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University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Message from the Returning Officer Fellow Student: As a sitting Guild councilor , I have learnt that one of the biggest problems that face Guild is the fact that students are so unaware of what the Guild is actually doing or planning to do. As such this publication was done in order to ensure that you will be aware of the candidates for the upcoming Guild Elections. Our elections will be held on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at the locations listed in this book. Every student has right to vote at all Guild Elections. It is how you exercise this right that will determine the quality of leadership you receive. The Electoral Of fice has taken the decision to produce this booklet as a medium for you to become familiarize with the candidates. This booklet carries the manifesto of candidates exactly as delivered to us. You are asked to carefully read it in your bid to elect the best candidates. We will also host the Guild Debates on Monday March 8, 2010 at 6:00 PM in the Roy Marshall. You are asked to come to the debates and listen to the candidates speeches as they advocate the way forward for our Guild. You can also subscribe to

John Clarke Returning Officer “cavehillelections” on YouTube channels to view the candidates shorten manifesto speech. For this election there are so many options available for you to learn who your candidates are. The ball is in your court to pick the most capable leaders. A friend once shared an interesting point with me: “When we are in prison, we seek the best lawyer to be our defense lawyer. However when voting for leaders, we pick incompetent people who happen to be our friends. If we do not send our incompetent friends to defend us in court, why do we send incompetent leaders to negotiate on our behalf?”

Guild Debates – March 8, 2010 Agenda 1. Welcome & Introduction – Guild RO, John Clarke 2. Introduction of Panelist a. Guild RO’s Nominee b. Debating Society’s Rep c. A Former Position holder 3. Faculty Representative Debate a. Humanities b. Medical Sciences c. Pure & Applied d. Law e. Social Sciences 4. Committee Chairpersons a. UCC b. PCC c. IACC d. GCC e. NACC 5. Executive a. Secretary b. Treasurer c. Vice-President d. President 6. Announcement of Result of Polls 7. Vote of Thanks

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


1. Guild Debates - March 8, 2010 @ 6 PM 2. Guild Elections - March 10, 2010

Voting Locations Law The Pit Social Sciences & Humanities Roy Marshall Pure & Applied Department of Computer Science Medical Science New Med. Buildingテ不 lobby area & QEH Post Grad Post Grad Center or Faculty Office

Voting Instructions Students of Cave Hill, Outlined below is the revised pr oper procedure to be followed on Wednesday 10th March 2010 during the Guild General Elections:1. Each student is only allowed to vote ONCE for any vacancy. 2. According to section 59(1) of the Guild's Constitution a student MUST have an identification card to be eligible to vote. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. 3. Students who presents themselves to vote must satisfy one of the following criteria: (a) Once the student has a validated (20102011) identification card and the students' name is on the list the student will be allowed to vote. OR (b) If the student has a validated identification card (2009-2010) but his /her name is not on the list, he/she will still be allowed to vote. OR (c) If the student has a non-validated identification card (2009-2010) with receipt for payment for this academic year and their name is on the list then he/she will be allowed to vote. (d) If a student does not have the newly formatted Identification Card, but has the old identification card with the green sticker that verifies your identification, then that student may be allowed to vote. N.B. There is no other circumstance under which a student will be allowed to vote. 4. When you go to vote your identification card will be requested of you. 5. You will be given a ballot and instructed to go into the voting booth to vote.

6. Once 2(a)-(d) above is satisfied, allow the student to sign the register. 7. You will be instructed as to the proper way to cast a ballot i.e. by placing an “X� in the box of the candidate of choice and then folding the ballot paper at least once before exiting the polling booth. The stamp must be visible to the electoral mark will be officer. No other acceptable. 8. You will be instructed to enter the polling booth where a pencil will be provided for him/her to cast their vote. 9. When you cast your vote, your identification card will be returned and you will sign you name beside the designated places on the voting register Let us ALL work together to ensure a free and fair Guild Election 2010. John Clarke Returning Officer 2009 - 2010

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


The Guild of Students unveiled


hat is the Guild of Students? The “Guild of Students” means the association of Under graduate and Postgraduate students. The “Guild Council” is a committee of elected and selected members who serve the students.

support of the Guild: The Games Committee, the Inter -Clubs Committee, the National Affairs Committee, the International Affairs Committee, the Student Faculty Committee, the Guild Publications Committee, the Public Relations Committee and the Societies.

Within the University , there is an association of the Undergraduates of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, called the Guild of Undergraduates. Members of the Guild of Undergraduates consist of full members, which are all matriculated students of the campus, who are following an approved course of study , associate members who are unmatriculated students who pay membership fees and are also following a course of study , any person or member of an or ganisation deemed by the Guild Council as having fraternal ties with the Guild and all Guild employees along with honorary life members who are persons elected in recognition of their services rendered to the University or to the Caribbean.

