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Week ending 18 June 2010

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We do have gees

This picture of Melville’s 7th Street was taken by local resident Oscar Gutierrez. His photo exhibition, Snapshots of Melville, is currently on at The Melville Visitors Centre, corner 1st Avenue and 7th Street. Gutierrez examines people and places in the suburb from the Mandela era to the present. Jacques Clifford Concerns over broken streetlights in Melville and Auckland Park and the absence of decorations in the area have many wondering whether the suburbs are ready for the 2010 Fifa World Cup™. According to Cynthia Rose of the Melville Sector Crime Forum (SCF) the broken street lights have been reported. “We agree that this is totally unacceptable with the World Cup coming up. “The Melville Residents Association (MRA) has reported this repeatedly to City Power for some time now. I also sent an e-mail to our ward councillors (Sharon Sabbagh and Cindy Grobbelaar) asking them to take responsibility for the lights.”

Heidi Holland of The Melville House has since organised with City Power to fix the lights in 4th Avenue. “Regarding decorations, the star lights that used to line 7th Street were packed away at the beginning of 2008. We discussed returning them but thought it better to hang flags, which many businesses and private homes have now done. “Melville is ready for the World Cup. The suburb is looking good with the flags and the fantastic work done by City Parks in the area, organised by Michelle de Villiers of the MRA, and the clean-ups driven by Pikitup and the community. “In addition, many of the B&Bs are filled with foreign visitors who bring great ‘gees’ to our area. As the excitement builds, the SCF urges

people to play by the rules and play safe as far as drinking is concerned. “Melville has been identified by a national newspaper as one of the key entertainment areas in Gauteng and specifically as the place to drink. We recognise that alcohol is part of the celebration but know it is a major risk factor in social crime and interpersonal violence. “As an SCF, we want people to enjoy themselves but be aware that the fun stops when people get hurt. We hope to have as few incidents as possible during the World Cup by encouraging the responsible sale and use of alcohol. “Your paper already interviewed warrant officer Petrus Smal of Brixton police regarding this (NMT week ending 11 June). The police

will strictly enforce liquor regulations during the World Cup to ensure that Melville is safe and enjoyable for everyone.” Councillor Grobbelaar said a shuttle service had been organised by The Melville Visitors Centre. “It was originally only available to the 4 000 people staying at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), but I requested it to be extended along the SCF safe routes (NMT week ending 21 May). “There will also be extra security in Auckland Park, especially along Kingsway and Ditton and Henly roads. I am still working on streets in Brixton.” Councillor Sabbagh could not be reached for comment.




Week ending 18 June 2010

Potholes have no political affiliation, says DA Nie Cele One of the oldest features of democracy, majority rule, is fast proving to be the biggest impediment to members of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the city council chambers when they attempt to make their voices heard. This was revealed by Michael Sun, DA spokesman on by-law issues in Joburg. According to Sun, a classic example was when the DA attempted to put in a motion at a city council monthly meeting for the urgent repair of potholes and malfunctioning traffic lights. “This was rejected outright. This was going to decrease the municipality’s risk on damage claims

and increased insurance premiums that are believed to be ballooning.’’ Sun also divulged that he was recently phoned by 12 motorists who wanted to know the claim procedure, and said this was a sign that city council was spending astronomical amounts on claims despite having an insurance company that dealt with them. A furious Sun said the purpose of the DA’s motion was simple. “Fix the potholes and traffic lights. Every day our residents travel on roads full of potholes and very often traffic congestion is caused as a result of malfunctioning traffic lights. Both are hazard-

ous and inflict unnecessary danger on the public.” He argued that potholes had no political affiliation. “The motion is not intended to score any political points. It is simply an honest attempt to get the city council to take action and repair potholes. Let Johannesburg be a city of gold and not a city of holes,’’ said Sun. Meanwhile, Nonceba Molwelwe, ANC chief whip in city council said the DA was playing politics. “They have a tendency to raise an issue that has been reported and is in the process of being attended to. Potholes are reported every day and are being repaired finish and klaar.”

Michael Sun

How to protect your children The Development House, Open Door Crisis Care Centre, Childline, and Mr Price’s RedCap Foundation are calling on parents to prepare and protect children during the 2010 Fifa World Cup™. This follows the declaration of Mr Price stores as safe places where children, who may have been separated from adults, will be cared for. In the stores there will be identifiable ‘go-to’ people who are trained and equipped to handle such issues. While there will be help in these stores, parents are urged to ensure that they take precautions for their children’s safety. Safety tips: „ Do not wait 24 hours before reporting your child missing. „ Know where and with whom your child is at all times. „ Always make a mental note of what your child is wearing. „ Keep a recent photograph of your child in your purse or cellphone „ Know the names, addresses and contact numbers

of all your child’s friends. „ Make your house a place where your child wants to be and bring friends to. „ Teach your children their own names, addresses and your phone numbers. „ Never send your children to the shop or anywhere alone. „ Get ID bracelets or make other means of identification with your phone numbers on them. If you don’t have any form of identification for your child, make sure you write your cellphone numbers on their arm or somewhere visible. „ Show your children how to get to the nearest police station, clinic or hospitals and point out landmarks to prevent them from getting lost. „ Teach them to take the same routes to and from places such as schools, shopping centres and friends’ houses. „ Teach your children to make a loud noise or scream in order to attract attention when they’re in trouble „ Teach them not to trust or accept anything from strangers and get a code name for your child.

You can take back the power Vandalism of Eskom installations costs tax payers millions of rands annually and has a negative impact on service delivery according to Eskom. “Damage to electricity installations, which can range from illegal entry into substations to cutting down electricity poles, invariably requires that infrastructure be replaced at great cost. Taken to its logical conclusion, this means that money that could have been used to provide connections to consumers is diverted to the cost of replacement,” said Moniwa Mahlangu, manager of Safety, Health and Environment at Eskom Distribution. “The worst case is when vandals leave power lines lying on the ground or, previously secure installations, open to the public. “Unfortunately, it is often curious children who

pay the price. What may be a few minutes of fun to a vandal, usually ends in serious injury, burns or even death. Vandals do not seem to care that electrical installations are ultimately the property of communities,” added Mahlangu. “These facilities are financed through electricity charges levied against residents of a community. A thoughtless act of vandalism is therefore an act of violent aggression against a community.” He said it was important for communities to safeguard their own interests by reporting incidents of vandalism to Eskom or the local municipality as soon as they were observed. Reporting individuals so that appropriate investigations and arrests could be made was also becoming more important. z Details: 0800-11-27-22,

Fairland community to meet Fairland residents are asked to attend the next Sector Crime Forum meeting at the Berario recreation centre. The hour-long meeting takes place at 6.30pm

on 24 June and the agenda will include discussing ways of combating crime. z Details: Fairland police station 011-4789440/2,

Youngsters reap the great outdoors Thor Debout, Jacob Parbhu and Isabelle Lux, some of the Ponies and Seals from Parkview pre-primary, enjoy a sandwich break during their visit to the Melville Koppies. Aged between three and four, the children listened to a story and took a walk in the reserve. For information about school tours to Melville Koppies, phone 011-482-4797.

Blow the whistle on illegal merchandise Authorities have taken a serious stance to protect the consumer and the manufacturer. The 2010 Fifa World Cup™ Organising Committee and various interested parties have made provisions against illegally imported counterfeit products that threaten locally produced officially licensed goods. “With an event as large as the the World Cup it is necessary to have stringent regulations on products sold, and how they are marketed and branded,” explained Paul Zacks, general manager of Global Brands Group (GBG), the company appointed as Fifa’s exclusive worldwide master licensee. “Our company is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ brand and we do that by working only with trusted retail, manufacturing and distribution partners.” Authorities have seized millions of rands worth of illegally imported products at harbours and airports across South Africa. Since November 2009, the South African Revenue Services has detained more than R88 million worth of fake goods, with the figure increasing on a weekly basis. z Details:

Sophiatown police station (011-6706311) 13 May - 7 June. Arrests Assault GBH 9, housebreaking and theft 2, malicious intent to property 3, drunkenness 31, possession of drugs 2, dealing in drugs 1, robbery 3, illegal immigrant 5, possession of firearm 3, perjury 1, reckless and negligent driving 1, theft 2, domestic violence 1 and drunk driving 2. Confiscated „ Cat 2 grams, dagga 35 grams, copper cable 140 metres, liquor 28.42 litres, knives 2, Star.45 pistol 1, magazines 4, plasma TV 1, movie DVDs 34 and Llama .32 pistol 1. Fairland police station 9440) 3 - 7 June.


Consumers need to look out for authentic merchandise, normally bearing the Official Licensed Product logo, and the DeLaRue hologram inside all official licensed products.

Arrests Fraud 2, drunkenness 4, trespassing 1, theft of motor vehicle 2 and warrant of detention 2. Brixton police station (011-2485520/1) 2 - 9 June. Arrests Possession of drugs 2, housebreaking and theft 3, common assault 4, theft 2, intimidation 1, assault GBH 5, shoplifting 1, reckless and negligent driving 2, illegal trading 1, robbery 2, drunken driving 4, fraud 3, warrant of arrest 2, attempted rape 1, attempted theft 1, drinking in public 12, drunkenness 14, loitering 14 and urinating in public 1. No crime briefs were received from the following police stations: Parkview 011-486-5000/36 Linden 011-888-9299

Week ending 18 June 2010

Christalla Neophytou (11), Raphaella Neophytou (8)and Alexandra Lindsay (8) of Northcliff primary with their collection of used foil for the foil ball recycling campaign.

