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Shot List Scene

Shot 1

Elements 1 Charles, Mom, Dad

Description WS of entire kitchen as the family goes about business MS Dad talking to Charlie MS Charlie talking to Dad MS Dad & Charlie sitting next to each other @ table

1 1 1

2 Dad 3 Charles 4 Charles, Dad, Mom in background


5 Charles, front door of house 6 Charles, Dad, Mom

CU Charles w/ door behind him as bus honks


1 Charlie, red leaves, kids in background

WS/camera close to ground. Charlie knelt examining leaf


2 Charlie, red leaf

CU/LA catching Charlie's expression of intrigue



3 Charlie, kids, leaves WS kids running in school, Charlie following behind 1 Charlie, kids in WS/HA kids talking, Charlie in middle working classroom on paper 2 Charlie, paper CU over Charlie's shoulder of poem he's writing


3 Teacher


4 kids in classroom


5 Charlie


6 Charlie


7 Charlie, Principle


8 Charlie, Principle

4 4

1 Principle 2 Charlie, Principle

4 4

3 Charlie 4 Charlie, Principle

4 5

5 Charlie, Principle 1 Charlie


2 Charlie, Principle, Uncle W



WS of kitchen, Charlie running out front door

POV of Charlie looking at teacher while she speaks WS from behind teacher - she picks Charlie to come up MS from side as Charlie walks up to front of class POV of any person sitting at desk in classroom POV of teacher, principle in doorway on other side of Charlie MS from classroom following Charlie to door POV of Charlie looking at Principle WS from down hall, Charlie & Principle half silhouetted SCU of Charlie bewildered face MS behind Principle kneeling - Charlie starting to cry WS from down hall, Charlie is screaming MS/HA of Charlie sitting stone cold in Principle's office MS/LA Charlie sitting in chair, Principle & Uncle W walk through door


3 Uncle W, Principle


4 Charlie, Principle, Uncle W 5 Uncle W 6 Principle 7 Uncle W 8 Principle 9 Uncle W 10 Principle, Uncle W

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6


11 Charlie, Principle, Uncle W 1 Uncle W's apartment 2 Uncle W's apartment 3 Uncle W, Charlie

6 6

4 Uncle W, glass of bourbon 5 Uncle W 6 Uncle W, Charlie


7 Uncle W, Charlie


8 Charlie


9 Uncle W, Charlie


10 Uncle W, Charlie


11 Uncle W, Charlie

6 6

12 Uncle W, Charlie 13 Uncle W

6 7 7 7 7 7 7

14 1 2 3 4 5 6


Charlie Charlie, Uncle W Charlie Charlie, Uncle W Charlie Charlie, Uncle W Charlie, Uncle W

7 Charlie

POV of Charlie - Uncle W gives awkward smile Same angle as #5(2) CU as he talks to Principle CU "Mr. Roy..." CU struggling to say something CU "I'm sure..." CU "I guess‌" MS Principle pats Uncle W on back, they turn around Same angle as #5(2) WS through front door of apartment as they walk in WS of kitchen, characters are in background rummaging around MS Uncle W walking into kitchen to get bottle, Charlie sits on couch in background CU/LA Uncle W pouring bourbon into cup CU of finishing drink quickly WS showing a lot of the apartment as Unlce W says "Well I know it ain't much.." MS Charlie is crying, Uncle W pours another drink MS following Charlie as he buries his head in couch WS/LA Uncle W talking by kitchen door "Yeah go on and cry" POV of Charlie, Uncle W standing over him WS Uncle pouring drink on Charlie "STOP FUCKING CRYING!" Same angle as #6(7) POV of Charlie, Uncle W walking out of apartment, slamming door Same angle as #6(6) Same angle as #6(6) - time has passed MS Charlie wakes up Same angle as #6(7) MS/HA "I want my Mama!" MS - Unlce W at fridge Same angle as #7(1) - Charlie through table MS following Charlie to door


8 Uncle W

8 8 8 8

1 2 3 4


5 people in park

POV of Charlie - two drunk people laughing


6 Musician, park


7 Charlie, Musician

POV of Charlie, park with Musician playing guitar MS Musician in foreground as Charlie walks towards him CU as he finishes song Same angle as #8(5) "You alright champ" POV of Musician for Charlie's reaction WS during conversation CU as he steps into light CU "Dear Lord…" CU as he starts crying MS from behind Musician "Now now now"

