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Western Edge Retention Scholarship…

meet the following criteria to earn the $500 retention scholarship: • Be an undergrad or transfer student • Be attending WMU for the first time • Enroll in fall 2008 • Complete 30 credits of academic course work

Enhanced Advising…

will help you to make progress toward your degree at Western Michigan University. Ask your advisor about these resources to help you… • The WMU Advising Handbook • First Year Success Guide

Graduation Compact:

The graduation compact will help to ensure courses are available when students need them to prevent delays in completing programs.

Fixed Room & Board Rates:

As part of the Western Edge, students who opt to stay in campus residence halls can enjoy fixed room and board rates for up to four years.

Academic Opportunities:

will be offered to help you graduate with the skills and experience you need and will help keep you academically involoved and excited about prepareing for your future.

• Advising Office Directory

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Poster series for office of Advising

Western Edge Poster  

Poster series for office of Advising