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The first edition – 2015 The second edition – 2016 Current edition – The third edition – 2020 Published by the Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare

This book is published by the Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare and is intended for free distribution to serve as a means of information and the promotion of Animal Rights and the duties that these entail. Publication rights are reserved to the Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare.

2020 ISBN: 978-99957-1-845-9.

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Contents A message to the students from the Commissioner for Animal Welfare, Dr. Denis Montebello


CHAPTER 1: Different Species of Animals


CHAPTER 2: The Emergency Number for the Animals who Live on the Streets


CHAPTER 3: The Five Freedoms of Animals


CHAPTER 4: The Animal Sanctuaries


CHAPTER 5: The Use of the Leash


CHAPTER 6: The Electronic Identification


CHAPTER 7: The Registration of Exotic Animals


CHAPTER 8: Traditional Horse-Drawn Carriages (Karozzini) 34 CHAPTER 9: Laws relating to Cruelty to Animals and their Enforcement 36 Useful Contact Numbers related to Animal Welfare 39 APPENDICES List of Dog Parks in the Maltese Islands


List of Dog-friendly Beaches in the Maltese Islands 40 List of Dog and Cat Sanctuaries in the Maltese Islands 41 3


A message to the students from the Commissioner for Animal Welfare, Dr. Denis Montebello.

Dear students,

that animals are treated in a humane and responsible

You have heard many


references to “Animal Welfare” and “Animal

This is not something

Wellbeing” by which we

new. From earliest

understand the entirety of

civilised times there has

all those principles and

always been a close

rules regarding the

relationship between

relationship between

human beings and

human beings and

animals. This is due to


the human need to sustain himself from herding,


These also include the

hunting or fishing. From

relevant duties to ensure

the very beginning,

humans recognised the

as much as it is ours.

importance of taking care

Society’s development

of animals.

and technological advancements led to new

Having said that, the

systems of mechanised

interest was principally

breeding of a larger

based on human needs

number of animals as well

rather than on the

as a decrease in

interest for the animals.

environmental spaces

During those times, man

where animals can live on,

did not appreciate the

even those domesticized.

sacrosanct right of each creature to enjoy the

All this brought with it a

world, which is theirs just

great opportunity for


animal exploitation and

All this, together with the

the decrease in the

appreciation that the

number of operating

animals should not be

farms around the world

abused, called for

has implied less

fundamental laws to

usefulness of

regulate the relationship

domesticated animals.

of humans with animals and to ensure that animals are protected from cruelty and abuse.

Therefore, the five fundamental freedoms of each animal were established, about which further details are found in this booklet. These are truly the Rights of Animals. However, since they have yet not been incorporated into any particular law, they are 6

seldom interpreted in the

linked to another creature

right manner.

and every species is essentially strongly

As students, you do

connected with other

acknowledge that these

species. Thus, the

rights do not imply that

protection due by

an animal must be

intelligent humans should

protected from literally

be channelled to

every type of use by

guaranteeing that animals

humans, which is expected

will be safe from any

by some sectors.

misuse or abuse and that, in the necessary

This interpretation would

relationships with

be the extreme opposite

humans, the animal, in its

to what was believed

broad definition, shall be

years ago – that animals

granted a life free from

and every creature were

constant fear and abuse

solely created to fulfil

and with the guarantee of

human needs.

the freedoms above mentioned.

In fact, we know for a fact that every creature is 7

The sensible person, therefore, is obliged to supervise and regulate his relations with animals so that the two can live together in harmony without the animal being abused in any form or another.

Even more so, the

raised calmly and without

intelligent person is also

fear of abuse by other

obliged to monitor the

species and without

relationships between

abusing other species.

every different species of


animals, or rather of each

The ultimate goal of what

creature, to assure the

Animal Welfare should

wellbeing of every

imply is the effort to

species and to ensure that

attain harmony between

each species has its own

man and every species of

niche to live in and be

creation, with an

assurance of life without

animals and hopefully it

fear in the relationship

will arouse a greater

between them and,

interest in animals and

although controlled and

their importance in

monitored, with the

civilized life and perhaps

guaranteed protection

even prompt your

from any degradation of

participation in the efforts

the environment, and

needed to communicate

from the lack of space,

better this message on

sustenance, care and

Animals and their Rights


In this booklet you shall find a lot of useful

With Regards, Dr. Denis Montebello The Commissioner for Animal Welfare

information explaining everyone’s duties towards 9

Chapter 1:

Different Species of Animals


When we mention an animal,

streets, abandoned animals,

the first thing that comes to

domestic animals, farm

mind is a dog or a cat.

animals as well as exotic

However, there are many

animals. Those animals, all,

different species of animals,

those forming part of the

including those animals

animal kingdom, play an

which live outside on the

important role in mankind’s

life and, as humans, we

has a duty to take care of

control them in some way

animals, by loving them

or another for our own

and providing them with

benefit. Each species can

the most basic things that

be said to be sentient,

any species will need.

meaning that animals feel,

Like us humans, all

like us humans.

species have their own

Based on this fact, man


Therefore, we cannot treat them as inanimate objects, such as a table or shoe, because these are living creatures.


Nowadays, more than ever, animals are being given greater importance in our


society, in fact, in this publication; we will all,



deal with the various obligations, laws and regulations in place for the adequate care of animals.

nd’s 11

Chapter 2

The Emergency Number for the Animals who Live on the Streets Like us humans, animals

emergency, for example

may need instant help,

either due to illness or

which constitutes a

being hit by a car.

situation of emergency. It

Unfortunately, there are

should be noted that

also cases of animal

abandoned animals, since

cruelty, where certain

they live on the road and

people abuse stray animals

have no owner, are more

for no reason whatsoever.

likely to need help in an



provide the necessary assistance to any animal in a situation of emergency. Emergency Number 1717

The animal ambulance works 24 hours a day

Accordingly, the

every day including Public

Government has a

holidays and National

dedicated authority,

holidays. If our pet

which is the Directorate

(domestic animal) is sick

of Animal Welfare and

or injured, one should not

Promotional Services

call the animal

specifically to receive the

ambulance, but one

reports of abandoned

should take the animal

animals needing

directly to the vet.

emergency care. It is recommended that The Animal Welfare

we take our pet regularly

Directorate is equipped

to the same veterinarian

with several ambulances

as much as possible since

so that the officers can

she/he would know its 13

medical history. The

officers of the directorates

public should call the

such as the name of the

Animal Welfare Directorate

locality and the name of

on 1717, which is free of

the street, so as not to

charge, when seeing an

waste time and the animal

animal in need of medical

can be saved sooner.

assistance or another emergency.

In addition, it is also important that the


When calling about some

directorates are given a

emergency, it is important

number where they can

to provide as many

reach the person who

details as possible to the

made the report so that in

case they do not find the

This allows workers from

location immediately,

the Animal Welfare

they would be able to call

Directorate to come to

on that number given.

the location indicated to check the animal

One should call 1717 when any lost, injured or sick dog or cat is found. If the animal has a medal (ID Tag), one should call the owner of the animal directly, however, if the animal does not have one and it seems that it is lost, one should call the officials of the Directorate of Animal Welfare on 1717 if the animal is in Malta, or on 79691717 if the animal is in Gozo. 15

with a microchip scanner

identification, better

to establish whether it

known as the microchip.

has an electronic


that the hospital service come at a cost.

