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Sept 2012

From the Head’s head …….

Well, it’s the start of a new academic year for the children and staff and apart from the odd day, the weather has ‘broken-us-in’ nicely during the difficult transition from the relaxed feeling of the summer holidays to the work ethic of school life; with its timetables, (earlier starts for some children) and a sharp focus on learning at a brisk pace. I’ve visited all classes over the last week or so and the one thing that has struck me is the calm and quiet, work focused atmosphere on show. Children are working hard and absorbing lots of new learning, (with a few yawns to be seen occasionally) Cavell had its best ever set of Year 2 and Year 6 SATs results at the end of July, so I’d just like to say well done, firstly to the children and then to the teachers and staff at school who work tirelessly for your children – to give them the very best education that we can.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

Cavell Friends

Lots of things to look forward to this term – coming up very soon is the outdoor Harvest Festival, Roald Dahl Day and lots of sporting fixtures. Please keep an eye on the Calendar on the school website and look out for lots more photos of children enjoying their learning..! Very soon we will be announcing ‘paperless’ communication between school and home – something that we’ve been working on for some time –more news to follow… DON’T FORGET – if you haven’t filled in the 2 minute survey on the front page of the website, please do – it’s really important to us to hear your views Simon Wakeman

Head | Simon Wakeman | Duckett Close| Norwich| Norfolk | NR1 2LR 01603 621927

Roald Dahl Day

Dates for your Diary

Roald Dahl Day

SAVE THE DATE Friday 28th September Help us celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the BFG with a morning of activities. Including dressing up as a favourite Roald Dahl character for a £1 donation to Roald Dahl’s Children’s Charity

Harvest Festival We will be holding our Harvest Festival on Wednesday 26th September. A letter has been sent home detailing the arrangements, and it would be lovely to see as many parents as possible to join in with the Harvest Service followed by homemade soup and bread on the allotment. Please remember to complete the slip to give our chef an idea of numbers. Please also remember to send your child in with cans and packets of food which will be donated to the Norwich Food Bank—a local charity which provides three days of emergency food to individuals or families who have unexpected difficulties in life, such as bereavement, redundancy, illness or benefits delay. People are issued a voucher for a food box by care professionals. Last year Cavell School donated 104kgs of food, which was enough to feed more than 20 local people in need for three days. Let’s see if we can beat that target this harvest!

Website News!! Don’t forget to check out the school website at: You’ll find lots of details of events at the school, links to Cavell Friends and lots of photos of events in and out of the school! The website is an instant way to keep in touch with everything which is happening at the school, so do check it regularly to make sure you don’t miss an important event!

Cavell Friends PTA Group We will be holding our first Cavell Friends meeting on Monday 24th September at 9am. This is a great chance to organise and discuss events the school could run to raise money for school funds and to enhance the life of the school for both children and parents. The Friends also regularly sell pre-owned school uniform. The more parents who help to organise events, or help on the day, the less everyone involved in the Friends has to do—so it really would be great to see as many parents/grandparents as possible!

50/50 Club We will be re-launching the 50/50 club this year, and letters will be sent home soon if you wish to continue to take part, or if you wish to join. All parents are welcome to join, and as well as the chance of winning, the club also contributes to Cavell Friends funds which directly helps your child.

Macmillan Coffee Morning On Wednesday 3rd October we will be having afternoon tea to support the Macmillan’s Coffee Morning event. It will be run by the School Council, and held in the hall from 2:15pm until 3:30pm. We would appreciate donations on the day of cakes or biscuits to sell. All are welcome and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Crucial Crew On Wednesday 12th September, the Year 6 class visited the Norfolk Showground to attend the Crucial Crew event. The event highlights health and safety in the home and community and what action to take in an emergency. They experienced a simulation of a bedroom fire, learnt about stranger danger, gas leaks and internet safety. Everyone came away with knowledge which will stay with them for life, and they are now safety experts in the house and the environment.

Mrs Frary | Wonders N The Wonders All About Me! This term we will start by welcoming new children and families, and settling children into the Nursery routine. We will do lots of singing, stories and games based around our topic ‘ All about me’. We will also learn about Harvest and Autumn through exploration of our outdoor areas. This half term we also hope to make bread and soup using vegetables we have harvested from the school allotment. In October we will be having a visit from the Hospital play worker and will be having a doctors role play area as well as our home corner. As part of SEAL (social, emotional aspects of learning) we will be exploring friendships, relationships and new beginnings.

