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July 23, 2018 -




Winemaking Companies Facing Quality Problems


Summer Like Never Before


Impact of Russian Foreign Policy on the Conflict of South China Sea between 2014-2015 Years


First Fully Digital Bank Space Transforms Georgia’s Banking System

2 July 23 , 2018 #247

Angela Merkel To Visit Georgia in August Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel to visit Georgia in mid August, according to 1TV. Some of the sources confirmed information to the First Channel.

Mikheil Janelidze To Manage Analytical and Consulting Organization Former Foreign Minister, Mikheil Janelidze, will lead an analytical and consulting organization. Janelidze told reporters.

Sophia the Robot takes part in the Fifth OGP Global Summit in Georgia Nenskra Hydro Started Affected Infrastructure Rehabilitation Works in Chuberi JSC Nenskra Hydro, Nenskra Hydropower Plant project company, allocated additional funds to restore the disaster-injured infrastructure in village Chuberi, Mestia municipality.

Georgian Airways Surpasses Turkish Airlines According to January-June indicators, Georgian Airways and Turkish Airlines hold 12%-12% ratios on the market. According to Civil Aviation Agency, in January-June Georgian Airways handled 247 485 passengers, while Turkish Airlines transported 246 021 passengers. Georgian Airways is leader in terms of quantitative indicators.

Ministry of Healthcare Prevents Doctors to Prescribe Excessive Medicines

Sophia the Robot, Hanson Robotics’ most advanced human-like robot and Innovation Champion of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), visited Georgia on 18 July to take part in the Fifth Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit.

12 Georgian Students to Pass Research Program in California with Support of San Diego University 12 successful Georgian students from the San Diego State University have traveled to San Diego, California, within the framework of the Summer Research Program.

AFBA: Changes to the Law on Tobacco is Essential “Young Financiers and Businessmen Association – Afbaa” welcomes the discussion of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Care and Social Affairs, which will make amendments to the “Law on Tobacco”.

The Ministry of Healthcare conducts the mechanism for the prevention of prescribing excessive amount of medicines.

Giorgi Kobulia: We Should Develop Strategy of Georgia’s Transformation Into Logistic Hub

Government to Write off 550 million GEL Debts from Business Sector

Georgia’s transformation into the logistic hub, its importance and relevant strategies were highlighted by the Candidate for the position of the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Giorgi Kobulia, at the four committees joint hearing at the Parliament of Georgia.

The bill of amendments to Tax Code was discussed by the finance and budget committee by first hearing. Deputy Finance Minister Giorgi Kakauridze noted at the committee meeting that the bill calls for writing off tax debts, fines and sanctions accrued before January 1, 2013.

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3 July 23, 2018 #247

4 July 23 , 2018 #247


Foreign Trade Grows at High Paces

Georgia Has Positive Trade Balance with only Bulgaria among Top 10 Trade Partners In January-June 2018 Georgia's external trade turnover (excluding undeclared trade) made up 5 985.9 million USD, up 24.3% year on year. According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, exports constituted 1 593.6 million USD (+28.5%) and imports marked 4 392.3 million USD (+22.9%). It is noteworthy that the first half of 2018 recorded the best external trade indicator over the past years. For example, since 2013 the highest indicators of exports and imports were recorded in 2018. At the same time, the mentioned period recorded the lowest negative trade balance. Georgia's negative trade balance in January-June 2018 made up 2 798.7 million USD, which is 46.8% in external trade balance. In the same period, exports without re-exports made up 1 148.5 million USD, up 16.3% compared to the same period of 2017. In the mentioned period, Georgia's foreign trade turnover with EU countries made up 1 644.5 million USD, up 25.2% year on year, including exports constituted 367.8 million USD and imports marked 1 276.7 million USD. The foreign trade turnover with CIS countries made up 2 037.3 million USD, up 33.9% as compared to January-June 2017, including exports made up 720.1 million USD and imports constituted 1 317.1 million USD. As noted, in the first half of 2018 Georgia's exports to EU made up 368 million USD, up 80% compared to exports to Russian Federation in the same period. In the first half of 2018, Georgia's exports to EU rose by 21% and to Russia – by 10%. Since 2004 the value of Georgian ex-

