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Week ending 23 July 2010 • Free SNEAKY MAST COVER-UP Contractors have been caught installing disguised cellphone masts in Bryanston, without anyone knowing. PAGE 3

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FOOD FOR THE SOUL Indian philosopher Sunandaji will give a series of talks on finding and maintaining beautiful inner peace. PAGE 12

MADIBA MAGIC IN FOURWAYS Members of the community joined forces to help HIV/Aids orphans from Kya Sand in celebration of Madiba’s birthday. PAGE 14

FIGHT FORCE FURY Aggression and skill were in no short supply at another exciting MMA event held at the Walter Sisulu Hall. PAGE 23

Perfectly legal Committee clears the air over Bridle Pass

FREE WAY: The boom on Rose Road is open from 8.30am to 4pm and 6.30pm to 6am. ALSO SEE PAGE 10

SHARMAINE REUTER The closure of Bridle Pass Road in Sun Valley is above board, according to the Road Closure Committee. The committee’s Walter Ehrlich said, “Joburg Roads Agency ( JRA) granted us temporary road closure for three months from 1 June and we will apply for permanent road closure.” The original proposal was to erect the boom in Bridle Pass, but it is in Rose Road. The committee assured it had followed legal process. “An engineer visited the site and said the ground on Bridle Pass was not level. It was safer to erect the boom on

even ground and the location on Rose Road was nearest,” said Ehrlich. “The approved proposal to JRA had Rose Road as the site. “We applied for the Bridle Pass closure to effectively stop traffic from Summit to Main roads. Engineers felt Rose Road was the safest.” Ward councillor Annette Deppe said, “Bridle Pass was too narrow for turning vehicles.” Regarding land ownership in Rose Road where the boom was placed, Deppe said, “The person who claims that land ownership appears incorrect. That land was expropriated in 1985 by government as part of the PWV9 project.” Ehrlich agreed. “We don’t have to deal with

Paul Fairall and his client here because they don’t hold the right to this land. We are dealing with Gauteng Department of Transport.” Deppe and Ehrlich said they had proof of land ownership and road closure approvals. “Bridle Pass was never built for high volumes of traffic or rat runners,” said Ehrlich. “Convenience for other road users cannot outweigh the importance and safety of our families.” Meanwhile Paul Fairall, environmental consultant for the landowner, said “The expropriated property can only be used for the PWV9. The landowner has full rights until the

province wishes to exercise its rights regarding the PWV9,” said Fairall. “No-one, including JRA, can claim these rights.” Details: New route for committee The Road Closure Committee is a sub-committee of Sun Valley Ratepayers’ Association. The association has no legal binding on the committee’s actions. Ehrlich said the group would apply for permanent closure under a new organisation. “A new organisation will be mandated shortly.”


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Week ending 23 July 2010

Crime a concern in Paulshof STUART DICKINSON The peaceful suburb of Paulshof appears to have transformed into a playground for criminals. Statistics released by security group Imvula show that from January to the end of June, Paulshof has been hit by 43 serious crimes aecting nearly every street. These include 11 break-ins, 10 armed robberies, six cases of theft, three hijackings, 12 attempted breakins and one attempted robbery. Most of these crimes took place in January, February and June. “This is an ongoing concern for us, and was the main item at our AGM,â€? said chairman of the Paulshof Residents and Ratepayers Association (PRRA) Je Osborne. “We have created a security forum in conjunction with Imvula, which provides an excellent level of security, but unfortunately it is not enough.â€? It must be noted that, according to statistics, Paulshof is no worse than most of the other suburbs in the Sandton policing precinct, and by no means the worst. Regardless, residents have had enough and are exploring solutions. Osborne and PRRA committee member Warren Daniel said security in the area could be vastly improved if support was shown for their loyalty card initiative. Daniel explained that funds raised from the R500 purchase price of the card would be injected back into security projects like booming o entry and exit points into the suburb and installing new camera systems. “It’s a win-win situation as the card also entitles the holder to discounts, special oers and entry into monthly prize draws from local businesses.â€? Sandton police spokesman Captain Kim Cloete explained Paulshof was an attractive target for criminals as it bordered a greenbelt, and poor lighting in some streets created a conducive environment for crime. “The Alexandra trio task team is focusing on the modus operandis of criminals, and has already arrested three suspects who are linked to crimes in Paulshof. We hold weekly meetings with the community, and a daily analysis of the crime situation is done.â€? Details:

Xenophobic attacks are not ayoba Speculation about the imminent attack on foreign nationals living in Mzansi has security forces on red alert. But it is the masterminds of these attacks, and the proudly South African public, who should be extremely worried and ashamed. At a time when patriotism is at its peak following the greatest and most successful Fifa World Cup in history, some obviously unproudly South Africans decided it would be the right time to strike. The timing points to anti-unity individuals whose heads are not properly screwed on. They opted to go out of their way and destroy everything the nation has built over the past couple of months. Perhaps most worrying is the fact that the so-called attacks are based on rumours with no substance or sign of origin and initiator. For the information of the

perpetrators, those of us who don’t mind sharing our beautiful country with foreign nationals living here legally will respect people who go public with their intentions. They also owe the nation an explanation on the reasons for the attacks, and should invite the rest of us to debate whether killing foreign nationals is the way to go. Had they been wiser and proudly South African enough, they would know that the solution to problems they have with foreign nationals lies in implementing tighter immigration laws and stricter border post control. This would result in only those foreign nationals with potential to add value to South Africa allowed through our borders. As for the killing, as well as seizing and destroying properties belonging to foreign nationals, that’s deďŹ nitely not ayoba.

A busy week for police REVIEW REPORTER Douglasdale police apprehended more than a dozen people for various crimes and oences within a 72-hour period. The arrests include: ďŹ ve suspects for dealing in liquor, one for possession of drugs, two for driving under the inuence of alcohol, one

for culpable homicide, two for theft, one for malicious intent to property and one for reckless and negligent driving. “The World Cup is overâ€? said Warrant OďŹƒcer Balan Muthan, “but policing in the Douglasdale area will continue at a very high levelâ€?.


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A SAD DAY: A glass-ďŹ tting store is taped off by police during the investigation into the death of a store manager.

Man takes own life MATTHEW WOOD It was a bitterly cold morning when the shops at Fourways Value Mart opened. Soon afterwards, the discovery of a dead body in one of them came as a terrible shock to nearby shop owners. Douglasdale police spokesman Warrant OďŹƒcer Balan Muthan said a 63-year-old man who managed a glass-ďŹ tting store inside the complex shot himself. Muthan, who had known the man personally, described him as jovial and very pleasant. Store

owners on either side of the shop echoed Muthan’s description. The incident occurred just after 8am and Douglasdale police arrived 20 minutes later. The store was scanned for ďŹ ngerprints where the gun, a single bullet casing and a letter from the deceased was found. Fingerprints were taken from nearby store owners. All parties were cooperative and the shop was soon closed o in yellow police tape. Paramedics arrived on the scene to move the corpse, which was still seated in a chair. COPS NAB PAULSHOF CRIMINALS Three men have been arrested after a foiled burglary in Paulshof. A man and his accomplice were spotted attempting to break into a house on Stone Haven Street. Sandton police and security guards managed to arrest one of the men. Further investigation by the trio task team led to the arrest of two other men suspected to be involved in other crimes within the area.

Week ending 23 July 2010


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Cell masts are a deception KATE HENRY

CAST AWAY: Residents like Sandy Couryer and Billy Eshelby are worried about the new trout dams being constructed at Cedar Square, but developers and centre management have assured the community they have nothing to fear.

Dispute at the trout dams STUART DICKINSON Several new trout dams and a recreational area are undergoing construction at Cedar Square shopping centre, amid an outcry from concerned residents. Owners of properties bordering the shopping centre are angry because construction of the dams went ahead before permission was received from city council, and said the dams posed a potential flood hazard to their homes situated metres away. “If one bursts, our homes are first to be damaged or washed away,” said Tuscany Grove resident Sandy Couryer. “And what happens during heavy rains in summer? Our perimeter wall is not built to withstand flooding, and we would not be covered by insurance. People will also be able to see right into our properties.” But local resident behind the development Quintin Leigh said necessary insurance plans and safety precautions would be in place. “The

land was a useless mess, so we decided to clean up the area and transform it into a safe, beautiful place where people can relax with their families. “This is supposed to be a positive development, and residents need to think about it differently. The area will be eco-friendly, and the boundary wall will be treed.” Manager of land use development and urban planning Kobus Potgieter said the development was not 100 percent legal at the moment as no plans were submitted to city council before construction but added that, from what he had seen at the site, everything appeared above board. “Centre management had agreed to comply and sent us the plans,” said Potgieter. “Our engineers will assess them but, from a planning point of view, I see no reason why we would dispute this.” Leigh said construction should finish around the end of September.

Eskom fakes raid and rob home REVIEW REPORTER Eskom has urged homeowners to be cautious after criminals representing themselves as Eskom-appointed Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL) installers entered a home. The incident has forced Eskom to suspend all door-to-door CFL rollouts pending an investigation into the incident. Residents are requested to refuse entry to anyone posing as an

Eskom CFL installer. Customers who wish to participate in the energy-saving CFLs exchange can still visit the locally advertised exchange points in selected areas. Eskom regrets that a positive initiative such as this exchange programme has been hampered by a criminal element and hopes to resume it in due course.

Cellphone masts have sprung up in Bryanston and no one knows about it. When Kim Sturgeon saw workmen digging a hole at the corner of St James Crescent and St Audley Road in Bryanston, she initially thought it was to fix a water pipe. When the silver pole went up, she assumed it was a street light. It wasn’t until she approached the contractors that she discovered its true purpose. It was a mini cellphone mast, complete with its own control box a short distance away. Further investigation by the Review revealed similar poles dotted across the suburb. They either had lights perched atop or cables strung between them to give them the appearance of normal street poles. A casual conversation with a nervous technician at one of the masts on Bryanston Drive corroborated Sturgeon’s suspicions. And it seems City Power doesn’t want residents to know about it. When asked what the masts were for, the technician said, “It’s for cell-, er, I mean to enhance the street lights.” It was only after further coaxing that he admitted it was a cell mast, but they weren’t supposed to talk about it. Sturgeon complained, “I was approached a couple of years ago by a cellular company to put a mast on my property. I said no, fearing the effect on my property values. Now they go and put one up outside my house.” Councillor Vincent Earp was equally bemused. “I have been told this is a pilot project to see how effective the masts are and that the decision was made at the highest levels. “I have never heard of this being passed by city council nor has it informed the residents. It is ridiculous that city council can do this without consultation.” Silas Zimu, managing director of City Power was unavailable for comment at time of going to press.

WHAT’S THIS?: Motorists drive past the new mini cell mast at the corner of St James Crescent and St Audley Road.



