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Janessa Touchet & OÄ&#x;ulcan Borova | Photography: Peter Mueller

Jill Marlow & Anthony Krutzkamp perform “Infamous Love Songs�, choreography by Devon Carney, 2011. Unless otherwise indicated, all photography in this brochure is by Peter Mueller.

Dear Friends, In the lifetime of every organization there comes a moment when we pause to take stock of what we have accomplished and where to set our sights for the future. As we celebrate 50 years, Cincinnati Ballet has never looked better. Our dancers are in top form, our repertoire is diverse and inventive, and our dedication to serving our community grows with every year. We are, indeed, set to soar. But as we peer into the future, with all of its bright prospects, there is an element that remains uncertain that can threaten even the best laid plans. We are blessed by the generosity of many wonderful partners and supporters, but our dependence on ticket sales and annual giving makes us vulnerable to the constant economic shift that threatens so many promising organizations. Cincinnati Ballet needs a stronger foundation. This is why we have launched a $5 million endowment campaign to help secure the future of Cincinnati Ballet. An endowment will help provide the essential stability the Ballet needs to weather the storm of financial uncertainty and ensure that its legacy will continue. Not just today. Not just tomorrow. But far into our future. Time and time again we watch our dancers step out boldly to do what seems impossible. A ballerina is tossed into the air only to land in the arms of her partner and his steady hand maneuvers her with ease as they alight through graceful turns. An endowment gives us the opportunity to be the steady hand in a deeply profound way and to offer the security of a partnership that extends beyond a single moment in time. We have so much to celebrate today. But just think of where we might be 50 years from now? There are creative endeavors yet to be imagined; young dancers now in training who could defy our highest expectations; and scores of young students that could be introduced to the joy of dance for the first time. An endowment makes that possible. We have come to you in gratitude for your faithful support of Cincinnati Ballet and your dedication to cultivating the artistic landscape of our community. As such, you are among an exceptional group of committed friends the company can now turn to in order to help fund Cincinnati Ballet’s Endowment Campaign. Please join us in ensuring that this cultural and community treasure remains a vital resource to our generation and all those to follow. With our sincere thanks,

Larry Kellar

Rhonda Sheakley

Cincinnati Ballet, Yesterday & Today In 1964, Cincinnati Civic Ballet presented its very first performance at University of Cincinnati’s Wilson Auditorium. From our humble beginnings as a civic dance group, Cincinnati Ballet Company has grown into one of the nation’s most respected regional ballet companies. Today, the company flourishes under the leadership of Artistic Director and CEO, Victoria Morgan. A former dancer with Ballet West and the San Francisco Ballet, Victoria has led the artistic vision of the company since 1997 before taking on the additional role of CEO in 2008. Since then, Victoria’s tenure with the ballet has been nothing short of remarkable: the company now garners national critical acclaim, presents countless world premieres, trains future generations of dancers, and provides successful education & outreach programs to engage a rich and diverse community.

Victoria Morgan, Artistic Director & CEO

Cincinnati Ballet dancers perform in “Infamous Love Songs”, choreography by Devon Carney, 2011.

What We Do

Above: Otto M. Budig Academy student performs on stage with Cincinnati Ballet dancers and artistic staff in “Frisch’s Presents The New Nutcracker”, choreography by Victoria Morgan, 2011. Below: Sarah Hairston & Zack Grubbs perform in “Mozart’s Requiem”, choreography by Adam Hougland, 2010.

Over 50,000 people attend our annual performance season, which is comprised of six fully-staged professional productions.

Our performance repertoire includes the world’s most beloved classical ballets as well as innovative contemporary work.

Over 1,400 children receive dance instruction at Cincinnati Ballet’s Otto M. Budig Academy. Additionally, adult courses are available, including Rhythm & Motion™ workout classes which offer the opportunity to get physically fit while learning ballet, hip-hop, African dance, Latin dance, and more.

Cincinnati Ballet makes dance accessible to at-risk youth through education & outreach programming, free dance lessons and full scholarships. Because everyone has the right to dance, we provide nearly 90,000 hours of art-making opportunities each year for amateurs of all ages – children, adults, and seniors.

Set to Soar

Cincinnati Ballet and BalletMet Columbus dancers perform in “Swan Lake”, choreography Devon Carney, after Petipa and Ivanov, 2008.