ports to EU market has been annually growing compared to exports to Russian Federation. Over the past 11 years, in 2007-2017, we the value of exports to Europe is 3.5 times higher (+3.6 billion USD) compared to the exports to Russian Federation. In 2018 Bulgaria emerged as the country, where Georgia's exports constituted major value among EU countries – 128 million USD. Lithuania is second with 29 million USD, France is third with 28.3 million USD and Romania is fourth with 27.8 million USD. In whole, Georgia's exports to the mentioned four countries exceeds the value of exports to Russia. In January-June 2018 the ratio of top ten major trade partners in Georgia's total foreign trade turnover made up 66.8%. Major trade partners are Turkey (858.1 million USD), Russia (650.1 million USD) and China (510.0 million USD). Bulgaria is an only country among top 10 trade partners with which Georgia has positive trade balance, in January-June 2018 exports with Bulgaria made up 127 million USD and imports constituted 88 million USD. In January-June 2018 copper ores and concentrates rank first in top 10 exports items with 242.2 million USD and 15.2% ratio in total exports. Ferroalloys exports made up 186 million USD, 11.7% in total exports. Motorcars ranked third. At the same time, oil and oil products emerged as major imports items with with 402 million USD, 9.2% ratio in total imports. Motorcars ranked second with 272.9 million USD, 6.2% and coper ores and concentrates ranked third with 181.2 million USD (4.1% in imports). By Merab Janiashvili

5 July 23, 2018 #247

6 July 23 , 2018 #247

Major Winemaking Companies Facing Quality Problems

Several ago busiMamuka made comments wine quality issues Georgian wines should same price as Borjomi. In his magazine, he explains that Geortheir obvious quality. «We should restore the quality of lent that a lot of wine cellars have still cannot say: Georgian wine We cannot provide valuable Georgian wines. It is incorrect USD. According to my informawere sold in 2017 and total value USD. It is inadmissible when history of winemaking sells jomi. Higher prices on Georgian peasants. This is a very importshould make accents on quality invite top-class wine experts investments in this infrastruca unique country, where we will be met elsewhere in the world», The Caucasus Business Week how Georgian winethe business-

days nessman Khazaradze about Georgian and stressed that not be sold for the interview for the Anaklia gian wines should regain Georgian wines. It is excelactivated efforts, but we is a high-quality product. and proper positioning of that Georgian wines cost 2 tion, about 70 million bottles made up about 120 million the country with 8000-year wines at the price of Borwines will enliven Georgian ant message for me – we and uniqueness. When we to the country and make ture, Georgia will become taste such wines that cannot Khazaradze noted. (CBW) has inquired makers appraise man's