The government, control and administration of the Guild of Students is by extension entrusted to a committee known as the Guild Council, which shall promote, foster and develop the educational, social, cultural and economic interest of Guild members and represent on a national and international level the concerns of the University . This Council is also an administrative body responsible for the representation of the members of the Guild of Students as a body and the authorities of the University.

The Guild has the authority to make rules for its internal management and administration, the election of its of ficers, the alteration of its rules and all other matters requiring regulation in an ef fort to promote the educational and social purposes of the University and the common interest of members of the Guild along with the advancement and promotion of unity and fraternity among its members. These objectives are pursued through the organisation and maintenance of the Union as a club for the use of its members and the advancement of the interests of several organisations which shall be under the

The Council is governed by a constitution which outlines its roles and responsibilities as well as defining the portfolios of each councillor. Each of the councillors is responsible for a portfolio and during their one year tenure is accountable for collaborating with the University’s administration to ensure that specific areas of student life are adequately managed. Within the powers of the Guild Council are the rights to set up standing, special or advisory committees which will make reports to the Council, to give approval to the Constitution, Rules and Bye-laws of any society in the University of the West Indies and to make, vary and terminate contracts for and on behalf of the Guild, as unity between the Council and the under graduates is for a common interest, the interest of the students.


he Guild Council has a very important role to play on campus in terms of student government. The Guild is made up of 22 members, of which 16 ar e elected members in a general election pr ocess

held annually in March. As students of the Cave Hill campus it is important to know your councillors and what their roles and duties ar e since they ar e elected to serve you.

Meet the Candidates President

The pr esident is the Chairperson of the Guild Council and the Guild of Undergraduates, he is responsible for the efficient running of Guild Business. Disclaimer *** The Electoral Office accepts no responsibility for the contents of each candidate’s manifesto. Candidates were told to send to us a copy of theirmanifestos and pictures. What you see in the following pages, save and except changes made for design and layout purposes, are the manifestos and pictures in the exact quality candidates sent to us. In light of our aim to produce a free and fair election, we submit the document exactly as we received them. CANDIDATE’S NAME: CARL ‘ALFF’ PADMORE POSITION CONTESTING: PRESIDENT As President of the 2010-2011, I will seek to re-examine in a clinically way methodologies by the past Guild. Serving as the last President, provides a platform to take this Guild to levels of consciousness that speak more deeply to Caribbean Regionalism, the preservation of our cultural and heritage symbols, the advancement of making the Caribbean Man an effective man. It is my view that old arguments of insularity and immaturity must never occupy our minds again. It is time for the establishment of a

Student village where wholesome dialogue, entrepreneurship development and island life/customs/valves are celebrated. (This is already at an advance stage) A comprehensive of f campus policy must be established this too is at an advanced stage The student Body will be engaged more as we advance more. A newspaper has given the ok to give a new guild a weekly space to share their view. These and more are the plans of Carl “Alff” Padmore, Caribbean Citizen with a Global Vision.

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates Vice President

As the Deputy Chairperson of the Guild Council and the Guild of Undergraduates, the vice-president is responsible for chairing council meetings in the absence of the President. Additionally, the Vice President is the Chairperson of the Inter -Clubs committee and oversees the ef ficient functioning of all r ecognised clubs and societies on campus. CANDIDATE’S NAME: ODWIN ‘DON TRENT’ TRENTON POSITION CONTESTING: VICE PRESIDENT Esteemed students of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill, futur e leaders of the Caribbean nations, allow me to intr oduce myself for the candidacy for the position of guild Vice President2010/2011. I am Odwin ‘Don Trent’ Trenton, a level 1 student of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, majoring in the Literature of English. I am a nonnational student, residing in Barbados. Above all, I am a Caribbean man, and a strong advocate for Caribbean unification, hence making me an ideal candidate for the position of Vice President, (Chairman of the Inter CC). It has been a pleasure serving you over the past four months and I would welcome the opportunity to continue providing ef ficient and effective representation on your behalf. As Guild VP I will be the Deputy Chairperson of the Council of the Guild of Students, chairing the Inter Clubs Committee, be responsible for the day to day direction of the Union, Implement and develop with the President a plan of activities for the continued development of the Guild Council, to encourage student involvement in student developmental activities and most importantly, be responsible to you the students. I believe that the Guild Vice President should facilitate an ef fectively functioning

machinery of the Guild to encourage continued student representation, on a regular and consistent basis. I believe that the Vice President should be visible and available to facilitate the addressing of the concerns of students. Through the Vice Presidents role as a member of the Finance Committee, I intend to encourage and maintain high standards of accountability, transparency, and efficiency throughout the entire organization (inclusive of the Clubs and Societies), to protect the name and reputation of the Guild of Students. Produce reports from Campus and University wide meetings, to ensure a free flow of information to the entire campus community. To facilitate the empowerment of students to further develop there all-around development, encourage Clubs and Societies to have more diverse social and educational activities within there weeks of activities. Students, as we embark on a mission to enhance our student representation, I ask you to place your X, for the candidate which best represents, your own expectations of student representation. I ask you to vote for mature, responsible, accountable, dynamic and interactive representation. Vote Odwin ‘Don Trent’ Trenton for Guild Vice President.

Meet the Candidates Vice President CANDIDATE’S NAME: O’NEIL RILEY POSITION CONTESTING: VICE PRESIDENT I intend to keep up the good work which I have seen the guild of 2009-2010 done, in relation with their out r each to the needy and the pr oper construction and management of all the clubs and societies of this Cave hill campus if elected. I do not intend to be a stranger to you the students of this cave hill campus, and I am a very transparent person who is very approachable, and always do anything to help a student in need. I assisted with the organization of one club last year (Island Roots), and I intend to help those who have a vision to be an outreach missionary, whether it is socially or educationally, to reach their goals or at least have a taste of what the field is like within the year of of fice. I also intend to see the University of the West Indies clubs and

societies come together as one to help each other in anyway possible and that process will be orchestrated throughout the (I.C.C) Inter-Clubs Committee. I have been tested on many occasions of my competence with handling this post and have never failed to succeed, help, or do any job at hand. In addition, if elected, I do possess the qualities needed to fulfill this position of the 2010-201 1 Guild Vice President of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. Yours truly, O’Neil Riley “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably does not lead anywhere”

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates Secretary

The secr etary is r esponsible for recording minutes of all Guild and Council Meetings in addition to recording all resolutions and motions passed. CANDIDATE’S NAME: HEIDI W. BADENOCK POSITION CONTESTING: SECRETARY FACULTY: LAW MAJOR: LAW Service ought to be the defining factor in any individual’s life. It is this sense of duty to serve that has propelled me into running for this post. This post ought not to be judged by traditional views but by the ef fect that it has on the ef ficacy of any establishment. In understanding the functions of Secretary, I have recognized that I am expected to be the engine of the ship that serves you. I see myself as

being more than capable of acting as such in providing the ener gy that can enhance the ef ficiency and effectiveness of your student council. The duties of Guild Secretary although clearly defined, and constant, are not such which require a sitting duck. I intend to represent fully student views when and wherever possible. With efficiency, promptness and keen organizational skills, I ask you to vote, Heidi W. Badenock, as Guild Secretary 2010!

CANDIDATE’S NAME: DIONNE DANIEL POSITION CONTESTING: SECRETARY FACULTY: HUMANITIES AND EDUCATION MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY AND HISTORY Fellow canidates, Fellow Students, My name is Dionne Daniel and I a final year student in the faculty of Humanities and education. Currently I am persuing a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology and History . I have have had the honor of representing the Guild of student for the academic year 2009-10 as Guild Librarian which I can honestly say was an enjoyable one. In addition I have had the honour of acting

as secretary when the previously elected secretary had resigned therefore I am well aware of the tasks which the secretary fulfills and I am sure that i would be able to succcesfully fulfill the duties if elected as the new secretary. Thus I can honestly say that I am the best candidate for the position as I have already hoed the skills necessary to function ef fectively as the new secretary .Finally if elected I am confident that I will carry out the duties diligently.

Meet the Candidates Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for the administration of the Guild finances and is the Chairperson of the Finance Committee of the Guild of Students. CANDIDATE’S NAME: DARIO GREENIDGE POSITION CONTESTING: TREASURER Dario Greenidge - Restoration is complete, progression must begin here It has been indeed an experience to represent the you students of the Cave Hill Campus as Treasurer of the Guild 2009-2010.this year which critical thinking and at times hard decisions positively contributed to my development as an individual with and interest in the financial sector but mor e importantly it has giving me the opportunity to grasp the true potential of our geographically small campus as it relates to its own development, an for giving me such an opportunity and I Dario Gr eenidge want to THANK YOU the students of this University. During my period in of fice I brought a higher level accountable and transparency by implementing strategies to deal with the general management of the Guild’ s funds, this can seen from processes at events to the distribution of portfolios finances. With the economic climate in mind portfolios catering

directly with welfare of students were expanded and handled with the strictest of confidence. Confidence was restored with corporate Barbados because of outstanding debts which was settled and systems implemented to reduce future reoccurrences. Assistance was giving to all portfolios who requested services or products from our partner companies. These additional accomplishments accompanied my day to day management of the Guild’s finances. For the upcoming year the Guild needs more than just a Treasurer however, with large scale, resource demanding events and ventures on the horizon this Guild must focus on income generation and opportunity development for students. This can only be achieved with someone who has the ability and the experience get the job done and has what is take to take us to the next level. It is on that premise I choose to face the pools once more and I need your support. The restoration period is over let’ s talk progression.

