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SOBAEK KOREA Corporation was established in 1979 and started to produce white ginseng using ginseng produced Pungki area as a raw material.

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We have tried production of various products together with company's growth based on quality and trust. In 1988, we started to export red ginseng to Taiwan and we have grown to be a full-scale red ginseng producing company since then. We acquired international quality standard ISO-9001:2000 in 2002 and ISO14001 in 2010. And our representative-Mr. KANG SUNG CHANwas selected the Korean Master of Ginsend in 2011.

We received FDA certification of USA and also received SFDA certification of Saudi Arabia for the first time in Korea.

We are now producing 47 kinds of products including 4 health functional foods and other general foods using ginseng as a raw material cultivated in a foot of Sobaek Mountain in Korea which is one of uncontaminated areas. In 2009, we acquired GMP certification from Korea Food & Drug Administration which is a certification on excellent health functional food manufacturer, and we have built new GMP factory to complete the facility improving product safety. Thus, we are now producing Korean traditional red ginseng health product using Korean ginseng material with more thorough health control.

Tel. +82-54-637-3438 Fax. +82-54-638-3720 E-mail : / Address :大韓民國 慶尙北道 榮州市 豊基邑 山法里 453

Nature is the fountainhead and groundwork of our life. The fundamental food of our life should come from precious nature. Founded in 1968, Foodwell has the largest domestic facilities and know-how and exports processed fruit products of natural taste and freshness to foreign countries like Japan, as well as provides them for excellent domestic food companies. Foodwell processes all kinds of fruits at the customer's demand with thorough quality control, perfect delivery control and various sizes of packing. Foodwell, doing its best on the basis of credit and quality, will be in the vanguard of creating a rich food culture by serving you with the natural taste itself. (KOREA)



Who we are… A company innovating life culture, Best partner for your happy life. keen efforts has been paid to expand business to natural herbal bio-related functional household goods which will improve the quality of life and culture under the technical assistance of the Daegu Haany University and Oriental Medicine Support Center with the aim to advance into overseas market.

Product highlights [D&talk] Bubble Toothpaste [babyfirst] concentrated detergent for baby [babyfirst] concentrated softener for baby [babyfirst] baby bottle cleanser for baby Contact details カナベナ(株) Tel. +82-53-632-7051 Fax. +82-53-632-7053 E-mail : 119 Gise-Ri, Okpo-Myun Dalsung-Gun Daegu , Republic of Korea

TOMMY INTERNATIONAL 当社は25年間、人間のより良い生活を享受するため に必要な製品を研究、開発し、日常生活により便利 になれる製品を作る会社です。螺鈿を整え伝統の韓 紙(ハンジ)をデザインし、漆を塗り世界中にどこ にもない私たちの会社だけの優秀な技術で製品を 作っています。 ☆実用新案特許の登録を3件所有する会社です。 Products highlights [Skin care devices] vibrating foundation device , Acne therapy [Cosmatics] hydrogel, natural pulp mask pack BB cream, sun cream, skin lotion… [Washing products] shampoo, rinse, peeling gel…

Contact details 慶尚北道 慶山市 河陽邑 釜湖一里 362番地 キョンイル 大学 産学協力団705号 Tel. +82-53-986-2121 Fax. +82-303-0955-7890 E-mail :

会社名:ゴウン 代表者名:ユン ソングン 住所:韓国大邱広域市北区ゴソン洞3街5-141番地2階 アイテム: マスク(02型) - 紫外線遮断マスク02型 マスク(08型) - 紫外線遮断マスク08型 マスク(11型) - 花粉、黄砂対策マスク マスク(12型) - 紫外線遮断マスク12型 コウンは、2人のプロゴルファーが引っ張っていく韓国最高のスポーツファッション企 業 - 若くて覇気のあるCEOは、最高の品質と価格で供給することにより、業界最高の競 争力を備えた ブランドに育成 - お客様の声に耳を傾け、より便利な製品を提供する継続的な商品開発に取り組む 企業 GOWOON - ゴルフの専門家が創造した革新的なスポーツ用品 製作工程 - 最高の人材で構成して最高の製品をデザインして製造する企業 ゴウンは、顧客価値を重視し、協力業者を大切にする共生文化を作っていく企業




GOWOON TEL : +82 70 4136 5911 H.P. : +82 10 9355 3000 E-MAIL :


GOWOON MASK STYLE08 In 2006, starting a patented business (patent No.10-0569693/patent No.100754150/ patent No.10-0810719), Chorok, since its foundation in January, 2007, has continued to conduct research and development ranging from the product development of household goods to environmental business, which resulted in success of commercializing <Dachaeum>, a functional compressive trash can, and is currently concentrating its efforts on the production and sales of Dachaeum. <Dachaeum> was awarded a silver prize at the Seoul International Invention Fair(SIIF). Since then, it has been recognized as having excellent quality through various governmentbacked projects and outstanding product exhibitions, etc, attracting attention from people around the world, not only the domestic market but also Japan, China, taiwan, etc. Chorok continues to move ahead step by step in order to become an innovative company dealing with a fastmoving environment and customer's need. Also, <Dachaeum> promises to keep doing its best to fulfill all of customer's flourishing life based on belief and trust. Thank you.

606-2,Gugu-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea T:+82-53-746-0052 / F: +82-53-746-0053 IP: +82-70-4085-0052 E-mail: