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Young People who have achieved Scouting's Highest Awards recognised by Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff. Councillor Prof. Delme Bowen, The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff invested 67 Scouts and Explorer Scouts into the Lord Mayor's Own Scout Troop on Tuesday 13th September. It was an opportunity to recognise the achievement of young people throughout Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan who have during the past year gained Scouting's highest awards within their age group and sections. The Lord Mayor's Own Scout Troop is made up of Scouts from the Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan who have achieved the highest awards for their section.

The Lord Mayor's Troop is now made up of young people who have reached the Chief Scout's Award at gold, platinum and diamond levels. with the highest award remaining as the Queen's Scout Award.

Those who achieve the Queen Scout Award have an additional gold bar above the City Crest.

“Ten Queen Scouts Awards presented” This year ten Queen Scouts Awards were presented by the Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan. Members of the troop are presented with a white Scout neckerchief which has the City Crest embroidered on the point and presentations take place on an annual basis.

“Well done all!” Area Commissioner - Richard Edwards said: " The Lord Mayor's Own Scout Troop is unique in Wales, as it gives young people the opportunity to participate in many ceremonial functions and encourages them to be active citizens. Being a member of the Lord Mayor's Own allows young people to be part of the history of Cardiff, the Capital City of Wales." “Unique in Wales” Troop Leader - David Gerrard said: "These awards require a level of determination and effort that reflect both the personality and character of the individual, whilst at the same time meeting the exacting standards of the Scout Association." Contact: David Gerrard

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year We wish all Scout Groups the best with their fundraising through Scout Post and wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year

News and updates from around the Area

NSRA YPS & Master at Arms Joint Course 7 Scouts and 4 Explorers have gained the YPS Marksman, the Expert Award and the Master at Arms Badge having attended an 8 week NSRA Youth Proficiency Course at 11th Barry Sea Scouts hall. Some of them are continually shooting at clubs to gain this part of their DofE Award in the Skills Section. It has been so far the best course we have run with new more accurate bolt action Air Rifles which has certainly helped.

“This is not an activity organised or supported by CATVOG Area Scouts” Bay-Den Air Target club is a friendly private air gun club, based at Bay-Den Scout Hall Ferry Road Cardiff between the Pizza Hut and IKEA. 1. Open most Wednesdays 7.30 to 9pm 2. It is affiliated to the National Small Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) and is Fully Insured. 3. A Child Protection Officer is appointed and Governed by The NSRA Child Protection Policy.

We run three courses a year in the area at different Scouts halls and at different times of the year and have a number of Area NSRA YPS Instructors, NSRA Club Instructors and an NSRA Coach.

4. Has a NSRA County Coach in Small bore and Pistol and Instructors with an NSRA Club Instructor Air Rifle / Air Pistol or other NSRA qualifications.

You will learn Safety, the Laws, the art of Olympic Style Target shooting in the three positions of Standing, Kneeling and Prone and much more and be awarded a certificate of attendance. Also if you score the required number of points you will also receive the NSRA Badge. This course is Duke of Edinburgh accredited unlike the Master at Arms

5. The club is open to the public such as mums dads brothers & sisters.

Contact: Richie Phillips on

CUB Scouts achieve their Silver Award Cub Scouts from all across Cardiff and The Vale received their Chief Scout’s Silver award after completing six challenges from creative, community and outdoor, to global and fitness.

6. Yearly membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. For both Junior and Seniors. Junior classes aged 10 – 18 also includes students. Seniors 18 years old and above Please Note: The committee has the right to refuse access or membership applications. For further information please contact: Richie Phillips

Penarth & District Network launch with a splash!

The ceremony was organised by Sue Ryan, Assistant Area Commissioner for Cub Scouts, and Steve Gorwill lead a camp fire style sing-along. Jill Gloster, Chief Commissioner of Wales, presented the Cubs with their Certificates. Jill Gloster who travelled down from North Wales to attend said, “Achieving your silver award reminds me of when I used to run a Cub Scout Pack and how much it impacted on my life. Being young Scouts you’ll never know how it impacts not just on your life but also other people’s lives and you may not even know. It’s something you should all be very proud of.” This was a very successful event in which all districts attended.

Penarth & District Scout Network is now up and running, if you are aged between 17-25; why not give Network a try by turning up to one of their events. Contact Network Leader Rob Morse

… Actually it lasted longer than 1 minute and 1 second!

This new section will help to put names to faces.

