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NOT QUITE AS IT STREAMS: This stream in Rembrandt Park is choked with a clay-like substance. Story on Page 3.

Muay Thai pro trains Page 14

Cleaners dish the dirty Ayanda Buthelezi Linksfield: Police are investigating a case of theft against a cleaning services company after allegations that the domestic workers it provided robbed their clients. The company, known as Maids 4 You, was represented by Tonya and Nikita Kelly when it entered into a deal with Eileen Sinnet, who was looking for a cleaning service after her regular helper went on leave. Sinnet signed a four-month contract with the company and also recommended it to a friend, but cancelled it after the employee allegedly stole R40 000 worth of jewellery from her house. “The Kellys brought me a different

woman. However, a few days later I noticed my earrings and other gold jewellery were missing. “I phoned my friend who had a domestic worker provided by the same company and asked her to check her belongings. She discovered all her jewellery, among other things, was missing. The North Eastern Tribune had little success in locating the company. Its business address is listed on as 204 Second floor, Darras Centre, Juno Street, Kensington. However, no one in the centre has any knowledge of its existence. Numerous attempts to contact the Kellys on cellphone numbers printed on their

invoices and via e-mails drew a blank. There was also no luck in attempting to locate a private investigator named George listed on the website as the man who screened the staff. Sinnet added, “We phoned Nikita and she told us the women who worked at our homes were casuals and the company did not have their personal details. “Tonya later phoned my husband and said their premises burned down and all the paperwork was lost, including details of the domestic workers. She pleaded with us not to report the matter to the police, assured she would find them and added she would go to pawnshops to get my jewellery back.”

Have you had dealings with Maids 4 You? Talk about it at www. joburgnorth. or SMS NETE2 with your comment to 32690. SMSes cost R1.


PAGE 2 • Week ending 23 July 2010 • NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE


Xeno attacks not ayoba Speculation about the imminent attack on foreign nationals living in Mzansi has security forces on red alert. But it is the masterminds of these attacks, and the proudly South African public, who should be extremely worried and ashamed. At a time when patriotism is at its peak following the greatest and most successful Fifa World Cup in history, some obviously un-proudly South Africans decided it would be the right time to strike. The timing points to anti-unity individuals whose heads are not properly screwed on. They opted to go out of their way and destroy everything the nation has built over the past couple of months. Perhaps most worrying is the fact that the so-called attacks are based on rumours with no substance or sign of origin and initiator. For the information of the

perpetrators, those of us who don’t mind sharing our beautiful country with foreign nationals living here legally will respect people who go public with their intentions. They also owe the nation an explanation on the reasons for the attacks, and should invite the rest of us to debate whether killing foreign nationals is the way to go. Had they been wiser and proudly South African enough, they would know that the solution to problems they have with foreign nationals lies in implementing tighter immigration laws and stricter border post control. This would result in only those foreign nationals with potential to add value to South Africa allowed through our borders. As for the killing, as well as seizing and destroying properties belonging to foreign nationals, that’s definitely not ayoba.

Keep your firearm safe Amanda Watson Linksfield: “All incidents where a firearm has been discharged, or even pointed at someone, have to be reported to the police.” That’s the word from Colonel Robbie Roberts of Edenvale police, regarding an alleged shooting incident at a local coffee shop. According to information received by the North Eastern Tribune a shot went off after a staff member’s handbag fell to the floor. The bullet hit another staff member in the stomach, lodging

between her ribcage and lungs. Medical staff apparently decided to leave the bullet in place as it would cause less trauma than opening up the victim to remove the bullet. Roberts confirmed the incident. “We are investigating the negligent discharge of a firearm. The firearm in question is licensed and we will be conducting a section 102 investigation to establish the owner’s fitness to possess a firearm.” Police emergency 10111.


Point of sale store

Left in the dark by Eskom poseur Ayanda Buthelezi Orange Grove: A criminal who claimed to be from Eskom has deprived Natasha Clinton of a chance to secure a job. Clinton lost four years of university work and her personal information when a man alleging to be a serviceman stole her laptop. The Clinton family from 9th Street are the latest victims to fall prey to these criminal activities, within two weeks. Clinton and two house employees were at home when a man said he came to replace globes. “The suspect had a device that he used but when I reported the matter to Eskom, I was told that their servicemen did not use any device to replace globes.” She said she was still sleeping when the suspect arrived at her home. “The employee who was downstairs let him in and no-one suspected anything as they (employees) said he had been seen regularly in the vicinity. When he came to the bedroom, I let him in and went downstairs to do my morning chores.” No one saw when the man left and Clinton claimed the man disappeared with two laptops, two cellphones and her ipod. She said the man also left with all the globes without replacing them. “When I called my cellphone, he answered. I notified him that his fingerprints were all over the house and he should return my belongings. “Later I received a call from a man who identified himself as Warrant

Burglar bars didn’t top a conman getting into Liam and Natasha Clinton’s house. Officer ‘Vusi’ from Norwood police station, who said he had recovered my things. Norwood police had no knowledge of ‘Vusi’. Clinton said police were slack as they did not come to take fingerprints. “They took my statement but I have not had a response yet. I feel stupid and angry because I’ve heard about these incidents and I should have known better.”

Domestic worker tied up, child threatened Orange Grove: Another incident

occurred where a domestic worker was held at knifepoint and tied up by two men pretending to be from City Power. The men ransacked her employer’s house and stole electronic goods. The Eskom website revealed that, due to these incidents, the door-todoor globe replacement campaign had been put to a halt. “In the meantime, globes can be exchanged at certain shops or customers can visit the Eskom website and click on the ‘lighting programme’ button. Contact: 086-0037-566. Visit:

Have you seen this armed robber? Highlands North: Norwood police are looking for a suspect who robbed a shop employee of R50 000. The employee was on her way to the bank when the suspect approached her. The suspect allegedly produced his firearm and ordered her to cooperate. The employee was taken to an awaiting Uno. They drove off towards the McDonald’s where she was robbed. She was ordered to relay a message to her manager that she had been robbed. The man is estimated to be 32 years old and tall with a medium complexion. He has a scar on his lower lip. He also carries a pistol. Contact: Warrant Officer Solly Kgopa 073-518-4448.

Theft of motor vehicles on the increase R279.00





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580 Louis Botha Ave, Savoy Phone 011 440 9834/5

There has been an increase in motor vehicle theft, according to Norwood police spokesman, Captain Phillip Maganedisa. Residents are urged to park their vehicles inside their garages or ensure that cars are securely locked. Also, regularly check the safety of the car. Contact: Norwood police 011-4834600. This man is wanted in connection with robbery.

Domestic employees should be alert All it takes for you as an employer to educate your employees about crime fighting is these useful tips. Tell them not to let anyone onto your property without your approval Allow them to call you if they are concerned or worried

Ensure they know how to call the police on 10111 Provide employees with the number of your security company Point out all the panic buttons in your house Explain the dangers of talking to

strangers about what goes on in your house Let them know how important it is to report suspicious activities - even if it’s just to you Ensure they know the 32211 sms tip-off number


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Not quite as it streams

David and Celia Gluckman with Nina Lakier.

Once upon a time Amanda Watson The Gardens: MCMX, or 1910, was an interesting year. Among other fascinating times, Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of Paris, France became the first licensed female pilot on 8 March, the Earth passed through the tail of Comet Halley on 18 May, and Celia Freedenthal was born in London on 14 August. She immigrated to South Africa in 1926 and lived in Currie Road Durban. “I can still remember we were so close to the sea,” reminisced the centenarian. Shortly after World War II she married Morris

Gluckman and remained his wife for the next 41 years. In November 1992 Celia moved into Our Parents Home, where she currently lives. “My mother kept herself busy with knitting and worked on the committee. “She also took part in most of the activities at the home,” said her only son David. Celia’s sister Nina (97) said her older sister had always been there for her. “She was very sporty as a young woman. Celia enjoyed athletics and waterskiing,” said Nina.

