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American Cavy Breeders Association

Specialty Show

Hosted by Lone Star Cavy Club, Inc March 29, 30, 31 2019 Williamson Co Expo Center 5350 Bill Pickett Trail Taylor, TX 76574 1

Table Of Contents Index of Advertisers ·······································3 ACBA President’s Welcome ·····························4 LSCC President’s Welcome ·····························5 LSCC Vice President’s Welcome·······················6 Countdown (Important Dates) ···························7 Texas Cavy Roundup Weekend Schedule ·········8 Locations and Addresses ································9 Show Committee ········································· 10 Entering Specialty ········································ 11 Entry Form ················································· 12 Show Rules ············································ 14-15 Show Sponsors ··········································· 16 Weather, Lodging, Dining, Shopping, Travel ······ 18 Judges ·················································· 19-22 Award Sponsors ·········································· 23 Vendors····················································· 24 Youth Competition Information ························ 26 Judges’ Conference ····································· 27 Rare Breed & Variety Expo ···························· 29 Banquet····················································· 30 Memorial Awards ····································· 32-33 Show Registrar ··········································· 34 Find Us Online ············································ 36 Auctions and Raffles ···································· 37 Quilt Raffle, Merchandise ······························ 38 Sanction Info ·············································· 40 Specialty 2020: Envision Idaho ······················· 41


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Karen DeHaven President

American Cavy Breeders Association

Welcome to all of the ACBA members who are lucky enough to be attending the ACBA Specialty! The Texas crew has been hard at work to bring the very best show possible for the past two years. Please make sure you thank them all for their planning and work. Texas is a beautiful state with a myriad of things to see and do. I always make an effort to drive around at a Specialty Show to view the sights and perhaps shop. Ask the locals about what they recommend to see or do. Lastly, enjoy the show! The comradery, the animals and many like-minded people who are all about their animals. Talk to someone new, that you may be “friends” with on Facebook but really do not know. Be mindful of others. Ask permission to see or touch someone else’s animals. Do not use others’ items again without asking. And most of all, help keep the showroom clean! The host club will be grateful. Have fun! And enjoy the show!


Cathy Hoysa President of LSCC Welcome to The Lone Star State! We are very excited to be hosting the 2019 ACBA National Specialty, A Texas Cavy Roundup, here in Texas. This is the first time that Texas has hosted Specialty and it has been an incredible journey. I never imagined what I was getting us into when I came to our Lone Star Cavy Club almost 3 yrs ago and said, “why don’t we put in a bid to host Specialty!” I am thankful that I am surrounded by an amazing group here in Texas who has stepped up to help me make this possible. I am also immensely grateful for the Cavy Community across North America. This show would not have been possible without the help and support of cavy friends who have offered donations, sponsorships, guidance, and support. I continue to be amazed by and grateful to this incredible cavy family. We hope you have fun at the Texas Cavy Roundup and that you get a chance to spend a little extra time enjoying Texas. The end of March should bring 60 degree weather and the famous Texas wildflowers. Taylor, Texas is a classic small town that sits just on the edge of Austin. You can enjoy small town shopping or make the quick trip into Austin for the big city sights. Fun adventures are here to be had for every age and interest. Our committee has been working tirelessly to bring you a great weekend of showing! Amazing judges, Youth Royalty, fun awards, a judges conference that will showcase some top youth breeders and future judges, vendors with all sorts of great stuff, a Texas BBQ Banquet, and much more. We have tons of fun planned and we can’t wait for you to come and join the fun!!! See you all soon!


Sheri Dixon Vice President LSCC Superintendent, Texas Cavy Roundup Welcome to the Lone Star State!

On behalf of the Lone Star Cavy Club, Welcome to the great state of Texas! If you drove in, you get extra points for surviving I-35! It’s been pretty much under construction from the Oklahoma state line to the Gulf of Mexico since 1978, so I’m sure it’ll be done any minute now. Any. Minute. Now. All the good things you ever heard about Texas are 100% true, and all the bad things you ever heard about Texas are just other states showing a shameful display of jealousy. The Lone Star Cavy Club has worked very hard to make this a Specialty weekend to remember, and we are so grateful for the help and support we’ve gotten from previous hosting clubs, as well as from our many sponsors and vendors. Our goal for this weekend is to show everyone what true Texas hospitality is. If there is anything you need or any questions you have, please see any LSCC member and we’ll get you fixed right up. Speaking for my own family, our cavy friends in LSCC are our family, and being able to say our “extended family” reaches to almost every state and up into Canada just shows what a great community the Cavy Fancy is, and I’m proud to have been part of it for almost 40 years. So, pull up a chair, grab a glass of sweet tea, set a spell, and enjoy the gigantic front porch that is…Texas.


