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F O R T h e U t i l i t y R e for m N e t w or k , turn

2011-2012 Annual Report TURN has been a statewide organization ever since the days we were a one-woman show run by Sylvia Siegel from her kitchen table. As we’ve grown, our impact in areas outside of our northern California home base has grown as well. This year, with the introduction of PolicyVoice and SDG&E ramping up efforts to rip off customers, TURN’s impact was felt more directly in many parts of California.


TURN executive director Mark Toney was featured in news stories throughout California, including KSFN TV in Fresno, ABC-10 TV in San Diego, and the San Jose Mercury News. TURN fought major rate cases on behalf of millions of southern California customers of SDG&E, SoCal Edison and SoCal Gas. In Los Angeles, a town hall community meeting hosted by TURN featured California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Commissioner Sandoval and Assemblyman Steve Bradford. As always, PG&E kept us busy in northern California, with a predictable and wholly unsatisfying response to the San Bruno explosion: a proposal for billions in new rate hikes to fix a pipeline system the company has neglected for too long. TURN continued to play a prominent role in the public debate over smart meters, and the urgent transition to more renewable energy, demanding energy that is clean, green and affordable. As your independent, non-profit consumer advocate, TURN is a first responder to changes to the telecom landscape, quickly and successfully organizing against AT&T’s attempt to acquire T-Mobile, and defending long-standing universal service requirements and policies. annua l rep o rt c o nt i nues o n page 4

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our partners for change

Empowering communities and consumers.

PolicyVoice is TURN’s statewide initiative to train community-based organizations and leaders to increase activism for keeping energy, gas, and phone bills affordable in California. Your support of PolicyVoice builds the power of communities to create change, enforce regulations, and control institutions by empowering local communities and consumers to: Know Their Rights Enforce Their Rights Document the Public Interest Advocate in the Public Interest Appoint & Elect Fair, Unbiased Policy Makers G ra s s root s e v e nt s i n t h e pa s t y e ar i nc l u d e d :

A pr i l , San B e rnar d i no Over 40 community representatives and individuals came together in San Bernardino for a Town Hall that was organized by TURN with our PolicyVoice partner, Communities Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE), featuring CPUC Commissioner (and TURN alum) Mike Florio.

Making your bills more affordable

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M ay, F r e s no Fresno consumers had a rare opportunity to address the CPUC in person at a public meeting held in Fresno in May. TURN worked with PolicyVoice partners Central California Legal Services and La Familia Advocacy to alert the community to this opportunity, and organized local consumers to speak out on universal phone service and other issues of concern. Augu s t, San F ranc i s co TURN’s lead PolicyVoice Bay Area partner, the Central City SRO Collaborative, has mobilized scores of low-income consumers to speak out at CPUC meetings on basic phone service and LifeLine low-income phone service. The Collaborative joined TURN and an expanded network of Bay Area community groups at the San Francisco Public Library to learn more about consumer assistance and activism at the CPUC. P o licy V o ice is grateful f o r funding fr o m :

Your investment in TURN comes back to you in bi California Court of Appeals Agrees With TURN: Oakley Plant Not Needed TURN doesn’t often appeal CPUC decisions to the courts, but the Oakley plant was an exception. Why should consumers pay $1.5 billion for a plant that PG&E was unable to prove was needed? After the CPUC caved to PG&E’s wishes with a shoddy decision approving the unneeded plant, TURN took the fight for affordable bills to the next level. Courts are generally hesitant to overturn CPUC decisions, but in this case, TURN prevailed! The court found that the Commission violated its own procedures and prevented TURN from getting a fair hearing on our argument that the electricity generated by the plant would not be needed by PG&E. That means consumers won’t pay an additional, unnecessary $1.5 billion.

