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RESTING – DRYING TURBO / AIR DIFFUSERS The system is suitable to dry products at a wide range of room temperatures. It is composed of an air treatment unit consisting of: - refrigeration section supplied by direct expansion of gas or refrigerant; - heating section supplied by boiler water, recovery water from condensing circuits or with hot gas; - ventilation section with high uniformity. Special care is given to the realization of uniform thermohygrometric conditions of the air by means of ejector cones, air diffusers and left/right air damper to ensure optimal calibration of drying times. The air renewal section can be equipped with “enthalpy renewal” which allows a significant reduction of energy costs when the external thermo-hygrometric conditions are favourable. A programmable microprocessor controller manages the various components of the system to achieve ideal drying cycles by drawing moisture from the centre of the product in the shortest possible time.

It is composed of a refrigeration section and a heating section. These two sections can have ventilated or gravity circulation. The refrigeration section may use direct expansion of gas or indirect expansion (glycoled water). The maturing process is controlled in the various phases by a programmable microprocessor which ensures the realization of cycles suitable to the characteristics of the product.

SMOKING ROOM This system is designed for the smoking of products with controlled temperature and humidity. It consists of a smoke generator, an air treatment unit and a set of ducts; all of the components are stainless steel, perfectly washable and inspectable.

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Maturing systems for cured meats The system is composed of static evaporators and hot-water heaters (boiler or heat recovery). The interaction between these two systems determines the degree of drying and blooming of both salt and product, consequently a different level of penetration of the saline solution. The system is equipped with a microprocessor which automatically realizes run (drying) or pause (blooming) cycles, producing temperature variation curves suitable for the type of product being processed: prosciutto, coppa, pancetta, speck, fiocchetto, etc.

FRIGOMECCANICA has designed and patented the new BIFLUSSO drying system, which optimizes the circulation and the control of air flow within the room. This was made possible by special construction features of the structural and system elements. These elements allow the air to circulate with alternating vertical movements from floor to ceiling and from ceiling to floor. At the same time airflow rate is regulated, in an oscillating way, to obtain even horizontal distribution.

A) Exemple de début de cycle avec refoulement de l’air depuis le bas et aspiration du haut, avec oscillation continue du flux d’air

B) Exemple de début de cycle avec refoulement de l’air depuis le haut et aspiration du bas, avec oscillation continue du flux d’air

RESTING The system is composed of: • cooling system based on direct expansion of gas; • heating system with hot water supplied by boiler, recovery water from condensing circuits or hot gas (for ventilated systems). The installation may be realized in several versions: Ventilated (generally for the first phase of pre-resting): Turbo, air diffusers or BIFLUSSO. Gravity circulation (generally for the intermediate and final phase). In this type of room the product is “cold dried”, room temperature varies between +1°C and +5°C and humidity is controlled to reach the desired drying.



HIGH HUMIDITY SALTING The refrigeration system is based on a series of static evaporators, which keep the room temperature at the set value without removing high quantities of moisture from the product.




The BIFLUSSO system can, on request, be constructed in various models.

The BIFLUSSO system has been designed to meet the needs of the latest drying and cooking systems: - constant and uniform quality standard of treated products even with high density; - reduced investment for new constructions with same production capacity; - optimized air circulation with: ducting to ground and ceiling, continuous laminar flow on discharge and suction, highperforming deflector profiles;

- compliance with sanitary and health regulations, as the room has only vertical, smooth and washable walls.

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