Countdown to Texas Cavy Roundup Important dates at a glance

Native American Seed Seeds for native wildflowers and grasses Live roots * Books * Tools Planting and erosion equipment Ecotourism Junction, Texas 1-800-728-4043 E-mail: 7

Texas Cavy Roundup Weekend Schedule (May be adjusted. All times in Central) Friday March 29 7am: Show hall opens for setup (committee & vendors only) 12 noon: Show hall opens for exhibitor setup and check in 1pm: Youth competition check-in 2pm Youth competition begins 4pm: ACBA Board meeting 6:30pm: Judges conference 9pm: Check in closes 10pm: Show hall closes Saturday March 30 7am: Show hall opens 8am: ACBA Specialty shows (open/youth) begin 12 noon: ACBA general membership meeting 5:30pm: Show hall closes 6:30pm: Banquet hall doors open 7:00pm: Dinner Sunday March 31 7am: Show hall opens 8am: LSCC shows begin Show A: Texas Hospitality (Open / Youth) Show B: Heart of Texas (Open / Youth) Lunchtime: Youth Cavy Costume Contest 6pm: Show hall must be vacated. 7pm: Last Supper

KB’s Show Quality Cavies Kim & Kira Bigham We raise Teddies in Brokens/TSW Americans in Whites/Creams/Blacks/Dalmatians 8

Locations and Addresses Or, “After I get to Texas, where *is* everything, anyway?”

The Show, Youth contests, ACBA board meeting, ACBA general membership meeting, Judges Conference -separate room from the show hall, but still in the Expo center:

Williamson County Expo Center 5350 Bill Pickett Trail, Taylor, TX 76574 The address in your GPS will take you right to us. Pull up to the entrance on a paved driveway to unload. There is plenty of free, paved parking.

ACBA Banquet: St Mary’s Knights of Columbus Hall 2201 4th St, Taylor, TX 76574 (Twelve minutes from the Expo Center)

Last Supper: Sirloin Stockade 3607 N Main St, Taylor, TX 76574 (Five minutes from the Expo Center)


Show Committee Cathy Hoysa: Chairperson Sheri Dixon: Awards, Show Superintendent Ken McCracken: Show Secretary Rene Roeglin: Banquet, Fundraising Reed & Janis Tibbetts: Judges’ Conference, Table help coordinator Sharon Miesen: Advertising, Catalog, Vendors, Rare expo Pat & Jamie Hogan: Hospitality Sarah Van Epp Kelly, Michael Franke: At Large Kathy Mutchler, Jamie Hunt: Thank you for your work in 2018! The best way to contact any committee member is to post in the Facebook group and tag them.

Lone Star Cavy Club, Inc Board President: Cathy Hoysa


Vice President: Sheri Dixon

Sharon Miesen

Secretary: Ken McCracken

Sarah Van Epp Kelly

Treasurer: Rene Roeglin

Michael Franke Janis Tibbetts


Entering Specialty 2019 Take a moment to read over all the instructions. If you have a question, email Ken McCracken at Entry form is here: 1. First thing! Add this email address to your personal email account. as your entry confirmation sheets will be sent to you from this email

2. Two ways to enter: 1) USPS Mail with a check/money order. 2) Email with PayPal payment. 3. The entry form is a fillable PDF. After downloading the form, you can type into the fields on your computer, or if you have Adobe reader on your phone you can do it from your phone. Yes, you can print it, handwrite, take a picture and email the picture—but Ken would rather you type the form if possible. No red ink or pencil as those are very hard to read. 4. First save a copy of this form on your computer. Then fill it in. 5. Enter animal’s Ear Tag, Breed, Showroom Variety, Class and Sex. Use the TAB Key to move to the next section. Check your ARBA SOP to get your showroom varieties correct. Email Ken or ask in the Facebook group if you have any questions. 6. Please check your entry Open or Youth at the top of this form. Forms not marked will be entered in the Open Show and will not be changed. 7. Print/type all information clearly and include your email address, as show reports will be sent via email and not snail mail. The entry fee is $8.00 for ACBA Specialty & $6.00 for each Sunday show. But if you enter each animal into all 3 shows, then the Sunday fee is only $5.00 per show or $18 total. 8. Save the file with your last & first name as the filename. LAST name first in your filename helps our secretary. Example: HoysaLuke.pdf Then attach to your email to

9. Want to enter more than 12? Fill in a second form and name it (for example) HoysaLuke2.pdf. 10. Email deadline with PayPal Payment is 3/15/19 10pm PST . Yes, that is Pacific Standard Time! Full payment must be received, if fees are taken out of the club’s part, your entry is not complete. 11. USPS mail to: LSCC, 13550 Spring Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77429-2095. Postmarked by 3/11/19 12. After you pay via PayPal, you may text a screenshot of your PayPal payment to Ken at 832-2602398. This way he can mark you Paid ASAP, check your math, and help you fix any issues fast. 13. Changes to Ear, Variety, Sex, Class will be taken by email up to 10 PM PST on Monday Mar 25th. No changes to Breed. 14. Changes to Ear ONLY will be taken at the show on Friday at checkin.




