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2 July 16 , 2018 #246

Mikheil Batiashvili Appointed Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Mikheil Batiashvili is a founder of Business and Technology University, he has extensive experience in education field, he is Associated Professor of Business Administration.

Visa Regime Simplified with South Korea for Citizens of Georgia As a result of intensive work carried out by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea and the Immigration Service, the Korean authorities have made a decision to simplify the visa regime for citizens of Georgia with ordinary passports.

Mamuka Khazaradze: Georgia can Become Switzerland of Caucasus

“Georgian banking system is trustworthy and our world’s investors are our shareholders,”said Mamuka Khazaradze in an interview with Anaklia magazine. Businessmen thinks that Anaklia has an opportunity to become the financial center of the region.

Giorgi Kobulia Appointed As Minister of Economy of Georgia

Prime Minister of Georgia named Giorgi Kobulia as the candidate of Minister of Economy of Georgia. George was a senior partner in McKinsey’s Moscow office and a leader of our Oil & Gas Practice in eastern Europe.

Liberty Bank to Launch New Program for Pensioners The Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed between Liberty and New Hospitals, according to which pension recipients will receive medical services with special conditions for them.

Ministry of Healthcare Prevents Doctors to Prescribe Excessive Medicines The Ministry of Healthcare conducts the mechanism for the prevention of prescribing excessive amount of medicines.

Ivane Matchavariani Named as Minister of Finance Prime Minister of Georgia named Ivane Matchavariani as the candidate of Minister of Finance of Georgia. In the recent years, Ivane Matchavariani held position of the Chief Commercial officer at Geocell.

Georgia’s TBC Ventures into Neobanking Space in 8 months

TBC, the largest bank in Georgia, has engineered its own cloudbased, digital-only neobank, dubbed Space.

Giorgi Cherkezishvili: Government Offers Unprecedented Tax Regime to Small and Medium Business Sectors

The Georgian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development has met with representatives of small and medium business sectors in Kutaisi to discuss new tax regime and open dialogue between government and business as part of preferential tax regime.

The Editorial Board Follows Press Freedom Principles Publisher: LLC Caucasian Business Week - CBW Director: Levan Beglarishvili WWW.CBW.GE Address: Aleksidze Street 1 Sales: Mob: +995 591 01 39 36 Email: Editor: Nutsa Galumashvili. Mobile phone: 595 380382 Copy Editor: Ellie Rambo Reporters: Nina Gomarteli; Mariam Kopaliani; Merab Janiashvili, Economic columnist: Andria Gvidiani; Technical Assistant: Giorgi Kheladze;

3 July 16, 2018 #246

4 July 16 , 2018 #246

Georgian Economy Saw 7.5% Growth in May

According to preliminary estimations by Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in May 2018 Georgian economy grew by 7.5% and this is one of the highest figures under the ruling of Georgian Dream. According to Geostat, in January-May the economic growth constituted 6.1%, up 1.6% compared to the government’s forecast indicator. According to preliminary estimations, in May 2018, as compared to the same period of 2017, considerable growth was recorded in the fields of transport, processing industry, commerce, finances, hotels and restaurants. In January-May 2018, imports rose y 23% and exports increased by 28%, while total external trade exceeded the figure of the same period of 2017 by 24%. At the same time, turnover of taxpayer companies increased by 17.6% and this factor has additionally affected economic growth indicators. Economic growth due to months is as follows: January – 4%, February – 5.5%, March – 5.6%, April – 6.5%, May – 7.5%. Averaged growth in January-May constituted 6.1%.

As to the past years, in 2017 Georgian economy increased by 5%. In 2016 economic upturn constituted 2.8%. Starting 2010 Georgia’s averaged economic growth was 6.1%,however, after 2013 the growth pace decelerated and made up 3.3% instead of 6%. If GDP growth paces in 2010, 2011 and 2012 was 6.2%, 7.2% and 6.4% respectively, in the next years GDP growth rate decelerated twice and even monthly indicator did not exceed 7% since 2013. For example, in 2013 Georgian economy increased by 3.4%, in 2014 – 4.6%, 2015 – 2.9% and 2016- 2.8%. This indicator proves that Georgian government carries out proper economic policy. This fact also proves that the reforms that we have implemented and announced shapes the environment, where economic growth paces will be further accelerated definitely. It should be also noted that the qualitative effect of economic growth has also improved. First of all I would like to note that exports has increased by 50% compared to the same period of 2017 and this is one of the crucial factors for economic