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates Treasurer CANDIDATE’S NAME: JANINE WHITE POSITION CONTESTING: SECRETARY As prospective Treasurer of the Guild of Students, I pr omise that I will be diligent and transpar ent in all my interactions and transactions. The business of Treasurer is one which is vital to any organization, as this individual is key to the transient progress and processes executed within business. As treasurer I will adapt easy , clear and accessible

resources pertaining to book-keeping and the subsequent transactions of all students. Finances and their stringent management is essential to the growth of the Guild of students, if it is to be a respected as a legitimate organization. The message behind my nomination is clear - Making Common Sense of our Cents.

International Affairs Committee Chairperson (I.A.C.C.) The I.A.C.C is the Chairperson of the International Affairs Committee and is the representative of the Guild in all international fora including the International Union of Students. CANDIDATE’S NAME: JAMON WHITE POSITION CONTESTING: INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON FACULTY: SOCIAL SCIENCES

My name is Jamon White and I am a 2nd year student studying Management with Psychology. As prospective International Affairs Committee Chairperson of the Guild of Students, the purpose of my nomination is to integrate the various cultures and backgrounds of our many Caribbean and international brothers and sisters. Unity as a catalyst for Strength and Progress will be the hallmark of my tenure. I seek to ensure that the opinions and issues of every student is heard and assessed in efforts to instill greater participation. As the world becomes globalized and we in the Caribbean become one single market and

economy, we as students must also become integrated, I will do all possible to ensure that all cultural boundaries are broken to ensure an integrated whole, an integrated guild of students. If elected: 1. I intend to be approachable to all students. 2. Seek to resolve all issues in a quickly and timely manner 3. Make sure that all ideas of all students are heard and considered. My mission statement is LISTENING AND DELIVERING, EVERY CULTURE, EVERY STUDENT, EVER Y VOICE; MUST BE HEARD.



The U.C.C is the Chairperson of the Union Committee and through this committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Students’ Union. CANDIDATE’S NAME: GREG A SCOTT POSITION CONTESTING: UNION COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON MAJOR: ACCOUNTS I am Greg Scott, currently level II student reading for a BSc Accounts, and seeking your support to be Re-Elected as the Union Committee Chairperson (UCC). Why Me My experience is vast as I had the privilege to act as NACC and Vice President where as I was able to effectively pull of f a successful summer camp and island tour under strenuous circumstances. The Union saw a new look last year with the provision of new furniture and at most times basic amenities where made available. Maintained, in these economic times; business relationships enabling student organizations to adequately access sponsorship. I was committed to a council that saw CORRUPTION as an OFFENCE and

remained committed to weeding it out. IF RE-ELECTED AS UCC I PROMISE TO YOU CONTINUED IMPROVEMENT In understanding that campus life is changing due to many a circumstance, I understand the need for continuity to ensure that we can provide an enhanced student experience. The knowledge gained during my tenure will ensure that the Union is run as smoothly and ef fectively as possible, while facilitating the development of social skills that will be beneficial to us students in our future. Remember for transparency and continuity Vote Greg A Scott for Union Chair 251-2312/266-6421/

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates UNION COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON (U.C.C.) CANDIDATE’S NAME: WILLIAM MURRELL POSITION CONTESTING: UNION COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON I see the r ole of the Union Committee Chairperson to be an integral part of the university’s structure. This entails the day by day running of the guild, maintenance and upkeep of its surr oundings. The Guild of students is dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body . The purpose of these organizations is to r epresent students both within the institution and externally, including on local and national issues. They are also r esponsible for providing a variety of services to students. Students can get involved in its management through numer ous and varied committees, councils and general meetings, or become one of its elected officers.

