsors

Convention Totes

Mini-Trade Show Cash Drawing

Registration Packet

Friday Break

Family Reception, Dinner, Entertainment Co-Sponsors

Kids’ Welcome Kit & Friday Cash Prize

Video Message General Session

Hotel Key Card

Board Meeting Refreshments

Bottled Water

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Promo Items

Friday Promo Items

7-Minute Spotlight

5k & fun run sponsors Premier Sponsor

Saturday Cash Prize

Convention Signage

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51st Annual Convention & Mini-Trade Show Popular e Mini-Trad at! rm fo w o Sh

Thursday-Sunday, September 12-15, 2019 The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FL

CBA is returning to Amelia Island! Hear from industry experts, network with other community bankers, and learn about the latest products and services in the popular Mini-Trade Show format. To learn more and register, visit or call (770) 541-4490. Be on the lookout for more information soon!

thank you to our convention sponsors! platinum sponsors

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Board Appreciation Reception & Dinner Co-Sponsors

In-Room Gifts

Thursday Night Desserts and Coffee & Mini-Trade Show Cash Drawing

Convention Totes

Thursday Night Hosted Bar

Family Reception, Dinner, Entertainment Co-Sponsors

Registration Packet

Name Badges

Friday Promo Items

Golf Tournament Lunch

Video Message General Session

Saturday Promo Items

Saturday Breaks

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Convention Program

Friday 7-Minute Spotlight

Saturday Breakfast

Welcome Refreshments & Bottled Water

Friday Cash Prize & Golf Beverage Cart

Saturday 7-Minute Spotlight

Board Meeting Refreshments

Golf Prizes

Convention Signage

Thank you to our exhibitors! ATM Response • ATM USA, LLC • Atris Technology • BFS Group • CBIZ • Computer Services, Inc. • CRA Partners • Crescent Mortgage Cummins-Allison Corporation • DeNyse Companies • Eclipse Brand Builders • Fitech Payments • Hamilton Mortgage • Harland Clarke Holtmeyer & Monson • Intercept Consulting Group • J.B. Lloyd & Associates, LLC • Kasasa • Pentegra • Point to Point Environmental Promontory Interfinancial Network • QwickRate • SBA Works • SecureWorks • SHAZAM • STS Group • The Baker Group • TJS Deemer Dana Travelers • VGM Forbin 1 6 | ww m | Sp ring 2019


Celebrating a Lifetime of Service


Will you or someone at your bank be celebrating a milestone this year? Let CBA help you celebrate!


Community Bankers Association of Georgia (CBA) is proud to honor bankers who have reached a significant milestone in the banking industry with the Lifetime Service Awards. CBA pays tribute to bankers reaching a milestone of 30, 40 or 50 years in the community banking industry. The presentation will be made during the 51st Annual Convention & Mini-Trade Show. The 2019 deadline to submit honorees is Friday, August 2, 2019. As part of the recognition, honorees receive a commemorative plaque, and CBA will feature the honorees in various CBA publications, as well as provide a Press Release. Honorees with 50 or more years of service also receive a customized gold and diamond lapel pin. If you or someone in your bank is celebrating 30, 40 or 50 years of service as a banker during this calendar year, please contact Peake Wilson at or (770) 541-0379 or visit CBA’s website, www.; click on the Communications Tab and then Lifetime Service Awards.

Announcing CBA’s New Website! CBA is proud to announce the exciting and fresh new look for our website! The new website will make identifying education programs, finding a service provider and registering for programs that much easier. Be sure to check out the new website at!

Whether it’s a new program or an annual event, sponsorships with CBA can set you apart. No matter the audience you want to target, CBA offers a program to reach those bankers. From compliance to mortgage lending, Bank Directors, CFOs, retail banking to BSA, bank security to auditing - we have it! Each program offers the chance to develop new business leads as well as meet and network with Georgia’s community bank decision makers. Some fun sponsorships include a dessert party, photo booth, phone charging station, golf tournaments and more. Advertising in the magazine, on the updated website, the popular e-newsletter or in the CBA 2019 Directory – all offer maximum exposure for your company.

Don’t wait! Sponsorships are available on a first-come, firstserved basis. For more information, contact Lindsay Greene at (770) 541-0376 or email lindsay@cbaofga. com.

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e d u c at i o n




CBA is committed to superior customer service and has been a leader in webinar training for over a decade. Webinars are designed for most positions in a community bank from the teller line to the board room. Speakers are industry experts with long-term, real-life, hands-on experience. Benefits of participating in a CBA webinar are: • Easy to use, time effective, cost effective, convenient, interactive • Current topics delivered by experienced speakers

• Continuing Professional Education Credits • Take-Away-Toolkit (consists of an employee training log and a quiz to measure staff learning) • Webinar series for Bank Directors, Compliance Professionals, Risk Managers, Leaders, and much more! Register today for a webinar training option that best meets your training needs! For the most current listing of webinars, visit www.