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the 2013-2014 Season, Cincinnati Ballet is poised to take

Our goal is to secure gifts and pledges to achieve $5 million,

flight. Now with critical acclaim and a stronger community

assuring that Cincinnati Ballet will be able to continue to

presence than ever before, Cincinnati Ballet is determined

enrich our community at every level through the beauty,

to leave a legacy for generations to come through the

power and passion of dance.

establishment of the Set to Soar Endowment Fund. The Set to Soar Endowment Fund is governed by its own board to protect and manage endowed funds, which will sustain the vibrancy of Cincinnati Ballet. The principal of these funds will be carefully invested, and a portion of the interest will generate support for ongoing operating expenses, securing the ballet’s cornerstone initiatives: artistic performances, academy training, education and outreach programming. It will ensure that major ballets like the visually gorgeous new Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker and impressive premieres such as Mozart’s Requiem or Balanchine’s Stars and Stripes, will be possible for years to come.

Cincinnati Ballet Endowed Funds Significant gift commitments (contributions over $25,000) to the Set to Soar Endowment Fund are invited to associate their name or that of a loved one to a noteworthy fund, educational program, or leadership position.

General Endowment Fund

Above: Cincinnati Ballet dancers perform “Mozart’s Requiem”, choreography by Adam Hougland, 2010. Below: Jane Wagner & David Blackburn performing “Winter Traces”, choreography by David McLain, 1971. Photography: Bob Gerding

For 50 years now, Cincinnati Ballet has held fast to the promise of inspiring hope and joy in our community and beyond through the beauty, power and passion of dance. Fundamental to fulfilling this mission is the generosity of individuals who value and support the aspirations of the organization through the General Endowment Fund. The General Endowment Fund is unrestricted and assures that the innovation, energy, and powerful physicality that Cincinnati Ballet has become known for will never be compromised.

Artistic & Creative Initiatives Funds Artistic Fund

Creative Fund

When grace and power alight our stages, we witness the

Ballet is ever changing and our ideas about it evolve as

creation of physical drama - drama that moves us, inspires

we grow as individuals, as a community, and as an art

us and connects us to something larger than ourselves.

form. Cincinnati Ballet aims to bring you the very best in

Gifts to the Artistic Initiatives Fund support the salaries and benefits of the dancers, artistic staff and music director who bring these moments to life. Your support ensures that

dance whether it be the latest cutting-edge new work, an intriguing new collaboration or a production by a legendary choreographer.

our dancers have the resources they need to continue to

Contributions to the Creative Initiatives Fund allow

develop the artistry and athleticism that is at the very heart

Cincinnati Ballet to continue to create world premieres

of what we do, and that the leaders in Cincinnati Ballet’s

unique to our community, invest in top notch choreographic

artistic endeavors are high level and nationally renown.

talent, and produce the classic work that makes up the foundation on which we stand. In doing so, you help to put Cincinnati Ballet at the forefront of some of the most exciting new advances in dance that push boundaries, asks questions, and dares to think differently.

Left: Victoria Morgan, Artistic Director and CEO, watches from stage as Cincinnati Ballet dancers rehearse her choreography in “Frisch’s Presents The New Nutcracker”, 2011. Right: Cervilio Miguel Amador performs in “Mozart’s Requiem”, choreography by Adam Hougland, 2010.

Gema Diaz & Zack Grubbs perform choreography by Andrew Hubbard and Missy Lay Zimmer of Exhale Dance Tribe in “Infamous Love Songs,” 2011.

Otto M. Budig Academy Fund

Upper level Otto M. Budig Academy student, Daniel Durrett, in class.

Otto M. Budig Academy

Named Scholarship Funds

As the region’s only pre-professional ballet training

For us, dance is meant to be for anyone with a desire, not

program, the Otto M. Budig Academy continues to inspire

just those who have the financial means. We believe that

young people with the desire to dance, nurturing and

everyone has a right to explore dance because expression

refining them into talented and inspirational performers.

through physical movement is a significant indicator of a

The curriculum at the Academy is flexible enough to

well balanced, healthy lifestyle.

meet each student’s needs. While the Academy provides

Our aim is to maintain at least 50 need-based scholarships

professional-level training and rigor for the most committed

annually for students at the intermediate or pre-professional

students, it instills discipline, confidence and determination

level who demonstrate exceptional ability. Your endowment

at all levels of training.

gift can be used to create a named scholarship fund that

By leaving a financial legacy to the Otto M. Budig Academy, you will help young people achieve their dreams, creating dancers who will re-ignite the passion for dance into audiences of the future.

will cover costs for tuition, pointe shoes, dance attire, and even summer room and board for aspiring young dancers at the Otto M. Budig Academy.