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A will makes a way The huge multiracial crowds that spilled onto the streets to support Bafana Bafana as the kick-off of the World Cup approached were at a deeper level demonstrating for something much bigger - a different, better South Africa. Before that delirious joy, the country we lived in grumpily was becoming increasingly divided and bitter. The successful hosting of this tournament has been a godsend, reminding us South Africa needn’t remain the same. The crucial question now is what will we settle for, going forward? And to what do we owe our sense of exuberance? Certainly pride in our capability of successfully delivering the world’s biggest and most complex sporting event plays a role. Significantly improved race relations have added to the optimism, with many preconceived ideas across the racial divide dealt body blows. But we’d like to focus on a World Cup issue fundamental to the event’s success, and to our future’s. As usual bank balances helped determine how everyone experienced the World Cup. Some could afford to attend matches, others jolled at fan parks or watched at home or with friends. But critically, no one felt excluded and, for once, race was neutered. No man is an island, the ubuntu philosophy warns. Our lives are affected by the quality of lives around us. It then makes sense that the present sense of well-being of the better-off sections of society, into which most readers fall, is courtesy of there being a corresponding sense of well-being in those less fortunate. And vice versa. The yawning gap between rich and poor was a primary cause of the sapping pervasive dissatisfaction pre-World Cup. To sustain our present elation

VISIONARY: Bruce Sturgeon. we must embrace the World Cup lesson, that our lives are influenced by the lives of others. With this in mind, and to keep alive the spirit of the tournament, from August the Fourways Review will devote weekly space to getting to know and care about our less fortunate neighbours, within our footprint or in adjacent areas such as Alexandra or Diepsloot. Success stories, and how these can be catalysts for further charitable work, will feature strongly. Contributions from readers will be integral. The World Cup showed what this country can achieve when we’re all on board. Our challenges are immense but where there’s enough will there’s a way. Bruce Sturgeon Chief executive officer, Caxton Community Newspapers

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Mystery surrounds the death of a seven-dayold baby pygmy hippopotamus at Joburg Zoo. According to management of the zoo, it is believed the baby died of natural causes, but visitor Margo Holt is convinced the death is a result of total mismanagement. Holt said she visited the zoo with her grandchildren and saw the newborn when it was 72 hours old. She claimed it looked emaciated and its mother appeared restless and dehydrated. “There was no milk in the mother’s udder and she couldn’t feed her baby,” Holt explained. Holt believed it was due to the noise and bustle of the zoo during the prolonged midyear school holidays that the mother struggled to wean her child. “I had to stand between the enclosure and

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the children, and asked them to keep quiet.” Tshepang Makganye, executive manager in the animal collection department at Joburg Zoo admitted the possibility of a lack of control over zoo patrons, but did not believe this was the cause of death. “People tend to jump to conclusions. Animals die – it happens in the wild and in here,” said Makganye. “Our vets conducted a preliminary investigation and nothing pointed to the baby dying of starvation. “From time to time, we have challenges with our visitors. We’ve designed enclosures so animals can be seen. “But people also want to see the animals active, like on television, so they sometimes provoke them.” Makganye told the Review that samples were sent to Pretoria University’s veterinary department and the post mortem had yet to be concluded.

TRAGIC: The Joburg Zoo’s pygmy hippopotamus mother which lost her baby.

A holey mess in Bryanston street KEBA MOTHOAGAE



A mother in mourning NONKULULEKO MBULI

Gaby Maletsky This publication is registered as a newspaper. Publisher, proprietor, printer: CTP, Ltd. Co reg no 1971/0042223/06. Published by Caxton Newspapers, a division of CTP Limited, 16 Wright Street, Industria. The distribution of this newspaper is independently audited to the professional standards administered by the Audit Bureau of Circulations and has been issued with a Verified Free Distribution certificate

Week ending 23 July 2010

Driving on Sloane Street in Bryanston will prove tricky for the foreseeable future. The last 100m of this road near its intersection with William Nicol Drive is peppered with dangerous potholes hard to avoid. Delaine Moodley, legal advisor to the Automobile Association, said, “These potholes have deteriorated for the last two months. “It has reached a state where the middle lane

has one massive crater that almost takes up the entire lane. During that time, there has been no effort to repair this stretch of road.” When contacted for comment by the Review, representatives of Johannesburg Roads Agency ( JRA) either did not answer our calls or passed the buck to someone else. We will continue to probe JRA until the matter is addressed. kebam@caxton.

GONE POTTY: The potholes are proving an eyesore and a valid test of motorists’ driving skills.

Week ending 23 July 2010

HOLEY: A fire hydrant without its cover is now a dangerous hole.

Put a lid on it MATTHEW WOOD Theft of fire hydrant covers has become an increasing source of alarm for residents in Fourways. Stephanie Taylor took the Review for a walk around her neighbourhood. The walk from Albatross Drive to Valk Avenue and Fisant Avenue covered 2km, in which eight cast-iron fire hydrant covers were missing. “We suspect criminals operate in the area and steal the covers to sell to scrap yards. We don’t know this for a fact but if there is a legitimate reason for their absence why haven’t we been notified by relevant authorities? Why is there no safety tape around these holes?” Security guards in the area appeared dumbstruck when relayed the information by the Review and claimed not to have seen any such thievery. Taylor was concerned for a variety of reasons. “Many people walk this area, particularly at night. When it’s dark what is to stop anyone from breaking an ankle or a shin? “What’s of greater concern is, if a fire breaks out, firemen will have to dig around the soil that’s fallen in to look for the water valve, wasting precious time. Fires are not uncommon occurrences in our area as it is, particularly with the thatch houses.” Joburg Water spokesman Baldwin Matsimela said a maintenance team would be sent out to ascertain which department was responsible for the missing covers and then take remedial action. Douglasdale police spokesman Warrant Officer Balan Muthan suspected it was theft and urged the community to report any further incidents for the sake of safety.

Protect your furry friends from rabies REVIEW REPORTER According to the Netcare Travel clinic, two cases of rabies have been reported from the West Rand. Dr Pete Vincent of the Netcare Travel Clinics said it was unusual for rabies to be reported from suburbs in Gauteng, but it did occur occasionally. The rabies virus is passed on via the saliva of an infected animal. A bite, scratch or lick from an infected animal may cause the infection to be passed on. Infected animals may be highly aggressive or very passive. Some wild animals may lose their fear of humans. Sometimes infected animals foam at the mouth. Vaccinate your domestic animals and make sure that their rabies vaccinations are kept up to date. Details:


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Week ending 23 July 2010

Sunninghill’s land plans STUART DICKINSON With the right plans and enough enthusiasm, much good can come from an open piece of land. With that in mind, members of Sunninghill Community residents association hold thumbs that Johannesburg Property Company ( JPC) awards them the lease for the ground opposite Sunninghill Village Mall on Maxwell Drive, where they plan to develop a community centre. “We’ve wanted to do this in the area for many years,” said association member Linda Gildenhuys. “There are approximately 5 000 homes and plenty of businesses in the area, but no facility for AGMs, sector meetings, domestic forums and so on. “We want a similar setup to that of the Field and Study Centre in Parkmore, where we can hold adult education classes, or even give people a place for a Bridge club.” But that’s only the beginning.

Gildenhuys said further down the line they hoped to set up additional facilities like a coffee shop, indoor cricket or hockey, and tennis courts to inject additional funds into developments at the centre. “We submitted our proposal several months ago, but have received no feedback from JPC.” Local councillor Annette Deppe said she was behind Sunninghill Community’s proposal, and had submitted a letter of approval to JPC. Two additional organisations have also put forth proposals for a mosque and a Freemason base. “If there is more than one applicant, procedure dictates that JPC puts the lease out to public tender, but it’s still up to JPC to decide.” Deppe added that to garner support for the community centre, representatives had approached Eskom, still the rightful owner of the land as Sunninghill was once an Eskom township.

QUALITY QUESTIONED: Residents fear the quality of the water in their homes.

Water quality fears arise SHARMAINE REUTER After suffering months of regular water cuts in their homes, Craigavon residents have another water problem. They say the water may not be safe to drink. A resident in Duff Road, Sherisa Rajah has been in contact with Joburg Water ( JW) for the past two months with regard to water cuts, and now the resident is faced with the possibility of unhealthy drinking water in her home. “My neighbours alerted me to the fact water in their home tasted bitter and was discoloured,” said Rajah whose 11-month-old child was suffering with vomiting and diarrhoea at the time. “I shrugged it off as teething, but the next day I got very ill.” Rajah was shivering, also throwing up, and also had diarrhoea. Her husband and mother had the same symptoms. Rajah’s husband took their child to the paediatrician. “His tests ascertained she was not teething and a further blood test showed she had high levels of something in her blood,”

said Rajah. After numerous attempts to get JW to test the water, someone from the municipal department visited the suburb. “He tested the water and told me the ph levels were concerning,” explained Rajah. “He said he would perform more tests on the sample. A week later he informed me the results were fine.” But Rajah never received results in writing as she requested. “He also never denounced the fact that there could have been something in the water before tests were done.” JW spokesman Baldwin Matsimela said, “We haven’t been to Craigavon simply because we have not received any complaints from residents and suspect this might be an isolated incident. However, I’ll request our scientists visit the area to take samples.” Matsimela said the department routinely took 500 drinking samples across the city to determine water quality and ensure compliance. “We also publish monthly water quality stats on our website,” he said.

HOPEFUL: Sunninghill Community member Linda Gildenhuys at the open ground where residents plan to build a community centre, should the lease be awarded in their favour.

actively loving Christ presbyterian / congregational / for the whole family - crèche / funday school / youth / church sunday mornings at 9.30am / indaba hotel auditorium / for more info contact steve dunnett on 084 250 6322

Week ending 23 July 2010


Ticket sales supported NIE CELE Gauteng Premier, Nomvula Mokonyane believes the provincial government made the right decision when it purchased 4613 World Cup tickets at a cost of just over R4 million. She said, “The decision to purchase the tickets was based on the need for government to take reasonable steps to afford deserving Gauteng residents an opportunity to attend some of the World Cup matches. These included pupils from poor schools, orphanages, special homes and amateur football teams.” Mokonyane also highlighted that MECs were allocated tickets for the purpose of hosting and networking with the government’s strategic partners. According to her the money spent was from a conditional grant for building partnerships. “There is value for the money spent. We can account for it. If you asked me what we achieved, my answer would be there are youngsters in the province who

want to be like the big soccer stars they saw during the World Cup.’’ But the Democratic Alliance (DA) is not buying this explanation. John Moodey, DA leader in the legislature said there were fan parks and televisions for people who could not afford tickets. “This is a purely frivolous expenditure. These people didn’t invite the press when they bought these tickets but now that they are under fire they use the media to dignify and justify this expenditure. This is not acceptable. Those responsible for authorising this must be held accountable.” Mokonyane told journalists that government used the event to strengthen existing international relations and establish new friendships with some countries that visited South Africa. “A number of commitments were made by some of the visiting countries and these will be followed up with more discussions on specific projects.’’

