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Week ending 2 July 2010

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Thieves are doing such a neat job victims suspect the crimes are being carried out by a gate motor company.

It’s open season Jacques Clifford Two weeks, 14 townhouse complexes, nine gate motor thefts. These are the shocking statistics for Wilson Street in Fairland. According to Cheryl Towndrow of the Nicolway complex residents have been left feeling vulnerable and exposed. “One of the complexes in our street had their motor stolen, replaced it, then had it stolen again a few days later. “We don’t feel safe, yet there is a reluctance to replace as thieves strike repeatedly. The cost of a gate motor is anywhere between R6 000 and R10 000. How do you stop this?” Towndrow said the group of victims suspected a gate motor company (whose details are known to NMT) of committing the crimes. “We don’t

believe we are the target of a gang, but rather the staff of a company collecting merchandise. “Complexes with older model motors have not been affected. “We are suspicious of a company who sells gate motors and offers after-sale repairs. We believe the products are faulty to begin with. “When you return to collect your motor after handing it in for repairs, the original has been swapped with a stolen item. “They then resell the original and so double their income.” Towndrow added the crimes were being committed by organised professionals with heavyduty tools. “They do a very neat job, taking care not to damage any wiring. It’s almost as if they are

saying, ‘Here, we left everything nice and ready for you guys to replace your motor again’. They even remove the safety bracket around the motors without much mess or fuss.” According to Lieutenant Colonel Reggie Moichela of Fairland police, gate motor thefts increased during the month of June. “It is more common in the Fairland suburb around Wilson Street, however we have had cases reported in Berario, Blackheath and Northcliff extensions. “It is also noted that the Centurion Brand is mostly stolen, and our stats show that townhouse complexes are more often targets than residential premises. “Times for the thefts reflect mostly at night between 10pm and 6am the following day.

“We suggest that anti-theft brackets are installed over the gate motor, or even installing a movement censor that will trigger an alarm should it be moved. “Always keep the serial numbers of the products you have bought. Arrests have been made in the past and many gate motors recovered, however no positive identification could be made. Also mark the gate motor in such a way it is easily recognized. “We have written on all the information boards in and around our precinct regarding the increase in gate motor thefts, and requesting the community to be vigilant. Please be aware that all patrols are intensified in the area focusing on these thefts.”  Details: Fairland police 011-478-9423




Supply scam unearthed

Stuart Dickinson Next time you are in the market for building materials, think twice before making your choice on a supplier. A number of companies run by the same individuals are scamming people across the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, baiting clients to pay huge deposits for overly cheap building materials which are never delivered, and the funds never returned. The Times is in touch with a number of furious residents who have been put out of pocket by the following companies, all suspected to be linked: SA Building Supplies, Building4Gauteng, Basic Building Supplies, Building Matters and Jaycon Building Supplies. Following NMT’s investigations, these names came up throughout the different cases: Robyn Schmidt, Pam Rennie, Anne Bradford, Robyn Jenkins, Natalie Davies and Robyn Davies - all thought to be aliases of the same people involved in the scam. Sunninghill resident Cherise Pedder explained they paid a deposit of about R17 000 to Pam Rennie of SA Building Supplies for building materials for the construction of their new home. “After we paid the money, we never heard from her again. She sounded so genuine and knowledgeable of the building industry, we never suspected this.” Pedder said they persisted in getting back in touch with Rennie when a woman called Robyn Schmidt came into the picture, who claimed to be Rennie’s associate. “She told me Pam’s son Connor was critically injured in a soccer match and was admitted to Milpark Hospital, and she could not see to the delivery. I later phoned the hospital, and they said nobody with that name had been admitted.” But even Schmidt did nothing about delivering materials or refunding the family’s money. Residents Karolynn van Vuuren, Annette Primo and Karin Jensen were scammed in the same fashion. “When my materials didn’t arrive, RenHit hard... Residents across northern Joburg have been left in the red after paying deposits for building materials to dodgy supply companies, which pocketed the cash without delivering the goods.

nie said their driver had died and her husband had been in a car accident,” Primo told the Times. She lost R16 700. Van Vuuren had dealt with a Robyn Davies of Building4Gauteng about a year ago, who said their truck driver had been hijacked, her boss shot and his wife badly beaten up. Her materials have still not been delivered. These excuses crop up again and again. A search on consumer watchdog website revealed numerous other complaints relating to these companies and individuals. The name Robyn Schmidt is also linked to Building4Gauteng, Basic Building Supplies and Jaycon Building Supplies. Banking details for SA Building Supplies show the account is in the name of N.P Botha, while their invoice gives a business address at 79 Wroxham Road in Paulshof. The Times could not locate this address. Sandton police Warrant Officer Justice Malatjie was handling Pedder’s case, but said it was proving very difficult to make progress. “She is nowhere to be found. We are waiting for her bank to provide us with more information, and maybe we can get a legitimate address from them.” Malatjie also explained they had attempted to set up a meeting with Schmidt, acting as potential clients, but she never pitched up. Meanwhile Van Vuuren, who made a case with the Sandton police more than a year ago without any result, said the blame fell at the feet of police officials, who had had more than enough time to investigate. The Times attempted to get in touch with SA Building Supplies on the number provided on their invoice. A woman answered the call but immediately hung up when we identified ourselves. A message was left requesting that the company respond to the allegations but she failed to do so. An e-mail was sent to their address, but no response had been received. NMT’s investigations continue.

Week ending 2 July 2010

The trouble with trees Anthoney Bosman stands next to a tree that was cut down in Dover Street.

Thuli Malinga A tree in Dover Street, Westdene was last week brought to the ground following a fungus scare. Local resident Anthoney Bosman said he was informed the tree was cut down because it had a fungal infection. However, he was worried the wrong tree might have been cut down. Bosman said, “The street is full of beautiful pin oaks but when I took a closer look at this one it seemed fine. “On the other hand, the tree next to it was full of termites, which is a sign of a diseased tree.” He added that this had also caused damage to the street as there was now a hole caused by the fall

of the tree. Councillor Cindy Grobbelaar of Ward 69 said she was aware that the trees would be cut down. She said this had to be done to prevent the fungus from spreading as per an agreement with Johannesburg City Parks. “The tree will be replaced because there’s a policy that states that for every tree cut down, three more have to be planted. “But it’s also the residents’ responsibility to follow-up on the issue should these trees not be replanted.”  Details: Councillor Cindy Grobbelaar 082822-8387

The security of your street The Linden Community Policing Forum (CPF) has outlined a guide to street captains, coordinators and committees in various communities to combat crime:  Compile a comprehensive list of names, emails, telephones, fax and cellphone numbers of all residents including property owners (in the case where a property has been rented).  Record resident’s availability (if they work from home) and special skills (doctors, nurses or reservists) to assist at short notice in a crisis.  Encourage residents to conduct one-on-one meetings with their domestic workers and gardeners explaining the seriousness of contact with strangers. Highlight the importance of not passing on any information of the owners’ movements and security action applied.  Compile a recommended casual workers and contractors list complete with community reference. Take photos and identity document copies of all sub-contractors.

 Implement drills to remind residents not to become complacent. This can be a list of things that residents should be aware of once they are in their cars, driveways or approaching the home.  Motivate residents to report all events, even attempts and suspicious vehicles and activity to a central point or person.  Circulate descriptions of suspicious vehicles and registration numbers.  Supply a list of response companies and police contact details to all residents.  Survey the street to identify risk and cut down any over-grown bushes. Ask residents to assist with extra perimeter wall lighting to illuminate dark corners.  Implement a whistle alert system to any residents under threat.  Make fence jumping and roof hopping difficult by removing low hanging branches and items against walls that make it easy to enter a property.  Details:

Crime hits Montgomery Park Residents of Montgomery Park have been asked to be alert to suspicious activity in the area. “Please report everything to 10111 so that the police can assign proper resources. We seem to have a growing trend of crime occurring between 6am and 7am. This includes incidents of car theft,” said Francois Malan of the Montgomery Park Community Policing Forum (CPF). A local, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisal, spoke about a housebreaking involving her parents. “I left for work at 5.35am. My mother was still asleep but my dad was awakened at around 6.45am when two men barged into the house. “One dragged my dad to the second bedroom and the other went into my mom’s room. He put a pillow over her face and started strangling her. He bit the rings off her fingers. He said, ‘Where’s money? I’ll kill you’.

“She managed to remove the pillow as he took her purse and ran away. They had by now hit my dad on the head and thrown him to the floor. On the way out they grabbed my dad’s cellphone and my laptop. “Top Security and Sophiatown police arrived to take statements. They were all very kind and understanding. I took my parents to the hospital by which time my dad was practically unconscious. They had scans and were in hospital for four days. My mom was tested for HIV and is currently on ARVs for 28 days. “Previous to this incident we had on two occasions found evidence of strangers on our property.” Malan said the next CPF meeting would take place on 20 July. “It’s open to all residents and anyone concerned about security in our suburb.”  Details: Francois Malan 082-374-5487 bling 10, business robbery 1, loitering 2 and drinking and driving 1.

