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Typology 

Houses and Retail Buildings  1 Story attached family housing  2-3 story 1 family housing  2-3 story multi-family housing  Manufacturing Buildings ○ Modern Architecture ○ Classic Architecture  1-3 story bldgs  3-6 story bldgs  Stores and Businesses ○ 1 story plaza ○ Detached various modern design Classic Institutional and Commercial Buildings  Schools  Churches  Neighborhood Services ○ Gas stations ○ Institutional Modern/Classic ○ Food Service (McDonalds, etc..) Open-space  Vacant land ○ Brownfield/Greenfield  Park and Gardens Dilapidated or Abandoned Buildings in Disrepair

Lynch Analysis

Environmental Design and Mental Mapping

Problem Statement 

What to do with old industrial buildings and sites so that they may be re-used to better serve the surrounding community?  What possible assets do they provide for the

community ○ Mixed-use space, open-space, business and art

functions ○ Can be a catalyst for community action and revitalization ○ How are re-uses decided? Community input, neighborhood evaluation, market demand and developer preference

Design Solution ď‚ž



The goal is to turn the Cedar Avenue Power-plant into a community asset that brings new life and energy to the neighborhood by attracting a diverse group of artists and entrepreneurs that wish to live and work in such a unique environment Accomplished sustainably through a commitment to the environment, historic preservation, community needs, and with an eye toward being marketable and profitable. Implementation would require re-zoning to multiuse flex-use zoning. Funding can be accomplished through the usual layer-cake financing utilizing public and private funding to rehab the structure(s) in a phased approach that allows for tight financial oversight and quick move-in potential.

Design Solution: Plan Overview and Street View Brewery/Concert Hall Or Industrial Business

Main Arts Building

Green-space Courtyard


Lofts/Apart ments



North 100 ft



#/ Style


Approx.14,700 per floor

Multiple Floors (2-4)

Brewery Industrial


Open Floor Plan

Retail / Office


2 floors

Lofts / Apartments


30 units


5 Acres

Planned – Natural

Parking (Yl)




500 ft

Main Power-Plant Art Building •Asses infrastructure needs and get building up to code •Revert exterior to historical preservation (original design) standards •Re-furbish interior for use as individual artist studios/lofts •Add sky-lights to roof for increased natural sunlight

Design Example: Lake Erie Templar Building Re-purposed industrial building to art studios and installation/show space

Main Power-Plant Building

C. Payne 2011

Michael Shwartz Special Collection

Parking Solutions •Parking will total 220 spaces •Assuming 350sq/ft per space •Sustainable designs with porous paving, rain swales and native plantings •Design for a natural transition into a recreation green-space, (overflow parking, wildflower meadows and orchard/community gardens

Transitional Recreation Green-space Parking

Orchard Community Gardens

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Westinghouse Lofts •Old Westinghouse Building converted to loft apartments •30 units at 1,800 sq/ft each •Could be reconfigured to meet market demands •Design elements include a green-roof with patio and garden space •Open floor designs with possible re-tooling for subsidized and marketrate units of different size •Heat and cooling from geo-thermal field created when the parking area is under construction

Quay 55 on the lakeshore

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Middle Retail / Office Space •Design Solution involves demolition of existing structures while maintaining original historic facade •New building will be width of power-plant designed in a greenhouse style reminiscent of London’s Crystal Palace of old •Resulting space behind building will be used for an intimate green-space / plaza as well as 10 additional handicap and service vehicle parking spaces •An additional feature includes a garden walkway between the lofts and the art building

Cleve. Hts. Historical Society Old Cleve. Hts. City Hall Re-imagined as glass Commercial building with Original facade.

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Brewery / Industrial Business / Music Hall •Old Boiler House could be re-imagined as a multiple use building, possibilities include; A brewery, Concert Hall, Industrial Businesses, etc... •Front service building could serve as a restaurant/pub depending on boiler building use or demolished in favor of patio space, immediate off street parking, and/or landscaped greenspace

Design Example: Bottlehouse Brewery in Cleve. Hts Re-used and re-furb. of old retail/commercial space

Photos courtesy of Cleveland Scene, And Bottlehouse Brewery

Streetscape •Streetscape design involves use of best practices including: • Green-swales with native plantings • Drought resistant shade trees • Historical lighting fixtures • Street amenities including benches and trash cans •Ashland Road could be resurfaced to the under-lying original brick and replaced as necessary

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Conclusions and Alternatives 

  

Alternative Scenarios depending on money and timing include the demolition of un-usable buildings and focusing on just refurbishment of the power-plant. Interviews and surveys of squatters / homeless who use the site now to see if they can be involved somehow and not just displaced. Site design could incorporate surrounding vacant lots for possible future redevelopment. Power sub-station at Cedar and Ashland could also be incorporated into site design.


small presentation for urban design class.. this is basically the overview of a more detailed final paper