Visionary is a finalist Khanyisile Motsa is an inspiring woman who has opened a home to more than 8 000 street children. The Berea resident is a finalist in the Youth Movers category of the new Shoprite Checkers Women of the Year Award. As the founder of the BereaHillbrow Home of Hope she also heads this exceptional and visionary project with the determination and foresight to make an impact on the future of many fellow South Africans. Motsa succeeded in getting the project off the ground by identifying street children, mostly girls exploited on the streets of Hillbrow, Berea and the Joburg inner city. “The first challenge has always been to win their confidence to be able to draw them off the streets. Then to offer them a safe environment in which the healing process can start. After a period of nurturing and rehabilitation they are given the opportunity to attend formal and informal education, which is the foundation of successful adulthood. Employment opportunities are explored and they also have the opportunity to re-unite with their families.” Motsa also formed support and

Amanda Watson Rembrandt Park: It’s a quiet little stream. Starting from near the highway corner of Moore and Sheridan roads, channelled underground through a pipe and exiting above Curie Road, the stream filters under a park with no name, continues under Fleming Road and into Lionel Keenan Park, bordered by Lister Road. Here it seems to get a little lost in the now silted up dam and finds its way out of the quagmire into a deep donga carved out over many years of erosion. And from the time the stream sees the light, to where it enters the Jukskei river under Wordsworth Road, a thick clay-like substance paints the riverbanks ochre. “When I last saw the river it looked so pretty and I didn’t see it again until school started last week,”

A close-up of the clay choking the waterway. said resident Barbara Durlacher who does the daily school commute. When she drove past, the bright orange river banks stood out like a sore thumb. The river and its surrounds have long been neglected. Bugweed (Solanum mauritianum) grows thickly, residents dump garden waste over their back fences, and the river is full of litter, building rubble and other waste.

Wetland and riverine expert Paul Fairall was uncertain what it could be at this stage. “Severe rains could have caused much erosion. On the other hand, it could be spillage from Longmeadow Business Park. “I will have a closer look at it this week and get the water tested as well,” said Fairall. The Department of Water Affairs has also been approached for advice and comment.

Business hub is booming Ayanda Buthelezi Highlands North: There’re taxis, buses, people traffic and vendors. The corner of Louis Botha Avenue and Athol Road is an income hub to many vendors. From fried fish to gourmet meals, socks, newspapers and a barbershop, small business enterprises are booming along the avenue. Zambian Mariam Mzamo sat next to her brazier while making tea for her customer. “I have been in this spot for almost three years and this is my only source

of income.” Mzamo said she always looked forward to colder days because that’s when she made money. “Most people dread waking up on cold mornings but that’s when I embrace the day as I know business will be good.” There are also a number of convenience shops. A variety of smells perfume the air, from the distinct smell of a hair salon to a bakery, overripe fruit and a soapy supermarket. Across the road is a barber who calls himself Aboo. He said he had

made friends with other shop owners, and residents who’ve become his clients. “We are like brothers because we chat about how business is going. I see no difference between us. We are all here to make money.” Referring to the xenophobic scares that made headlines in the past week, Aboo said, “Try show others your goodness so that they will shield you in times like these.” He said he felt safe in the hands his friends and the support of his clientele.

Khanyisile Motsa peer groups to monitor and support the street girls who in many instances were forced into prostitution by drug lords and pimps, or have been victims of child labour and trafficking. Thousands of these street girls have had their dignity restored in the Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope. These interventions have helped these street girls gain confidence and feel good about themselves which has encouraged them to look forward to a better life.

Small businesses are taking over at the corner of Louis Botha Avenue and Atholl Road.






PAGE 4 • Week ending 23 July 2010 • NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE

It’s lawyer time to date. Bird said, “The meeting was constructive and we believe a satisfactory agreement is possible. But the legal action will not be halted until an acceptable and open process has been adopted to meet the objective to restore the building finish and klaar.” She further appealed to Johannesburg citizens to come on board and support these organisations in this battle. “The Rissik Street Post Office is one of the most important buildings in Johannesburg and if we don’t win this fight we are unlikely to save any other important buildings in our city.’’ Bird also pointed out that among the answers the group expects is whether city council has the budget to fix the building. “We need to know how and when they are going to fix the building.”

Nie Cele A group of heritage organisations plan to institute legal proceedings against city council to restore the Rissik Street Post Office building in compliance with the Compulsory Repair Order issued by Provincial Heritage Resources Agency-Gauteng (PHRA-G). The organisations comprise Johannesburg Heritage Trust, Egoli Heritage Trust, Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust and the South Africa Institute of Architects. This newspaper was informed by Flo Bird, of Parktown & Westcliff Heritage Trust that Neil Fraser, head of the Johannesburg Heritage Trust, said she had a meeting with Mayor Amos Masondo, and he made clear the group’s expectations and raised their bitter disappointment about city’s council failure to report on the investigation into the cause of the fire and its effects

Soccer fans leave Soccer City after the South Africa vs Columbia match.

Premier defends WC ticket spree The Rissik Street Post Office remains an eyesore.


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Nie Cele Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane believes the provincial government made the right decision when it purchased 4613 World Cup tickets at a cost of just over R4 million. She said, “The decision to purchase the tickets was based on the need for government to take reasonable steps to afford deserving Gauteng residents an opportunity to attend some of the World Cup matches. These included pupils from poor schools, orphanages, special homes and amateur football teams.” Mokonyane also highlighted that MECs were allocated tickets for the purpose of hosting and networking with the government’s strategic partners. According to her the money spent was from a conditional grant for building partnerships. “There is value for the money spent. We can account for it. If you asked me what we achieved, my answer would be there are youngsters in the province who want to be like the big soccer stars they saw during the World Cup.’’ But the Democratic Alliance (DA) is not buying this explanation. John Moodey, DA leader in the legislature said there were fan parks and televisions for people who could not afford tickets. “This is a purely frivolous expenditure. These people

didn’t invite the press when they bought these tickets and now that they are under fire they use the media to dignify and justify this expenditure. “This is not acceptable. Those responsible for authorising this must be held accountable.” Mokonyane told journalists that government used the event to strengthen existing international relations and establish new friendships with some countries that visited South Africa. “A number of commitments were made by some of the visiting countries and these will be followed up with more discussions on specific projects.’’

Justified, or is government having fun with your money? Talk about it at www. joburgnorth.womf. com or SMS NETE2 with your comment to 32690. SMSes cost R1.

City Parks boss quits Nie Cele Johannesburg City Parks has a new acting managing director, Geoff Cooke, following the resignation of former chief operating officer Luther Williamson. This comes after Williamson and board chairman Griffiths Zabala were temporarily suspended earlier this year following allegations of a series of multi-million rand tender irregularities. The announcement was made by Executive Mayor Amos Masondo at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, who also revealed that no admissible evidence of corruption relating to Williamson and Zabala was found. “The review of the investigation found no evidence of corruption, as required by law, and the report has been referred to the South African Police Service’s (Saps) commercial wing. This effectively means that Saps will decide whether or not this matter can be pursued further.”

Masondo also announced the appointment of Maropeng Bahula as the new chairman of the board and that Zabala would now be an ordinary board member. Masondo also pointed out that the decisions were made in keeping with the principles of good governance and to ensure public confidence in the management of City Parks. City council was committed to clean governance, he added. However the Democratic Alliance ward councillor and member of the Municipal Accounts Committee that examines irregularities in the city council, John Mendelsohn said that his party was not in a position to comment on this matter because he had not seen the reports pertaining to the case. But he lashed out at city council for delaying the case’s appearance before the accounts committee.


NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE • Week ending 23 July 2010 • PAGE 5

You said it!

with Amanda Watson

His last chance now Week ending 16

Annex the city The river in Rembrandt Park is a shocking example of neglect. We pay our rates and expect a return. Fair enough. But tell me please, on what planet does it happen that government, local or otherwise, builds our Utopia for us? Takes us by the hand, spoon-feeds us, powders our botties and makes sure that everything is hunky-dory. Reality check: it didn’t happen with the old tyrants, it’s not going to happen with the new tyrants, no matter how much we bleat. And we know this. We throw our toys out the cot, but we know it’s pointless; all that happens is we sit in an empty cot. Which isn’t fun, really. Because no-one is going to pick up your toys for you. In fact, they’ll probably be stolen. So I say, annex that land. Do it nicely. We are a step above our treeswinging cousins after all, for the most part.

Tell City Parks you want to enter into a partnership and then you, your neighbour and your other neighbour can own a pristine, value-enhancing, river front property. Instead of throwing garden waste into it. Just ask the folks in Lyndhurst what it’s like without running water. Scary. Stressful. Your whole day running up and down with buckets. The sewage we call rivers? If we’re not going to own them, we may as well put them all underground and put down fake grass. The rivers would probably be better off.

Post script... It’s a little sad to see all the flags disappearing. Of all the philistine ways we’ve imported from the West, there is one tradition I like: the planting of the national flag in the front garden. I’ll be keeping my mirror socks a while yet.

July I immediately received a call from Howard B after my offer of some food rather than money. A friend of his and I went shopping and he gratefully received quite a nice hamper and transport to his home. I have it on good authority his sister took him to Sanca at Wedge Gardens last Monday. Let’s wish him well and speedy recovery. I will follow up. Dieter Orange Grove. Council scoops award Week ending 16 July What a joke! I have not received a

bill for rates, electricity since March. I just pay an average because I’m terrified city council will mess up more. JVG. Award is not deserved. We are one of the customers who is having an uphill battle trying to get our billing in order. The next news snippet will probably read that senior management has received a cash bonus. Outstanding World Cup I would like to congratulate Danny Jordaan and every single person who had anything to do with making the World Cup such a fantastic event. It was amazing, and I agree with Flying the Flags. I say flags plural, because it will bring back the memories when we all got on so well, and why oh why can’t we do that always?

Take water seriously Jacqui Thompson writes; I read about the proposed skydeck and while I have no knowledge of that area or scheme I am very familiar with the Sandspruit and the ongoing pollution. I walk my dogs daily in the Ernest Ullman Park ground which is bordered by the Sandspruit. The pollution became so bad at one stage in 2007 that it was like snow, as foam – over a metre thick on the river’s surface – blew in the wind. I tried everyone and everywhere; radio stations, Green Scorpions, police, politicians, newspapers everyone I could think of who might

help stop the pollution. While a big development on Bowling Road was being constructed, water was pumped out of the river (illegal according to Joburg Water) but no action was taken against the development despite my raising the alarm and sending photos. Water conservation is not taken seriously. It won’t be until it is a massive, irreparable problem. Water is so valuable that only when we start paying more for fresh water than any other commodity will we begin to take water pollution and water theft seriously. Who cares? No one until it affects them directly via their pocket because there’s no fresh water to be had.

Only a slap on the wrist Frustrated writes; I’ve noticed a certain amount of sympathy creeping into the matter of the Hesselbergs and the animals that were kept in their home for who knows how long. The fact that there were, according to the SPCA, 43 cats kept in semidarkness in one room, having to endure who knows what deprivations, and likewise 17 dogs also kept inside the house unable to run around or even breathe outside of their enclosed room, shows that there is something radically wrong with the Hesselbergs ‘love’ of animals. The fact that most

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Dumping in Rembrandt Park hurts everyone.


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Their future starts today 19 – 20 September 2010

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of the animals had to be euthanised speaks for itself. The photograph which accompanied the first article in 2008 showed a badly maltreated cat. Now, according to the SPCA, they have nine dogs in their ‘care’ till the end of August. That means the dogs have been confined to one room for some time already. Hesselberg states she doesn’t feel guilty – which says much for her socalled love of animals. There doesn’t seem, after all, to be a law against cruelty to animals. She simply got away with it.

Their future starts today!

Share your skills Chairman of Cheshire Homes Joffe Kgwedi writes: We are a registered non-profit organisation and provide care, education, training and development to people with disabilities. In Gauteng we have three homes in Soweto, Daveyton and Randburg. Our mission is to provide care and support services which holistically develop and empower persons with disabilities. We urgently need to extend our services to homebased care and for this we need staff, vehicles, food and clothing parcels, beds, blankets, wheelchairs and walkers, which would cost R1million per Cheshire Home. We also need people to train the disabled in skills in the communities and residences, at R2000 per person to be trained. These skills include computer literacy, arts and crafts, sewing, woodwork and many other skills suitable for persons with disabilities. Our disabled residents, who have been handicapped by strokes, epilepsy, degenerative diseases and accidents, are currently over the age of 18 and include HIV positive people and unemployed members of the community. Our financial statements are available to the public on request. For information contact Dawn Bell 082-576-2181 or Willem Roos 082486-3774.

Old bowls? Ted Keartland, Linden Bowling Club president writes: Part of our programme of introducing new bowlers to the sport includes giving them a set of bowls gratis in order to allow them time to see if they adapt and /or enjoy the sport. As you can imagine a set of bowls can be rather expensive. Many of these new bowlers either keep the old bowls, but in most instances they purchase a new set of bowls later as they get hooked on the sport. However we have almost depleted our stocks and also need to replace and upgrade many of our old sets. I would like to make an appeal for any unused sets of bowls, any size or condition, so that we can recycle them back into the sport. Contact me 082330-3362.


PAGE 6 • Week ending 23 July 2010 • NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE

diary recipe 645-2515.

21 July: Wizo Johannesburg presents the 60th Anniversary of the Goodwill International book at 9am. Contact Sandy 011-

21 July: A love story of redemption, Autumn Hearts, screens at the Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre (RCHCC) at 7.30pm. Contact: Hazel or René 011-728-8088/8378 or email: renes@greatpark. 21 July: Links, charms and chains beading workshop at Jabula recreation centre. Contact Diane 082-338-4462 or 011-726-1559. 22 July: The South African Archaeological Society, Transvaal branch and Professor Bruce Cairncross lecture on, Who is responsible for South Africa’s mineral heritage? at the Roedean school, Parktown at 8pm. Contact Anna 082257-1907 or e-mail: 22 July: Psychologist, Wendy Hartsman speaks on, How to talk so kids will listen, at the Jabula recreation centre. Contact Wendy 082-292-7999. 23 July: Dinner with the director of football, Stanley Matthews at the Sydenham Shul community centre at 6pm. Contact Shirley on 011-640-5021 or 23 July: Anne Lapedus Brest speaks on, Jews of Ireland and a South African connection, at Our Parents Home at 12.45pm. Contact Gloria at 072-127-9421. 24 July: Rector, Keith Griffiths speaks about the Eucharist, the heartbeat of Christian community and care at 18 High Road, Orchards from 9am. Contact Shirley Lacy 011-728-7015. 25 July: The South African Arms and Armour Society exhibits polearms and staff weapons and screens royal armouries, Slings and Spears, at the War Museum, Saxonwold at 5pm. Contact Dawn Tel: 011-728-0400. 25 July: The Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre holds a book launch and a fun morning for children at 11am. Children to wear BafanaBafana T-shirts. Contact: Hazel or René 011728-8088/8378 or e-mail or

26 July: Judge Albie Sachs talks about his book The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law at the RCHCC at 7.30pm. Contact Hazel or René 011728-8088/8378 or e-mail or 28 July: Bianca Burger speaks on how games and puzzles improves cognitive ability at the Randjes Estate, Highlands North at 10am. Contact Rosemary Burke 011-640-3919.

The Swansong of Wilbur McCrum by Bronia Kita.

Published by Picador. No great masterpiece but an easy-to-read novel, skipping from one topic to another – some interesting, some ridiculous, in an unusual environment in the Wild West. Not a cowboy tale, but the unsettled life of a drifter during the gold rush era.