Sophiatown police station (011-6706311) 14 - 21 June. Arrests Attempted robbery 1, housebreaking and theft 5, drunkenness 55, illegal immigrant 11, assault GBH 1, theft 3, domestic violence 1, common assault 1, attempted theft out of motor vehicle 4, warrant of arrest 7, obstructing of justice 1, dealing in drugs 2, shoplifting 1, illegal gam-

Confiscated  Rocks of cocaine 42, cellphone 1 and liquor 121 litres. Crime briefs were not received from the following police station: Linden 011-888-9299 Brixton 011-248-5520/1 Fairland 011-478-9440/2 Parkview 011-486-5000/36

Week ending 2 July 2010

Walk the Talk road closures The 10th Discovery 702 Walk the Talk is around the corner. The organisers are pulling out all stops to ensure the event runs smoothly and this will include implementing several road closures on the day. On Sunday, 25 July a record 50 000 walkers will converge on Marks Park Sports Club in Judith Road, Emmarentia. This will be the starting and ending point for this year’s event. Four different walks with staggered starting times will take place on the day. These include the 30km, 15km, 8km and 5km walks beginning at 6.30am, 7.30am, 9am and 11am respectively. To ensure the safety of all walkers, residents and motorists, a number of roads in and around Emmarentia will be closed to traffic on the day. Closures will be effective half an hour before each walk begins. Roads will be reopened immediately after every intersection is clear of walkers, therefore allowing the least possible time of



closure. Please note that the 8km return route will now run parallel to Barry Hertzog Avenue on Clovelly Road, in order to free up traffic congestion. However all participants will cross over Barry Hertzog Avenue into Troon Avenue. Residents are asked to familiarise themselves with the road closures. Please note closure times are an estimation only. The organisers have ensured that a thorough clean-up of the area will take place after the event. Secure parking will be available on the day at the Johannesburg Botanic Gardens, to be accessed off Thomas Bowler Avenue from Beyers Naudé Drive.  A comprehensive list of all road closures, as well as a detailed route map, is available on Talk Radio 702’s website,  Details: Discovery 702 Walk the Talk office 011-463-2743


Nurse Lucy Ndlovu struggles to take Phyllis Gould for a walk around the suburb.

Pavement struggles Thuli Malinga A Melville woman has been left frustrated by Joburg Water’s failure to ensure that a pavement trench they allegedly opened eight years ago, was closed. Dorothy ann Gould, who looks after her 91year-old wheelchair-bound mother, said she had tried contacting the utility to close the trench but had been pushed from pillar to post, with no one taking responsibility. Gould said the hole was first dug eight years ago by Joburg Water, which returned to work on the same trench early this year. Their hopes of finally getting it fixed were shattered when they failed to close it. She said, “We can’t take my mother Phyllis for walks because of the state of the pavements. No one has been able to help us and it is frustrating for her as she loves being taken for walks. But she can’t go out of the house anymore because we’re scared her wheelchair might go onto the road. It’s

a real struggle for us and something needs to be done.” Gould stated that they believed the pavements would be fixed in time for the World Cup but nothing had happened. “The problem is not only in First Avenue but all the pavements around Melville are in an appalling condition. I’m hosting visitors from England and am so ashamed when they make comments about the state of our pavements, which are supposed to be wheelchairfriendly.” It is the responsibility of Joburg Water to dig holes in order to fix faulty pipes but Joburg Roads Agency’s responsibility to close them afterwards. As usual, there was no comment from Joburg Water at the time of going to print. On the other hand, Nampusheng Sebatane of the Johannesburg Roads Agency could not comment but said the matter had been reported to the department’s inspectors who were unaware of the problem.

The environment’s road to rehab

A map of the road closures with alternate routes.

Residents and other interested and affected parties can now view and comment on the environmental assessments carried out on the Kelland wetland and bird sanctuary, and the Fairland Spruit. According to Wendy Jones of the Fairland Residents and Ratepayers Association incorporating Kelland, the organisation is committed to the rehabilitation and preservation of the wetland and bird sanctuary, and the Fairland spruit system. “These natural resources have become badly degraded over time, resulting in heavy flooding, pollution and stormwater damage. The Johannesburg Roads Agency commissioned Nemai Consulting to carry out environmental assessments relating to all aspects of this rehabilitation process,” she explained. Two draft Basic Assessment Reports (Bar) are now available and ready for perusal and comment

Chronic Bronchitis?


Do you suffer from

by the public at the following venues:  Blackeath library lower level, Heathway Square, Beyers Naudè Drive: 011-678-6926.  Berario Recreation Centre, cnr Dolores and Hoover Streets: 011-678-2012/4.  Dutch Reformed Church, 124 Smit Street, Fairland: 011-678-3495.  The Willows Estate Clubhouse, Pitsani Road, Kelland: 083-324-4639. Comments can be submitted to Nemai Consulting at, or fax 011781-1731. Deadline for submissions is 30 July 2010. Following the public review period, the draft Bar will be finalised and submitted to the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for review.  Details: Wendy Jones 011-476-3982

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These guys are still feeling it Even construction workers at Cresta shopping centre, Paulos Kubeka and Patrick Mathebula, have got soccer fever.

Are you interested & would you like to have more information? Please contact 011 809 8000 This study has been approved by an Ethics Committee

Westdene Medical & Dental Mews

Westdene Mall, 23A Thornton Rd, Westdene. Tel: 011 477 2098 / 2075




Week ending 2 July 2010

Most Gauteng jobs below par Nie Cele Half of the jobs in Gauteng are not up to standard. According to findings in a survey by the Gauteng City Region Observatory (GCRO), a think-tank formed in 2008 between the universities of Johannesburg and the Witwatersrand, and the Gauteng provincial government, race relations were under strain in Gauteng. Only four out of 10 whites believed that trust between blacks and white would develop over time. Executive director of GCRO, Professor David Everatt, said the main objective of the partnership was to assist government in the development of the province as a city region. Everatt said the survey sampled 6 636 respondents from Gauteng and densely populated areas just outside the province’s boundaries. “Respondents were asked about their quality of life, and their employment and conditions of work.” The survey probed aspects of employment that could generally be regarded as criteria for decent work, said a GCRO researcher, Sizwe Phakathi. “These included whether the employee had a contract, and whether the company provided training/education, paid sick leave and family leave, a housing subsidy, a transport allowance, overtime, medical aid, pension, and performance and annual

bonuses.’’ Phakathi said the survey found 14 percent of fulltime employees in the formal sector worked without an employment contract. This rose to 30 percent for those employed parttime in formal sector jobs. 67 percent of all respondents were without medical aid, 48 percent had no sick leave benefit, and 53 percent were without any form of pension. Phakathi said the finding highlighted issues raised by President Jacob Zuma at a May Day gathering in Durban, where Zuma was quoted as saying government planned to introduce new laws to promote decent work for everyone. Gauteng Premier, Nomvula Mokonyane.

Did you know? Other findings in their survey are as follows:  69 percent of Gauteng respondents had a xenophobic attitude and agreed or strongly agreed that foreigners received benefits meant for South Africans.  There were low levels of satisfaction with local government.  People came to the Gauteng city region to make money and return home outside the province.  At least 57 percent of respondents were satisfied with the national sphere of government’s performance.

Mokonyane not worried Nie Cele Gauteng Premier, Nomvula Mokonyane was not perturbed by the recent findings of a survey conducted by Gauteng City Region Observatory (GCRO). These findings revealed that half the employees in Gauteng do not enjoy decent work. The survey also identified non-payment of services as one of the factors affecting people’s quality of life in the province. GCRO is a think tank partnership between Johannesburg and Witwatersrand universities and the Gauteng provincial government (GPG) established in 2008 to assist government in the development of the province as a city region. Speaking at the Gauteng Tourism Authority offices in Newtown, the premier, said government welcomed the results of the survey. “We believe that the truth about our province will help us improve the way we deliver serv-

Professor David Everatt, executive director of the Gauteng City Region Observatory.

ices to our people. “The results also confirm the appropriateness of our priorities. “This reality check will help us make a holistic assessment about where we are as a province and, where necessary, take further steps to improve the state of the province.” Mokonyane agreed that the results were not all that ‘rosy’ and that government would have been disappointed if the survey was merely a pat on the back for government. “This means the observatory is serving its purpose and its brutal honesty means we can provide meaningful interventions to improve the lot of our people.” She reiterated that the survey confirmed what government had always known. “In this light, we are continuing to engage our local authorities in ensuring that efficient service delivery takes place,’’ Mokonyane said.

Minister defends government Tassyn Munro Blow your vuvuzelas and stop criticising the South African government and its decisions about hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup™, said the Minister of Sport Rev Makhenkesi Stofile. The minister recently addressed the youth at Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg. He disputed certain critical public views regarding the amount government has spent on the event. Stofile revealed that government had invested about R40 billion in the World Cup. “This was used, for instance, in the construction and renovation of roads, airports, public transport, hotels, and sport facilities such as the 10 World Cup stadiums.” He said this brought a value that would benefit South Africa for decades ahead and was not just frivolous spending to fuel an international pastime. According to Stofile, the economic impact of the World Cup was estimated to be R93 billion. “South Africa hosting the tournament has increased employment and improved the skill levels of workers which will benefit the country immensely.


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Week ending 2 July 2010




Education clocks Uproar over schools closure up the bucks Aimee Caulfield The Gauteng Department of Education has promised to pull out all the necessary stops to get the basics in education right. This was revealed by Gauteng Education MEC, Barbara Creecy, during a press briefing at the Legislature just hours before she delivered the 2010/11 budget speech on how her department was going to spend its allocated R22.48 billion. According to Creecy the department planned to spend the budget on improving the matric pass rate. She said among other things the department would focus specifically on challenges to improve academic results in mathematics, accounting, technology and science. Pupils in under-performing schools would receive extra lessons in these keylearning areas. She said the budget was a 15.6% increase on previous years. “The increase is huge considering that we are still recovering from the economic recession. What more can I ask for?” She further revealed that R420 million had been allocated for renovations and infrastructure and an additional R40 million would go towards school security. She also said that the Gauteng Literacy Strategy would receive R155 million to improve pupil performance. “Teachers will be re-trained to meet the skills needed in maths, science and

Barbara Creecy, Gauteng Education MEC. technology, and ensure that township schools are equipped with mobile laboratories.” Did you know? According to Creecy other priorities are as follows:  The budget for skills development in Further Education and Training has increased by R310 million in an effort

to increase enrolment in colleges.  Funds will be used to re-prioritise the quality of learning.  The budget for special schools and children with special educational needs has received an increase of 20%.  Special attention will go towards improving matric results in schools that achieved below 70% in examinations.

