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University of the First Age has been helping transform young people’s lives since 1996 through innovative cultural learning. Showing no signs of stopping the UFA are now underway with ‘Leading Lights’ Caroline Brader tells mailout how this three year programme will deliver arts and culture to young people in a whole new light.

“The UFA is especially passionate about developing young people’s leadership roles and by exploring the synergy between the Arts Award and our leadership programmes. “

UFA is a national education charity with a mission to transform learning experiences for young people across homes, schools and communities. Since 1996 we have worked with over 750,000 young people and 6000 adults in 50 areas across the UK, Jamaica and Australia to create inspiring learning. We develop learning activities for young people based around our challenge framework. We train young people and adults to confidently support, lead and train others.

The UFA is especially passionate about developing young people’s leadership roles and by exploring the synergy between the Arts Award and our leadership programmes. Exploring this with schools, extended learning providers and cultural organisations across the West Midlands led to the development of a new Cultural leaders initiative ‘Leading Lights’. We are delighted to have received funding from the Arts Council for a 3 year programme. This is the change we intend to have brought about:

The year is 2013... In six locations across Dudley and Birmingham, 72 young people aged 14-19 have experienced arts and culture in a completely new way. They are not simply the participants, producers or the audience of the arts world that interests them, they are the leaders of it.

They are the leaders of ‘Leading Lights’ clubs and are now planning, designing and leading arts experiences for other young people.

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Images: Courtesy of UFA

Through the UFA training they gained new understanding of how children learn and what kind of environments make leaning exciting. They have developed new skills in project management communication and teamwork. They recorded and reviewed their progress through the framework of a silver Arts Award.

180 children aged 11-14 have taken part in new activity known as a ‘Leading Lights’ club.

Over the past two years, using the framework of the bronze Arts Award, they have set themselves personal arts challenges, been on cultural trips, taken part in workshops and group activities. They have a greater understanding of the arts world and of their own creativity. They are more likely to become consumers of, or creators of, ‘art’ in their adult lives. Something else has changed for these 11-14 year olds as well, they have new arts heroes….their peers.

Their heroes are the young people from their own communities who have planned, designed and led the after school ‘Leading Lights’ clubs. These new relationships with their older peers have motivated them, raised their expectations of what they themselves could achieve, they see their own potential to be leaders of learning.

40 adults from across the arts world and the children’s work-force are now UFA fellows committed to transforming cultural learning.

They believe in the necessity of cultural learning in children’s lives, they believe in the impact that the arts can have on a young person’s success as a learner. They also share a belief in the need to develop leadership skills in young people with creative skills.•

If you would like to know more about this programme or other opportunities to work with the UFA then contact Caroline Brader: or visit:

UFA Leading Lights  

An article published in "mailout' magazine detailing the new UFA project "Leading Lights' Developing Cultural Lead Learners accross Birmingh...