NOTHING WRONG: Nomvula Mokonyane, Gauteng Premier.

Mayor thanks residents DONALD LOBELO Mayor Amos Masondo has thanked Joburg residents for making the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ a success. Masondo said Johannesburg was centre stage since the beginning of the World Cup and the city delivered. Masondo also thanked employees of the City of Johannesburg for their services. “I would like to thank Metro police and Emergency Services, Metro rail workers and all employees who made the past weeks a success,” said Masondo. He was adamant stadiums would not be white elephants post-World Cup, saying they were multipurpose and could be utilised

for private functions including birthdays and weddings. “We have managers who will ensure that the facilities are utilised. Rugby organisers have already shown an interest in Soccer City, with the Tri Nations securing bookings for games,” he said. The city council would also be looking at improving the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport System as well as the park and ride facilities. Meanwhile, Member of the Mayoral Committee, Bafana Sithole said the city had a committee to monitor rumours of xenophobia, amid fears of xenophobic attacks. “The committee was established before the World Cup.”

FACE THE WORLD: The 2010 Fifa World Cup™ player escorts Anathi Madida, Mpailoane Mollo and Bubuhle Tom face dozens of cameras at the Southgate restaurant before attending the final match at Soccer City.

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Williamson quits City Parks NIE CELE Johannesburg City Parks has a new acting managing director, Geoff Cooke, following the resignation of former chief operating officer Luther Williamson. This comes after Williamson and board chairman Griffiths Zabala were temporarily suspended earlier this year following allegations of a series of multi million rand tender irregularities. The announcement was made by Executive Mayor Amos Masondo, who also revealed that no admissible evidence of corruption relating to Williamson and Zabala was found. “The review of the investigation found no evidence of corruption, as required by law, and the report has been referred to the police commercial wing. This effectively means that the police will decide whether or not this matter can be pursued further.” Masondo also announced the appointment of Maropeng Bahula as the new chairman of the board and that Zabala would now be an ordinary board member. Masondo also pointed out that the decisions were made in keeping with the principles of good governance and to ensure public confidence in the management of City Parks. City council was committed to clean governance, he added.

A new twist in post office saga NIE CELE

STEPPING IN: City Parks acting managing director Geoff Cooke.

Week ending 23 July 2010

A group of heritage organisations is planning to institute legal proceedings against the city council to restore the Rissik Street Post Office building in compliance with the Compulsory Repair Order issued by Provincial Heritage Resources Agency-Gauteng (PHRA-G). The organisations comprise Johannesburg Heritage Trust, Egoli Heritage Trust, Parktown & Westcliff Heritage Trust and the South Africa Institute of Architects. This newspaper was informed by Flo Bird of Parktown & Westcliff Heritage Trust that Neil Fraser, head of the Johannesburg Heritage Trust, had a meeting with Mayor Amos Masondo, and he made clear the group’s expectations and raised their bitter disappointment about city’s council failure to report on the investigation into the cause of

the fire and its effects to date. Bird said, “The meeting was constructive and we believe a satisfactory agreement is possible. But the legal action will not be halted until an acceptable and open process has been adopted to meet the objective to restore the building finish and klaar.” She further appealed to Johannesburg citizens to come on board and support these organisations in this battle. “The Rissik Street Post Office is one of the most important buildings in Johannesburg and if we don’t win this fight we are unlikely to save any other important buildings in our city.’’ Bird also pointed out that among the answers the group expected was whether the city had the budget to fix the building. “We need to know how they are going fix the building, when and how.”

CHARRED: The Rissik Street Post Office, gutted by fire late last year.

Athlete gets some wheels NIE CELE AND THULI MALINGA Taking athletics to the sporting community will not be a thorny exercise anymore, thanks to a minibus donation to South African Sports Confederation and Olympics Committee (Sascoc) by Daimler. The vehicle was jointly presented by Dr Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Dr Hanseorg Niefer, president and chief executive officer of Mercedes-Benz South Africa to Gideon Sam, president of Sascoc at its offices in Melrose. Accepting the donation Sam told the audience

the vehicle would come in handy to meet the challenges of distance travelling that had always been a problem for the organisation. Niefer said, “With this partnership, we wish to demonstrate we are a company that lives up to its responsibility to society, as every business is part of the society in which it operates.’’ The event was also attended by deputy Minister of Sports, Gert Oosthuizen, who challenged other companies to give a helping hand to sports organisations. “My department has an open door policy and whoever wants to give a helping hand is welcome.’’

HAND OVER: Dr Hansgeorg Niefer, Gideon Sam, Dr Jacques Rogge and Gert Oosthuizen during the handover of the minibus to South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee in Melrose.

Week ending 23 July 2010

Must Joburg first go dark? It’s time for city council to accept it is nowhere near setting right the billing errors that beset residents week in and out. In the past months, the debacle reached a point where rumours do the rounds that dirty employees intentionally manipulate the system so that the municipality collects whatever money wherever it can. Overcharge some because others don’t pay. Is this so far-fetched, considering the opposition has told us billions is owed to the City of Johannesburg? But of course this is an allegation city council flatly denies. The outrageous result is many innocent ratepayers end up victims, ordered to pay now, query later. Those who take up city council on this promise and pay the interim monthly account, soon find out that a refund from the municipality is a mission impossible. Some dutiful, interim account payers are said to have waited in vain for years for any reimbursement. Frankly this is a very serious problem that needs very serious attention before it explodes. How will the municipality deal with a mass refusal to pay what is unreasonable? A mass black-out? Punchline has noted that over the past months not a single day has gone by without complaint of wrong billing. Some households don’t receive billing statements on time, some not at all, yet are expected to timeously pay bills they’ve never received. Without fanning any flames, it appears to Punchline that there is maybe only one language city council understands. We must hope this is not the case, and that residents don’t have to protest en masse before anything is done, finish and klaar.

They’re giving cats a chance Jessica Melman writes: Many thanks to those who took it to heart and donated for the well-being of the many feral cats and kittens in and around the veld in Sunninghill and Fourways. With the assistance of Judy and Monique, 16 cats have been trapped and sterilised (13 female and three male) in the last few weeks at the Checkers centre in Sunninghill, the Caltex garage on Cedar Road, and the Fourways Mall (amounting to R3000 in sterilisation fees). Furthermore, four feral eight-week-old kittens were rescued near Cedar Road. This is obviously an on-going project and involves many more donations and time to control the feral population. If anybody would like to get more involved and help become a feeder, donate money for sterilisation or packets of dry food, or become a foster mom and tame rescued kittens, please contact me. An urgent appeal to the public: sterilise your animals, don’t abandon them. Details: Jessica 072-133-5531 or Eleanor 083-236-7945.


Opinion •


Menace alienates the Robyn Park locals Concerned park-goer writes: Like many Jukskei Park residents, I regularly walk my dog at Robyn Park. Generally the experience is rewarding but a recent experience left me feeling violated. While playing with my Doberman, I noticed a young man seated in an electric blue hatchback, seemingly hesitant to leave his car. At first I

thought the man was cautious to exit his car with other dogs around. But I could see no dogs. I also felt it odd that this man was seated with both legs out of the car, his bottom in the passenger seat, despite being the sole occupant and thus the driver of the car. It then became horrifyingly clear exactly what was on the cards: indecent exposure and self-

stimulation. Before I could take note of the licence plate, the approach of another park-goer initiated this social delinquent’s hasty cover-up and departure. I implore those living in the area to be aware of such unfortunate activities at our beloved park and, to those who may know this far-fromgentile-gentleman, to offer hasty disapproval. He appears to be in his late 20s and has blond hair.

10 • Opinion


Week ending 23 July 2010

Bridle Pass is easiest route Craig Strong writes: Thank you for the article on the road closure in Kyalami. I work in the area but do not reside there, and the best option to get to work is via Bridle Pass Road and Rose Road onto Maple Road. In order for people to get permits to pass through the booms during closure time, you are required to buy a permit from the organisers, who charge for this luxury and decide who will be allowed to have the permits. I have a colleague who applied for a permit, which two weeks later is still pending. I have received a few responses from Joburg Roads Agency claiming this is legitimate, and a temporary closure for three months. I wait to see what happens come end August when the validity of this closure expires, and what tricks JRA will try and pull to keep it in place. This group of people must be watched so

they do not sneak through a permanent closure without public consultation. The attitude displayed by those involved in organising this is clear in their response to emails to them. The notice was handed out to road users two weeks before the closure. No signage was erected, and the presiding attitude of organisers was that they did not need to consult with the public. What is clear is these people have no genuine concern for the environment, and this is made clearer in their mission statement ‘Preserving and conserving our relatively rural way of life’. Their claim of preservation is also bogus, as the reasoning given to city council when applying for temporary closure was high traffic volumes and speed. What I find laughable is that the PWV9 highway will come through the area in the near

No one answers objections JOY: The little campers of Kaleidoscope Kids Camp based in Sandton, have a jolly blast on the jumping castle that Brian Mervis of Bumpy Jumpy Castle donated for the day.

Travis Lincoln writes: I have been following the story, Road closure questioned, week ending 16 July. I used to travel that way to work every day and have been working in the area for four years. They handed out a notice of closure but when I phoned the number on the paper to complain and to voice my opinion, the number just rings and is not answered. I have left messages often and have had no response. How can we fight this if they do not give us the chance to voice our opinions?

I would even be willing for the road closures if they weren’t in traffic times as this creates more traffic on the main roads and leads to further frustration, further fuel consumption from standing in traffic, and at the end of the day it just increases the wear and tear on an already worn main road. Please help us commuters as that road saves us so much in time, frustration and fuel. Would it not be more logical, if road closure were needed, to close it after rush hours in the morning and evening and make a compromise?

Staff suffer from road closure Helen Gibbings writes: I read with interest the article in the Review, Road closure questioned, week ending 16 July as I live on Maple Road and also question the legality of this road closure. As the road closure has prevented taxis from coming down Bridle Pass Road and up Maple Road, it has prevented four of our staff members (and the staff of other households/ businesses in the area) who commute from Olievenhoutbos and Diepsloot from getting to work easily. Instead of getting dropped off at or near their place of work, they now have to walk from the Kyalami taxi rank to the bottom of Maple Road which takes about an hour, never mind the weather conditions.