Aimee Caulfield While the Gauteng Education MEC, Barbara Creecy has promised to get the education basics right, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Legislature is horrified at the amount of school closures. The debate was sparked by the revelation that at least 109 schools had closed down in the province since 1994, 27 of them in Soweto. Gauteng DA Education spokesman Khume Ramulifho said that closing down schools undermined those who fought to liberate the majority of people from hunger, poverty and sub-standard education. “The DA is extremely concerned about children from disadvantaged areas who are excluded from opportunities to acquire skills and a good education. “They simply add to the already tragic statistics of those deprived of these opportunities.” Ramulifho said the DA’s view was that schools were places where formal education should take place, and that the MEC had to ensure that schools were structured for maximum performance, and implemented turnaround strategies for dysfunctional schools. But Department of Education spokesman Charles Phahlane said there were a variety of valid reasons why the department closed down the schools. “In some township schools there is an artificial concentration of pupils. The advent of democracy made it possible for child-bearing people to move and settle where they wish, closer to work. “This has resulted in a number of

Khume Ramulifho, Gauteng DA Education spokesman. schools with fewer scholars. The department was forced to merge some schools and hand over the buildings of others to the municipalities.” Phahlane reiterated this sentiment when describing schools that had only two staff members, a teacher and a principal, and 30 pupils. “When we close down schools we consult extensively with all stakeholders affected and explain to them the reasons, such as relocating scholars to quality schools where they will receive quality education.”




Week ending 2 July 2010

Boost for hospitals Amy Pattison-Emms The Gauteng government has decided to respond to the call for maintenance of hospitals which is rife across the province. To tackle this, R30 702 million has been allocated to hospital maintenance around the province. This was revealed by Faith Mazibuko, the Gauteng MEC of Infrastructure Development during her budget speech at the legislature. “Working with stakeholders, we have identified among other hospitals, Chris Hani Baragwanath, Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic and the Helen Joseph hospitals, as our planned maintenance projects, where we will provide materials and work with communities and business to provide intensive labour.” According to Mazibuko, this was one of the biggest maintenance projects the government would undertake. Mazibuko appealed to the public to lend a hand by reporting maintenance needs to officials. She also requested that people refrain from vandalising government-run hospitals and facilities. Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance (DA) was not convinced Mazibuko would achieve anything with that kind of money. Neil Campbell, DA Deputy Spokesman for Health, told this newspaper the money was insufficient. “At Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital alone there are four boilers and half of them are not working.

Ignatius Jacobs, former Gauteng Department of Public Transport Roads and Works MEC.

More tender irregularities

Faith Mazibuko, Gauteng infrastructure and development MEC. Fixing them will gobble up that whole budget.’’ Campbell also suggested that it would be better if that project was undertaken by the health department which was better informed on hospital requirements.

Gugulethu Nkosi Between 2006 and 2009 contracts worth R962 million were awarded without tender to various companies by the Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works. This was revealed in a written reply from Bheki Nkosi, Gauteng Roads and Transport MEC, to questions posed by Jack Bloom, Democratic Alliance Gauteng spokesman on corruption. The contracts were awarded to companies when Sibusiso Buthelezi and Ignatius Jacobs were head of the department and MEC respectively. Buthelezi resigned in November last year with a R1 million settlement, after the Resolve Group was tasked with investigating allegations of the irregular granting of contracts. According to Bloom, a few of the contracts awarded were justifiable on the basis of sole supplier, in that they were the only companies able to provide a particular product. He argued that while some of these contracts could be justified according to this premise, the rest could have been awarded to a number of other companies that provided similar services at cheaper rates. “The contracts that were not awarded on a sole supplier basis should have gone out on open tender in order to get the best value for money.” Bloom disclosed that the largest contract,

worth R537 million, was awarded to Tau Pride and Maziya Construction to complete the Jabulani hospital in Soweto after the previous contractor failed to deliver. Philemon Motshwaedi, spokesman for the Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works, also confirmed that all contracts related to the department at that time had been subjected to a wholesome review process. “A total of 207 contracts are under review and the outcome will determine steps or action to be taken in that regard.” Did you know? According to Bloom, companies that benefited from the contracts include:  Price Waterhouse Coopers, R35 million in October 2006 for a turnaround strategy.  Nomvula Maswanganyi of Acresa Consulting, R3.8 million in October 2007 as task team convener to finalise phase 1 of the turnaround strategy.  Questek, R232 milllion in 2008 for electronic monitoring.  Idzima Training, R6.3 million in June 2008 for reconciliation of traffic fees.  Bhekanani Building Construction, R12.2 million in December 2008 for a new ward at Sterkfontein Hospital.

Infrastructure budget slammed Amy Pattison-Emms In reaction to the MEC of Infrastructure Development, Faith Mazibuko’s 2010/2011 budget speech, the DA has questioned the success of the proposed infrastructure development plan and asked whether the ANC’s goals were realistic. Patricia Mokgohlwa, the DA deputy spokesman for infrastructure, said, “Successful and prosperous property-owning democracies are not built on policies politically correct. They must also be economically rational.” The programme involved a number of plans to expand and improve infrastructure, and develop the industry and skills of the youth. The anticipated rewards and costs of this programme have seemingly been underestimated. The plan of action has not been scrutinised sufficiently. Problems regarding its planning, and previous downfalls and lack of resources were discussed. The DA believed benefits of an expanded infrastructure would be defeated years from now as the budget for maintenance was too low.

“We should ensure that corrupt public servants are held criminally liable, and not given golden handshakes.” Mokgohlwa said that for the programme to succeed matters regarding the building implementation needed greater focus. She pointed out that preceding research should take place before contractors were assigned to projects. “Contractors previously employed demonstrated incompetence resulting in delayed completion and marked up prices after the deadline. The fault also lies with provincial government as contractual agreements are often abandoned and funds re-allocated.” The DA suggested that instead of creating temporary job opportunities, sustainable systems of apprenticeship should be implemented. A similar system in East Germany had proved to be highly beneficial. According to Thomas Walters, DA member of the provincial legislature, a great concern was that the government acted as life support instead of promoting sustainable growth.

Help feed a family Feed a Family is an organisation that provides underprivileged families in squatter camps a loaf of bread and a litre of milk. Many families in squatter camps are unemployed, which means hungry children, undernourished pregnant mothers and young new mothers. “They wait for our visits so that they can nourish their bodies. It actually hurts us when all our bread and milk is handed out because there are still thousands of unfed people who look at us with disappointment, because it means another hungry day,” said the organisation’s Malcolm Poovan. Feed a Family aims to alleviate the poverty,

crime and HIV in society and feels it can reach more people when their stomachs are full rather than empty. “Let’s get South Africans to rally around feeding underprivileged people and be a blessing to those less fortunate. It costs just R13 per day to feed a family. It’s not a lot of money. However, the impact your R13 can have on the South African population is priceless. I remember the first day my friend and I went into a camp and fed families. The warm feeling it gave us when we left, also the looks on their faces, especially the children, when we were leaving, made us pledge to make this our life long mission to feed people,” Poovan added.  Details: 011-640-2999, 074-311-7096, e-mail

Week ending 2 July 2010




HIV centre launched MMC Bengeza Mthombeni with Maureen Schneemann.

Rapid building expansion will begin Amy Pattison-Emms A plan of action has now pulled the Department of Infrastructure Development together, as it embarks on a developmental project to better the lives of South Africans. This was outlined by the MEC for Infrastructure Development, Faith Mazibuko during her budget speech. Among other things, she proposed an infrastructure development programme that would be implemented from the beginning of June. It will tend to the country’s needs and aimed to fulfil a promise of environmental, social and economic development. Taxpayers’ money would be used to expand and maintain public and private buildings. This programme would involve the collaboration of the municipalities, the government, various investors, the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and developing communities but most importantly the youth. A national youth and service programme would be established to address the shortage of skilled artisans, engineers and architects. The programme would provide the youth with practical knowledge and a qualification. In doing this the unskilled youth would be encouraged to look to the construction industry as a breeding ground for career opportunities. Therefore, both skills and infrastructure development would take place simultaneously allowing proposed new building projects to be successfully launched and carried out. The expanded public works programme (EPWP) ambitiously strived to provide one job per household and employ both the skilled and unskilled. Once the task of obtaining skilled communities was completed, there would be a priority to employ the disabled and particularly young women. The capital works programme would take charge and allocate budgets and projects. The department hoped to complete 55 capital projects by the end of the financial year. Over the next two to three years implementation management of rural development, agriculture, education, emergency services and infrastructure development would be constructed. The department was confident that building expansion was the way forward. It strived to better the lives of disadvantaged youth and construct buildings that it could be proud of.