Texas Cavy Roundup Show Rules 1. This is an Official ARBA, ACBA, and TRBA sanctioned show and will be governed by the latest ARBA and ACBA official show rules available online -arba-show-rules/ and 2. Any and all questions not covered by these rules shall be referred to the show superintendent and all parties shall abide by her decisions. 3. All cavies will be judged by the current ARBA Standard of Perfection. 4. By submitting an entry, you agree to make payment whether you attend or not. Cavies will not be considered entered until payment is received. There are no refunds for entry fees. Unused banquet tickets may be sold to others. 5. By submitting an entry, you indicate acceptance of all our show rules and the rules for ARBA and ACBA which govern this show. 6. Any cavy showing signs of illness or disease will be removed from the showroom at the discretion of the superintendent/show committee. 7. No animals other than cavies are allowed in the showroom. No dogs are allowed in the showroom except service dogs. Notify the show superintendent if you are bringing a service dog. 8. No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Expo Center, per regulations of the Williamson County Expo Center. 9. With the exception of cavies, selling of products or services in the Expo center requires purchasing a vendor space. 10. The ACBA, LSCC or the Williamson County Expo center are not responsible for any loss or injury in the event of fire, theft, or providential destruction. Exhibitors are responsible for their own security. 11. This is a carrying cage show. All carriers must have leakproof bottoms. Carriers must have latches that close securely. 12. Tables will be provided in the showroom with space designated for entries. Grooming stands/tables will be allowed along the perimeter of the walls of the showroom. Please 14

do not block aisles. Blockages will be removed from the showroom. Space under the tables may be used. 13. All cavies will be judged by ARBA licensed judges and the sponsoring show committee reserves the right to substitute judges or hire additional judges if deemed necessary. 14. All cavies must have a permanent and legible ID tag in their left ear. 15. All cavies will be judged per the exhibitor’s entry form. Absolutely NO changes will be made at the table. All cavies will be judged per the exhibitor’s signed check-in form. 16. Each person is responsible for getting their cavies to the judging table when called, in a timely manner. 17. All youth entries must be carried to the show table by a youth for all youth shows. Contact the superintendent if allowance needs to be made for special needs. 18. The Show Committee and Show Superintendent have the right to remove any person or exhibitor and their entry if it is deemed necessary due to unsportsmanlike conduct or disruptive behavior. 19. Exhibitors or guardians of exhibitors attempting to, or actually interfering with, annoying, molesting, or influencing the judge or judges, or acting in a manner unbecoming an exhibitor(s) shall have all their stock disqualified by the judge and shall be ejected by the show superintendent and barred from the showroom. 20. Children must be supervised at all times while in the showroom. Parents/ guardians will be held responsible for their children’s actions and any damages done by children. Children not following showroom etiquette may be expelled from the showroom. 21. Only judges and show personnel are allowed behind the show table during judging. No one is allowed to handle any entry other than their own without the owner’s permission, except members of the show committee, or the ramrods and clerks. 22. There will be an area designated for sale cavies. Only exhibitors may bring “for sale” cavies. “For sale” cavies will be allowed as space permits, first come basis. 23. All specials and awards must be picked up after judging is completed. None will be mailed. 15

Show Sponsors The Cavy Roundup is honored to have these show sponsors. Your sponsorships are so generous and really help the club to put on a nice show!

Trail Boss Sponsor: Leander Veterinary Clinic Point Rider Sponsor: Susan Jones / AZ Cavy Country Cowpoke Sponsor: Carrie Hertel / Wine Country Cavies

The Lone Star Cavy Club sends out a big Texas-sized Thank You to the host clubs of the two previous Specialties. The North Carolina Cavy Breeders Association paid it forward by making a very generous donation to our war chest shortly after Biscuits N Cavy. And the Michigan Cavy Breeders Association made a similar very generous donation to us. THANK YOU so much! A Specialty show requires big upfront expenditures by the host club - show hall, banquet venue, catering deposit, plane tickets, hotel rooms, awards, and it goes on. All this before the entry fees are received. These donations by these two clubs are deeply appreciated and VERY useful! Thank you, Thank you!



Weather In Taylor Taylor’s average highs / lows for March are 72 / 48. For April, they are 80 / 56. However, weather can change dramatically from day to day. Be prepared! The show hall is climate controlled. The Bluebonnets should be blooming during Specialty!