If I were elected for the post of Union Committee Chairperson the are a number of issues in which I would like to make change to the lack of integration of both national and non- national students. If elected I would also make it my duty that the guild facility is ef ficiently and ef fectively ran under my term in office. Also I would make myself readably available to both the student body and the administration of the University Of West Indies Cavehill campus. I see my self an asset to the students union. I will try my utmost best to make the Students guild a place where students can feel welcome and comfortable. Yours truly William Murrell

Meet the Candidates PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON (P.C.C.) The P.C.C is the Chairperson of the Publications Committee and is responsible for producing the official organ of the Guild of Students and all other Guild publications. CANDIDATE’S NAME: ANDRE K LAYNE POSITION CONTESTING: PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON FACULTY: HUMANITIES AND EDUCATION Andre Layne is a 1st/2nd year Humanities and Education student with a histor y of youth leadership. He has pr eviously served on the Guild Council as Humanities and Education Representative 2009-2010. If elected as your PCC for the year 2010-2011. Andre states: “I solemnly swear to promote student awareness to the best of my ability .” It is my belief that good journalism is the foundation of good democracy. The magnificent seven point plan

Introduce the Cave Hill Guild fully into the online era through an of ficial guild website. • Introduce weekly (digital) news presentations at Cave Hill • Re-introduce a printed news publication at Cave Hill • Introduce the Cave Hill Yearbook • Introduce a series of “student oriented” public lectures and open forums. • Synthesize Fresher ’s through a completely revamped Fresher’s Guide Archive all important events taking place at Cave Hill.

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010



The G.C.C is the Chairperson of the Games Committee and is r esponsible for the development and furtherance of sport on campus. CANDIDATE’S NAME: MARCUS GREEN POSITION CONTESTING: GAMES COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON The following extract is an outline of some of my goals in the event that I am elected Games Committee Chairperson. Firstly I would like to give a little backgr ound on myself and explain my inter est in attaining this post. My motivation for contesting this post is dir ectly linked to the fact that I am not only a diverse spor tsman, but also because I am an extr emely serious sports fanatic. With such a deep and dear love for all sports I have developed a burning desir e to see sports and spor ting careers rise to a level that may not only rival, but also assist academic pr estige. It is evident that although a spor tsperson may have a higher income than a doctor or lawyer he is never admired in the same way , but it is ver y important to combine academics with sports as sports may help a CEO to be a better team player, while academics could help a sportsperson to be a mor e critical thinker. I am also eager to point out that I am currently pursuing a BSC. in Sociology with Political Science and this is advantageous as I can use my Political skills to achieve progress for sports not only on campus but also in the wider community. On the terms of a sporting background I can not only make a case for being one of the biggest sports fans at the university but also one of the more rounded sportspersons at the university. From a very early age I always had an equal love for sports as I did for my schoolwork. This profound love has fuelled me into pursuing careers in to a wide variety of sports ranging from athletics to volleyball. During my school life I represented my schools

in the disciplines of athletics, chess, cricket, draughts, football and volleyball wining many accolades including an M.V.P title in volleyball. During this time I also represented my country in handball in 2009, and also in chess in 2003 placing 2nd in a Caribbean tournament. In addition to this I represented UWI Cave Hill in chess at the end of 2007 in Miami and currently in athletics, as was the case for a number of years, I have also been playing 1st Division volleyball for the past four years. If elected Games Committee Chairperson my major aims are: • To bring new and exciting programmes to the university , specifically handball, draughts and water polo. • To improve on existing sports programmes such as swimming, track and field and basketball by providing equipment and competition in the form of tournaments and meets. • To reward students for their ef forts throughout the year by awarding the best students from various disciplines. • To make it easier for non-nationals to participate in and enjoy activities by utilising weekends since most of them live close to the university. • To offer a scholarship to young promising athletes who may not otherwise find it feasible to attend university because of financial constraints. • To initiate fundraising ventures to help with the afore-mentioned aims and also to reduce the cost of trips throughout the year • To award credits to all students across the

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Meet the Candidates GAMES COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON (P.C.C.) CANDIDATE’S NAME: AKIL DOWRIDGE POSITION CONTESTING: GAMES COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON Greetings fellow students and alumni, My name is Akil Dowridge I am currently studying Computer science and I am running for the position of Games Committee Chair . I am a current member of the UWI Cavehill Campus’ football team, who last semester were promoted. Some may ask why me, I will tell you why me. I am very passionate about all sports and very ecstatic and overjoyed when the UWI Cavehill Campus performs well in any sport. I believe that if your active and physically fit you will also be mentally fit and it always said that school days are your best days and there is nothing better than sports and games. I aim to be very involved and knowledgeable with what is happening in sports and games at the Campus and on a whole. The next year is going to be an exciting time with the beginning of the relocation of the students’ association. I hope to see that the

Continued from Page 15 university for sports in some cases to replace an academic course or to supplement a degree. • To utilise the knowledge of retired and professional athletes across the country and maybe even the world in the form of coaching clinics. Another interesting concept I would like to undertake is to improve the sporting spirit across the university even outside of the organized times with a number of activities on the guild lawn and in the guild. As an avid

transition to the new union runs as smoothly as possible. As Games Committee Chair I endeavor to:

• •

• Make sure that all students and prospective students are thought of first in all decisions made • Listen to and put forward a wider range of ideas from individuals to insure that this committee is run in the fairest and most ef ficient way possible. Be approachable and open to all suggestions and comments. Make sure that the campus is well represented in all its sporting endeavors.