Getting you more green for your green. Good Investment or Greenwash? PG&E wanted to charge customers $10 million to invest in a start-up company that would build solar panels, trying to greenwash the speculative investment as a new green energy initiative. TURN challenged the high-risk scheme, and convinced the CPUC to reject customer funding. In a 3-2 vote, the Commission agreed with TURN that the proposal was an unwise use of ratepayer money and unauthorized by law. The victory was an important check on the CPUC’s easy approval of any project labeled “green” or “smart,” regardless of costs or benefits, and sets a good precedent for other pending cases.


Making Renewables Work for California TURN has been a strong supporter of requiring California’s utility companies to increase their renewable energy purchases — but with cost controls. Another way renewables can be a better deal for consumers is if the energy purchased is local, creating green jobs right here at home. TURN won rules ensuring that utilities procure a large portion of their renewable obligations from facilities that are directly connected to the state’s transmission network, keeping more of your investment in green energy right here in California.


Consumers are fighting back — and winning — with TURN! TURN’s consumer advisor helped hundreds of TURN members and supporters to challenge unfair utility practices, advising on CPUC complaints, utility shut-offs, unfair phone bills and lower bill strategies. With TURN on their side, consumers won refunds, avoided shut-offs, and saved energy. Thousands more consumers took advantage of TURN’s online resources and print newsletter. Shutting Down Shut-Offs Utility shut-offs are truly a public health hazard, often leading to harmful consequences including homelessness and fires. Shut-offs can be reduced. New rules advocated for by TURN were adopted in March that will make it easier for customers to stay connected, including: n No deposit requirements for low-income customers with history of late payments or disconnects n Restrictions on remote disconnects n Requirements that utilities offer affordable payment plans n Allowing customers to sign up for discounted CARE service over the phone n New benchmarks for disconnection rates These critical protections for customers at risk of losing essential utility service will go a long way toward reducing dangerous and deadly shut-offs.

illions of savings. Residential Customer Protection The CPUC doesn’t only decide how much PG&E can collect in rates, it also determines how the total will be divided between “customer classes.” That means TURN’s constituents, residential and small business customers, are pitted against agricultural, commercial and industrial customers over who will bear the brunt of PG&E rate hikes. Despite the challenges, TURN successfully worked with other customer representatives to craft a settlement of PG&E’s revenue allocation that stopped residential customers from getting stuck with a bigger slice of the PG&E rate pie, and actually resulted in a small rate reduction.

No More Trailer Park Tricks! TURN achieved a victory for mobile home residents (and residential ratepayers in general) by getting the CPUC to lower the discount provided to master-metered mobile home parks that operate sub-metered electric systems for their tenants. This lower discount will reduce costs for the remaining body of residential ratepayers and should create additional pressure for the park owners to transfer their sub-metering systems to PG&E over time. These transfers will benefit mobile home park tenants by providing better quality service and de-linking utility bills from rent payments, thereby eliminating the prospect of being evicted for non-payment of utility bills. page 5


MEDIA ADVOCACY Keeping utility companies accountable means keeping consumer concerns front and center in the media. The utility companies use advertising and the press to try to pull the wool over customers’ eyes to justify their high profits and rates. TURN fights back by putting your perspective in the public eye. Our statewide media advocacy drew hundreds of results on television, the radio, online and in the print media: n

TURN and our allies held press conferences in San Diego, Fresno, and San Francisco highlighting customers’ views on rate hikes, safety and universal phone service.


TURN op-eds opposed wasteful gas smart meters and the AT&T/ALEC deregulation bill, SB 1161.


TURN was featured in major news stories on SDG&E’s rates, PG&E gas safety, smart meter opt outs and inflated executive pay.

Protection & SAFETY CONSUMER PROTECTION AND SAFETY In the wake of the fatal PG&E explosion in San Bruno, pipeline safety continues to be an urgent issue for California consumers. TURN worked with key legislators on bills requiring gas safety improvements including: n

SB 705 (Leno) and AB 56 (Hill) strengthen CPUC oversight of gas safety, and SB 44 (Corbett) provides for better utility coordination with local emergency response teams.