1/16: Call Reports 2019 Update

6/19: Consumer Collection Series: Effective Debt Collection Techniques & Strategies

11/13: Year-End Compliance Checklist 11/20: BSA Special Risks: Policy, Law Enforcement & Regulator Issues DIRECTORS

5/2: Call Report Series: Call Report Basics, Including Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Related Schedules 6/13: Call Report Series: Preparing Call Report Lending & AllowanceRelated Schedules 7/2: ALLL Supporting Documentation: Current Rules & Future Expectations Under CECL 7/23: Call Report Series: Call Report Regulatory Capital, Including Key Changes & Other Schedules 8/20: Call Report Series: Introduction to Call Report Loan Classifications 9/4: Auditing E-Policies & Procedures: Risks, Rules & Records 9/10: Conducting the 2019 ACH Audit 9/17: Regulation E Series: Auditing for Reg E Compliance   COLLECTIONS 1/28: Real Estate Loan Collection Rules for Lenders & Mortgage Servicers 4/18: Consumer Collection Series: Your Borrower Filed Bankruptcy, Now What? 5/10: Successful Skip Tracing Techniques for Locating Borrowers & Recovering Collateral 5/21: Consumer Collection Series: Repossession Practices, Compliance & Limitations

7/30: Consumer Collection Series: 20 Common Mistakes in Consumer Collections COMPLIANCE 2/4: Flood Insurance Compliance Update & FAQs 3/19: Advanced BSA Officer Training: In-Depth Risk Issues & Difficult Situations 4/2: UDAAP: Consumer Complaint Monitoring & Avoiding Harm 5/8: BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for Lenders 6/3: Fair Lending Examinations: Increased Scrutiny, New Methodologies & False Positives 6/4: BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for Operations 7/16: BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for the Frontline 8/21: E-Compliance Rules, Policies & Best Practices for Email, Web, Mobile & Social Media 9/19: New Compliance Officer Boot Camp 10/3: New BSA Officer Training Part 1: Compliance, Risk Assessment, CTRs, Exemptions, Forms & Regulator Expectations 10/17: New BSA Officer Training Part 2: Reviews, SARs, CDD, Technical Aspects & RealLife Scenarios

1 8 | ww m | Sp ring 2019


3/28: Board Reporting Series: Red Flags in Board Reports 6/10: Community Bank Mergers & Acquisitions Simplified 6/26: BSA Series: Job-Specific BSA Training for the Board 9/25: What Directors Should Know About CECL, ALLL & the New Credit Impairment Standards FRONTLINE & NEW ACCOUNTS 1/10: Teller Training Series: Compliance Training for the Frontline 1/30: Teller Training Series: Frontline Fraud Prevention: Stopping Fraud at the Teller Line 2/20: Teller Training Series: Risks & Precautions for Endorsements & Other Negotiable Instruments 3/12: Teller Training Series: Cross Selling: The Key to Accountholder Satisfaction & Retention 3/27: Handling Power of Attorney & Living Trust Documents on Deposit Accounts & Loans 4/9: Teller Training Series: Accurately Completing the CTR Line-by-Line 4/11: Notary Essentials & Legalities

FRONTLINE & NEW ACCOUNTS 5/14: Teller Training Series: Managing Dual Control & Cash Limits 6/25: Living, Grantor & Family Trust Accounts: Common Problems in Account Opening & Lending 7/1: Managing Accounts & Records for Nonresident Aliens: Monday Opening, Identifying, Monitoring & Tax Reporting

HUMAN RESOURCES 6/12: Essential HR Recordkeeping from Hiring to Firing 9/24: Hiring in the Digital Age: What Every HR Manager Needs to Know About Social Media IRA

7/24: Opening Accounts Online: Rules, Risks & Best Practices 8/29: Opening Donation, Memorial & Other Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations & Corporations

1/17: IRA & HSA 2019 Update, Including Tax Reform Considerations 7/9: IRA Series: Processing IRA Rollovers & Transfers 8/6: RA Series: IRA Reporting, Common Issues & Error Resolution 8/27: IRA Series: Top 10 Most Misunderstood IRA Issues: Turning Confusion into Confidence

9/12: Managing Minor Accounts: Withdrawals, Transfers, CDD, Closing & Best Practices

9/16: IRA Series: Handling IRA Required Minimum Distributions & Roth Distributions

10/9: Head Teller Training: Maximizing Teller Performance


10/16: POD Account Documentation, Compliance, Beneficiaries & Closing 10/22: Medallion & Signature Guarantee Risks, Rules & Best Practices 10/30: Personal Accounts: Ownership, Authorization, Titling & Documentation 11/6: Closing or Changing Accounts for Consumers & Businesses 12/10: Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Open, Close, Transact?

2/27: The New NIST Digital Identity Guidelines: Impact on Passwords, Security Questions & Account Lockouts 3/11: Synthetic ID Fraud: What It Is, How It Works & Real-Life Scenarios 4/4: Mobile Device Risks, Records & Compliance Rules: Managing Your BYOD & COPE Policies & Procedures 4/23: Hacking the Weakest Link: The Role of Staff in Maintaining IT Security 5/15: Hot Issues in Cyber Compliance   6/27: Card Data Security: PCI-DSS Risk, Readiness & Compliance

e d u c at i o n INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 8/15: FFIEC Cyber Security Risk Assessments: Policy, Recent Findings & Recommendations 9/18: Mitigating a Data Breach: Forensics & Incident Response 9/26: Emerging Trends & Developments in Online, Mobile & Digital Channels LENDING 1/9: Credit Analysis & Underwriting Series: Regulator Issues & Update for the Credit Analyst 1/15: 2018 HMDA Submission Due March 1, 2019 Part 1: Identifying Reportable Loans, Data Integrity & FIG Analysis 1/23: 2018 HMDA Submission Due March 1, 2019, Part 2:Requirements, Clearing Edits, Exempt Fields & More 1/24: Determining Cash Flow from Personal Tax Returns After 2018 Tax Reform Part 1: Newly Revised Form 1040 & Schedules B & C 1/29: Credit Analysis & Underwriting Series: Analyzing Financial Statements for the Credit Analyst 1/31: SBA Lending 2019 Update: Guidance on the Latest Changes to Policies, Procedures & Documentation 2/21: Credit Analysis & Underwriting Series: Debt Service Coverage Calculations in Underwriting 2/25: Determining Cash Flow from Personal Tax Returns After 2018 Tax Reform Part 2: Schedules D, E & F 3/20: Required Compliance for Commercial Loans Secured by Real Estate 3/26: Credit Analysis & Underwriting Series: Global Cash Flow Analysis for Underwriters & Credit Analysts 4/5: New Private Flood Insurance Rules Effective July 1, 2019: Policy, Procedures & Compliance 4/17: Flood Insurance Compliance for Commercial Lending: Unique Issues & Case Studies 4/22: Top 20 Questions About Completing the TRID Loan Estimate & Closing Disclosure 4/25: Advanced Credit & Risk Management in Agricultural Lending