Having said all of this I leave it to you, to attend the meetings and debates, listen to the speeches and ar guments and make up your decision. Make the right choice; Make the best choice vote Akil Dowridge for Games Committee Chair! sports fan and athlete I would also like to see the university participate as a club in all the national competitions and follow in the footsteps of the Sagicor UWI Cricket Club and become winners. In order to achieve this it will be essential to bring all the other sports around the campus up to the same high level of competitiveness as our cricket team. In conclusion if elected I would try to make a vast improvement on the existing program and also bring new and exciting sports to the campus. My experience and passion would make me the perfect candidate for the post of Games Committee Chairperson.

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010




Hi, introducing you to Mario Turton, keen, disciplined and dedicated Social Sciences major, who knows that it’ s the balance between education and social skills and activities that keeps an individual a well rounded one. I am 28 years old and I’ve spent a considerable amount of those years helping to produce and coordinate some of Barbados’ annual signature events. Working with events has enabled me with a true sense and ability on how the events production process works, from inception to completion. Not only have I been upfront at events, but also behind the scenes where I have been able to witness all the core elements fusing together to create a production, which is what having a successful event is all about. I am known to many as the photographer for one of Barbados’ premier entertainment & events websites, and I am also part of a group of online marketing personnel which has promoted many successful UWI events in the past. My background, along with my willingness, ability and sound principles, make me the ideal candidate for this position. Transparency and Accountability are very important to me, and will be a focal point of my manifesto if you allow me to become your NACC. My aim as NACC will be to produce events for the student

body, which are not only exciting and enjoyable, but which add value to the entire student body’ s educational experience while at the UWI. It is my belief, that having a fantastic student life is essential for paving the way to an even greater future. For that reason, I intend to use my abilities, if chosen to facilitate you my student body with opportunity to have the best student life possible. If chosen as the NACC my main focuses will be: • WORK CLOSEL Y WITH MY COLLEAGUES AND THE STUDENT BODY IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS BASED ON WHAT THE STUDENT BODY WANTS • ENSURE THAT ALL FACULTIES HAVE AN EQUAL VOICE IN THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS • DELIVER WELL COORDINATED AND PRODUCED EVENTS THAT ADD SIGNIFICANT VALUE T O MY STUDENT BODY’S STUDENT LIVES It’s now up to you! If you are ready to embrace events with a difference that cater to your needs as a student, make the RIGHT choice and mark your X by MARIO TURTON on the 10th of March 2010. I WILL DELIVER! “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” Joseph Chilton Pearce.


responsible, respectful, capacity building, team work, proven motivator, excellent time , management, alacrity prioritising and problemsolving

PREAMBLE Sincere greetings, it is with a profound sense of pride and humility that I offer myself as the best candidate for the position of National Affairs Committee Chairperson (NACC)

PLANS & PROPOSALS If elected NACC, these are my plans and

PROFILE I am 20 years old and a 1st year student in the Faculty of Pure & Applied Science, where I am reading for a degree in Information Technology. I am a past student of Harrison College and the Barbados Community College. EXPERIENCE • • •

Ship’s Company Commander (Highest Rank) - Barbados Cadet Corps Event Coordinator Youth Explosion (Crop Over Band) 2007 (6 Awards Won) Chief Advisor to the National Affairs Committee Chairperson 2009/10


Innovation, discipline, determination,

• •

• •

proposals: Continue the NACC Summer Camp for Kids Diversify Freshers’ Week Activities to include Quiz, Debating, Drama, Dance and Sports[Track & Field] in addition to events. An Event/Activity during Independence Week Introduce New Events into the semester to destress and maintain the atmosphere required for a wholesome campus environment. Introduce Guild Membership Cards which entitles students to discounts in stores, shops and supermarkets and to expand existing outlets. Maintain the high standards and ideas of Carnival developed and sustained by my predecessors

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates NATIONAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON (N.A.C.C.) CANDIDATE’S NAME: NATE WILLIAMS POSITION CONTESTING: NATIONAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON The cultural and emotive expression of a people is the expr ession of the soul…, this is why I place my candidacy for National Affairs Committee Chairperson in your hands. I am Nate Williams, a second year Public Sector Management Student, and I wish to be your force of expr ession. I believe that the National Affairs Committee Chairperson has the responsibility for social expression, community expr ession, and cultural

expression on campus. But I also believe that the NACC must move pass this level, to have expr essions on matters of importance to our realities and our future, issues such as the envir onment, family and education. Lets have new expressions, expressions of who we are , expressions of W.I. on campus. Vote NATE WILLIAMS as your new NA TIONAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON.