Raising funds with foil Community support centre Lehae La Tshepo appeals for donations of used aluminium foil which will be purchased by Zimalco at the close of the fund-raising campaign on 31 July. Funds raised will go to Lehae La Tshepo. Lehae La Tshepo, meaning Home of Hope, is a non-profit community support centre that offers counselling to victims of HIV/Aids and trauma. It also provides food parcels for the needy and offers skills development to empower parents. The centre has an aftercare for children from disadvantaged communities by providing a place of care, a meal and homework assistance.



Schools and businesses able to assist can contact Albertville resident Winton Woodrooffe of Lehae La Tshepo for further information or should there be large amounts of foil for collection within the Johannesburg area. The community can deposit their used foil directly at the foil deposit point adjacent to the Woolworths store inside The Brightwater Commons. For every deposit of 50g a form can be completed for entry into a lucky draw. Prizes include R20 000 in cash and a Chana Benni 1300cc Exclusive to the value of R89 900. There is only one month left to win the last R20 000. All entries will be

placed into a second draw at the end of July for the car. In addition is a cash prize of R15000, compliments of Zibi Environmental, for the school that collects the most used foil for recycling. This fund-raising initiative doubles as an attempt at breaking the SA Book of Records for the most recycled aluminium foil collected. The current record stands at 732kg and the aim is to collect 750kg. All used foil should be deposited into the giant soccer ball display at The Brightwater Commons. z Details: Winton Woodrooffe 082379-8760


No more shortcuts

Jacques Clifford Heavy traffic along Ley Road in Victory Park has led to a petition calling for its closure or to turn it into a oneway street. According to councillor Don Forbes of Ward 99, Ley Road has turned into an early-morning rat run as motorists tried to avoid the traffic build-up at the Rustenburg and Tana roads intersection. “I met with the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) on site but it was decided that nothing could be done before a public participation process. “A petition was put together by residents and other concerned parties and is now with the petitions committee and JRA. First prize is the closure of Ley Road, turning it into a loop road. Second prize will be turning it into a one-way street running south to north, with JRA currently working on a traffic study to establish the direction from which most traffic comes.” Forbes said the street used to be a

servitude, with the bottom of Ley Road only five metres wide instead of the standard nine metres. “It’s dangerously narrow, and the speed at which vehicles travel along the road is also of concern. A number of residents have actually lost pets due to reckless driving. The petition calls for traffic calming measures to be installed every 100m along the road.” Forbes believed a road closure would help curb crime and take away the storm water threat to motorists. “There are no formal storm water drains in the area, despite my requesting them from city council in my Integrated Development Plan for the last three years. “Most of Linden’s storm water floods naturally through Victory Park into the Braamfontein Spruit. Much of this water floods Ley Road during heavy downpours. Addressing the road will alleviate danger to traffic.” z Details: Clr Don Forbes 083-6803350

Renewal plans to go ahead Thuli Malinga The Westdene revival project will go ahead as planned (NMT week ending 11 June). This follows a successful community meeting at Tasco do Sol to discuss ways of upgrading the suburb, forming street committees and creating an e-mail database for residents. During the meeting, positive activities in the area were discussed. These included the Tenby South/Monmouth/

Seymour Street Block Committee which has run for 18 months to deal with crime, block maintenance and general problems. Crime has also decreased since forming the guarding of Inverness Street, when residents joined in to pay for a night guard four years ago. Residents were encouraged to focus on getting to know their neighbours and to address issues concerning their block. They were asked to

register their e-mail addresses on the Westdene website where they could also send articles and share useful information. It was also decided that an action group would be formed for the rejuvenation of Westdene Dam while other specific groups focused on clean-ups, security and safe walking plans for the suburb. People are urged to register on or e-mail melinda.

Beware possible poetry scam Zanele Sabela Readers be warned – the Poetry Institute of Africa poetry competition appears to be a scam. In May the Times ran an advert by the institute calling on the public to enter their original poems into a competition with a grand prize of R10 000 cash. Subsequently, one of our readers Matthew Murray informed us he was having trouble getting in touch with the people at the institute. Murray said he had entered the competition in 2009 and had been notified his poem had been selected to appear in the institute’s annual anthology. He was told that he would have to pay to get a copy of the published book. Thinking it would make a lovely

Christmas present Murray ordered 11 copies and posted a cheque for R2 600. The cheque was cashed but Murray never received the books or heard from the institute again. “When I saw the ad again this year I noticed it was the same details. I called but could not get through,” he said. That is when he called the Times. We also had no luck over the phone, so we tried to lure them out by requesting an interview. But the calls and e-mails remained unanswered. Published poet and coordinator at the Wits University Writing Centre, Kgaogelo Lekota, said he entered the competition in 1998. But when they told him that he had to pay to get the book he got

suspicious. Councillor Don Forbes looks on as vehicles speed along Ley “Even back then I thought it was sus- Road in Victory Park. pect,” he said. A Google search by the Times revealed similar complaints on A search for the publishers of the anthology came up empty; the Locals living in NMT-land are urged gled from neighbouring countries. A website lists a postal address but no to watch their pets following inci- teaspoon of it can kill up to 10 adults physical address. but, fortunately for humans, the taste dents of dog poisoning. “I expect a lot of people have been It has been reported that perpe- is unpleasantly bitter. caught,” Murray said. He said his poem trators use a poison called Temik or But this does not prevent animals that was apparently selected was part of Two-step, a dark grey substance that from ingesting it, and dying 15 to 30 a trilogy dedicated to his late wife who looks like gunpowder. minutes afterwards. died in 2008 and that was why he had As the scare spreads, locals are Temik, a pesticide that requires a liwanted copies. cence to possess, was used by poach- once again asked to be vigilant and “It was entitled, My wife, my best ers to poison rhinos, or poison a car- report suspicious people loitering in friend, my lover,” Murray remembered. cass to kill vultures. their areas. He said the same words were inscribed It is believed this poison is smug- z Details: Crime stop 10-111 on her headstone.

Criminals target more dogs




Week ending 18 June 2010

Clean-up letdown Thuli Malinga The much anticipated clean-up day went ahead smoothly with excited children doing their bit to keep their suburb clean. For Vrededorp children, the cleanup was nothing more than a competition among themselves to see who could pick up the most rubbish in the quickest time. Needless to say this ended in a few squabbles. By 9am, bags of rubbish collected by the children since 8am were placed at a spot opposite the Hindu Hard at work...Four boys clean-up the open space opposite the Hindu cemetery in Vrededorp.

before calling it a day at 11.30am. Did you know? „ Vrededorp has a clean-up campaign every third Saturday of the month. Working with the Jannies Klub residents, these locals get together to clean the streets of Vrededorp, Vredepark and Jan Hofmeyer and invite everyone to join them in this campaign. z Details: John or Nico 011-8302362, 083-484-2566

Got it...A girl picks up dirt lying on the pavement.

Times news editor, Jacques Clifford pictured with some of the children who helped clean-up Vrededorp.



cemetery, a sight that only encouraged the children to keep on going. However, the adult turn-out was disappointing, particularly considering the amount of letters the Times received from residents complaining about the disgusting state of the area. Walking through the suburb, some locals were asked to join in but refused outright. The total count of adults was three but this didn’t bring their spirits down and they continued with their efforts

Councillor Cindy Grobbelaar of Ward 69 and Times reporter Thuli Malinga with the some of the people that joined the clean-up on Saturday

Results you can see and feel


More photos on page 5.


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Week ending 18 June 2010




...continued from page 4.

Some of the chidren pick up litter while locals living in the area walk by.

Lorein Vries, Annetjie Du Toit and Nico Hatting with all the children who cleaned up Vrededorp.

Du Toit watches on as a local girl carries the heavy load of collected debris while others continue with their job.

You said it! The Times asked readers to give their views about the clean-up last Saturday and this is what they said:

Sibongile Mbonambi said,“I think we should clean but people are ignorant and make the wrong statements about creating jobs, and that makes our country dirty. People need to stop throwing things out of their car windows because it might distract other motorists.”

Caroline Marais thinks littering is not a bad thing as long it’s not bottles or something that could hurt the environment.“If we throw paper out of our cars we’re creating jobs for people since there’s already a high rate of unemployment.”

Desirè Fember said clean-ups were good but should be maintained. “Having a clean country is not a group effort but an individual effort. It all starts with you!”

Peter Mashala had no idea there was a clean-up in his area but said it was a good thing to do.

Well supervised...Lorein Vries (black cap) orders the children to get down to work




Week ending 18 June 2010

Joburg’s autumn colours

Local resident Mike Browne took these photos of the wonderful colours of the changing of the seasons at Emmarentia Dam.“Many people have a misconception of Johannesburg and don’t realise the beauty often found here,” he says.

A fairytale thank you Frieda Wolmarans writes: Driving home in her little grey car on 28 May, a young and naïve ‘princess’ takes a detour through Braamfontein hoping her little car will get her home sooner. While singing along to the radio waiting for the traffic light to turn green, the princess has a very unfriendly ogre and his friend - prowling the dark sidewalks of Enoch Sontonga Road - force his ugly ogre hands into her car, remove her keys from the ignition and shout orders in his deep ogre voice for

her to hand over her phone, handbag and little grey car. Luckily for the princess a knight on a shining motorcycle notices her distress and rides to her rescue. The knight rams his shining motorcycle into the ogres, sending them running for the dark swamps they crawled from. Thank you stranger. Thank you for getting involved and risking yourself for a stranger in trouble.

The Editor welcomes your letters. Letters must include the writer’s name, street address and telephone number, but a nom de plume may be used for publishing. The Editor reserves the right to edit, shorten and reject letters. The opinions expressed in letters are not those of NMT, Caxton or its staff. Write to: Northcliff Melville Times, PO Box 1797, Pinegowrie 2123 or fax to 086-683-0108. E-mail:

Just not worth the trouble Bye bye Campus Square writes: It’s no longer convenient or safe to shop at Campus Square. Three weeks ago I walked into the centre as an armed robbery was taking place. Two shops were robbed and two innocent bystanders were shot. It took three weeks before I could work up the courage to return there. On 7 June I popped into Woolies for 15 minutes. The pay station next to Wimpy had a queue of about 10 people and it seemed to take a long time for every payment. I went downstairs to the pay station, which was out of order. I went back upstairs only to find the queue had now grown to about 20 people, with the same person still trying to pay. Eventually I walked to the pay station at News Cafe, then hiked back to my car which was parked directly outside Woolies.

