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CCN Media Ipswich Road Norwich, Norfolk UK NR22LJ Phone: 01603 773311 Fax:

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Name of Artist

Allison Crowe

Name of Track

Skeletons & Spirits

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Christina Worby



Christina Worby


Camera Editor

Mob: Christina Worby

Studio-shoot ideas - include any special effects (e.g. green screen): N/A - Stop-motion Animation Instead

Location-shoot ideas - where and when you will be filming: N/A - Stop-motion Animation Instead


Summary of Production: I intend to use Stop-Motion Animation, editing the images/drawings in Adobe Photoshop. The entire video will be of StopMotion Animation, in a Tim Burton style (like Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas), including ghosts & skeletons. The theme is 'jilted lover'. Based around Stop-motion animation, incorporating sketches I have drawn, altered to suit my use within Photoshop. It will have a Tim Burton theme, on par with 'Corpse Bride' in the style of the drawings. The Main characters will be a woman (the jilted lover) & a man (the one the song is about). Using varying pictures such as; ghosts, skeleton hands, stairs, doors, clouds & waves.

Stylistic Influences and inspiration (include any music videos, scenes from films, TV adverts etc that have influenced you): Tim Burton -> Corpse Bride, (the scene of the jazz playing skeletons). Sia -> 'Breathe Me' Music Video Carlos Lascano -> 'A Short Love Story' Video

Production equipment needed (cameras, tripods etc.): N/A

Dates you need the equipment: N/A

Times and dates you need the TV Studio: N/A


Treatment for Media coursework