Fire hazards associated with power lines and aerial communications facilities located close to power lines can pose a major threat in high-risk fire areas. TURN won modifica tions to CPUC rules that will heighten safety requirements and reduce the threat.


YEAR END 2011-12

A Bigger AT&T Isn’t Better for Consumers Consumers have fewer and fewer choices for phone service, and AT&T’s plan to acquire T-Mobile could only make the situation worse. TURN alerted consumers and community groups to the threat to customer choice, and urged the CPUC to disapprove of the merger on behalf of California consumers. The Department of Justice and California Attorney General opposed the deal, as did an initial FCC staff report and hundreds of consumers who spoke out at the CPUC or contacted the Commission online. With pressure building, AT&T backed off and withdrew its petition to acquire T-Mobile. Transparency: In a side issue in the case, TURN won provisions that would preserve the record and permit parties to use materials subject to confidentiality protections in future non-related proceedings.


Property & Equipment $20,688

Investments $1,136,595

Other Assets $834,587

Prepaid Expenses $3,056 Grants Recievable $18,500

Deposits $57,979 Cash & Cash Equivalents $88,906

Accounts Receivable $1,911,474

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thank you

From All of Us at TURN


URN appreciates each and every donation we receive, not just because it helps fund our consumer advocacy and assistance, but also because we know your donations are a vote of confidence. TURN regrets that we don’t have the space to thank all our donors individually, because we are so grateful for all of your support.

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Margaret I. Adams and Joel S. Edstrom Yossef Aelony and Ginette C. Aelony Paul F. Albert Watson Alberts Arthur T. Alter Susan J. Amdur Harold Anderson Lloyd Andres and Sheila Andres Dennis Antenore Allen A. Arata and Martha A. Arata Richard E. Armstrong Marilyn Aspesi Lalit L. Balchandani Robert R. Baltzer Charles Batson William L. Bayha and Ruth Bayha Catherine Becker and Constance B. Hughes Dean Bell Reed H. Bement and Anne G. Bement Judith Bennett and Stephen Schweitzer Charles A. Berger and Mary Berger Robert G. Bergman and Wendy S. Bergman Richard E. Best Fred Bialek Leo Bialis Maurice C. Bihan and Marianne Bihan Edward Bingham, Jr. and Merylee Bingham William E. Blair and Patricia R. Blair Jeffrey Bokor Charles J. Bornheim Hugh Brady J. Craig Brammer Stephen K. Brimhall and Mary Jo Brimhall Paul J. Briscoe Lawrence W. Brown Barry P. Brown and Eleanor Brown Deirdre Brownell William H. Browning and Sadako Browning Mary Ann Brownstein Patricia A. Bruno Laurel Burke John H. Busma Herbert G. Buss Richard Carlin and Betty Carlin Natalie Carlson Mary L. Carrigan Richard D. Carson and Carole Carson Darlene M. Ceremello and Jessea Greenman Ann M. Cerney Catherine Cerri Debra Chaplan Herman Christensen Robert C. Christiansen Leona K. Chu Jack Clapp Antonia Clark Scott Claypool and Janna Hansen James Cleaves Diann Coate Paul A. Coney Juanita Cooke Colin Cooper and Constance Cooper Wendell L. Covalt and Ginger Covalt William Covington and Evelyn E. Covington Robert Crain Denise D’Anne Lynda Dailey and Paul Hathaway Samuel L. Dolnick Daniel Drake and Lee M.Steinback-Drake p apga eg e9 9