By now there was also a serious traffic jam of cars trying to leave the single exit, so I joined the car queue after some difficulty. We sat waiting. The cars from the Woolies side politely maintained a gap to allow incoming cars to turn right into the News Cafe side of the parking lot but at least two inconsiderate drivers jumped the gap and forced their way into the queue. The reason for the delay? The booms weren’t working. So there I was, 15 minutes of shopping, 30 minutes of trying to pay and get out of the parking, and then forced to turn right into the service lane and make a wide detour through Melville to get back to Kingsway and University Road. And charged R3 for this inconvenience. Campus Square is no longer a convenient, local pop-in shopping centre. So I join the list of local residents who boycott the centre.

The BRT bus lanes are used to park fancy cars outside Luthuli House. This photo was taken on 15 March, the first day of the BRT rollout.

Practise what you preach Manny de Freitas, shadow Deputy Minister for Transport writes: I find it interesting that the Mayor of Johannesburg Amos Masondo and other city leaders have called on the public to respect designated bus lanes by not driving in them. This is quite correct. There have been a number of crashes and injuries as a result of motorists driving illegally in bus lanes. It is up to each one of us to ensure that road rules are respected and kept. However, the call for this by the mayor I

find amazing as his own party clearly feels it is above the law. Leaders of the ANC and their entourage are simply not respecting road laws themselves. Whenever meetings of top profile politicians are held at the ANC’s head office, Luthuli House in the centre of Johannesburg, one particularly finds their vehicles parked in our bus lanes. How can the government expect the public to keep to road rules when they themselves aren’t prepared to?

Big tip too much for students Nicola Dirker of Northcliff writes: On 29 May our son went to the Cape Town Fish Market in Cresta to celebrate his 21st birthday. He met five friends and they had a meal. Another two people joined the group but did not eat with them at the table. When the bill came it was R429 for the six of them. Each person (students) put in their money and paid R444. As my son was leaving the waiter informed him that they did not tip enough. He said on the

door there was a sign reading a table of eight must tip 10 percent, but at my son’s table only six people ate. I really think that as students they cannot be expected to add 10 percent onto the bill. It was embarrassing to be told this in front of a restaurant. We will not be eating at the Cape Town Fish Market again. With the way the economy is today it is a cheek to say you did not tip enough, especially to young people who are studying and not working full-time.

Week ending 18 June 2010







Acacia robusta thorns. South African acacias all have thorns to protect themselves from browsers. This doesn’t keep giraffes away as they have a slimy mucus which simply slides over the thorns.

Week ending 18 June 2010

Local’s underwater welcome Jacques Clifford John Chapman of Fairland has decided to take a different approach in showcasing his support for the 2010 Fifa World Cup™. “I’m redoing my pool and thought, what the heck, get with it and immortalise the event my way,” he says. Chapman, who has been renovating pools for

over 30 years, has decorated his pool with a star, a South African flag, a soccer ball, and his own personalised 2010 logo. “I drew the designs beforehand and set them on the pool bottom using Flo-Coat. My grandchildren are quite impressed! I’m filling the pool with water very soon and it will be interesting to see what the end product looks like.”

Soccer, football, and acacias

You may be aware that the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa) is organising some soccer matches in South Africa. This is curious in two ways. The first is that the English term ‘association football’ has been allowed to survive in a French name. The Académie Francaise is known to be ruthless, just short of the guillotine, in keeping English out of the French language. The second curiosity is the word ‘soccer’. The Football Association (FA) first met in London in 1863 to set down the rules of the game. Sources

as stodgy as the Oxford Dictionary declare that the word soccer is derived somehow from association - which doesn’t make much sense to me. Anyway most of the world uses the word football (or fútbol, which must be safer). Football itself is not without its hazards, used to describe sports as exotic as Ladies Gaelic Football, (in Irish Peil Ghaelach na mBan). Matters of naming are fraught. At the moment much of the botanical world is outraged that the International Botanical Congress is contemplating giving the name acacia exclusively to the Australian wattles. This is terribly unfair since the word acacia is derived from the Greek word for thorn, and most Australian wattles don’t have thorns. All our acacias do. A decision will be made in Melbourne next year, after which the matter may go to the International Courts. So at the Koppies we are really worried about our acacias. In the meantime, please enjoy the fútbol.

Chapman has decorated his pool in celebration of the 2010 Fifa World Cup™.

Week ending 18 June 2010







Steps to end hunger Heather Walker For most people 5km is not far. But this is the average distance a hungry child in the developing world has to walk to find food. With this in mind, hundreds of people trekked 5km through the Joburg Zoo for the End Hunger Walk the World relay. This international event runs over 24 hours in all the time zones, beginning in Australia and ending in Samoa. “The initiative mobilised an estimated 150 000 people to raise awareness and funds for the school feeding schemes of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). In an incredible wave of solidarity, the world came forward to say that child hunger is totally unacceptable,” said Josette Sheeran, WFP’s executive director. “At least 160 walks in 70 countries raised enough money to provide 10 000 children with nutritious school meals for a year.” “Since Walk the World began in 2003, it has seen two million participants and fed 190 000 children,” said Tim Steel of TNT Express, a founding partner of the event. According to WFP research, hunger and malnutrition are the biggest threats to global health. Every six seconds a child dies of hunger and related causes. More than one billion people are undernourished worldwide, almost all of them

Tebogo and Tshepo Kgage of Northcliff. in developing countries. Funds raised from Joburg’s walk will go to the Food 4 Africa Foundation, which aims to provide children with at least one vitamin- and mineral-enriched meal every day. Participants who strutted out on a chilly morning included Hlubi Mboya, Tshepo Maseko and Nicole Flint (Miss South Africa). One walker, Dominique von Moos, explained why she took part.

“It’s a great reason to get out of bed early on a Sunday morning and I love the idea that I’m part of an event happening simultaneously in 70 countries.” Did you know? „ The biggest walk was in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where some 20 000 participants gathered for an event organised by first lady Chantal Compaore. The smallest walk counted just one participant in New Zealand.

„ 30 June: picture exhibition - listen to stories and then make a scraperboard picture and frame it. starts at 3pm on the following days: „ 7 July: something fishy - listen to „ 23 June: sweet-tooth stories - listen stories and fish for a prize in the fishto stories and then ice and decorate pond. biscuits. z Details: 011-888-5685

Story time at Linden library Linden library, is hosting a school holiday programme for June and July. The programme is suitable for children aged three to eight and story time

Week ending 18 June 2010

Non-profit organisations are welcome to send details of forthcoming events to NMT by faxing 086-683-0108 or e-mailing

park Ridge. Phone Lyn 011-678-4846, Dorothy 011-793-3985.

26 - 27 June: A book sale will be held at Forest Farm Centre for Cerebral Palsied Adults, William Nicol Drive, opposite Republic Road, Bryanston, on 26 June from 10am - 4pm and 27 June from 10am - 2pm. Phone Jean 15 June: The Sector 6 Community Po- Esterhuysen 011-789-3008 (during oflicing Forum (Montgomery Park, Roo- fice hours). sevelt Park and Albertsville) meets at 7pm at Auckland Park Bowling Club, 3 July: Wits Bird Club hosts Boudewyn cnr John Adamson Drive and Jan Cel- van der Lecq with a talk on Verreaux’s liers Street. The agenda includes dis- eagle artificial nesting platform south cussing the increase of housebreaking and man-built fish eagle nest north and crime in Montgomery Park and of Johannesburg, at 2pm at the Delta Albertville and what residents can do Environmental Centre, Victory Park. about it. Phone Francois Malan 082- Phone Lauraine 083-387-1960. 374-5487, David Grant 082-593-5369, Ron Prentice 076-743-4947. The Sages Toastmasters Club meets every second and fourth Thursday of June 23: Randpark Christian Wom- the month at 6.45pm for 7pm at Marks en’s Connection hosts musician Desi- Park sports club in Judith Road, Emree van der Walt at 9.30am for 10am at marentia. Improve your public speakSilver Birch Restuarant, Lifestyle Gar- ing skills and learn leadership skills. den Centre, Ysterhout Drive, Rand- Phone Dave Broom 082-442-6294.

Donate, it’s blood month June is National Blood Donor Month and with the excitement generated by the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) appeals to the public to develop a culture of blood donation. SANBS made a commitment to ensure that there was a safe and sufficient blood supply in the country for the World Cup. Over this critical period SANBS requires seven days blood stock to achieve this commitment. As only South African residents can donate blood for use in the country, South Africans have been called on to show their hospitality to our visitors

by donating blood regularly in preparation for the influx of visitors. A person can donate if he/she weighs more than 50kg, is between the ages of 16 and 65, leads a sexually safe lifestyle and is in good health. Remember to always eat a good meal prior to donating blood. Blood transfusions are mainly needed for: „ Women who bleed excessively during childbirth, for patients suffering from cancer and going through chemotherapy, and surgical cases. z Details: 0800-11-9031, www.

Yesterday was amazing,couldn’t believe how many people came out to support bafana bafana.It was incredible love our city and love our many of you guys came out to support.come on womf about tell us what you thought of the festivities!

