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GETNS Newsletter –

11th October 2012

Dear Parents / Guardians

Thank you to all the parents who came to the Curriculum & Information nights over the last two weeks. We hope the nights were of benefit to you and will help you support your child’s learning this year. Thanks also to the staff for their time and dedication.

As you will be aware from previous newsletters, the BOM is asking that every family contribute €50 towards Art & Craft Supplies, Photocopying and the book scheme. Some families will be receiving reminders to pay this amount in the next week. If you receive this letter and have paid, please let us know at the office. Families who do not pay, will not have access to the book scheme and will be required to purchase their own books.

The SkipSkip-Hop workshops were fantastic and the children really enjoyed them. The school will be trying to encourage skipping at playtime in the yard, during during PE and hopefully at home. You can teach your child or even learn from them and keep fit and active in this fun and family friendly way! Happy skipping!!!

Jr Inf 1 Laura Piekarska Jr Inf 2 Ilian Wiedemann Neev Kumar 1st Cl Erin Imbusch 3rd Cl Judy Maina 5th Cl Not this week SShona Jr Luke Joyce

Sr Inf 2nd Cl 4th Cl 6th Cl

Ciara Canning Holly Durack Rosie Flynn Joanna Keita SShona Sr Chloe McNally

news 11 oct 2012  
news 11 oct 2012  

news, 11, oct, 2012