4/30: Escrow Account Compliance, Including Shortages, Surpluses & Deficiencies 5/1: Troubled Debt Restructuring: Identifying & Accounting for Impaired Loans 5/9: Developing & Delivering an Effective Loan Presentation

10/29: 12 Key Elements of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

8/22: Regulation E Series: How to Handle Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfers Under Reg E

2/12: Board Reporting Series: Board Secretary Procedural & Compliance Responsibilities

8/28: Effective Management of Credit Report Disputes: Completing ACDVs, AUDs & Correcting Joint Credit 9/5: Official Demands Part 2: Handling Garnishments, Levies & Judgment Liens 10/8: When a Depositor Dies: Legal Requirements, Practical Issues & FAQs 10/10: Regulation E Series: Reg E Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution: Processing, Disclosure & Investigation

3/5: Board Reporting Series: Essential Board Reporting: Requirements, Timing, Delivery Options, Risks & Concerns

5/23: Advanced Commercial Loan Documentation 5/29: Military Lending Act & SCRA: Compliance & Lessons Learned 6/6: Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Construction-Only & Construction-toPermanent Lending 7/10: Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Surviving a TRID Compliance Exam 7/15: Introduction to SBA Lending 7/25: From Prospect to Customer: Skills & Tools for Successful Business Development 8/8: Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Adverse Action in Mortgage Lending: Compliance, Notices & Best Practices 8/14: What Are Those Business Tax Returns Telling Me? 9/11: Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Appraisal & Evaluation Guidance on Collateral Valuation 10/7: Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Demystifying Rules for TRID Tolerances 10/24: Commercial Loan Annual Credit Review 11/12: Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) Lineby-Line, Required February 1, 2020 11/21: When a Borrower Dies: Rules, Procedures & Liabilities 12/11: Topic Change to Be Announced 12/17: Securing Collateral: How to Complete & File UCC-1 Financing Statements MARKETING 3/6: Federal Requirements for Tech-Based Marketing: Websites, Social Media, Robo Calls & More

11/7: Top 10 Compliance Mistakes in Advertising OPERATIONS 1/8: Record Retention & Destruction Rules: Paper & Electronic 2/5: ACH Specialist Series: ACH Tax Refund Exceptions, Posting & Liabilities 2/6: Right of Setoff on Deposit Accounts & Loans: Legal Issues 2/13: Prepaid Cards: Your Bank’s Responsibilities Under the New Rules, Effective April 1, 2019 2/26: ACH Specialist Series: ACH Dispute Resolution 2/28: Debit Card Chargebacks: Understanding Visa Claims Resolution 3/13: Debit Card Chargebacks: Understanding Mastercard Dispute Resolution 3/14: ACH Specialist Series: 2019 ACH Rules Update 3/21: Banking MarijuanaRelated Businesses 4/15: ACH Specialist Series: Liability with ACH Death Notification Entries (DNEs) & Reclamations 5/16: ACH Specialist Series: Top 10 Ways to Mitigate ACH Payment Risk 5/30: ACH Specialist Series: ACH Stop Payments vs. Unauthorized Extended Returns: Know the Difference 6/5: Handling Dormant Accounts, Unclaimed Property & Escheatment 6/17: Untangling Complex RDFI Challenges 6/18: Electronic Returned Items: Combating Fraud 6/20: Regulation E Series: Reg E Fundamentals 7/17: Regulation E Series: Legally Handling ATM & Debit Card Claims Under Regulation E 7/18: Wire Transfer Compliance, Including International Remittances 8/5: Official Demands Part 1: Handling Subpoenas, Summonses & Other Legal Process

10/31: 1099 Reporting: Foreclosures, Repossessions & Debt Settlements 11/14: Regulation E Series: Provisional Credit Under Reg E: Rules, Best Practices & FAQs 11/26: Understanding & Navigating ACH Rules for ODFIs 12/3: IRS Reporting Requirements: 1098s, 1099s, TINs & Backup Withholding 12/4: ACH Error Resolution: Returns, Authorizations, WSUDs, Stop Payments & More 12/12: Safe Deposit Issues: Delinquency, Death & Abandonment SECURITY & FRAUD 4/16: Board Reporting Series: Security Officer Reports to the Board: Fulfilling Your Annual Requirement 5/6: Accurately Completing the SAR Line-by-Line

3/7: C-Suite Series: Strategic Decisions Regarding CECL Methodologies, Processes & Governance 4/3: C-Suite Series: Enterprise Risk Management: Three Key Risk Assessments 4/24: C-Suite Series: Asset Liability Management Strategies in a Rising Rate Environment 5/22: The UBPR: Understanding Peer Group Comparison to Improve Bank Performance 8/1: Outsourcing Tech Services: Regulations, Examiner Expectations & Actions for Vendor Management 8/13: Developing the Right Strategic Plan for Your Bank Most webinars are scheduled from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST unless otherwise indicated. Please visit for webinar details. To learn more or to register, visit or contact Connie Shepherd at or 770-541-4490.

Note: Dates/topics subject to change.

5/31: Complying with the 2019 SAR Cyber-Event Reporting Requirements 7/11: FinCEN Guidelines on Reporting Elder Financial Exploitation 8/7: New Security Officer Training: Responsibilities, Best Practices & SkillBuilding Tools 11/19: Robbery Preparedness: Meeting Your Annual Compliance Requirement SENIOR MANAGEMENT 1/14: FFIEC Exam Procedures for Business Continuity

If you find a webinar that has already passed, you can purchase the recording and download the materials to watch anytime that best fits your needs.