- megapixel


Does your town have the spirit? Your local website with honest reviews from real people

Week ending 18 June 2010

Skakel die kerkkantoor 011-888-5735, Melville Methodist Church, cnr 4th Avenue and 4th Street, hosts Sunday service at 9am. Phone Rev George Sass 072-094-3103, 011-726-8828. Churches and other religious organisations are welcome to e-mail details of their upcoming events to nmt@ (Must include name of organisation, contact number, physical street address, as well as date and time where relevant). St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, 1123 Cornelius Street, Weltevreden Park, hosts Sunday services at 7.30am Eucharist, 9.30am Eucharist (teenage and Sunday school groups), and 6pm contemporary service with Eucharist. There are also two services during the week on Tuesdays at 9am and Wednesdays at 6.15pm. Phone 011-475-1314, fax 011-475-8284, The Comforter’s House, a bible-based church, invites all to attend services every Sunday at 9am at Alchemy Centre, 14A Blackheath Galleries, cnr Beyers Naudé Drive and Lewisham Road, Blackheath. Phone Beryl 083-226-1993. Kadima Kerk te Toevlugsoord 911, h/v Waterval en 13de strate, Newlands, hou eredienste op Sondae om 9vm en 6nm. Almal welkom. Skakel Pastoor Pepe van As 084-4002026, 011-477-4909 (kantoor ure).



Triumphant Christian Church, cnr 4th Avenue and Dublin Road, Westdene, is a vibrant, pentecostal charismatic church open to people of every tribe, tongue, colour and age. Sunday celebration service and children’s church at 10.30am, Tuesday biblical discipleship at 6.30pm, Wednesday bible study at 7pm and Friday youth fellowship at 7pm. Phone Pastor Lionel Frank, 082-9720587, 011-477-7553, St. Ninian’s Presbyterian Church, 1st Avenue West, Parktown North, hosts Sunday services at 9.30am. Phone Duncan Steele 011-477-4039. Die Familie Herlewing Sentrum, h/v Longweg en 11de Straat, Newlands is `n Woord gefundeerde kerk wat ernstig is oor die waarheid soos saamgevat in die Bybel. Dienste word op Sondae om 10.30vm en 6nm gehou. Bybelskool en biduur vind plaas om 7nm op Dinsdae en Woensdae onderskeidelik. Dié sentrum wil ook hande vat met ander bedieninge in die area deur op `n maandelikse basis die predikers te ontmoet en te bid vir deurbrake in elkeen se kerk en bediening. Skakel Pastoor Koos du Bruyn 083368-8974, Pastoor Wessel du Bruyn 076-559-4041.

Die Gereformeerde Kerk Linden se fokus is meer Jesus, meer liefde, meer dissipels. Kom ervaar dit self by Sondagoggenddienste om 9.30vm asook aanddienste om Trinity Methodist Church, cnr 5th 6nm. Avenue and Milner Street, Linden hosts

services at 7.30am, 9am, 10.30am, 2pm (vernacular service) and 7pm every Sunday. Phone 011-888-1740,

St Charles Catholic Church invites all to attend its healing course every Tuesday at 7.30pm at 33 Road No 3, Victory Park. Secure parking available. Phone 011-888-6321.

Action Against Crime, a Christian prayer group for Saps members, chaplains and reservists, meets every last Thursday of the month at 7pm at Linden police station, Boundary Road, Robindale. Phone Pastor Claude 082-859-1151, Colleen Hawes 084-511-9606.

Berario Chapel, cnr Blanca and Arkansas avenues, hosts Sunday services, Kids Klub and CIA at 9am every week. Evening School of the Bible teaches the Word of God and is hosted by the Rev Hugh McKelvey every Tuesday at 7.30pm. Interdenominational and evangelical. Phone Jeff Cromberge 083-402-8519, Hugh McKelvey 082-854-4581, Alister MacDonald 082-882-5276.

Melville Union Church, 45 Ditton Avenue, Auckland Park, hosts services every Sunday from 9.30am to 10.30am with Sunday school at 9.45am. Sunday evening church at 6pm. Phone Rev Edwin Ngubane 011-4821423. NG Gemeente Vergesig, Putneyweg 41 Brixton hou elke Sondag om 9vm `n erediens waarby almal welkom is. Daar word ook jeugdienste gehou, selgroepbyeenkomste en kategese. Kom gerus en skakel by ons in. Skakel die kerkkantoor 011-837-9770, Linden Presbyterian Church, 52 Fifth Avenue, hosts Sunday services at 7.30am, 9am (family service runs concurrently with children’s church) and 6pm. Phone 011-782-6428/9, www.lindenpc. org The Reformed Congregation of Bergbron invites everyone to join in worship every Sunday at 6pm at the church in Schoongezicht Drive, cnr Drakensberg Drive. Ministry in English, Sunday school for children, fellowship afterwards. Phone Noel 082-823-3244, Stephan 082-253-3029, Ankie 011-673-9705.

AGS Gemeente Bet-El, 30 Newlandsweg, Newlands, hou Sondagskool om 8vm en erediens om 9.30vm; Woordskool Maandae om 7nm; Biduur Dinsdae om 7nm; Susters Bidure Woensdae om 10vm; en Juegdiens Vrydae om 6.30nm. Skakel Pastoor Pieter Swanepoel 083458-3307, 011-674-1598. NG Gemeente Aasvoëlkop, h/v Hockylaan en Alida strate, Northcliff, hou elke Sondag erediens en kinderkerk om 9vm en aanddienste om 6nm. Skakel Hannie Harmse 011-782-5231, Hillside Vineyard Christian Fellowship, based at Risidale primary school in San Michelle Avenue, Risidale hosts Sunday family services at 9am. Phone Elsabé 011-476-3094, office@ Morning School of the Bible, Weltevreden Chapel, John Vorster Road, Weltevreden Park, hosts bible study every Wednesday from 8.15am to noon. Phone Shirley 082-346-9487, Carol 072-463-8481.


Johannesburg North Seventh Day Adventist Church is a Christian church. Join us on Saturdays from 9am for worship, bible study and discussion, cnr Anton von Wouw and Mendelsohn roads, Roosevelt Park. All welcome. Phone Beryl 082-951-2729, Sophiatown Community Church is a multicultural church seeking to serve the needs of the community through the faithful teaching of God’s word and through the practical love of His people. Sunday service takes place from 10am to 11.15am at the Sparrow school hall, cnr Gerty and Herman roads. Phone Pastor Mark Grieve 071-6828285. 3-in-1 Spiritual Centre, 8 Viscounts Avenue (cnr Alice Street), Windsor West hosts services every Sunday at 7pm. Spiritual healing available before services. Secure parking available. Phone Janet 072-112-2363. Christ Church Blairgowrie, cnr Gordon and Mackay avenues, looks forward to the World Cup and welcomes people from all the nations who will be here. We give real answers to real questions. The 9.30am Sunday worship offers a crèche, children’s church and youth meeting. Services also at 8am and 6pm. Phone 011-789-1042,, za St Columba’s Presbyterian Church, 45 Lurgan Road, Parkview hosts Sunday services at 8am, 9.30am and 7pm and Sunday school at 9.30am. Phone 011-646-5420,,




Week ending 18 June 2010

Local primary not to be outdone

Goal scorer unstoppable Zweli Thandani of Northcliff high scores four goals during the school’s first team clash with Randpark high. Northcliff won 12 - 2. 1025AA-233246

Convenient Conventional Alternative Physical & Mental

Dentists 011 477 2098

Medical Practitioner 011 534 1415

Speech Therapy 011 477 2098

Optometrist 011 477 2705

Audiologist 011 477 2705

Physiotherapist 011 477 2098

Our Dentists offer Aesthetic Dentistry, Porcelain Crowns + Bridgework Teeth Whitening, Dentures & Implants Open from 8am to 8pm Mon to Fri & Sat to 3pm Westdene Mall, 23 A Thornton Road, Westdene, 011 477 2098/2705

Teachers prepare to leave for the Bafana Bafana parade in Sandton.

I want to hold your hand Zachary Steyn and Jessica Green of Alpha Academy in Berario get into the soccer mood.


Calling Highlanders

Hair Removal Vein Removal

Tattoo Removal Pigmentation Red Neck (Poikiloderma of Civatte) FRAXEL Resurfacing Wrinkle Reduction Port Wine Stain Removal Laser Rejuv

Also Synergie Cellulite Treatment Microdermabrasion Chemical Peels Stretch Marks

Trust the Professionals with your Skin ! Morningside* 011 783 3110 Dunkeld*

011 341 0580


011 476 1228

Waterkloof * 012 460 4646

Amanda Watson Come old, come new, come one and all. Highlands North high school will be celebrating 70 years as a premier education facility to the community and all old boys are invited to the bash. “We will also be launching the Highlands North Foundation, a public benefit organisation to support the school,” said Cliff Garrun, a Highlander himself. “It is a magnificent school with a proud history and the headmaster is doing a sterling job. It’s time

the community took ownership of the school and by doing this we hope to raise the profile of the school in the community. “Part of our initial plan for the foundation is to build a media centre for the school. Pupils who excel often need just a little help to make their first strides in the world and we aim to help with that too.” The date of the launch and celebrations is 30 June and will take place at Killarney Country Club. z Details: 011-694-5000, cliff@

What’s happening at your school? Please send your school news and photos to

* Resident Dermatologist

The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ proudly accepts only Visa-branded credit, debit, and pre-paid cards, along with cash, in all 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ stadiums in recognition of Visa’s sponsorship. For the convenience of all fans, there will be Visa kiosks in all FIFA venues to purchase Visa prepaid cards.

more fans around the world go with Visa

Week ending 18 June 2010




Linden skutte haal SA span Linden het twee skuts in die Suid-Afrikaanse Skoleskietspan wat aan die British Junior Internationals in Engeland gaan deelneem. Marla Stanier (Gr 11) is in die 10M- olimpiese meisiespan opgeneem en Barto Pienaar (Gr 11) in die 3P- presisiespan en die 10M- olimpiese seun-

span. Zander Vermaak (Gr 12) het by die skietproewe in Kimberley sy beste sportertellings geskiet. Hy het verseker die talent en temprament en kan die sporterskuts later vanjaar by die SA’s opdraande gee.