considerations and whether quality problem is a real challenge in the Georgian winemaking. «Quality problem is most evident in major winemaking companies», Giorgi Aladashvili, director of Ruispiri Biodynamic Vineyard company noted in response to the statement by Mamuka Khazaradze. According to Aladashvili's estimations, Georgian wine has real problems with quality and price because of low education level and low-quality grapes in the winemaking field. Winemakers lack for due knowledge, while wine quality starts from winegrowing, Aladashvili said. «They do not know when and how to treat when to spray vineyards. Therefore, quality is fallen», Aladashvili said. Quality problems is most evident in major winemaking companies, because they make accent on scales and volumes, not on quality, he said. “Small wine cellars have decided to produce high-quality wines and biodynamics approach is the same philosophy. For example, the minimum price of our wine starts from 115 GEL. I believe Georgian grapes have potential to become high-quality products in case of valuable and proper treatment and wines from similar grapes will be sold in the high segment. The very wines of major winemaking companies are sold for 2 USD, while wines by wine cellars are sold for at least 10 USD”, Aladashvili said. The director of Ruispiri Biodynamic Vineyard says that there are Georgian wines on international markets that are sold at low prices, for example, for 10 USD. This is a very low price for one bottle. There are also wines that are sold for 2 USD, he said. “I do not think similar wines should be mentioned as wines”, Aladashvili said. Telavi Wine Cellar founder Zurab Ramazashvili noted that wine prices are determined by many factors, and vineyard is one of them. «If we talk about expensive French wines, all of them come from specific vineyards with long history. Everything may be bought, you can buy all technologies, good machineries, good barrels, hire very experienced winemakers, but if you do not have a specific vineyard with its history, you will never create expensive wines», Zurab Ramazashvili said. To produce top-quality wine, average age of vineyards should be 70 years, he said. “For example, French Château Margaux. Why does it cost expensive? Because Château Margaux vineyards have the history of 200 years, while in our country, in Soviet Period, our vineyards' average lifespan was 30-40 years. After this age, vineyards were chopped, because grapes are most profitable only within 40 years, but in winemaking, premium-class wines are made of vineyards of over 40 years. Therefore, average age of vineyards is 70 years”, the winemaker said. It is also important to upgrade knowledge in our population and society about winemaking, and among winemakers too, he said. «Nowadays many our compatriots cannot say what is difference between Kindzmarauli and Mukuzani. They may even say that Tsinandali may be red and Kindzmarauli white. Even similar silly things you may hear in Georgia. While in France you will never hear similar foolishness. This signifies French citizens are ready to valuably appraise their historical achievement», Zurab Ramazashvili said. One more important factor is that knowledge of new entrepreneurs, who have engaged in winemaking because of profitability, cannot withstand criticism in most cases. In some cases, they introduce wines at expensive prices on the market, but absolutely without any ground, he said.

7 July 23, 2018 #247

First Fully Digital Bank Space Transforms Georgia’s Banking System

Structured as an autonomous business, Space provides customers with the full range of retail banking services including loans, saving products and payment cards. The business was developed from concept to launch in just eight months with the support of software-as-a-service engine Mambu. Interview with Lasha Gurgenidze, project leader at Space. What is Neobank and what can it do for your customers? Imagine a bank without branches, physical spaces, papers, complicated products and bureaucracy. Imagine financial services that are as easy to use as sharing your photo on Facebook or shopping in your favorite online shop. This bank exists only in your mobile phone so you will never have to go to branch and waste your precious time. We believe that there should be an alternative to outdated daily banking service. That is why we created space – the first fully digital bank in Georgia. Our goal is to change the way people handle their daily banking needs with a fusion of technology and design.

Why did you come up with the idea of creating digital banking system? We believe that future is now. Innovation changes our behavior and daily life. Facebook has changed the way we communicate, Uber has changed the way we get a ride, etc. Transformations like this are not rare and all of them share same success formula – Improvement is done by taking something, making it simple, adding technology and a bit of design. We believe that daily banking should be simpler, so we came up with the idea to create a Neobank. TBC bank supported us. In a way, they supported their own competitor. They accepted the challenge and realized that this change brings a new reality not only to TBC but also to the Georgian banking sector. It will try to change the way people receive their daily financial services. Our aim is to deliver a full daily banking mobile service with superior customer experience. We put a special focus on differentiating by design, customer care, price transparency and instant service delivery.

You have mentioned in foreign media that you have created Neobank in just eight months with agile methodology, how was this possible and what is the reason of such fast move from your side? What other innovations and solutions did you use? We don’t believe in long and big projects. Our strategy is to tackle only the short term projects that can be executed quickly, make experiments in order to get instant feedback from customers and involve them in product development and improvement. We tried to use the best innovation technologies available globally. We cooperate with industry-leading vendors. We used cloud technologies and agile product development approach. Combination of above mentioned factors and empowered and autonomous organization structure enabled us to launch Space in just eight months. Tell us more about Space Neobank, what are its main features and how does it work? The application offers unique customer experience through simple

processes and products, beautiful and intuitive design, instant service delivery and transparent pricing. All the products and services are distributed in just one click distance. You don’t need any physical interaction at all, everything is done remotely. The application is super easy to use, with fun, modern and joyful interaction details. “Space” is offering common banking products: • Remote account opening • Consumer loans • Money transfers • Bill payments • Debit card • Possibility to add and use cards of any other Bank What other innovations will you initiate with Space in future? Space was launched in May, 2018 and it already achieved around 100,000 app downloads. At this moment we concentrate on simplifying daily banking services but we believe that in the nearest future there won’t be any financial service left where we do not bring technological and innovative changes.