28 July: Casino outing to Emperor’s Palace with Jabula recreation centre. Contact Tertia 011-6405122/3/4. 28 July: Symphony concert rehearsals of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra at the Linder Auditorium, Parktown at 10am. Contact Grecia Gabriel 011-532-9718. 28 July: Tom Cain speaks about, Bee keeping and gardens of England and the Isle of Man. Contact Carolyn Edmond-Mack on 011-8889965 or 082-373-3226. 30 July: The Jewish Women’s Benevolent Society hosts a book sale at the Hypermarket. Contact Linda Shneier 011-485-5232. 30 July: Adina Roth and Laura Siegel speak on, One step further on your Jewish journey, at Our Parents Home from 12.45pm. Contact Gloria 072-127-9421. 31 July: St Luke’s hosts a dinner to raise funds to provide blankets and clothes for the homeless. Contact Shirley on 011-728-7015. 1 August: Rolene Marks examines the nuclear issue and its effect on global politics at The Gerald Horwitz Lounge, Golden Acres. Contact Grecia Gabriel on 011-532-9718. 2 August: Register for the Morris Rutstein - South African Zionist Federation Hebrew ulpan evening course at Yeshiva college, 6.30pm, corner Long Avenue and Ridge Road, Glenhazel. Contact 011-645-2531 (office hours). 3August: The Morris Rutstein - South African Zionist Federation Hebrew ulpan evening course begins at Yeshiva college at 7.15pm. Contact 011-645-2531 (office hours). 4 August: Symphony concert rehearsals of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra at the Linder Auditorium, Parktown at 10am. Contact Grecia Gabriel 011-532-9718.

An August fête accompli Tarentaal Village’s fête on August 14 is the perfect way to celebrate the countdown to spring. The retirement village run by non-profit organisation Rand Aid, is set in spacious grounds and boasts pretty gardens making it the ideal setting for a morning market. Be there from 9am to enjoy traditional fête offerings like a white elephant stall, needlework table, books, shoes,

Joel’s book choice

clothing, cake stall, jewellery and novelties. Hunger and thirst will be kept away by a choice of vetkoek, boerewors rolls, curry and rice and puddings, and there will be a tea garden and jumping castle. Raffles will add to the fun and music will keep the atmosphere vibey. Tarentaal is on the corner of Modderfontein and Wordsworth roads, Lyndhurst. Contact Tammy 011-882-2510.

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Mondays The Wellness Show with Marika Sboros @ 8.30am 9.00am Whispers with Carolyn Steyn & Michael de Pinna @ 2.00pm -3.00pm In Town Tonight (Special Guests) @ 8.00pm - 9.00pm Wednesdays BBC World Service World Briefing (Live from London) @ 12.00pm 1.00pm Music Wave (Direct from Plettenberg Bay) with Gordon Hoffman @ 1.00pm 2.00pm Medicine and You with Lynne Zurnamer @ 6.00pm 7.00pm Fridays A to Z Breakfast Show with with Alon Zahavi @ 6.00am 9.00am Michael's Music with Michael Coulson @ 1.00pm 2.00pm Afternoon Drive with Errol Ballantine @ 3.00pm 5.00pm Saturdays From My Window with Alan Maker @ 6.00am 8.00am Grounded (Gardening) with Melanie Walker and Colin Thompson @ 11.30am 12noon LM Radio Happy Sports with with Tinky Pringle @ 4.00pm 6.00pm


MUSICAL TREAT: Frankie Beagle performs her new show at 8pm on 23 July. This is a special show put together following the launch of her album, The Sounds. Enjoy the talents of Brendan Ou Tim on double bass, David Driver on keyboards and Rob Luce on drums fronted by Frankie Beagle on vocals and guitar. Join the fun at 8 Hope Road, Shepstone Gardens, Mountain View. To book contact Colin 083-284-4968 or Frances 083-560-6996.

notices Parkinson’s Disease Support Group meetings are held at the Randjies Estate boardroom every last Wednesday of every month at 10am. Contact Rosemary Burke 011-640-3919. Paterson Park recreation centre offers art, aqua aerobics, modern dancing and hip hop. Contact June 011-728-7250. Picture framing at Jabula recreation centre. Contact Felix 078-053-3868. Queen Alexandra Home is desperately in need of any kind of donation. Contact Angelique 011-640-5826. Read and create at Jabula recreation centre every first Wednesday of the month. Ages five to 12 welcome. Contact Monique 083-7438480 or 011-640-5122. Rejuvenate and energise by visiting the Violet Flame healing sanctuary. Contact Roberta 011-616-5797 or 083-963-8055. Security officers in the Bramley precinct are invited to the Crime Combating Forum at Bramley police station. Contact Warrant officer Moses Maphakela 082-411-0188. Seniors Bingo Club at Jabula recreation centre. Contact 011-640-5122/3/4. Sewing and cooking classes for domestic workers at Jabula recreation centre. Contact Elke 011-726-4433.

St Luke’s runs an ironing service on Mondays. Drop off in the morning, collect in the afternoon. R10 per kilogram. Contact 011728-7015. Sumi-e and calligraphy workshops at Jabula recreation centre. Contact Florence 083-2933974. Support group for family members of chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia sufferers. Call 078-1399075. Substance abuse centre support meeting for those addicted to alcohol or drugs. Free sessions. Contact Adele Grobbelaar at 011430- 0320. Tea ’n Talk meets at the Gerald Horwitz Lounge, Golden Acres, Sandringham, every Sunday at 10am. Contact Annette Bergman at 011-485-1640, Grecia Gabriel 011-532-9718. The Candlelight Club for the Aged invites pensioners older than 65 to join the social club. Contact 083-963-8055. The Fibromyalgia Support Network offers support and newsletters with the latest research, help-line and one-on-one counselling. Contact 011-485-5848. The Friendship Forum for Holocaust survivors, second generation and those who lost family in the Holocaust meets at The Gerald Horwitz Lounge, Golden Acres. Contact Sandra on 011-532-9721.

Silver jewellery classes at Jabula recreation centre. Contact Robin 076-040-8160.

The Gerald Fitzpatrick Home for the Aged is looking for secondhand clothing, electrical appliances, household goods and books. Contact 011-614-3237.

Stroke Aid support group meets every Tuesday, with a book sale at Paterson Park. Donations of good secondhand books welcome. Contact 011-728-2292 or 082-558-1443.

The Guide Dogs Association has little fluffy toy dogs for each person who donates to the association. Contact 011-705-3512/3/4 or email


NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE • Week ending 23 July 2010 • PAGE 7

Adopt a guide dog puppy Animal lovers have the opportunity to help the South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind and adopt a puppy to prepare it for training as a guide dog. The Puppy Raising Scheme was developed to provide the association with dogs well-prepared for advanced training and their future work as guide dogs. Volunteers will receive a pup when it is seven weeks old and take it into their homes for 11 to 18 months. The Puppy Raising Scheme is a supervised programme, beginning with a five-week puppy socialising course at the association’s training centre, with more courses in the following months. All training sessions take place during working hours from Monday to Friday. Puppies can only learn appropriate and desired behaviour when puppy raisers teach them, so a home where the puppy is left alone all day during the week will not be suitable. Homes in which puppy raisers work half days are acceptable. Puppy raisers need to live in Johannesburg or Pretoria. The male pups are castrated at six months, but females are spayed after their first birthday. The association covers veterinary costs incurred by pups on the scheme, as well as vaccinations, de-worming and micro-chipping. When puppy raisers go away on holiday, or bitches are in season, pups will be boarded

Zany beds are the order of the day at Zwartkops raceway.