Education & Outreach Fund

Choreographer and Rhythm & Motion instructor, Heather Britt, engages the community through dance at a World Choir Games event, 2012. Photography: Lauren Bishop

Cincinnati Ballet commits to serving the community by bringing the joy of dance

Our education & outreach programs provide live

to students and underserved populations throughout our

performances for audiences of all ages, developing a

region. We serve more than 14,000 children, teens and

respect and hopefully igniting a passion for the arts. One

adults each year through performances at schools, libraries

of our most popular programs, CincyDance!, brings the

and community centers across Greater Cincinnati, Northern

arts back into the school by offering weekly instruction for

Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.

at-risk youth to become physically fit, to set and achieve goals, and to build confidence and self-esteem. Your support will ensure these and other free programs are always accessible in our community.

Left: Enthusiastic CincyDance! students dance at the Cincinnati Ballet Center. Right two images: Otto M. Budig students participate in class.

Kristi Capps & Anthony Krutzkamp perform in “Swan Lake”, choreography Devon Carney after Petipa and Ivanov, 2008.

Touring Initiatives Fund

With every year, Cincinnati Ballet’s affinity for developing world-class dancers and stunning productions grows. Our commitment to the artistic enrichment of our home community will always be our first priority; but with that commitment comes a desire to share with others some of the incredible work occurring in our region. Touring not only provides additional performance opportunities and revenue streams for the organization, but also a unique platform to share with the world the story of the vibrant arts scene in Cincinnati. By investing in the Touring Initiatives Fund, you help to remove financial and geographical barriers and allow Cincinnati Ballet to be a stronger and more relevant participant in the cultural and artistic dialogue in cities throughout the world.

Cincinnati Ballet dancers perform the Waltz of the Flowers in “Frisch’s Presents The New Nutcracker”, choreography Victoria Morgan, 2011.

Ways to Give Gifts to the Cincinnati Ballet’s Set to Soar Endowment Fund can be made in a variety of ways, each of which benefits the Ballet and provides tax advantages to donors. The primary methods include:

Outright Gifts The most direct method of giving to the campaign is by a one-time gift of cash or three to five-year pledge. As a nonprofit, all gifts to Cincinnati Ballet qualify as a tax deductible charitable donation. Gifts of real estate and other appreciated assets can also be made to the Cincinnati Ballet and offer certain tax advantages, depending on the specific circumstances of each donor.

Charitable Lead Trusts Charitable Lead Trusts provide income to the Cincinnati Ballet for a specified number of years. The remainder of assets then passes back to you or your loved ones. Creating such a trust allows for a one-time income tax deduction in the year of the transfer.

Charitable Bequests Your will is an important element in your estate plan that enables you to protect the people you love, your interests, and creates a lasting partnership with the Cincinnati Ballet. By including a bequest in your will or trust, your gift will last forever.

Other Deferred Gifts Life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and gift annuities are also used to create similarly tax-advantaged deferred gifts. These deferred gifts can take a variety of forms, from simply naming Cincinnati Ballet as a beneficiary in a new or existing policy, to designating a percentage of your retirement plan, or choosing to use appreciated assets to fund a gift annuity.

For more information, please contact: Rasheda Malcolm, Director of Development at 513-562-1115 or

Cincinnati Ballet dancers perform in “Mozart’s Requiem”, choreography by Adam Hougland, 2010.

Cervilio Miguel Amador

We exist to move you profoundly and joyfully We believe dance expresses a humanity that can be felt by everyone. We believe collaboration ignites new possibilities. We believe a disciplined approach is essential to success and creativity.

Janessa Touchet & Cervilio Miguel Amador

1555 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45214 General: 513.621.5219 | Box Office: 513.621.5282

Cincinnati Ballet Endowment Campaign  
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