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If hairloss for men is worrying then hairloss for women is 100 times worse. Men "expect" to experience baldness and hairloss during their lifetime. They may not like the idea but it's part of their genetic makeup to lose their hair over time - it's "normal" to see bald men walking our streets. Women, unfortunately, have no such comfort in this regard - a woman with thinning hair or who is actually bald or balding will tend to attract attention in many social situations. This attention of course being the wrong kind and makes the woman feel truly uncomfortable. From a male point of view it just seems truly unfair that any woman should have to experience any degree of hairloss at all. Female hairloss can have several different causes. The first thing to note is that some women can and do suffer from male pattern baldness - it's rare but it can happen. The other primary causes of female hairloss are stress, overstyling, contraceptives, hormonal imblance, pregnancy, menopause, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and traction alopecia. Stress is an extremely common cause for female hairloss. It can trigger a thinnning of the hair and in some rare cases a total loss of all hair (alopecia totalis). Fortunately most cases of stress related hairloss can be treated. Next on the list is a hormonal imbalance of some kind. We already know that women can suffer from male pattern baldness (too much male hormones in their body) but women can also suffer from estrogenic baldness (female pattern baldness) which is caused by a lack of female hormones in the body. What can cause this hormonal imbalance? Oral contraceptives, PCOS, menopause and pregnancy (post natal stages) are the primary causes of this type of hairloss. All of these directly affect the hormone balance within a womans body and can lead to partial or dramatic thinning or loss of hair. Pregnant women who have just given birth to a child can and will experience a certain degree of hairloss. This is normal, to be expected and is simply caused by higher than normal estrogen levels during the pregnancy itself. Once the estrogen levels in the body drop back to normal levels some hair will be shed as part of this process. One rarely heard of form of female hairloss is traction alopecia. This type of hairloss isn't caused by a hormonal imbalance - it's caused by women putting extremes of pressure on their hair when styling it by tying it back or up. You exert enough pressure doing this to weaken and damage your hair to the point that it can fall out.

What treatments are there for women with female hairloss? If it's caused by stress then remove whatever is causing that stress from your life and you could try yoga, tai chi or meditation to balance your body again. For hormonal causes make sure your doctor eliminates all possible causes by having your blood checked - your doctor can then recommend the best course of action; be it Rogaine or hormone replacement. Aromatherapy treatments are very popular with women suffering hairloss and tend to be more effective than they are in men. For those women who have suffered long term and irreversible hairloss hair replacemet systems offer the best way to regain their confidence and appearance.

No woman should ever have to lose her hair. TheHairlossGuide provides more information on hair loss control and the causes of female hair loss.

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