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Our mandate: be there John Hawkesby once described CBA’s mission as being “in the bloodstream of where the people are.” That is our ethos… to be present amongst the bustle and noise of New Zealand’s broadcast media, participating in public discourse, being salt and light, offering the hope and truth of the Gospel amidst the clamour. ‘Communicating the essentials of the Christian faith to those who have never understood’ through relevant and powerful programming is the white-hot core of CBA’s mission. But that’s just the beginning. We have several other key strategies to being salt and light within NZ’s media industry. ‘Salt’ is the name of one such CBA initiative, bringing together influential Christians who work in NZ’s mainstream radio, television, film, print and electronic media. A senior producer at TVNZ recently emailed us to say, “It was refreshing to learn that such a group exists, as one can often feel isolated as a Christian in a mainstream media environment.” Furthermore, each year CBA awards scholarships to three exceptional young Christians to help launch their media careers. These passionate high-achievers are committed Christ-followers with a clear vision to impact our world for good through their chosen professions. “Change always comes through people,” says CBA’s Phil Guyan, “So mentoring and investing in talented, ambitious young Christians is one of the most powerful long term approaches we can take to making a difference.” Imogen Maddock is doing a Bachelor

of Communications at AUT and plans to become a radio announcer or producer. She’s a top student who works with youth at her church, has a talent for creative writing and a passion for social justice.

Kaitlin Ruddock is studying

broadcast journalism and has ambitions to become a foreign correspondent or talk back radio host. She was a head student, plays soccer, touch-rugby, netball and runs cross-country. She’s also a talented musician, actress and dancer.

Mei Yeoh is majoring in journalism, works at RNZ, and would one day like to run her own newsroom. She’s an accomplished musician, an outstanding athlete and leads children’s ministries at her church.

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COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU The nuclear scientist Robert Oppenheimer once said, “The very best way to send an idea is to wrap it up in a person.” And we agree. So this September the CBA team is planning a road-trip throughout New Zealand to meet with supporters and pray-ers. We’ll be sending you details soon. Meanwhile, please mark your diary… we’re looking forward to meeting you! All gatherings will start at 7:15pm.



On CBA’s Total Recall programme recently (Newstalk ZB, Sunday nights 6:00pm to 7:30pm) the topic was ‘great speeches in history’. John Hawkesby was our guest and said, “I still think the greatest speech of all time (for me personally) is from the Gospel, Matthew 5, the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit”, and so on. I think you can’t go past those few verses that are just terribly insightful, that speak to the human condition and that offer some sort of hope.”

We’re delighted to report that CBA recently won two finalist awards at the New York Festivals for Best Director and Best Information/ Documentary. We also reached the finals of the 2013 NZ Radio Awards for Best Technical Production. We’re grateful to the many talented individuals who helped make this happen. These accolades increase CBA’s credibility among mainstream broadcasters and open doors to more opportunities, locally and globally.

PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY Every good and perfect gift is from above. – James 1:17 ESV

CBA is making a positive Christian impact on secular airwaves, communicating the Gospel in creative ways to huge audiences who have no connection with church. This is genuine market-place ‘seed-sowing’, reaching tens of thousands of listeners every week. Please help if you can, by sending a donation or regular autopayment. Thank you! • To donate, please use our a/c 12 3110 0014706 00. Include your donor number in the reference. • Or visit to donate online by credit card. • Or phone 0900 80 222 to make a $20 gift.

WHET YOUR APPETITE Some of our supporters never hear our daily, weekly and seasonal programmes… so we’ve produced a FREE sample CD especially for you. ‘Appetiser 3’ is packed with 30 short programmes that we’re sure will inspire you. You may also like to share the CD with a friend, your church or small group. TO ORDER: Simply tick the response coupon to receive your FREE CD – or phone toll free 0508 FREE CD (0508 373 323) – or visit to listen online.

Wish you could give more? One paragraph in your Will can help CBA spread God’s love and hope to thousands of New Zealanders… long into the future. To request a bequest brochure, phone 0800 772 937, visit or write to CBA, PO Box 100, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140. Thanks to NZ On Air for helping fund CBA’s Scrubcutter & Real Life

To donate, please use your personalised response coupon, or send your gift to Freepost Number 69602, CBA, PO Box 100, Shortland St, Auckland 1140 or phone 0900 80 222 to make a gift of $20 charged to your phone account. CBA’s bank account number is: 12 3110 0014706 00 - THANK YOU.

CBANEWS Spring 2013  

Find out about our 2013 Scholarship Winners and the upcoming CBA Roadtrip.