Jessi Barclay, Leila Hurdus, Maas Innes, Laine Butler, Leslie Dwolatzky, Charmian Bonnet (holding the trophy), Clayton Alexander, Tristan Wrench, Kimberley Alexander, Jodie Dwolatzky, Obakeng Mkandla and, in front, Nikola Allen.

Greenside achieves Raps triumph Greenside high school took top honours at the Raps One Play Festival at Wits Theatre, Braamfontein on 5 June. The play, Jacques…or Obedience, was directed by Charmian Bonnet, who played a lead role in the production, as well as casting, and undertaking stage and costume design. Charmian was nominated for a best actress award, while Clayton Alexander won the best supporting actor award. Adjudicator Greg Homann said, “This is the

best festival I have adjudicated in my seven years of being with Raps.” Rina King of the school said, “This is a great milestone for the school. “The costumes were put together by Charmian and Laine Butler. The ideas and small parts of the set were very well put together. “The play could have stood up to any audience due to its sophisticated nature and the cast interpreting this theatre of the absurd in such a brilliant way.”

Marla Stanier

Keep your City Clean with...

Nine times the hockey skill Back: Brynn Cleak, Shaun Ferreira, Bruce Allen, William van de Velde, Gareth Riley, Dylan Murray, Brian Rowe, Brendon Bowen, and Ryan Parsons of Northcliff high have been selected to play for provincial hockey teams.

Valuable soccer experience

Let’s work TOGETHER and clean up YOUR neighbourhood. How it works: Each week The Citizen invites you to nominate an intersection in the greater Johannesburg area that you believe could do with being spruced up. An intersection will be chosen and a CitiClean team will be dispatched to clean it up.

How to nominate an intersection: SMS the word CLEAN Maxwell Ernst, Erin Maggs, Luca Monzeglio and Luke Chemaly of Northcliff primary played in the Discovery Festival at Sacred Heart College, Observatory. Although none of the boys went through to the Bill Stewart Tournament, they played well and gained good experience by attending.

followed by the intersection and suburb to 32111 (Cost per sms is R1) or e-mail to

Attention schools

What’s happening at your school? Please send your school news and photos to

CitiClean crew on the corner of Gordon and Ontdekkers (Roodepoort) – 11 November 2009




Week ending 18 June 2010

Happy holidays versus cabin fever Kids and teens are invited to combat their boredom at Cresta shopping centre during the winter school holidays. A host of exciting activities await the young, including an outdoor skating rink, water-balls, foosball tables and a play park. The rink will be surrounded by pine trees adorned with fairy lights, an awesome winter wonderland especially in the evenings. Complete with an artificial surface to ensure a smoother glide, it will open from 11am to 7pm on Mondays to Saturdays (closing between 2pm and 2.30pm daily) and from 11am to 3pm on Sundays. Adding to the buzz from 21 June will be water walking balls, allowing people of all ages to experience the thrill of walking on water in gigantic plastic bubbles. On selected days there will be facepainting, comical antics by Zimbo the Clown, and entertainment by a circus school. There are also foosball tables and a play park packed with coin-operated rides in the centre’s banking court.

Shane Burger (15) and Madelain Retief (11) chill on the skating rink that will be open to children and teens at Cresta shopping centre from 11 June to 11 July.

Puppet masters….. Arnold Mahlatsi and Sicelo Mthembu build their puppets.

Playing with the giants Donald Lobelo The arts sector has shown its appreciation of the World Cup by staging a street performance consisting of 32 giant puppets. Each puppet measures up to four metres high and the show is a South African allegory of Romeo and Juliet that tells a story of two young lovers kept apart by the feud between their families. But on the rendition eventually the two families reconcile and the couple happily wed. Called Giant Match, the show involves 100 South African actors, puppeteers, visual artists and craftsmen from various communi-

ties in Gauteng. One of the participating artists, Sifiso Zimba said he was delighted to be involved in such a project because it brought diverse artists together. “We have been marginalised but, with the launch of the Giant Match, we feel that we are included in the upcoming soccer spectacle. As artists we have used puppetry to tell a story,” said Zimba. The show at Wits School of Arts runs from June 5 to 11 July. z Details:

Classic music for the soul Linda van Coppenhagen

A bright and brilliant recital of opera arias, Coloratura is set to be performed at Linden’s Vryburger Hall on 26 June. The classical music recital which starts at 6.30pm for 7pm will be performed by Linda van Coppenhagen (soprano) of Linden, and pianist Lara Kirsten who will display their talents in the attractive church concert hall. The audience can look forward to hearing an aria from Handel’s Ariodante as they enjoy an entertaining and educational evening. Welcome drinks and a light finger meal will be served. z Details: Andy Darlington 083-542-1044

0154 Gardening / Rubble Removals

A.K. SHUTTLE SERVICES WE WILL GET YOU THERE MARTIN FREY ELECTRICAL For all your electrical requirements. Phone Martin 083-290-0089

Contact Ryan 082-857-7672 ryan_hayne



RENOVATIONS BY JUSTIN Building, Dry Walling, Ceilings, Carpentry, Tiling, Rhinoliting and Handyman Service. Free Quotes. 082-322-6246 / 011-782-7266 GM001157

0037 Found

0118 Cleaning

FOUND Bull Terrier, White. Northcliff. Contact: Northview Vet 011 678 6782

A1 CARPETS 3Hrs to dry, 5 Rooms from R150. L/Suite from R30 per seat Owner sup. Free deodorizer. 082-860-5378


FOUND Labrador X? Recently spayed. Fairland. Contact: Northview Vet 011 678 6782


ALL ARCHITECTURAL PLANS DRAWN UP ACCURATE PSYCHIC Submitted with guaranteed READINGS 48 YRS EXP fast approval. Professional Open weekends too. Vee and personal service. 011 475-9001 084-668-5261 Jurgen (011) 782-5265 SG067810 083 566 5874 SACAP Reg SA020623

ALL PROBLEMS Business, Love.Tarot, I Ching, Astrology, Psychic Ivan (011) 786-4089 NP009428

0073 Personal

ALL BUILDING PLANS Great advice and ideas. For municipal approval. Debbie 072-348-2998. SG067610



083-267-3438 011-786-1338

AARON gives


0123 Aerials / Satellites

AERIALS- TV, Satellite, Video, install & repairs. TRAPHIT, Trev (011) 793-6074 Randpark Ridge. 082-450-7579, Weltevreden. 25 yrs.

Our 20 Successful year R 300 - 5 room home with R 250 - Lounge Suite

0127 Electricians

CARPET SPRING CLEANERS 485-2158/2170 All hrs 072 202 7171


AN ARCHITECTURAL ABSOLUTELY DRY PLAN REQUIRED? CALL: CARPET CLEANING MARK GREAVES We dryclean carpets. Special 763-5673 / 083-231-4072 rates. 476-9076 Reg. & Approval guaranteed Karen (011) 768-5086 082-412-4781 ML000197 + 20 yrs exp in the field. LW010374

0136 Home Improvements / DIY


PAINT STRIPPING Removal of paint and varnishing of any wood, indoors or outdoors, windows etc. ROB'S FLOORING CC 011 440-9280 083-225-9510 SA020628


BLIND BOYZ CC Blinds of all types. Best prices. Service and advice. Free Quotes!! MIKE (011) 472-0962 or 082-386-3333 or 0861-BLINDZ or 0861-254639


BLIND CREATIONS CC Vertical, Venetian, Wood, Roller, Bamboo, Cascade, Awnings, Service, Repairs. All Areas / Expert Advice. Call: Willie Louw (011) 477-7892 083-789-7892 CH001488



ABA TREEFELLERS Razor sharp service. Big tree specialists! Fully insured. Vic 082-786-3225



Personal Supervision th

ALTERATIONS AND PLANS Registered builder with 25 Yrs experience call Divcon 082-410-7126 011-768-7002

CURTAIN CLEANING 20 Yrs Exp. Collection, removal, re-hanging. Graham 011 825-2505.

Garden & Pool maintenance, Treefelling, Clean-ups 011 795-2000 086 161 7181 Credit cards welcome!

ALAN`S TREEFELLING Fully insured and FREE quotes. Bev 082-783-8501 AN000453




0065 Psychics / Tarot Readers

0109 Building & Materials

DRY CARPET, UPHOLSTERY & CURTAIN CLEANING CUCASA • 100% Dry • No water or shampoo • Allergy friendly • Stain removal • 3M Scotchgard • FREE DEODORIZING & ANTI BACTERIAL



HI IN WOOD KITCHENS & BUILT IN CUPBOARDS All Installations, kitchen revamps. All made to client specifications. For queries and quotes phone Raymond 083-440-3359 or 477-7338 o/h

A CLEANING CREW 3 carpets R180 + L/suite R180.(std) Kwik dry. Full home valet. Flood damage.1 loose carpet free. 011 640-1350 or 071 037 2987 (24 hrs)



Maintenance PTY LTD. Est. 20yrs





HANDYMAN Welding, Security, Electrical, Plumbing, Renovations and painting etc. John 082-352-1663

ACCOLADE CHEM KLEEN 5 rooms from R100, lounge suite R99, spot remove, deo, scotch guard. Tel: 071 884 4244

AVIS CLEANERS Std Room from R70. L/ Suites from R40 p seat. Cr SA020621 cards taken. 083-418-4700.

