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UEFA European Cup 2012 is a famous international football tournament hosted by Poland and Ukraine, this tournament is meant to start 8th June 2012 and will last till 1st July 2012. In this tournament there will be 16 strong nations competing for the Euro Cup 2012. We still do not know which teams will participate as they are still playing the qualifying matches, however we can speculate that strong teams such as: Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, England, Holland, Greece, Sweden and the hosts: Poland and Ukraine would qualify for playing 2012 European Cup. Last UEFA European Cup was hosted 4 years ago in Austria and Switzerland where Spain reached and won the final match against Germany. David Villa was the highest scorer on the tournament; he scored 5 goals for Spain. Spain also won the FIFA World Cup 2010 that was hosted in South Africa, making them one of the favourites to win the UEFA 2010 European Cup. The first UEFA Euro Cup was hosted by France in 1960 where Soviet Union beat Yugoslavia at the finals. So far there have been 13 EUFA Euro Cups (1960-2008). The UEFA Euro 2012 will be the 14th time this tournament will be played. Germany won 3 Euro Cups so far, they have won in 1972 against Soviet Union (3-0), again in 1980 against Belgium (2-1) and in 1996 against Czech Republic (2-1). France and Spain both won 2 times with cup followed by Soviet Union, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Denmark and Greece who won 1 time each. Since UEFA Euro cups are played every 2 years followed by FIFA World Cup, making a gap of 4 years between one Euro Cup to another European cup; heavy betters are eager and awaiting for this tournament. It is estimated that over 100 million bets are played on major sporting events such as UEFA Euro Cup. Football is watched and appreciated all over the world and bets are placed all over the place; including the internet, bookies, private and event among friends. All UEFA European Cups are held over the summer, this means loads of parties, champagnes, heavy music, fun, gambling (betting) and loads of goals! Every four years new quality and world class players are born, plus new millionaires are made from sporting bets and this is why UEFA Euro Cup is among the most awaiting sporting event for all football fans!

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