Beddy, steady... Help the Guide Dogs Association for the Blind socialise a puppy. in the association’s boarding kennel. Food for the pups on the scheme is also sponsored. Contact Caroline or Monica, 087754-9295 or Pups need to be: Introduced to people of all races and ages, especially children. Taught to relieve themselves only on command when on lead and working – and not to mess in certain places. Able to behave in an appropriate manner in shopping centres, post

offices, shops, restaurants and other public places. Taught how to behave in the home by not messing, chewing or sleeping on furniture. Taught how to behave around people such as not jumping up on them. Taught basic obedience work. Taught how to walk on a lead according to guide-dog specifications, which are - no sniffing, scavenging or pulling, and not being distracted by what is going on around them such as barking dogs at gates.

It’s time to pull those teams together and flex those muscles as you race your ‘patient’ and hospital bed around the Zwartkop Raceway track. Now in its 16th year, hosted by the Round Table under the leadership of Anthony McPhee, this charity event promises to be loads of fun for family and friends alike. McPhee said, “The Round Table Bed Race has always been a huge success; with everyone in attendance having a fantastic, funfilled day. “It is also an ideal team building opportunity for companies, knowing that what you are doing is helping those less fortunate.” After the race, all the beds are stripped of their accessories and donated to needy institutions such as

the Johannesburg Association for the Aged (Jafta), while the funds raised are used to uplift local communities. Once you have entered your company’s team; a hospital bed will be delivered to you to decorate to make ready for race day. On race day there will be prizes for several different categories including: best dressed bed and worst taste. But the overall winner will be the team that can make its way around the track fastest while negotiating strategically placed obstacles. Registration is open now and closes on 20 August. The race takes place on 5 September. Contact Anthony McPhee 082453-4127 or e-mail convenor@ Enter on-line at www.


PAGE 8 • Week ending 23 July 2010 • NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE

Pass the peace please If all the advancements in the world are designed for humanity’s peace and comfort, why have we not found peace? Internationally eminent philosopher Sunandaji will dish out the truth about inner peace in a series of free lectures in August. The Indian guru will visit Wits University on 2 and 3 August as part of a tour of South Africa, delivering a series of lectures to offer students an insight into the technique of living that brings peace and prosperity. Daughter-disciple of renowned philosopher Swami Parthasarathy, Sunandaji had a rare and fortunate upbringing in an ashram surrounded by sages and saints. It was there her father learnt Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of life and living. “At 16 my mind was full of questions and I took them to my father,” she recalled. From that moment, Sunandaji decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and dedicate her life to the study of Vedanta. That was over three decades ago. Since then she has addressed diverse audiences across five continents. “The predicament mankind faces is that we believe acquiring objects and beings will make us happy and peaceful. You can acquire what you want but finding fulfillment through acquisition is not possible,” she said. Peace is within. A cliché you might think, but a timeless truth according to Vedanta. “There is no elixir for peace and we all know it is difficult to find it within. You have to be committed to raise yourself by yourself, noone can do it for you,” said Sunandaji. “You’re always looking for peace outside yourself but the peace you seek is closer than you think.” Contact or 031-4611595. Swami Parthasarathy’s daughter, Sunandaji

Bumper Limmud SA If you thought you would be bored after the World Cup, think again. Limmud South Africa has released its Johannesburg programme, its most exciting and diverse yet. The four-year-old festival of Jewish culture and learning has succeeded in attracting an array of world-class international and local presenters. The programme includes: World-famous archaeologist Richard Freund, a Jewish Indiana Jones who will address findings relating to tabernacles and temples in ancient Israel and new excavations in the city of Yavneh. Modern topics relating to Israel with a discourse on Middle-Eastern affairs by Jonathan Fine, who will address counterterrorism and the threat posed by a nuclear Iran. Ex-South African journalist Benjamin Pogrund will compare the situation in Israel

to apartheid South Africa. Those interested in Yiddish and the Holocaust will have taboo-breaking scholar from the University of Colarad David Shneer to present Yiddish poetry and photography from the Soviets during the Holocaust. There will be a wide range of textual learning including sessions by David Levin-Kruss, a rabbi from the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. Limmud also focuses on children from 0 to 15 years of age and has placed a renewed emphasis on multigenerational learning with its family sessions where grandparents, parents and children learn together. The concert features Rus Nerwich with his expert blends of traditional Klezmer music and modern Jazz. The proramme will take place from 8 to 9 August. Visit or contact Wayne 072-553-0164.

Rus Nerwich will perform his particular brand of traditional Klezmer music and modern jazz.

Fun family walk for all Elphin Lodge retirement village holds a big walk on 9 August to raise money for a village golf cart. As the day is a public holiday, it offers everyone the opportunity to shake off the winter dust in the countdown to spring. The walk starts at 9.30am and winds through the gardens of Elphin Lodge, Inyoni Creek and Tarentaal Village - all part of non-profit

organisation Rand Aid. The villages boasts abundant bird life, a river boundary and dams, so a scenic stroll is promised. Boerewors rolls, curry and rice and refreshments will be on sale. To enter, e-mail, call 011882-6296 or collect forms from the Elphin Lodge reception desk on Modderfontein Road, Lyndhurst.

Lecture on osteoarthritis The Arthritis Foundation will host a lecture on osteoarthritis on 29 July at 10am at the Wits Medical School, Parktown. Rheumatologist, Prof Mohammed Tikly

will speak on new direction in osteoarthritis, and occupational therapist, Carin Dreijer Du Plessis will speak on managing osteoarthritis. Contact 011-726-7498 or fax 011-726-7493.


NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE • Week ending 23 July 2010 • PAGE 9

Nobody can touch this A team of St Mary’s school girls participated in the Schools’ United Nations Model Debate at the University of the Witwatersrand. At least 13 schools were assigned different countries with issues to debate. St Mary’s represented Russia and the resolution under debate was Somaliland’s independence. The St Mary’s team was awarded first place for their position paper. Research and a firm understanding of the countries’ political stances were essential for this paper. Jenna Espley-Jones, who responded to the arguments proposed by

other delegates, was selected as one of the three best speakers of the debate. The team of Grade 11 girls consisted of two groups: the research group comprising Renata Briajraj, Michaela Carides, Nadia Dhorat, Shameela Arbi, Kathryn Wray, Chido Chivaura and Jody Davison, and debaters Jenna Espley-Jones, Cassandra Nel and Juliet Donaldson. The debate provided a platform for a broader understanding of world issues and the opportunity to engage in critical thinking and discourse.

Back: Matseliso Photolo, Renata Briajraj, Cassandra Nel, Shameela Arbi, Chido Chivaura, Juliet Donaldson, Nadia Dhorat, Front: Jody Davison, Jenna Espley-Jones, Kathryn Wray and Michaela Carides

A hobo night Lombardy East: Blacken your teeth, fish out your gardening shoes and smear a little oil in your hair - it’s time to get down and dirty at Thembalami Care Centre’s Hobo Night. The care centre, run by non-profit organisation Rand Aid, looks after destitute and frail senior citizens. The fun evening will serve as a fundraiser to help keep the centre’s coffers full. So round up your friends and have fun while supporting a good cause. The event happens on July 31 at 4pm at Thembalami, and guests will feast on bunny chow, enjoy music and dancing and perhaps even win a prize as the best dressed hobo. Beer, wine and cold drinks will be on sale and children are most welcome – there will be hot dogs and fruit juice for them. Many of the residents of Thembalami are unable to afford the cost of the ticket, so if you are not able to go along on the day, why not sponsor the entrance fee for one of the senior citizens and add some joy to their lives. Tickets must be booked with Elize Raath 011-882-4434 before July 23.

Scholarships for needy pupils The Student Sponsorship Programme (SSP) is recruiting South Africa’s future leaders to join its programme from 2011. To qualify, pupils need to fulfill the following criteria: Be in Grade 6 in 2010 Be 12 years old or younger in 2010 Achieve an aggregate of 65 percent and above Achieve 65 percent and above in mathematics, English and science Be financially needy Eligible applicants will sit exams. Shortlisted pupils will complete the Academic Bridging Programme in their Grade 7 year, after which successful pupils will be offered scholarships at SSP’s partner high schools in Joburg where their education will be funded for five years. The scholarship covers tuition, school uniforms, stationery, textbooks, sport equipment and school educational trips. Scholars also benefit from SSP’s continual leadership development camps and personal development workshops. Applications close on 27 August.