Michel Dvigoubsky and Sandra Dvigoubsky William Ehrlich and Diane Ehrlich Mark Evanoff Betty S. Evans Caroline L. Everts Marcia Fein Nicholas Ferentinos Daniel P. Ferrick Shirly Fletcher Eileen Florman Wilmer Fong Bernard J. Franklyn Edwin H. Franzen and Frances J. Franzen John Fries Nancy L. Galloway and Andy Morse Valerie Gardner and Jonathan Tiemann John M. Garren Fred Gellert and Annette Gellert Margo George and Catherine Karrass August R. Gerecke, Jr. and M. K. Gerecke Eugene D. Gibson and Maria Gibson Juanita Gillick and Jean M. Dague Albert S. Giusto and Ruth N. Giusto Eileen M. Gold Edward Gould Dr. William D. Grafft and Marilyn E. Grafft Classen Gramm and Patricia G. Gramm Janice Grant P. A. (TURN) Greenberg Garth Greene Mildred P. Gregory Arlene Groen Eulah I. Gunderson Marlene G. Hall Roger A. Harrington Frederick E. Harrison Martin E. Hellman Jennings Sharon Heywood John Hightower and Alison Hightower Gareth Hill Marga Hirst Carol Hofman Jean E. Holm Lance C. Hoots Glenda Hope John Hopkins and Carolyn Hopkins Gary E. Hormel Alice Q. Howard Darril Hudson Donald E. Hudson and Hazel Hudson Heinrich E. Hunziker Cecelia Hurwich Kazuyoshi Ide and Tokiko N Ide Bernice A. Jackson Robert L. Jacobs and Nina Jacobs S. Jensen and Jancie Jensen Peter E. Jewell and Mary R. Jewell Elizabeth W. Jewell Carsten Johansen Anne Johnston Martin Joye Margaret Kahn Jane Kaplan and Donatello Borato Mike Kappus Sara Katz Brian E. Kerss and Gail Kerss Peter C. Kimberly and Constance Kimberly Nilan L. Kincaid and Barbara J. Kincaid page 10

Charles E. King III Tom Rinaldi and Beverly A. Kinney Eldien J. Kistner Joanne H. Kobori Brian Korek Dr. Margaret S. Kosek and Dr. Jon C. Kosek Wolfgang Kummer Luis Lainer and Lee Lainer Philip M. Lally Lorene S. Lamb Laura H. Landers Palmer Langdon Jean Lecuyer Anna M. Lee and Dennis A. Lee Alfred Lee and Ellen Lee Linda Lewin Nancy S. Lewis Helen E. Lezzeni William B. Lindsay Donna Logan Brooks H. Lupien Maria Ury Thomas S. Maiden and Gladys R. Maiden Norman Manzer and Linda Manzer Elizabeth Marcell Ted Marcus Harry Mauras and Bok Yon Lee Mauras Thomas C. Maxfield Toni S. Mayer Jack R. McCarthy James B. McIlroy Lawrence McKey and Shirley McKey Concha E. Meagher Robert J. Mercer and Cynthia Mercer Pamela Merchant and Kirby Sack Edward W. Meyer Peter M. Miller and Janet Specht Worth Miller Glenn Moeller Joanne K Moldenhauer Bette Moorman Theresa Mueller Ed Muramoto and Sallie Muramoto Daniel J. Murphy and Gina E. Murphy Bruce Mussell and Monnie Boldt Roy Nakadegawa and Judy Nakadegawa John R. Neville and Helen F. Neville Gordon W. Newell and Rosemary Newell Daniel Newman and Belinda Lyons-Newman Michael O. Nimkoff Reita A. Noble Donald D. O’Dowd and Janet L. O’Dowd Ruth M. Ocheltree Martha H. Oehler David M. Winter and Veronica A. Painter Eugene L. Partlow and Frances L. Partlow Judith W. Paton Thomas Paukert Florence J. Paul Jeffry Pearce, Sr. and Paula C. Pearce Phyllis D. Pelezzare Donald A. Peter Joe Petersack and L. Joanne Kanow W. Peterson and A. Peterson Treva Peterson Mrs. Molly Pettinger Mr. Richard J. Pierce Mr. Charles Pilgrim