Lodging No host hotel. When making reservations, please note that we must vacate the show hall on Sunday evening—no animals can stay overnight. The Expo Center’s RV park is now open and taking reservations for Specialty. Call (512) 238-2101 to reserve your spot. Check Pet Friendly in Taylor: Taylor Village Inn & Suites 512-352-0066 Regency Inn 512-352-6522 Luxury Inn & Suites 512-325-8700 The town of Hutto is 12 miles from Taylor and has several motels. Check online for options. Check AirB&B and the like. There are some nice options available.

Dining Taylor is home to any number of good restaurants. Your welcome packet will contain a list of restaurants that have been personally taste-tested by the show committee. There will be a concession stand on the property. The concession stand will be open on Friday, and for breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The show committee requires coffee to function properly, so we will have a pot running for everybody on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Shopping There is an H E B grocery store (HEB is huge and has basically everything) and a Walmart Supercenter within a stone’s throw of the Expo Center. Tractor Supply is also very close.

Getting Here Flying: Austin–Bergstrom International Airport is 45 minutes from the show grounds, and is served by Alaska Airlines. Driving: Taylor is north-east of Austin and Austin traffic can be fierce. Bypass Austin on TX-130, which is a toll road but worth the money. I-35 is your access from the north, and it has been under construction since the dawn of time. The stretch north of Temple is the current hot spot. Check If you are in the mood for a pleasant country drive, you can reach Taylor by bailing off I35 in Temple and making your way south on Highway 95 to reach Taylor. Check your map to piece it together. 18

Specialty Judges We are honored to welcome these distinguished judges to the Texas Cavy Roundup

John Backman

Since 2011, when I got my judge’s license, I’ve been honored to judge Specialty shows in Idaho, Washington, Ohio, and Michigan. For nearly 25 years I’ve raised Americans with my wife, Prudence; currently our herd includes Golden Agoutis, Roans, and Reds. There’s so much I love about the fancy: all the usual things, plus trying to breed beautiful animals; raising what I want to see when I walk into the caviary; and taking an underappreciated variety and moving it forward just a bit.

James Goodrich My education is in the Fine Arts - I have a BFA and an MFA in the area of Painting. I have been teaching Art at the College level since 1990. My first involvement with rabbits was as a 4Her in the 1970's. I started raising cavies after grad school in the early 90's. I have raised most breeds but Americans, American Satins, Abyssinians and especially White Crested have been my focus. I have bred White Crested in most every variety and I bred and showed the White Crested that won Best In Show at the 2001 ARBA Convention in San Diego, CA. I am licensed to judge both rabbits and cavies and also have been involved with breeding and showing Great Danes.


Specialty Judges We are honored to welcome these distinguished judges to the Texas Cavy Roundup.

Jason Whitehurst I've spent 30 years in this hobby. Breeds Raised: Over the years I have raised all breeds, my favorites were Peruvians, Silkies, and Black Americans. Favorite Moments: My favorite memory is still going to my first ARBA convention in Pomona in 1991; meeting Peggy Fry, Carol Sandler, Pam Brown, and other legends of the time. Peggy gave me her BOB Silkie Satin. ARBA Involvement: Current ARBA Cavy Standards Committee member. Cavy judge for 12 years. Interesting "Non-Cavy" Fact: I have run multiple marathons and love back packing and camping.

Ron Smelt Ron started raising cavies in 1966, soon after rabbits. He began raising Peruvians first and in 1970, the first year the ARBA allowed a Best in Show with cavies and rabbits, won with a tortoiseshell Peruvian boar named Bingo. He has bred and showed all breeds of cavies including Baldwins. His TSW Teddy sow was pictured in the ARBA SOP for many years, along with his Himalayan rabbit. He received his ARBA cavy judges license #385 in 1977, and his rabbit license in 2012. Ron has participated in well over 40 ARBA Conventions and several National Specialty shows, including organizing the huge cavy entry at DelMar in 2001. At ARBA Conventions, he was involved with organizing judging conferences for cavies that later developed into the present ARBA judges conference format. He was involved for many years with the ARBA Youth Scholarship Foundation. Ron was successful in getting the Chocolate and Lilac Varieties of Himalayan Rabbits and the American Marten Cavy in Black, Blue, Beige, Chocolate and Lilac into the ARBA SOP. He is fascinated with the genetics of rabbits and cavies. Fun Fact: Ron provided red Dutch-marked cavies for the first Dr. Doolittle movie starring Eddie 20 Murphy.

Sunday Judges We are hosting double Open, double Youth shows on Sunday. In addition to our four Specialty judges, we will be drawing from among these excellent Texas judges to complete the judging panel for the Sunday shows.

Reed Tibbetts, Janis Tibbetts We have bred and shown cavies over 35 years. Jan has been a cavy judge for 17 years; Reed for 22 years. We’ve personally worked with 10 breeds (including Baldwins), and currently with Americans, American Satins and Coronets. We have served on several ACBA and ARBA committees over the years, and have had the privilege of judging cavies in community fairs, county fairs, state fairs in several states, open shows all over the U.S. and Canada, and both ARBA & ACBA national shows. We have both worked with youth in 4-H and FFA, and simply love cavies, youth and all cavy aficionados.