Apart from the animal

The Hospital for Animals and Veterinary Clinics

hospital in Malta, there are a number of veterinary clinics, where

Nowadays, in addition to

one may take her/his

a hospital for humans,

animal there for a

there is also a hospital for

check-up or in case of any

animals. This hospital is


in Ta’ Qali and similar to our normal hospital, it is

Some clinics also offer

open all day and all year

the service of a

round. Thus, when an

veterinarian all day (just

owner has an animal

like the animal hospital).

which requires medical help, she/he may take her/his animal to this hospital.

One should know 17

Chapter 3:

The Five Freedoms of Animals In order to take care of every animal species, on an international level, a set of five freedoms have been established. Therefore, the proper treatment of animals revolves around what we call

‘The Five Freedoms’. Thus, the owners of domestic, exotic and/or farm animals are obliged to provide such five


freedoms of their animals. The animals have their own needs too, and it is good that the owner of the animal takes care of the animal by ensuring that all the five animal freedoms are observed.


These five animal freedoms are:

1 2


Freedom for Food and Drink The animal should have access to food and drink, so that it can survive and live healthily.

Freedom from Discomfort The owner of the animal should


provide a comfortable environment where the animal lives and where it may find shelter from the elements such as the sun or bad weather in general, and where it has access to natural light. Apart from that, if the animal is kept in a place outside, such as a roof or a yard, the animal owner must ensure that the temperature in which the animal lives is adequate.




Freedom from Pain and Disease The animal must be given the necessary vaccines by the veterinarian. The owner of

the animal shall make sure that the required check-ups at the veterinarian are done. When the animal is sick, the owner of the animal must seek the necessary medical assistance from a veterinarian.


Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour The animal must have sufficient space and appropriate facilities where it lives, enabling it to exercise, play and express its normal behaviour. An animal should live with other animals.


Freedom from Fear and Distress An animal should be treated well so as to protect it from any stress and mental health problems. Stress in an animal can lead to physical illness, and furthermore, the animal’s behaviour might change possibly provoking aggressive behaviours. 21

Chapter 4:

The Animal Sanctuaries In our country, we have

list of sanctuaries is found

several animal sanctuaries

in the appendices) for

registered as voluntary

dogs, cats, and horses,

organisations distinct from

which are funded by

governmental organisations.

Governmental assistance

We have sanctuaries (the

and private donations which include money and food among other assistance. Besides, there are other volunteers who give their help freely. Even the Government has an animal sanctuary where a number of dogs and cats are kept. The latter animal sanctuary


is in Għammieri, Marsa.

choosing an animal similar

The animals picked up by

to what was desired,

animal welfare officers,

otherwise one should wait

after being given medical

longer before deciding to

assistance at the animal

buy an animal. When an

hospital, are taken to this

animal is adopted, an act

sanctuary in Għammieri,

of kindness is being done

where these animals will

with that animal, and the

hopefully be later

love and gratitude

adopted (free of charge).

expressed by that animal, is simply a wonderful

The Adoption of Animals


It is recommended that

However, it is critical that

whenever somebody

before we adopt, we

intends to adopt a dog or

should make sure that we

cat, she/he should go to a

have enough time for the

sanctuary to check

animal, so that we can

whether they have the

love and enjoy one

animal desired. If she/he

another and guarantee

does not find what she/he

the Five Freedoms.

wants, we recommend 23

Chapter 5:

The Use of the Leash The use of the leash is

owner absolute control of

obligatory. Therefore,

the animal. Some people

dog owners are obliged

argue, ‘but my dog is

by law, to keep the dog

faithful and tame’ or ‘my

on a leash whenever the

dog obeys me a lot’. All

dog is taken in public

this is irrelevant, because


we must be aware, that the animal remains an

The use of the leash is

animal, and no one can

intended to give the

foretell how it reacts.

In addition to this, we must keep in mind that there are some people who are afraid of dogs, just like there are people afraid of other creatures such as a 24

mouse, cockroach, or snake.

Moreover, when one leaves the dog unleashed

Dog Parks

on the road, it runs the risk of being hit by a car, or

In the Maltese Islands you

possibly, annoys someone

can take your dog to play

walking another dog.

and run around, in one of the dog parks that have

On the other hand,

been set up.

whoever has a dog, can go to one of the dog

There, the dog can be

parks in our country

allowed to run without a

where the owner can let

leash. Some of the parks

the dog run freely without

are divided into two

a leash.

sections; a section for

In addition, one can also

small dogs and another

take the dog to the sea,

for larger dogs. The full

where it can be allowed to list of dog parks in the swim unleashed.

Maltese Islands are found in the appendices. 25

Since dogs may roam

The Maltese Islands are

freely in the dog park

surrounded by the sea

with other dogs, it is

and one is expected to go

recommended that a

swimming in Summer.

muzzle is put on one’s

Most people decide to

dog to preclude accidents,

take their dog with them

especially if one’s dog is

to the sea.

agressive to other dogs and might attack another

This is a good thing,

dog. This provides peace

because apart from

of mind to both dog and

spending more time with

owner and both can have

our pet, the animal would

an enjoyable time.

be getting some excercise as well. However, our affection for dogs is not necessarily shared by everyone.

We must therefore keep in mind those others who

Beaches where dogs can swim (Dog-friendly beaches) 26

are afraid of them or who do not feel comfortable in

their presence.

(together with its owner), the dog must be held

For this reason, a few

close to its owner, so that

years ago, a number of

no annoyance is caused

areas were identified,

to others on the same

where dogs can be taken

beach with their own dog.

to swim. The list of dog-friendly In these zones, the dog

beaches can be found in

should be kept on the

the appendices.

leash next to its owner, and the leash can be removed only before the dog goes swimming with its owner and obviously, while swimming in the sea.

When the dog comes out of the sea 27

Chapter 6:

The Electronic Identification Today there are various

the microchip. Other

ways in which an animal

animals, such as farm

can be identified.

animals, and even exotic

Identification always

animals, must be

depends on the type of

registered with the

animal. For example, dogs

Department of Veterinary

and cats are identified


through the ID Tag; there is also an electronic

The ID Tag

identification of dogs better known as

The owner of the dog is obliged, by law, to attach an ID tag to the collar of the animal, which tag would contain the owner’s


details and the name of

case of a cat, the ID tag is

the dog on the back. This

optional but it is still

tag would turn out to be

recommended for the

very useful for those

reasons mentioned

whose dog gets lost.