8 July 23 , 2018 #247

Ana Datiashvili: “Correctly Set Task and Going Through Details Is a Guarantee of Successful Communication” Interview with Company Event Shop Director Ana Datiashvili Why did you decide to enter this field and what opportunities does it give in terms of career growth? I like its dynamics, PR field is quite extreme and diverse. What is it necessary to hold successful communication? Correctly set task, going through all details beforehand, considering all emotions and taste. What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR? 1.Read a lot. 2.Always be up for communication. 3.Be creative. What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?

I wish I knew more of phsychology.

What are the skills that successful PR Manager needs?

Describe your typical work week.

I think curiosity is a deal breaker.

All seven days is about work- it’s unusual if I get day offs on weekends.

What trait do you value the most in your co-workers?

How would you go about finding relevant contacts and sources? There is no standard, although chain reaction is the most effective way in our reality. How would you prioritize and start your work day? As I wake up, it starts with checking mails, answering phone calls. Then it goes meetings, working with team, and again, calls and mails.

Completing task without saying or procrastinating too much. What is the best PR practice technology can’t change? Human intelligence can’t not be replaced with technology. What are some of the growing trends in the public relations industry? Digital marketing and social media obviously are rapidly growing trends.

9 July 23, 2018 #247

Business News Pankisi Camping- The First Georgian Girl to Start Business in Pankisi

Wingo Tours- Innovative Bus Ride by Wine Tasting Table

Mano is the first Georgian girl to dare and start business in Pankisi with her friend. They created hiking-adventure camp- Pankisi Camping.

At 11 o’clock in the morning on the European Square, if you run into a rare saloon, panoramic window bus, loaded with up to 14 people with non-Georgian appearance, that is Wingo Tours. Apartment Sold With Bitcoin in Batumi An apartment was sold for Bitcoin in Batumi. GeoLine company has assisted a Russian citizen to perform the transaction and find a required apartment. The company opened its office in Batumi a month ago.

Die Antwoord to Perform in Anaklia within Echowaves Festival

Innovation and Technology Agency and COTEC Sign Agreement on Understanding

Georgia Imported 101.9 million USD Cigarettes in 2017

On August 23-26, Anaklia hosts a new electronic music festival, “Echowaves Powered by Exit”. Organizers say that stages will be diverse: main Stage, KHIDI Stage, TAIYO, EYE Stage, by the Black Sea coast.

Innovation and Technology Agency of Ministry of Economy of Georgia and COTEC, association of technological innovations of Italy, have signed a memorandum on understanding. Memorandum of Cooperation Signed between Geostat and Business Ombudsman

The year of 2017 recorded a slight rise in cigarette imports, however, the 2017 indicator is lower than the 2014 figure anyway.

A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between National Statistics Office of Georgia and Business Ombudsman of Georgia.

Startup Holo Plans to Launch Hologram Theater Georgia Gained 9 Positions in Global Innovation Index Georgia has improved positions in Global Innovation Index. According to the 2018 report, Georgia ranks 59th and the country has advanced by 9 positions compared to 2017.

Lisi Development Granted International Credit Rating by Scope Lisi Development became the first developer company in Georgia, holding an international credit rating. B+ corporate credit rating was awarded by international rating company Scope Ratings GmbH.

The Innovative Media Platform “Holo”, winner of ”Startup Georgia” plants to open a hologram theater with received grant, decorating stages with hologram visuals.

