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Report form the consultation wiht young people about the world and chellanges that is facing.



you will find in this document the voice of the European and Asian youth in the chellanges, global problems and solutions they would like to apply.

The “ESIA Voluntary Service – Volunteerism for Global Education and Understanding” project aimed to develop a sustainable partnership mechanism between Asia and


European youth organizations working on volunteerism as an entry point to ensure young people’s participation, empowerment and commitment to address different social challenges that affects them.

ABOUT THE PUBLICATION And the consultations implemented with young people about the change they would like to see in the world. The idea to implement the consultations

were unemployed, then we had

wiht the young people came up during the

18% of students, 8% of full time

networking seminar of the group of volunteers

empliyed, 9% of part-time

managers from Asia and Europe that took

employed and 14% of others.

place in January 2013 in the Philippines. The

The last statistical data we

partners met in the framework of the project

got from the respondents

called ESIA - “ESIA Voluntary Service –

was if they are a members

Volunteerism for Global Education and

of any youth organizations.

Understanding”, and one of its objectives were

As a result 46% belongs to

to prepare the policy intervention and

the youth organizations and

recommendations. As the overall objective of

54% doesn´t. Amoung the types of

the group is to foster youth participation,

the organziations that the young people

Volunteerism for Global Education and

promote volunteering and take it as the entry

belong to, we have 22% of the students

Understanding” project aims to develop a

point to address global chellanges, we have

organizations, 15% of the environmental

sustainable partnership mechanism between

decided that we cannot make any intervention

organizations, 10% of organizations for the

Asia and European youth organizations

without asking young people. Therefore the

leasure time and then there are the others.

working on volunteerism as an entry point to

working group was established, and the

About this publication

ensure young people’s participation,

consultaiotns were implemented.

Who has participated We have created a consultaiton form that


In this publication you can find the summary of all the opinions of young people. We have analyzed the opinion of the young

each partner from 8 participating countries

people about what they would like to change

was distributing amoung the youth. Since for

in the world, if they are interested in something

some time the respond was not very much

more then their local community and if yes

satisfacotry we have contacted as well young

then in what, and finally how they wuld liek to

people though our faveook page of

be involved in the global changes. All the

BeVolunteer. In the end we got 124 responsed

answeres has been analyzed and clustered

from the young people from: Poland, Spain,

into the categories developed [based on hte

Philippines, Lithuania, China, Vietnam, Italy,

repetitiveness of the answers and the logical

India, Greece, Noway, Georgia, Austria.

connection of those]. In the end as the result

Malaysia, and Ireland. The huge majority of

we got the list fo 9 main directions of changes

responders were between 18 and 30 years old

that the young people would like to see. We

[92%], 2% of the people were between 15 and

got the overview about their interests, that is

18, and 6% of the people were between 30

specially important for us as the youth workers

and 35 years old. We have asked then as well

developing the projects fro the young people,

what they are doing for living, what is their

and finally got the list of the different practicies

occupation, and 51% fof the respondents

and the actions that can be overtaken.

About the project The “ESIA Voluntary Service –

empowerment and commitment to address different social challenges that affects them. This project is designed to use Global Education as a transformative learning tool which will lead all the partners to deeply understand each unique culture and transforming the culture of individualism towards a culture of partnership based on dialogue and cooperation. Building from the global education initiatives will ensure a partnership model that can lead into an international understanding and cooperation between nations and peoples. More information about the project nd the other activities that the partnership is implementing you can find of the web page

This project  has  been  funded  with  support  from  the   European  Commission.  This  publica9on  reflects  the   views  only  of  the  author,  and  the  Commission  cannot   be  held  responsible  for  any  use  which  may  be  made  of   the  informa9on  contained  therein.



YOUTH VOICE WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO CHANGE ON THE GLOBAL LEVEL? The voice of the young people who have participated in the consultations and has created nine most important categories of things of what should be changed or improved.

One of the questions that we have asked the young poeple during the consultation was ¨What would you like to change on the global level¨. Then we have reviewed the results and clustered them into the different categories. As the result we got nine main issues that should be changed/improve on the global level according to young people. In the further parts of this publication you can find the more detailed description of that is acctually hidden behind those nine categories.