Anyone who finds a dog wearing such a medal, will

Some information

immediately realise that

about the Electronic

the animal has an owner,


and thanks to the ID Tag the finder of the lost

The electronic identification

animal will be able to

for dogs is a very small

contact its owner. In the

chip (roughly the size of a 29

grain) which is injected

cats, is one of the ways to

into the dog’s neck,

identify the animal. Every

underneath its skin. It

dog owner and anyone

contains a unique

adopting a dog is required

identification number for

by law to ensure that the

each dog.

dog has this electronic identification before the

When injected, the

dog is four months old.

capsule’s number is linked

The injection of the chip

to the owner in a national

can be done painlessly by

database. The electronic

the veterinarian.

identification, of dogs and 30

The electronic

regarding the dogs and

identification is useful

their owners.

because in this way fewer owners will abuse or

With respect to cats,

abandon their dogs if they

although cat owners are

get fed up of them, and if

not yet required by law to

a dog is lost or escapes

provide medal and

the owner can be traced.

electronic identification, it is very recommended that

The national database is

all cat owners do make

regularly updated and

both the medal (ID tag)

contains a complete

and the electronic

record of details



Chapter 7: The

Registration of Exotic Animals Recently, we are

have a private collection,

observing an increase in

or a zoological

the number of people who

establishment (zoo)

prefer to have some

where these exotic and

animal other than those

even wild animals, such as

familiar to the Maltese Islands such as a cat, a dog, a fish or a bird, nowadays, there are persons who decide to raise a snake, or a monkey or other exotic animal. Furthermore, there are persons who 32

tigers are kept. It is

keeper. Moreover,

important that anyone

whoever intends to raise

interested in adopting or

an exotic animal, is

raising such an animal, is

required by law to register

aware of its nature and

the (exotic) animal with

whether it can survive in

the Department of

the climate of the Maltese

Veterinary Services and


must observe the regulations on the keeping

She/he must also be sure

of exotic animals.

that she/he is capable of keeping it and not throwing it out or letting it go astray when she/he loses interest in its upkeep. It is illegal and immoral to abandon any animal or to dispose of it in any other way other than by transferring it to another competent 33

Chapter 8:

Traditional Horse-Drawn Carriages (Karozzini) In July 2019, new

on the use of horse-drawn

regulations on the use of

carriages between the 1st

horse-drawn carriages

of July and the 31st of

were introduced in the

August between 13:00

Maltese Islands.

and 16:00.

A karozzin is a horse

The journey of the

drawn vehicle with at

horse-drawn carriage

least four wheels and a

cannot be longer than 45

compartment separate

minutes, cannot carry

from the coachman. This

more than five persons,

would need to have a

including the driver, and

licence to be used for the

the horse-drawn carriage

carriage of passengers by

can only work on alternate

way of hire or other

days and no more than

compensation. The new

three times a week.

regulations include a ban 34

With these regulations

given more dignity, and

that have come into force,

they shall no longer be

the karozzini horses will

treated as an object or as

be treated better, will be

a means of transport.


Chapter 9:

Laws relating to Cruelty to Animals and their Enforcement Enforcement of a law

offence the Magistrate will

requires people to take

impose a fine of between

action. This action is taken

€6,000 and €80,000.

by Animal Welfare Officers, the Police and may also be

Animal Cruelty

taken by Local Wardens. When an animal owner


These officers can penalise

does not observe the five

anyone caught abusing the

animal freedoms, as

animals in any way and the

outlined at the beginning

offender will be charged

of this booklet, the animal

with animal cruelty before

is considered as being

the Court. Whoever is

abused. However, there

found guilty of animal

are other situations where

cruelty, can be fined

the animal would be

between €2,000 and

suffering from cruelty, such

€65,000 for the first

as when someone keeps a

offence while on a second

dog on a leash for a long

First Offence

Second Offence

Prison Time

Impose fine of € 2,000 and € 65,000

Impose fine of €6,000 and € 80,000

up to three years.

amount of time and in the

of dogs which, among

same place. Meanwhile, in

other provisions sets out

October 2018 a law was

that the minimum space

enacted specifying the

per dogs should never be

regulations on the keeping

less than the following:

Height from the waist of the dog

Minimum ground area

Minimum length of shortest side


(1 + N) X 1m2



((1 + N) X 1.2m2



(1 + N) X 1.5m2


‘N’ refers to the number of dogs in the same enclosure.

Source: L.S. 439.21 – Keeping of Dogs (Regulations)

With the technological advancements of nowadays whenever animal cruelty is encountered one may easily take a photo or video and file a report. In fact, you can 37

download an application on your mobile phone called Malta Animal

Emergency Number

Welfare to report cases of animal cruelty, to adopt an animal, to report an emergency as well as to report that have found a lost animal.

report is made on 1717

Animal Abuse Reports Whenever someone encounters a

Functional 24 Hours

case of animal cruelty, one should call the animal emergency number 1717 directly. When a report is made (on 1717) to the officials of the Animal Welfare Directorate,

including weekends and Public and National holidays.

confidentiality and anonymity are assured. This means that whoever

Confidentiality & Anonymity

files a report can rest assured that the identity of the caller will never be revealed. The animal emergency

number is functional 24 hours a day including weekends and Public and National holidays. 38

identity of the caller will never be revealed

Useful Contact Numbers related to Animal Welfare

The Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare:

2292 8618 Animal Welfare and Promotion Services Directorate:

2292 4325 Veterinary Regulation Directorate (Animal Welfare Unit):

2292 5305 Microchipping Office:

2124 4236 Animal Ambulance:

1717 Cleansing and Maintenance Division:

1718 Wildlife Rescue Ambulance (Nature Trust Malta):

9999 9505 General Police Headquarters:

2122 4001



List of dog parks in the Maltese Islands

Currently, there are four dog parks in Malta and

one in Gozo:

Ta’ Qali

Marsaskala (Sant’Antnin Family Park)


San Ġwann

Nadur (Gozo)

List of dog-friendly beaches in the Maltese Islands

Daħlet ix-Xmajjar, Armier

Torri l-Abjad, Armier

L-Aħrax, Mellieħa

Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq (behind Splash and Fun)

Il-Bajja tal-Imġiebaħ, Selmun

Il-Bajja tar-Rinella, il-Kalkara


Fortina – Tigne Point, Tas-Sliema

Xatt is-Sajjieda, Marsaxlokk

Il-Magħluq, viċin Marsaxlokk

Żonqor Point, Marsaskala

Imġarr ix-Xini, Għajnsielem (Gozo)

Ta’ Xwejni, Marsalforn (Gozo)

List of Sanctuaries in the Maltese Islands SANCTUARY NAME







info@ islandsanctuary.com. mt

www. islandsanctuary. com.mt

The Island Sanctuary Malta



animalcare.mt@ gmail.com

http:// animalcaremalta. com

Animal Care Malta Cat Sanctuary



csafmalta@gmail. com

http:// csafcatsanctuary. org/

CSAF Carer for Stray Abandoned Felines




http://www. maltaspca.org/

MSPCA formerly SPCA Malta




http://www. spca-gozo.org/



7973 0921


https://www. aaamalta.com

Association for Abandoned Animals



noahsarkmalta@ gmail.com

www. noahsarkmalta.org

Noah’s Ark Malta Dogs For Adoption

tomasinasanctuary@ gmail.com

www. tomasinasanctuary. org

National Cat Society





Kittyland. Felines Forever Association.



Ronald.giordano@ gmail.com


Love for Strays


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Il- Werrej Messaġġ lill-istudenti mill-Kummissarju għat-Trattament Xieraq tal-Annimali, Dr.Denis Montebello 4 KAPITLU 1: Speċi Differenti ta’ Annimali


KAPITLU 2: In-Numru tal-Emerġenza għall-Annimali li Jgħixu Barra fit-Triq 12 KAPITLU 3: Il-Ħames Libertajiet tal-Annimali


KAPITLU 4: Is-Santwarji tal-Annimali


KAPITLU 5: L-Użu taċ-Ċinga 24 KAPITLU 6: L-Identifikazzjoni Elettronika


KAPITLU 7: Ir-Reġistrazzjoni ta’ Annimali Eżotiċi


KAPITLU 8: Iż-Żwiemel tal-Karozzini


KAPITLU 9: Infurzar tal-Liġijiet u Penali Marbuta

mal-Moħqrija fuq l-Annimali 36 NUMRI UTLI Numri Utli relatati mal-Benessri

tal-Annimali 40 APPENDIĊI

Lista ta’ Parks għall-Klieb fil-Gżejjer Maltin 41

Lista ta’ Bajjiet fejn jistgħu jgħumu l-Klieb fil-Gżejjer Maltin 41 Lista ta’ Santwarji tal-Klieb u l-Qtates fil-Gżejjer Maltin 42



Lill-istudenti mill-Kummissarju għat-Trattament Xieraq tal-Annimali, Dr. Denis Montebello.