Jamie Hogan We had our start in rabbits, then moved on to just cavies. Proud to say we have friends every where we go. It has been a great journey through all of our education in these wonderful animals. We don’t travel as much as we once did, but are still privileged to judge some of the best in the country. I have just retired so I’m hoping to be able to travel more. We also travel to do antique shows.


Pat Hogan I have had cavies since the first little pregnant sow I had gotten from a neighbor kid. My husband and I started showing rabbits before cavies, coming from a background of dog groomer, showing dogs and horses, vet tech., and office manager. Soon the rabbits were in the hundreds and I got our first Peruvian. What fun the grooming was! We have raised and shown most breeds of cavies over the years. At our first ARBA convention, we only showed rabbits - but did well and we were hooked. We have been blessed to have made many friends over the years in the ARBA world. It is always a joy to reunite with old friends.

Ken McCracken I started in the Rabbit/Cavy hobby in 1973. At that time, I only raised rabbits which over the years have included thirty different breeds. In 1999 I acquired my first cavies. Abyssinians and then the Abyssinian Satins started popping out of my herd. I received my ARBA rabbit judging license in 1997, and my cavy judging license in 2013. I have attended ARBA Conventions since 1990, never missing one. My first ARBA convention to attend and help with was in 1977 in Houston. I like to call the ARBA conventions my “Family Reunion�, as I have met so many wonderful people over the years and enjoy visiting with them. During my many years in the ARBA, I have served as an Officer and Show Secretary of many clubs on local, state and national levels. At the present time, I am serving as Secretary of the Texas Rabbit Breeders Assn., and serve on the ARBA Cavy Standards Committee with 8 other fine cavy folks.

Chase Austin

Michael Franke


Award Sponsors Thank you to all our award sponsors so far! We are grateful for your support. Please contact Sheri Dixon at if you’d like to sponsor one of our “orphan” awards (those not listed here). Award donations will be accepted till Mar 15, and there will be donor recognition at the banquet and an updated list of donors posted at the show. See ya’ll soon! Sheri Dixon

Sponsor Ohio Cavy Club

Award BIS/RIS/2

Show(s) nd


all four shows

Bill & Denise Robertson BOB/BOSB American

both open shows

Kim Bigham

both youth shows

BOB American

Jan and Reed Tibbetts BOV AOS American

one open show

Neal and Therese Burgoyne / Faith, Hope and Love Farm BOV American Himalayan

one open show

Margo Purdy

BOV Golden Agouti American

both open shows

Lisa Smith

BOV Dalmatian American

both youth shows

Hannah Dunlap

BOV Tan American

all four shows

Margo Purdy

BOB American Satin

both open shows

Margo Purdy

BOV Red American Satin

both open shows

Margo Purdy

BOV Golden Agouti American Satin both open shows

Wine Country Cavies

BOB Coronet

all four shows

Wine Country Cavies

BOSB Coronet

one open show

Sharon Miesen

BOV AOV Coronet

one open show

Carol Anaya

BOB/BOSB Peruvian

one open and one youth show

Matthew Hazelbrook

BOV AOV Peruvian

both open shows

Sharon Miesen

BOV AOV Peruvian

one youth show

Matthew Hazelbrook/Cindy Bishop BOB Peruvian Satin

both open shows

Sharon Miesen

BOV AOV Peruvian Satin

one open show

Linda Loucks


all four shows

Matthew Hazelbrook

BOV AOV Silkie both

open shows

Sharon Miesen

AOV AOV Silkie

one youth show

Matthew Hazelbrook/Cindy Bishop


BOB Silkie Satin

both open shows

Sharon Miesen

BOV AOV Silkie Satin

one open show

Kim Bigham

BOB Teddy

both youth shows

Quiver Cavies

BOB Teddy Satin

both open shows

Hailey’s Hot Hogs

BOB Teddy Satin

both youth shows

Becky O’Hogan

BOB Texel

all four shows

Rair-Find Cavies

BOB White Crested

all four shows

Show Vendors Thank you to our vendors! This list is complete as of catalog deadline. Check FB and the website for updates

Tortoise N Hare Rabbit Supplies Quality cages and carriers

Bairrington’s Supplies & Equipment

Imagine Me

Cages, carriers, and supplies

Crafts and decor

Cheri Schubert

Sew All That And More

Swiss cavy new breed COD presentation

Embroidery & vinyl on a wide variety of items

Vendor Spaces Still Available Deadline March 15th We welcome your business and are looking forward to partnering with you to get your products and services in front of the Specialty attendees. Please reserve your vendor space in the show hall as soon as possible—first come, first served on choice of location. We will acknowledge our advertisers in the event Facebook group and on the show website.

