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Introduction What we are trying to do in this chemistry project is to look for and make a biofuel to help the environment and replace gasoline. We went to a field trip to an ethanol processing facility to learn about the process waste goes through to create this substance. Our idea for this project is to make a green ethanol as simple as it can be made, with easy to get substances and with no harmful to earth components. We hope that we can create a great ethanol. Triggering question Can we create a type of ethanol using simple methods and ingredients? Why we want to do this? So we wanted to do this project because as the population increases and we harm the planet, we need to find alternative ways to take care of our home. One of the mayor pollutants are the fossil fuels, most of the transportation we use are powered with gasoline, but gasoline is really bad for our environment, animals and us. Gasoline is poisonous for the humans also carbon hydroxide gases, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons are send to the environment with the rest of pollutant gasses. This alters our ecosystem and kills many animals and plants every single day. So people are starting to use what we know as biofuels to look after the planet and we wanted to help and create our own biofuel. objective: ​the objective of this project is to create the greenest ethanol with Hypothesis If we manage to find the right products that are environmentally-friendly, then we will create a biofuel that works and will not harm the planet. Planification Of course doing a biofuel is something that should not be taken lightly, and as highschool students we were trying to do something that could actually work and not just some weird mixture. We decided that making ethanol might be the best thing as that is the number one biofuel in the world and the sales of this have increased through years. It also the simplest one to make, as far as it goes. We searched for many ways to make biofuel but only one got our attention.

Project explanation

This project is focused on the fact that as the population increases, more environmental damages will be made. Transportation is one of the main problems to this and as more transportation is needed, the use of gasoline, which is a mayor pollutant, increases as well; so we need new ways to power the engines. The idea of ethanol born years ago, but as the necessity of new gasolines were needed the implementation of ethanol resurfaced. We decided that a basic ethanol could be the best way to use cars but at the same time taking care of the planet, but as we were investigating we find out that ethanol is also harmful for the environment, obviously in less quantities. We thought that making different types of ethanol we will have better results and different options to choose which one is the best. We made two different types ethanols; the first one was an environmentally-friendly ethanol and the second one was a chemical ethanol, which is basically a common ethanol. So we decided we needed an environmentally-friendly ethanol; but to do the environmentally-friendly ethanol we have to look for natural ingredients that have the same components as the chemical ones, which was difficult at some point, luckily the natural products that we found out that had the same components as the chemical ones where products that we use everyday in our daily life. This products would not harm the environment and are easily produced.

Ingredients ● Recipe ● Something to heat the mixture ● Gloves Green biodiesel: ● Coconut oil ● Salt ● Ethyl Alcohol Normal biodiesel ● Oil ● Sodium hydroxide ● Ethyl Alcohol Experiment 1st try of the green biodiesel:

-Ingredients: ● Coconut oil [150 ml] ● Salt [3 grams] ● Ethyl alcohol [70 ml] -Process: We put the 3 ingredients in a recipe we mixed them and we heat them like 50º and we wait a little bit to don't be cold. This 1st try didn’t make combustion 2nd try Normal biodiesel: -Ingredients: ● Oil [200 ml] ● Sodium hydroxide [3 gm] ● Ethyl alcohol [150 ml] -Process We decided to did the same thing as the first one but the we put more alcohol and sodium hydroxide. We heat them 70º and we wait. The mixture was viscous. The 2nd try didnt make combustion. 3rd try Green biodiesel -Ingredients ● Ethyl alcohol [100 ml] ● Oil coconut [40 ml] ● Salt [ 1 spoon] -Process We put the ingredients when the mixture start to heat. We heat them 70º. The mixture do bubbles, we wait a little to the mixture be cold. The 3rd try make combustion, so that means that worked. 4rd try Normal Biodiesel -Ingredients ● Ethyl alcohol [150 ml] ● Oil [100 ml] ● Sodium Hydroxide [3 gm]

-Process We put the ingredients when the mixture start to heat. We heat them 70ยบ. Depend of the temperature the color change. The mixture made bubbles. The 4rd try made combustion, so that means that worked. Conclusion We saw that with more alcohol and put the ingredients while the mixture is heating we can make the biodiesel. This project teaches us about how a biofuel is made and how it works. We learned about ethanol and its procedure and generations. Making biofuel was a fun thing to do; even if it didn't work the first time. We kept trying until we finally found out how to make it right.

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