Għeżież Studenti,

jiġu ttrattati b’mod uman u b’responsabbiltà.

Smajtu ħafna referenzi għall-kliem Trattament

Din m’hix xi ħaġa ġdida.

Xieraq tal-Annimali,

Sa mill-bidu taċ-ċiviliz-

Animal Welfare u

zazzjoni tal-bniedem

Benessere u bihom

dejjem kien hemm

nifhmu dawk il-prinċipji u

relazzjoni viċina bejn

r-regoli kollha li jirreferu

il-bniedem u l-annimal.

għar-relazzjonijiet bejn il-bniedem u l-annimali.

Dan minħabba l-ħtieġa tal-bniedem li jsostni ruħu


Dawn jinkludu wkoll

mill-merħla jew mill-kaċċa

id-doveri relattivi biex

u s-sajd. Il-bniedem sa

jiġi assikurat li l-annimali

mill-bidu kien fehem

l-importanza tal-kura sew

huwa wkoll id-dinja li hija

tal-annimali u ġieli smajtu

tiegħu wkoll.

bl-espressjoni ‘Ħu ħsieb l-annimal biex hu jieħu

L-iżvilupp tas-soċjetà u

ħsiebek’. Madanakollu,

l-avvanz fit-teknoloġija

dan l-interess kien aktar

wasslu kemm għal sistemi

ibbażat fuq il-ħtiġijiet

ġodda għat-trobbija

tal-bniedem milli fuq

mekkanizzata ta’ numru

l-interess tal-annimali.

ħafna ikbar ta’ annimali kif ukoll nuqqas ta’ spazji

Dak iż-żmien kien għad

ambjentali fejn jistgħu

m’hemmx apprezzament

jgħixu l-annimali, anke

tad-dritt sagrosant ta’ kull

dawk domestiċi.

ħolqien li jgawdi


Dan kollu ġab miegħu

Dan kollu, flimkien

opportunità kbira ta’

mal-apprezzament li

sfruttament tal-annimal u

l-annimali m’għandhomx

n-nuqqas ta’ rziezet

ikunu abbużati u lanqas

operattivi madwar

maħqura, wassal

id-dinja ġabet fix-xejn

għall-bżonn ta’ liġijiet serji

l-utilità tal-annimali

biex jirregolaw


ir-relazzjonijiet tal-bniedem mal-annimali u biex dawn jiġu mħarsa minn kull tip ta’ krudeltà u abbuż.

Ġew għalhekk stabbiliti l-ħames libertajiet fundamentali ta’ kull annimal li dwarhom taqra iktar fil-fond f’dan il-librett.

Dawn huma verament id-Drittijiet tal-Annimali. Iżda billi dawn għadhom 6

ma ġewx imdaħħlin f’xi

Infatti, nafu li kull ħolqien

liġi partikolari, mhux

huwa marbut m’ieħor u

dejjem jingħataw l-inter-

kull speċi hija

pretazzjonijiet ġusta.

essenzjalment marbuta b’relazzjonijiet stretti ma’

Bħala studenti, intom

speċi oħrajn.

tridu tifhmu li dawn ma jfissrux li l-annimal

Għalhekk, il-protezzjoni

għandu jkun protett minn

dovuta mill-bniedem

kull użu tal-bniedem, ikun

intelliġenti hija dik ta’

xi jkun jew l-annimal

ħelsien minn kull użu

għandu jkun mifrud minn

ħażin jew abbuż u li,

kull kuntatt mal-bniedem,

fir-relazzjonijiet neċessarji

kif xi setturi jippretendu.

mal-bniedem, l-annimal, fl-iktar sens wiesgħa

Din tkun interpretazzjoni

tal-kelma, għandu jkun

li tmur fl-estrem l-ieħor

garantit għejxien bla biża’

ta’ dak li sa snin ilu kien

u moħqrija u bil-libertajiet

ikun iċċirkolat – li

kollha dovuti kif spjegat

l-annimal u kull ħolqien

hawn fuq.

kien maħluq biss għall-qadi tal-bżonnijiet umani. 7

Il-bniedem intelliġenti għalhekk għandu l-obbligu li jissorvelja u jirregola r-relazzjonijiet tiegħu mal-annimal biex it-tnejn jistgħu jgħixu flimkien f’armonija mingħajr ma l-annimal jiġi abbużat jew maħqur taħt xi forma jew oħra.


Mhux hekk biss, iżda

tista’ tgħix u titkattar bi

l-bniedem għaqli għandu

trankwillità u mingħajr

l-obbligu wkoll li

biża’ ta’ xi abbuż minn

jissorvelja anke

speċi oħra u mingħajr ma

r-relazzjonijiet bejn kull

hi tabbuża minn xi speċi

speċi differenti ta’

oħra. L-għan finali ta’ dak

annimal, anzi ta’ kull

li aħna għandna ilkoll

ħolqien, biex jassigura

nifhmu bi Trattament

l-benessri ta’ kull speċi u

Xieraq tal-Annimali huwa

biex jaċċerta li kull speċi

fil-fatt li naslu għal-stat

għandha niċċa tagħha fejn

ta’ armonija perfett fejn

il-bniedem u kull speċi ta’

nawgura li jqajjem fikom

ħolqien, fir-relazzjoni ta’

interess ikbar fl-annimali

bejniethom ikunu lkoll

u l-importanza tagħhom

assigurati minn għixien

fil-ħajja ċivilizzata u forsi

bla biża’ u, għalkemm taħt

anke l-parteċipazzjoni

kontroll u sorveljanza,

tagħkom fil-ħidma

b’assikurazzjoni ta’

neċessarja biex inwasslu

protezzjoni minn kull

dan il-messaġġ dwar

tnaqqis ta’ ambjent,

l-Annimali u d-Drittijiet

spazju, sosteniment, kura

Tagħhom iktar fil-fond.

u rispett. Tislijiet, F’dan il-librett għandkom issibu ħafna informazzjoni

Dr. Denis Montebello Il-Kummissarju għat-Trattament Xieraq tal-Annimali

utli li tispjega d-doveri ta’ kulħadd lejn l-annimali u 9

Kapitlu 1:

Speċi Differenti ta’ Annimali


Ħafna minna meta nsemmu

l-annimali abbandunati,

annimal, ġeneralment

l-annimali domestiċi,

naħsbu fil-kelb u l-qattus.

l-annimali tal-irziezet kif

Madanakollu, jeżistu ħafna

ukoll l-annimal eżotiċi.

speċi differenti ta’ annimali

L-annimali kollha li

fosthom, dawk l-annimali li

jifformaw parti mir-renju

nsibu jgħixu barra fit-triq,

tal-annimali, jilgħabu parti


importanti fil-ħajja

bħalna l-bnedmin. Allura,

tal-bniedem u aħna

il-bniedem huwa fid-dmir

l-bnedmin, b’xi mod

li jieħu ħsieb l-annimali,

nikkontrollawhom għal xi

billi jħobbhom u

forma ta’ gwadann

jipprovdilhom l-aktar

minnhom. Kull speċi tista’

affarijiet bażiċi li kull

tgħid li hija senżjenti,

speċi jkollha bżonn.