Rates are: $35 per booth space with 8 foot table provided

$25 per booth space with no table.

We request that you also donate an item to the raffle table Send payment via PayPal to Full amount must be received by the club. Include your name, business name, and “Vendor Space” in the notes.

Vendor coordinator is Sharon Miesen. Send an email to with vendor questions, and to get your vendor status listed on the website and the Facebook group. Please note that apart from cavies, selling any products or services in the show hall requires purchasing a vendor space. 24


Youth Competition Information Susan Jones – ACBA Youth Royalty Chairman The Youth Royalty contests will start promptly at 2:00pm. Check-in starts at 1:00pm. When you check in, please don’t forget to pick up your Welcome Goody Bag which will include your name badge. You will need to wear your name badge while you are in the Youth Royalty room. When you are completing either showmanship or judging, you will need to take off your badge as it will get in the way of your showmanship or judging. No parents are allowed in the judging area, except the volunteers. If you are bringing an educational display, you will also need to drop it off at check-in. If you are writing a story or poem, please email your story or poem to: The winners of the Youth Management, Achievement from each district, as well as the Youth Royalty contest winners will be announced during the ACBA Banquet on Saturday night. Please don’t forget to purchase your ticket to the ACBA Banquet. If you competed in the Youth Management and Achievement contest and your youth member is not able to be in Texas, no problem. The winners from each district will be mailed their plaque, so it is not mandatory to be present to win. I would also like to have a little fun by having a themed costume contest. The cavy needs to be dressed up and it is optional for the owner to dress up. Since the name of this ACBA Specialty is Texas Cavy Roundup, that will be our theme. The members at the show on Sunday, March 31st, 2019, during lunch time, will pick the winner and the runner up. Judging will be based on the most creative costume. Good Luck to all the ACBA Youth members competing in the Youth Royalty; just relax and let’s have some fun!


Home of candles produced to emulate the memories and smells of some of Texas' greatest events. We hope that you feel, as we do, that we were able to capture some of the great "Texas" moments to be used throughout the year. All of our candles are certified Kosher and all jars include a collectible wood lid. We use nothing but the finest ingredients and the strongest scent oils available. Our candles burn very clean because they do not contain any petroleum products. Our wax and wicks are all produced by the American farmer. Thanks for your continued loyalty, and together we can make a difference!

Judges Conference March 29th, 2019 Williamson County Expo Center Meeting Room 5350 Bill Pickett Trail, Taylor, TX 76574 Organizer: Reed Tibbetts Conference starts at 6:30pm and will last until 9:30pm Coffee, water, and snacks provided Not a judge? Please plan to attend anyway—all are welcome! This conference will have a wealth of cavy information presented by the speakers, and any exhibitor will find value in attending. We'll be having a great look at "Cal Pattern" during this conference, and several of our youth will be presenting challenging topics for us to consider. We are working on plans to record and/or live-stream the conference. Please follow the Facebook group for updates.


The Giddypigs welcome all of our friends to our home state of Texas!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the ACBA Specialty! Wishing everyone safe travels, and with a little luck, we’ll all be knee-deep in actual Bluebonnets when ya’ll get here! PS- don’t eat the Bluebonnets. They’re just for lookin’ at �

Multiple BIS Giddy Honeybee and Multiple BIS Giddy Busybee: full sisters and Giggypigs’ official spokespigs, show off their “Heart of Texas” 28

Rare Breed / Variety Expo To encourage the breeding and dissemination of information about rare breeds and varieties of cavies, Lone Star Cavy Club will hold a Rare Breed/Variety Expo. Breeds and varieties that are not recognized by ARBA may be exhibited. Rules: * Animals must be in good health and free from parasites. * Animals must meet the working breed standard for their rare breed or variety. This is not a mixed-breed or pet expo. * Only two animals per breed/variety allowed with a maximum of 4 animals per exhibitor. For example, if you have Lunkarya in 5 colors, you can still only bring 4 animals total, so it’s recommended you bring a good variety instead of just two colors. If you only have two colors, you could bring two of each color. * Bring your own carriers for this. You are allowed 12” front space per animal. We will have cards on the table in front of your carriers. * Animals will be on display Saturday, March 30th, 2019 and may stay on display for the duration of the show weekend. * Only 20 animals total will be allowed! These will be determined first come, first serve. How To Participate: 1. By Mar 15th, send an email to Sharon Miesen with the breed/ variety you would like to have on display and how many animals you plan to bring (1-4). Include a page of info with your working standard, and any other info you would like to display by your entry. 2. Entry fee is $4 per animal displayed. Please bring this in cash, exact change preferred, to the show. Sharon will collect the money for this at the show on Friday. 3. Peoples’ Choice Award: Instead of having the animals judged traditionally, there will be a “Peoples’ Choice Award.” Each exhibitor will get a ticket in their check in bag which they can use to vote for their favorite rare breed/variety. Non-exhibitors may obtain a voting ticket no charge at the secretary table. The animal with the most tickets in their vote box will be awarded a prize item, and jackpot cash of 50% of the Rare Breed/Variety Expo entry fees. Other 50% goes to LSCC.