Meet the Candidates FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES As the President of their respective faculties on the Guild Council, they also sit on their faculty boards and present the concerns raised by students to these bodies.

FACULTY OF LAW REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATE’S NAME: ANDREW WILDES POSITION CONTESTING: FACULTY OF LAW REPRESENTATIVE MAJOR: LAW FACULTY: LAW I have considered well the various needs of the Law Faculty as it enters the most critical year since its establishment. Effective leadership will be needed to tackle infrastructural and maintenance issues, to address the dilemma of decentralisation and to effectively execute Law Week 2011. • •

If elected I will: Ensure that Law Week 201 1 equals and surpasses 2010, especially in student participation. Establish activities geared at celebrating

the benefits of Caribbean integration, generally, academically and particularly in the development of a distinctive regional jurisprudence. • Ensure third year course of ferings are student friendly. • See to a greater visibility of the Law Society during first semester. • Increase the accountability of class representatives. • Tackle reoccurring infrastructural sore points like the female bathroom and the lack of adequate seating (or over-offering of courses). Thank you.


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates FACULTY OF LAW REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATE’S NAME: MARIO JESUS GUEVARA POSITION CONTESTING: FACULTY OF LAW REPRESENTATIVE MAJOR: LAW FACULTY: LAW To highlight my decisions to run, why me? I am a driven individual who tries to balance both aspects of my life, my degree and maintaining an active physical and social lifestyle. I respect participation in extracurricular events which I believe facilitates the growth of well-rounded individuals If elected I intend to • Integrate a larger percentage of the student body to become more active in events in faculty and around campus.

Increase their scope to recognize new inherent abilities within themselves or a forgotten talent and bolster their growth as all rounded individuals who achieve intended levels of success but maintain much overlooked abilities in sociability and physical fitness Enable students to be successful lawyers but ensure everyone comes out of the university experience, successful, a better person with companions for life, colleagues and friends.


Vote James “Balli” Ballantyne to make Social Sciences the best faculty in terms of representation and activities! My name is James WalkerBallantyne, I am contesting the position of Social Sciences Faculty Rep. I have been involved in politics before and have previously been an elected advocate for my area in all regional meetings. I am very honest and outgoing and I will be representing all the students within the faculty. It is about finding out what students views and opinions are and using that to actually make a dif ference and create change within the faculty. I promise.... • Better communication with the course Deans and representatives from other

faculties and under my representation of the social sciences faculty will be taken to another level. • Relaying matters of importance raised by the students to the Guild, Faculty meetings and the expressing views towards Social Sciences Teaching faculty. • Next year is going to be the year the leadership level of the Social Sciences faculty is taken to another level. I promise Social Sciences week to be the best faculty week, like it is should be. The next step from here is to go and vote, vote for something you believe. Vote for James “Balli” Ballantyne; Making a Difference!


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates FACULTY OF PURE & APPLIED SCIENCES REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATE’S NAME: MARIO VANTERPOOLE POSITION CONTESTING: FACULTY OF PURE & APPLIED SCIENCES REPRESENTATIVE MAJOR: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT My name is Mario Vanterpoole and I am 22 years of age. I am currently a Pur e and Applied student of the University of The West Indies, Cave Hill campus studying Information Technology and Management. I tend to think of myself as a very active person who engages in sporting activities both competitively and leisurely. I am currently campaigning for the position of Pure and Applied

Representative, and if elected I planned to represent the students . to the fullest of my ability Judging from my sporting background I believe I am well equipped to perform all tasks put ahead of me. Sport is viewed as a catalyst to bridge people and nations closer together, and I strongly believe we can achieve our goals once we work as a team. Together Everyone Achieves More.


Offices Held: Event Coordinator, National Affairs Committee; Mentor, Emerging Global Leader Retreat (EGLR); Head Boy, Coleridge and Parry School

Medical Sciences: bringing this relatively young faculty on par with its counterparts.

Interests: Travel, photography & event planning

• And through the accomplishment of the afore-mentioned, therein provide an enhanced overall experience for medical students at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

• To bridge the gap between the preclinical and clinical students: creating opportunities for increased interaction and the sharing of ideas and experiences.

Plans for the Faculty of Medical Sciences •

To provide greater student to studentrepresentative interaction (i.e. one-on-one dialogue) throughout the entire term.

To provide better representation for the medical student body to address the pertinent issues both on and of f campus.

To increase communication between the student body and faculty members at all levels. To increase the visibility of the Faculty of

Plans for the Student’s Guild •

Create a better working relationship amongst all guild counsellors

Assist with improving transparency and accountability with respect to the utilization of guild funds.