jiġifieri l-annimali jħossu

Bħalna l-bnedmin, kull

speċi ta’ annimal differenti, għandu l-ħtiġijiet tiegħu. Għalhekk, ma nistgħux nittrattawhom qishom xi oġġett, bħal mejda jew żarbun, għax dawn huma speċi li għandhom ħajja. Illum il-ġurnata, aktar minn qatt qabel l-annimali qed jingħataw importanza kbira fis-soċjetà tagħna, fil-fatt f’din il-pubblikazzjoni se naraw id-diversi obbligi, liġijiet u regolamenti sabiex l-annimali nieħdu ħsiebhom b’mod xieraq. 11

Kapitlu 2:

In-Numru tal-Emerġenza għall-Annimali li Jgħixu Barra fit-Triq Bħala l-bnedmin,

m’għandhomx sid, hemm

l-annimali wkoll jista’

aktar ċans li jiġu bżonn

jkollhom bżonn

l-emerġenza, pereżempju

l-għajnuna ta’ malajr,

minħabba mard jew għax

għalhekk din tkun

jiġu mtajjrin minn xi

sitwazzjoni ta’

karozza. Sfortunatament

emerġenza. Wieħed

ikollok każijiet ukoll ta’

jinnota, illi l-annimali

moħqrija, fejn ċertu nies

abbandunati, minħabba li

jaħqru l-annimali li jgħixu

jgħixu barra t-triq u

barra għal xejn b’xejn.



jagħtu l-għajnuna meħtieġa lil dak l-annimal li jkun f’sitwazzjoni ta’ emerġenza. L-ambulanza tal-annimali taħdem 24 In-Numru tal-Emerġenza – 1717

siegħa kuljum inkluż fil-festi Pubbliċi u Nazzjonali. Jekk

Għaldaqstant, il-Gvern

l-annimal domestiku

għandu direttorat apposta

tagħna jkun marid jew

li huwa d-Direttorat

mweġġa’, f’dak il-każ ma’

tal-Ħarsien tal-Annimali u

nċemplux l-ambulanza

s-Servizzi Promozzjonali

tal-annimali iżda jkun

sabiex jirċievi rapporti

meħtieġ li aħna nieħdu

meta xi annimal

l-annimal għand

abbandunat ikollu bżonn

il-veterinarju. Kemm jista’

kura urġenti.

jkun huwa tajjeb li

Id-Direttorat tal-Ħarsien

l-annimal tagħna nibqgħu

tal-Annimali, huwa

nieħduh regolarment

attrezzat b’numru ta’

għand l-istess veterinarju

ambulanzi, sabiex

biex dan ikun jaf l-istorja

l-uffiċjali jkunu jistgħu

medika tiegħu. 13

Il-pubbliku huwa fid-dmir

bħall-isem tal-lokalità u

illi meta jiltaqa’ ma’

l-isem tat-triq lill-uffiċjali

annimal li għandu bżonn

tad-direttorat, sabiex ma

l-għajnuna medika jew xi

jintilifx ħin u l-annimal

emerġenza oħra, iċempel

ikun jista’ jkun salvat

id-Direttorat tal-Ħarsien

aktar malajr.

tal-Annimali b’xejn fuq in-numru 1717.

Barra minn hekk, importanti wkoll li


Meta nċemplu dwar xi

l-uffiċjali tad-direttorat

emerġenza, wieħed

jiġu mgħotija numru fejn

importanti li jipprovdi

jistgħu jikkuntattjaw

kemm jista’ jkun dettalji,

lill-persuna li jkun għamel

jew għamlet ir-rapport

tal-Ħarsien tal-Annimali

sabiex f’każ li ma jsibux

fuq 1717 jekk l-annimal

fejn iridu jiġu, jkunu

ikun jinsab f’Malta, jew

jistgħu jċemplu fuq dak

fuq 7969 1717 jekk

in-numru li jkun ġie

l-annimal ikun jinsab

mgħoti lilhom.


Wieħed għandu jċempel fuq in-numru 1717, meta jinstab xi kelb jew qattus li huwa mitluf jew ikun mweġġa’ jew marid.

Jekk l-annimali ikollu midalja (ID Tag), wieħed għandu jċempel lil sid l-annimal direttament, iżda, jekk l-annimal ma jkollux midalja u juri sinjali li huwa mitluf, għandna nċemplu l-uffiċjali tad-Direttorat 15


B’hekk ikunu jistgħu jiġu

bil-microchip scanner biex

fuq il-post ħaddiema

jaraw jekk dan għandux

tad-Direttorat tal-Ħarsien


tal-Annimali sabiex

elettronika, dik magħrufa

jiċċekkjaw l-annimal

aħjar bħala l-mikroċipp.

tal-annimali. Wieħed tajjeb ikun infurmat, illi s-servizz tal-isptar huwa bil-ħlas. Minbarra l-isptar tal-annimali madwar

L-Isptar tal-Annimali u l-Kliniċi Veterinarji Illum il-ġurnata minbarra sptar tal-bnedmin, jeżisti sptar ukoll għall-annimali. Dan l-isptar jinsab ġewwa Ta’ Qali u bħall-isptar tagħna l-bnedmin, dan jiftaħ il-ġurnata kollha, u s-sena kollha. Allura,

pajjiżna, hawn numru ta’ kliniċi veterinarji, fejn wieħed jista’ jieħu l-annimal/i tiegħu hemm hekk għall-vista jew f’każ ta’ emerġenza. Xi kliniċi joffru wkoll is-servizz ta’ veterinarju l-ġurnata kollha (bħall-isptar tal-annimali).

meta xi sid ikollu l-annimal/i u jkun hemm bżonn ta’ għajnuna medika wieħed jista’ jieħu l-annimal tiegħu l-isptar


Kapitlu 3:

Il-Ħames Libertajiet tal-Annimali Sabiex nieħdu ħsieb kull speċi ta’ annimali, fuq livell internazzjonali, inħolqu sett ta’ ħames libertajiet. Għaldaqstant, it-trattament xieraq tal-annimali jdur ma’ dawk li nsejħulhom il-ħames libertajiet tal-annimali, bl-Ingliż jissejħu, The Five Freedoms. Dan ifisser illi kull min ikun qed jaqbel li jżomm xi annimal/i domestiċi,


eżotiċi u/jew tal-irziezet, huwa obbligat li jkun jaf x’inhuma ħalli josserva u jipprovdi l-ħames libertajiet lill-annimali. L-annimali għandhom il-bżonnijiet tagħhom ukoll, u tajjeb illi sid l-annimal jieħu ħsieb l-annimal billi jiżgura illi l-ħames libertajiet tal-annimali huma kollha osservati.


Dawn il-ħames libertajiet talannimali huma:

1 2


Libertà għall-ikel u x-xorb L-annimal irid ikollu aċċess

għall-ikel u x-xorb, sabiex ikun jista’ jgħix u jgħix b’saħħtu.

