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avell Primary and Nursery School ‘With a heart in the community, ahead in education…’ Head Simon Wakeman

Assistant Head Teachers David Hopkins | Sarah Adams

Duckett Close | Norwich | NR1 2LR


School Support Manager Mel Egleton

t 01603 621927 |

Chair of Governors Dave Hawkyard


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8th September 2010 Dear Parents, Welcome Back … to a new year at Cavell Primary School and a special welcome to our new children and parents who are starting at Cavell this year. I hope that you enjoy your time here. I would also like to welcome our new staff who are joining us this year. Mrs Burchell, who will be teaching Year 6 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Mrs Bird (who just got married this summer – congratulations), who’ll be teaching one of the Year 4/5 classes alongside Mr Edwards; Mrs Bradbury will be teaching in Year 3; Miss Cattermole will be a Teaching Assistant in Year 2. I have listed below the new class structure that I sent out last term to remind you of the changes of class teachers this year. Year Group/ Class Names

Teacher/s Mrs Burchell (Mon- Wed)

6 BH Mr Hopkins(Thu-Fri) Assistant Headteacher 4/5B 4/5E 4/5L

Mrs Bird Mr Edwards Miss Lawn

3B 2D

Mrs Bradbury Mr Dean Mrs Smith (W/T/F)



Mrs Adams (M/T) Assistant Headteacher Mrs Kelly (M/T/W) Mrs Frary (T/F)


Mrs Frary (M/T/W) Mrs Talbot


We’ve been busy … Most of our planned work has been completed over the summer holidays; the ICT Suite and library have been re-organised, the hall and corridors completely redecorated, the mural on the outside wall of the Nursery and Year R classes has been painted and we have purchased 60 new laptops for all children to use. Over the course of the year we plan to open up the ICT Suite for you to use, along with the library which we hope will enable you to enjoy books with your children. Registration We have changed our paper registers to electronic registers at school to help us keep a very careful track of lateness. You really helped us last year to improve our overall attendance to become one of the most improved schools in the county – we would now like to do the same for persistent lateness! We have purchased Radio Controlled Clocks throughout the school, which means that every clock tells exactly, (to the second) the same time. Outside doors will open at 8.40 and will be locked again at 8.50. If you should arrive after that time you will need to report to the school office, who will take your child through to the classroom and will be marked late in the register (this can be extremely disruptive for both the office staff, class teachers and other children, also causing an unsettling start for the late child). So I would ask you to ensure that your child arrives promptly. To help safeguard your children it is important that they are dropped off at the outside door and not taken through the school. We cannot keep children secure at this vulnerable time of the day, if we have parents walking through the building. I would ask for your support in this matter. Things to read and sign please… As you can tell from this pack there are lots of letters to read and sign. I have decided to send these all out at once so that we can get things signed off as quickly as possible. Mission Statement – we have revamped our Aims of Cavell and have now called it a Mission Statement which I have enclosed Home School Agreement – I would ask you to support this agreement which sets out the things which WE will ALL do to ensure that your child gets the best from their time at school. Safe Use of Internet – please sign and complete General Parental Permission Letter – this is designed to save us having to send out individual letters for local visits and walks around Cavell e.g church, shops etc

Macmillan Afternoon Tea Once again we will be holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning (except ours will be in the afternoon and it will be with tea and coffee and plenty of cakes!!) on Friday 24th September from 2.30 onwards in the school hall. Please come a bit earlier than usual to pick up your child and have a relaxing cup of tea and a nice piece of cake and at the same time support this very worthwhile charity. Donations of cakes will be gratefully accepted (fruit cake’s my favourite, if that helps !!!) The children, through our School Council will be helping to organise the event. Dinner Ordering A gentle reminder about school dinners… Please could you make sure that you fill in the weekly order form and hand it into class on Monday morning. The kitchen team need to know this information in advance to help with their ordering and storage – you might also know that they provide meals for Tuckswood Primary as well – so it’s a very busy place! We also want to cut down on the time it takes for morning registration, so we only want to have a dinner register on a Monday. Thank you for your support in this matter.

School Uniform I would like to remind you of the need for your child to wear FULL school uniform. Please be reminded that TRAINERS are NOT allowed. We have bought new sets of plimsolls, in a range of sizes, for any child to change into, who is not wearing school shoes. This will start from next Monday. Welcome Meeting Our annual Welcome Meetings will start from next Monday (13th September). A note will go up on your child’s classroom door and they will bring home an invite. This is a chance to come in, from about 3.00, and meet your child’s class teacher and teaching assistant and to find out what your child will be learning. Final Word …. As you will have seen from the new letterhead, I have two Assistant Headteachers, Mrs Adams and Mr Hopkins, who both teach two days a week in their respective classes. That means they are able to work with me for three days each on improving the school further. They should be your first point of contact if you have any concerns regarding your child. However,If you wish to see me then please contact the office who will be able to book an appointment.


Mon 6 Sept to Fri 17 17 Dec HalfHalf-term – Mon Mon 25 25 Oct to Fri 29 Oct SPRING TERM

Wed 5 Jan to Fri 8 Apr HalfHalf-term - Mon 21 Feb to Fri 25 Feb SUMMER TERM

Tue 26 Apr to Fri 22 22 July HalfHalf-term – Mon 30 May to Fri 3 June Bank Holiday Monday 2 May School Closed 30 June for Norfolk Show

avell Primary School and Nursery

Mission Statement “To be recognised as a happy, high-performing school, making maximum use of all its resources to develop the talents and aspirations of all pupils, fostering self-reliance, confidence and discipline in order to equip them for the future.”


to be recognised as a happy, highperforming school

Governing Body

• • •

• •

making maximum use of all its resources

• • • • •

to develop the talents and aspirations of all pupils, fostering self-reliance, confidence and discipline in order to equip them for their future

monitor performance and take any necessary action to improve it treat every individual as important keep parents informed of standards and performance seek feedback and react to it

ensure compliance with law/regulations foster links to wider community and other schools support the staff offer a broad, balanced curriculum keep to Home/School Agreement enlist outside help when required foster good relations e.g. local community, Children’s Centre and cluster schools

Teaching Staff

• •

• •

• • •

• • • • •

encourage achievement of personal best implement Every Child Matters invest in staff training & proven technology appoint quality teachers, assistants & ancillary staff

• • •

making learning fun monitor performance and take any necessary action to improve it treat every individual as important keep parents informed

offer a broad, balanced curriculum wide range of out of school activities foster good relations e.g. local community, Children’s Centre and Cluster of Schools keep to Home/School Agreement

encourage achievement of personal best be willing to use innovative teaching/technology foster high aspirations maintain/support School Council implement ‘Every Child Matters’

Parents & Pupils

• • • • • •

• • • • •

have respect for the needs and feelings of others/all cultures follow the School Charter

attend school, be punctual, look after it support out-of-school activities support local community keep to Home/School Agreement

be willing to try new things ask and answer questions request help when needed try our best complete homework

avell Primary School and Nursery

Charter Cavell Primary School and Nursery is a happy place to play, learn and work together, because we will always: o be kind and helpful o remember to say ‘sorry’ , ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ o share and take turns o look after our school o talk through issues and listen to each other carefully o be happy to ask and answer questions o try out new things o ask for help when we need it o have fun o do our best o celebrate our differences and our achievements

We believe that every single person is important. Supporting families on their journey through life …

Sept 2010 Letter to Parents