growth promotion», Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze noted

when talking about the 7.5% upturn in May 2018. «Geostat has published an early report on economic growth in May 2018, which hit record figure over the past years -7.5%. Economic growth paces have considerably increased according to the January-May indicators. We have recorded a crucial rise in the sectors of transport, processing industry, trade, finances, hotels and restaurants. Publication of this indicator coincided with the fact the board of directors of International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved the second review of Extended Fund Facility program. Dear friends, I would like to

tell you that these results were achieved thanks to tireless job by both former and current officials of Georgian Government. I would like to thank everybody, who have contributed to making our reforms irreversible. And IMF has proved its support and this is recognition of our economic policy. The program that IMF has approved and appraised as an accelerator of Georgia’s inclusive economic growth must be continued and developed. The ongoing and coming reforms aim to make Georgia an European-level country in long-term perspective. Once again I congratulate all of you on the 7.5% real economic growth in May. Figures have changed in my CV too. We started with 2.6% and reached 7.5%. Let’s move to two-digit growth», Dimitri Kumsishvili posted on how on social network wall. It is noteworthy that in June 2018

improper economic policy was named one of the reasons behind Kvirikashvili’s resignation, after UNICEF published its report saying that in 2015-2017 poverty level had increased in Georgia. However, the 2018 May economic growth was definitely achieved by the previous team, while current Prime Minister Bakhtadze is expected to further accelerate economic growth. By Merab Janiashvili

5 July 16, 2018 #246

6 July 16 , 2018 #246

Tchuberi Disaster Covering Up Massive Tree Cutting Nenskra HPP Construction Works Did not Cause Natural Disaster in Svaneti As a result of landslip and heavy rains on July 5 the river Nenskra overflew the banks and seized several villages, flooded Tchuberi and residential houses, demolished bridges and part of the motorway. Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze has named arbitrary logging as one of the key reasons behind natural disaster in Tchuberi. «According to early estimations, naturally, heavy rain has caused natural disaster, but we should also note that arbitrary and unsystematized logging has also considerably triggered the natural disaster and we will definitely disclose people engaged in this process. Spontaneous logging is inadmissible. This is my answer. But this is a specific case, as specialists say and we have all sign for this. Nobody can prevent heavy precipitation, but, for similar cases, we should have valuable urgent response and early notification systems. We have two ones in Georgia, but wee need these systems everywhere”, Bakhtadze noted.

The Caucasus Business Week (CBW) has inquired what factors could cause natural disaster in Tchuberi and whether this fact may be related to Nenskra HPP construction works. As to natural disaster reasons, the HPP construction company released a statement for media that starting January 2018 all preparatory works had been suspended and the ongoing works were only to rehabilitate the existing roads and bridges. Environmental expert Nino Chkhobadze, head of Georgian GreensEarth Friends nongovernmental organization, noted that Svaneti natural disaster is not related to Nenskra HPP construction works. Any construction project may comprise certain risks in terms of environment impact, however, at this stage, Nenskra HPP construction process had not reached the

phase that could case the flood. Nenskra HPP project could not affect and cause natural disaster, but the Nenskra HPP project implementing company was strictly recommended several times that they have not thoroughly examined geological aspects, Chkhobadze said.

Irakli Macharashvili, conservation program coordinator at Green Alternative nongovernmental organization, says that it is difficult to identify exact logging scales in Georgia: “Real logging is much more overwhelming than official statistics sys. Global Forest Watch has a special map with deforestation information. Satellite map is also available, however it is impossible to detect each fact of chopping. Real situation is worse”, Macharashvili noted. Over the past years the most damage was inflicted by those companies which were engaged in logging for their own business expansion, he said. “ RMG Gold company has annihilated vast space of woodlands in Dmanisi, Bolnisi and Tetri Tskaro. Large-scale logging was also recorded in Svaneti, before and after Nenskra HPP construction project inauguration. I know from local residents that illegal logging was carried out near Nenskra HPP construction site and Interior Ministry knew about this, however, nobody was punished. Large-scale logging is also recorded in Racha, where Bidzina Ivanishvili’s several companies own licenses and are engaged in legal logging”, Macharashvili said. Rezo Getiashvili, representative of Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN), says that according to early reports, large-scale logging is one of the key reasons behind natural disaster in Tchuberi over the past period. These cases should be examined to collect specified information, Getiashvili noted. Everybody knows that uncontrolled logging was practiced in Tchuberi. Moreover, this fact is