10 July 23 , 2018 #247

Impact of Russian Foreign Policy on the Conflict of South China Sea between 2014-2015 Years

Conflict in South China Sea is an example as to how confrontation that commenced at the regional level became a global problem and the “hot point” for global problem and confrontation for big and powerful states. In 2014-2015, conflict between China and Vietnam made apparent the significance of the region, where the most powerful states fought for expansion of spheres of influence. This confrontation acquired specific significance only when in 2014-2015 years direct attacks took place between China and Vietnam, which is known under the name “South China Sea Conflict”. Role of Russia in the South China Sea Conflict of 2014-2015 was fundamentally significant, since irrespective of tendency to expand partnership between Vietnam and China, Russia being a strategic partner of China, supported Vietnam in the South China Sea Conflict without participation in the war operations. The South China Sea Confrontations of 2014 Situation between China and Vietnam became strained when on May 3, 2014 China declared officially that oil tanker held by Chinese state offshore oil company (CNOOC) was going to moor at Paracel islands, within 150 miles from the shores of Vietnam. Vietnam denounced this action stating officially that everything took place in its territorial waters. Irrespective of this fact China realized its decision and moored HD-981 platform in disputable waters, protected in 3 mile radius, approximately by 80 guards and military vessels. And Vietnam vessels which tried at approach the zone were under permanent attacks from China. This problem caused wide-scale demonstrations in Vietnam population. On May 15, 2014, minimum 21 persons died during anti-China demonstrations and up to 100 were wounded. It was the greatest bloody attack after 1979 in China-Vietnam conflict. On May 15, in the morning 1000 men throng took by storm Thai Still Mill in Ha Tin province, in central Vietnam, where they burnt a building and assaulted Chinese work personnel. Government of Vietnam tried to subdue conflict and arrested 600 men. After it Vietnam, to defend sovereignty, sent the navy vessels and some attacks were realized against 80 China military vessels. At this moment antiChina sentiments in Vietnam gradually were intensified and strained, which formed

a situation resembling that which took place in Vietnam 1000 years before, when Vietnam was a colony of China. Causes of conflict Several reasons can be attributed to the main cause that conditioned the South China Sea Conflict. Goods available in the South China Sea amount to 5.3 trillion dollars, while the share of the sea in the world trade with marine products amounts to 10%. Among the reasons conditioning the South China Sea Conflict holding of energy resources is the key problem. According to the assessment of United States Energy Information Agency in the South China Sea there is 11 milliard barrel oil and 190 trillion cubic meter natural gas, which automatically means that the sea’s energetic potential exceeds that owned by the solid energy exporters of the world. One more cause of dispute is expressed in the control over international trade routes. Control over open sea is within interests of all states, since proceeding from strategic significance of south-east Asia, from this spot freight turnover can be realized to all points. Struggle for regional hegemony is the fundamental prerequisite in the issue of redistribution of the South China Sea, and if desire of hegemony is considered as a prerequisite of the conflict, then most urgent is determination of interests of big states engaged indirectly in this conflict, which factually will explain as to why Russia could start rendering help to Vietnam when it could increase risks of tension between Russia’s two allies. To explain and determine it, first of all, it is necessary to define essence of the factors, which determined position of Russia in the South China Sea Conflict. Why Russia helped Vietnam in the South China Sea Conflict? Official position of Russia’s foreign policy in the South China Sea is “neutral”, but in reality it is far more façade than one can imagine. In particular, with respect to South China Sea, position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia was based on the idea of non-bias and non-alignment, but some milliard dollars spent for military armament and energetic treaties refer to the fact that Russia had strategic interests and