Utilization of guild fees to achieve maximum returns for the benefit of students.

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates FRANK WORRELL HALL REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATE’S NAME: CARLON KIRK MENDOZA POSITION CONTESTING: FRANK WORRELL HALL REPRESENTATIVE Leadership should not be taken lightly . It must not be seen as a medium for self recognition, but as a vehicle for service. In order to effectively lead, one must be able to humbly serve. The Frank Worrell Hall is home to 180 students fr om ar ound the world and as such, the position of Hall Chairperson is one which r equires an individual, who is both willing and able to meet the diverse needs of the Hall’s residents. Tools I possess- Respect, discipline, preparation and action which will take anyone where they need to go in life. Experience- I have established myself as a competent individual, as I have a strong record of service in leadership roles, which

include; Student Council President, Prefect, P.R.O. of the People’ s National Movement Youth League and I am currently the P .R.O. of Frank Worrell Hall. Once elected Hall Chairperson, my main goal will be to significantly increase the avenues for Caribbean Integration on hall. When planning activities, integration would be at the forefront. Cave Hill is a diverse campus and fostering integration not only enriches each student’s individual experience, but in the grand scheme of things, it goes well for regional integration, building CARICOM at the grass roots level. Organizer, Advocate, Friend. I am Carlon Kirk Mendoza, your nominee for Frank Worrell Hall Chairperson 2010/2011.

Meet the Candidates FRANK WORRELL HALL REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATE’S NAME: JARRELL ‘RINGTONE’ FENTON POSITION CONTESTING: FRANK WORRELL HALL REPRESENTATIVE MAJOR: LITERATURE IN ENGLISH “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…” - Martin Luther King, Jr. My knowledge and experience gained from residing two (2) years on Frank Worrell Hall (F .W.H) is invaluable and without a doubt played a significant role in the person I am today. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time thus far on halls and I am vying for the position of Hall Chair to ensure that others enjoy their stay on F.W.H as much as I have and even more. From day one I have been an active individual on F .W.H competing in the Halls King and Queen Pageant 2009/10, the University of the West Indies (U.W .I) Soca Monarch competition 2009/10 and numerous other events. In addition, I was elected

Cultural Entertainment Activities Coordinator (C.E.A.C) at the end of my first year. Students on halls and even of f hall have taken notice of my superior work ethic, competence in or ganizing events and I have managed to raise the standard of events undertaken by the C.E.A.C such as “Unity Week”. Furthermore, I have gone way beyond the call of duty or ganizing numerous outings such as a week of events at the start of the second semester , beach limes and a catamaran cruise to name a few . Vote Jarrell ‘Ringtone’ Fenton on March 8th, 2010 and let’ s take Frank Worrell Hall from heights to heights and strength to strength. “Together We Can. United We Will”.

University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


University for the West Indies Cave Hill Guild of Students Elections 2010


Meet the Candidates SHERLOCK HALL REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATE’S NAME: AKEEM MCKEND POSITION CONTESTING: SHERLOCK HALL REPRESENTATIVE MAJOR: ACCOUNTING AND ECONOMICS FACULTY: SOCIAL SCIENCES Each year new students come and reside at Sherlock hall hoping to have an experience of a lifetime. Even though each r esident has a different personality and way of living, tension seems to develop and affect the relationship between r esidents that live on hall and neighboring hall. Once elected, I hope to use the heritage and values of previous residents who made living on hall a blessing combined with new values attained,

passed onto the new residents thus ensuring a love bound relationship and unity between residents on this hall as well as between residents on the neighboring hall. I intend to propose and work on some existing policies that deeply affect student residing on hall. Students, Residents, I ur ge you to come out and listen to the debates and when the time comes, cast your vote on who you think is worthy to represent you as a leader . Vote for Akeem Mckend.

CANDIDATE’S NAME: MAXINE WELSH POSITION CONTESTING: SHERLOCK HALL REPRESENTATIVE As a member of the Sherlock Hall family I am ver y much concerned about the various aspects of hall life, as well as the issues that af fect each r esident. I have observed matters that need to be addr essed and it is my intention to do just that if elected Sherlock Hall Representative. Not only do I intend to r epresent and advocate for the rights of each r esident on hall, I will work with the Guild of

Students through its endeavours to achieve set goals. I will address my duties with conscientiousness and each member with the respect due to them. It is my belief that the partnership between the Guild and Halls of Residence is one that can be nurtured for the benefit of all. Working together is pertinent as this is the only way we can ensure our success in the year ahead.

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Guilds Voters' Guide 2010  

This document carries the manifesto of candidates in the upcoming Guild Elections.