The Sun Valley Ratepayers’ Association seems to care more than a handful of ladies can ride their horses up and down Bridle Pass Road at times crucial to people getting to work. There are actually plenty of other quieter back roads these ladies can ride on. I ride at a stable near the top of Bridle Pass Road and have yet to see anyone riding or walking on my way to the stables at the times of the road closure. What has been seen is the men manning the road closure beating up someone on the side of the road, I am not sure why. I am also not sure why Annette Deppe got involved as it appears she lives in Maple Road, not Bridle Pass Road. I will certainly object to this closure as soon as I find out where I need to go.

Street not designed for heavy traffic Adele Horn writes: I lived off Bridle Pass Road until recently and fully agree with the road closures. Firstly, Bridle Pass was never designed to carry the kind of traffic it does now, with taxis, and trucks using it as a main thoroughfare between Centurion and Sandton. To complain about not being able to use the road when the Bluehills/R55 road is closed, is nonsense. One can quite easily circumvent via Fourways and Midrand and, with our new highway system, there should be no reason to want to plod along farm roads. That area of Kyalami is horse area. The people stay there because they don’t want loads of traffic outside their houses. They don’t want taxis flying down the road, scaring horses and running over pets. This area is also a breeding ground of the African bullfrog, an endangered species.

Residents know to drive carefully. These poor critters get killed off in their hundreds every year. Not to mention the rabbit, mongoose, grass owl, jackal and pheasant. I should imagine residents have every right to decide what kind of neighbourhood they live in. They have a right to have their children play in safety, and to protect their financial interests. In my honest opinion, with the increasing crime in the area, controlled access is fantastic. Numerous neighbourhoods in the city have been closed off for safety reasons. Why should this instance be any different? This is a neighbourhood. Just because the area has gravel roads doesn’t mean it’s backwater. There should be no reason for a non-resident to want to use that road. And the fact that they drive like hooligans because there are no traffic cops in sight, makes it even more justified. I support this 200 percent.

Week ending 23 July 2010


Neighbourhood •

Adopt a guide dog REVIEW REPORTER Animal lovers have the opportunity to help the South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind and adopt a puppy to prepare it for training as a guide dog. The Puppy Raising Scheme was developed to provide the association with dogs well-prepared for advanced training and their future work as guide dogs. Volunteers will receive a pup when it is seven weeks old and take it into their homes for 11 to 18 months. The Puppy Raising Scheme is a supervised programme, beginning with a five-week puppy socialising course at the association’s Training Centre, with more courses in the following months. All training sessions take place during working hours from Monday to Friday. Puppies can only learn appropriate and desired behaviour when puppy raisers teach them, so a home where the puppy is left alone all day during the week will not be suitable. Homes in which puppy raisers work half days are acceptable. Puppy raisers need to live in Johannesburg or Pretoria. The male pups are castrated at

Talent search is on Joburg auditions for the next round of SA’s Got Talent will open soon and anyone may audition for the show from 23 to 25 July at the Focus Rooms in Sunninghill. The TV show premieres on 16 September. and contestants must taske a copy of their ID, their own music, instruments or props and music must be in CD format. Details: or 083-913-1120.

six months, but females are spayed after their first birthday. The association covers veterinary costs incurred by pups on the scheme, as well as vaccinations, deworming and micro-chipping. When puppy raisers go away on holiday, or bitches are in season, pups will be boarded in the association’s boarding kennel. Food for the pups on the scheme is also sponsored. Details: Caroline or Monica, 087-754-9295 or sue@guidedog. Pups need to be: Introduced to people of all races and ages, especially children. Taught to relieve themselves only on command when on lead and working. Able to behave in an appropriate manner in shopping centres, post offices, shops, restaurants and other public places. Taught how to behave in the home by not messing, chewing or sleeping on furniture. Taught how to behave around people such as not jumping up on them. Taught how to walk on a lead according to guide-dog specifications.

Never too late to learn The third Gauteng branch of the University of the Third Age (U3A) is being established closer to northerners. U3A offers life-long learning to post-retirement or ‘third age’ individuals. There are no entry requirements or examinations at U3A. Interested parties are invited to attend the launch of the new branch at Olivedale library on 3 August. The guest speaker will be Gerald Zwirn. Details: 071-629-7717 or 011-704-4988

PUPS IN TRAINING: Adopt a puppy, help raise it and watch it grow into a disciplined guide dog for the South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind.

Walk the change in Discovery and 702’s Walk the Talk REVIEW REPORTER Thousands of walkers will take to the streets of Emmarentia in the Discovery 702 Walk the Talk.

The beneficiary of the walk is the Laurens Sport for Good Foundation, which aims to improve communities with the help of sporting legends.

This year Nawal El Moutawakel, the first African Muslim female Olympic champion, will be among the walkers. Walk the Talk will be on 25

July and walkers are encouraged to register early. Details: 011-463-2743 or


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Stockists of Bridgestone and Firestone and all other leading brands of tyres.

Accredited Fitment Centre

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Pass the peace

Diary Non-profit organisations are invited to send details of upcoming events to 011-889-0683 or

REVIEW REPORTER If all the advancements in the world are designed for humanity’s peace and comfort, why have we not found peace? Internationally eminent philosopher Sunandaji will dish out the truth about inner peace in a series of free lectures in August. The Indian guru will visit Wits University on 2 and 3 August as part of a tour of South Africa, delivering a series of lectures to offer students an insight into the technique of living that brings peace and prosperity. Daughterdisciple of renowned philosopher Swami Parthasarathy, Sunandaji had a rare and fortunate upbringing in an ashram surrounded by sages and saints. It was there her father learnt Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of life and living. “At 16 my mind was full of questions and I took them to my father,” she recalled. From that moment, Sunandaji decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and dedicate her life to the study of Vedanta. That was more than three decades ago. Since then she has addressed diverse audiences across five continents. “The predicament mankind faces is that we believe acquiring objects and beings will make us happy and peaceful. You can acquire what you want but finding fulfillment through acquisition is not possible,” she said. Peace is within. A cliché you might think, but a timeless truth according to Vedanta. There is no elixir for peace and we all know it is difficult to find it within. “You have to be committed to raise yourself by yourself, no-one can do it for you,” said Sunandaji. “You’re always looking for peace outside yourself but the peace you seek is closer than you think.” Details: or 031-461-1595.

Week ending 23 July 2010

21 July Midrand Sector 4 Community Policing Forum meeting Time: 7pm Venue: Cluny Farm hall, Rose Road, Kyalami Details: Taki Michalakis 082651-0214.

28 July The Horticultural Society meeting Time: 9.40am for 10am Venue: The Floreum, Johannesburg Botanical Gardens Details: Carolyn Edmond-Mack 011-888-9965 or 082-373-3226. 1 August Market in the Park Time: 9am to 2pm Venue: River Café at the Field and Study centre, Parkmore Details: 083-655-8012.

23 - 25 July Aloe weekend with free illustrated talks Time: 11am Venue: Witkoppen Nursery, Frederick Road, Broadacres Details: 011-516-0262 or O82900-8324.

12 August Unity College golf day Time: Tee-off from 11am to 12.45pm Venue: Randpark golf club, Randburg Details: Michelle advancementofficer@unit

25 July Family Worship Centre’s Christmas in July fundraiser Time: Noon Venue: Indaba Hotel, Fourways Details: Pat Lee 083-545-9443 or

5 September Garden World spring concert Time: 1pm Venue: Garden World, Beyers Naude Drive, Muldersdrift Details: Magriet or Corné 011956-3003 or 083-997-6142.

Join the tea party déjà vu REVIEW REPORTER

PURVEYOR OF PEACE: Philosopher Sunandaji.

Now in its eighth year, Serendipitea promises to be a lavish day. Held on 28 July at Summer

Place in Hyde Park, the theme for this year’s tea is déjà vu. Details: 011-483-9170

My husband works for a building company, that is not very big. He is supposed to get paid on the 30th of every month, however it is seldom the case! This month he was only paid on the 5th! It is very inconvenient to us as some of our debits bounce! Is there anything we can do to take them on? The only thing is, my husband is scared of losing his job

- Softy Your local website with honest reviews from real people

Week ending 23 July 2010


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Treat for music lovers REVIEW REPORTER Frankie Beagle performs her new show at 8pm on 23 July. This is a special show put together following the launch of her album, The Sounds. Enjoy the talents of Brendan Ou Tim on double bass,

David Driver on keyboards and Rob Luce on drums fronted by Frankie Beagle on vocals and guitar. Join the fun at 8 Hope Road, Shepstone Gardens, Mountain View. Details: Colin 083-284-4968 or Frances 083-560-6996.

Where are the scientists? REVIEW REPORTER ASPIRING: Performance coaches Merle Ally and Celeste Williams with founder of Caitlin’s Castings agency Addi Lang and a group of children take part in the workshop.

Talent agency raises funds REVIEW REPORTER Children aspiring to be movie stars had the opportunity to learn from the best at the Bryanston Sports Club. A workshop was made possible by Caitlin’s Castings agency where internationally acclaimed performers Celeste Williams and Merle Ally taught children how to develop their talent with

a skill. The programme included an assessment of voice range, audition techniques for television commercials and reading music. The workshop also inspired greater confidence in the children. Funds raised were donated to the Return to Roots foundation, a non-profit organisation dealing with child abuse and trauma counselling.

Founder of Caitlin’s Castings Addi Lang was thrilled with the turnout. “Through supporting this TV and film character casting agency, community development grows at the same time as profits are donated to the Return to Roots charity.” Details: www.return2rootsfoundation.

Young scientists will be given the opportunity to represent the country at an international science fair. The Eskom Expo for Young Scientists is an annual event on 30 and 31 July, in which pupils develop science and technology projects.

These projects will be judged on a regional and then national level, with the winners of the national competition representing South Africa at Expo International. Bursaries and cash prizes are also up for grabs. Details:

Sporting action continues REVIEW REPORTER With the final whistle blown of the 2010 Fifa World Cup™, the sporting action at Montecasino has not come to an end. Boktown, the official home of the true Bok supporter, has returned. Bigger and better than before, Boktown is an awesome place to catch the game. South Africa’s boys in green and gold are getting ready to take on the Aussies and the All Blacks in the Vodacom Tri-Nations

and, with our national pride still at an all-time high following the success of the first World Cup in Africa, fans who visit Boktown are guaranteed an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm as the nation once again gets behind SA’s sporting heroes with pride. All games will be screened live on the huge outdoor screen at the Montecasino Piazza. Details: or 083-915-8000.


14 • Neighbourhood


Week ending 23 July 2010

Madiba magic creates smiles MATTHEW WOOD The birthday of an international legend was celebrated across the country, and the Fourways community was no exception. Ex-president Nelson Mandela has provided a service to South Africa for 67 years and, in celebration of his birthday, people across the country devoted 67 minutes to follow his example and fight social injustice. Fourways residents gathered at the Daily Bread shelter in Douglasdale to bring supplies much needed by HIV/Aids orphans in Kya Sand. The

goods included bags of food, clothes, blankets and toys. The day began at 11am when children and their caretakers enjoyed an unseasonably warm winter’s day playing cricket, kicking a football or bouncing on the jumping castle. At 12.07pm, 67 minutes later, everybody took time out to enjoy a chicken lunch from Nando’s. Charmaine McGinley of the Daily Bread organisation thanked the public. “The people here today supported these vulnerable children out of the kindness of their hearts. The turnout is incredible.” IMPRESSION: A portrait of Adele Lucas by her good friend Richard Cutler.