2/7: C-Suite Series: CAMELS Rating for Executives

S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 19


We take the guesswork out of high-risk vendor evaluations and contract negotiations. Assess


This is not “cookie cutter” consulting. Our team of professionals will help you assess your current technology and build out a custom project plan that meets your goals and objectives.

Due diligence on mission-critical systems and vendors can be a time consuming process. We manage the process from start to finish and provide peace of mind.



We do this every day so you don’t have to. Pricing and contract negotiations can be a shot in the dark. Lean into our expertise to make the most of this critical initiative.

We audit everthing for accuracy before you execute your final contract. We also stay with you for 12 months to audit your invoices and troubleshoot billilng errors.

Bank technology consulting that pays for itself. Visit |

Call | (770) 729-4140

Email |

e d u c at i o n

Do you feel too busy to attend an educational program? Let me encourage you. I think we all feel this way in our, what I personally term “crazy” life environments. But we truly can’t afford to miss out on continuing our own learning and development because we will fall behind on the recent updates, trends and how to move forward in our business. CBA is committeed to providing current education offerings, hearing your feedback and supporting your learning goals. Our Education Committee has been formed and we completed a S.W.O.T.

Community Bank Professional Development

Education Buzz Kristi Greer Director of Professional Development Community Bankers Association of Georgia

Save the Dates! •

Bank Security/Workplace Violence Thursday - Friday, June 13 - 14 | Lake Lanier Islands

Compliance Officer Boot Camp Tuesday-Friday, June 18-21 | Château Élan

Director’s College - Wednesday, July 17 | Lake Oconee

Cyber Risk Summit - Thursday - Friday, August 22-23 | Savannah

CFO Conference - October | Atlanta

Château Élan, Braselton

analysis of our education program offerings. We appreciate the meaningful conversations you all are having with us. We are striving to continue creating value for you and your bank teams. CBA First! - Call us first, to ask about the topic you are looking to gain or increase your knowledge. We are ready to serve you.

Training For

Bank Directors Do you have a plan to train your Bank Directors? We have two options: 1) The annual Directors’ College will be held on July 17 at Lake Oconee and we have put together 2) a webinar series where you can choose to purchase all six webinar recordings or choose the topics that best meet your needs. Director Series Webinar topics include: •

Board Secretary Procedural & Compliance Responsibilities

Essential Board Reporting: Requirements, Timing, Delivery Options, Risks & Concerns

Strategic Decisions Regarding CECL Methodologies, Processes & Governance

Red Flags in Board Reports

Enterprise Risk Management: Three Key Risk Assessments

Asset Liability Management Strategies in a Rising Rate Environment

Job-Specific BSA Training for the Board

S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 21

e d u c at i o n


Compliance Officer Boot Camp

Tuesday-Friday June 18-21, 2019 Château Élan Winery & Resort Braselton


Brand NEW Program! Make plans to join us for our Compliance Officer Boot Camp! We will meet at the Château Élan Winery & Resort on June 18-21 to give you an orientation of the ins and outs of a compliance management system through lecture, written materials, breakout session and mini workshops. Leah Hamilton will cover many topics that will support you in organizing your financial institiution’s compliance function including: Risk management, policies/procedures, complaint management, required training methods, regulatory change management, consumer compliance examinations, conducting and communicating audit & exam analysis, and more. Find our Education Flyer on our website or contact our education team.

Château Élan Winery & Resort, Braselton

Unique offer for






Take advantage of these online solutions specifically created to benefit community banks.

The Premier Non-brokered CD Marketplace

Melissa Wallace 678.797.4062

2 2 | ww m | Sp ring 2019

Time-saving Online Tools Bankers Rave About

Get started today! Go to cbaofga and request your trial.


rough Kn le ow dge.


e d u c at i o n

THE 2019 CBA



Tuesday - Thursday, April 16-18 Tuesday - Friday, June 18 - 21 Tuesday - Thursday, July 23-25 Tuesday - Friday, August 6-9 Tuesday - Thursday, August 6-8 Tuesday - Thursday, September 24-26 Monday - Friday, October 7-11 Monday - Thursday, October 21-24

Training the Credit Analyst | Atlanta Compliance Officer Boot Camp | Braselton Advanced Commercial Lending School | TBA Advanced BSA Officer School | St. Simons Island Consumer and Commercial Loan Documentation Boot Camp | Atlanta BSA Officer School: The Basics | Atlanta Commercial Lending School | Atlanta Compliance Lending School | Young Harris

Dates/locations subject to change. For most current listing, visit or contact the CBA.

S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 23


RECIPROCAL RECIPROCAL RECIPROCAL DEPOSITS DEPOSITS DEPOSITS ARE ARE ARE NO NO NO LONGER LONGER LONGER BROKERED BROKERED BROKERED A newAlaw—the new A new law—the Economic law—the Economic Economic Growth, Growth, Growth, Regulatory Regulatory Regulatory Relief,Relief, andRelief, Consumer and and Consumer Consumer Protection Protection Protection Act—makes Act—makes Act—makes most reciprocal mostmost reciprocal reciprocal deposits deposits no deposits longer no longer no brokered. longer brokered. brokered. This isThis This is is a hugea growth huge a huge growth opportunity growth opportunity opportunity for banks for banks for banks acrossacross theacross nation. the nation. the Now nation. your Nowbank Now youryour bank can bank can can grow even growgrow more eveneven more deposits more deposits that deposits increase that that increase increase franchise franchise franchise value;value; attract value; attract even attract more eveneven more high-more high-highvalue,value, local value, customers; locallocal customers; customers; and increase and and increase increase fundsfunds available funds available for available local for lending. local for local lending. lending. LearnLearn howLearn tohow start how to growing start to start growing today! growing today! today! Contact Contact Danny Contact Danny Capitel, Danny Capitel, Regional Capitel, Regional Director, Regional Director, Director, at at at or or or (866)(866) 776-6426, (866) 776-6426, 776-6426, ext. 3476. ext. 3476. ext. 3476.