goals in the south-east Asia and this is determined by combination of various factors. The fact should be emphasized that China and Russia are allies without treaties. There is no treaty signed about direct strategic partnership among these states, there are only declarations about it. After disintegration of the soviet union, such agreement between two parties was expressed in verbal base and positive declarations of media means of China or Russia, although on July 24, 2001 president of China Jiang Ze Min and Vladimir Putin signed agreement “On good neighborhood and friendly cooperation”. These facts incited positive attitudes in the society although irrespective of good neighborly relations Russia’s foreign political position to China is directly based on the issue of South China Sea, which at the background of support to Vietnam is the evidence of façade nature of China-Russia friendship. One more reason why Russia backed up Vietnam indirectly in a matter of the South China Sea is that Russia was not interested in open confrontation with United States of America, since position of United States of America to China’s expansionistic policy, was reflected in open confrontation, jointly with allies existing in the region; therefore Russia didn’t want to confront USA’s interests by its interests, for United States of America tried to enter the region via other paths, besides “allying”; for example by gradual removal of embargo on armament that was commenced in 2012. Irrespective of growth of influence of United States of America, factor of China’s regional “prosperity” in the region and growth of economic dependence of Russia on China was so great that it would be more profitable for Russia to have better relations with other regional forces, and to confront such forces indirectly by the growth of China’s influence. Thus, support to Vietnam in the South China Sea conflict of 2014 placed

Russia in more profitable position. The above listed factors determining position of Russia are only concrete issues, which used to affect simultaneously formation of foreign policy of Russia. We can consider that the most fundamental cause is combination of all above-referred factors, since finally, irrespective of interests, be it economic, marine, energetic potential or amicability of regional states, in case of prosperity of China’s hegemony economic strife of Russia or desire to hold open waters would be senseless and it, at the background of increasing economic dependence on China would lose equal right position of a regional hegemony. Respectively, indirect support of Russia to Vietnam should have been directed so as to hinder growth of China’s influence at the most strategically important section of South China Sea and at the same time to use United States of America, jointly with Vietnam, against China, thus hindering to the creation of one more powerful and authoritative super-state in the region. Finally we can state that Russian policy in the South China Sea Conflict was far more complex than it seemed at first glance. Its actions could be explained in several ways: economic profit gained from Vietnam due to military support or accessibility to those potential energy resources, which were available in the South China Sea. And finally everything was reduced to global level and respectively, by indirect engagement in regional conflict, Russia tried to keep destabilization, by hindering growth of China’s role and to stop USA’s program of re-balancing in Asia by strategic partnership with Vietnam and by delivery of arms. Megi Qavtaradze Analyst of The Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen - AYFB

11 July 23, 2018 #247

12 July 23 , 2018 #247

Summer Like Never Before

The presentation of the active summer concept was held recently at “Tbilisi Yacht Club – Restaurant La Cote”, which is located on Tbilisi Sea. “BORJOMI – ACTIVE SUMMER”. “Borjomi” continues brand development and responds to the active summer theme, offering more opportunities for active holiday and getting maximum delight from life. That’s the concept of “Borjomi” for summer communication, which in turn united in the new design, web resources and various activities. It is important that a new series of “Borjomi” summer packages are already on the shelves. The presentation of the active summer concept was held recently by the company “La Cote” at the Yacht Club located on the Tbilisi Sea. The website was created within the project “Borjomi – Active Summer Taste”. As it was said at the presentation, the website is international and multifunctional, that operates in several languages. Any person will be able to get acquainted with the information about active entertainment. The page provides both global and local information sorted by country. The goal of creating web resource is to promote active vacation location and activities, both among tourists and in local communities. The “Borjomi” team has been working on the development of this direction for several months. The information about interesting locations in Georgia and active relaxation opportunities in the above mentioned areas was worked out with the National Tourism Agency of Georgia. “The National Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia actively works towards popularization of different regions of Georgia. That is why we have a wonderful project “Meet Georgia”, with the help of which our fellow citizens are able to get more information

about Georgia’s, still, unknown and interesting places. I welcome the new initiative of “Borjomi” company. We need a new opportunity to make both local and foreign tourists’ vacation interesting and active in our country, “said