Youth want to change the world



The first chellange according to young people is the environment, what is happening right now and the general lack of awareness. One of the participants of the consultation

elements that should be changed in the world is ¨the continuous lost of the biodiversity of many countries¨. The next aspect that clearly came out of the consultations are as well treatment of animals. The young people were calling for the

wrote: ¨I'd like a world more aware about

¨help homeless animals¨ and in general the

environmental problems, We should respect

attitudes of the people towards animals. The

much more our planet start from the nature¨.It

other aspect were the ¨industrial production of

was a very common concern aboung the

meat¨ that should me changed.

young people - the general lack of awareness

And the last but not least aspect of the

and knowledge, how our everyday behavious

environmental chellanges are the attitudes of

is influencing our natural environment, and

the people on the earth. It was said for

causes the other problems like climate change.

example ¨people's attitude to environment - we

Other important concerns were regarding the natural resources that we share: ¨I would like there is more respect for the natural

should know that even if polluted are invisible they are killing our earth! The aspect of the environment was one of

resources for live in harmony with the

the most often mentioned during the process

environment and the animals¨. Young people

of consultation. This is the information that the

see the link between our actions and the

young people care a lot and they want to bring

natural resources that are existing in the world

on board many other people. In terms of

and would like to call other people to join on

actions there were many things sugested in

board with the specific actions.

relation to education and awareness, our

The natural resources are as well linked

everyday actions, but as well actions on the

with the changes in our climate and

global level. As one persion suggested to

specificaly the change in the biodiversity that

create: ¨very strict international laws relating to

we still have in the world. It was mentioned

the environment¨

explicitely in the consultation that one of the


ACTIONS SUGGESTED: •more environmental education and awareness raising campaigns •setting an example and working towards those changes on local level •reduce the pollution that we produce every day,using bio-food,and promote thing linked with green economy


The second group of challanges that we face and would like to change identified by the consultation is the need of equallity and justice in the world. The equality and injustice aspect is mainly

progressing countries and 1st-level country in terms of social rights and humanity¨. Whenever there gap between rich and poor is increasing, it leads to the social discrimination, poverty. Therefore the participants were suggestiong to have ¨less

related to the material things, that in some

fights for OWN goodness, more WORKS for

parts of the world people have a lot of goods

mankind¨and ¨awareness people that we are all

and in some other there is a significant lack of

equal, we have the same needs and feelings¨.

goods, that is causing serious difficulties in the

Other people mentioned: ¨I would like

people´s lifes. It was underlined that we are too

more equality for everyone, The fact that

much addicted to the material goods that in

money and power are still more important than

the end we don´t need. It was mentioned many

suffering of people. Few months ago I visited

times by the participants of the survey: ¨This

the West Bank and I could not believe the

community is going to destroy the planet for


some dollars¨, ¨Nothing matter just making

Out of this exmaples it seems that there is

money and be successful¨, ¨half of the world

still a lot of things to do, but already a lot of

have to die because the other one have to be

things in the society are noticed and the young

full of food, stuff, full of everythings¨. That is

people are motivated to take some concrete

clearly the expression of the need of significant


attitude change in the people. To summarise this cateogry I would like to Many people mentioned as well the

quote one more person: ¨I would like to live in a

unequality between the different parts of the

world not ruled by money and influences,

world as the thing that they would like to

where hypocrisy is not the norm nor the

change: ¨Reduce the unwanted interference of

acceptation of the bad affecting others. I would

some powerful countries in the issues of less

like to recover the meaning of words as justice,

powerful ones¨ and the ¨gap between

truth, equality¨.


ACTIONS SUGGESTED: •actions focused on the attitude change within the people regarding the need of material things •sharing the material goods that we own and don´t need woth those who really are in need


Young people has realized that one of the importnat world chellanges is the elimination of the poverty and other of the chellanges that form part of the Millenium Development Goals. The majority of the people mentioning things to change in this clasture mention the poverty ¨to finish with the hunger in the world, looking for the collaboration of the rich countries¨. This task inclde as well the creation of the system of ¨ food shortage¨. The question of poverty is related to femine in the world but as well other aspects present in the Millinium Development Goals. As someone mention that the goal should be that ¨everyone is getting enough food, water, a house and education¨. The list of the things to do according to the people who has participated in the consultations is as followed: • Provide the same medical care to everyone everywhere, regardless of wealth, fame or power.