Reciprocal Reciprocal Reciprocal deposits deposits deposits are a areare a a win-win win-win win-win for banks for for banks and banks and theand thethe communities communities communities theythey serve. they serve. serve.

To learn To learn Tomore, learn more, visit more, visit visit

m e mb e r s e r v i c e s

Let CBA Help Your Bank Celebrate! Governor Brian Kemp Proclaims April as Community Banking Month April is Community Banking Month and CBA and community banks across Georgia are recognizing the unique spirit that makes community banks the foundation of their communities in cities and towns throughout the state. Governor Brian Kemp recently proclaimed April 2019 as Community Banking Month in Georgia. “Declaring April Community Banking Month recognizes the significant role community banks play in stimulating their local economies,” stated John McNair, President & CEO of CBA. “We appreciate Governor Kemp recognizing the significant impact community banks are making across Georgia.” CBA has produced banner ads in a variety of sizes for your bank’s website. For more information, contact Jeremy Thomens at (770) 541-0380 or, or visit the Community Banking Month section on the CBA website.



Eclipse Branch Transformations Ad - CB Lex (2019-02-27) w Marks.pdf


Take advantage of these FREE resources from CBA: •

Press release for member banks to distribute to local media

Signed proclamation from Governor Kemp

Ways to Celebrate Community Banking Month

Community Banking Month Employee Fact Sheet

Community Banking Month Customizable Op Ed

Banner ads for your website 8:53:17 AM #ILoveMyCommunityBank











+ Energetic, Persuasive & Professional Design + Self-Service Technology + Digital Signage & Infotainment Systems + Flexible Full-Service Transaction Areas + Integrated Branding

consulting + design + construction

S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 25

Providing a great customer experience while keeping an eye on efficiency and bottom line is more important than ever in today’s branch. The answer to this ever-growing need is advanced branch technology. ROI models prove that investments in new technology, like interactive teller machines, are the right decision.

“You have to be in a community to serve a community. This is not just an idea anymore. This technology has been proven to enhance customer experience and impact a bank’s bottom line,” industry visionary and STS Group CEO Scott Couch said. The size of a typical branch has decreased from more than 2,500 square feet to less than 1,500 square feet in the last 10 years. Branch technology such as self-service safe deposit boxes, teller cash recyclers, and interactive teller machines are just a few of the products that fit perfectly into the new branch model. Customers love this new streamlined banking experience and it has proven to make banks more efficient and profitable. New technology is also being used to enhance branch security. Video can now be captured with fewer cameras; using

hi-resolution technology that can reduce costs and improve video. Other solutions such as video analytics, access control, and remote alarm management are also being adopted to the new branch concept. Community banks need a partner that can maintain traditional equipment while looking through the windshield at the future to provide forward-thinking solutions. STS Group is proudly leading the way to tomorrow’s branch!

For more information visit us online at or email

m e mb e r s e r v i c e s





Georgia Financial Directory

Coming Soon The 2019 Georgia Financial Directory is your complete resource for information on banks, holding companies, banking products and services, and more. All CBA members receive a free copy and the books will be mailed in late May. Additional copies are available for $45 each. Special thanks to the 2019 advertisers: Ameriprise Financial Institutions Group • Bahr Consultants, Inc. • CBIZ Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon, LLP • DeNyse Companies • Fitech Payments ICBA • Intercept Consulting Group, Inc. • PrismPremier • QwickRate • Staples Stokes Carmichael, Ernst • The Baker Group • Warren Averett For more information, contact Lindsay Greene at (770) 541-0376 or lindsay@

Financing Solutions At Ameris Bank, we are dedicated to helping our correspondents and brokers provide the mortgage that meets their clients’ needs and gives them the personal attention they deserve.

Vicki Blum

Sr. Account Executive 1800 Parkway Place, Suite 820 Marietta, GA 30067 404.281.6924

welcome new cba

associate members!

CBA would like to welcome new Associate Members who were recently approved by the CBA Board of Directors. Throughout the year, CBA’s Board approves quality vendors who provide products and services to CBA members. Make sure your vendors are CBA members – please refer any potential Associate Members to Lindsay Greene at

ATM Solutions, Inc. Ms. Mary Darby Atlanta, GA ATM Services ATM USA, LLC Mr. Darren Smith Morrisville, NC ATM Services The Casey Group Mr. Bill Kroll Towson, MD Consulting Farmer Mac Ms. Mariah Gehle Washington, DC Lending Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP Mr. John Lockett Legal Firm Atlanta, GA PrismPremier Mr. Asaad Faquir New Brunswick, NJ Software QwickRate Ms. Melissa Wallace Marietta, GA Analytics & Alternative Funding


J Outlaw Consulting, LLC Mr. Jimmy Outlaw Lexington, SC Check Vendor Consulting

S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 27

m e mb e r s e r v i c e s

Associate Member


Mark Faas from Point to Point Environmental Mark Faas

In this issue, CBA is pleased to feature Mark Faas, CEO, Point to Point Environmental in McDonough. CBA invited Mark to answer a few questions to help us learn more about this CBA provider. How do you help Georgia’s Community Banks? We provide environmental due diligence and solutions for challenging property transactions so that lenders can continue to support their commuP2P outreach to Georgia College nities. Point to Point Environmental has a passion for the little man, small towns, and common sense solutions. We want to equip community banks with the tools the big banks are using.

household filled with 6 children all spaced about 3 years apart, as if we actually planned it that way – God has been good to us! I love to help coach a variety of sports with the kids and have taught the teenagers Sunday school for 12 years. Working a CBA Trade Show

What do you do for fun outside of work? I am able to swim several hours a week as a part of a swim team with two of my sons. This has rekindled a passion for fitness and a competition with myself to get a better time.