clearly seen in video materials from natural disaster zones, where we see that the river carries thousands of cubic meters of wood, which could not be unrooted by the natural disaster. Seemingly, these woods were chopped, he said. “Maybe, there were stored wood. Part of them could be annihilated bio mass that remains in forest after logging. These details are evidently seen in video materials. Moreover, in spread information and video materials local population frequently mentions sawmills, tens of cubic meters of wood carried by the river that belonged to one of the families. So, this is a real problem in this region and both our society and the Authorities know about this problem”, Getiashvili noted. In general, natural disaster are caused by a combination of provoking factors, he said. Therefore, only logging could not provoke natural disaster. We have a complex problem, including natural factors. Therefore, woodlands would have been protected with care in the zones with the mentioned provoking factors, Getiashvili pointed out. Wood materials are made in Tchuberi and local residents are engaged in this process. Logging used to intensify through 2016, when no certificate of origin was required for transportation of materials. Later this document became mandatory, but other channels were found and illegal logging continued again, Getiashvili said. In response to the question whether local and central governments had fostered illegal logging, Getiashvili abstained from making comments. This is a heavy accusation and it requires investigation. Probably the Government has not fostered, but the fact is that the Government has failed to prevent illegal logging in Tchuberi, Getiashvili said. “When the Government took efforts to curb the mentioned process, local residents started conflict. Our population remembers very well when local residents did not enable supervision service to execute official functions”, Getiashvili noted. In all other regions of Georgia logging is carried out for only collecting firewood, Getiashvili said. “It is dramatic situation, when our citizens have to chop trees because of 60-70% energy deficiency. Our government has to turn blind eye to this

process, because restrictions amid absence of other alternative sources will leave our population without vital resources. As a result, these villages are expected to get depopulated. This problem exists for many years. We have not a joint systematic approach to this issue and Ministry of Economy has not engaged in the problem resolution. We cannot point fingers at Environment Ministry and Agriculture Ministry. In similar situation we should consider firewood as a mean of heating”, Getiashvili noted. Georgia needs 2.4 million cubic meters of firewood a year, while the Government allocates only 600 000 cubic meters a year, he added.

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, timber exports grows on annual basis. In 2012, Georgia exported wood materials of 9 516 300 USD, 2013 – 11 730 600 USD, 2014 – 11 331 000 USD, 2015 – exports slightly declined to 10 937 200 USD, 2016 – exports started rising and equaled 13 612 000 USD, 2017 – 16 799 100 USD, 2018 – 289 600 USD. According to Global Forest Watch statistics, in 2001-2017 Georgia lost 9 700 hectare woodland. Major volume of chopping was recorded in 2014 – 1.97 hectares. The Global Forest Watch report also shows that major deforestation was recorded in 5 regions in 2017, namely Samtskhe-Javakheti – 1.9%, Tbilisi – 0.8%, Kvemo Kartli – 0.52%, Kakheti – 0.32% and Imereti – 0.27%.

7 July 16, 2018 #246

Keti Kenkishvili: Wine is a Living Body. You should first Grasp Its Nature and Then Taste It. GWS, wines and strong drinks manufacturing company, is one of the oldest and well-known winemaking enterprises in Georgia, which was founded in Telavi, Achinebuli, in 1993, on basis of TELAVI 2 old winery established in 1976. Currently, GWS owns 350 hectare vineyards and the most part of them are 15-25 years in age, including red grape varieties occupy 280 hectares. 70% of the vineyards are Georgian traditional grape varieties and 30% are replenished by famous international varieties. The company makes still, sparkling wines and high-alcohol products under the brand names of Tamada, Old Tbilisi, Adamanti, Vismino and Elibo. Keti Kenkishvili, GWS company ambassador, talks about winemaking, its importance and taste properties, her own career and the narrative that has brought the company’s today. I loved French Language from my childhood. I used to go to French school. I continued my studies at Strasbourg State University in France. Later, I returned to Georgia and since then I live in Georgia.

Why winemaking company? How was you interested in wine production?

Where and how have you continued career?

I personally prefer dry wines. I like both white and red wines.

After graduation, I had to work in many places with various professions, in private companies and international projects. Over the past period, for 3 years, I was a director for chamber of commerce of France. I learned about GWS company in my childhood, because its was one of the leading companies in Georgia. I received an invitation from Georgian Wines and Spirits Company (GWS) to become the company ambassador. In that period the company did not have an ambassador at all. Even today there are few companies in Georgia, which have the position of an ambassador.

It is a well-known fact that the dishes we have with this or that wine are of crucial importance. What would you advice to consumers in this respect?

