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‘With a  heart  in  the  community,  ahead  in  education…’   Executive  Head   Simon  Wakeman  

Deputy Head  Teachers     David  Hopkins    |    Sarah  Adams  

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Inclusion and  Safeguarding  Manager   Tracey  Bocz  

Chair of  Governors   Mike  Allerton  

Duckett Close    |    Norwich    |    NR1  2LR      |      t    01603  621927  |      f      01603  627029   Cavell  also  manages  East  City  and  Framingham  Earl  Area  Children’s  Centre  and  Ducketts  Pre-­‐School    

Monday  5th  March  2012    

Dear Parents     As   you   are   aware   Cavell   is   a   school   that   is   always   looking   at   how   to   do   things   better   and   consequently   improve   children’s  life  chances.    From  time  to  time  there  are  difficult  decisions  to  be  made,  but  if  made  for  the  right  reasons  –   the  children,  then  they  have  to  be  made.     Parents  who  have  a  long  association  with  Cavell  will  know  that  it  is  a  primary  school  that  evolved  from  a  first  school,   meaning  that  year  groups  were  added,  year  by  year.    The  school  has  had  a  bulge  of  children  running  throughout  it   for  the  last  4-­‐5  years  with  44  children  currently  in  year  6  and  36  in  the  current  year  5  cohort.    When  those  year  6   children  leave  in  July  the  funding  that  the  school  gets  will  be  a  lot  less.    Schools  locally,  are  being  funded  by  2%  less   over   the   next   two   years.     In   Cavell’s   case   that   equates   to   around   £40,000   over   the   next   two   years.     That   amount   combined   with   the   bulge   leaving   the   school   and   other   factors   such   as   funded   Special   Educational   Needs   children   leaving,  means  that  we  have  to  make  some  staffing  adjustments.     Making   staffing   adjustment   is   never   an   easy   thing   for   a   school   to   do,   because   it   invariably   means   that   valued   members  lose  their  jobs.    However,  it  is  important  that  we  always  keep  the  children’s  best  interests,  at  the  heart  of   everything   that   we   do.     With   this   in   mind   we   are   consulting   staff   on   a   new   staffing   structure,   which   will   change   how   your   children   are   taught.     In   essence,   I   am   consulting   on   reducing   the   number   of   Teaching   Assistants   while   at   the   same   time   increasing   the   number   of   teachers.     So,   the   proposal   next   year   is   that   classes   in   Years   4,   5   and   6   will   each   have   two   full-­‐time   teachers,   in   order   to   significantly   raise   the   standard   of   where   the   children   get   to   in   reading,   writing  and  mathematics  –  the  core  curriculum.    This  may  sound  extravagant  but  I  believe,  and  I  have  used  national   and  international  research,  which  shows  that  having  teacher  pupil  ratios  of  around  15  children  to  1  teacher,  boosts   significantly,  their  levels  of  attainment.     I  am  aware  that  that  sounds  great,  particularly  for  the  children,  who  I  believe  will  really  benefit  from  this  intensive   support  and  teaching.    However,  as  with  any  staffing  adjustment  there  are  human  stories  and  those  stories  are  real   and  present.    Please  be  patient  with  the  school  as  it  goes  through  this  difficult  consultation,  which  will  be  painful,  yet   in  the  long-­‐run,  I  believe  the  right  thing  for  the  children  and  school.    As  you  can  appreciate  the  staff  ARE  NOT  able   to   talk   to   you   about   this   process   and   I   am   not   able   to   tell   you   any   more   until   the   process   of   consultation   is   complete.  It  is  a  school  based,  CONFIDENTIAL  consultation.    I  will  however  let  you  know  the  outcome  as  soon  as  I   know.     Much  thanks  for  your  support  and  patience       Simon  Wakeman  

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