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Interview with Duncan – Rhythm Guitarist & Singer for the band – ‘Vampire Kiks’

Finally B.R have a chance to grab the lead singer and rhythm guitarist Duncan, from the rising hot new band, ‘Vampire Kiks.’ With a laid back countenance and a cheeky smile to match, he has no care in the world and time on his hands. At only 18 years of age, Duncan along with Sophie (19), Nick (22) and Rhys (17) the quartet have managed to rock the web world with over 2,000 fans and more just lining up. Facebook and Myspace combined, the young rockers have managed to catch our senses in just under three years. So tell me Duncan, where did you meet? In a bar, gig or other sort of social event? (I used to play at a little cafe as a solo thing, then when I was finished doing a set there were this drum and guitar duo. They sounded pretty chilled but had that sort of rock edge that I liked so I went ahead and talked to them after their set. We exchanged numbers as you do and it went from there. But what about the rest of the band? You’ve still got to get a bassist. (My sister has a friend who’s a brilliant bassist and she’s damn hot too. We asked my sis to see if she would be interested to be in our band, she jumped at the chance and that’s how Vampire Kiks came about. It was pretty lucky really that we all got on well.) Did Sophie have any trouble being the only female then? (Well she had a bit of trouble with Rhys at first, thinking he was a stuck-up arrogant womanising child, but it soon cooled off when she threw her fair share of punches. He backed off then. But I so wished he hadn’t, so I could see Sophie when she’s angry again, nothing better than seeing her so dominating.) Ah, it sounds like you have a thing for her. Is there love blossoming there? (Well yeah, seeing as we’re together now. We never made it official because we thought it would make too much trouble with public press sticking their noses in and creating rumours. But I think after half a year or so we know we’re pretty serious and so have no troubles making it public news. So there you go... I think we’re going to lose some of our male fans...oh well it’s worth it for her. Aw that’s sweet. So have you always played music? Or was it something out-of-the-blue? (No originally I hated guitar, I couldn’t even play a G-chord! In fact it was only a couple of years before I started the band that I actually started learning the guitar. And yes I know what you’re thinking, how can I be so good so fast? Well it’s all natural talent to be honest...*laughs* just lucky I s’pose. As for the singing I only started professionally when we all got together for the first practice session, of course I’m not exactly brilliant but can scream a whole lot better. What about Sophie, Nick and Rhys? Are they as musically talented as you? Err...well Sophie had been playing for as long as my sister’s known her, um which is actually longer than I’ve known her. As for Nick and Rhys, Nick had been playing the drums for longer than all of us learning out instruments combined; he’s actually the oldest member of the band,

but yeah even though he looks the youngest. Rhys in contrast is the youngest, he’s only been playing for just over a year when I’d met him and under my tutelage he became the prodigy of guitar. Of course I’m still better than him seeing as I write the thing he plays. I see well were any of you in previous bands? If so did the break-up go well or not so well? (Um, personally I wasn’t and Sophie’s only had a high school band nothing major. Nick though has been in the most bands, which is a pity because he’s seen the least action with women. *laughs* Most of them went well for Nick, one in particular sticks out in his mind where the guitarist went psycho on everyone’s ass, let’s just say he’s not going to be seeing daylight for a while...apart from that Nick said it was fine. Rhy has only been in one other band which was actually going really well for him but he pissed off the wrong people and got kicked out. If you’re wondering how he’s only had one years experience and still managed to get into a band, its ‘cause of the band starting from scratch. A stupid idea I think to be honest. How did you find the first few months? Were they tough in getting publicity or did Myspace & Facebook work particularly well? The first few months were actually like hell to be honest, we couldn’t get any publicity and um the only reason we got where we are today is ‘cause of an event based on pure luck. And that was? Well we needed the money so we played at restaurants as well as minor gigs, it just so happened that one gig was cancelled; we took a last minute job we would never have considered. It turns out that a producer was passing through town and decided to stop at the restaurant, he came to us after the set had finished and offered us a deal. Err...eventually we became a signed act. That’s the story really. Why did you decide on this genre of music? Were you all into that music or did it come as a surprise to you? (Well I always thought that I’d be pursuing classical guitar because that’s how I started out but I found that it was a mainly solo career and I really wanted something I could share with people. A band. I’ve never really enjoyed playing pop, rap etc, generally anything other than rock and classical. My inspiring band is Avenged Sevenfold, when I found I could compose like them, I just decided to play that music.) The rest of the band, did they agree straight away? (Pretty much honestly, I mean Sophie’s favourite band is Avenge Sevenfold as well, so she was ecstatic when I told her that our ‘muse’ would be based on them. And Nick well he’s pretty much satisfied if he can bang the drums as hard and as fast as he can, bless him. Rhys was the least keen on the idea but he pretty much came around after he heard some of my songs and realised he actually enjoyed playing rock as well as listening to it. Did the name of the band ‘Vampire Kiks’ just appear in your minds or has it got a deeper meaning? Well this is the sick side of things...we drink blood. No I’m joking, its only me who drinks that’s a joke too, sorry but seriously? Who needs more of a reason than the fact that we absolutely love watching gory, vampire, zombie films and games. So we couldn’t exactly call ourselves vampires, but ‘cause we get ‘kicks’ from the films and games we decided to add that