Dr. Robert W. Popper and Marcia Popper David D. Porter and Helen G. Porter Roger Purves and Caroline Purves Frances Rachel Carolyn T. Ramsey Scott Ratigan Paul E. W. Read Jules Resnick and Mary Ann Leer Richard J. Rose Willard Ross and Marcia Ross John W. Rosston and Barbara H. Rosston Suzanne Rubel Randy D. Saldinger and Kevin D. Kelley Saul M. Salka Cheri Sandberg Robert W. Sass Roberta Sauls Rudy Savala and Mary Savala Robert I. Schacter DDS Robert Scheibel and Barbara Scheibel Lawrence W. Schonbrun Jean F. Schulz Alvin Schwarzbach and Denise Schwarzbach Aldo F. Sciamanna James J. Sebek Harold W. Seifer MD Susan Severin Cindy Shamban and Marge Sussman James J. Shea Barbara Showler Jerry Radinoff and Paula Siegel Alan Sieroty Samuel J. Silber Michael P. Simmons and Ellin A. Simmons Dr. Bernard M. Sklar, M.D. and Sally A. Sklar Helen Irene Smith M. Brewster Smith Gerould Smith Shelby Siegle Solomon and Vicki Wagner Solomon Dr. Herchel Solomon and Joan N. Solomon Stephen Sperber and Roberta J. Silverstein Melvyn Spira and Marcia Spira Peter Stansky Dr. Albert A. Steiner and Louise A. Steiner Peter G. Stern and Holly Badgley K. Martin Stevenson Julie Stindt Gabrielle Stocker David D. Stokley Sam Stone and Marilyn Stone Susan Stone and Eric Decker George Strauss and Helene E. Strauss Dr. Paul U. Strauss and Anita L. Strauss Daniel M. Summaria and Kim C. Codella Harlow N. Swain George Szentirmai and Irene A. Sharp Richard Tait and Mary Jo Tait Thelma Teitel Bruce H. Tiffney and Robin G. Tiffney Stephen Tivy Col. Fred B. Tomlinson and Jan Tomlinson June Tschanz Jerry E. Tucker and Nadine R. Tucker Richard Turner Joseph J. Udovch Barbara M. Vincent Tom Viola

Claudia Vollintine James A. Wakefield and Beryl G. Wakefield James Walker and Lucretia Walker Dr. Willis H. Ware Brant C. Weigand James Weil Jeffrey Weiss Norman E. Weiss Richard Weiss and Nancy Weiss Robert G. Wilhelm Angie Williams A. Nash Williams Ann L. Williamson Hilary Winslow Ralph H. Witham and Muriel Witham Jonathan Wittwer and Susan Wittwer Boris Wolper and Marilyn Wolper Gale W. Wright and E. Louise Wright Gerald Yaffe Charles Yanofsky A. Lee Zeigler and Margaret S. Zeigler Karl E. Zellmann

$250 to $500 Neno J. Aiello Caroline Beverstock and Bruce G. Bixler Robert Biehler Charles J. Bornheim Raymond J. Fritsch Dr. Michael J. Gothelf Robert B. Klausner Linda Lewin R. Duncan Luce John A. Mancini Peter R. Manes June R. McKay Richard Nelson Mary L. Nevins Genevieve S. Nygaard Thomas Paukert Rudolph Pipa Bennett J. Price Mitzi Raas Diane Ross-Glazer PhD Theodore Roszak and Betty Roszak Margaret Seely Ralph Staunton John H. Sutter Roger Thornton Vic Ulmer and Barbara Ulmer John Watson Dr. Jean Wildberg Timothy Zukas

$500 and greater Philip A. Anderson and Betty Jo Anderson Alvin H. Baum David K. Ching Kurt Oetiker Jeffrey K. Shields and Mary K. Shields Louis Sloss and Jean Sloss

page 11

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TURN annual report 2011-12  

TURN Annual Report

TURN annual report 2011-12  

TURN Annual Report