Enter science fair Young scientists will be given the opportunity to represent the country at an international science fair. The Eskom Expo for Young Scientists is an annual event on 30 and 31 July, in which pupils develop science and technology projects. Bursaries and cash prizes are also up for grabs. Visit:


PAGE 10 • Week ending 23 July 2010 • NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE

Taking over Joburg zoo Keba Mothoagae Children are playing their part in the running of Johannesburg Zoo. The zoo is home to the Honey Badger Club, an environmental education programme for children between the ages of seven and 13, that focuses on various aspects of the animal kingdom and the welfare of the zoo’s animals. Members can be spotted wearing orange T-shirts with the words ‘Honey Badgers’. From feeding the chimpanzees to cleaning the elephant enclosure and many other fun activities, the Honey Badgers are kept busy, one Saturday a month by a

supervisor and learn about the demands of being a zoo keeper in the process. Once they reach 13, the children can join the Be Mad Club, another zoo programme for pupils in grades 8 to 12 that continues their integration into zoo life. “It’s a great experience for kids as it gets them in touch with animals first-hand. We’ve come to understand what nature is about,” said Honey Badger, Julia Smyth. Contact: Johannesburg Zoo 011-646-2000 ext 216 or

Mark Hawkins, Robert Whitehead and Toby Bentel in the Doo Bee Boobies.

Doo Bee Boobies a bang Grown men in pink tights, Superman suits and lashings of feathers can only be the all-male, all-madness musical revue Doo Bee Boobies, which returns to whoop it up in August. This infamous cult favourite returns to the Joburg Theatre from 5

to 22 August. Expect zany musical sketches ranging from the Dying Swan to a parody of Memory from Cats, and prepare for a helping of saucy satire that’s anything but a drag, darlings. Contact:

Polearms weapons on display Love the job...Bayle Ghoos, Julia Smyth and Kyle de Oliveira

Polearms and staff weapons will be on display at the South African Arms and Armour Society exhibition on 25 July. There will also be a presentation

and lecture on these weapons in the auditorium of the Military History Museum in Saxonwold. No booking necessary. Contact: 011-728-0400.

My husband works for a building company, that is not very big. He is supposed to get paid on the 30th of every month, however it is seldom the case! This month he was only paid on the 5th! It is very inconvenient to us as some of our debits bounce! Is there anything we can do to take them on? The only thing is, my husband is scared of losing his job

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0118 Cleaning

AARON gives

Personal Supervision

Our 20 Successful year R 300 - 5 room home with R 250 - Lounge Suite

0065 Psychics / Tarot Readers



CARPET SPRING CLEANERS 485-2158/2170 All hrs 072 202 7171

ABACAS inc. THERMO-CLEAN ACCURATE PSYCHIC Carpet & Upholstery READINGS 48 YRS EXP cleaners since 1977! Open weekends too. Vee Guaranteed workmanship! 011 475-9001 084-668-5261 Call Don Johnston SG068346 Member CUCASA 447-5861 or 788-4207 ALL PROBLEMS SA020904 Business, Love.Tarot, I Ching, Astrology, Psychic Ivan (011) 786-4089 NP009594

0123 Aerials / Satellites


All types of roof repairs • Slate Roof • Tile Roof • IBR Roofs DSTV & HD • Corrugated Roofs INSTALLATIONS • All types of Ceilings, Extra points. Re-install. Gutters, Fascial Boards 083-866-4453 • All types flashings SG068314 • All types of Waterproofing. All work guarenteed.

0127 Electricians



Adriaan 074 487 6348 079 866 1520 for free quote CM005009

A HANDYMAN FOR ANY OF THE 101 JOBS AROUND THE HOUSE Phone Sean or John (011) 728-3807 084-426-2733

FLOORING / 30 YRS EXP A BEST TREEFELLING/ Sand and seal floors, doors, BOOMSLOOPERS stairs etc. + Paint removal. Repairs parquet / strip. New / 2nd hand flooring & Fully insured. 15 Years exp. laminated + u/f heating. 24 Hours. 011 478-3638 082-468-0590 Brian or SA020891 o/h 082-473-0158. FLOORING SA020841 Repairs to strip flooring, relaying of parquet blocks. ALL COMPOST & FINE Replacing thin boards with a LAWN DRESSING new hardwood floor, and TOPSOIL PRODUCTS sanding and sealing of PHONE (011) 917-0493 wooden floors, decks, (011) 917-0490 staircases, windows, doors Viewpoint Farming skirtings etc. We buy parquet CH001631 blocks. ALL REMOVALS ROB`S Rubble/garden ref/furn. etc. FLOORING CC 1.5 + 6T +10M Tipper. 011 440-9280 mess. John 073 238 1601 RO028434 083-225-9510 SA020823

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CURTAIN CLEANING 20 Yrs Exp. Collection, removal, re-hanging. ABOUT BUILDING PLANS Graham 25 Years exp. Niki 011 825-2505. 072-375-8676 RO028324 CH001608

1A BETTER STAR ELECTRICAL 24HR Power failer, maintenance, appliances, repairs, fridges, geysers, electrical installations. Compliance certificate. 082-385-4441 JK004485


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Removal of paint and BLINDS - SATORI BLINDS varnishing of any wood, We do installation, cleaning, indoors or out doors, windows etc. repairs & services of ALL BLINDS and also supply all ROB'S FLOORING CC types of new blinds. 011 440-9280 Free quotation. 083-225-9510 Phone Gerhard SA020825 082-414-7983 RO028359


Repairs Additions Painting Waterproofing Ceilings Paving Tiling


o Free qu

Phone Jack 084 725 3050


0154 Gardening / Rubble Removals A 4 SEASONS GARDEN Cleanups / treefelling / irrigation. 011 763-2925


A AND N TREE FELLERS AND GARDEN CLEAN-UPS Call Newboy 073-684-1832 CM005113

CARPENTRY ALAGEM`S MOVERS HANDYMAN REASONABLE 8 Ton + 6 Ton + 4 Ton. (011) 440-9484 MAURICE 083 458 2246 SA020827


A PLUMBERS & DRAIN CLEANERS A Guaranteed Inexpensive Day A Same 24 Hr Service


0109 Building & Materials

A CLEANING CREW 3 carpets R180 + L/suite R180.(std) Kwik dry. Full home valet. Flood damage.1 loose carpet free. 011 640-1350 or 071 037 2987 (24 hrs)

MAJULOKA TREE FELLING PROJECTS CC. Rubble Removal, site clearing. Fully insured. 073-453-1206


Stuart 084 919 3527

A 1ST IN FISHPOND AND POOL SOLUTIONS Peter`s Pool Service 083-601-0644/ 462-3386 Seven days from 6 to 6. Pumps, filters overhauled and renewed. Heating, salt chlorination. Fibreglass, Marbelite repaired.

TEL. 0861 111 666


24 hours a day * Maintenance * Blocked Drains * Bathroom renovations



AUSTRIAN builder. For alterations, additions, modernising of servants MANDAV ELECTRICAL quarters, garden walls, etc. MEMBER OF ELECTRICAL 072-259-3359 CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION RO028408 Installations, Maintenance. Certificates of Compliance. Stephen 082-680-3680



0136 Home Improvements / DIY

• LOW QUOTE • BEST RATES all plumbing & blockages

Free call 0800 119 120

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ALL MOBILE APPL. REPS Washers, Dryers, Fridge, Stoves, Dishwashers. Work guarant. Free call out. Theuns 082-744-1145


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A PROFESSIONAL REPAIR Fridges, W/machine, Stoves, Geysers. Elec. faults. 6mth guarant. Free call out Matthew: 011 440 8912 079 364 0411 anytime


(Registered Physiotherapists) With CM005118 more than 20 years of experience in a large spectrum of medical conditions. We offer hands-on treatment and appropriate rehabilitation to patients, allowing them to return to a painfree life-style and maximum function in GAS INSTALLATION their daily activities. We located at Medical & REPAIRS Suite 1. Killarney Mall. 072 7974 713 60 Riviera Road CH001714 Killarney.