ACBA Banquet March 30th, 2019

St Mary’s Knights of Columbus Hall 2201 4th St, Taylor, TX 76574 (Twelve minutes from the Expo Center) Doors open at 6:30pm and dinner is served at 7pm. The awards program will follow dinner. Music and dancing. The banquet will be catered by Davis Grocery & BBQ. They will provide a tasty Texas experience and you won’t want to miss it! Menu: Barbeque: Brisket and Chicken with all the fixings Beans, potato salad, bread Coffee, iced tea, water Dessert: Cupcakes Cash bar (beer and wine) Prices: Adults: $25/plate 10 years and under: $15/plate

How to Attend Showing? Reserve on your show entry form and pay with your entries. Your banquet tickets will be available for pickup at the Show Secretary table. Not showing? By March 15th at 10pm PST:  Send an email to with your name and how many adult and child tickets you want.  Send payment via PayPal to Are you a Sponsor? Your ticket(s) will be in your sponsor packet at check-in. Note: Meal purchase is required to attend the banquet.



Gene Gergen Memorial Award for Open Roan Abyssinian Gene Gergen was a member of the ACBA for over 25 years and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006. He worked tirelessly for the benefit of the cavy fancy on both the national level and the local level. He turned a musty collection of tee-shirts into an attractive collection of ACBA merchandise. He supported the national youth programs, pitching in to do whatever was necessary. He served as alternate District Director whenever asked, and provided extensive support to the ACBA Secretary. He was instrumental in hosting the Specialty shows in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and he was tireless as a volunteer for shows at the local level. He was treasurer of both the “Are We There Yet?� Rabbit and Cavy Club, and the River Valley Cavy Fanciers. The River Valley Cavy Fanciers club presents this award in loving memory of Gene.

Maizen Berryhill Memorial Award for Best of Breed Youth Abyssinian Heaven gained another angel on May 3, 2018 when young Maizen Berryhill lost his battle with leukemia. He was the son of Jamie Berryhill and Alisha Yeager of FL, formally of MI. Jamie and Alisha have always put quality cavies on the show table with their favorite breed being the Abyssinian. There will be a memorial award for Maizen this year for BOB Abyssinian in the youth show at Specialty, donated by friends of the fancy.


Debbie Hello Award for Best Broken Color Open American Deborah Lynn Shepherd Hello was a Canadian cavy breeder and exhibitor who Iived in Maple Ridge, in British Columbia. She was born with Cystic Fibrosis. She Iived her life to the fullest, as she knew the disease would take her young. That it did on September 23, 2000 at the age of 31. She left behind her husband Wade, son Caleb, and daughter Melissa. Wade also succumbed to the same disease several years later. Debbie raised foster children, taught sign language, loved horses, and fell in love with cavies , breeding and showing her favorite, American brokens, in the US and Canada. She was a founding member of an Internet group called Psychocavy and that is why we recognize her with this award. She loved life and is dearly missed by those who knew her.

Corinne Memorial Award for Youth Best of Breed American Many of us knew Corinne Renee Caton, beloved daughter of cavy fancier Heather Beebe and granddaughter of Nancy Beebe. Corinne sadly passed away unexpectedly in 2014. She touched so many of us in the fancy through her infectious smile and bubbly personality. She had a love for cavies that so many of us have, especially White Americans. She was loved in life and is missed greatly. This award was created in her memory in 2015. It was originally awarded for the Best Youth White American. Those of us behind the award quickly found out there were very few White Americans shown in youth, so now the award is given to the Youth Best of Breed American.


Show Registrar Our official cavy registrar is Lisa Pordon Lisa Pordon has been a cavy registrar for 3 years, and will be working on her judge’s license this year. She lives in Denver Colorado, where she serves as secretary of Columbine Cavy Club, and has been ACBA District 4 director for the past five years. She raises and shows Silkies, Coronets, Peruvians, and Abyssinians. Questions?

Remember: Have your current ARBA membership card with you, and a full 3 gen pedigree complete with weights.


