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GETNS Newsletter –

18th October 2012

Dear Parents / Guardians Parking News Parking News Parking News_____ The parent’s association have been trying to raise awareness this week about keeping the area directly in front of the school gates clear in the morning so that the buses can pull in and let the children out directly and safely onto the footpath. A more direct approach became necessary, since raising the issue in the newsletter didn’t have the desired results. We are delighted to say that the message now seems to be getting across, and we would like to thank all of you most sincerely for helping us out with this matter. In the long term we will be doing more to deal with traffic management, but keeping the bus set down area clear is a very important first step. We would also like to remind you that parents are not permitted to drive in to the schoolyard to drop off, unless they have special permission to do so. Backing up in the school gate is also unsafe: please refrain from doing so. Thank you for making getting into school a safer place for all of our children!! - Parents Association ET Second Level Start-up Group The campaign for a second level Educate Together school in Galway is continuing and gaining momentum. Next week, your child’s schoolbag will have an expressionof- interest-form, which we would ask you to complete and return; that is, if you would like your child to have the choice of an Educate Together second level education. There will be a postbox in the hallway all next week for all the forms returned. Please visit the Start-up Group’s website at for more information on the second level campaign. Halloween Bake Sale The Parents Association will be having a Halloween bake sale next Friday the 26th from 1pm to 2 30pm. It would be much appreciated if you can bake something nice and bring it in. Come along and have a coffee or tea and buy some buns!

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news, 18, Oct, 2012  
news, 18, Oct, 2012  

news, 18, Oct, 2012