Charlie Charlie, leaves Charlie trees

8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Musician Charlie, Musician Charlie Charlie, Musician Charlie Musician Charlie Charlie, Musician

8 8 8 8 8 8

16 17 18 19 20 21

Charlie, Musician Musician Charlie Charlie, Musician Charlie Charlie, Musician

WS Uncle W alone in apartment with head in hands WS following Charlie down sidewalk WS silhouette as he stops in park CU of Charlie breathing hard WS/LA (POV of Charlie) birds flying out of tree

1 Charlie, Musician

MS of two sitting on bench head on CU "Did your Pa do this" CU " No…" MS/LA "Where's your Mom" CU "My Uncle Walter" MS Charlie crying, Musician puts arm around him WS silhouette from behind two walking away

10 10 10 11 11 11

1 2 3 1 2 3

CU on reaction looking at computer CU on content on foster care MS as he leans back in chair to think WS of two sitting at café CU on headline of bank robbery story MS drinking coffee smiling warmly at Charlie

12 12

1 Musician 2 newspaper


3 Charlie, Musician

MS as he looks through papers CU on headlines, comes across Uncle W's charges MS of Musician calling to Charlie in background

12 12 13

4 Charlie, Musician 5 Charlie 1 Charlie, Musician

MS head on of two "Come on Bud" CU of reaction MS of two practicing guitar


Musician Computer Musician Charlie, Musician newspaper Musician


2 Charlie with guitar


15 16 16 16 17

3 Musician with guitar MS smiling at Charlie "You've just gotta keep practicing 1 Charlie, Musician, WS of two playing a set in park for passer-by's onlookers, park 1 park WS of park in spring 2 Charlie, Musician, MS of Charlie tearing down missing child poster poster 3 Charlie, Musician, MS of Musician "I'm not going to let them find posters you‌" 4 Charlie, posters MS of Charlie "I don't want them to find me either" 5 Musician CU of reaction 1 Charlie, Musician Same angle as #13(1) 2 Musician MS "Wow those lyrics were beautiful" 3 Charlie CU smiling in appreciation 1 park WS showing it is fall with red leaves again

17 18

2 Charlie, Musician 1 Charlie, Musician


2 Charlie, Musician

18 18

3 Musician 4 Charlie, Musician

18 19

5 Charlie 1 Charlie, Musician, Suits 2 Suit #1

14 15 15 15 15

19 19 19 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 20

3 Suit#2, Charlie, Musician 4 Charlie, Musician 5 Charlie, Musician, Suits 6 Charlie 7 Charlie, Musician 1 Charlie, Musician 2 Charlie

MS "Oh, man"

MS/HA the two playing their duet MS/LA two sitting on park bench counting money MS/LA from Charlie's side while Musician speaks CU "Maybe even a record deal" MS Musician "I'm going to make sure it's not wasted" CU of Charlie's reaction WS of Charlie & Musician shaking hands with suits Over Musician's shoulder, suit handing him card MS Suit #2 "You guys really have a unique sound" MS "Actually he's not" WS as they all shake hands and say goodbye

CU speaking to Musician MS of awkward imbrace MS of Musician leaving to go get food WS Charlie playing guitar by himself for passerby's 3 Charlie, Elderly Man WS zoomed in slightly on Charlie playing as Man stops and listens 4 Elderly Man MS "Can I buy one of those CDs" 5 Charlie MS "Yeah, sure"


6 Charlie, Elderly Man MS/LA of exchange of money and CD

20 20 20

7 Elderly Man 8 Charlie 9 Elderly Man

POV of Charlie looking at Man CU "You know, I get that a lot" CU "You've really got some talent there kid"


10 Charlie, Elderly Man MS "Thanks again!"


11 Charlie, Elderly Man MS behind Charlie as he watches Man walk away 12 Charlie, Elderly Man WS zooming out as Man walks away and Charlie starts to play again