HANDYMAN PRO Qual. Efficient Handymen. Plumbing/Bath Revamps 071 5766 947 011 462 3843

A 4 SEASONS GARDEN Cleanups / treefelling / irrigation. 011 763-2925 Cp038002

0085 Lifts

MEGA PAINTERS Top quality painting. Large & Small Projects. 011 704 7946 071 5766 947 CM004921

0137 Roofing

ANYTHING, ANYTIME MIKES MOVERS 8/4/1.5 TON 082 551 9513/083 448 7131


BRAND`S TREEFELLING FULLY INSURED 0861 708 000 all/hr brandstf


COMPOST AND TOPSOIL R400 per cubic metre RUBBLE REMOVAL From R300 per 1.5 ton. Andre 072 766 4994


Thompson : 073-162-8596




TEL. 0861 111 666

CUPBOARD MADNESS (SPECIALS) Kitchen and built in cupboards. 3D design. Special on all granite. Contact Chris 011 674-4367 082-683-5923


DES` TREEFELLING 25 years experience (011) 888-5762 082-453-0840


NORTHCLIFF MELVILLE TIMES Week ending June 18, 2010 • Page 15

GIDEES PLUMBING CC(REGISTERED) (24 Hours Reliable) •Geysers Specialist •Pressure Valves •Blocked Drains •Burst Pipes •New Installations etc Contact Gilbert 073-498-9666 A/H Telefax 011 953 2868


DRIVING SCHOOL SAFETY-FIRST K53 driving lessons plus learners. Dual control cars, power steering. 80% first pass rate. Phone Rian 082-345-9794




RUBBLE REMOVAL From R550 - 8 ton truck. 084-678-7321 or 011-692-3602



Repairs done at your home. 3 month guarantee.


0236 Entertainment

AARON PAYS BEST for antiques, furniture, silver, ornaments & S.A art etc. 072-358-9404 CP038291



WE BUY EVERYTHING CASH Kitchenware, appliances, furniture, ornaments, pots, pans, paintings, tools, crockery, cutlery and general household items.

10% off for pensioners on presentation of this ad.

0172 Pools

Black bag removals, special rates for businesses. 4t, 8t rubble removal, bobcat, TLB A 1ST IN FISHPOND AND POOL SOLUTIONS and other plant hire Peter`s Pool Service available. 083-601-0644/ 462-3386 Dietlov 083 324 1378 Seven days from 6 to 6. CP038363 Pumps, filters overhauled and renewed. Heating, salt chlorination. Fibreglass, Marbelite repaired.

0163 Plumbers

ANY SECURITY •CCTV •Security gates •Palisade fencing •Garage & gate automation •Burglar proofing. Sean 083-728-6811 M.I.S. Security

AZTECH ENGINEERING Gates & automation. Fencing LW010617 & burglar proofing. Carports. Service & repairs. Centurion ALL CASH PAID D5 Motors - R3850 with FOR SA ART, ANTIQUES RO028034 anti-theft & inst. & JEWELLERY Contact: Moh 084-595-8122 Tel 082-657-2610 EGOLI DRIVING SCHOOL SA020643 7 Days a week Offers you professional RO028028 driving lessons with guaranteed results at low, FAB FURNITURE MART low prices. Learners and LINDEN Drivers bookings also done Good prices paid for quality Tel 082 497 4227 Household contents, CP038354 Antiques and Collectables. Tel (011) 782-7515


RUBBLE & REFUSE 1 - 4 tons from R250. Also treefelling. James 082-839-8997 071-863-4645

0224 Driving Schools

Filip 083 760 4270

Phone Fern (011) 432-0720 or 082-448-0855


0252 Home Industry / Dressmaking


BOOKKEEPING TO T/B Any size books Private home office Good Rates Good references Contact Desire 076 353 9578

BERARIO, business premises for agency, office sales or shops with work or RO028146 storage space. Call 082-491-2592


MELVILLE Fully furnished 1 bedroom flat attached to house. Lounge /diningroom, kitchen, bathroom. Secure parking. Suitable for single professional R4200-00. No pets. Deposit required Contact Astrid 083-266-8651

NORTHCLIFF Office to let in secure Park. Walk to Cresta. 100sqm. @ R99 per sq. mt. excl. vat plus electricity. Secure parking and alarm. Furnished or un-furnished. Available immediate. Enquiries call Jenny or CP038386 Shwana 011 678 2160 NORTHCLIFF EXT 3 RO028009

Furnished 1 bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, suits single person. Safe under roof parking. R2000 w&l and Dstv included. Dep required . Avail 1 July

Large openplan office with 1 executive office, strongroom, kitchen & ample safe off street parking. R6000 p/m. Lorraine Contact: 082 473 083 290 1861 2009 or 011 782 3643 Muffy 083 290 1219

0296 Tuition / Education

WESTDENE / TRIOMF 2 bed cottage, furnished. R3000. 076 439 2410


TV`S WANTED / REPAIRS Any condition will pay cash and will collect Call 078 6575 936 (24hrs) CH001557


ACCOUNTING TUITION 1st and 2nd yr. Varsity and school students. 16yrs exp. Premises within walking distance from UJ. Call Annelize 082-559-7013


MELVILLE 2 single bedrooms, large lounge, enclosed porch, full kitchen (gas), patio, serviced garden, 2 parking. Max. 2 adults. Min. lease 1yr. R4000pm excl. elec.


MATHS/SCIENCE Gr. 7 - 12. Expert tuition. TEL: (011) 888-5270 CM004837

076 189 7745 NP009446

0181 Repairs

Tel: 082 267 8785


0449 Houses




Phone Diana (011) 673 1271 CH001547

NORTHCLIFF 082 922 5810



0292 Security

Ages from NEW BORN to 5 years. 10 years experience in early CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT. Qualified A.P ELECTRICAL ECD Teacher. WESTPARK AREA Repairs & Installations of all Alarm Systems, Gate & Call JO ANNE Garage Door motors, Electric 082 749 6595 Fence, Intercoms etc... CM004908

LINDEN 1 Bed Flat. R3640 p/m near Northcliff Corner.



0318 Carpets / Furniture / Appliances

0428 Flats

Phone 082 823 2429 AA AUCTIONS NP009443 Barry pays best cash prices WESTDENE for all good, used furniture, CP038297 appliances, antiques, pianos, Bachelor flat to let. etc. Kitchenette and large Tel. (011) 793-4668/ bathroom. Secure parking, (011) 793-4478. RO028026 water and lights included. R2800 pm. Deposit secures. Available immediately.



Book Now for Holiday Programs Cm004704


PLUMBING PERFECT CC Professioneel geregistreed. Lid van IOPSA. Hannes 082-894-4874

ALL MOBILE APPL. REPS Washers, Dryers, Fridge, Stoves, Dishwashers. Work guarant. Free call out. Theuns 082-744-1145

ECONOMOVES Domestic/Office Removals. Personal Supervision. Office (011) 782-7459 Doug 083-325-4451 Rod 082 903 4334

For FREE quote ANDRE 084 601 7429

AUCKLAND PARK 3 bedr and grd cottage; R9000pm. Avail 1st July 083-417-2044


In friendly, professional house; suit young professionals or serious students, Westdene - walk to UJ. Parking space. Garden. Short term poss. R2000 R2500 incl l&w. Deposit required.

ABLE REMOVERS Prompt and personal service for the removal of home and office furniture, packing, storage and insurance. Personal supervision available. Phone 011-475-4062 or 011-679-4421

0216 Child Care


3 bed, 2 bath, lock-up garage. R6500 pm, near Northcliff Corner.



Loo-Mac Plumbing

HYDE PARK Flat to Let 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Lounge Separate Dining Room 60 square metre patio Swimming pool Tennis courts. From 1st August Rental R15,000. Contact 011 646 1415

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Page 16 • NORTHCLIFF MELLVILLE TIMES • Week ending June 18, 2010


Upstairs 1 bed. Avail 01 July. R4300 p/m Tel 084 217 7000


3 bedroomed house with 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, playroom and servants quarters for rent. Good condition. Beautiful garden. Near pool, shops and park. R12000-00 pm excluding water and lights. Contactable references. Credit clear. No small children. Available immediately. Contact Lenia 011-469-5238 082-886-2782



0509 Business Premises / Offices / Shops

4 X Bed, Lounge, Dining, 2 Bath , Kitchen, Scullery, 0442 Garden Flats / Pantry, HAIRDRESSING Swimming-pool, Lapa, Cottages SALON FOR SALE Double Garage, LINDEN / VICTORY Servant Quarters, AUCKLAND PARK Garden Service. PARK BORDER Large bed/s, fitted Rent: R8784.00 + Vat kitchen, bathroom with (Exc Electricity) Prime position in b/c, parking. 1 person Available immed. shopping Centre. only. Dep req. Offers from R90 000. Contact Person R2300pm excl. Only Genuine Rouxlene (011) 726-1505 Buyers call 082 373 0508 RO028106 office hrs 082 855 4615 NP009442






ELSIE Sa seeks p/t 3 days ZODWA Zim seeks part domestic work 084 090 5539 /full-time work Refs. Eng. Refs. Eng/ Afr 073-774-4058

0545 Houses


EMILY seeks full time domestic work, with accomm. Has references. 073-112-4222

EMMARENTIA 3 bedroomed house with 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, playroom and servants quarters. Good condition. Also including a free standing NEW 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single storey flatlet with open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room. All on 1 property with separate garages for sale. Beautiful garden. Near pool, shops and park. R3.2 million


ESTER seeks full or part time domestic work. Mon Fri. Has references. 078-714-6312


0897 Gardener Employment Wanted

LW010541 ADAM Mwn seeks painter f/t

work 079 010 5560 Eng KL005520 FAITH Mwn seeks domestic/ childminder p/f work with ALBERT Zim seeks garden, Accom 078 705 6807 Refs. domestic , childminder Refs. eng KL005484 Eng. 072-829-7318 DF091112

0893 General Employment Wanted

GLORIA requires full time domestic work. Has references. Tel. 076 368 2700.

