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USA Council, Serra International

September 24, 2012 To: Tomi Asenuga, President, Serra International From: Greg Lynch, President, USA Council Subject: Response to Sept. 7th Proposal RESPONSE TO ELEVEN POINT PROPOSAL OF SEPT. 7, 2012 BY TOMI ASENUGA AND GREG LYNCH The Executive Committee and Board of the USA Council have discussed at great length the proposal which you and I worked out in Omaha, with the helpful advice of Archbishop Curtiss, and in the presence of Serrans, Greg Schwietz and Tim O’Neill. Our position at this time is as follows. ACCEPT The Council accepts items 1, 2, 3(b), 5, 6 (a), 9, 10, and 11 subject to final approval of the USAC Board. Preamble: Whereas Serra’s National Council for the United States (‘the Council’) recognizes that the ongoing dissension between the Council and the Serra International Board of Trustees (‘the Board’) is harmful to Serra’s mission to support vocations, the Council proposes a settlement based on the following principles, which once approved by both boards will result in the Serra International Board withdrawing the lawsuit and the USA Council ceasing any activities pursuant to a “New Vocations Organization” (item #10). 1. The Council acknowledges that the Board is the governing body for all Serra clubs and councils, with the authority to approve the administrative structure for all entities authorized by Serra International. 2. The Board acknowledges that the Council has provided valuable services to US clubs and many US clubs support maintaining the Council. 3. (b) The Board will rescind its resolution terminating the Council, and re-instate the Council. 5. The Council and Board will establish a joint work committee to define staff requirements, budgeting, cost sharing, within a consolidated office. 6 (a) The Council shall determine (subject to approval by clubs) the level of Council dues. 65 East Wacker ● Place Suite 802 ● Chicago, IL 60601 Telephone: 312.201.6549 Toll-Free Telephone: 888.777.6681 Website: E-mail:

FAX: 312.201.6548

Toll-Free FAX: 888.777.6803

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9. The Board agrees to assign to its Long Range Planning Committee the task to review longstanding Trustee nomination and selection procedures. 11. An Episcopal Advocate Team shall be formed to facilitate consensus for a long term resolution to issues of structure and mission that currently divide us. Members of the Episcopal Advocate team shall include current and past Episcopal Advisors, Francis Cardinal George (or his designee), Bishop Peter Christensen, and Archbishop Emeritus Elden Curtiss. Under the guidance of our spiritual leaders this dialogue, with members named by the Serra International Board and the USA Council, is to begin immediately. TO BE PLACED IN THE HANDS OF THE DIALOGUE COMMITTEE. The Council recommends that items 3 (a), 4,7, 6 (b,c), and 8 be immediately placed in dialogue with a joint work committee consisting of representatives from the Board and the Council, as described in items #5 and #11. 3. a) The Council agrees to dissolve its independent corporate entity. The Board agrees that dissolving the corporation does not dissolve the Council. The question of the corporate entity has many United States legal, tax and insurance implications. We recommend a joint committee study and analyze thoroughly this area and submit a report to both Boards and recommend appropriate action. 4. The Council agrees that its administrative responsibilities will be transferred to a unified administrative staff under the supervision of the Board. We believe all councils should be treated equally and, therefore, the Board and Council should manage their own staffs. 6. (b) Dues shall be collected by the unified administrative office. (c)A budget for Council activities shall be integrated into the Board’s budget for Serra International. The Board and Council shall determine and collect their own dues. The Board and Council shall determine their own budgets. . 7. The Council shall not conduct fund-raising activities except for specific vocation related projects, which shall be included within its budget recommendation. No donated funds may be allocated to administrative expense. The Council acknowledges that the Serra International Foundation is the sole approved entity authorized to conduct general fund-raising activities. Council shall have the right to collect donations for specific vocations-related purposes. IN ADDITION, the Council shall have the right to accept unsolicited donations and use those funds for the designated purpose, e.g., bequests. 8. The Council website shall be integrated into the Serra International website as soon as practical.

Website protocol must be developed for all councils, not only the USA council. The joint work committee (item #5) should evaluate and recommend a cost and necessity of an effective, professional solution to a world-wide website. At this time, the Council wishes to immediately discuss the above important items with 3-4 members of each Executive Committee (#5) and to resolve any remaining issues and move forward. As necessary, we will invite members of the Bishop Advocate Team to assist us in determining the proper action plan for any items. (Item #11). Time is not on our side in this matter. We pray this be considered in a manner of mutual respect and shared desire that Our Lord and Blessed Mother will grant all of us the wisdom to come to a satisfactory resolution that will further the Serra and its holy mission of vocations. Greg Lynch

President USA Council of Serra International



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