Libertà minn Skumdità Sid l-annimal għandu jipprovdi


ambjent komdu fejn l-annimal jgħix u fejn dan ikun jista’ jistkenn mill-elementi bħal m’huma x-xemx jew il-maltemp, u li jkollu aċċess għad-dawl naturali. Barra minn hekk jekk l-annimal jinżamm f’post barra, bħall-bejt jew bitħa, sid l-annimal irid jara li t-temperatura fejn jgħix l-annimal tkun waħda adegwata.




Libertà mill-Uġiegħ u l-Mard L-annimal għandu jingħata l-vaċċini neċessarji mill-veterinarju. Sid

l-annimal għandu jara li jsiru l-visti neċessarji għand il-veterinarju. Meta l-annimal juri sinjali ta’ mard, sid l-annimal għandu jipprovdi l-għajnuna medika neċessarja mingħand veterinarju.


Libertà li jesprimi l-Imġieba Xierqa L-annimal għandu jkollu spazju u faċilitajiet biżżejjed fejn jgħix, fejn jiġri u fejn jilgħab. Idealment annimal għandu jgħix m’annimali oħrajn.


Libertà mill-Biża’ u mid-Dwejjaq Annimal għandu jkun trattat tajjeb sabiex ikun evitat li l-annimal ibati minn problemi ta’ saħħa mentali. Meta l-annimal ibati minn element ta’ stress, dan jista’ jwassal għall-mard fiżiku, minbarra li l-imġiba tal-annimal tista’ tinbidel u l-annimal isir aggressiv. 21

Kapitlu 4:

Is-Santwarji tal-Annimali F’pajjiżna għandna diversi

tas-santwarji tinsab

santwarji tal-annimali

fl-appendiċi) għall-klieb,

reġistrati bħala għaqdiet

għall-qtates, u għaż-

volontarji u mhux

żwiemel, li jitmexxew

governattivi. Għandna

bl-għajnuna tal-Gvern u

santwarji (il-lista

d-donazzjonijiet privati.

Dawn id-donazzjonijiet jikkonsistu f’għajnuna ta’ flus u ikel fost affarijiet oħra, u għandek umbagħad għajnuna b’xejn li tingħata mill-voluntiera.

Il-Gvern għandu wkoll santwarju fejn jinżammu numru ta’ 22

klieb u qtates ġewwa

dak li jixtieq, nissuġġerixxu

s-santwarju tal-annimali

li jkun tajjeb jekk jagħżel

fl-Għammieri fil-Marsa.

wieħed qrib ta’ dak li kien

Dawk l-annimali li jkunu

qed ifittex, inkella jistenna

nġabru mill-uffiċjali

ftit qabel jiddeċiedi li

tal-animal welfare, u wara

jixtri annimal.

li jkunu ingħataw l-għajnuna medika l-isptar

Meta annimal jiġi adottat

tal-annimali, dawn jittieħdu

tkun qed issir opra ta’

ġewwa dan is-santwarju

karità ma’ dak l-annimal, u

fl-Għammieri, bit-tama li

l-imħabba u l-gratitudni li

dawn jiġu addottati

dak l-annimal joffri, hija

(mingħajr ħlas).

esperjenza sabiħa mmens.

L-Adozzjoni tal-Annimali

Madanakollu, huwa vitali

Tajjeb li meta xi ħadd ikun

ċerti li għandna biżżejjed

ser jaddotta xi kelb jew

ħin għall-annimal, ħalli

qattus pereżempju, l-ewwel

nkunu nistgħu inħobbu u

imur f’xi santwarju jistaqsi

ngawdu lil xulxin u

jekk għandhomx xi annimal

niggarantixxu l-ħames

kif jixtieq. Jekk ma jsibx

libertajiet tal-annimali.

illi qabel nadottaw inkunu


Kapitlu 5:

L-Użu taċ-Ċinga L-użu taċ-ċinga huwa

il-kelb ikun jista’ jiġi

obbligatorju! Għalhekk,

kontrollat minn sidu.

is-sidien tal-klieb huma

Hawn min jgħid, ‘imma taf

obbligati bil-liġi, illi meta

kemm hu fidil il-kelb tiegħi’

joħorġu f’post pubbliku

jew ‘taf kemm jobdini

bil-klieb, dawn jinżammu

l-kelb tiegħi’. Dan kollu

marbutin biċ-ċinga. L-użu

ma jiswa xejn, għaliex

taċ-ċinga qiegħed sabiex

irridu inkunu konxji, illi l-annimal jibqa’ annimal, u ħadd ma jista’ jgħid kif annimal jirreaġixxi.

Barra minn hekk, irridu niftakru li hawn min jibża’ mill-klieb, bħal min hawn min jibża’ minn kreaturi oħrajn bħal 24

pereżempju, xi ġurdien,

tiegħu l-baħar, u

wirdiena jew serp. Ukoll,

hemmhekk jneħħilu

meta wieħed iħalli l-kelb

ċ-ċinga meta jkun ser

tiegħu mingħajr ċinga

jgħum flimkien ma’ sidu.

fit-triq, dan għandu riskju li jittajjar minn xi karozza, jew saħansitra, imur idejjaq lil xi ħadd li jkun għaddej bil-kelb għall-affari tiegħu.

Il-Parks għall-Klieb

Min-naħa l-oħra, kull min

Ġewwa pajjiżna wieħed

għandu kelb/a, jista’ jmur

jista’ jieħu l-kelb tiegħu

ġewwa wieħed mill-parks

jilgħab u jiġri, f’wieħed

tal-klieb li jeżistu fil-Gżejjer

mill-parks tal-klieb illi

Maltin u hemm hekk

għandna. Hemmhekk

wieħed jista’ jħalli l-kelb

il-kelb jista’ jitħalla jiġri

tiegħu jiġri liberament

mingħajr ċinga.

mingħajr ċinga. Uħud mill-parks huma Barra minn hekk, wieħed

maqsumin f’żewġ

jista’ wkoll jieħu l-kelb

sezzjonijiet; sezzjoni 25

għall-klieb żgħar u sezzjoni

B’hekk kull sid u kull kelb,

oħra għall-klieb akbar.

ikun moħħu mistrieħ illi

Il-lista sħiħa tal-parks

jista’ jieħu gost.

tal-klieb li nsibu fil-Gżejjer Maltin jinsabu fl-appendiċi. Minħabba li l-klieb jistgħu jitħallew jiġru liberi fil-parks tal-klieb flimkien ma’ klieb oħra, ma tkunx idea ħażina li l-kelb

Bajjiet fejn jistgħu jgħumu l-klieb

jinżamm b’sarima ma’ ħalqu jekk dan ikun

Pajjiżna huwa mdawwar

aggressiv, sabiex ikun

bil-baħar u ma jistax

evitat xi inċident, għax xi

jonqos illi fis-Sajf immorru

kelb jigdem xi kelb ieħor.

ngħumu. Ħafna nies jiddeċiedu li jieħdu l-kelb magħhom il-baħar. Din hija xi ħaġa sabiħa, għax minbarra li nkunu qegħdin inqattgħu aktar ħin mal-annimal tagħna, l-annimal ikun qiegħed


jagħmel ftit eżerċizzju

X’ħin il-kelb jitla’

wkoll. Iżda, ma jfissirx

mill-baħar (flimkien ma’

għax aħna nħobbu l-klieb,

sidu), il-kelb irid jerġa’

kulħadd iħobbhom bħalna.

jinżamm maġenb sidu, sabiex b’hekk l-ebda kelb

Irridu niftakru li hawn min

ma jmur idejjaq nies oħra

jibża’ minnhom jew ma

li jistgħu jkunu fl-istess

jħossux komdu

bajja bil-kelb tagħhom.

bil-preżenza tagħhom.