0280 Professional & Business CHAUFFEUR FREELANCE

• Kruger/Rands • Gold (All) ALL subjects • Silver Coins • Medallions • War Medals • Jewellery. 011-534 2033 RO028436

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Killarney Coins Killarney Mall Est.1967: Phone: 011 486 0394/5 Peter, Justin or Gail NP009529

MATHEMATICS UNLIMITED ...For Those who Struggle ...........ALL GRADES... British International ••S A T S 072 934 4243


MATHS PUBLIC SPEAKING TUTOR TRAVELS 082 851 1328 011 786 9259 (messages)

0463 Offices & Shops

SANDTON FLAT TO RENT Upmarket quality furnished 1 bedroom flat, Sandhurst Towers ( 1 block from Sandton City), avail from 01 August for 3 months - 1 year lease. R14000 pm incl w/l, full dstv, twice a week clean. Contact Jayne on : 073 957 2727

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0299 Upholstery / Curtaining

0288 Removals & Storage



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A2B Furniture Removals 011 886 2328 078 912 0145 RO028241


Phone Fern (011) 432-0720 or 082-448-0855 Certified Technician.

We specialise in: Curtains, Quilts & Blinds Call Freda (011) 680-7621 083-701-6764 CH001604

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0442 Garden Flats / Cottages HOUGHTON ESTATE

AABER BUYS Antiques, Collectables, Porcelain, Ornaments, Paintings, Glass etc. Tel 011 442 9039

parking, use of pool, R4 000 pm. 083-527-2774 AN000897


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PROPERTIES! PROPERTIES! PROPERTIES! Wanting to Sell or Rent? Need excellent advice & help on how to advertise your property?



SYDENHAM 2 room flatlet including kitchen, bathroom and entrance hall. R2900 per month excl W&l & gas. Occupation immediate. No children or animals. Avail from 01 August Tel. (011) 640-1704

0248 Furniture Restoration MOBILE FURNITURE RESTORATION All Wooden furniture doctor! Repairs of furniture and office chairs. Riempie seats & upholstery!

0292 Security


AZTECH ENGINEERING Gates & automation. Fencing & burglar proofing. Carports. Service & repairs. Centurion D5 Motors - R3850 with anti-theft & inst. Contact: Moh 084-595-8122 SA020849


0318 Carpets / Furniture / Appliances AA AUCTIONS

CM005117 Barry pays best cash prices

0204 Beauty & Health KELLY NATHAN AUDIOLOGIST GREENSIDE CLINIC 9 Gleneagles Road, Cnr barry Hertzog Ave, Greenside Tel: (011) 782-0004/5 SA020832

QUALITY WORK, GATE AUTOMATION GUARANTEED Sales and Repairs. Free Quotes Vasco 073 938 8053 Hansa, Centurion. CM005129 Pierre 082 788 3368

for all good, used furniture, appliances, antiques, pianos, etc. Tel. (011) 793-4668/ (011) 793-4478. NP009553


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CM005123 RO028370

0342 Jewellery BEST CASH PRICES! We buy Diamond and Gold jewellery for cash. Tel: (011) 787-0814 Randburg Diamond Co. NP009554

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GRESSWOLD New 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex in secure complex. Avail 01 August. R7500 pm excl Contact 083 267 3396

EASY LOANS UP TO R5 000 No ITC Check. Call: Moses / Sthembiso 011 472-6786 011 472-9362


LOANS From R1000 - R35000. Blacklisted welcome. 1 Hr approval. AN000918 Contact 073-602-0136


0491 Wanted to Rent




0484 Townhouses /Simplexes /Clusters /Duplexe

ACCOMMODATION FOR PHINEAS Worked for the family for 40 In best position. Lovely years, teetotaler, honest, upmarket dwelling for single quiet retainer always willing ADAM PAYS BEST professional / business to help. Top rent payable. PRICES FOR ALL woman. Privacy & security in Near Elphan Lodge, FURNITURE, a beautiful garden setting Edenvale Hospital Area with pool. R5300 pm. Please phone 011 346 2115 APPLIANCES, etc. 082 777 9169 083-727-3579 AN000886 Call: 011 447 1447 LW011148 082 568 0430

For All Your Property Advertising Requirements!

ALL LOADS HIRE `N LOAD CC House, office, Distribution & Storage. Personal Service. Kevin 083-745-5396.

Tel 082 445 0271



PETER`S REMOVALS AND STORAGE! Big or small loads. Boxes & Bubble wrap available. Cr card facilities available. (011) 683-2227

Office space to let. 110sqm available @ R90/sqm

NP009555 1 bed, full bath, secure

Angela Naidoo Tel: (011) 293 - 6161 Fax: 086 644 2541

0861 474 700



Call our Professional Property Consultant NOW!


0650 Loans / Investments



MATHS/SCIENCE Gr. 7 - 12. Expert tuition. TEL: (011) 888-5270

0428 Flats

PARKHURST Lock-up parking. Cottage with bedroom, kitchen & AANDAG! SUPERVISED TENNIS SA020850 bathroom. Available PLAYING SESSIONS AT We pay CASH for GOOD immediate. R3000pm incl W used household furniture, PARKHURST TAX RETURNS /L. Includes fridge & TV fridges, freezers, TV Saturday mornings. connection. No pets. setc. We call & collect. 9am-10am. Suitable for single person. (011) 825-2216 Personal and Call: NP009530 Deposit and lease required. Danny business by certified (011) 447-1759 072 088 7956 Tax Specialists at 4 AN000904 SA020920 AARON PAYS BEST Ways Accountantse for antiques, furniture, silver, ornaments & S.A art etc. PARKWOOD / 072-358-9404 SAXONWOLD Call Anne


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NORTH EASTERN TRIBUNE • Week ending 23 July 2010 • PAGE 13 JOHANNA SA seeks domestic/frail care/driv(08) p /f 3days. 073-066-6590 /Ref:072-613-1498(Moniquie) DF091709

KATE SA seeks childminder/ frail care p/f work Cooks with Accom 073 683 6807 Refs: 079 189 6339 Eng KL006095

KWANELE Zim seeks part /full-time Tue/Thur/Sat. Accom. Refs. Eng. 073-048-5173 DF091752

MONICAH Zim seeks domestic full-time Refs. Eng. 083-367-0981 DF091751

0893 General Employment Wanted Driver KINSLY Mwn seeks full-time Code 10 lic. Refs. Eng. 083-999-2623

PATRICIA Highly recommended. Avail f /p-time. Live-in/out. Cooks, great with kids, reliable, energetic Patricia 082-667-5058 Refs Lauren 082-435-7219 CP038747

ROSEMARY Sa seeks domestic/ childminder 4 days DF091755 p/t work 071 284 4219 Refs. ISAAC seeks garden/ painter/ Eng KL006067 houseman/ driver ( code 10 )p/f work with Accom 083 ROSEMARY Zim seeks 425 2358 Refs. Eng domestic/ childminder p/f 6 KL006025 days work with Accom 071 347 4470 Refs. Eng MATURE LADY SEEKS KL006042 WORK Debtors, invoicing, RUTH Zim seeks domestic bookkeeping, knowledge of full-time with accom. pastel. Mornings or full-time 074-626-4495 073-669-8770 CP038737 /Ref:082-383-1686(Charmaine) DF091732

0895 Domestic Employment Wanted

SARAH SA seeks domestic /childminder p/f-time with/out accom. Refs. Eng. 083-968-8628 DF091746