BAIDON Mwn seeks garden/ painter p/t Monday & Sunday work 073 202 4500 Refs: SO056985 Andrew 011 794 3024/ 011 726 4104 Hattia Eng HEATHER SA KL005512 Honest, hardworker seeks part-time domestic work BERNARD Zim seeks 2days. 6yrs. experience + CATHRINE requires full or garden full-time Refs. Eng. refs. Ref:Mrs M Bowler part time employment as a 076-551-3271 084-418-5082 DF091153 baby sitter. 072-106-3212 LW010540 /Heather:083-957-6829 DF091144 BOSCO Mwn 10yrs. exp. Driver DANIEL SA seeks very honest, hardworker IRENE (SA) full-time Code 10 lic. Eng seeks garden, painter p/f. He Contact Lenia Seeks part time work Wed or /Afri. 079-679-9437 can also do some work DF091139 Thurs. Hard working, old 011-469-5238 besides garden. Ref: fashioned, loyal & honest. 082-886-2782 073-019-0041(Mrs Yan)Dir. GLADNESS seeks full time Ref`s call 011 476 8282 LW010599 work as a baby sitter, with AN000566 083-535-4539 DF091092 accomm. Has refs. JAMILA Mwn seeks 072-799-0567 BRITON Mwn seeks garden/ ML000393 domestic/ childminder p/f houseman p/f work Cooks work 078 226 Refs. Eng GLORIA seeks work as a KL005421 with Accom 078 385 7830 care giver. Has drivers Refs. Eng JANE seeks full time license, matric. Has refs. KL005530 domestic work, with 078 925 6560 NP009420 accomm. Has references. CHIKONDI Mwn seeks garden, houseman, painter, 076-329-3918 VICTORIA seeks full time ML000394 driver(code 10) Eng. employment as an admin JEMINA SA seeks domestic, 078-888-0701 clerk. Has refs. DF091150 childminder f/t. M-F. 073-659-9760 ML000387 Sleep-in. 074-835-6985 CHRISTOPHER Mwn seeks /Ref:Mrs garden, painter p/t 5days Marais=083-419-8456 Mon-Fri. Refs. Eng. DF091205 078-686-8521 DF091143 JOHANNA needs work Mon & Fri. JOSEPH Mwn seeks garden, Excellent reference. houseman f-time alldays. For reference phone :082 Refs. Eng. 078-888-8730 490 9623 DF091161

0895 Domestic Employment Wanted

0650 Loans / Investments

A+ SKILLED DOMESTIC PLACEMENTS + references checked. 011-880-4647 CM004849


JULIET Zim seeks domestic p/t Mon. Wed. Fri work 078 441 7182 Refs. Eng KL005436

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MARIA Sa seeks domestic p MALAWIAN ( gardener )Freedom has been in my /f work 082 322 2543 Eng KL005486 employment for one year, he is reliable, honest, MARTHA requires full time trustworthy. He has been a domestic work, with valuable assets to our home accomm. Mon-Sun. a person with perfect SA020749 Tel. 078 2077 871. SO056987 manners and able to do any ALL FULLY TRAINED type of work available part DOMESTICS MATRON time Mon. Wed for info Housekeeping, housemen, is looking for full-time or one contact Kevin 011 475 2995/ drivers, nannies, gardeners, day a week work. Washing, 082 920 0320 or direct 079 cooks, frailcare. Fully ironing, general domestic, 945 6842 Eng. screened with traceable cleaning, nanny. KL005514 references. Tel: Jane (011) 886-7698 (o/h) 078 008 5299 or phone Ilke 078-113-4568(a/h) 082 652 1823 ABSOLUTE JOLLY DOMESTICS drivers, maids, gardeners, caregivers, excel refs 072 556 1039 011 781 5006


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0899 Domestic Employment Available


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KL005457 CASANDRA (Malawian) seeks full time domestic NOTHANDO Zim seeks work with accomm. Has refs. domestic p/f any day frm Tel. 072 4860 588. Mon - Sat work with/ out SO057015 Accom 079 049 9408 Refs: 082 601 9898 Eng CEBISILE Sa seeks KL005500 CARS WANTED domestic p/f work 076 841 FOR CASH 8729 Refs. eng SUSAN seeks full or part We will give you more! KL005473 time domestic work. Has 072 307 8657 SO056834 CECILIA SA seeks domestic references. 072-984-9898 ML000388 p/t 3days or f-time Refs. Eng. 073-572-8773 2ND HAND CARS SYLVIA requires part time DF091214 domestic work. Mon, Wed & We buy & pawn cars for cash. Best prices paid. Trade ELIZABETH Sa seeks Fri. Has references. ins accepted on your JOHANNESBURG, RANDBURG, 073-056-1292 domestic/ childminder f/t LW010523 ROODEPOORT, SANDTON, accident damaged vehicles. work 073 974 7696 Refs. HALFWAY HOUSE Gavin 083-708-6050 Eng/ Afr THABIE SA seeks part-time . DISPLAY OF NOTICE ON SITE RO028024 KL005487 5days. Refs. Eng. AFFIDAVIT 083-226-5382

0786 Wanted

0950 Legal Notices

DF091194 I Malcolm Hugh Cass of 156 Kessel Street , Fairlands make oath and say that: 1. On 08/06 /2010 . I posted in a conspicuous position at : 156 Kessel Street, DF091183 Fairland so as to be visible to the passing public, the notice of my VIVIAN Sa seeks domestic p intention to apply to the Council /t Tue & Thursday work 084 for its consent for A second dwelling on the above mentioned 779 4135 Eng KL005467 property.

THABOLOGO Bots. seeks domestic full-time Eng. 079-058-7978

WINNIE Sa seeks domestic f Signed and sworn to, before me at Fairland Police Station this 8th /t work 072 865 0705 Refs. day of June 2010. eng KL005483

WITNESS SA seeks domestic p/t M,W,F or f/t Mon-Fri. Eng. 073-390-7976 DF091206

I certify that the Deponent has acknowledged that he/she knows and understands the contents of this affidavit. RO028134

NORTHCLIFF MELVILLE TIMES Week ending June 18, 2010 • Page 17




Week ending 18 June 2010

King David scientists freak out Science and mathematics, two of the most boring and difficult subjects in the world, right? Not when the Freaky Science show is in town. The roadshow, which brings science and mathematics to life in a magical, interactive fashion, recently visited King David Victory Park primary. Its goal was to end the negative perception of these two tough but infinitely rewarding subjects. “With both mathematics and science dropped at an alarming rate when pupils make their subject choice at the end of Grade 9, our youth edutainment

company came up with a novel way of countering this trend,’’ said Tanya Vandenberg of Three Ring Circus. “The Freaky Science show is aimed at Grade 2 to 4s to get ‘em while they’re young. By making mathematics and science easy-to-grasp and fun for the very young, the show hopes to lessen the intimidating nature of these subjects.’’ The show is headed by a ‘nutty’ professor, who enlists the help of her audience to carry out a variety of scientific tests. By performing experiments on everyday household goods, such as flour, milk and balloons, children are able to

go back home and replicate what they have seen at the show. The result is that difficult concepts become more accessible and children are left with a yearning to learn more. “It’s too late to change children’s minds about science in school. We try, instead, to show them how much fun it is while they still have a powerful sense of wonder. And we’d just love it if we help create a generation of kids who want to grow up and become ultra-cool, ultra-successful scientists and mathematicians,’’ added Vandenberg. z Details: 011-782-6991, The completed shape with all the candles and lanterns.

Goodness comes from within On 2 June pupils of Casa do Sol school celebrated the Saint John Festival. This festival celebrates John the Baptist who prepared the way for our Savior. However the emphasis at Casa do Sol was to remind everybody to work at goodness from within. To remind them of this, pupils made a lantern or decorated a candle which was displayed as they worked

at keeping the little light of goodness burning in their hearts. Lanterns were laid after which everyone met in the garden to light a bonfire and sing Saint John songs. The children walked towards the fire and threw in slips of paper containing messages of things they feared, sad feelings or bad thoughts. The day ended with a braai where everybody enjoyed a scrumptious burger.

King David Victory Park primary pupils participate in the Freaky Science show.

Casa bring colour to sports day Selassie Ntshudisane, Cameron Pillay, Tasneem Samodien and Tinotenda Chakarisa line up to bring their candles to the centre of the lenmiscape.

Victory Park has fun with books

Thebe Matoshela shows Jeffrey Moeng and Darren Newman who is fastest. Pupils and teachers from Casa do Sol took part in a sports day on 21 May. The children were divided into three teams.

The red team who called themselves the Racing Reds, the green team or Green Mambas, and the yellow team the Cheetahs.

The Cheetahs won the trophy for the best team spirit while the Green Mambas were crowned overall winners.

Kelly Heyman, Liora Katzew, Hannah Milner, Shayna van Vuren and Abigail Brenner model their costumes at the annual King David Victory Park primary school Fun with Books event. The two days were filled with activities, talks and a fancy dress parade, imitating their favourite storybook characters. Parents used this time to purchase books for their children from the many on display in the hall.

Making friends We’ve got the spirit... The Cheetahs.

Unika pre-primary school invited Class 6 from Casa do Sol for a visit, and learnt about sharing and collected money. Lebohang Ramphala and Kelebone Mosakga of Casa do Sol are delighted with the R1 700 that was raised.