Kick the habit Last year Ministry Against Drugs (Mad) spoke to over 13 000 school pupils about the dangers and reality of drugs and addiction. Based in Northcliff the organisation is readily available to help any affected families as well. This year Mad will concentrate on prevention. Through drug information and educational talks, Mad believes it is vital to inform, educate and equip parents with the right tools to combat drug use before it starts.  Details: Justin Green 076-035-5061, 011-4782095,,

Nie Cele By early next year, the city’s health authorities believe they will achieve their goal of testing and treating at least one million people for chronic diseases including HIV/Aids, TB, high blood pressure and anaemia. This was revealed by Bengeza Mthombeni, Member of the Mayoral Committee on Health, at the launch of the HIV and Comprehensive Care Management and Antiretroviral Treatment services at Zandspruit Clinic. Mthombeni said the clinic would provide testing and treatment services for chronic diseases, to at least 66 000 people living in Zandspruit and Cosmo City and surrounds.

He told the audience his department took seriously the pronouncement by President Jacob Zuma that any citizen with a chronic disease should be able to walk into a health centre and ask for counselling, testing and treatment. He said the centre at the clinic intended giving treatment to HIV positive children under a year old, HIV-positive pregnant women with a CD4 blood count of less than 350, HIV-positive individuals who were ill even though their CD4 was high, and TB patients. “We intend increasing health services in Zandspruit in line with the 10-point plan of the national Department of Health, and will accelerate the implementation of the HIV/Aids strategic plan, with

an increased focus on TB and other communicable diseases.” Did you know? According to authorities:  The national target for the Department of Health is to test 15 million people for chronic disease including HIV/Aids.  The provincial target is to test five million people for chronic disease including HIV/Aids.  Most clinics will have counsellors and a social worker on site and will open from Monday to Friday from 7.45am to 4.15pm. On Saturdays, the clinics will open from 8am to noon.



We’re providing interest-free loans A Lamberti of Auckland Park writes: It appears that Mike Bernard does not know why City Power does not want the electricity meters read (NMT week ending 25 June). If the meters are not read, City Power can overestimate the amount of power used and charge accordingly. The good citizens who pay are then forced to give City Power an interest-free loan. I am an Egoli Gas client and when my electricity meter was read I used to pay R150. I am now being charged R768.99, an interest-free loan of R618.99.

No walk in the park Renee Wanliss-van Zyl of Melville writes: About two weeks ago my family was invited to a little boy’s birthday party at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens. A group were invited to bring a picnic basket and share this special occasion. Family and friends gathered around to sing, play games and share lunch. About an hour after arriving we were approached by two men. One had municipal identification and the other looked like a security guard. One told us we were not allowed to continue with the party as we were more than 15 people and would need to pay a booking fee. When this fee was offered, it was rejected. We then said that we would split into two smaller groups, but this was also unacceptable. The men also told our guys they weren’t allowed to throw a rugby ball, but that playing cricket was fine. These instructions came from the unofficial security guard. When we asked the municipal worker he said it was fine, we could stay but that we ‘must remember for next time’. But the security guard told us to leave immediately or the police would be called to remove us. The police did come, whether they were called or not was unknown, bought two ice-creams, and left. Not a word was spoken to us, nor to the other group of more than 15 people gathered about five metres from us. After rushing to cut the cake, we cleared out. Needless to say, returning to the car park the only signs we saw were something along the lines of ‘This is your park’, or ‘The park for the people’. Really? It’s a travesty for the municipality not to have some kind of notification in the park, and not to allow people to rectify their unlawful presence by paying the fee once they have been rebuked. Despite being given four days to respond, City Parks failed to comment - editor


Week ending 2 July 2010

My 10 percent worth Kim Wiehe of Fairland writes: In response to Take these tips (NMT week ending 25 June), to Bryan Nicholson of Northcliff, your momma should be proud. What an outstanding young man. It is a pity that more people of your age do not think like this. To Goodwill of Melville, I am with you 100 percent. To Nicola Dirker, if your son can afford to eat out, he can afford to tip at least 10 percent, student or not. There is no excuse for not leaving at least a 10 percent tip unless the service was appalling, and a

whole lot more if the service is excellent. To Willie Pretorius, I find it quite appalling that you would dismiss someone who quite rightly fights for his salary, seeing as this is the only salary he gets. Is it not within our rights to stand up for those rights? The waiter had most probably run around this table and for what? A measly tip of R15. I too would have said something. I was also a waitress in my day, and when one ‘kind gentleman’ gave me a R1 tip, I gave it back to him saying I thought it looked like he obviously needed it more than I

did. There is a limit to how much we can exploit people and a limit to how much the exploited will take. Etiquette of Cresta writes: I was truly shocked by the response of Willie Pretorius of Cape Town Fish Market (CTFM). Tipping your waiter is basic etiquette, something the 21-year-old patron, his mother and Willie Pretorius obviously have no clue of. I am quite appalled by the manager’s lack of compassion for the waiter and certainly am very grateful not to work for such a person. Although I agree that a waiter cannot demand a tip, this is some-

thing people should not argue about. I have often visited CTFM but assure you that this will no longer be the case, not while Willie Pretorius has his attitude towards the people that work for him. I will advise my friends and colleagues to do the same. I wonder what would happen if everyone had the attitude of the 21year-old patron, and what kind of staff Willie Pretorius would have if only this kind of patron visited his establishment. I always tip my waiter at least 10 percent of the bill and, for a job well done, always a little extra. It’s just good manners.

An appeal for bathing suits Lerato Letlole of Children of Fire (Cof) in Auckland Park writes: Can anyone in NMT-land please help with swimming costumes for teenagers, especially boys? Cof has started a fitness training programme for burn survivors hoping to climb Mount Cameroon in

January 2011. As part of their preparations the teenagers, who are all from povertystricken backgrounds, are going to learn to swim in Linden’s heated pool. Those who can already swim are going to improve their fitness. We are short of swimming cos-

tumes for the youngsters and would appreciate it if people could sort out reasonable secondhand costumes to donate. Swimming shorts for the teenage boys who range from skinny 13-year-olds to stocky 19-yearolds would really help. Comfortable costumes for girls would also be appreciated.

As part of the planned esteembuilding adventure to Cameroon, the teenagers are likely to travel to an island off the coast of Limbe in tiny fishing boats. They need to be able to swim in case they fall overboard!  Details: 011-726-6529,

Main Road has more gees

For the environment’s sake ML McCallum of Brixton writes: Regarding You said it! (NMT week ending 18 June). I am absolutely appalled by the view of Caroline Marais that littering is okay. Where does she come from? The idea that she creates employment is perpetuating the idea that people have no worth and must clean up after litterbugs. Paper does hurt the environment, it blocks storm water drains, and for her sake I hope she never throws paper and other litter out of her car while I’m driving behind her. I also hope she does not have children she teaches this disgusting habit as they drive along littering the suburbs. I hope she does not live in my suburb.

Italian Language Course @ Dante Alighieri Society 62A Houghton Drive Houghton Johannesburg

Classes for adults - all levels starting the 19th of July 2010 To enroll and for more information Phone Nicoletta/Nevana: 011 728 6782/011 728 6727 Fax: 011 483 2339 E.mail:

Following our front page We do have gees (NMT week ending 18 June) Willem De Graaf sent us this photo of Main Road, Melville.“My wife Ellie is the owner of Cuppa Cafe and is responsible for putting up these flags,” he says.

Don’t let prejudice sentence the innocent Jessica Hambleton-Jones of Fairland writes: I was travelling with my daughter along John Vorster Road in Randpark Ridge when I saw a man lying on the pavement, a walking stick and suitcase nearby. As I drove past I noticed he was trying to attract the attention of passing vehicles. I drove around the block and stopped on the side of the road. He indicated he needed an injection from a small bag out of his reach. He was deaf, mute and a crippled diabetic.

He adeptly charged a syringe, injected himself and carried out a finger prick drop test to check his subsequent sugar levels. The man communicated by way of writing notes, with his first message, Thank you, I am feeling better. At this time two Rapid Response police officers stopped and asked if he needed medical attention. In reply, he wrote that he was on his way to catch a taxi home at 5.30pm to the Eastern Cape. He wrote the note at 5.50pm giving one a sense of how long he must

have lain there. Had he not received help timeously he would certainly have slipped into a diabetic coma. He would probably have succumbed, alone and terrified on the side of the road, with passers-by surely assuming he was a drunk. I have been hijacked before, and had a second attempted robbery yesterday on my way to work, but this will not deter me from following my instinct and helping fellow human beings. Sadly the crime and culture in this country have instilled in people a fear of stopping or a callousness to

ignore the suffering of others. To all who drove past a man lying in total fear and desperation, I hope you feel a fraction of the shame and guilt I did on your behalf. I implore you to think twice before letting your prejudices sentence a helpless, innocent person to death. Many thanks to Constable Steenekamp and Inspector Sprong whose kindness and empathy were an example of a police force truly serving and protecting our community, not only from crime but ignorance.

Helen Joseph bring meer pyn as genesing Robert Dickason van Albertskroon skryf: Helen Joseph Hospitaal se diens laat veel te wense oor. My susterskind is op 3 Junie na dié hospitaal geneem, nadat hy sy

been gebreek het. Hy moes twee ure wag voor hy gehelp is. My moeder is op 8 Junie by dieselfde hospitaal opgeneem en op die vierde vloer gehuisves. Sy is tussen 9 en 10 Junie drie maal heen

en weer tussen vloer sewe en vloer vier verskuif. Ek verneem ook dat die hospitaal nie genoeg beddens vir al hulle pasiënte het nie. Selfs die beskikbaarheid en voorraad van medika-

sie is `n probleem. Met betrekking tot die wêreldbeker en al die toeriste in die land, is daar geen manier dat Helen Joseph voorbereid is vir alle moontlike en toekomstige gebeurlikhede nie.

