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Jordan Lyons Assignment #2 Tradition In Purdue Bands, there are many traditions, many of which seemed intriguing, fun, or just weird at first. Part of what gives Purdue Bands their level of class and professionalism is their traditions. One of the most tradition-rich sections is the Toobah section, of which I am a member. The All-American Marching Band became a family to me, with how friendly and close everyone becomes. Even though the marching band is not active in the winter, everybody still hangs out, does stuff together, and nobody is left out who doesn’t want to be. All of this makes it easier to accept the oddities, quirks, and traditions of Purdue Bands. Among all of these friendly people, it’s hard for one to become alienated. I chose to do a photo essay on the traditions of Purdue Bands because I feel that the Purdue Bands do not get enough good publicity, and part of what makes us so unique and what makes us as good and fun as we are is our traditions. When I first came to Purdue, the older members of the marching band in my section showed us freshmen everything we would’ve seen if we’d done Boiler Gold Rush. They helped me get a head start for the school year, and have helped me with the classes that they’ve already taken. The Purdue Bands have been like a family to me while at college. I chose to start with a logical appeal by giving a short history lesson about how the AllAmerican Marching Band was the first at several things, and stating the fact that our legacy of excellence starts with a tradition of excellence. I accompanied this with an example of our oldest tradition. I took a photo of Lunchbox getting ready for Boiler Brass as a segue to talking about our role in sports, and I used a pathetic appeal to the character of the audience, drawing from their experience with sports involving pep bands. I used a photo of toobahs playing tuba hail to talk about a tradition that gets the audience involved at sporting events. The satchel photo was used to illustrate that while some of our traditions are of a non-humorous variety, we also have fun traditions. I used an ethical appeal, using my past experiences to get the reader more involved in my story. I used Tuba Christmas as an ethical appeal, writing about how many people participate and how we come back every year to participate in something extremely hard to find elsewhere: a tuba choir. The purpose of the picture of Flossie’s chest was used as an ethical appeal, using my personal experience to explain how Purdue Bands are able to function

as well as we do. The picture of Cracker and Lady Liberty was used as an example of the places that the All-American Marching Band has gone. I used an ethical appeal, talking about my experiences traveling with the marching band. The Toobah Section photo was used to try to convey an aura of badass-ness. I used a logical appeal, stating the reason we are Toobahs, and what that means. The logical appeals that I used were pulled from my (albeit limited) experience in the All-American Marching Band and in the Toobah. I pulled from my knowledge of the AllAmerican Marching Band’s history for some of the slides, and from my personal experience with the Toobahs for some of the others. My ethical appeal comes from my pictures of the band in common places, like New York City and Ross-Ade Stadium. My only example of pathetic appeal is the picture of Fingers being satcheled. It pulls at the audience’s sympathetic response.


to find elsewhere: a tuba choir . The purpose of the picture of Flossie’s chest was used as an ethical appeal , using my personal experience...

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