SELINA Zim 2oyrs exp. seeks domestic part/time Sat. Eng. 079-191-9526 /Ref:082-648-7516(Mrs. Wybrow)

ABIGAIL`S DOMESTICS EST 1996 Fully Screened DF091702 H/Keepers, Cooks, Nannies, Caregivers, Housemen, SIPHIWE Zim seeks Gardeners,Drivers domestic with accom. Refs. Eng. 083-710-0574 011 789 5127/8 or 071 425 3491


STELLA is looking for a job

CP038734 as a domestic worker, she is

ABSOLUTE JOLLY DOMESTICS drivers, maids, gardeners, caregivers, excel refs 072 556 1039 011 781 5006

honest and reliable Malawian part time or full time job please contact me on 083 895 3689 Eng KL006079

WINNIE Sa seeks domestic/ CP038752 childminder f/t 5 days Mon ALICE Zim seeks domestic/ Fri work with Accom 072 865 childminder f/t 5 days Mon - 0705 Refs. Eng KL006016 Fri work with Accom 084 545 0807 Refs. Eng KL005980 ZEPH Mwn seeks houseman 5days. Accom. Refs. Eng. ASHLEY Zim seeks 076-238-1783 DF091724 domestic/childminder full-time Eng. 083-334-1533 DF091730

AYANDA SA seeks domestic part-time 5days. Refs. Eng. 078-062-3279 DF091739

BRIGHTON Mwn seeks houseman/garden full-time Cooks. Accom. Refs. Eng. 078-385-7830

0897 Gardener Employment Wanted CLIFFORD Mwn seeks

DF091695 garden p/f-time Tue/Thur.

CHRISSIE Mwn seeks domestic p/t 5 days work Cooks with Accom 071 962 3842 Refs. Eng

Accom. Eng. 083-945-0968 /Ref:Fred=083-267-8349 DF091745

COLLY Mwn seeks garden/

KL006018 houseman f/t 5 days Mon -

CONSCIOUS Zim seeks domestic full-time Eng. 084-972-1229 /Ref:076-704-7177

Fri work with Accom & 7 yrs exp 073 247 1977/ 078 262 7151 Refs. Eng KL006093


DORCAS Zim seeks domestic p/f any day work with/ out Accom 072 871 6743 Refs: 076 970 4026 Eng KL006022

0899 Domestic Employment Available

Caxton Cobras’ Wesley Tiel in action against Acsa at Sandown high school.

Cobras bow out

Nie Cele Caxton Cobras’ mentor Abed Ahmed’s charm was soured after witnessing his team’s 3-2 defeat by Acsa in their Corporate Soccer Champions league playoffs match played in bitterly cold weather at Sandown high school. His tactic for the game was shoot from a distance. The fierce encounter between the two teams could have been won by either side as both played with gusto and determination. Acsa were the first to draw blood via a spectacular header by Xolani Lukhele who mesmerised Cobras every time he was in possession of the ball. Cobras were not to be outdone. They replied with an equalising header after winning a loose ball in the centre, thanks to Ishaq Ismail. In the second half Cobras Lukhele’s swift ball was just too quick for keeper Zubair Patel, and gave Acsa a 2-1 lead. But Cobras continued to play like men possessed with a rock solid backline. Their determination paid off as they were awarded a penalty after a handball. Damion Van Alphen scored brilliantly from the spot kick to make the score 2-2. Ahmed screamed, “I love it.” Just when everyone thought the game was heading for penalties an unmarked Lukhele received a brilliant pass from his teammate and sent a blistering shot past Patel to ensure an Acsa victory at 3-2. After the match a dejected and tired Cobras’ quicksilver left back, Keba Mothowagae was spotted drinking water at the touchline complaining that he couldn’t play to his best because of too many instructions. “I am considering relinquishing soccer and sticking to cricket and rugby.’’ Meanwhile Ahmed said, “This was an excellent season, we did well to come second in the league. Unfortunately Acsa were lucky to win this one. Good luck to them in their semi-final endeavour.”

DREXTER Mwn seeks houseman/garden part /full-time Cooks. Accom. Refs. Eng. 072-840-0450

Anglican Church St Paul`s Parkhurst Referenced domestics, care DF091721 givers, gardeners. (011) 447-3148 ELLEN SA seeks domestic full-time with accom. Eng. CP038726 083-366-0208 /Ref:082-659-2216 DF091757

FACILITATORS required for Training Co for fulldays. Min 5 years experience ABET qualification and own transport advantage. Pls fax 2 page CV to (011) 447-1744 CP038738


CALL: 011 293 6161

GETTY Zim seeks domestic f/t work 074 846 2728 Refs: 078 316 6028 Eng

FIRST CLASS DOMESTIC & CHILDCARE KL006091 Placement of Trained Qualified staff: GLADYS/Fred Mwn seeks Domestic childcare house domestic/childminder f-time management Cooks. Acc. Refs. Eng. Au Pair Tutors. 078-402-0000/073-103-7867 Courses avail. DF091769 SPECIALS AVAILABLE GRACE Mwn seeks p/t Tue. 071 324 9848 Wed & Thurs domestic work National Registered Trainer & Provider Dept. Labour. 073 107 2741 Refs. Eng KL006077


The ACSA goalkeeper tries to stop a penalty goal kick.

Week ending 23 July 2010  PAGE 14

All Thai’d up Amanda Watson Glenhazel: If you’re going to learn something, get the people who developed it to teach you. That’s the simple philosophy behind Ronen Shapiro’s importing of Suwit ‘Dum’ Tanhiran from Thailand. “He is a former Thailand boxing champion and has had about 170 professional fights as a Muay Thai fighter,” said Shapiro. He added that Tanhiran would be teaching boxing and Muay Thai for the next two years at the True Combat Martial Arts gym. “Our programme is for everyone, from children as young as four to our oldest enthusiast of 82.” Shapiro said training for mixed martial artists would be at the Glenhazel gym in the near future and people would be able to train alongside some of the greats in the business while the development programme at the Sandringham gym would continue. “The current International Boxing League light-heavyweight world champion Isaac

Chilembe trains here with a number of former and current world champions. “The professionals serve as inspiration for youngsters. Remember though, you will be trained in the real thing, not box-ercise,” Shapiro said. No slouch in the Muay Thai department either, Shapiro, a former amateur champion, said he was inspired to get back into training. “Tanhiran is teaching things I’ve never seen before and I’m very excited.” Did you know? Muay Thai is referred to as the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’ or the ‘Science Of Eight Limbs’ because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight points of contact, as opposed to two points (fists) in Western boxing and four points (hands and feet) used in sport-oriented martial arts. A practitioner of Muay Thai is known as a nak muay.

Suwit ‘Dum’ Tanhiran

Kendo: Learn the way of the sword. Contact Warren Ho 082-389-9098 or e-mail kendo@ Kung Fu classes at Jabula recreation centre. Contact Leron 072-273-3237. Martial arts and daily yoga at Jabula recreation centre. Contact 011-640-5123/4. Old Edwardians Cricket Club: Net practices every Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm. Contact Anne 011-728-7335. Pilates for senior women, classes at Balfour Park shopping centre. Also offered at the Randjes Estate hall. Contact Phyllis 011728-4871. Rockies Road Runners. All welcome. Contact 082-852-8000.

Run/Walk for Life Illovo/Melrose branch from Pridwin sports field cnr Venus Street and Greenacres Drive. Contact 083-3400975. Run/Walk for Life Norwood branch at Norwood primary school sports field. Contact 011-440-3530. Runnin’ Rebels Soccer Development Academy at Fairmount bowling club. Contact Alan 072-501-5444. Self-defence, martial arts and ninjutsu for all in Norwood and surrounding areas. Contact Daniel 082-751-7935. Senior walking group for those who find aerobics or dancing too strenuous, at Zoo Lake Parktown. Contact Ros 011-8873111.

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Northeastern Tribune 23 July 2010  
Northeastern Tribune 23 July 2010  

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