Denis Hunt Area Training Administrator 1) Who are you and what do you do in Scouts? My name is Denis Hunt and I am the Area Training Administrator and a Training Advisor. 2) How long have you been doing your current potion in Scouts? I have held this particular appointment for approximately four years. 3) Why did you join Scouts? Through my father who was also a Scout Leader, I joined the 30th Cardiff (in Severn Road School) in 1953 as a Cub, and then became a member of the 6th Cardiff Scout Troop in Cathays. 4) Which districts have you worked in before? I have previously been the GSL and SL of the 1st Pentwyn Scout Group and also District Scout Leader in Terra Nova District. My first Adult appointment was as a Senior Scout Leader in the 45th in 1963, followed by a Senior Scout Leader in the 14th Aden Sea Scout Troop in 1966. I was then involved in a number of UK Scout groups until my return to Cardiff in 1976 when I was initially appointed as District Secretary of Cardiff Castle District.

5) What's the best thing about Scouts? As someone who’s motto has always been ‘I hate kids’ I would have to admit that the best thing about Scouting is seeing young people achieve even their smallest goal. 6) What was your best Scouting experience? Two things. Being a member of an expedition in 1963 that hiked from France through the Pyrenees Mountains and into Andorra to help start up the fledgling Scout Movement in that country. Also, watching my two sons grow through Scouting and achieve their Queens Scout and DoE Gold Awards. 7) What is the worse thing that happened to you in Scouts? I don’t believe that I really have experienced anything so bad in Scouting that it has remained in my memory.

5th Barry Beavers Go Geocaching

During our summer sleepover at 1st Llandaff Scout Hall, 5th Barry Beavers had a go at geocaching in the area. For those that aren't up to speed, Geocaching is the new craze, and is basically high-tech treasure hunting. Throughout the world Geocachers (people who do Geocaching) have hidden treasures throughout towns and the countryside for other Geocachers to find.

8) Are you a naturally a outdoor or indoor person? Outdoors – although as age takes it’s toll the lure of the canvas over my head at night is becoming less attractive. 9) What are the benefits of helping out in Scouts? The best thing about Scouting is the realisation that you continually learn from the young people. 10) In less then 10 seconds explain what Scouts mean to you? Helping young people achieve.

Would you like to feature in this column? If so contact Omm by emailing or calling 07590 532 609

By using a GPS, we managed to find 4 Geocaches and it was only our first try! We signed each of the log books, selected a treasure to take from the Geocache, and put in a treasure of our own for the next lucky person to find! 5th Barry Beavers are hooked and we now go Geocaching regularly. It's a really good way of making walking fun, and even better, if they're long enough, each outing can count towards our Hikes Away!

Several Area events have been added to the events pages on the Website, these include: • Module 25 Activity Assessors, Gang Show Assessors, Nights Away Advisers - Jan 21st 2012 • Master at Arms / Nsra YPS Air Rifle Target Shooting - Jan 25th 2012 • Area Swimming Gala 2012 Heats - 4th March 2012 • Wood Badge Training Weekend - 30th March to 1st April 2012 • Area Swimming Gala 2012 Finals - 1st April 2012

26 Explorer Scouts from Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan have returned from an international adventure which took them to Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. The highlight of the trip was meeting 38,000 other Scouts from 146 countries at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Kristianstad, Sweden. During the Jamboree, the Scouts, aged 14-18 swam in local lakes, walked through forests in the dead of night, and were challenged to think about global issues such as human rights or conservation of resources, and to explore faiths and religions from around the globe. The event also saw celebrations of each nation’s food and culture, with mountains of Welsh cakes being prepared by the Welsh group and shared with their neighbours.


Following the camp the group travelled to Nijmegen in the Netherlands, where the Scouts spent 5 nights as guests of local families.

Unit Assistant Leader Rachel Haigh from Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit in Rhiwbina said

The specially made neckers featuring the Welsh dragon were much in demand as swaps. The camp finished with a spectacular closing ceremony featuring 80's Rock band Europe (who come from Sweden) playing "The Final Countdown" and the King of Sweden leading a campfire yell.

“The Jamboree was a fantastic opportunity to meet people from every corner of the globe. Almost every evening we had international guests sharing our meals with us”.

Barry Scouts Centenary Camp

Not something you see on every camp you go to. !

Rachel continued “They have made some real friendships with our Dutch hosts, and were great ambassadors for Wales”. The Explorers from Cardiff were part of the 150-strong Welsh presence at the Jamboree. In addition to the Explorers and their leaders, 2 members from Cardiff also formed part of the "International service Team" of willing volunteers without whom the camp could not have functioned.

