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Business Plan Outline1

Cover page Table of Contents I. Executive Summary A. Mission Statement B. Business Objectives C. Competitive Advantage D. Market Strategy E. The Management Team F. The Product G. The Financial Request II. Description of the Business and Industry A. Your Company B. The Industry C. The Product D. Goals and Objectives III. Market Analysis A. Description of Customer B. Target Market C. Market Influences – External D. Competitive Advantage IV. Competitor Analysis A. Existing Competitors B. Potential Competitors V. Strategic Plan A. Business Strategy B. Marketing Strategy C. Production Strategy D. Supply and Procurement Strategy E. Stakeholder Management Strategy F. Risk Assessment and Contingency Plans VI. Organization and Management Plan A. Management Philosophy B. Business Organization C. Identification of Key People D. Succession Plan E. Business Partners F. Staffing Plan G. Risk Management Strategies VII. Financial Plan and Financial Request


Suggested length 1 page 1 - 2 pages 1 - 2 pages

3 - 5 pages

5 - 6 pages

4 - 6 pages

12 – 20 pages

2 - 4 pages

3 pages of text and appropriate

Adapted from The Business Plan for the Small Business by James V. Dupree Prentice Hall 1996

VIII. Strategic Action/Implementation Plans Summary and Conclusions Appendices (as needed) A. Management's Resumes/Biographies B. Customer Profiles C. Competitor Profiles D. Product Profiles E. Site Study/Store Layout F. Financial Statements

spreadsheets Length varies 1 - 2 pages Length varies

Business Plan Outline  

An outline to follow in order to create a business plan and a corresponding table of contents.

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