Interesting facts about you: My beautiful wife and I met in high school and attended the University of Georgia together, settling near her family in Henry County where we continue to live today. We have a joyous

For more information, contact Mark at (678) 565-4435 or, or visit

Fun with the Faas family!

Quality. Expertise. Trust. Because You Deserve It • • • • •

External Audit Internal Audit Outsourcing Sarbanes-Oxley Act Consulting Risk Management Services Tax Consulting and Preparation

north georgia Ian Waller

• • •

Regulatory Compliance Consulting Risk Assessment Consulting Information Technology Consulting

• •

Internal Control Evaluations Merger & Acquisition Assistance

• • • •

De Novo Consulting Loan Review Strategic Planning Valuation Services

south georgia Tim Veal

Financial, Compliance and Risk Management Services Offices Across Georgia | 800.823.0117 |

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We are ALLL in this together …

PrismPremier can help you overcome the incurred loss-to-CECL challenge.

CECL 360

Your software solution for current and future allowance calculations.

Featuring Pre-CECL Methodology, our innovative software is designed to help you improve your current incurred loss ALLL calculations. You can rely on PrismPremier CECL 360. Start using an automated web-based software today that will help you transition to CECL at your own pace. • Imitable + repeatable easy-to-follow process • ASC 450 and ASC 310 calculations included: • ASC 450 – Pooled Loan Analysis • ASC 310 – Individual Loan Analysis • Premium add-on for national economic data* available for Q-Factor analysis

Pay only for what you need today — upgrade to CECL when you are ready. To learn more about CECL 360 or to schedule a free online demo, call us today at 833.870.4999, email us at, or visit:

• Pre-CECL pricing options available • Automate your current ALLL process today!

* Data reports available across a pre-selected group of national economic indicators.

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2019 Community







Salary Survey

FREE for CBA Member Banks




CBA is partnering with Pentegra to offer a survey focusing on salary and cash compensation for executive, middle management and staff level positions. To complete the survey, please contact Lindsay Greene at or (770) 541-0376.


International Services In today’s rapidly changing environment, you should expect simplicity, efficiency and exceptional customer service.

CenterState has a full service International and Foreign Exchange Group. • Maximize Income Opportunities • Automated Reg E Receipts and Disclosures • Straight-Through-Processing Available via Your Existing Wire System • Enhance Efficiencies with Import/Export Features • Exceptional Customer Service

Services Include: Wire Transfers in Foreign Currency and US Dollars, Banknote Services (with next day delivery), Foreign Check Clearing and Foreign Drafts.

770.850.3420 400 Interstate North Pkwy., Ste. 1200 Atlanta, GA 30339

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m e mb e r s e r v i c e s

m e mb e r s e r v i c e s

CBA Endorsed Member Company


Shanna James of Kasasa

In this issue, CBA is pleased to feature Shanna James, Vice President, Regional Director at Kasasa.

On average, when compared to their regular account, our Kasasa partners see the following results:

CBA invited Shanna to participate in a Q & A so you can learn more about this Endorsed Member Company and a little more about Shanna.

• • • •

Shanna James

Tell us about Kasasa and your role with the company: Kasasa is a financial technology and marketing provider that offers free reward checking products, world class marketing, and consulting. We work exclusively with community financial institutions to help them achieve their most critical objectives. Whether you’re looking for non-interest income, deposits, or loans, we can customize a solution for your objectives in your unique market(s). My role as the Regional Director is to find the best potential brand partners in the state of Georgia, understand their current state, uncover and quantify their specific goals, then customize a well-tailored strategy that will drive the results they want to achieve.

50% increase in checking accounts opened in the first year A 13-year reduction in the average age of account holders 45% increase in non-interest income per account 50% increase in retention Kasasa account holders’ life-span is 2x longer and they are 2x as likely to apply for a loan in year 1 of the relationship

Kasasa has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. We currently have 907 partners and 3MM account holders across the US. Many of you met with my predecessors, Jared, Jordan, and/or Grant, but much has changed about the way we support the strategy and our pricing. So, if you thought Kasasa was a great idea back then, but it didn’t fit your budget, it’s time to take another look. What’s new? Any hot products? • • • •

The Kasasa LoanTM Marketing Programs and Platform Compliance Generator Tool New movement we call “Take Back Banking” launching in the spring of 2019.

Interesting facts about you: I am a native of Georgia. I have a 23-year old son, Evan. A little-known fact about me is, I studied music performance at the University of Georgia and was a member of The Redcoat Marching Band for 2 seasons. Go Dawgs!

Group shot with the whole Kasasa team.

How do you help Georgia’s Community Banks? There are 4 common reasons community banks partner with Kasasa. When they need: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Core deposits Loan portfolio growth Younger, more transactional customers To expand into new markets or consumer segments

3 2 | ww m | Sp ring 2019

I got my start in banking thanks to the president/CEO of The Commercial Bank, Mike Sale, who hired me in 2004 at Synovus (f.k.a. Athens First Bank & Trust). From there, I moved to Evans, Simpson & Associates in the Atlanta area and have been calling on banks in Georgia for nearly 10 years. I’m blessed to continue that mission to work with community banks with Kasasa. I was recently awarded “The 2018 Sales Impact Award” for my significant impact as one of the newest employees on the sales team. (Pictured with Mike Davis, Chief Sales Officer.)

