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— Introducing Bio-M System, a flooring system for livestock inspired by Biomimetics — the science that studies nature and applies the results in order to develop new technologies and solve the problems that arise in our environment. The result is an integrated system that can be installed in a very innovative, convenient and simple way. Using various component parts made from different polymers and elastomers produced using state-ofthe-art injection and curing techniques, animals can be provided with the

chest pillow

comfort, hygiene and thermal insulation that is essential for improving their daily wellbeing on the farm, while increasing their productivity. Comprised of three main elements — Chest Pillow, Cow Mat and Spacers — Bio-M System makes it possible for any farmer to install the system with a quick and simple assembly process. In addition, and as discussed below, the special design conceived for each part will provide optimal quality of life for the cows with the consequent advantages this entails in their daily care.

COMPONENTS / CHEST PILLOW — Made from two injection-moulded EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) polymer parts, joined together by a third piece made from high strength elastomer. After studying the animals in their stables and considering the advice of veterinary consultants, the result is a system that favours the alignment of the animal in its cubicle, thus improving its coexistence with neighbouring animals with the consequent reduction in the levels of stress.

The design of the Chest Pillow invites the animal to rest in the centre and, therefore allows it remain aligned with the central axis of the Cow Mat. In addition, the piece acts as a stop to prevent the cow from slipping forwards, placing its hindquarters as close as possible to the manure evacuation passageway area, thereby ensuring greater hygiene at the facilities.

The component parts of the Chest Pillow are made from injected EVA polymer. They are flexible, durable and very comfortable for the animal in case it decides to rest or lie on them. To fit the Chest Pillow to the floor, it just has to be slotted into a profile affixed to the ground using the hardware supplied with the set.

COMPONENTS / COW MAT — The Bio-M System Cow Mat is dual-density EVA surface divided into two layers, upper and lower, each 15 mm thick, which takes advantage of this difference in densities to provide comfort for the cow while at the same time increasing the durability of the material.

Dual-Density EVA

top layer

bottom layer

fitting system

drainage system

reinforced area

fitting system

the fitting of the cow mat to the concrete floor is performed using screws housed inside sleeves that, in turn, are previously inserted in the front part of the cow mat. once the cow mat is installed, the sleeves remain protected by plugs that completely seal the fittings, making them inaccessible to the animal. unlike other fittings on the market, the type used in our bio-m system is made of polymer and designed so that it remains concealed and flush with the cow mat to avoid possible harm to the animal and prevent corrosion of the anchor points.

The design of the top surface of the Cow Mat takes its origin from the direct imitation of different plant leaves and how their structures form a perfect drainage system for evacuating excess surface liquid. Accordingly, the geometry we have adopted employs a broad central channel and side branches which collect and quickly evacuate the liquids to which the material is exposed, such as milk and urine, in addition to favouring the aeration of the animal’s underside. This also avoids the proliferation and concentration of bacteria and parasites. Finally, the texture of the Cow Mat provides a non-slip surface, providing the cow with additional safety and comfort.

The lower part, made from higher density material, is designed with a geometry similar to the sole of a sports shoe. Having studied how cows support their weight on the surface, we noticed a great difference in the wear of the different parts of the Cow Mat. Therefore, knowing that some areas will never be trodden by the cattle and that others will suffer considerable wear, particularly the support points for standing up, we have reinforced these areas to ensure that the useful life of the product is extended. For this reason the lower surface of the Cow Mat has different sized pads arranged in a design that supports the weight of the animal and reduces wear in the areas where greater pressure is applied.

COMPONENTS / SPACERS — When laying the Cow Mats along the stable floor they are affixed on either side using an elastomer joint slotted into a previously fitted profile. When installing the Cow Mats, we have allowed for a separation or expansion gap that, with the passage of time, will enable the Cow Mats to expand laterally a few centimetres. Our Spacer allows this gap to be plugged, completely sealing the animal’s cubicle and preventing the accumulation of dirt in this area. Using a similar anchoring system as the Chest Pillow, our Spacers consist of three elements. A profile anchored by screws to the floor; the Spacer joint that slots into the profile and one last stop piece to completely seal and affix the Cow Mat Spacer system.

spacer joint stop piece

profile anchored by screws to the floor

spacer joint that slots into the profile

stop piece to complete seal and affix the system

expanSion gap between mats


Comfort and protection

thermal insulation

▸ Integrated system. This is the first and only integrated animal flooring system on the market that has all the parts necessary for the proper housing of animals in maximum comfort. Its scientifically studied design accurately conforms to the needs of the animal, making Bio-M a revolutionary system. Thanks to the innovative installation method and floor anchor fittings, your installer saves time and effort in placing or replacing elements, offering a turnkey solution. ▸ Comfort and protection. Thanks to the internal structure of the Cow Mats made from expanded EVA copolymer, consisting of micro-cells of air, the animal kept in a stable with this type of floor enjoys unparalleled protection and comfort, far superior to any other existing flooring or material. In addition, the careful design of the Cow Mat’s surface and the Chest Pillow element means that the cow can fully rest on our Bio-M system without worrying about space, hygiene and contact with other animals inside the cubicle. Less stress, better quality of life, increased productivity. ▸ Easy installation. Thanks to the design of each of the pieces, profiles and fittings that make up the system, the installation of our Bio-M System is easy and simple for the installer and safe for the animal. All the hardware

Easy installation

Resistance and durability

and parts necessary for the correct installation of the floor system are supplied by Cauchos Karey. ▸ Resistance and durability. By treating the bottom surface of the Cow Mat completely independently thanks to the possibilities offered by dual-density EVA and the design geometry based on the animals’ support points, we have managed to make the Bio-M Cow Mat a product with better durability and reduced expansion, thus improving on other similar products on the market. ▸ Thermal insulation. The internal structure of the expanded EVA copolymer is a chain of trapped air cells that helps isolate the animal from temperature differences in the stables, thus maintaining optimal body temperature. ▸ Hygiene. The geometry of the Cow Mat’s surface has been developed as a result of various studies, meaning that our Cow Mat is the livestock flooring that best meets the needs of hygiene and care of cows by promoting correct aeration. Easy to clean surface, non-absorbent and with a drainage system that prevents the accumulation of liquids and, therefore, the proliferation of bacteria.

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Bio-M System Cauchos Karey  

Introducing Bio-M System, a flooring system for livestock inspired by Biomimetics — the science that studies nature and applies the results...

Bio-M System Cauchos Karey  

Introducing Bio-M System, a flooring system for livestock inspired by Biomimetics — the science that studies nature and applies the results...