Week ending 18 June 2010


For club and country



SPORT briefs Sports clubs are welcome to send details of their results and forthcoming events to NMT by faxing 086-683-0108 or e-mailing nmt@ Yoga: The Indian Cultural Centre hosts free beginners yoga classes on Saturdays at 8.15am at the Indian Consulate of Johannesburg, 1 Eton Road, cnr Jan Smuts Avenue. Wear something comfortable and bring a towel or mat. Phone Nazeem Pather 011-482-8484. Bowls: Make new friends and learn how to play on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Marks Park Bowling Club. Beginners of all ages welcome. The club provides all equipment. Phone Blackie 011-476-8806, Alan 011-673-5854. Bellydancing: Learn the snakelike moves of oriental dance fused with the bounce of Bollywood and the fire of flamenco, on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings at Roosevelt Park recreation centre in Preller Road. Phone Alison 083-450-8508.

The squad for England... (Back) Richard Girvin, Deon Du Toit, Robert Fernandes and, front, Norman Magua, Douw Pretorius, Claudia Pietromartire, Selvan Pandaram, Natasha Voorhout, Ruan Hageman, and Jonathan Voorhout. As we enter the middle of the year Magua Taekwon-Do, with clubs based in Cresta, Olivedale and Norwood, has been hard at work. Magua Taekwon-Do hosted its seventh annual Taekwon-Do South Africa Invitational tournament on 14 March at the Mandeville stadium in Kensington. “The tournament ran smoothly and ahead of schedule and offered some exciting matches with a high standard all round. Our very own Richard Girvin (Cresta and Olivedale dojangs) highlighted the event by winning the black belt hyperweight sparring division,’’ said Norman Magua, co-founder of the taekwon-do club. On 1 May Magua Taekwon-Do attended the ninth Acestes Taekwon-Do Clubs (ATC) Invitational Tournament in Menlyn, Pretoria. “We took a small team because many members were battling with illnesses. But our seven-strong group did us proud, especially as it was the first competition for most of them. The day ended with a bang when Hugh Thomson (Cresta dojang) won the black belt hyperweight division final. “On 8 May we held black belt tests for Natasha Voorhout and Ruan Hageman who both attempted for 1st Degree, and Selvan Pandaram attempting for 2nd Degree. After a challenging physical and mental test the relief was evident as all three candidates were informed that they had been successful. We were extremely pleased with their performances and indomitable spirits.” Magua added that the club was sending a team to the Imperial English Open on 9 and 10 October in

Games: Play mah-jong, a Chinese game of skill, strategy and calculation, every first and second Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Irish Club in Linden. Phone Leon 083-454-4536. Martial Arts: Shaolin Wushu Guan hosts classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm to 8.45pm at Greenside high school gym. Learn traditional shaolin kung fu which includes various weapons, bare hand training and sanshou (Chinese kickboxing). All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Phone Tatiana or Fuaad 072-592-9140. Baseball: Mustangs Junior Baseball invites boys and girls aged seven to 14 for tryouts. Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30pm at Marks Park Sports Club in Judith Road, Emmarentia. Phone Janice 082-908-0199.

Black belt grading... Norman Magua, Ruan Hageman, Natasha Voorhout, Selvan Pandaram and Denis Magua. Reading, England. “International exposure is very important for Taekwon-Do in our country. Our instructor, Master Trevor Nicholls is hosting this prestigious event. “The first official squad session took place at

the Cresta dojang. “The classes are designed to get the team in tip top shape for the event. The team hopes to do our club and country proud.’’ z Details: Norman Magua 083-226-1836,,

First loss for Caxton Cobras

Nie Cele Second-placed Caxton Cobras lost their first match of the second Corporate Soccer League season to log leaders Pfizer Laboratories at Sandown high school last Thursday night. Both sides started the game like a house on fire spraying accurate passes but failing to penetrate the rock solid defence and find the net. But judging by the way Cobras played it was clear they were missing their all time talisman and leading goal scorer, Damion van Alphen, who couldn’t make it to the game due to a work commitment. Most of the game was characterised by free kicks and throw-ins caused by tight marking and hospital tackles from both sides. Not even free kicks awarded by the sometimes dubious referee could assist either side. Despite Abed Ahmed, Cobras’ coach cheering his boys from the touchline the game went to half-time goalless. Ahmed told his boys to communicate and shoot from a distance. They tried that, but acrobatic saves by the opposition goalkeeper thwarted their attempts. Second half, both sides beefed up their teams by bringing in substitutes, and for Cobras the newly recruited nimble-footed Peter Ramothwala played his first match in team’s red and white colours. Other substitutes Tsepo Mabaso and Theo Nkonki, both strikers, were brought in, and still the score remained unchanged. Towards the end of the game a scramble for the ball in the middle of the park saw a Pfizer striker

Hiking: Meet like-minded outdoor and conservation-orientated people who wear heavy boots and smell of mountain air, at Johannesburg Hiking Club. The club offers a programme for all levels from beginners, although a certain degree of fitness is advisable for the experienced hiker. Phone 087-940-1903,

Bowls: Linden Bowling Club clinic on Fridays at 2.30pm on how to play bowls. Beginners of all ages welcome. The club provides all equipment. All one needs is a pair of flat-soled shoes or takkies. Dress is casual. Qualified coaches available by appointment for existing bowlers. Phone Ted Keartland 082-330-3362. Dancing: Senior socials every Tuesday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm at Roosevelt Park recreation centre in Preller Road. Line dancing, ballroom dancing and more. Make new friends and keep fit. Phone Jane and Bill 011-477-6304, 084-8856069. Bowls: Auckland Park Bowling Club invites social bowlers, experienced players and novices to its grounds on the corner of John Adamson Drive and Jan Celliers Street, Montgomery Park. The club has re-opened its ladies section and is keen to expand. Phone 011-782-6795.

1485AM Radio TODAY Also Dstv audio 169

Referees Thomas Maluleke, Kgomotso Mokae and Lucky Lebuso. making hay while he dribbled and sliced through the ball-watching Cobras’ defence to score a beautiful goal that gave the keeper no chance. From there Pfizer defended with all players until

the final whistle. After the the game, a defeated Ramothwala remarked, “These boys can play. I am not surprised as they’re younger and much fitter than us.”

Tuesdays Caxton Community News Today with Kate Henry & Frank Malaba @ 8.30am 9.00am Jozi Today with Gillian Godsell @ 9.00am 10.30am Heritage Today with Flo Bird & Den Adams @ 10.45am 11.00am Thursdays Reading Matters with Sue Grant-Marshall @ 9.30am 10.00am Motoring Today with Roger McCleery @ 5.30pm 6.00pm The Rock Professor Chris Prior.@ 8.00pm 10.00pm Staurdays Michaels Music with Michael Coulson @ 10.30am 11.30am Saturday Jukebox with John Gregg @ 6.00pm 8.00pm Radio Today Solid Gold Music Wave with Gordon Hoffman @ 8.00pm 9.00pm Sundays Your Sunday Morning with Liz King @ 7.00am 8.30am Call Back The Past with Percy Sieff @ 9.45am 10.00am Sound of Movies with John Ferreira @ 6.00pm 7.00pm





SPORT briefs

Avenue invites social and experienced bowlers to join them on 16 June for a morning of fun and bowls. Great prizes to be won. Phone 011-7824692.

Golf: Cansa fundraising golf days take place on 19 June (Royal Johannesburg, Parkview, Joburg Country Club, Bryanston, Randpark Ridge, Observatory, and Wanderers), 26 June (Houghton), and 3 July (Killarney). Four-balls and sponsorships needed. Visit or phone Carmen 082-903-0311.

Cycling: Cresta Wheelers accommodates social, novice and experienced cyclists and is based at Marks Park Sports Club, Judith Road, Emmarentia. Five groups of mixed abilities ride every Sunday departing from the club at 7am. Social evening last Tuesday of the month at the club. Guests and newcomers are welcome. Phone Leigh Bowls: Roosevelt Park Bowling Club in Milner 083-701-0189. Week ending 18 June 2010

Five times the fun

Over 200 children donned their soccer kits and tightened their laces in the Xbox 360 primary school 5-a-side soccer tournament held at Marks Park sports ground in Emmarentia. The soccer challenge saw 32 teams from Ekurhuleni, Pretoria, Soweto and the Vaal go head-to-head to win tickets to see a 2010 Fifa World Cup™ match at Soccer City. The final was decided between two Soweto teams with Rutegang primary school beating Motsaneng primary school 1-0. Premier Soccer League (PSL) players from the country’s top teams, including Tefo Masha-

maite (Bidvest Wits captain), Jimmy Tau (Kaizer Chiefs captain) and Morgan Gould (Supersport United) were present to show their support and share their skills with the children. Individual accolades were awarded by Yvette van Rooyen, marketing and product manager of Microsoft Xbox 360. Siphiwe Ndaba from Thopodi primary school was named top goal scorer of the tournament, Mpedi Pakana of Rutegang primary school was player’s player, and Lehlohonolo Taka of Rutegang primary walked away with the best goalkeeper award.

Sithembiso Masuko, Simphiwe Ndaba, Yvette van Rooyen, Mpedi Pakane and Lehlohonolo Taka

Best of the best... The Rutegang primary team is (back) Lovemore Zwane, Tshepo Taule, Katlego Ramasike, Thabiso Monyane, Mpedi Pakana, Lehlohonolo Raulane and Neo Ngamlana.

This is how we do it... PSL Player of the Year, Morgan Gould, coaches a participant during the Xbox 360 primary school 5-a-side knockout challenge at Marks Park in Emmarentia.

WIN a hamper of twenty10 wine!

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Bafana stalwarts give a thumbs up Bafana Bafana stars Teko Modise, Steven Pienaar and captain Aaron Mokoena give the Powerade ball crew, Sifiso Maluleke and Thabiso Bereng, encouragement ahead of the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ during Bafana Bafana’s training session at Milpark.


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Northcliff Melville Times  

The Northcliff Melville Times is a registered weekly newspaper, with an audited free circulation of 32 660