What does this position mean for you? The position of a company ambassador implies to act as a company representative and take efforts on priority markets for the company products promotion. You are GWS ambassador. You introduce the company products to foreign markets, you are the company image in other countries. What specific features does your position imply? What are your responsibilities? Public and media relations is my responsibility, as well as introduction of the company and its products onto Georgian and other priority markets such as Ukraine, China, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan and so on. I am proud to say that today all over the world Georgian wines are well-known products and their quality and style are deeply appreciated. We also hold various events and meetings in some countries. There are also markets, which receive interesting information about wines, Georgia and our culture from me.

In general Georgia is a cradle of wine. I can hardly imagine a Georgian not interested in wines. I am happy that a lot of people worldwide know Georgia as a homeland of wine. Wine and vineyard have special place in Georgian culture. As a professional what do you make accents on when tasting wines? When tasting wines I pay much attention to its integrity and balance. It is important how well the wine color, aroma, tannin and acidity fit each other. It is also important what emotions the wine brings to me. Wine is a living body. Therefore you should first grasp its nature and then taste it so as it comprehensively transmit its natural emotion to you. What sort of wines do you give preference to?

First of all, when selecting this or that wine variety, consumers should make concentration on their own taste preferences. What sort of wines they like, dry or red. Only after this they should think whether they want to only taste wine or taste it with some specific dish. White wine is a lighter product. It is not as intense and clearly expressed as red wine. Consequently, white wines are tasted with light dishes rather, such as vegetables, fish products, marine products, while red

wines rather match meat dishes, because meat has specifically expressed taste properties. Wine should be balanced, on the one hand, and match dishes, on the other hand. Dish aromas, including acidity and expressiveness should fit taste properties of wines. Appraise Georgian market from the position of a winemaking company. I am happy Georgian wines are in-demand products. The wine market is being developed successfully. Our company makes emphasis on wine quality and professionalism. We control the whole process from vineyard caring to grapes pressure and in this way we produce high-quality products. Our wines are sold with huge success on both traditional and new markets. Traditional markets include Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Over the past period, Georgian wines have also entered new markets such as

Poland, Germany, France, Japan, Great Britain, the USA… The company has recently held a traditional event, now in Baroque-style Pleasure Garden, where iconic wines were represented. What would you say about this? It is the third year we hold traditional event at GWS, where we introduce our new products to tourists. In 2016 Georgian Wines and Spirits Company marked its 40 jubilee, where we introduced a new brand of Vismino to our guests. In 2017 we held Bacchus Festival and exclusively offered great reserves of Tamada, as well as Qvevri to our guests. On June 23, 2018 we held event at GWS, where we introduced a collection of new iconic wines to our guests – Colors of Georgia. This collection includes three wines: Red wine Vardisubani and Two red wines – Akura and Artana. Why the Pleasure Garden? Iconic wines imply wines with elite line, which are made in small quantities by winemakers with full sensitivity. That’s why we have selected Baroque style as the event theme, because it implies expressive nature, pleasure with life, reign of life. What about future and strategic plans? Our wines are most important products, as well as their quality and style. We had this priority in the past, this tendency has strengthened today and will further strengthen in the future. Over the past 4-5 years we have made very important investments in vineyards. We have worked a lot on grapes quality, improved winegrowing practice to reach ultimate improvement in quality of our wines. This quality of wines, this quality of winegrowing is a key basis of GWS strategy. Over the past years GWS recorded crucial growth in terms of both volumes and values. Our strategy is based on three key principles: First, quality and style of our wines, which is recognized on both international and domestic markets. Second, commercial strategy, namely, diverse markets. Historically, GWS products were exported to Russia, Ukraine. Over the past years, we have also entered western Europe. By the way, we export wines to France too in symbolic volumes. This is huge success for our company. The third principle of our strategy is a development of the portfolio of our brands. Over the past years, we have developed new brands. Historically, GWS used to produce Old Tbilisi and Tamada brands. We have also developed Vismino brand for Georgian market. We have added elite line in the form of magnificent reserve and Qvevri to the brand of Tamada. This year we have introduced a collection of new iconic wines. Our company follows these three key principles – quality of our wines, diversification of export markets and development of the portfolio of our products and trademarks.