Giorgi Chogovadze, Head of Georgian National Tourism Administration. ‘’We reflected active summer concept to new packaging of Borjomi this year, that shows diverse forms of entertainment like: biking, scooter, recreation on picnic, water skiing or sailing. These activities create series of new design. Customers will be able to choose their desired kind of sport. Summer is time for fun and interesting adventures- spend it with Borjomi like never before. Our new web-resource ( is here to help you with that. Website is being con-

stantly updated that gathers locations and gives ideas about activities,’’- explained Borjomi Brand Manager Gvanca Chlaidze. Presentation was also attended by celebrities, company partners, loyal customers and media representatives. As for the actress Eka chkheidze, Borjomi is always associated with something special that brings different emotions: Borjomi offered quite interesting concept, I love can design too and am excited with their initiatives.’’ ‘’That’s what Borjomi Active Summer is all about- have fun like never before! Our goal is to help people spend their time and summer hot days actively, guide them to new locations, that give tons of new opportunities. Summer is time for new discoveries, when you gain experiences that last throughout life,’’- said Nica Cholokashvili, Public Relations Manager of IDS Borjomi. Borjomi is already on sale with the new design, while new website - looks forward to visitors to charge them with volcanic energy, explore new places and travel a lot.

World News

13 July 23, 2018 #247

HUAWEI P20 Lite – Trendy and Affordable Smartphone The mobile phone industry faces a stiff environment globally, with competition increasing on a daily basis. Manufacturers are constantly striving to develop and become market leaders. So, companies need to distinguish themselves from analogues by offering new, unique and design-specific smartphones.

Juventus Sold $60 Million Worth of Ronaldo Jerseys in 24 Hours – Almost Half his Transfer fee Juventus, the biggest soccer club in Italy, has already sold $60 million worth of Ronaldo jerseys in just 24 hours — that’s more than half his transfer fee.

Trump invites Putin to US for second meeting, stunning security boss US President Donald Trump has invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Washington for a follow-up meeting in coming months, an announcement that stunned his intelligence chief when he was informed about it in front of a live audience.

The Countries Drinking the Most Beer When it comes to drinking beer, no one beats the Czechs. A new study by Statista has revealed how much beer people in selected countries consumed last year.

Chinese Companies Invested $800M in Azerbaijan Chinese companies have invested about $800 million in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Economy Minister Shahin Mustafayev said during a meeting with the Ambassador of China to Azerbaijan Wei Jinghua.

Bill Gates' Latest Investment Seeks to Revolutionize How We Diagnose Alzheimer's And yet the disease, which affects an estimated 5.7 million Americans, is difficult and expensive to diagnose. Without better diagnostics, developing drugs to treat Alzheimer’s is challenging as well.

In Search for the Most Promising Startups in Central Asia On July 5th, Seedstars World, the biggest seed stage startup competition in emerging markets, selected the best startup in Kazakhstan during the pitching finals Seedstars Astana, hosted by the first international tech park in Central Asia – Astana Hub.

U.S. delegation to meet Turkish officials on Iran sanctions

Microsoft's Xbox business hits the magic $10B

A U.S. delegation of Treasury and State Department officials will meet Turkish authorities on Friday to discuss sanctions targeting Iran, an official from Turkey's foreign ministry said.

Microsoft's announced on July 19 that its gaming division had a bumper year, reaching $10 billion in revenue for the full year, ending June 30.