Week ending 2 July 2010




A swing and a hit

Councillor Pat Richards of Ward 88, Princess Takamodo, Matshidiso Mfikoe and Mayor Amos Masondo

Princess plants cherry trees day’s tree planting cements the close relationship South Africa enjoys with Japan. “To celebrate the century of relations between our countries we intend to plant 100 cherry trees in South Africa. “The flowering cherry tree is a well-known symbol of Japan and the 8 000-year-old tradition of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) is popular in many countries.” Japan has the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world, which traces its roots to 660BC. Princess Takamodo was the first member of the imperial family to visit South Africa. Takamodo has degrees in anthropology and archaeology from Cambridge University and is the widow of Emperor Akihito’s cousin. She is the honorary president of several organisations, including BirdLife International and Ikebana International. “I am really enjoying my stay in this beautiful country and am glad to contribute to greening the city,” she said.

An angel in disguise Thuli Malinga Legendary actress Dorothy ann Gould finds happiness and fulfillment in giving love and sharing acting skills with others. Gould, a Melville resident, is directing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream to be staged at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) from 11 to 22 August. Like many actors who juggle jobs, she’ll also be, for the first time, acting alongside her husband of 10 years, Michael Maxwell in Athol Fugard’s Hello and Goodbye which opens at the Market Theatre on 12 July. Love, devotion and excitement for her students showed on her face as she spoke of the drama she’s working on with the cast of 32 from UJ. “We initially had 50 students cast for the play but 18 dropped out due to study commitments. My wish is to take them to London after the show for a skills sharing experience, because I believe we have amazingly talented young people who are passionate about acting.” This is the biggest cast UJ has handled in a production and audiences are promised a uniquely African flavour in this production of Shakespeare’s play. Gould, a multi award-winning actress and director is also a teacher and mother to her students. In 2002 she founded the Actor’s Centre, now sadly closed due to lack of funds. She is also one of the co-founders of Tripletake Productions, with her husband and renowned director Mark Graham. Gould has been on local television productions such as Binnelanders, Hard Copy, Isidingo, Generations and most recently 4play and her talent stretches to countries like America, United Kingdom, Europe and London. While abroad she acted in A View from the Bridge, The Government Inspector, The Witches and A Day in the Death of Joe Egg. “I love teaching and helping other actors upgrade their communication skills. I work with all kinds of people, ranging from CEOs, abused women who have lost their self-esteem to little

The annual Sešego Cares Golf Day held at Randpark Golf Club on 10 June was a huge success. The cold weather failed to deter golfers as they showcased their skills in support of the various charities supported by Sešego Cares. “Our golf day is an initiative to generate funds to help disadvantaged communities and individuals in Southern Africa. “Since inception in 2005 Sešego Cares has raised about R3 million financial and R5 million in kind. These donations have been utilised to change the lives of over 4,000 people,” said Annemarie Mostert, director of Sešego Cares. The organisation’s flagship projects include the provision of clean drinking water, early childhood training for practitioners, donation of over 3 500 wheelchairs to disabled people, construction of houses for poor families, and donation of books, educational items and stationery. Last year’s fundraising initiative raised a total of R230 000. About R150 000 went towards the Rotary Club of Northcliff’s wheelchair project, led by Dennis Steward. This year’s fundraising initiative raised a total of R360 000. According to Mostert a key development in carrying out its mission was the establishment of a partnership by Sešego Cares with the Robert and Clair Peter Foundation. “This charitable organisation, based in Bal-

timore, US, will receive and distribute consignments of specialised equipment for the disabled. These consignments will be sorted and distributed from the Sešego Cares aid distribution centre in Johannesburg with the support of Absa, Johnson Controls, Afgo Workshop and the Rotary Club of Northcliff. “Thanks to our main sponsors Fidelity Security and Absa Bank, all our other sponsors and supporters, their staff, partners and stakeholders, for their invaluable support. “You have helped Sešego Cares become an efficient conduit for rendering both financial and non-financial support to thousands of vulnerable people in our country and the SADC region.” The following beneficiaries received donations:  The Gauteng East Choir - Joey Govindasami accepted a cheque of R25 000 on behalf of the choir, in support of their trip to Baltimore in November 2010 where they have been invited to perform.  The Rotary Club of Northcliff received a cheque for R100 000. Many individuals and communities have benefited from their donation of books, wheelchairs, food, clean drinking water, beds, blankets, jerseys, clothes and various other items over many years.  The Sešego Cares Aid Centre received a cheque for R200 000 towards its partnership with the Robert and Claire Peter Foundation.

Partners of the Aid Centre... Annemarie Mostert (director Sešego Cares), Judith Chinkumbi (secretary Sešego Cares), Willie Lategan (CEO of Absa financial services), Joanne von Zeuner (chairman Sešgo Cares), Gavin Opperman (CEO of Absa retail banking), Valerie Sebastian (Robert & Claire Peter Foundation), Paul Westcott (Rotary Club Northcliff president), John Turner (Rotary president elect), Faizal Ismail (Johnson Controls).

Soulful cricket PHOTOGRAPHY: Dorothy ann Gould boys who stammer, and this is my passion.” Gould said that she loved her job because it provides an alternative focus on life. “I believe that telling stories honours the people in the story. Being able to help others makes me happy. I promised myself that I would give a halfloaf to anyone who asked for a piece of bread,” she said. “The big question is, why are we here, and to me the answer is love. It’s all about giving out as much love as we can and for me that’s the reward.”

The Cricket Poetry Award has set a platform for all cricket-loving poets. Local poets are invited to send in poems that celebrate the life of cricket in every field be it backyard, beach, social or local club cricket. Poets are requested to be creative in genres such as narrative, dramatic, satirical, lyrical, elegy or verse fable. Published poet Walkley nominee Adam Gibson, sports and feature writer Jessica Halloran and published poet, writer and film maker Peter Fenton will be the judges.  Details: or www.


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Heather Walker While in Joburg as the Japanese football team’s honorary patron, Princess Takamodo of Japan joined Mayor Amos Masondo in planting two cherry trees at the Botanic Garden in Emmarentia. Masondo also presented the princess with a bonsai as a gift from the city. “We are honoured that Her Imperial Highness has taken the time to acknowledge the value of the planet by planting her homeland’s national tree,” said councillor Matshidiso Mfikoe, Member of the Mayoral Committee for Environment. “Thank you for highlighting the importance of greening. You are a champion of our hearts. “You and Masondo have demonstrated the importance our countries place on cultivating a healthy environment. “The mayor was recently presented with a certificate from the United Nations Environmental Programme that acknowledged his leading role in redressing environmental disparities in Joburg.” Japanese ambassador Toshiro Ozawa said, “To-

Members of the sponsors KPMG’s four ball, David Broom, Pierre Fourie, Jaco van der Sandt and Gavin de Lange.

73 Corlett Drive Melrose 011 887 2540 60 De Korte Street Braamfontein 011 403 6631



NORTHCLIFF MELVILLE TIMES Roosevelt Park. All welcome. Phone Beryl 082-951-2729, Sophiatown Community Church is a multicultural church seeking to serve the needs of the community through the faithful teaching of God’s word and through the practical love of His people. Sunday service takes place from 10am to 11.15am at the Sparrow school hall, cnr Gerty and Herman roads. Phone Pastor Mark Grieve 071-6828285.

Churches and other religious organisations are welcome to e-mail details of their upcoming events to nmt@ (Must include name of organisation, contact number, physical street address, as well as date and time where relevant). 3-in-1 Spiritual Centre, 8 Viscounts Avenue (cnr Alice Street), Windsor Solid Rock Church of Miracles, West hosts services every Sunday at third floor Northcliff Atrium, cnr Bey- 7pm. Spiritual healing available before ers Naudé and Frederick drives, hosts services. Secure parking available. Lyndie McCauley on 3 July at 6pm. Phone Janet 072-112-2363. Phone 011-888-2982, 076-586-8680. Christ Church Blairgowrie, cnr GorNG Gemeente Aasvoëlkop, h/v Hocky- don and Mackay avenues, looks forlaan en Alida strate, Northcliff, hou elke ward to the World Cup and welcomes Sondag erediens en kinderkerk om 9vm people from all the nations who will en aanddienste om 6nm. be here. We give real answers to real Skakel Hannie Harmse 011-782-5231, questions. The 9.30am Sunday worship offers a crèche, children’s church and youth meeting. Services also at 8am Hillside Vineyard Christian Fellow- and 6pm. ship, based at Risidale primary school Phone 011-7891042, office@ccblairin San Michelle Avenue, Risidale hosts, Sunday family services at 9am. za Phone Elsabé 011-476-3094, office@ St Columba’s Presbyterian Church, 45 Lurgan Road, Parkview hosts SunMorning School of the Bible, day services at 8am, 9.30am and 7pm Weltevreden Chapel, John Vorster Road, and Sunday school at 9.30am. Weltevreden Park, hosts bible study eve- Phone 011-646-5420, admin@stcolumry Wednesday from 8.15am to noon., Phone Shirley 082-346-9487, Carol 072-463-8481. Die Aucklandpark Baptiste Kerk, Sunburylaan 5, hou eredienste en Johannesburg North Seventh Day Ad- kinderkerk om 9.30vm elke Sondag. ventist Church is a Christian church. Skakel Herman 082-452-8441, herJoin us on Saturdays from 9am for wor- ship, bible study and discussion, cnr Anton von Wouw and Mendelsohn roads, Northcliff Union Church, cnr Pendor-

ing Avenue and Dawn Drive, hosts Sunday services every week at 8am, 9.45am (family service runs concurrently with Sunday school) and 6.30pm. Friday youth programmes at 6pm and 8pm. Phone 011-476-5643. Die Akker Christelike Kerk te Laerskool Louw Geldenhuys, 7de Straat, Linden hou eredienste en kinderkerk om 9vm elke Sondag. Skakel 011-782-2325, 084-250-2851. St Paul’s Lutheran Church, 155 Kessel Street, Fairland, hosts services every Sunday at 8.30am in German and at 10am in English. Phone Pastor Niebuhr 011-678-2396. Immanuel Church Randburg, cnr 6th Avenue and Market Street, Fairland hosts 9am Sunday school (all ages), 10.30am morning worship and 6.30pm gospel service. Phone 011-476-2583, 082-412-6227. Melville Kruisgemeente in Vierdelaan hou oggenddienste om 9vm, aanddienste om 5.30nm en studentekerk om 7nm. Skakel die kerkkantoor 011-7263616, Die Kapel, 4th Avenue, Melville (opposite Melville Kruisgemeente) hosts Sunday services at 6pm. The church specialises in ministering with singing in English and sermons in Afrikaans to gay Christians. Phone Philip Liebenberg 082-4681545, Roosevelt Park Baptist Church, cnr John Adamson Drive and Fairbridge Road, hosts Sunday services at 9am with Sunday school running concurrently. Phone 011-782-3615. St Peter’s Anglican Church, 8 Walton