8 July 16 , 2018 #246

Maia Chitaia: “PR is the Mixture of Different Knowledges” Interview with the regional director of Action Global Communications Maia Chitaia Why did you decide to enter this field, and what kind of opportunities does this profession give you? As a practitioner journalist, the idealistic growth of my profession is the Public Relations and marketing communications. Although it not envisioned, from investigative journalism I was lucky to join Action Global Communications in 2005 to manage the British Airways communications account. Since then, our profile is mostly oriented on the development related projects, rather than the commercials. Many international donors, nowadays have changed their approach in terms of communications and visibility issues. If this was the part of the task of the civil society organizations, now to reach maximum effectiveness and outcome, the communications issues are dealt by the communications and PR agencies and companies, which ensures the quality. Luckily we have deconstructed the wrong perception, as the PR and Communications needs no special education. This could be done by everyone. This is obviously not true, and the new approach of the International organizations is the prove to that. PR and Communications doesn’t only mean the good writing skills or verbal communications abilities, it also means the knowledge of social psychology, behaviorism and good understanding of social issues (gender, human rights, law) as well as possessing the human capital. So, if you look at PR and Communications from that angle, this profession has an increasing demand not only among the development projects, but also medium and large corporations. What is it necessary to hold a successful communication with public? First of all it is important that one believes in what she/he does. I mean that falsity is very visible in our profession. You should believe in changes, in people and if you are sincere, than all environment will meet you to fulfil your goal.

Another thing to be considered is the tolerance towards the fails. The British playwriter Samuel Becket, would be very good Communications specialist if he only had lived in our times. His words, `Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter, Try again, fail better` - perfectly depicts the inner drive of the PR and Communications specialist. What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR? •Be Honest to yourself and to people; •Never start doing PR projects if you don’t believe in its rightness and social benefits. •Learn– PR is the mixture of different knowledges. What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR? As mentioned above, the most of our projects are related to development. We develop the strategy and implement campaigns to eliminate the stigma against the children with disability, to support women’s economic and political empowerment, to raise awareness on food security and catastrophes risk reduction, to support the development of agriculture and rural development. All of these projects need not only the good knowledge of the PR technologies and communications methodologies, but also the technical literacy in gender issues, agriculture, human rights, nutrition and many other. Even working with private sector needs special education - in aviation business you need to have the basic knowledge in aircrafts, airport regulations; in forex trading you should know the technology of the currency exchange business. You, as PR specialist should become an expert of the sphere and the success will definitely happen. How is your typical week? Hectic. It has no working hours – you may start early in the morning in Tbilisi and end your day late night in one of the region of Georgia.

At least 10 new interesting people become your friend every week and this saves me from exhaustion. How would you go about finding relevant contacts and sources? Attending different meetings, networking events are good ways to make new contacts. But increasing demand on social media, like Facebook or Instagram, could facilitate generating new contacts – be the part of the different social groups, participation in the discussions, writing new and interesting posts/blogs will help you to increase followers. What trait do you value the most in your co-workers? Sense of responsibility. What is the best PR practice technology can’t change? Face to Face conversations. What are some of the growing trends in the public relations industry? Online influencers have moved from a fad to a mainstream trend that PR professionals and brands are embracing. it’s more about finding the right influencer to get your story out rather than the best newspaper nowadays. Influencers are already talking to your customers. They also have credibility and trust. Another trend is to involve in PR the knowledges like social psychology and behaviorism. Especially while working in social change oriented campaigns that aims change of action or change in mind, those knowledges are more and more important for the specialists.

9 July 16, 2018 #246

Business News Andrea Viganò: Alliance Group Wants to Bring Quality and Improved Service to Property Market

Georgian Student Develops Application for Virtual Integration with Masterpieces of Art As part of cooperation between Business and Technology University and Georgian National Museum, “Areal”, a Georgian first-year students of the University has developed a startup application for virtual integration with masterpieces of art.

Andrea Viganò, an architect and interior designer from Italy, the country of taste and quality, is working on the Alliance Palace and theAlliance Highline projects. These two modern multifunctional complexes in Batumi and Tbilisi will be added to the portfolio of Viganò’s Studio D73, which the Italian interior designer runs together with his business partner, fellow Italian Marco Vismara.

GDG Group to Open Two High Class Hotels in Imereti GDG Group will open two high-class hotels in Imereti by the end of 2019. Bezhan Tsakadze, founder of GDG Group, told Commersant that hotels will be opened in Kutaisi and Vani. Georgian Matériel to Get Orders from World’s 30 Stores after Paris Showroom After showrooms in Paris, Matériel is waiting orders from about 30 stores from around the world. According to international sales manager Nuki Chabukiani, the outline of the initial orders is already taken and exact number of the stores will be clear in about 2 weeks.

Georgian Spices Company SPYRECIPE to Enter Israeli Market

Madamwine – Georgian Wine from Women

Spices company ”Spyrecipe” will export its products to Israel,- company founder Mako Kavtaradze shared.