Adele was no ordinary woman NONKULULEKO MBULI

DEVOTED: Caroline Tsephe of the Care Excellence Development Centre thanks the public for helping vulnerable children from Kya Sand.

Athol resident and Saxonwold public relations matriarch Adele Lucas was a woman of many beautiful contradictions. Lucas, who died at the age of 77 last month, ran a successful empire when most of her female contemporaries were homemakers. She had enough clout to phone national airlines and ask for flights to be redirected, but is remembered for her hospitality and diplomatic nature. She was a good friend of Pik Botha and Helen Suzman. Lucas ran one of the top promotions and events companies in the country. She worked for Sol Kerzner before embarking on

successful projects like the Soweto Festival, the Secretary’s Club and Fancourt golf course. She was also responsible for bringing a host of international stars to the country. Her friend Richard Cutler told the Review a number of amusing stories that showed Lucas as the powerful and somewhat eccentric woman she was. “She was avant garde in every way,” said Cutler. Adele’s daughter Carolyn Lucas said, “My mother was colourful and flamboyant. She wasn’t an academic, but she had street sass and sharp gut instinct. She was so extraordinary that now that she’s gone, I’m worried about sinking into oblivion.”

ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT: Artist Patricia Jackson is working on a portrait of Nelson Mandela made up of thousands of toddler’s handprints.

Hands up for Mandela portrait REVIEW REPORTER Sunninghill-based award-winning artist Patricia Jackson will work on a 3mx4m colour portrait of Nelson Mandela. The project will be made up of the handprints of 3276 toddlers from the greater community of Johannesburg. Acknowledging Madiba’s legacy of unity in our nation, the painting celebrates life and represents hope for the future of children. Children will receive a certificate

acknowledging their contribution. Funds raised will go to Hlanganani Orphans Care in Diepsloot and the new Junxion Community Centre in Fourways, which has been built for the Dainfern and Diepsloot communities. The completed painting, It’s in your hands, will be on display when the Junxion Community Art Gallery opens in October, after which it will be auctioned. Details: Patricia Jackson 083-630-0639

Week ending 23 July 2010


Neighbourhood •


The Brat Pack’s dream finish REVIEW REPORTER The Kim Field Dance Academy flew the South African flag high when local team The Brat Pack competed in the 14th annual prestigious New Prague Dance Festival in Prague. The Czech Republic, specifically Prague, is world renowned for the art of dancing and the extremely high standards it maintains. The dancers from the Fourways academy were under enormous pressure to perform at their peak when, as previous winners of the festival, they were invited to open the event.

The group of 22 dancers, seven aged between six and 21 and sponsored in an outreach programme, worked extremely hard over a period of almost two years to perfect their performance. Pitted against 46 countries, the young stars found the competition intense but achieved first place in the hip hop/jazz category after a faultless performance. The youngest dancer Ntando George (6) also received a special director’s award for the most promising young talent at the event. fourwaysr@caxton.

TOP CLASS: Martin Mangena, Alicia Evele, Godfrey Masango and Ntando George during their stellar performance abroad in Prague.

STRIKE A POSE: The Brat Pack excels at the 14th annual New Prague Dance Festival.

Tapping away REVIEW REPORTER Tapping its way into its premier at the State Theatre, Tap Roots! will showcase the country’s leading tap dancing talent. Based on the story of South African performer, Janet Hampton-Carpede, the story is of a welcome home party in Soweto, for an aunt who has been in exile for 27 years. Supported by a grant from the Department of Arts and Culture in honour of the 2010 Fifa World Cup™, Tap Roots! is a cross-cultural performance with tap dancing its core. The show is directed by Sello Maake kaNcube. Bheki Khoza directs the music, lyrics are written by the Jaziel Brothers, and the choreographer is Thabo Rapoo. Details:

16 • Neighbourhood


Week ending 23 July 2010

SO MUCH FUN: Connor Pearson, Caitlyn Bold and supervisor, Jane Maema.

Children take over the zoo KEBA MOTHOAGAE

FEEDING THE CHIMPS: Erin Conroy is in her element.

Children are playing their part in the running of Johannesburg Zoo. The zoo is home to the Honey Badger Club, an environmental education programme for children between the ages of seven and 13, that focuses on various aspects of the animal kingdom and the welfare of the zoo’s animals. Members can be spotted wearing orange T-shirts with the words ‘Honey Badgers’. From feeding the chimpanzees to cleaning the elephant enclosure and many other fun activities, the Honey Badgers are kept busy,

one Saturday a month by a supervisor and learn about the demands of being a zoo keeper in the process. Once they reach 13, the children can join the Be Mad Club, another zoo programme for pupils in grades 8 to 12 that continues their integration into zoo life. “It’s a great experience for kids as it gets them in touch with animals first-hand. We’ve come to understand what nature is about,” said Honey Badger, Julia Smyth. Details: Johannesburg Zoo 011-646-2000 ext 216 or

BUSY BODIES: (from bottom, clockwise) Liam Schoeman, Connor Pearson, Connor Schoeman, Caitlyn Bold and Caitlyn Saunders.

LOVE THE JOB: Bayle Ghoos, Julia Smyth and Kyle de Oliveira.

Week ending 23 July 2010


Entertainment •


It’s simply magic ABED AHMED

MAGIC MAN: South Africa’s very own David Copperfield is illusionist Ilan Smith.

South African magician Ilan Smith foxed local audiences when he predicted the 2010 Fifa World Cup™ final teams and score eleven days beforehand. Smith wrote down the team names and score on a piece of paper, sealed it an envelope and locked it in a safety deposit box at a radio station studio. After the final, the envelope was opened and its contents read live on air. ‘Spain 1, Netherlands 0 Ayoba!’ was witnessed by staff and captured on film. Smith lives in Sandton and works from Norwood and was mentored by the country’s top magician, the late George Moss. Although Smith has performed at international level, he is determined to become South Africa’s greatest illusionist-magician. Citing David Copperfield as his inspiration, Smith says he adds a strong interactive human element to his shows, which he believes is crucial in capturing local audiences. “The art of magic and illusion is just one aspect. My main objective is to entertain and leave the crowd with something to talk about back home. “I regularly generate new material and make it one-of-a-kind so that South African audiences relate to it.” Smith is currently working on his next project in which he plans to thrill local audiences with the biggest illusion and magic show performed by a South African.

BEAUTIFUL: Tony Bentel, Robert Whitehead and Mark Hawkins get dressed up.

Doo Bee Boobies are back with a bang REVIEW REPORTER Grown men in pink tights, Superman suits and lashings of feathers can only be the all-male, all-madness musical revue Doo Bee Boobies, which returns to whoop it up in August. This infamous cult favourite returns

to the Joburg Theatre from 5 to 22 August. Expect zany musical sketches ranging from the Dying Swan to a parody of Memory from Cats, and prepare for a helping of saucy satire that’s anything but a drag, darlings. Details:

KEEPING TIME: Geoff Smith, drummer for rock band

Jewish festival set to entertain REVIEW REPORTER If you thought you would be bored after the World Cup, think again. Limmud South Africa has released its Johannesburg programme, its most exciting and diverse yet. The four-year-old festival of Jewish culture and learning has succeeded in attracting an array of world-class international and local presenters. The programme includes: World-famous archaeologist Richard Freund, a Jewish Indiana Jones who will address findings relating to tabernacles and temples in ancient Israel and new excavations in the city of Yavneh. Modern topics relating to Israel include a discourse on Middle-Eastern affairs with Jonathan Fine, who will address counterterrorism and the threat posed by a nuclear Iran and ex-South African journalist Benjamin Pogrund will compare the situation in Israel to apartheid South Africa. Those interested in Yiddish and the Holocaust will have a taboo-breaking scholar from the University of Colarad David Shneer to present Yiddish poetry and photography from the Soviets during the Holocaust. There will be a wide range of textual learning including sessions by David Levin-Kruss, a rabbi from the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. Limmud also focuses on children from 0 to 15 years of age and has placed a renewed emphasis on multigenerational learning with its family sessions where grandparents, parents and children learn together. The Limmud concert features Rus Nerwich with his expert blends of traditional Klezmer music and modern Jazz. The proramme will take place from 8 to 9 August. Details: or Wayne 072553-0164.

JAZZ IT UP: Rus Nerwich will perform his particular brand of traditional Klezmer music and modern Jazz.

Dimeshift, during the monthly RBF Challenge at Tanz Cafe in Fourways. The band’s performance ensures them a place in the finals in December. In its 14th year, the RBF Challenge takes place on the first Saturday of the month at Tanz. Details: 082-770-7524 or squire@emergingsounds.

18 • Entertainment


LOVING IT: Warren Funston, Evrille Funston, Laren Perumal and Krishnee Perumal loved the performance.

Week ending 23 July

SHARING A LAUGH: Brent Holme, Gabi Townsend and Graham Beneke contemplate the humour of the play.

Some cave dwelling humour MATTHEW WOOD

CAVE DWELLER: Alan Committee lingers around his set of a cave much to the amusement of the audience.

Peter Toerien’s Theatre at Montecasino was converted into the likes of a caveman’s home to accommodate the two-hour performance of funnyman Alan Committee in the world-renowned show Defending the Caveman. With a tiger skin rug, cave paintings and television with dinosaur bones for antenna, Committee the caveman spent two hours explaining the war between men and women. “Men are hunters, if you take me to a shopping mall I will focus my instincts on hunting for a new shirt,” said the comic marching up and down the stage with a spear. “Women are gatherers, and like my wife they seem to want to gather practically everything in the mall.” Committee used the theme of the prehistoric age to demonstrate how men and women had barely changed in their ways over the past couple of millennia. The audience screamed in hysterics to the point he had to stop and ask his patrons if they were feeling okay. Jokes were also directed at latecomers to the show. “You’re late. Where did you park, Bryanston?” A favourite for the audience was his demonstration of the difference between men and women sitting around a table eating chips and dip. “When the bowl gets lower, the women get up and make an effort to fill the bowl. “Men won’t get up but make excuses saying ‘I bought the chips’ or ‘I filled the bowl earlier’ or ‘I ate the chips’ or ‘I watched him eat the chips’ and then have a fight.” Warren and Evrille Funston told the Review the show was fantastic while Doug and Aileen Kennaugh described it as hilarious.