It’s not as easy as you think … What am I ?

2 of the best …

Maths and English and “Make and Do” activities

Maths and English games to play

Mrs Smith & Mrs Adams| China R Great Wall of China


Pattern We have welcomed the children into Reception Class and they are already learning new routines and enjoying lunchtimes and assemblies and being part of the ‘big school’. We will be talking about New Beginnings in circle times. Our Topic is Pattern, so we will explore writing patterns, number patterns and patterns all around us in nature and the school grounds.

In Numeracy we will be counting and comparing objects and talking about sizes. We will also be learning positional language and direction.

It’s not as easy as you think … Can you order these numbers?

3 of the best …

Interactive stories and songs

Maths and English and “Make and Do” activities Maths and English games to play

Mrs Hoey| Petra 1

Petra (Jordan) Our World This half term we will be learning about Our World and the environment around us. The children will enjoy discovering the wildlife and variety of plants and trees within our school grounds. We will also compare our immediate surroundings with a variety of others, further afield. This term we will be putting a great emphasis on phonics and using these skills when the children are reading. Your child will be receiving a ‘sound book’ containing the letter learnt and instructions for the action linked to the sound. If you are unsure on any of the actions, pop in and we can show you how we teach them. Your support in phonics and reading at home with your child every day is greatly appreciated. In literacy we will be focussing on sequencing stories and the structure they have. We will also be learning about different types of characters and a range of settings that can be found within books. In numeracy we will be consolidating, identifying and forming numbers. We will also be focusing on ordering and counting accurately. Our PE days will be on a Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has a PE kit consisting of shorts and T-shirt for these days.

It’s not as easy as you think … Can you name these characters and the book titles they belong to?

3 of the best …

An interactive website about our world.

Phonics games appropriate for all stages

Maths games

Miss Wakefield & Mrs Hinings | Redeemer 2 Christ the Redeemer


Holidays Welcome back and welcome to Year 2. This half term our topic is Holidays. We are having lots of fun finding out about the different holidays we all went on this summer and other holidays too. We will be setting up our own ‘Travel Agents’ in class to help us plan for our exciting holidays – we might even go on one at the end of half term (Just in our classroom though!) We are going to be finding out about holidays in the past and comparing locations by looking at pictures, reading stories and asking lots of questions. Also this term we are going to be working very hard to improve standards of reading and writing and this is where we need your help. Your child will be bringing home weekly spellings to learn as well as a reading book and for some children, word cards. We ask that you spend 5-10 minutes every night helping your child with these tasks. PE days are Wednesdays (indoor kit) and Thursday (outdoor kit). Please ensure your child has their full kit in school every week and that each item is named as I am sure you can appreciate, 30 children changing together can at times be interesting.

It’s not as easy as you think … How many words can you make using the letters from the word…….

Christ the Redeemer 3 of the best …

Helpful hints to support your child’s forthcoming SATs tests

Games and activities to improve reading and writing

Number games

Miss Howett | Picchu 3 Machu Picchu (Peru)

Footprints from the past – Dinosaurs This half term we are learning all about dinosaurs. We will be finding out about the different time periods when dinosaurs lived, and what the Earth would have looked like all those millions of years ago. We will also be finding out about fossil hunters from around the world and where to look for dinosaur bones. In Science we will be finding out what dinosaurs would have looked like, and how we can use this to help us make a dinosaur footprint. We will be looking at how to sort and classify dinosaurs, as well as finding out about the other animals and plants that lived at the same time. To help us find out about dinosaurs, we will be looking at and creating our own information texts and reports in Literacy. In Numeracy we will be looking at ordering numbers, addition and subtraction, the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, and lots more!

It’s not as easy as you think … Can you put all of the numbers 1 to 6 in the triangle so that each side adds up to 10? Now try and put the numbers 1 to 6 in the triangle so each side adds up to 9, or maybe 11.