MADAMWINE is Georgian wine from women entrepreneurs. It is an only wine-making company in Georgia, where the founder, managers, wine technologist and all employees are women. Polish-Georgian Business Forum-Doing Business and Investment in Georgia Manufacturer of Georgian Toys: All Commercial Banks Refused to Finance Us German and Spanish companies have expressed interest in Georgian wooden toys, David Katsitadze, founder of GeoToys Group told Business Morning TV program.

The business forum is organized by EU Georgia Business Council (EUGBC) with partnership of @ IBCCS Georgia. The Forum will develop a constant B2B communication platform for business development in Poland and Georgia. Georgian Leather Handbags Company Gepherrini Unveils Store in Hong Kong Georgian leather handbags company Gepherrini has unveiled a store in Hong Kong, at the most prestigious shopping mall Harbour City.

Georgian Startup Offers Smart Home Space Saving Furniture The innovative Georgian Startup Smart Home space saving furniture offers users a spatially transformed furniture. The project aims to produce furniture that changes its size and shape while using it.f

10 July 16 , 2018 #246

Service Center and Special Warantee Conditions from Company


HUAWEI has opened a new service center in the “Karvasla” shopping center that offers customers the postal service throughout Georgia. It should be taken into consideration that postal service provides free delivery of products from center to customer. Furthermore, if the phone screen is accidentally damaged, according to the additional warranty, the company HUAWEI allows you to change one completely free of charge within three months from the purchase of the cell phone. You’ll get addition 3-month warranty to HUAWEI P10, HUAWEI P10 Plus and HUAWEI Mate10 for your cell phone screen with 12 month subscription. And in the case of HUAWEI P20 and P20 Pro you get 18 months warranty service and first six month of free screen change service. The customer will no longer pay the warranty service fee for 12 months at service center, besides HUAWEI brand offers customers a variety of gifts, that only takes you to visit the service center to get a gift. The new service center of HUAWEI is located at the shopping center “Karvasla”, on the I floor and serves customers from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00, and Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00. HUAWEI products and services are available in more than 170 countries

and are used by a third of the world’s population. According to 2015 data, the company is the thirt largest on smartphone market in the world. Sixteen Research and Development Center operates in the US, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of the three business units in Huawei, one of the main destinations for smartphones, personal computers, tablets and smart services. HUAWEI’s global network is based on 20 years of experience in telecommunications and serves innovative technologies for consumers worldwide.

HUAWEI P20 Lite Smartphone for Those who Prefer a Modern Design Mobile phones top manufacturers continue to fight being number one and offer new unique smartphones to customers which are more modern, innovative and charming with various functional and design specifications. Customers choose multifunction smartphone manufacturer HUAWEI. P series models led brand series’s to success. Recently, customers have access to the HUAWEI P20 Lite, featuring experts from smartphones market and fans. The budget class smartphone is already in our hands. This is a smartphone for those who prefer a modern design, a good camera and mobile device. HUAWEI P20 Lite is a budget smartphone class that fully responds to 2018 demands such as: 19: 9 screen, high quality dual camera, increased internal memory and more. In short, the HUAWEI P20 Lite is available at affordable prices and is marked by the trends in 2018. In addition, it is a compact and distinguishes with its design. Engineers and designers spent a lot of time to improve and strengthen the smartphone screen. According to experts, their goal is achieved - the model has all the necessary functions and the perfect visual side that makes customers feel comfortable and self-confi-

dent. The detailed technical features of the smartphone look like this: • The 5.84-inch 19: 9 format, 2280 × 1080 expanded TFT LCD display • 2.38 and 1.7 GHz HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor, the Mali-T830MP2 graphics processor • 64GB internal memory and 4GB of RAM • 16 megapixel main and 2 megapixel spacer camera, 16 megapixel front camera • The latest EMUI 8.0 consumer interface based on Androide 8.0. It is important that the smartphone has 4 main colors that satisfy the individual tastes of consumers: electric blue, sakura flower, black and golden. It is well known that high quality videos and pictures take too much space and the smartphone memory is soon filled, especially for other brands users. In case of this smartphone, the situation is quite different, since 64GB of internal memory will be enough for long-term use. And yet, for whom is HUAWEI P20 Lite? - This smartphone is for those who want the modern design and good camera of 2018. HUAWEI P20 Lite is for those who find happiness in details.