INTERVAL: Lesley Padayachee, Suhail Padayachee, Laura Bruiners, Portia Allie and Serge Allie describe the show as pretty cool.

FOURWAYS REVIEW • Week ending July 23, 2010 • 19

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AN EXP. ELECTRICIAN Repairs & Installations 084-511-6411 or (011) 958 0247 24HRS

ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING PLANS Guaranteed Mun. approval. +20 Yrs. exp.


A1 CHAUKE ELECTRICAL All Electrical Work, repairs & installations. 072-907-3255

083 4787 221


BOB PEARCE 082-457-4721 011-431-4106

0127 Electricians

All Electrical works. Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C.) R280

SG068346 Domestic, commercial &

0073 Personal

076 520 3891



0065 Psychics / Tarot Readers

* Household glass replacements * Table tops * Mirrors * Aluminium window and doors All insurance claims

• Install and repairs. • HD (PVR), Extra-view • Sound and video


Personal Supervision

0118 Cleaning

BLUE DESIGNS House plans. Additions and alterations.(Auto Cad) council approval. Call: 076 393 6155 CH001683


ELECTRICAL *No call out fee. *24 hours. *Cheap rates and certificates.

Contact Len 083-675-7704 24/7 ELECTRICAL CO •Electrical maintenance •Domestic & Ind. wiring. •Upgrading DB Boards. •Generator installations 084-604-7858 LW011165

A CLEANING CREW RO028374 3 carpets R180 + L/suite R180.(std) Kwik dry. Full APPLIANCE & home valet. Flood damage.1 ELECTRICAL loose carpet free. Repairs on the spot, washing 011 640-1350 or machines, stoves, t/ dryers, 071 037 2987 (24 hrs) SA020816 dishwashers, geysers, ovens. Electrical work. Call Sam 072-961-0624 (24 ABBY HANDYMAN AVIS CLEANERS /7) Deep Steam Cleaning, RO028440 Alterations, Int & Ext. Carp, L/S. Deo / Painting, door hanging, ARON ELECTRICAL Stain removal. Kwikdry. damp and waterproofing Specialising in: DB, Reliable service & clean Powertripping, stoves. All carpets guaranteed. Tel Abby 083 421 0219 electrical work. COC Call 076 897 3265 073-753-9064 CM005127 SA020963 HK025342

0136 Home Improvements / DIY

A HANDYMAN SERVICE All general repairs big or small. Doors, cupboards, plumbing, electrical, tiling, etc. 25 years experience Daniel Projects 011-475-5465

0123 Aerials / Satellites


DSTV & HD INSTALLATIONS Extra points. Re-install. 083-866-4453 SG068351

ASHTON REFURBISHMENTS Additions, alterations, bathrooms, kitchens, tiling, painting, general repairs & maintenance. Call: John 079 986 6355


BLINDS THE BLIND SPOT CC Factory prices. All areas. All ranges. Work guaranteed. 011-763-1735 011-780-8765 24hr 082-411-3862


CARPENTER / HANDYMAN Ceilings, Doors, Kitchen tops, Fascia boards, Roof repairs, Shelving, Welding. All odds and ends. Tel. Jason 073-379-7663


CARPENTRY KING Specialising: Kitchens, B.I.C`s, Wall units & Bars. Laminated floor SPECIAL while stocks last R149m2 Office 011-762-6209


DIVINE STAR CONSTRUCTION CC We specialise in: • Building • Painting (All paint work) • Paving • Tar- Surfaces • Tiling • Ceiling( New & Repairs) • Plastering • General Plumbing Maintenance. 073 568 3166 073 760 9030 LW011211

AVIS CLEANERS Std Room from R70. L/ Suites from R40 p seat. Cr cards taken. 083-418-4700.

ELECTRICAL 365/24 • New wiring • Stove installations • Power tripping SG068298 • All maintenance Call Nico 073-048-2745 LW011174 CURTAIN CLEANING 20 Yrs Exp. Collection, ELECTRICAL removal, re-hanging. New installations. All Graham electrical repairs and ACCOLADE CHEM KLEEN 011 825-2505. RO028324 maintenance. Also gate 5 rooms from R100, lounge motors. suite R99, spot remove, deo, Tel. Gibson 073-031-0839 scotch guard. SG068367 084 333 0584 CM005138



Undertaken by registered professional builders at competitive rates. Mike 082 907 1951 Angus 083 608 1521 CM005131

DRY WALL KING... • Dry walling • Ceilings • Partitioning • Painting For offices and homes Call Gareth on: 082-600-1813


20 • FOURWAYS REVIEW • Week ending July 23, 2010 JOHANNES`S RUBBLE REMOVAL & TRUCK FOR HIRE 083 673 3098 082 506 2349 SA020964

A1 POOL REPAIRS (20% DISCOUNT) Free Quotes Paul 082-335-6335




All specialised lawn requirements.

Specialising in all fileds of building requirements. NHBRC approved.

GARAGE DOOR REPAIRS Repairs, automation, installation. Contact: Mike Harris 072-294-5974

A BETTER MANAGED Affordable landscapes & 1x off Clean-ups by Penny Cell 083 459 6161 RO028366


ACORN TREEFELLING AND COMPOST HANDYMAN Full insured. Welding, Security, Electrical, Gerrie Botes 082 442 4185 Plumbing, Renovations and SA020939 painting etc. John 082-352-1663 ALL REMOVALS CH001709 Rubble/garden ref/furn. etc. 1.5 + 6T +10M Tipper. J & A CAPENTER John 073 238 1601 • Ceiling & Partition RO028434 • Fitting Doors • Painting ANYTHING, ANYTIME Homes & Offices. MIKES MOVERS Call Isaac 8/4/1.5 TON 073 707 0307 082 551 9513/083 448 7131

MAJULOKA TREE FELLING PROJECTS CC. Rubble Removal, site clearing. Fully insured. 073-453-1206

076 189 7745




FUTURE POOL REPAIRS • All repairs & replacement of Pumps & Filters •Leaks, Piping, Heating • Marbelite, Fibreglass & Chlorinators. Rodrick 082 726 4865 Free Quotes

RUBBLE & REFUGE REMOVAL 4/6/8 ton from R400 per load Daleen: 079 884 3328

0280 Professional & Business TV, VIDEO, HI-FI, DVD AND M/WAVE REPAIRS AERIAL AND SATELLITE INSTALLATIONS Repairs done at your home. 3 month guarantee.

PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS Registered members of the SAIP, Accountants, Payroll, Tax, Business sevices, registrations.

RUBBLE & REFUSE 1 - 4 tons from R250. Also treefelling. James 082-839-8997 071-863-4645

of this ad.


A RUBBLE REMOVAL SERVICE SPECIAL R450 PER LOAD Four ton truck. Jules 072-129-0898

BRAND`S TREEFELLING FULLY INSURED 0861 708 000 all/hr brandstf


TAX RETURNS Personal and business by certified Tax Specialists at 4 Ways Accountantse

0181 Repairs


Call Anne 072 3795 827

A A A Repairs to all...

0292 Security ANY SECURITY •Security gates/CCTV •Palisade fencing •Garage & gate automation •Burglar proofing •Handy man. Sean 083-728-6811 M.I.S. Security



ALL MINI & MAXI REMOVALS & CARPET /UPHOL CLEANERS. Contact Sydney or Anne 084-33-555-49 / 011 477-5790

Contact 011 793 1233 or 082-307-6893 a/h


GKN PLUMBING 24/7 Geysers, Blocked drains, Burst pipes, General plumbing. Gordon: 076-176-2106


A PLUMBERS & DRAIN CLEANERS A Guaranteed Inexpensive Day A Same 24 Hr Service

DIAL A MOVE & STORAGE Insured big, small, part loads. Local, long distance, all Cape areas. Dogs, cats, cars, boxes, bubble wrap. Jan 082-776-9282 Cecile 071-338-2731 We want to move it!

Fridges, Coolrooms, Washing machines, Dish washers, Tumble Dryers, Stoves, Microwaves Geysers, Vacuum Cleaners & Air-cons. Guaranteed. Call Loyd 078 8144 252 / 074 7035 577

AN EXPERIENCED PLUMBER Repairs & Installations 084-511-6411 or (011) 958 0247 24HRS RO028373



• LOW QUOTE • BEST RATES all plumbing & blockages

Free call 0800 119 120


Installations and repairs of alarms, intercoms, garage & gate automation, electric fencing & CCTV.

Water & Damp-proofing 011 704 2459/ 072 202 4004

Alex 082-445-2182


0224 Driving Schools MDS DRIVING ACADEMY Learners and licenses. Contact Sonika/Marlise 079 577 8562 082 824 7972

dstv connexion Specialise in:

HD, PVR, Extra View LED, LCD, Plasma Extra Points, Relocations Communal Systems Rectify All Systems Free Quotes ACCREDITED

FOURWAYS: 011 469 4448/083 756 1135 NORTHGATE: 011 794 3470





•Landscaping Design and Layout •Irrigation SA020841 •Treefelling. ALAGEM`S MOVERS Robbie (011) 952-1380 8 Ton + 6 Ton + 4 Ton. 082-788-0028 MAURICE 083 458 2246








SPECIAL R50 + Spares



GARDEN RUBBLE REMOVAL From R220 per load. Contact: Andre` 083 266 4534

SA020848 A 4 SEASONS GARDEN GILES GARDENS Cleanups / treefelling / Garden maintenance, irrigation. clean ups, 011 763-2925 SG067948 landscaping. Owner supervised. A BEST TREEFELLING/ Simon BOOMSLOOPERS 083 710 7277

Fully insured. 15 Years exp. 24 Hours. 082-468-0590 Brian or o/h 082-473-0158.




0154 Gardening / Rubble Removals

086 111 4307 or e-mail:wbminimax

A2B Furniture Removals 011 886 2328 078 912 0145


GIDEES PLUMBING CC(REGISTERED) (24 Hours Reliable) •Geysers Specialist •Pressure Valves •Blocked Drains •Burst Pipes •New Installations etc Contact Gilbert 073-498-9666 A/H Telefax 011 953 2868



0288 Removals & Storage






PAINTING & WATERPROOFING Interior and exterior Personal supervision 011-475-5465

WELL MOVERS Let us move your house. 082-769-7905

011 4654 683

Phone Fern (011) 432-0720 or 082-448-0855


0163 Plumbers

Transport + Removals Tel (011) 460 4444 071 604 5424

ALL LOADS HIRE `N LOAD CC CM004960 House, office, Distribution & Storage. Personal Service. 10% off for pensioners Kevin 083-745-5396. on presentation



PAINTER AVAILABLE Every day of the week. Good rates! Call: 083 248 6028

SELF- STORAGE CEDAR ROAD Self storage mini units and boat lockers



A 1ST IN FISHPOND AND POOL SOLUTIONS Peter`s Pool Service 083-601-0644/ 462-3386 Seven days from 6 to 6. Pumps, filters overhauled and renewed. Heating, salt chlorination. Fibreglass, Marbelite repaired.