“The 23rd World Scout Jamboree will take place in Japan in 2015”

1st Barry Sea Scouts Centenary Camp took place over the first weekend in September near Porthcawl. Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers camped and took part in activities which included wide games, beach activities, challenges, walks and a big camp fire with fireworks on the Saturday night.

On Wednesday the 6th of July the Cubs and Scouts of the 1st Penmark with Porthkerry Group assembled at the West entrance to RAF St Athan. Their mission was to visit the Defence Support hangar and be shown around VC10 K3, ZA148 that was being serviced in the facility. This was part of the Air Activities badge for the Cubs. After quick trip to the hangar they were allowed on to the aircraft to be shown around, starting on the flight deck to see the controls, gauges and switches used to control the aircraft. At this point the Scouts also took the opportunity to invest a Scout into the troop. This aircraft has no passenger seats as it is used to refuel other aircraft in flight, so the Cubs were allowed to walk along side the extra fuel tanks and out of the rear door to look at the engines. They climbed up the staging, around the tail where the rudder controls were explained to them. At the top they got the chance to look down on the whole aircraft from about 30 feet above the fuselage and wings. Well done to some of the younger Cubs who overcame their fear of heights to make it all the way to the top. After a slow climb they looked around the wings and the rear of the aircraft to see how it refuels other aircraft while flying. Then it was a quick trip back to the camp gate and off home. The following week the aircraft finished its servicing and went back to work with the Royal Air Force.

Beaver Scout Chief Scout Bronze Award Presentation Evening Chief Scout's Bronze Award certificates were awarded at the Mansion House to 36 Beaver Scouts by the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Professor Delme Bowen accompanied by the Lady Mayoress. It was a successful and memorable occasion enjoyed by all who were present. The presentation ceremony was attended by parents, Leaders, the Area commissioner Richard Edwards and Deputy Area Commissioner - David Gerrard. Sue Woodberry, the Assistant Area Beaver Scout Commissioner congratulated the young people, aged 6-8 years, saying that they had achieved the highest award in their section by gaining all six challenge awards during their two years of Scouting.

Several members of 11th Barry Sea Scouts were recently sponsored to spend a night locked in Fairwater police cells to raise funds for the Group.

National Service of Remembrance for Wales Members of the 14th Cardiff (The Lord Mayors Own) Scout Troop provided an escort for the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff at this year’s National Service of Remembrance for Wales. This national event held at the National War Memorial, in Cathays Park, Cardiff provided an important opportunity for Cardiff and Wales to remember those who fought and died in two World Wars and in other conflicts around the world to secure the peace and freedom that we enjoy today.

Sea Scout Leader hangs up the uniform for a chance of a lifetime in Norway Assistant Scout Leader Stacie-Mai Pemberton from the 6th Barry Sea Scout Group, otherwise known as 'Sub‘ has been on board the S/J Mathilde, a 73 foot vessel, sailing around Norway for a four month experience. Each year since S/J Mathilde was restored in 1989 she sails regular cruises including school expeditions, summer schools and expeditions promoting the museum in which she docks when ashore. Stacie-Mai went on many different trips with people of all ages from school trips to ladies only weeks. When on land Stacie-Mai stayed in a house at Hardanger

Fartøyvernsenter, in Norheimsund. "I have had such a good time during my stay in Norway. I have experienced the national day, language study, school camps and girls only weeks, I have seen wonderful sights of the Norwegian Fjords and I have covered a wide range of coast from the South to the North of Norway. I have gained many skills, from rope-work, safety, navigation and even climbing. I have walked along mountains, seen the polar circle and even swam in a glacier lake.” Stacie-Mai said “It was due to Scouting that I came across this opportunity, with thanks

to Bryan Foley and Ford Brazel whom without their emails I would never have found out about the last minute search for this years volunteer.

both in Wales and Norway."

It is nice to know that the wider Scouting community is so supportive of each other locally. Without them I would not have experienced this amazing time in my life.

On her return Stacie-Mai set out to start the paperwork and presentations for her Queen Scout Award, Explorer Belt, Gold Duke of Edinburgh and of course for her wood badge completion!! All of this and University and searching for a part time job Nothing like coming back to the quiet life!!!

Although I must say it did happen rather fast. The interview was on Wednesday afternoon and I ended up flying out on the Sunday.

If you are interested in my article, want more details or photos then you can contact me via: stacie.pemberton@

I would also like to thank my family and friends for their support and to EVS and other organisations that made this available, especially all of my mentors

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