Week ending 2 July 2010

Avenue, Auckland Park hosts Eucharist services on Wednesdays at 9.30am and Sundays at 9am. Phone 011-726-1416, Solid Rock Solid Rock Church of Miracles, 3rd Floor Northcliff Atrium cnr Beyers Naudé and Frederick drives hosts services on Saturdays at 6pm and Sundays at 9.30am. Children’s church with every service, youth service Wednesdays at 6.30pm. Phone 011-888-2982, 076-586-8680. Rosebank Union Church invites all single Christians for an evening of fun and laughter every last Friday of the month at 6.30pm. It’s very casual and you can stay as long as you like for coffee or a meal. Phone Caron 083-299-8993, Graham 082-330-5567. St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, 1 123 Cornelius Street, Weltevreden Park, hosts Sunday services at 7.30am Eucharist, 9.30am Eucharist (teenage and Sunday school groups), and 6pm contemporary service with Eucharist. There are also two services during the week on Tuesdays at 9am and Wednesdays at 6.15pm. Phone 011-475-1314, fax 011-4758284, The Comforter’s House, a bible-based church, invites all to attend services every Sunday at 9am at Alchemy Centre, 14A Blackheath Galleries, cnr Beyers Naudé Drive and Lewisham Road, Blackheath. Phone Beryl 083-226-1993. Kadima Kerk te Toevlugsoord 911, h/v Waterval en 13de strate, Newlands, hou eredienste op Sondae om 9vm en 6nm. Almal welkom. Skakel Pastoor Pepe van As 084-400-

2026, 011-477-4909 (kantoor ure). Die Gereformeerde Kerk Linden se fokus is meer Jesus, meer liefde, meer dissipels. Kom ervaar dit self by Sondagoggenddienste om 9.30vm asook aanddienste om 6nm. Skakel die kerkkantoor 011-888-5735, Melville Methodist Church, cnr 4th Avenue and 4th Street, hosts Sunday service at 9am. Phone Rev George Sass 072-094-3103, 011-726-8828. Triumphant Christian Church, cnr 4th Avenue and Dublin Road, Westdene, is a vibrant, pentecostal charismatic church open to people of every tribe, tongue, colour and age. Sunday celebration service and children’s church at 10.30am, Tuesday biblical discipleship at 6.30pm, Wednesday bible study at 7pm and Friday youth fellowship at 7pm. Phone Pastor Lionel Frank, 082-972-0587, 011-4777553, St. Ninian’s Presbyterian Church, 1st Avenue West, Parktown North, hosts Sunday services at 9.30am. Phone Duncan Steele 011-477-4039. Die Familie Herlewing Sentrum, h/v Longweg en 11de Straat, Newlands is `n Woord gefundeerde kerk wat ernstig is oor die waarheid soos saamgevat in die Bybel. Dienste word op Sondae om 10.30vm en 6nm gehou. Bybelskool en biduur vind plaas om 7nm op Dinsdae en Woensdae onderskeidelik. Dié sentrum wil ook hande vat met ander bedieninge in die area deur op `n maandelikse basis die predikers te ontmoet en te bid vir deurbrake in elkeen se kerk en bediening. Skakel Pastoor Koos du Bruyn 083368-8974, Pastoor Wessel du Bruyn 076-559-4041.

I was really surprised at how they have stepped up their game during this WC. There service are even better than before - although it was already really good and their food, is also better! And to top it all off, they are open 24 hours a day! It is really neat, I just wandering, who will go to for a steak at 3 in the morning!

- Mommyof2

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Week ending 2 July 2010



No mountain too high The Johannesburg Hiking Club (JHC) and Children of Fire (Cof) in Auckland Park recently organised a hike up the Magaliesberg at Foothold for 20 children from its organisation. The trip formed part of a training and bonding session for the teenagers in preparation for their hike up Mount Cameroon early in 2011. “The children arrived at Foothold at daybreak, their backpacks stocked with sandwiches, water bottles and snacks,” said JHC administrator Marion Hüfner. “Two groups were formed. The younger children and teenagers with disabilities were placed in the care of Monica da Silva and Michael Wessels. This group did an easy walk around the area and played games at Foothold. Another group of teenagers preparing for the hike up Mount Cameroon took on the tougher climb. “The hike began with much exuberance and chatter but as it got harder and we climbed higher the voices began to fade. There were however a few who did not stop chattering and kept up the morale of the group. Mortain Dube, principal of the Johannesburg School for Blind, Low Vision and Multiple Disability Children, (a sister organisation to Cof), struggled up the mountain with much hassle from his pupils about his level of fitness. But once on top, Mortain said it was all worth it. “Long term Cof volunteer Louis Rutstein paced ahead. When we all arrived back at Foothold, we were greeted by the aroma of braaivleis and the laughter of energetic children.

The hikers take in the great outdoors.


Non-profit organisations are welcome to send details of forthcoming events to NMT by faxing 086-683-0108 or e-mailing nmt@caxton. (Must include name of organisation, contact number, physical street address, as well as date and time where relevant). 3 July: Wits Bird Club hosts Boudewyn van der Lecq with a talk on Verreaux’s eagle artificial nesting platform south and man-built fish eagle nest north of Johannesburg, at 2pm at the Delta Environmental Centre, Victory Park. Phone Lauraine 083-387-1960. 5 July: The Philatelic Society meets at 7.30pm at Blairgowrie Community Centre. The theme for this month is Thematics and anything goes. The society is for people interested in stamps or stamp collecting who would like to get more out of their hobby. Phone Ian 083-655-7057, Chris 083-662-2150.

“It was a remarkable day for all. Those who helped with the hike thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the children themselves loved the whole experience. Much was learned on both sides. “We agreed it was good to be faced with what we may fear and not understand, and learn to

accept and see people for who they are and not what they may look like. Thanks to our members at JHC for their assistance in what was a wonderful outing with Cof.”  Details:, www., JHC 087-940-1903, jhc@mweb.,

Jenny Munton, Sue Bellinger and Andy Hyslop (front) of Johannesburg Hiking Club with staff and patients of Children of Fire.

6 July: Seniors Fellowship hosts Colleen Hill with a talk titled Lusitania - the ocean liner that was sunk during the war, and a message of hope and encouragement from Roger Smylie at 10am at Northcliff Union Church cnr Dawn Drive and Pendoring Road. Phone Ivan and Jayne Martin 011-478-3007, 082-925-0843. 6 July: The Exploration Society of Southern Africa hosts Dawie Arndt and Jeremy Bense with a talk about Antarctica at 7.30pm at the Johannesburg Country Club, Cricket Pavilion. Dawie will cover his experiences as a member of the SANAE 35 expedition and Jeremy will deal with the construction of the current South African Antarctic base, SANAE IV. Phone Sharron Reynolds 082-553-5258. 8 July: The SA Military History Society hosts a talk by Marjorie Dean, From the veld to the Pole and back again, followed by John Murray with a talk, Some Irish VC’s of the Anglo Boer War, at 8pm in the auditorium of the Museum of Military History, Erlswold Way, Saxonwold (next to the zoo). Phone 011-646-5513, military-history@ 14 July: The Horticultural Society hosts Peter Goodwin with a talk, What to do in your garden now for spring, at 8pm at Auckland Park Bowling Club, cnr John Adamson Drive and Jan Cilliers Street, Montgomery Park. Phone Carolyn Edmond-Mack 011-888-9965, 082-373-3226. 28 July: The Horticultural Society hosts Tom Cain with a talk, Bee keeping and gardens of England and the Isle of Man, at 9.40am for 10am at The Floreum, Johannesburg Botanic Gardens, Emmarentia. Phone Carolyn Edmond-Mack 011888-9965, 082-373-3226.

Locals supply woolly warmth this winter

The Sages Toastmasters Club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 6.45pm for 7pm at Marks Park sports club in Judith Road, Emmarentia. Improve your public speaking skills and learn leadership skills. Phone Dave Broom 082-442-6294. The Gauteng Central Girl Guides hosts tea gardens on the first Sunday of every month. Join the guides for tea and crumpets at Trefoil Park, Road No 3, Delta Park. Phone the Guide Shop 011-888-5411.