ACTIONS SUGGESTED: •Support the NGOs offering the international aid •volunteering



• To finish with the hunger in the world, looking for the collaboration of the rich countries. • everybody have access to water and sanitation services • Education in less developed countries • Set up a food distribution system to share equally worldwide. • Create an education system/network that would ensure every child and person in the world received the basic knowledge to function, co-exist and flourish in their environment. • Improve living conditions in poor countries by giving them all the necessary aid

The need of cherishing diversity was clearly expressed by the participants of the consultations. The young people are calling for more

people on this planet as many different approaches how. What was clear that many people refered to the politics itself, focusing on the global

opennes to the other cultures, underlining the

politics, as well as on the local level, about the

fact that this lead to enrichment, and personal

democratizations and corruption. The points of

graw. The intercultural understanding or even

few and recommendation wes few. One person

more – the feeling of trully cherishing all the

was suggesting the meritocracy – eaning the

types of diversity leads to elimination of racism

power should be distributed accoding to merit

and discrimination. Therefore we need our

- tested competency and ability, as measured

societies to me more tolerant and at least

by IQ or standardized achievement tests.

interculturally sensitive in order to stop racism. According to the young people the

Senondly young people are calling for the interests of politicians in the theme of

acceptance of other cultures (I would say as a

sustaiable development ¨I wish there were

first stage) it is the issue that we still have to

more inclusive politicians, whom together with

learn. This refers especially to the countries

large corporations, fight for a fairer world

where the ethnic diversity is usually very low,

where social inequalities are lower.¨, and

but it will be chaning in the upcoming years.

recommending a way how to do so: ¨ More

And the last aspect in the context of

consolidation between the countries, less

diversity underlined by the participants is that

political tactical games in international

there is one thing what needs to be stopped

relations¨, Greater powers for the organization

and is the homologation of cultures and

of the United Nations¨ and ¨greater powers for

disappearance of cultural diversity on the

the UN troops¨.

global level. That means that all type of cultural

In the end young people are

diversity should be accepted, cherish but as

recommending the concept of ¨democracy for

well protected from dissapearing.

all¨, meaning they were literally calling for ¨the

Talking about the global politics the case is getting more and more complicated, because as many

creation of the democratic systems¨ or is some other words ¨give everybody right to democracy¨.





•Invest in the intercultural education of young people •Orgnize meetings where the diverse youth can trully get to know each other and overcome the fears of other. •Travelling

The expected change in the world that would leadt to stop all the wars is quite clear and strongly expressed. The objective here is clear to stop all the

Of course the young people cannot forget about the role and power of youth and the need in investment in US! There were quite a few people expressing

wars, resolve the civil conflicts, go through the

the need to invest inyoung people and not to

global process of reconsiliations and then

forget about them while making the decissons.

créate the peace all over the world forever. As

There were few suggestions like to create the

one person is writting ¨ I would want to fight

¨more concrete chances for the youth to aspire

because everyboy have the same rights...I

for a better future¨. As we can observe recently

would want the peace in the world...

there are a lot of chellanges that the youth is

Human Rights were clearly underlines as an important element in our everyday lives, and the better respect and it´s protection should be still improved.

facing, especially the issue of the huge

In most of the cases the respondents

unemployment amoung young people in Europe. Thise are those elements that makes youth feel that they need to have more chances for their graw, developmetn and realization. Talking about the creation of the concreat

were talking on the very general level,

possibilities there were the following requests:

underlining the needs of the more respect for

¨I hope young people can have more chance to

humanity and for our rights, calling the basic

learn different cultures through communication

rights, human dignity that is equal for all.

and cultural exchange. And moreover there

There was however the specification

was the important note about the role of

regarding the the SRHR (Sexual and

education: ¨For me one of the most important

reproductive health and rights). There was the

thing is the education, with that we can change

call for the to have SRHR global policy and law

the world, I think is the real weapon.¨

that all the government shold follow.


ACTIONS SUGGESTED: •To involve young people whenever the decision about them is being made •To take as the objective the creating changes for young people •To promote the peace and conflict resolution •Education


The last change indentifies on the global level by young people is the need to ensure the positive attitude and positive values of the people. This category was the most chellanging to

• remove barries and frontiers that narrow our minds – with other words make people more open-mided There was quite big focus on the relation between human and materialistic. Young people has seen that nowadays people are

create, since all the comments made by young

loosing human values for the materialistic

people were very different. They were talking a

godos and this should be stopped. It cannot

lot about the materialised world, about the

be that the success or materialistic good like a

different values of people´s bevaviours that

new dress or shirt will be more importnat then

they don´t want to see the the world anymore,

the human to human relation. As one person

and as well quite a lot about the different social

nicely underlined: To be more human and less

constructions and perspectives that we have

technician.I dream more attention in ethical

and maybe they should be chellenged.

