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Works List For One Who Has Walked Far Through the Ocean of Tonality (2007); Piano A Rose By Any Other Name (2008); Soprano, Violin & Piano for one... (2008); B-flat Clarinet The Perpetual (2008); 2 Flutes, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone & Vibraphone Goltraighe (2008); Oboe & Guitar Prelude and Fugue for String Quartet: I. For Naught (2008), II. The Reason (2009) The Glass is Half (2009); Violin & Harp The Soldier Awakes to the Realization Only He Remains (2009); Flute, Trumpet, Viola, Bassoon & Mixed Percussion. Wailing Across Summers (2009); Soprano Saxophone & Piano Shades of Black and White (2010); Wind Ensemble Sleeping at Last (2010); Choral Ensemble SATB, Unaccompanied The Angel Weeps (While Telling Stories of Times Past) (2009); Piano The Valley of Unrest (2010); String Orchestra A Light in the Sky (2010); B-flat Clarinet, French Horn, Viola The View from the Lighthouse (2011); Violin & Piano In Search... (2011); Electronics

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