14 July 23 , 2018 #247

15 July 23, 2018 #247

14, 15, 16 September THE NEW RIGA THEATRE / BARYSHNIKOV PRODUCTIONS Based on the poems of Joseph Brodsky BRODSKY/BARYSHNIKOV Drama/one man show Directed by Alvis Hermanis Venue: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama theatre Duration: 90 min. without intermission 20:00 16 September The Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Germany / Royal District Theatre, Georgia Davit Gabunia TIGER AND LION Directed by Data Tavadze Venue: Royal District Theatre Duration: 100 minutes, without intermission 20:00 17, 18 September Cieque Eloize, Canada Dave St-Pierre and Jeannot Painchaud CIRKOPOLIS Directed by Dave St-Pierre and Jeannot Painchaud Venue: Griboedov theatre Duration: 85 minutes, without intermission 20:00 20 September The Tiger Lillies, UK EDGAR ALLAN POE’S HAUNTED PALACE FEATURING THE TIGER LILLIES Directed by Paul Golub Venue: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama theatre Duration: 90 min. without intermission 20:00 23 September Thalia Theater, Germany Nino Kharatishvili THE EIGHTH LIFE (FOR BRILKA) Directed by Jette Steckel Venue: Shota Rustaveli State Drama Theatre Duration: 295 with 2 intermissions 19:00 26 September ZhaoLiangART MARTIAL ART IN DANCE Directed by Zhao Liang Venue: Griboedov theatre Duration: 70 minutes, without intermission 20:00 26 September SthlmsMusikTeater SMT, Sweden Text and music by Jan Erik Saaf FREUDS CIGAR THE ONE MAN MUSICAL ABOUT SIGMUND FREUD Directed by Andrias Boonstra Venue: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama theatre, small stage Duration:90 without intermission 20:00 30 September Hands Percussion, Malaisya South East Asia Music, Contemporary Percussion DIALOGUE IN SKIN Artistic Director Bernard Goh Venue: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama theatre Duration: 85 with 1 intermission 20:00

The Tiger Lillies Edgar Allan Poe’s Haunted Palace featuring The Tiger Lillies Peder Bjurman Multimedia Concert Director : Paul Golub Musical Director : Martyn Jacques Visual Direction : Mark Holthusen Music Adapted by Martyn Jacques : vocal, harmonica, piano Adrian Stout : bass, saw, theremin, vocal Durations: 90 minutes, without intermission

immediately for their distinct sound and style and worked their way up from London pubs to the Piccadilly Theatre and buskers’ benches to the Sydney Opera House. Soon the The Tiger Lillies were touring the world giving concerts and participating in various art and theatre projects. A couple of the many highlights in their career was the Olivier Award they won for the cult hit musical Shockheaded Peter and the Grammy nomination for their album The Gorey End. Within

Cast: Martyn Jacques : vocal, harmonica, piano Adrian Stout : bass, saw, theremin, vocal Jonas Golland : percussion, vocal Peter Caulfield and Lucy Kilpatrick Theatre History: The Tiger Lillies were formed in 1989 and as the decades go by their sound remains one of the most unique and original things one could come across. Martyn Jacques, the band’s front man, songwriter and founder, spent most of his twenties in a flat above a brothel in London’s Soho, peeping through his window at the buzz of Soho’s lowlife. It took him a good ten years to turn that strange world into art, while training as a singer and songwriter. In 1989 he got his first accordion and The Tiger Lillies were formed shortly after. The Tiger Lillies stood out

the last two decades The Tiger Lillies have been doing an average of over 200 gigs a year and despite spending so much time on the road they have managed to also release more than one album a year. They have participated in numerous shows all over the world, collaborating with artists of all disciplines. The world of The Tiger Lillies is dark, peculiar and varied, with moments of deep sadness,

cruel black humour and immense beauty. Their music is a mixture of prewar Berlin cabaret, anarchic opera and gypsy music, echoing the voices of Bertolt Brecht and Jacques Brel. The Tiger Lillies shock, amuse and entertain in a postmodern vaudeville way, with their inimitable in-yearface shows, where no limit should be taken for granted. About performance: The Tiger Lillies are an extraordinary three-piece band and their music is a startling mixture of opera, gypsy song and left-bank Paris, but what really marks out this band from any others is the emotional charge and raw passion of the delivery. Masters of dark humour, their music plays in the intersection between offensive and delightful. It has been called macabre, darkly humorous, perversely beautiful and impossible to pigeonhole. In their new show Edgar Allan Poe’s Haunted Palace, a highly visual nightmare and bizarre musical extravaganza, The Tiger Lillies plunge into the dark and sinister world of Edgar Allan Poe.

16 July 23 , 2018 #247

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