Soundtrack List Track 1 Okkervil River – “Red”’ This song will be what Charles is singing during the last scene (scene 20) where Charles is playing by himself just before he meets Uncle Walter. The lyrics from this song are the same from the poem which Charles read in front of the class 8 years ago. The inspiration for the film came from this song. We used red leaves as a motif to go along with the theme of this song. However, the red theme is not always literal. We named the movie "Shades of Red" to illustrate the transition Charles goes through during his young adulthood. Red is the color of danger, which Charles encounters with his Uncle. It is the color of blood which we see on Charles after his Uncle throws him into the glass table. But red is also the color of love. Charles and the musician grow to love each other as father and son. Another example of the color metaphor is that red is the color associated with weath. Charles and the Musician eventually make a good living from their music and record a CD, one of which Charles ironically sells to Uncle Walter. Track 2 The Fray – “Ungodly Hour” This song will be playing in the background during scene 8 where Charles is meeting the musician for the first time. The music will start the moment Charles notcies the muscian on the other side of the park and continue until the end of scene 11, where Charles and the musician are at the cafe and the musician is reading the newspaper. We chose this song because it has a melancholy mood but also because the lyrics match what the scene is about. For example, "Don't talk, don't say a thing. Because your eyes tell me more than words." Track 3 Augustana – “Twenty Years” This song will begin playing at the end of scene 20 where Uncle Walter says goodbye to Charles. Charles then watches Uncle Walter walk away and laughs. Then there is a fade and the credits begin. The song will continue for the credits as well. We chose this song because it is slightly sad but also uplifting.

Track 4 One Republic – “Come Home” This song will be playing for the opening credits are for part of Scene 1. The song is sad but the scene seems to be happy. By juxtaposing a sad song with a happy scenario it subtle foreshadows that something is not right about the happy situation. In this case, this is the last time Charles will see his parents. The lyrics keep saying "Come Home" but Charles will never come home again. Track 5 Thrice – “As the Crow Flys” This song will begin to play during scene 4 after the Principle has told Charles that his parents have been killed. The calm voice and guitar will contrast with Charles's intense screaming. The song is talking about a mother crow, its baby bird, and how one day the baby bird will have to go off on its own. This is the moment in Charles's life where he finds out he is now an orphan and by himself.

Location Shots

-Park 1. This is the long shot where Charles sees the Musician from across the park. (Scene 8)

-Park 2. This is a shot of the

bench facing outward onto the paved trail. An Ideal spot for passersby to listen to music and place donations.

-Park 3. This is a shot of where the missing child posters are attached. Charles and the Musician tear them down together. (Scene 15).

-Park 4. This is a lower level, zoomed in shot of the bench. We see the bench in Scene 8, as well as in the later Scenes 14, 15, 17, and 18. This is a bench that is very imporant in bringing together two strangers, leading to a life-long friendship.

-Park 5. This shot captures the sign at the entry to the park. You can see the grassland and the interconnecting path which leads to the bench.


-Charles is wearing a simple multicolored sleeveless T-shirt, along with navy blue shorts. Economically his family was below middle class, so both of these two articles of clothing have been in his possession for quite some time . This is the guitar we see in Scene 13 when the Musician is giving Charles a guitar lesson.

-The middle-aged musician is neither rich nor poor, all his life he's been earning a living by being a constant entertainer to the public. He is sitting down in business casual pin attire. On top of his head lies a boat hat, suspenders lay on his white button-up shirt attached to his black trousers. Being nicely dressed is also a representation of how his music has matured and tuned to almost perfection. Thus, becoming a teacher for his young apprentice.


1) We did research for the concept art. By looking at various

pictures of apartments, especially ones in bad condition, we can up with the simple, yet messy, layout for Uncle Walter's apartment.

2) We also researched whether it was possible for the Musician to obtain the criminal records for Uncle Walter.

-It is possible to obtain copies of criminal records maintained by Federal agencies under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

-Public records are records that the government and state goverments have made available to the public for public access. Many may be free public records while others will entail a small fee for access or for looking the record up. There are numerous types of public records available to you including court records, small claims records, property records, liens records, incarceration records, criminal records and vital records. -

3) We did research about missing children agencies and missing children posters. -Primarily funded by the Justice Department, the NCMEC acts as an information clearinghouse and resource for

parents, children, law enforcement agencies, schools, and communities to assist in locating missing children and assist in locating missing children and to raise public awareness.

Part 2 of T206 Final Project  
Part 2 of T206 Final Project  

Part 2 of T206 Final Project