Il-lista tal-bajjiet kollha fejn wieħed jista’ jieħu

Għalhekk, ftit tas-snin ilu

l-kelb tiegħu l-baħar

ġew identifikati numru ta’

tinsab fl-appendiċi.

żoni, fejn il-klieb jistgħu jittieħdu biex jgħumu. F’dawn iż-żoni l-kelb għandu jinżamm fuq iċ-ċinga maġenb sidu, u ċ-ċinga għanda titneħħa biss qabel il-kelb jinżel jgħum ma’ sidu u ovvjament waqt li dan qed jgħum fil-baħar. 27

Kapitlu 6:

L-Identifikazzjoni Elettronika Illum jeżistu diversi modi

elettronika tal-klieb,

kif annimal jista’ jkun

magħrufa aħjar bħala


l-mikroċipp (microchip).

L-identifikazzjoni dejjem

Annimali oħrajn,

tiddependi x’tip ta’ annimal

bħall-annimali tal-irziezet,

ikun. Pereżempju, il-klieb

u anke l-annimali eżotiċi,

u l-qtates ikunu identifikati

dawn iridu jkunu reġistrati

minn dik li bl-Ingliż


tissejjaħ l-ID Tag, teżisti

tas-Servizzi Veterinarji.

wkoll l-identifikazzjoni

L-ID Tag Sid il-kelb huwa obbligat bil-liġi li mal-kullar tal-annimali 28

iwaħħal midalja (ID

bis-saħħa ta’ din

Tag), fejn fuq in-naħa ta’

il-midalja, min isib

wara tal-midalja jkun

l-annimal ikun jista’

hemm id-dettalji tas-sid u

jikkuntattja lil sid dak

isem il-kelb jew il-kelba.

l-annimal mitluf.

Din l-imsemmija midalja tista’ tkun utli ħafna għal

Fil-każ ta’ min irabbi xi

min jaħrablu l-kelb tiegħu.

qattus jew qattusa l-ID Tag mhix obbligatorja

Min ser jiltaqgħa ma’ dak

iżda aħna xorta

l-annimal li jkollu l-midalja,

nissuġġerixxu li

min isibu, ser jinduna li

tagħmlulhom waħda

l-annimal inkwistjoni

minħabba r-raġunijiet li

huwa ta’ xi ħadd, u

semmejna qabel. 29

abbinat mas-sid f’database nazzjonali.

L-identifikazzjoni elettronika, tal-klieb u

Xi informazzjoni dwar l-Identifikazzjoni Elettronika

tal-qtates, hija waħda mill-modi kif jiġi identifikat l-annimal.


Kull min għandu, jew kull

elettronika hija ċippa

min iġib kelb, huwa

żgħira ħafna (bejn wieħed

obbligat bil-liġi sabiex

u ieħor daqs rossa) li tiġi

jassigura li l-kelb ikollu

injettata fl-għonq tal-kelb,

din l-identifikazzjoni

taħt il-ġilda. Fiha jkollha

elettronika hekk kif

numru ta’ identifikazzjoni

jagħlaq l-erba’ xhur.

uniku għal kull kelb jew

L-injezzjoni taċ-ċippa,


tista’ tingħata mill-veterinarju u waqt


Għaldaqstant, il-kapsula

din il-proċedura l-kelb jew

meta tiġi injettata,

il-kelba ma jsofru minn

in-numru tagħha jiġi

ebda uġiegħ.


jagħmillu l-midalja u l-iden-

elettronika hija utli għax

tifikazzjoni elettronika,

b’dan il-mod inqas sidien

xorta waħda nappellaw

jabbużaw jew jabbandunaw

sabiex kull min għandu jew

il-klieb li jixbgħu minnhom,

kull min iġib qattus,

jekk jintilef jew jaħrab

issirilhom kemm il-midalja

il-kelb ikun jista’ jinstab

(ID Tag) kif ukoll l-identifi-

minn sidu u tkun sostnuta

kazzjoni elettronika.

d-database b’reġistru sħiħ tal-informazzjoni rigward il-klieb u s-sidien tagħhom.

Dwar il-qtates, għalkemm s’issa min irabbi qattus/a mhux obbligat bil-liġi li


Kapitlu 7:

Ir-Reġistrazzjoni ta’ Annimali Eżotiċi Dan l-aħħar qed jiżdiedu

stabbiliment zooloġiku

aktar nies illi minflok

(zoo) fejn jinżammu dawn

qattus, kelb, ħut jew xi għasfur, saru jippreferu li bħala pet ikollhom xi ħlejqa li fil-Gżejjer Maltin m’aħniex imdorrijin biha.

Pereżempju, illum hawn min jiddeċiedi li jrabbi xi serp, jew xadina. Ukoll, hawn min għandu kollezzjoni privata, jew 32

l-annimali eżotiċi bħal

obbligat bil-liġi sabiex

m’huma t-tigri jew

jirreġistra l-annimal

annimali eżotiċi oħrajn.

(eżotiku) mad-Dipartiment

Importanti li min ikun

tas-Servizzi Veterinarji u

interessat illi jaddotta jew

josserva r-regolamenti

irabbi xi annimal ta’ dan

dwar iż-żamma

it-tip, ikun jaf in-natural

tal-annimali eżotiċi.

tiegħu u jekk jistax jgħix fil-klima tal-Gżejjer Maltin.

Irid ikun ċert ukoll illi kapaċi jżommu u mhux meta jdejqu jitfgħu ‘l barra jew iħallih jaħrab. Huwa illegali u immorali li tarmi annimali ġoż-żibel jew t’abbandunah fit-triq.

Madanakollu, kull min jiddeċiedi li jrabbi annimal eżotiku, huwa 33

Kapitlu 8:

Iż-Żwiemel tal-Karozzini F’Lulju tal-2019, fil-Gżejjer

mill-1 ta’ Lulju sal-31 ta’

Maltin daħlu regolamenti

Awwissu bejn is-13:00 u

ġodda dwar l-użu

l-16:00. Il-vjaġġ ta’


karozzin ma jistax ikun itwal minn 45 minuta,

Il-karozzin hija vettura li

il-projbizzjoni li iktar minn

tkun miġbuda minn bhima

ħames individwi jirkbu fuq

li jkollha għall-anqas erba’

il-karozzin, inkluż

roti u kompartament li

is-sewwieq, u ż-żiemel

jkun separat mill-kuċċier.

tal-karozzin jaħdem ġurnata iva u ġurnata le

Din jkollha liċenzja sabiex

biex b’hekk iż-żiemel ma

tintuża għall-ġarr stradali

jintużax aktar minn tliet

ta’ passiġġieri b’kiri jew

darbiet f’ġimgħa.

kumpens. Ir-regolamenti


l-ġodda jinkludu

L-istess żiemel jista’

l-projbizzjoni tal-użu

jintuża fi ġranet

taż-żwiemel tal-karozzini

alternattivi u mhux aktar

minn tliet darbiet f’ġimgħa.

jingħataw aktar dinjità, dan għaliex mhux se

Permezz ta’ dawn

jibqgħu jiġu trattati bħala

ir-regolamenti ġodda li

oġġett jew mezz ta’

daħlu fis-seħħ iż-żwiemel


tal-karozzini se jkunu qed jingħataw trattament aktar xieraq u se


Kapitlu 9:

Infurzar tal-Liġijiet u Penali Marbuta mal-Moħqrija fuq l-Annimali Sabiex xi liġi tiġi infurzata

moħqrija fuq annimali,

jrid ikun hemm in-nies li

jista’ jeħel multa ta’ bejn

jieħdu passi. Dawn

€2,000 u €65,000

il-passi jittieħdu

għall-ewwel darba,

mill-Uffiċjali għat-Tratta-

filwaqt li jekk ma

ment Xieraq tal-Annimali,

jitgħallimx u jerġa’

mill-Pulizija u jistgħu

jinqabad jaħqar xi

jittieħdu wkoll

annimali, il-Maġistrat jista’

mill-Gwardjani Lokali.

jwaħħal multa ta’ bejn €6,000 u €80,000. Min

Dawn l-uffiċjali jistgħu

jinstab ħati jista’ jeħel

jħarrku lil min jinqabad

anke sa tliet snin ħabs.

jaħqar b’xi mod lill-annimali u jressquh fil-Qorti

Krudeltà tal-Annimali

Kriminali akkużat


b’moħqrija ta’ annimali.

Meta sid ta’ annimal ma’

Min jinstab ħati ta’

josservax dawk il-ħames

L-ewwel darba

Jekk ma jitgħallimx

Tista’ Teħel

Multa ta’ bejn € 2,000 u € 65,000

Multa ta’ bejn €6,000 u € 80,000

sa tliet snin ħabs.

libertajiet tal-annimali li

marbut biċ-ċinga għal

elenkajna fil-bidu ta’ dan

ammont twil ta’ ħin

il-ktieb, l-annimal ikun

fl-istess post. Intant,

ikkunsidrat illi qiegħed

f’Ottubru tal-2018

ikun maħqur.

għaddiet liġi dwar

Madanakollu, hemm

ir-regolamenti dwar

sitwazzjonijiet oħra fejn

iż-żamma tal-klieb li fost

l-annimal ikun qiegħed

l-oħrajn tgħid li l-ispazju

isofri minn krudeltà, bħal

minimu għal kull kelb qatt

pereżempju, meta xi ħadd

m’għandu jkun inqas minn

iżomm il-kelb tiegħu

dan li ġej. 37

Għoli mill-ispalla Areja minima ta’ (gerriesa) tal-kelb art

Tul minimu tal-iqsar ġenb


(1 + N) X 1m kwadru



(1 + N) X 1.2m kwadru



(1 + N) X 1.5m kwadru


‘N’ qed tirreferi għan-numru ta’ klieb fl-istess reċint. Sors: L.S. 439.21 – Regolamenti Dwar iż-Żamma tal-Klieb

Illum, bl-avvanzi

moħqrija tal-annimali,

tat-teknoloġija, meta xi

taddotta annimal,

ħadd jiltaqa’ ma’ xi tip ta’

tirrapporta emerġenza kif

moħqrija tal-annimali,

ukoll tirrapporta li sibt

wieħed faċli jieħu ritratt

annimal mitluf.

jew filmat u jagħmel rapport.

Rapporti ta’ Moħqrija tal-Annimali

Attwalment tista’ tniżżel


applikazzjoni fuq

Meta xi ħadd jiltaqa’ ma’

il-mobile bl-isem ta’ Malta

xi każ ta’ moħqrija

Animal Welfare sabiex

tal-annimali, għandna

tirrapporta każijiet ta’

inċemplu direttament fuq

in-numru tal-emerġenza

Dan ifisser, illi min ikun

tal-annimali 1717.

qiegħed jagħmel rapport,

Meta jsir rapport (fuq 1717)

jista’ jserraħ rasu li

lill-uffiċjali tad-Direttorat

l-identità tiegħu mhux ser

għat-Trattament Xieraq

tkun żvelata. In-numru

tal-Annimali, wieħed jista’


jserraħ rasu, għaliex

tal-annimali jopera 24

hemm element qawwi ta’

siegħa kuljum inkluż

kunfidenzjalità u

fil-weekend u fil-festi


Pubbliċi u Nazzjonali.

Numru tal-emerġenza

Emerġenza topera

Kunfidenzjalità u anonimità

għamel rapport fuq 1717

inkluz fil-weekend u festi Pubbliċi u Nazzjonali

identità mhux ser tkun żvelata


Numri Utli relatati mal-Benessri tal-Annimali

L-Uffiċċju tal-Kummissarju għat-Trattament Xieraq tal-Annimali:

2292 8618 Id-Direttorat tal-Ħarsien tal-Annimali u tas-Servizzi Promozzjonali:

2292 4325 Id-Direttorat tas-Servizzi Veterinarji (Animal Welfare Unit):

2292 5305 Microchipping Office:

2124 4236 L-Ambulanza tal-Annimali:

1717 Diviżjoni għat-Tindif u l-Manutenzjoni:

1718 Wildlife Rescue Ambulance (Nature Trust Malta):

9999 9505 Kwartieri Ġenerali tal-Pulizija:

2122 4001



Lista ta’ Parks għall-klieb fil-Gżejjer Maltin - Fil-preżent hawn erba’ parks tal-klieb

f’Malta u wieħed f’Għawdex:

Ta’ Qali

Marsaskala (Sant’Antnin Family Park)


San Ġwann

Nadur (Għawdex)

Lista ta’ Bajjiet fejn jistgħu jgħumu l-klieb fil-Gżejjer Maltin

Daħlet ix-Xmajjar, Armier

Torri l-Abjad, Armier

L-Aħrax, Mellieħa

Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq (wara Splash and Fun)

Il-Bajja tal-Imġiebaħ, Selmun

Il-Bajja tar-Rinella, il-Kalkara

Fortina – Tigne Point, Tas-Sliema

Xatt is-Sajjieda, Marsaxlokk

Il-Magħluq, viċin Marsaxlokk

Żonqor Point, Marsaskala

Imġarr ix-Xini, Għajnsielem (Għawdex)

Ta’ Xwejni, Marsalforn (Għawdex) 41

Lista ta’ Santwarji tal-klieb u l-qtates filGżejjer Maltin ISEM IS-SANTWARJU







info@ islandsanctuary.com. mt

www. islandsanctuary. com.mt

The Island Sanctuary Malta



animalcare.mt@ gmail.com

http:// animalcaremalta. com

Animal Care Malta Cat Sanctuary



csafmalta@gmail. com

http:// csafcatsanctuary. org/

CSAF Carer for Stray Abandoned Felines




http://www. maltaspca.org/

MSPCA formerly SPCA Malta




http://www. spca-gozo.org/



7973 0921


https://www. aaamalta.com

Association for Abandoned Animals



noahsarkmalta@ gmail.com

www. noahsarkmalta.org

Noah’s Ark Malta Dogs For Adoption

tomasinasanctuary@ gmail.com

www. tomasinasanctuary. org

National Cat Society







Kittyland. Felines Forever Association.



Ronald.giordano@ gmail.com


Love for Strays

Profile for CAWMalta

Our Passion for Animals | L-Imhabba Taghna Lejn L-Annimali - Year 6 Publication  

Our Passion for Animals | L-Imhabba Taghna Lejn L-Annimali - Year 6 Publication  

Profile for cawmalta

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