0268 Pest Control


Office (011) 704 4614 Philippa 072-208-3587

Grant 082 8219 424

ALL MOBILE APPL. REPS Washers, Dryers, Fridge, Stoves, Dishwashers. Work guarant. Free call out. Theuns 082-744-1145

0172 Pools


FREEDOM Building, Plastering, Paving, Painting, plumbing, Tiling, rhinolite, ceiling, waterproofing & welding. Freedom 078 9626 600


0861 474 700


0296 Tuition / Education EXTRA LESSONS In your HOME. ALL subjects 011-534 2033


FOURWAYS REVIEW • Week ending July 23, 2010 • 21


0299 Upholstery / Curtaining

011 704 0989 or 011 781 9641

AN000919 NP009516


PROPERTIES! PROPERTIES! PROPERTIES! Wanting to Sell or Rent? Need excellent advice & help on how to advertise your property?


Call our Professional Property Consultant NOW! Angela Naidoo Tel: (011) 293 - 6161 Fax: 086 644 2541 Email: For All Your Property Advertising Requirements! AN000900

TIMSRAND / MNANDI 1.5 Bedroom, single carport, alarm and good security. R3500 pm all inclusive, available from 19th July 2010. Contact: Janine 083 452 2111


0318 Carpets / Furniture / Appliances

0442 Garden Flats / Cottages

AA AUCTIONS Barry pays best cash prices DOUGLASDALE for all good, used furniture, appliances, antiques, pianos, 1 bed, 1 bath, secure private etc. cottage. Parking, serviced, Tel. (011) 793-4668/ incl w/l. R3200 . (011) 793-4478. NP009553 Melanie 083 281 4561

0324 Clothing CASH FOR CLOTHING We buy "good" used clothing. Shoes. Linen. We collect. Tel. Sharon 082-412-9823 SG068143

0396 Wanted to Buy A 2 Z CASH DEALS For Household Furniture & Appliances.Etc.We collect. 082 440 8202 NP009555

AARON PAYS BEST for antiques, furniture, silver, ornaments & S.A art etc. 072-358-9404 NP009520

ALL CASH PAID FOR SA ART, ANTIQUES & JEWELLERY Tel 082-657-2610 7 Days a week NP009556

WINDSOR FURNISHERS We pay more than anyone else for household and office furniture. Fridges and TV`s. We also collect.



80SQM STUDIO Available to rent in the Fourways area, use it for: •Karate •Any other martial arts •Yoga •Pilates •Dancing •Seminars

FOURWAYS 3 bedroomed thatch cottage to let. 10 kms Northwest of Fourways. Easy access to Fourways/ Midrand or Rooihuiskraal. R4000 pm, includes electricity and water. Available immediately. No pets. Contact Frank Blackbeard on 083 252 0093 AN000883

FOURWAYS Small cottage. R2500 + deposit 082 567 3522 AN000936

(011) 886-3780

0463 Offices & Shops

Contact : Minuette on 071 6896 276 Or Chris on 073 2258 323 AN000727

0484 Townhouses /Simplexes /Clusters /Duplexe FOURWAYS WATERFORD ESTATE One bedroom flat in secure complex to letR4500.00pm. Call: 082 558 9808



0895 Domestic Employment Wanted

2 bed, 1 full bath, 2 parkings. R6000 per month incl elec. 24 hr sec. pool. No pets.

CHARITY Mwn seeks domestic/childminder/frail care f-time Acc. 078-297-2758 /Ref:079-710-8278 /083-212-0303

JOYCE SA seeks domestic /childminder f-time Mon-Sat. Cooks. Accom. Refs. Eng. 074-819-6965


DF091771 JULIA seeks f/time domestic 084 584 3879 childminding work.Refs.Eng AN000871 DIEDRE Zim seeks domestic 072-947-4069 JK004501 ABIGAIL`S DOMESTICS part-time 3days. Refs. Eng. 078-198-2791 EST 1996 LEXINA Mwn seeks DF091799 Fully Screened domestic/ childminder f/t H/Keepers, Cooks, Nannies, DOMESTIC PEACE work with Accom 073 688 Caregivers, Housemen, OF MIND (EST 2002) 6012 Refs. Eng Gardeners,Drivers For top class Housekeepers, KL006043 Nannies, Cooks, Drivers. LINDIWE SA seeks domestic 011 789 5127/8 or Full or p/ time. /childminder full-time 5days. 071 425 3491 Males/ Females who are Refs. Eng. 078-037-2285 screened & referenced. DF091729 CP038734 4 your Peace of Mind Call: Julie LINDIWE seeks p/time ABOVE AVERAGE 076 235 6315 mon,wed,fri domestic DOMESTIC SO057586 work.Refs.Eng Housekeeping, housemen, 074307-0252 drivers, nannies, gardeners, EDDER Mwn seeks p/t 3 JK004503 days domestic work 078 078 cooks, frailcare all with 0493 Refs. Eng certificates. Fully screened CARS WANTED KL006063 LONAS requires full time with traceable references. domestic work with FOR CASH Jane (011) 886-7698 (o/h) ELIZABETH seeks full time accommodation. We will give you more! 078-113-4568(a/h) domestic work with accomm. Tel. 078 390 8146. 072 307 8657 GM001232 SO057487 Has references. SO057170 Tel. 079 1641 327. ABSOLUTE SO057499 LOVENESS SA seeks JOLLY DOMESTICS 2ND HAND CARS domestic anydays Eng. drivers, maids, gardeners, ELIZAH seeks full time We buy & pawn cars for 078-496-5176 domestic work with / out cash. Best prices paid. Trade caregivers, excel refs /Ref:083-571-9394 072 556 1039 accom. Has references. DF091736 ins accepted on your 011 781 5006 078-233-0813 accident damaged vehicles. CP038752 LOVENESS Zim seeks HK025399 Gavin 083-708-6050 domestic p/f work with NP009571 EMILY SA seeks childminder Accom 078 835 7583 Refs: ANNA SA seeks domestic RESTAURANT FOR SALE /childminder/frail care f-time part-time Mon/Thur. Refs. Lucky 082 396 9292 Eng Eng. 072-237-1703 Refs. Eng. 078-945-4628 Small restaurant for sale. KL006121 DF091754 DF091744 Prime Fourways area. LUCY Mwn seeks domestic/ EUGINIA seeks p/f time ANNA SA seeks domestic childminder f/t work with 083 320 4708 domestic work.Refs.Eng full-time with accom. Eng. Accom 078 270 5689 Refs. 079-224-1522 084-941-9564 NP009665 JK004477 Eng

0786 Wanted

0620 Business For Sale


AUSTIN MWN seeks f/time houseman work.Refs.Eng 083-498-2255

0650 Loans / Investments


EASY LOANS UP TO R5 000 No ITC Check. Call: Moses / Sthembiso 011 472-6786 011 472-9362


INSTANT CASH LOANS Against your valuables


Grade 8 - 12 by teacher with You will get the best deal on Household furniture, 40 yrs experience . Appliances, Fridges, TV`s, etc. For cash on the spot Phone 011 8031 893 phone RESELL IT.

PAULSHOF 1 bed cottage with en-suite bath, shower, kitchen and lounge in secure complex with own garage and entrance. R3500 pm excl elec. No pets, preferably single lady. Avail 01 Aug 2010 Contact: Chantal 082 682 3756

Cash Converters Fourways Crossing Tel (011) 467-1535

Need cash now? Borrow against your next salary.

Cash Converters Fourways Crossing Tel (011) 467-1535


EUJINA Zim seeks domestic MABEL Sa seeks p/t 2 or 3 /childminder f-time Refs. days domestic work 076 912 Eng. 076-063-4515 DF091798 7626 Refs. Eng

FACILITATORS required for Training Co for fulldays. Min 5 years experience ABET DF091767 qualification and own transport advantage. BRILLIANT Sa seeks Pls fax 2 page CV to domestic part time 3 days (011) 447-1744 work 082 748 3994 Refs.Eng BHEKEPHI Swazi seeks domestic part-time 3days. Refs. Eng. 076-889-0654

0893 General Employment Wanted Driver MICHELLE SA seeks full-time with accom. Code 10 lic. Refs. Eng. 073-563-7539


VICTOR Sa seeks painter/ driver ( code 10 ) p/f 5 days Mon -Fri work 084 356 7683 Eng KL006083




FRIEDA seeks full time CATHERINE Mwn seeks p/t domestic work with / without MONICA Mwn seeks Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat domestic/ accommodation. Has part-time 3days. Refs. Eng. childminder work 071 760 073-775-1285 references. 073-468-2079 DF091717 5240 Refs. Eng LW011187 KL006061

JOYCE requires full time or CECILIA Sa seeks domestic/ part-time domestic work. childminder f/t 3 days work Has references. DF091802 073 572 8773 Refs. Eng Tel. 082 259 3670

HORSE CARING AND GROOMING and gardening 078-417-0582


MAVISseeks part time domestic work Tues, Wed & Thurs. Has references. 084-983-4877

MEMORY Sa seeks f/t childminder work with Accom CP038738 KL006047 079 597 1478 Refs. Eng KL006120 FLORENCE Sa seeks CAROLINE Zim seeks domestic/ childminder p/t any domestic/ childminder p/t 5 MEMORY Zim seeks p/f Mon days Mon - Fri work 076 611 day work 076 440 6164 - Fri domestic/ childminder 7209 Refs. Eng Refs. Eng KL006104 work 078 054 5001 Eng






MOREBLESSING Zim seeks domestic/childminder 5days Mon-Fri. Refs. Eng. 078-075-2557


22 • FOURWAYS REVIEW • Week ending July 23, 2010 NELLY SA seeks domestic part-time 5days. Refs. Eng. 073-605-2619