Children of Mapetla Day Care receive jerseys knitted by Iris and Doreen. Committee and through their donations more wool will be bought to continue the good work throughout the winter.” Organisations that have benefited from the project include the Mapetla Day Care Centre in Soweto. Over 50 children from this school,

which cares for children whose parents are terminally ill, received jerseys for the winter. Donations were also made to Phelang school for children with disabilities in Springs, and Lebone high school south of Gauteng.  Details: Annemarie Mostert 082-457-4558


Jacques Clifford Heading into the heart of winter, the Sešego Cares Wool Project has gained momentum with a weekly distribution of warm jerseys and scarves to needy children. The initiative was inspired by East Town resident Iris Feyt after she appealed for wool donations via NMT. Iris has dedicated herself to knitting warm clothes for underprivileged children. The pensioner was overwhelmed by the readers’ response. Those who pledged support included local resident Annemarie Mostert, national coordinator of Sešego Cares. The organisation was launched by Absa employees in a bid to get involved with social upliftment projects. “Absa staff collect wool while the volunteer ladies, or angels as we call them, knit. The jerseys and scarves are distributed through Sešego Cares and other volunteers,” said Mostert. Local ‘angels’ who have joined Feyt include Elsie Emrich of Sophiatown, Doreen Smith of Roosevelt Park and Sandra Calverley of Fairland. “Some of the donated wool was collected from Feyt’s home and distributed to a group of ladies in Parys and Klerksdorp who now knit every day. “The Wool Project has also received support from members of the Absa Group Executive

Substance and alcohol abuse support group every Wednesday from 7pm - 8pm at Greenside mosque on Barry Hertzorg Avenue. Meetings for persons with the substance condition as well as their families, home visits, counselling, assessments, drug tests and arrange for stay at a rehabilitation or life engineering centre free of charge. Phone Abdul 082-786-8709, khanar@

“This really is a great

course if you’re interested in the Entertainment World.” Tebogo is a Camerman & Editor at Seventy Eight Media.



Melrose 011 887 2540 Braamfontein 011 403 6631




Week ending 2 July 2010

Boost for mobility and independence New Dawn Rotary Club based in Auckland Park recently donated 20 wheelchairs to Woodside Sanctuary. The gesture helped increase the mobility of the residents and improved their independence. “Many of us take learning for granted,” said the sanctuary’s fundraising manager Kirsten Smith. “From birth we discover new skills and develop a fuller understanding of the world around us. For children with learning disabilities this process is difficult for them to make sense of things others take for granted. “However, with the assistance of New Dawn Rotary Club, Woodside Sanctuary’s continuing goal to help these children to reach their full potential and live fulfilling and personally reward-

ing lives was made a little easier. “The wheelchairs have had such a positive impact on our residents and as a result have increased the capacity for more residents to enjoy the various forms of rehabilitation and stimulation programmes. “These include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music and movement therapy, and a remedial teaching programme. “It is only with the assistance of friends like New Dawn that Woodside is able to continue to provide a loving and caring environment for our residents to reach their full potential. Thank you!”  Details: Kirsten Smith 011-726 7318, 083-3006341

Blessing Nyathi

Jessica Pereira

David Warbuton Esna de Jager

Helena Hugo titled SA@Work. The exhibition showcases Hugo’s portraits of South African labourers in full work attire within their working environments. The exhibition runs until 14 July. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm. Phone Annali Cabano-Dempsey 011-559-2099. Upstairs@Bamboo in Rustenburg Road, Melville hosts an exhibition of sculpture and paintings titled Decade. The exhibition celebrates more than 10 years of sourcing and presenting works by a vast array of talented and wonderful contemporary South African artists. Some of the artists who participated in the very first shows will be included in this show: Carl Becker, Jaco Benade, Estelle Marais, Guy du Toit, Jacobus Kloppers, Alet Swarts, Hermann Niebuhr and Kagiso Pat Mautloa. All are established artists with flourishing careers. As always, exciting newer artists will be featured too: Louis Nel, Karin Preller and Kobus Walker. The exhibition runs from 17 to 25 July. The UJ Art Gallery hosts an exhibition by Phone Carol Lee 011-486-0526. The Art Place, 144 Milner Avenue, Roosevelt Park, hosts an exhibition, South Africa My Country. On 16 May well-known arts personalities Sheila Santilhano, Brent Record, Cheryl Curnick, Gordon Froud and Marina Aguiar selected the work to be shown on this exhibition - the outcome of the art competition run at the Art Place to show the spirit or essence of South Africa. The selected works will be on show until 10 July. They form a kaleidoscope of South African scenes and life. Gallery hours are Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Phone 011-888-9120.

Week ending 2 July 2010




Kelly Dixon (4) and her best friend Oliver Botha (4) are loving the hype around the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ . Salman Idrees and Jason Teubes (both Grade 11) of Northcliff high do weight training in the school gym in preparation for the athletics season.Both are sprinters and run the 100m, 200m, 400m, and relay.

Northcliff kids in on the act

A training vacation

Selby Dixon (9) and Emily Botha (9) have become competent vuvuzela blowers.

WIN Siré Watters (Grade 10) and Ekene Nkado (Grade 9) of Northcliff high are also sprinters. They run the 100m, 200m, and relay. The athletes train for approximately six hours per week during the holiday.

Zané kry Gauteng klere vir netbal

Zané Vermaak van die Hoërskool Linden verteenwoordig Gauteng O/18 by die nasionale netbalkampioenskap.

Attention schools

Please check the quality of the photo. It must be in jpeg format (1MB). All individuals in the photo must be named (first AND last names) from left to right. If there are more than two rows, please indicate first back l-r, then front l-r. No photos without faces. We do not publish them. Remember, the fewer people the better. Less than five is great, five and up is considered good, eight acceptable, but anything above twelve people will rarely be used, and then only if each face can be clearly identified. Priority will be given to those learners who have excelled in their field, or for remarkable events at school (such as if your school wins a district award). All other e-mails will be processed depending on the picture quality, the information attached and if it is deemed newsworthy.

dentyne hampers, each filled with pampering white bath and body products!

Go to http://joburgnorth. to enter.

While you’re there check out our July Get It issue.




Week ending 2 July 2010

A piece of the action Casa do Sol hosted its own festive World Cup Soccer Day.

Tshepiso Nonyana cheers his team.

Teachers played against pupils and against their assistants and won a close game 3 - 2.

Lindokhle Mfazwe shows her friends Simangele Mafu and Amanda Shiburi how one should blow a vuvuzela.

All pomp and ceremony Teachers take on the assistants in a soccer match.

King David primary Victory Park Grade 2s received their prayer book in a special ceremony at the Victory Park Shul. Rabbi Rabinowitz, campus Rabbi, and Rabbi Uzvolk, Rabbi of the Victory Park Hebrew Congregation, were honoured guests. The presentation was enhanced by the singing of Chazan Mark Samowitz and the Victory Park Shul Choir.

Shayna Van Vuren, Jarred Wood and, behind screen, Sarah Katzew in a scene from the play.

King David celebrates Youth Day King David Victory Park primary held a special assembly in celebration of Youth Day. Wendy Robertson and Adrienne Meltz wrote the script and directed a play together with a group of pupils who enacted the story of Hector Pietersen and the events leading up to the Soweto riots.

Elana Afrika

This year’s guest speakers were Elana Afrika, muti-talented radio and TV presenter, and Tito Maleka, head of security in the office of the presidency of the ANC and former prisoner on Robben Island. After assembly, the Grade 5 and 6 children ran a mini-market to raise funds for charity.

Tito Maleka

Week ending 2 July 2010




Northcliff high on the big stage

The cast of Godspell during their recent tour in Durban. The Northcliff high school cast and crew of Godspell recently undertook a successful tour to Durban where they presented eight performances at the Playhouse Theatre. Audiences loved the colourful, fun-filled show and gave a standing ovation at the final performance. Between performances everyone was able to enjoy the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ vibe in Durban. Johannesburg audiences have the opportunity to see Godspell when the musical goes on stage at the University of Johannesburg arts theatre from 21 - 25 July. The show is suitable for the whole family and there will be two matinee performances.  Book at Computicket.

Casa does dance and soccer Red is their colour of protest

Northcliff high school staff wear red in support of the ‘no bloodshed in SA’ anti-crime initiative.

Pupils finish the event as they sing the national anthem. Prior to the start of the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ pupils at Casa do Sol held an international dancing competition. Each class represented a country taking part in the World Cup. They practiced a dance on music

from their adopted nations, and after entering the school hall to the tune of their respective national anthems, presented it to their school mates. The hall was festively decorated with flags from various countries.

Representing Italy...Goitseona Letlolwane, Khanyakwezwe Dlamini, Tyrique Singh, Michelle Southey (shy girl behind the symbol) and Carlos Motambatamba.

Representing Germany... Cia Jackson and Tyrell Sykes take a bow.