Sales Impact Award Winner!

m e mb e r s e r v i c e s

Nothing makes me prouder than to see a local bank thriving and the community around it benefitting. Look for me at any of the CBA events. If we’ve not yet met, I guarantee you I’ll be shaking your hand someday soon! For more information on Kasasa, contact Shanna at (706) 206-8120 or Delivering school supplies from Newton Federal Bank to First Port City Bank in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

What do you do for fun outside of work? It’s hard to separate the two, because Kasasa is fun! But outside of Kasasa, some of the things that bring me the greatest joy in life are working out, hiking, kayaking, snow skiing, running, cycling, and traveling for leisure. The forcemultiplier is doing any of those things with dear friends, or my sweet family, especially Evan. I really found my home with Kasasa – which is ironic because I travel so much – in that the community banks we serve and the communities that they serve are the heart of Georgia.

S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 | G e org i a Co m m un i ti es F i rs t | 33

m e mb e r s e r v i c e s

UNDER PRESSURE: Deposit Betas In science class we were taught that pressure is the application of force against an object. As bankers, we are constantly experiencing this phenomenon with our depositors and rates. Today presidents, CFOs and other risk managers across the country are sharpening their pencils and focusing on how important their institution’s deposit rates impact net interest margin and bottom-line. In Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) lingo, the term “beta” is used to describe the relationship between deposit rates versus their sensitivity to the change in short-term interest rates. It’s been a while, but since December 2015 the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has increased the federal funds target rate nine times totaling 225 basis points to the current level of 2.5%. Up until last year, the general feeling was that deposit betas were much lower when compared to previous rate cycles. Those feelings were in large part confirmed as banks calculated deposit rates ranging less than 20% on their deposit rates versus historic cycles usually ranging from 30-45%. Many industry experts have studied why deposit betas have been subdued this time versus past cycles. Some reasons include: the massive amount of bank reserves versus historical levels, increased regulation, higher non-interest cost, and management’s desire to maintain margins levels consistent with what they’ve experienced over the last two decades. Customers are starting to pay more attention since the four hikes last year and the fact that competitive rates are now above inflation rates around 2%, implying a pickup in real earning. Toss in growing funding needs and changing customer demand competition (think Fin Tech) and that gives you the perfect recipe for higher deposit betas. The review and analysis of deposit rates and their projected betas is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Variables such as geography and market competition heavily weigh on the sensitivity of these rates. New York and the Southeast region tend to have the highest deposit betas while areas in the Midwest have the lowest. In more competitive markets, we’re beginning to see certain products being tied to short-term interest rates (for example 50% of prime rate). By tying your non-maturity deposit rates to short-term rates you remove flexibility to manage these rates, which can be challenging in a rising rate environment. Another factor is institution size; community banks have been slower than regional and big banks, but will likely have to play catch up if they lagged over the last three years. One interesting trend we are seeing is banks spending more time improving and incentivizing their deposit operations department. While it’s long been the norm to establish programs like this in the lending area, these individuals at the bank are vital in providing low-cost funding, which can then be deployed in earning assets 3 4 | ww m | Sp ring 2019

such as loans or securities. ALCOs are rolling out new customer loyalty programs and improving customer relationship building training with office administrators and controllers at their commercial accounts. Below are some other useful ideas to help manage your betas. Ideas to Lower Your Deposit Betas • Limit rate advertisements, focus on quality of service and products offered • Tier certain deposit products and manage their rate changes separately, creating some low beta products (most often with lower balance tiers) • Focus on certain demographics that exhibit low deposit beta behavior • Increase duration of client relationships through training/ education/incentives • Cross-selling strategies and customer loyalty programs If your bank experienced higher betas earlier in the cycle, how much will it take for competition to catch up? If your bank is smaller than market competition, will it lose market share? If loan demand is picking up, how long can the bank support these growth levels with these higher funding costs? As you and your bank think about these questions, remember that there are many reasons other than interest rate why customers choose to deposit their funds at the bank. Studies have determined that consumers place higher value on attributes like convenience, service, availability, and technology over deposit rate pricing. Also keep in mind that assumptions by definition have limitations since they can vary from what actually occurs in reality. That’s why as prudent risk managers we should always periodically stress test our assumptions with worst-case scenarios. If your bank hasn’t been talking about implementing these concepts, now is definitely the time to do so! Taking time to revisit these interest rate risk concepts, making adjustments to your ALM model, and stress testing are all the right ingredients to a successful exam visit from your regulators. Please contact Matt Harris at 405-415-725 or

Matt Harris, CFA

Senior Vice President The Baker Group A CBA Endorsed Member Company

m e mb e r s e r v i c e s

Acquisitions in the Marketplace: What your Community Bank Needs to Know

There is no question that the world of community banking has been faced with many changes over the last 18 months. As a result of the numerous acquisitions that have recently transpired, your community bank may find itself in an unintended partnership with a new merchant services provider and asking how this change will impact your business. This transition may seem overwhelming, but rest assured, there are options for your bank if your current payment processor is acquired. Be Prepared: Know Your Contract Knowing the ins and outs of any contract you sign is always imperative, but when unexpected transition occurs with your existing merchant services provider, taking the extra time to review your current contract is a step that should not be overlooked.

Change Can be Scary, But it Doesn’t Have to Be No matter who your current merchant services provider is, it is important to measure the value they bring to your community bank, especially during periods of change. With endorsements across 38% of the country by Bank Associations for merchant services, Fitech’s mission is to exclusively serve community banks with best-in-class payment processing solutions. We currently serve more than 104 banks across 19 states with a 100% retention rate. Fitech welcomes the opportunity to add immediate and measurable value to your community bank as your trusted merchant services provider. Please contact Matt Mingenback at 817-698-2268 or mmingenback@fitech. com to start a discussion.

