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GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS “‘For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea’” (Habakkuk 2:14, NASB). MEETING Pastor O’Connor is calling a meeting of all Health Care providers on Tuesday, May 28 at 5:30 at the Cayman Academy auditorium. Looking forward to seeing you. CAYMAN BRAC CAMPAIGN Please remember to pray for the success of the Cayman Brac campaign. This campaign will continue for one more week. We praise God for the privilege of sharing the good news of salvation with the people on the Sister islands. EVANGELISM IN GUYANA Another invitation has been extended to Evangelist David Campbell to conduct a campaign in Guyana, beginning July 21 to August 18, 2013. The harvest is truly ripe in the Hindu and Muslim community and hence he has dedicated his summer holidays annually to reach these people for Christ. Hence, he is again soliciting your financial assistance in this evangelistic endeavor. If you would like to support this mission financially, or sponsor a youth or be there in person, please inform Evangelist Campbell as soon as possible. He can be contacted at 917-0917/ 329-0688 or by e-mail: PATHFINDER DRILL CAMP The Cayman Islands Conference Pathfinder Ministries present “Drill Camp”, June 14 – 16 at the Agriculture Pavilion in Lower Valley. Please register with your Pathfinder Directors with a fee of $25. For more information please call 925-2608. Deadline will be May 31, 2013.

Weekly Bulletin May 25, 2013

ADVENTURER CLUB INVESTITURE SERVICE The Cayman Islands Conference Adventurer Clubs investiture service will take place on Sabbath, May 25 at 4:00 pm at the Kings Church. BOOK OF THE YEAR The Adventist Book and Nutrition Centre (ABNC) located at 209 Walkers Road, housed at the C.I. Conference headquarters, announced that the book of the year is here. “Ministry to the Cities” is a book of the Spirit of Prophecy series. Each year our church selects a book to be designated as the book of the year. This book is subsidised by our church so that each member can get it at a low cost. You can get your personal copy for only $2.00. You can also purchase them to give away. CAYMAN ACADEMY The Cayman Academy Home School Association will be having their final general meeting this Tuesday 28 May 2013 at 5:30pm. All parents are asked to attend this final, mandatory meeting. The agenda will include H.S.A. and financial reports for the last academic year, information on proposals for the next school year and a parent feedback session. All families are asked to send at least one representative. The school canteen management who like to remind all parents that outstanding canteen fees must be paid in full immediately and that no further credit will be given to students. Parents are asked to use the prepayment or ticket system to pay for meals for the rest of the term. CHILDREN MINISTRIES CHILDREN FUN DAY WILL BE AT THE AGRICULTURAL GROUNDS ON MAY 26, STARTING AT 1:00 PM. Child’s Month will climax on June 1, 2013 at 3:30 pm at the Kings Church.

President: Pastor Shian O’connor| Executive Secretary: Pastor Al Powell | Treasurer: John Wesley Visit for more updates/ E-mail the office at

EAST END CHURCH The East End Adventist Church announces that the Revelation of Hope Gospel Seminar with International Evangelist D. M. Campbell begins on Sunday, June 16 at 7:15 pm and will continue nightly except on Thursdays. In this age of uncertainties and fear of what the future holds; come and discover that there is hope beyond the horizon. We furthermore announce that the Children Ministries department will be having their children campaign May 25 – June 1. The East End Adventist Church will be having a grand social on Saturday night, May 25 starting at 8:00 pm. There will be ring games, table games and much more. The Community Services department will be having food and refreshments on sale. Come on up to East End and enjoy the evening with your family and friends. EBENEZER CHURCH The Women’s Ministries Department of the Ebenezer Church presents “Rise and Be Healed” Gospel Campaign featuring Evangelists Judith McFarlane and Sashoy Duncan. The Campaign will be held at the Ebenezer Church on June 8-15, 2013 at 7:30 pm nightly (Sunday, Wednesday and Friday) and 9:15 am on Sabbath. come and support this Evangelistic CampaignFor more information, please contact (345) 927-9044. KINGS CHURCH You are invited to join us for a one week Revival with some powerful female speakers from across the conference starting June 2, at 7:15 pm nightly (except Thurs). You can then continue your Encounter with God with Evangelist Kingsley Clarke from West Jamaica Conference. It will be three weeks of Spirit-filled, power-packed singing, sermons and miracles. Join us and have your Encounter with God. ASi CONVENTION ASi announces that its international convention will be held this year in beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica on August 14 – 17, 2013. Airfare is estimated to cost to $683 through Miami. For details visit VOLLEYBALL COMPETITION All churches are asked to register their

teams for the 2013 Conference Volleyball Tournament, which started on Saturday, 25th May, 2013 at the Airport Park. Games continue this Saturday night and there will be 4 games nightly starting at 7:30 pm. For information one can contact Brother Keeble Knight at 327-3907. ATCU’S PRAYER INITIATIVE The Atlantic Caribbean Union prayer initiative P.U.S.H. “Pray Until Something Happens” continues this coming week May 26 – June 1 with special focus on ABNC Staff & Colporteurs. PRAYER LINE The prayer line numbers for special prayers are 939-0348 and 927-5892. LET US PRAY FOR EACH OTHER 1.

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK The manifestation of God’s love, His mercy and His goodness, and the work of the Holy Spirit upon the heart to enlighten and renew it, places us, through faith, in so close connection with Christ that, having a clear conception of His character, we are able to discern the masterly deceptions of Satan. Looking unto Jesus and trusting in His merits we appropriate the blessings of light, of peace, of joy in the Holy Ghost. And in view of the great things which Christ has done for us, we are ready to exclaim: “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.” 1 John 3:1. {2TT 341.2}

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