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NORTHCLIFF MELVILLE TIMES Week ending July 02, 2010 • Page 17

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NP009524 ANNA Zim seeks domestic

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0895 Domestic Employment Wanted

GLORIA SA seeks domestic, childminder p-time M,W,F. 073-618-2735 /Ref:076-360-3703(Mrs. C Ribeiro)

0897 Gardener Employment Wanted GOLDON Mwn with SA passport seeks garden, houseman, painter f-time Accom. Refs. Eng. 084-028-2368 DF091335


GREY Mwn hardworking, trusted seeks garden p/t. W,S,S. Accom. ABDUL MWN seeks f/time DF091287 073-599-2198/073-570-1683 garden houseman /Ref: Mr. E. Vork work.Cooks.Refs.Eng KIM Zim seeks domestic/ 078-903-7788 childminder f/t work 076 485 083-456-7045 DF091333 JK004360 1479 Refs. Eng ABOVE AVERAGE DOMESTIC Housekeeping, housemen, drivers, nannies, gardeners, cooks, frailcare all with certificates. Fully screened with traceable references. Jane (011) 886-7698 (o/h) 078-113-4568(a/h)

JULIA Zim seeks domestic, childminder Eng. 083-451-8052


HONEST CHRISTIAN GARDENER Patrick with good reference wishes to work 1 day a week for room. SA - with legalwise ML000561 who can work Wednesdays. MARIA seeks p/f time Current employer relocating. domestic childminding Mrs Thorrold 082 336 8766 RO028266 work.Refs.Eng GM001215 073-012-0065 LOANS UP TO JK004358 R50 000 ALICIA SA seeks domestic MONICA Sa seeks domestic SAME DAY APPROVAL full-time with accom. Refs. 2 days work with Accom 083 Eng. 073-671-2579 Mary 073 7679 033 DF091339 494 6563 Refs. Eng/ Afr RO028165 LILLIAN seeks full or part time domestic work, with or without accomm. Has refs. 073-873-1572


My wonderful domestic lady, Remember, has 2days a week available- Tuesday and Friday as her employer left Joburg. Remember is reliable, honest, hardworker and has been working for me for 2 years. I can highly recommend her. Call Linda 082-870-4599 for her reference

0899 Domestic Employment Available

FIRST CLASS DOMESTIC & CHILDCARE Placement of Trained Qualified staff: Domestic childcare house management Au Pair Tutors. DF091385 Courses avail. SPECIALS AVAILABLE PATIENCE Zim seeks 071 324 9848 domestic Mon. Wed. Fri p/t National Registered Trainer work 083 723 5921 Refs. & Provider Dept. Labour. Eng GM001118 KL005674

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Week ending 2 July 2010




FNB Stadium to stay

Future FNB Stadium…Soccer City will be given back its original FNB Stadium name a week after the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ concludes. First National Bank (FNB) has announced that the Calabash stadium known as Soccer City will retain its original name after the World Cup has ended. According to FNB 2010 marketing head, Vicki Trehaeven, on 18 July, Soccer City will once again be called the FNB Stadium.

SPORT briefs Sports clubs are welcome to send details of their results and forthcoming events to NMT by faxing 086-683-0108 or e-mailing nmt@ (Must include name of club, contact number, physical street address, short description of event as well as date and time where relevant). Bowls: Roosevelt Park Bowling Club in Milner Avenue invites social and experienced bowlers to join them on 16 June for a morning of fun and bowls. Great prizes to be won. Phone 011-7824692. Bowls: Protea Sports Club, Orange Road, Emmarentia, invites novice and experienced players to play on Tuesdays under floodlights, and action bowls on Thursday evenings. All welcome. Free coaching. Dress casual. Phone Johann 071-6784424, Danny 082-689-0342. Bowls: Make new friends and learn how to play on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Marks Park Bowling Club. Beginners of all ages welcome.

The stadium had its name changed in compliance with Fifa’s strict sponsorship regulations three months prior to the tournament. But, in 2007, an agreement was reached between the Department of Public Works, Soccer City, Soccer Development Trust, South African Football Association and FNB to maintain the fu-

ture naming rights after the tournament. Reports have surfaced over the past few months stating that the stadium will be called ‘The National Stadium’ after the tournament ends. But, FNB confirmed that its strong relationship with the stadium will remain until at least 2014. “Full naming rights for a period of 10 years

The club provides all equipment. Phone Blackie Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Irish Club in Linden. Phone Leon 011-486-3451, 083011-476-8806, Alan 011-673-5854. 454-4536. Bellydancing: Learn the snakelike moves of oriental dance fused with the bounce of Bollywood and Martial Arts: Shaolin Wushu Guan hosts the fire of flamenco, on Monday evenings and Sat- classes every Tuesday and Thursday from urday mornings at Roosevelt Park recreation centre 7pm to 8.45pm at Greenside high school gym. Learn traditional Shaolin Kung Fu which inin Preller Road. Phone Alison 083-450-8508. cludes various weapons, bare hand training and Hiking: Meet like-minded outdoor and conserva- Sanshou (Chinese kickboxing). All ages and tion orientated people who wear heavy boots and fitness levels are welcome. Phone Tatiana or smell of mountain air, at Johannesburg Hiking Fuaad 072-592-9140, 011-672-8372. Club. The club offers a programme for all levels from Baseball: Mustangs Junior Baseball invites beginners, although a certain degree of fitness is boys and girls aged seven to 14 for tryouts. advisable for the experienced hiker. Phone 087- Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30pm at Marks Park Sports Club in 940-1903, Judith Road, Emmarentia. Phone Janice 082Cycling: Cresta Wheelers accommodates social, 908-0199. novice and experienced cyclists and is based at Marks Park Sports Club, Judith Road, Emmarentia. Bowls: Linden Bowling Club clinic on Fridays Five groups of mixed abilities ride every Sunday at 2.30pm on how to play bowls. Beginners of departing from the club at 7am. Social evening last all ages welcome. Tuesday of the month at the club. Guests and new- The club provides all equipment. All one needs comers are welcome. Phone Leigh 083-701-0189. is a pair of flat-soled shoes or takkies. Dress is casual. Qualified coaches available by appointGames: Play mah-jong, a Chinese game of skill, ment for existing bowlers. Phone Ted Keartstrategy and calculation, every first and second land 082-330-3362.

from 7 July 2004 were granted to FirstRand Bank Limited and these naming rights grant us the exclusive rights to name the stadium First National Bank Stadium or FNB Stadium,” said Trehaeven. Since 1987 FNB has worked with the then National Soccer League to provide funding support for the stadium to be built.

1485AM Radio TODAY Also Dstv audio 169

Tuesdays Caxton Community News Today with Kate Henry & Frank Malaba @ 8.30am 9.00am Jozi Today with Gillian Godsell @ 9.00am 10.30am Heritage Today with Flo Bird & Den Adams @ 10.45am 11.00am Thursdays Reading Matters with Sue Grant-Marshall @ 9.30am 10.00am Motoring Today with Roger McCleery @ 5.30pm 6.00pm The Rock Professor Chris Prior.@ 8.00pm 10.00pm Staurdays Michaels Music with Michael Coulson @ 10.30am 11.30am Saturday Jukebox with John Gregg @ 6.00pm 8.00pm Radio Today Solid Gold Music Wave with Gordon Hoffman @ 8.00pm 9.00pm Sundays Your Sunday Morning with Liz King @ 7.00am 8.30am Call Back The Past with Percy Sieff @ 9.45am 10.00am Sound of Movies with John Ferreira @ 6.00pm 7.00pm





SPORT briefs Dancing: Senior socials every Tuesday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm at Roosevelt Park recreation centre in Preller Road. Phone Jane and Bill 011477-6304, 084-885-6069. Bowls: Auckland Park Bowling Club invites social bowlers, experienced players and novices to its grounds on the corner of John Adamson Drive and Jan Celliers Street, Montgomery Park. The club has re-opened its ladies section and is keen

to expand. Phone 011-782-6795. Orienteering: The Adventure Racing Club hosts orienteering training every Wednesday from 4.30pm to 5.45pm at the Berario recreation centre in Dolores Street. Orienteering is an outdoor adventure sport that exercises both mind and body. The aim is to navigate your way around a course marked on a unique orienteering map. It’s a great sport for children as it is like a treasure hunt. Phone Garry Morrison 082-330-2496. Continued from page 19 Week ending 2 July 2010

Dam the cold... you never know what you might find Jacques Clifford No wonder divers jokingly refer to it as a treasure hunt. Over the last 48 years Normalair Underwater Club’s annual Polar Bear Dive has produced some interesting finds. “Members have emerged from the water with items such as mortar bombs, computers, shopping trolleys, firearms and ammunition, canoes, false teeth, and spectacles,” said Fick Booysen, chairman of the social diving club. However, besides a bag of shotgun shells, this year’s plummet into the cold and murky depths of Emmarentia Dam did not yield anything as bizarre. According to Booysen one of the most memorable dives involved the discovery of a mannequin. “Visibility beneath the water is almost zero and we basically have to feel our way around. One year a diver was doing exactly that and literally got to grips with a shop dummy’s hand. He thought he had come across a corpse and got the fright of his life!” The Polar Bear Dive provides club members with an opportunity to train in low visibility conditions and also doubles as a community service as divers help to clean the dam. “Despite the water temperature of between eight and 11 degrees celsius at the moment, the dive is

extremely popular. “There are prizes up for grabs for the most interesting finds, and participants are required to stay in the water for a minimum of 10 minutes to qualify. We set a maximum time limit of 30 minutes to prevent divers from suffering hypothermia. After the dive and prizegiving we always enjoy drinks and a braai.” This year’s prizes, which included a long weekend on the south coast and a baited shark dive, were sponsored by African Dive Adventures, Ocean Basket, David John Makeup International, Volcano Pans, and Blue Wilderness. Normalair’s clubhouse is situated on the bank of Emmarentia Dam. It boasts a cozy pub decorated with some neat memorabilia and members meet every Wednesday from 7pm. The club hosts diving trips to destinations around Africa and offers dive courses to novices. In addition the club participates in other sports such as underwater hockey and spear fishing. Normalair is also one of the few organisations to offer scuba tank air fills.  The club’s next scuba dive course takes place in September.  Details: D Potgieter 082-558-4303,

Fick Booysen, chairman of the Normalair Underwater Club, with Renier van Wyk and Wolle Wolmerans as they prepare for the annual Polar Bear Dive.

Hearn Johnson emerges with a bunch of shotgun shells.

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