One of the most important things to take note of in your contract is the expiration date – find out how long you are bound to your current agreement and if any changes in ownership effect the terms of the original contract. It is also important to understand your notice requirements which may include provisions on how and when notices should be sent, where notices should be sent, and any exceptions resulting from change in ownership. Without proper notice given, your community bank may face easily avoidable challenges when transitioning to a new merchant services provider. Your contract may also contain a non-solicitation or noncompete clause that could prohibit your community bank from entering into future partnerships with a new merchant services provider.

Matt Mingenback

Director of Sales Fitech A CBA Endorsed Member Company

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m e mb e r s e r v i c e s

Protect your Customers and your Brand from Skimming Attacks

Every day you can read about ATM’s being skimmed. The Financial Institutions skimmed are often named and some have even been on the evening news. The losses are not only financial but also negatively affect the Financial Institutions reputation and brand. When a skimming attack is successful there is also a need for investigation and reporting so valuable resources are needlessly utilized. The two most common forms of skimming attacks are “overlay” and “deep insert”. Overlay on your card reader The criminals place an overlay on top of your card reader bezel. They also place a tiny camera somewhere on the ATM so they can record the PIN code entered. The bezel and camera are designed so they are very difficult to notice. The overlay skimming bezel is equipped with a battery and all the electronics necessary to copy card data from the magnetic stripe on the card. Once they have the card data combined with the PIN code, counterfeit cards are produced, and you and your customer are vulnerable. Deep Insert inside your card reader This method of skimming involves the criminals inserting a very thin skimmer in the throat of the card reader. The skimmer is equipped with battery and electronics to steal the card data from the magnetic stripe. They again install a very small camera somewhere on the ATM so they can record the PIN code entered. Anti-Skimming solutions will help in preventing the card data from being stolen by the criminals ACG Anti-Skimming solutions have been installed on thousands of ATMs around the world. ACG Anti-Skimming solutions are endorsed by the CBA and protect many ATM’s in Georgia! To prevent the “Overlay” card data theft method, the AntiSkimming device detects when the presence of an overlay device has been placed on to your card reader bezel. Once detected, the Anti-Skimming device emits a “jamming

3 6 | ww m | Sp ring 2019

signal” so that the card data can not be read. This prevents the criminals from capturing the card data they desire. This does also prevent the ATM card reader from being able to read the magnetic stripe data. However, in an increasing number of situations, the transaction can still occur for your customer if your network uses the chip on the card (instead of the magnetic stripe) for the transaction. The Anti-Skimming solution also sends an alarm signal which can be connected to your alarm system for reporting and proactive removal of the skimming devices (overlay and camera). ACG’s solution utilizes the original ATM manufacturer bezel so there is no “different look” to your customer that might prevent them from inserting their card and completing their transaction. To help prevent the deep insert data theft method, a physical device has been developed. The device is installed into your card reader and narrows the throat opening dimensions. The concept is if a deep insert skimmer has been inserted into the card reader throat, there is no longer enough clearance for an ATM card to also be inserted, therefore preventing the criminals from capturing the card data they desire. For more information or an assessment of your current ATM fleet, please contact Tracy Dobson at

Tracy Dobson

Account Manager ACG A CBA Endorsed Member Company

2019 Endorsed Member Companies ACG | Refurbished ATMs Phil Winn | | (678) 458-9899​

Holtmeyer & Monson | SBA Lending Arne Monson | | (800) 340-7304

Ameriprise Financial Institutions Group (Formerly Investment Professionals, Inc.) | In-Bank Retail Investment Services William J Lavender | | (210) 288-1981

Kasasa | Branded Suite of Banking Products Shanna James | | (512) 582-7174

ATM Response | ATM Service & Cash Logistics Tony Webb | | (770) 855-2989

OnCourse Learning | Online Training Craig Johnson | (404) 476-3460

Bahr Consultants, Inc. | Insurance Review Hank Bahr | | (865) 694-6098

Pentegra | 401k/Retirement Planning Wade Connor | | (704) 608-4563

BFS Group | BOLI & Executive Benefits John Gianacaci | | (609) 915-9168

S&P Global Market Intelligence (Formerly SNL Financial) | Financial Data Colin Wyatt | | (434) 817-5475

Computer Services, Inc. | Secure-Connect for Directors Andy Lapp | | (800) 545-4274, ext. 16064

SecureWorks | Managed Internet Security Program Jack Clonts | | (404) 417-3716

CRA Partners | Senior Housing Crime Prevention Sue Shaffer | (901) 529-4787

SHAZAM | Debit Card/EFT Processing Alex Jernigan | | (229) 220-0064

Crescent Mortgage | Secondary Market Mortgage Services Ashli Matson | (770) 714-5417 The Eversole Group, LLC | Marketing Program Craig Eversole | (601) 977-5225 Executive Insurance Agency, Inc. | VSI Program Ryan Sower | (770) 474-2355 Fitech | Merchant Services Matt Mingenback | | (316) 518-8850 Genesys Technology Group, LLC | Vendor Renewal & Evaluation David Saylor | | (770) 729-4139 Harland Clarke | Check Program Ryan Busenitz | | (678) 595-0625

STS Group | Bank Security Equipment & Branch Automation Technology Chris Nelson | | (205) 567-3613 The Baker Group | Portfolio Management & Asset/Liability Strategies Paul Clanton | | (405) 415-7337 Travelers | Insurance/D & O/ Bond Program Diana Baker | | (678) 317-7882 UPS | Overnight Delivery Program Monica Sterk | | (800) 531-7917 William Mills Agency | Public Relations & Marketing William Mills | | (678) 781-7200 Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC Bank Assetpoint/Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) Danny Capitel | | (770) 630-6796 *Cooperative Marketing Alliance

For more information on these providers, special discounts for CBA member banks, or to learn about the endorsement process, contact Lindsay Greene at (770) 541-0376 or

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