11 July 16, 2018 #246

12 July 16 , 2018 #246

First Ever 3D Printed Qvevri – Improved Structure with Traditional Elements Georgian started producing wine in Qvevri 8000 years ago. Despite market demands, primitive technology of making Qvevris hasn’t changed, there are no enough experienced builders and it became hard to find a good one. David Mizandari, Creative Director of Bank of Georgia Nika Gujejiani and photographer Giorgi Mamasakhlisi found out technology to build 3D Qvevri. They met ceramics specialist and 3D print specialist in the Netherlands, cooperating with him and Gita, created Qvevri prototype. QVEVRI.XYZ authors shared their experience to Marketer: The clay is not standardized in Georgia, the quality of the Qvevri wine depends on the composition of the clay, it determines firing curve, speed of heating and cooling, etc. We went to Shrosha and asked one of the Qvevri builder, how long would he take to make 500 liters Qvevri. He said by the end of August, he had a lot of other orders. They have one building

of firing in automatized oven – strictly controlling process and temperature. As a result, Qvevri is more solid. Qvevri should be available for everyone who wants to produce wine that way. Our segment is people who make 500 liters to 1 ton wine a year. We want buying it to be as simple as any product. Besides, we will give instructions to our customers, how to install it correctly. Currently project is at prototyping stage. Hvino News: What substance do you use for production? Nika Gujejiani: It is absolutely natural and normal clay, cleaned and not contaminating any dangerous materials. But our qvevries will be more durable than those produced in the traditional way.

If prices are not known, just tell are they competitive compared to hand-made? Nika Gujejiani: We are still calculating and working on it. I can tell you now that it will be more expensive, as we are making much better quality product and compared to existing market where 5 out of 10 qvevries crack, we are guaranteeing 10 out of 10 best quality products. Our clay is standardized high-quality clay, laboratory-tested.

Hvino News: Is it a Georgian-Dutch company? Nika Gujejiani: No, the company is Georgian, we just have Dutch

“Our aim is to improve the overall quality of the product by combining traditional wine making methods with up to date methods of vessel production”,

for that, they set the fire and withot anu control or considering standards, that’s why it’s cracked since the beginning. That causes wine dripping out of the dish. As usual, making Qvevri by clay takes approximately 1 month, depends on the size. It needs several hours by 3D printer, 1 week of drying and 24 hours

noted the organizers of QvevriXYZ. The company says that production is still in prototype stage. However, the first series of vessels are now produced, with support from Georgia’s

partner who specializes in 3D printers. Hvino News: When do you plan to shift from prototype to normal production? Nika Gujejiani: Right now we are looking for investments to scale up the production. Hvino News: Any idea of pricing?

Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA). Company accepts pre-orders of qvevri in size range from 50 to 500 liters. Official site is

World News

13 July 16, 2018 #246

Russia’s “Google” Yandex – soon to become Russia’s Amazon Yandex, popularly known as Russia’s Google, is working on its own online shopping service that might help it become Russia’s Amazon.

Azerbaijan to carry out large supply of carpets to Japan

Trade volume between Ukraine and China reached $7.7 bln in 2017

Azerkhalcha OJSC, scientific and creative-production association, will sign a major contract for the supply of carpets to Japan by the end of the year.

A volume of bilateral trade between Ukraine and China in 2017 amounted to $7.7 billion, which was 18% more than in 2016.

Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7bn damages in talc cancer case Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $4.7bn (£3.6bn) in damages to 22 women who alleged that its talc products caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

Fiat workers strike over Ronaldo signing Workers at a Fiat Chrysler plant in Italy are to strike after its main investor decided to pay €112m (£99.2m) to sign footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for Juventus.

Turkish markets battered as Erdogan forecasts interest rate fall Turkish equities, bonds and the lira took a hammering on Wednesday as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan predicted a fall in interest rates and investors fretted over the health of the country’s economy.

Europeans brace for worst from Trump at stormy Nato summit European leaders heading for a Nato summit in Brussels are not sure which Donald Trump they will have to deal with – the one who could throw a few temper tantrums but leave the transatlantic organisation intact, or the one who could provoke the biggest crisis in Nato’s 69-year history.

Armenia’s deputy PM inks $30,5 million investment agreements in US, Canada visit

Kylie Jenner is on the cusp of becoming the world’s youngest self-made billionaire

Armenia’s deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan led a delegation to the United States June 28 to July 2 on a working visit. The delegation included numerous government officials.

Kylie Jenner is on the cusp of becoming the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, with Forbes estimating her net worth to be 3 times as large as Kim Kardashian’s.