onto the end and take out the ‘C’ because Nick spelt it like that. He’s not dyslexic, just a tad simple. Bless him. Who does the lyrics and who does the melody? Or is it equally shared? Well Nick does his own thing on the drums, actually I think he adds his own little twists when we play live but keeps his ‘personal flare’ to a minimum in the studio. Rhys pretty much plays what I tell him to, and Sophie tells me what to tell Rhys. Nah, jokes we compose the songs and melody equally. Was it smooth sailing or did you manage to bicker like children? Oh we bicker all the time, but nothing serious although when we got together at first Rhys threatened to leave if we didn’t change the genre of music. Once again Nick’s happy if he has a pair of drumsticks in his hands. Sophie had a bit of trouble as the only female of the band seeing as Rhys is the biggest womaniser I know for someone so young, he’s seen many black eyes from Sophie’s masculine fist. But luckily she’s too mature to leave the band on something so childish. But it’s all fun and games for us now. You mentioned the friction between Sophie and Rhys earlier. Any funny stories to tell? (Only the fact that for all Rhys’s womanising and ‘stud-ish’ nature, after the beating he took from Sophie, even his little sister scares the shit out of him when angry.) From the fledglings and their contacts, we hear you’ve been touring England. How’d it go? *Not too many hiccups on the road? *Jokes and pranks a must or did you all stay clean? (Oh god yes we got down and dirrty all the time. Nah, we did some minor crap. Got drunk nothing worth saying, as for hiccups on the road... Well we couldn’t get enough of them. The bus we were touring in, a motor home sorta thing, broke down so many times I mean usually its the most reliable thing I’ve lived in. But recently the cold spurts have iced up where we drove and we ended up crashing round about the same amount of times we broke down. That would be about...fourteen times of course that’s not including the time we left Rhys to get more petrol and he filled it with diesel, the stupid bugger... All in all though, the most enjoyable tour I’ve ever done. Wasn’t it your first? *laughs* Yes. How did it feel to know that your fans adore you and have followed you so loyally for the past two years? (Whoo! Money! *laughs* Nah, it’s one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience. Mind you it’s done nothing to help Rhys’s ego and his womanising ways, only problem is all our lady fans are encouraging him by sleeping with him. Of course I try to keep him busy as possible by giving him the toughest solos I’ve ever composed, you should see his face when he gets angry...broke his favourite guitar... Anyways, straying off the point, we’d have never made it where we are today without our fans. Last thing, what’s the plan for the future? (What’s the point in looking ahead? I just enjoy the here and now. Still I hope we’re playing until the day I die.

The Unedited Questionnaire & Answers For V.K Interview  
The Unedited Questionnaire & Answers For V.K Interview  

The unedited version of my interview with Duncan from Vampire Kiks