SONDLO Zim seeks f/t MOSES Mwn seeks domestic work 078 762 8860 garden(1oyrs. Refs. Eng exp)driver(3yrs. exp) Code DF091749 KL006114 10 lic. Refs. Eng. 071-069-9599 NOMKHOSI Sa seeks p/t 3 SOPHIA seeks p/f time DF091801 days domestic work 084 480 domestic childminding NELSON Zim seeks garden/ 5856 Refs. Eng work.Refs.Eng KL006088 driver ( code 10 ) work with 079-114-1178 JK004488 Accom 078 813 6273 Refs. NOMSA SA seeks domestic Eng /childminder p/f-time M/W/F. KL006049 SUSAN Sa seeks domestic p 071-008-5581 /t Mon. Wed. Friday work ROBERT Sa seeks garden/ /Ref:076-045-8787(Greta 072 976 9540 Refs. Eng/ Afr handyman/ driver ( code 10 ) Dunn) KL006084 DF091733 p/f any day work 083 750 2352 Refs. Eng THEMBANI Zim seeks NOTHANDO SA seeks KL006130 domestic/childminder f-time domestic/childminder 4days Tue-Sat. Refs. Eng. SIMON SA seeks garden alldays. Accom. Eng. 074-836-2817 /painter/driver f/t. Eng/Afri. 073-691-4834 DF091772 079-071-1573 DF091781 PHALES Mw seeks domestic/ THOLILE Zim seeks any day /Ref:011-463-3969 childminder p/f work Cooks domestic work 073 060 8443 /083-266-9909 DF091725 078 222 2131 Refs: 083 949 Eng KL006058 WILLIAM Mwn seeks garden/ 7706 KL006090 houseman f/t work Cooks THULI seeks p/f time with Accom with 5 yrs exp PORTIA SA seeks domestic domestic work.Refs.Eng 071 779 1101 Refs. Eng part/full-time 5days. Refs. 071-499-9925 KL006052 Eng. 073-895-5930 JK004489 DF091787

PRECIOUS SA seeks domestic/childminder with accom. Refs. Eng. 078-292-9860

TRACY Zim seeks domestic/ childminder f/t 5 days work 079 918 7672 Refs. Eng KL006066

DF091760 VICTORIA SA seeks

QUEEN SA seeks domestic p/t 5 days work 082 664 3229 Refs. Eng

childminder full-time Cooks. Accom. Refs. Eng. 082-424-6283

0899 Domestic Employment Available

FIRST CLASS DOMESTIC & CHILDCARE Placement of Trained REASON seeks full time WENDY Zim seeks domestic/ Qualified staff: domestic work with / out childminder p/f Mon - Fri Domestic childcare house accomm. Has references. work with Accom 078 032 management 076-090-5851 8747 Refs. Eng Au Pair Tutors. HK025317 KL006036 Courses avail. SPECIALS AVAILABLE REBECCA is good with WILHEMINA seeks full / part 071 324 9848 children and seeks full time time domestic work with / National Registered Trainer domestic work. Refs avail. without accom. Has & Provider Dept. Labour. 078-586-5128 GM001118 SG068377 references. 073-926-7901 KL006040



REGINA Mwn seeks domestic f/t work with Accom ZEPH Mwn seeks houseman 5days. Accom. Refs. Eng. 078 906 9938 Refs: Victor 076-238-1783 071 015 2366 Eng KL006147

ROSINAH SA seeks domestic f-time with accom. Eng. Ref;011-463-3969 /083-266-9909 DF091726


0897 Gardener Employment Wanted

SAM Zim seeks domestic/ childminder p/f 5 days Mon Fri work 074 836 7212 Refs. Eng AMON Mwn seeks garden KL006108 full-time 073-244-1103 DF091727 SARAH SA seeks childminder p/f-time 5days. BOYTON Mwn seeks garden/ Refs. Eng. 071-149-3479 driver/ painter f/t work 073 DF091806

476 8659 Refs. Eng KL006117 SINDISIWE Sa seeks domestic 3 days p/t work trustworthy, honest & reliable DAVE Mwn seeks houseman morethan 3 yrs exp 076 951 f/t work 083 955 1646 Refs. Eng 0531 Refs. Eng KL006143


Week ending 23 July 2010


Sport •


Fists fly with Fight Force STUART DICKINSON Competing with the likes of EFC Africa for the spotlight of quality Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events in Joburg can be no easy task, but Fight Force pulled it off with style at Overload last week. After the success of the first Fight Force event in April, the Durban-based MMA promotion group returned to our city and delivered an action-packed and exciting fight card at the Walter Sisulu Hall in Randburg. Up-and-coming fighter Kelvin Mwale, training under Nathan Raath at the Quantam Tribe stable, took on Paul Schreuder in the last Pro Amateur bout - a match filled with hardhitting action and plenty of controversy. The fighters traded heavy blows in the first and second rounds, punctuated with illegal strikes and poor sportsmanship from Schreuder, who punched Mwale as he tried to touch gloves on two occasions. The fight made it to the third round, but eventually a very gassed Schreuder was disqualified for attacking Mwale when his

headgear had fallen off. Experienced fighter Jeremy Scheepers had a chance to exact revenge on Paul van Vuuren, who downed the fighter at the last Fight Force event. However it was not to be, and Scheepers soon found himself submitting to a well-timed armbar in the first round. Donavin ‘Bam-Bamz’ Hawkey, who cut from light heavyweight to middleweight, again showed immaculate form in his fight against Michiel Opperman, delivering crisp blows in a brief standup encounter. Hawkey took Opperman to the floor and tried to penetrate his guard, but soon capitalised on the situation and submitted the fighter with an ankle lock from a standing position. Despite a few humorous slip-ups from the announcer (such as hailing Wesley Hawkey’s win against Donald Nzirawa as an ‘armband’ submission instead of armbar), as well as fighters being asked to hand in their intro music just before bouts got underway, the night ran like clockwork and the vibe was amazing. Here’s looking forward to the next event.

GROUND GAME: Paul van Vuuren takes control over Jeremy Scheepers in a shortlived bout, with Van Vuuren winning the fight in just over a minute by armbar.

WATCH THE BALL: Caxton Cobras in action against Acsa at the Sandown high school.

Caxton Cobras knocked out of tournament NIE CELE Caxton Cobras mentor Abed Ahmed’s charm was soured after witnessing his team’s 3-2 defeat by Acsa in their Supersport Corporate Soccer Champions league playoffs match played in bitterly cold weather at Sandown high school. His tactic for the game was shoot from a distance. The fierce encounter between the two teams could have been won by either side as both played with gusto and determination. Acsa were the first to draw blood via a spectacular header by Xolani Lukhele who mesmerised Cobras every time he was in possession of the ball. Cobras were not to be outdone. They replied with an equalising header after winning a loose ball in the centre, thanks to Ishaq Ismail. In the second half Lukhele’s swift ball was just too quick for keeper Zubair Patel, and gave Acsa a 2-1 lead. But Cobras continued to play like men possessed with a rock solid back line. Their determination

paid off as they were awarded a penalty after a handball. Damion van Alphen scored brilliantly from the spot kick to make the score 2-2. Ahmed screamed, “I love it.” Just when everyone thought the game was heading for penalties an unmarked Lukhele received a brilliant pass from his team mate and sent a blistering shot past Patel to ensure an Acsa victory at 3-2. After the match a dejected and tired Cobras left back, Keba Mothowagae was spotted drinking water at the touchline complaining that he couldn’t play to his best because of too many instructions. “I am considering relinquishing soccer and sticking to cricket and rugby.’’ Meanwhile Ahmed said, “This was an excellent season, we did well to come second in the league. Unfortunately Acsa were lucky to win this one. Good luck to them in their semifinal endeavour.”

Jewson’s are riding the loveboat REVIEW REPORTER Tracey and Douglas Jewson of Fourways made their comeback to river racing after celebrating the arrival of their first baby in February. The Klip River race, hosted by Victoria Lake Canoe Club was 22km long and included a 1km portage through a horse farm meadow, which added to the pleasure of the event. The Jewsons finished first in the mixed double category with a time of 1:41. The couple thoroughly enjoyed their

adrenalin-filled rush on the river with its beautiful scenery, exciting rapids and plenty of hard work. “While being new parents is a bonding experience, partnerships on the river have frequently led to arguments and disruptions in the harmony of relationships,” said Jenny Dallas of the Gauteng Canoe Union. “But those who overcome these challenges usually find themselves developing closer, stronger bonds.”

NEW PARENTS: Tracey and Douglas Jewson make their return to river racing with a convincing win at the Victoria Lake Canoe Club race.

ACHIEVERS: Students from the Ian Duncan Karate centre in Kyalami win a fistful of medals at the Karatenomichi South Africa (KWF) junior national championships. (Back row) Joshua Broll (third place boys open kata), Sensei Ian, Tacita Barnes (first place girls open kumite), (middle row) Stephanie Graham (second place girls open kata), Jade DunAlso Dstv audio 169 can (first place girls open kata), Shannon Mondays The Wellness Show with Marika Sboros Stanley (third place girls open kata), Talya @ 8.30am 9.00am Chidrawi (first place girls open kata), (front Whispers with Carolyn Steyn & Michael de Pinna row) Shanay Naran and Thomas Parry @ 2.00pm -3.00pm (joint third place mixed kiddies kata). In Town Tonight (Special Guests) @ 8.00pm - 9.00pm

1485AM Radio TODAY

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Week ending 23 July 2010


Full throttle Hutchison is up to speed on the racetrack STUART DICKINSON If it accelerates, you can bet that accomplished racing champion Evan Hutchison has mastered it. From bikes, quads, and off-road and rally cars, to jet-skis and rubber ducks, the Kyalami racer has been on a lifelong quest to satisfy the need for speed hardwired into his brain. Last year he won both the SA Offroad Championships in class A, and the class A7 National Rally Championships – a feat not accomplished in 26 years. The Review travelled to the Rallystar off-road track near Bapsfontein to drive with Hutchison and find out more about

his ‘sickening’ passion for the fast lane. As we sped around the track in his monstrous 620 brake horsepower offroad car, I noticed Hutchison’s cool manner in the driving seat. He casually chatted while taking corners and racing at upwards of 140km/h along precarious dirt roads, while I clutched the seat in a white knuckle death-grip. “It comes from a lifetime of racing. I first climbed onto a quad bike while working in the Comores, and beat a guy in a friendly dice. Afterwards he said, ‘Hell mate, where did you learn that?’ “He was the current quad bike champion.” Hutchison took the victory as a sign

and went on to win numerous quad-bike championship titles, but retired in 2000 saying he had to find a ‘real job’. “After four interviews I said no way, this isn’t for me, and got back on the track.” Hutchison has since built a solid racing career, putting together his own team and winning the 2005, 2007 and 2009 offroad championships. He now juggles two racing styles, offroad and rally. “I’m quite new to rally racing, so getting comfortable is next.” After my racing experience with Hutchison, it was a dull drive back to the office.

TRACK MASTER: Off-road and rally car champion Evan Hutchison on his customised 620 brake horsepower Motorite racer.

a DaVinci hamper to the value of R200! CHAMPS: The Junior National Orienteering U21 team based in Fourways is competing in the World Championships in Aalborg Denmark this month. The group will compete in a sprint race, two middle distance races, a long distance race and finally a relay event of teams of three. Team members are (back) Michael Crone, Zoe Brentano, manager Alex Pope, Stephanie Courtnage, Sarah Pope, Salome van Hoepen, coach Nicholas Mulder, (front) Jessica Lund, Bradley Lund and JP Sissing.

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Fourwyas Review 23 July 2010  
Fourwyas Review 23 July 2010  

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