3 of the best …

Great 3D models and facts about many

Lots of facts about dinosaurs

Watch CBBC newsround to keep up to date with the news from around the world

different dinosaurs

Mrs Penton & | Miss Lewis | Itza 4 Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Living Together - Community To start the year off we will be looking at an exciting topic, one which we can all relate to. We all belong to many different communities – family, friends, sports teams, activity groups etc. However, there is one thing that every community has in common – people. We must learn how to respect, support and work with other people if we hope to become valuable contributors to the communities that we are a part of. In literacy we will be looking at stories from other cultures from around the world and other communities. We will also be looking at stories that involve dilemmas or issues; looking closely at community issues and family dilemmas. We will use journal and story writing, drama, speaking and listening skills to explore these units in more detail. We will have P.E outside on Monday afternoon and in the hall on Thursday mornings. In R.E we will look at Hinduism and in Music we aim to explore Peter and the Wolf a tale from another culture (Russia).

It’s not as easy as you think … Can you find the seven hearts – can you find them all?

Image and answer found on

3 of the best …

This a great site for kids to learn about the people, places and the culture of the ancient Mayan civilization and, in particular, to find out all about Chichen Itza. On this site, the children can find interactive games and activities to help them to learn their times tables, which will really help them to develop their maths skills. A great website where children can access games and activities across the curriculum.

Miss Yeomans, Mrs Burchell, Mr Hopkins | Colosseum


Colosseum (Italy)

Myths Welcome all to Year 5! This half-term will be myth mad! In Literacy, we are exploring Greek Myths, ending with writing our own. Further more, we will explore how a Disney film represents the mythical hero, Hercules. An exciting free trip is planned for the end of this unit: to go to the Odeon cinema to watch a film with mythical creatures in and compare them to the ones in the film we will have explored. Further details will follow. In addition, we will be looking at examples of artwork based on Greek myths and creating our own collage mythical beasts. If you do have any spare material, we would be very grateful! Music, as well, will be Greek based – listening to pieces inspired by myths, as well as composing our own pieces. Finally, we will explore Ancient Greece in our history. Maths will continue to follow the Maths framework. As a result of having two teachers, we split for this subject to help your children gain the skills they need to progress. PE and Games are on Tuesday and Friday respectively, so ensuring kit is here on those days would be great. As always, any concerns or queries you have about the curriculum or any other issue – don’t hesitate to speak to us or arrange a time to.

It’s not as easy as you think … Can you find your way out of the maze, or into it?

3 of the best …

Loads of exciting myths and legend stories to read or listen to. Homework/greece/interactive.htm

Great selection of information, games and activities all about Ancient Greece

Stories, word searches and fun things to make connected with Greece

Mrs Bird & Miss Lawn | Mahal 6 Taj Mahal (India) Leaders of the World – WW2 Welcome back to a brand new year in year 6! This half term our topic is leaders of the world with a focus on those involved in World War Two. We will be exploring the different leaders involved in WW2, creating our own air raid shelter reading corner, making paper mache ‘heads’ of leaders and looking at the viewpoints of those who were affected by the war, such as Anne Frank. Look out for letters informing you of some exciting visits ahead including our residential visit in June 2013! This year will be a challenging, but fun filled year packed with lots of activities and hard work! As support for this we will be offering a homework club on a Monday after school. Letters will follow, giving more details on this. PE days are Mondays (outdoor/swimming kit) and Wednesday (indoor kit). Please ensure your child has their full kit in school every week and that each item is named. On a Wednesday morning the children will be taught by Mrs Kennard and Mrs York-Smith.

It’s not as easy as you think … Can you identify the odd number out? Why is it the odd one out?






3 of the best …

Revision website to support with SATS practice! Fantastic WW2 website primaryhistory/world_war2/

Full of resources for every learning need!

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Wed 26th Sept

Harvest Festival from 1:30pm

Fri 28th Sept

Roald Dahl Day

Wed 3rd Oct

Macmillan Afternoon Tea

Thurs 11th Oct

School Photographer

Fri 26th Oct

Last Day of term

Mon 5th Nov

Start of new term

Term Dates 2012-2013 Autumn Term

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Please note that booking holidays during term time will result in unauthorised absences being recorded on your child’s record. The school does not authorise holidays.

We would like to hear from you.. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please let us know in order for us to deal with it. We have a Parents’ Suggestion box in the main entrance foyer, or alternatively email us at Editor: Amanda Butters

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