Blue Moon Acres Caviary Personable Piggies 35

Brenda Gilardone Santa Maria, CA

How to find us online All the news and updates. No sales here, keep them in the Sales group below

Facebook auction group

Sales for delivery to Specialty. ONLY. No other sales here. Club website. Choose SPECIALTY 2019


Facebook Auction! Will be held Feb 25th to March 5th. Find it on Facebook and request to join the fun. To donate to the auction, message Cathy Hoysa on Facebook or email

Raffles! Saturday: On Saturday, the ACBA will run a raffle table. This particular raffle benefits the ACBA Youth Programs. Please PM Jennifer EagenMcCloskey if you would like to send a donation in advance. Of course, donations will be accepted in person at the show. Clubs—Send a basket LSCC’s basket for the ACBA themed to your state! raffle at ACBA Specialty 2019 LSCC’s basket for the Michigan Cavy Breeders raffle at ACBA Specialty 2019 “Texas Party”

“Everything Texas from authors to food!”

Sunday: The Lone Star Cavy Club will run a raffle table. Bring your donations to the show!

Tickets and prices for each table will be posted and sold at the show on their respective days.


Quilt Raffle This beautiful Texas-themed Cavy Roundup quilt was hand-made by Kathy Mutchler. It is a lap or display size of 43x67”. The drawing will be held at the ACBA Banquet on Saturday, March 30th. Winner need not be present to win, and shipping can be arranged. Proceeds will go to the LSCC. $5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20 To buy tickets: PayPal address is Please put “Quilt Raffle” in the notes. Tickets can also be purchased at Specialty.

Merchandise Our logo is memorable and you know you want it on some stuff! Clothing, drinkware, magnets and more! We will have very limited items at the show itself, so order from Café Press for best selection.


 Hello, Sew All That And More would like to welcome you to Texas for your show. We will be glad to complete a custom order for you. Please contact us. Have a safe trip and we are sending you a BIG TEXAS WELCOME!! Sew All That And More will be able to fill your order 

  


Embroidery, Vinyl, and more.  Shirts  Caps  Aprons  Jackets  Towels  Tote Bags  Cage tags  Cage Lettering  Blankets  Drink Ware  Chairs  Garden Flags  And More Vinyl will be completed onsite. Embroidery will be an order. (You can order ahead of time for pickup at the show.) Drop an email if you would like for us to try to find something special.

Sanction Information The Saturday ACBA Specialty shows and the Sunday Lone Star Cavy Club shows are sanctioned by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, the American Cavy Breeders Association, and the Texas Rabbit Breeders Association. ARBA Information Open Sanctioned Show – OFFICIAL ARBA SANCTIONED SHOW, ARBA Executive Director, PO Box 400 Knox, PA 16232. ARBA website: Membership Dues: $20.00 per yr., 3 yrs. $50.00. Combination Husband & Wife: $30.00 per yr., 3 yrs. $75.00. Youth Sanctioned Show – OFFICIAL ARBA YOUTH SANCTIONED SHOW, ARBA Executive Director, PO Box 400 Knox, PA 16232. ARBA website: Membership Dues: $12.00 per yr., 3 yrs. $30.00. Plan to attend the 96th ARBA Convention and Show, Reno, Nevada October 20 - 23, 2019

ACBA Information Official American Cavy Breeders Association Sweepstakes Show, Secretary: Reed Tibbetts, Treasurer: Janis Tibbetts, 470 San Remo, Princeton TX 75407 Dues: Single Adult $25.00 1st year, $20.00 Renewal; Family-$30 1st year, $25.00 Renewal; Youth-$20 1st year, $15.00 Renewal. Open Sanction $10.00, Youth Sanction - $8.00 TRBA Information Official Texas Rabbit Breeders Association Sweepstakes Show Secretary: Ken McCracken, 13550 Spring Cypress Rd., Cypress, TX 77429

Linda Loucks

Dues: Single $13.00 per year, $25.00 H/ W, 2 members at same Household $25.00.

Raising nationally winning Silkies and Americans Nampa, Idaho

Open Specialty Sanction - $5.00, Youth Specialty Sanction - $5.00 40

Murphy's Law Caviary

ARBA judge #824

ACBA Specialty 2020 April 17—19, 2020

Boise, Idaho

Logistics Facilities: Expo Idaho, 5610 Glenwood St., Boise, ID 83714 North Expo Building: 20,000 sqft of heated/cooled space for the show Nearest airport: Boise Airport (BOI) Host Hotel and Banquet information coming late 2019. Show catalog will be out early 2020. Catalog ads and Booth space at the show will be available.

Can you enVISION yourself at Specialty in 20/20?

Things to do! Boise offers a great downtown scene with restaurants, museums, brew pubs, parks and shopping. Contact us: General Chairman: Greg Harness

Co-Superintendents: Dana Kolstad & Linda Loucks Secretary: Carrie Hertel 41

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Texas Cavy Roundup Catalog  

Catalog for the ACBA Specialty Show 2019, hosted by the Lone Star Cavy Club, Inc

Texas Cavy Roundup Catalog  

Catalog for the ACBA Specialty Show 2019, hosted by the Lone Star Cavy Club, Inc