14 July 16 , 2018 #246

15 July 16, 2018 #246

14, 15, 16 September THE NEW RIGA THEATRE / BARYSHNIKOV PRODUCTIONS Based on the poems of Joseph Brodsky BRODSKY/BARYSHNIKOV Drama/one man show Directed by Alvis Hermanis Venue: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama theatre Duration: 90 min. without intermission 20:00 16 September The Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Germany / Royal District Theatre, Georgia Davit Gabunia TIGER AND LION Directed by Data Tavadze Venue: Royal District Theatre Duration: 100 minutes, without intermission 20:00 17, 18 September Cieque Eloize, Canada Dave St-Pierre and Jeannot Painchaud CIRKOPOLIS Directed by Dave St-Pierre and Jeannot Painchaud Venue: Griboedov theatre Duration: 85 minutes, without intermission 20:00 20 September The Tiger Lillies, UK EDGAR ALLAN POE’S HAUNTED PALACE FEATURING THE TIGER LILLIES Directed by Paul Golub Venue: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama theatre Duration: 90 min. without intermission 20:00 23 September Thalia Theater, Germany Nino Kharatishvili THE EIGHTH LIFE (FOR BRILKA) Directed by Jette Steckel Venue: Shota Rustaveli State Drama Theatre Duration: 295 with 2 intermissions 19:00 26 September ZhaoLiangART MARTIAL ART IN DANCE Directed by Zhao Liang Venue: Griboedov theatre Duration: 70 minutes, without intermission 20:00 26 September SthlmsMusikTeater SMT, Sweden Text and music by Jan Erik Saaf FREUDS CIGAR THE ONE MAN MUSICAL ABOUT SIGMUND FREUD Directed by Andrias Boonstra Venue: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama theatre, small stage Duration:90 without intermission 20:00 30 September Hands Percussion, Malaisya South East Asia Music, Contemporary Percussion DIALOGUE IN SKIN Artistic Director Bernard Goh Venue: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama theatre Duration: 85 with 1 intermission 20:00

Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis Dave St-Pierre and Jeannot Painchaud Circus Directed by: Dave St-Pierre and Jeannot Painchaud Composer: STÉFAN BOUCHER Designer: ROBERT MASSICOTTE and LIZ VANDAL Choreographer: Dave St-Pierre Duration: 85 minutes, without intermission

Cirque Éloize has been creating award-winning entertainment content for 25 years and ranks among the world’s leading contemporary circuses. Cirque Éloize has taken part in numerous prestigious international festivals and has seduced both New York’s Broadway and London’s West End. Its productions

CAST: Arata Urawa , Marilou Verschelden,Anna Lewandowska, Dominique Bouchard Seppe Van Looveren, Yann Leblanc, Klodi Dabkiewicz, Micah Ellinger,Mathew James Brown , Marina Mendoza, Isaac Salter About performance: With Cirkopolis, Cirque Éloize takes their breathtaking blend of circus arts, theater, and dance to a highly-stylized metropolis setting, where twelve acrobats and multidisciplinary artists rebel against monotony, reinvent themselves and challenge the limits of the factory-city as only they can. Cirkopolis was imagined as a crossroads—between imagination and reality, between individuality and community, between limits and possibilities. Entering Cirkopolis is all about letting go and allowing yourself to be borne aloft by hope, explains Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis. Artistic Director and Co-Director Jeannot Painchaud. About theatre: A driving force in the circus art reinvention movement,

are crafted for a wide range of audiences and have been embraced by over fifty cultures. In the last 25 years, Cirque Éloize’s eleven shows have proudly boasted more than 5,500 performances in over 550 cities and have been seen by over 3,5 million spectators.

Press: There are much bigger shows than “Cirkopolis,” 90 minutes of circus-theater by the Cirque Éloize troupe of Montreal. But I’d bet there aren’t more beautiful ones. This wonderful work often errs on the side of simplicity, and that makes even its smaller moments quite stunning. Ken Jaworowski “A CIRCUS COMBINES “POW” AND SUBTLETY” THE NEW YORK TIMES , DECEMBER 23, 2013 Cirkopolis is a wonder. This was to be expected, given that it is a Cirque Eloize creation. For the past 20 years this company has delivered one innovative show after another. With Cirkopolis, however, they’ve moved into new territory, somewhere between performance art and dance, while guarding the primal place of top circus acts. Pat Donnelly “CIRKOPOLIS IS CIRCUS AT ITS MOST ENCHANTING” THE GAZETTE, November 14, 2013 “There aren’t more beautiful [shows than Cirkopolis]” The New York Times “Extraordinary! Theres the circus, and then there’s Cirque Éloize. These guys are on a whole other level. The New York Post “Thrilling, dramatic, astonishing, mesmerizing simply a dream.” The Stage UK.

16 July 16 , 2018 #246

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