values, and If it were possible, I would like a

We decided to put all those issues together since all of it is connected with the

change human mentality, (at MORE human). There is as well a lot to do with the social

peoples behavious, and especially with the

constructions, and how we see other poeple. It

values and attitudes.

is partly related with the topic of Human Rights

In terms of recommendations of the

and Cherish Diversity, but we found it very

things that should be changed in relation to the

relevant. There are different perceptions that

human values and attitudes the following has

we has been learn through the whole life and

been listed:

maybe it is the time to chellange them. First of

• eliminate egoism

all I talk about the stereotypes and prejudices,

• eliminate cruelity

that were clearly mentioned couple of time. But

• eliminate ignorance

there were few more specific social

• reinforce freedom

constructions added:

• promote tolerance • make people more friendly and helpfull to ourselfs

• I would like to change the perspective of people towards the significant contribution of women in sustainable development

• be more communicative

• world's attitude to Africa

• positive thinking

• the preception of the Islam world


ACTIONS SUGGESTED: •Education in values •To create more opportunities to interact between poeple •To work with media and work on the image who the world is being shown



Male suada Quis Dolor set Ipsum mauris sapien vitae soldales erat

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN... Based on the consultations reslts we can clearly say that the young people are very much interested in the things happening out of their country - especially politics and the way how people live in the world. Afeter the deep analisis of all the responses, we have categoriezed the areas of interests of young people as follow: 1. COUNTRIES AND CULTURES 2.POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

The different cultures, the socio-politic states of the foreign countries People: how they live and how they are I'm really attracted by diversity (even physically I mean) the religion, the history of the country,


the communication's formalities, typical




Culture and religion, social issues, natural treasures, environmental problems, communities and relationships, youth and

Countries and cultures I would like to learn more about different habits and to know new people from all around the world. How other cultures work; how young people work together cultural events, cultural diversity Languages, Cultures, religions, behaviours, way of lives, geographical differences, anthropologic differences.

opportunities, political situation Social concerns. political situation in the diffrent parts of the world And the nature wonders of wild place like Indonesia. You know, Europe is famous for the cities and the monument but not for the wild places Problems. culture, lifestyle, ways of life, landscape and people.


We have asked young people ¨Are you curious about things tht are going on outside of your country?¨In the English verison of the surver 88% asnwered yes, 11% a bit, and only one person answered ¨not really¨. In the spanish version 82% answered ¨yes¨, 6% a bit, and only one person ¨not really¨

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN... How people from other countries live, if they have the same problems than we have, what do they think about Spain, and about other countries... culture, language, way of life...everything! In particular, I am interested in the social habits of dierent cultures and what can be done to improve them, if necessary. Cultural values

Environment I am more interested in issues concerning the environment and pollution, infact I prefer to watch

Politics and International Relations I try to be interested to humanitarian situations, political and environmental issues. Political usually. I am really interested in Africa and human rights all around the world. I currently follow the situation in Ukraine and North Korea. In general I am curious about new discoveries, and problems related to people on the whole Earth. Civil wars, fights for human rights... The "war" in Ukraine, International championships (such as Sochi, Dakar and etc.)

What interests young people

documentaries instead of TV news. I am very sensitive to environmental and social issues, a little less in political issues. I would like to live in a planet with less pollution and more collaboration. destructive human-acts to environment, solar-power projects, corporate social responsibility etc.

el funcionamiento de la Union Europea, las decisiones que se toman acerca de los jovenes, el problema del desempleo juvenil,

Society drug abuse and women issues health problems all over the world

Young people in the world AHow is the orientation of career from

Current events, politics

parents and social influenced young people

Current situation in Ukraine

like them in other countries?

Wars, poors, racial conflicts,

The policy for young people in developed

discrimination people due to provenance,


sexuality, material status and much more...

Global issue and young people roles in the

I like inquire about a events in other

The protests and demonstrations of youth all around the world

discrimination treatment of children gender equality


world how can they deeply involve together?

countries. When, in 2008 Russians oensive at

Volunteering possibilities

the Georgia, we (my family) had a fresh

Youth policy

informations from Emzar's, my dad friend.

Jobs for young people

Social movements



Young people getting involved and giving some solutions


THE QUESTION HOW TO DO IT WAS ANSWERED! First step what the young people can do is to become the example for others, then to participate, get invovled in the duscussion and speading of information, educate yourself and others and to get invovled in the work of the different NGO and take part in volunteering. BEING AN EXAMPLE • Im going to be involve by being an good example for the kids in my community • yes, for example trying to live in a eco style of life and try to awake people about our rights as people • I would like to be involved by setting an example and working towards those changes on local level • i would like to be good example -thats

• By taking part public consultation of projects especially of organizing public transport in big cities. • I also think that collaborating with others can provide more capacity of action. • Participating in the education of the new generations around the world, helping them to know themselves and to find their own language to express what they think and feel through art.

topics, and set an example of my self for the people i am associating with • is, starting from giving myself

PARTICIPATION • Taking part in activities, campaigns, organizing seminars or speeches where people can inform themselves truly and

• Promoting human rights through no formal education • Educating the children from young age in being aware of the environment. • teaching people how to clean after yourself • I'm trying to teach my friends about power of positive thinking. • i would like to give to the humanity

all • i am trying to raise awareness on the

• environmental, educational and livelihood programs

alternatives for the every day life style, like


health food, naturistic and maybe holistic

• Yes, of course, especially for the first I am a very involved activist. I would like to became a no-formal educator and teach that the borders of our states do not make so many differences as we think • In educating poeple what are the disadvantages of those social chellanges • By education!

discuss on concrete issues.


INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION: • To collect all the ground stories and any testimonial related • I will use my will and abilities to promote awareness in the environment using social media. • Get more the opportunities to share and lead the Vietnamese young people in the same stage about Global issues in order to have strongly commitment of action • I think the better way is talking with people sharing our dreams, our thoughs let they know that an other better world is possible only thinking global and with the help of all the people. • I'd like to communicate (by a reportage for ex.) the need of a change. • I am from Europe so, I can show how the life is here but in a way but in a way that does not create frustration, I mean, I can teach that every person has rights and obligations with the society and if we make it well, we can live in a pacific world. • Each of us can make a contribution, from small to large, we can change things. We strive to spread a message of peace and harmony among us, cooperate and collaborate to improve this situation. each of us is a precious little piece. • I would promote volunteer projects and improve relationships with poor countries • I could talk with another people and get involved in charity. Show another people how to help. • I try to spread knowledge about Islam, because many people around me have a very bad attitude towards this religion and Muslim people. But it is very hard to change the views of stubborn people. • I would like to talk with people and show them that they can't judge anybody after one look and to travel with them and to show them a beuatiful world with great people. • Sharing with the others new ways of communication: performances in the public space that breaks the distance we are used, new forms of human contact.

• I could work in PAH (Polish Humanitarian Organization) with helps constructing the dwells in Africa • I would like to work international organization, I am thinking about Unesco as my future job • I would like to work hardly to implement those changes through various initiatives from humanitarian organisations • Get involved, especially volunteering in Southern world countries. Sharing and explore, giving the good I have and learning from those experience, to became more aware and wiser. • Of course, i would. I wish to involve in any volunteer program to help disabilities and all person who need my help • We would like to be a member of network to coordinate all those activities in Vietnam • VOLUNTEER PROJECTS • try to be part of some project and dedicate my whole life to be part of the changing actively • Helping as a volunteer. If I had money, I would spend it in poor areas as africa for example. • I would like to be involved in those changes. I would love to be a part of an organisation and together bring help for the ones in need. • Making part of important organizations or leaving for a volunteer experience • I would like to be involved starting from local activities with young and old people to make them understand in a more practical way the changes the world is going

TOOLS: • traveling – to chellange stereotypes • Create and manage new and alternative ways for travelling. • By finacially supporting variety of organizations • doing social research • empowerment through arts • organizing discussions, exhibitions, workshops • Inspire the other people (especially

VOLUNTEERING & NGOS: • I would like to coordinate projects, both: profit and non profit. Create and manage Youth in Action Projects.

youths) • Build network and make cross-border colaboration • Everyday actions – like to reduce pollution


YOUNG PEOPLE WANT BUT DON´T KNWO HOW There was as well a significant number of responses of yount poeple saying that the would like to, but they don´t know how, that there is information, awareness or possibility lacking to undertake the social actions.


What kind of changes the young people would like to see in the world and how they would like to be involved in the implementaiton of those c...

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