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We’re pleased to be supporting the Charging Around the UK campaign.

ZOE has the longest range of any affordable, mass market electric vehicle, and it can be charged to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes, as standard. It’s quiet,

refined and nippy too, so it’s the perfect companion for such a long road trip. The average supermini covers 8,000 miles in a year, so for ZOE to be tackling a quarter

of this distance in just two weeks, will show just how viable it is as an alternative to fossil-fuelled transport today.

Ben Fletcher, Product Manager, Electric Vehicle Programme, Renault UK

Charging around the UK

The campaign will stretch the entirety of the UK, covering London, John O’Groats, Lands End and culminating in Brighton. Spread out over 17 days, the POD Point team will stop at 15 cities to host major events along the way. This is not just another race from one end of the country to the other, this is a campaign with a purpose. Charging Electric Vehicles is not the same as refuelling, and is more akin to charging your mobile phone – with continuous top-ups. POD Point will show consumers that top-up charging is soon to become a part of everyday lives, and won’t interrupt your daily routine. POD Point will be breaking world records, cooking with a Michelin starred chef, and racing down mountains while they charge.

POD Point will help create customised Pod Chains for EV, in order to make charging a part of their everyday routine. This way you can top up your charge while at the gym, in the local supermarket or at a friends house. This campaign will create a CATUK Pod Chain for the journey, by using current charge points from all manufacturers and installing new PodPoint ones where needed. The support surrounding the growth of the EV industry is remarkable, and it is thanks to POD Point’s main sponsor Renault, and partners such as Sainsbury’s and Dominos, that there is a notable shift in the attitude towards electric vehicles. These brands are integral to a family’s daily life, and they are leading the way for change. Not only are major players in the consumer industry supporting the EV movement, but it’s receiving continuous support from governing bodies and POD Point continues to support local council charge point installations. This campaign is a celebration of the EV industry as a whole, and will highlight the changing attitude towards electric vehicles.

With CATUK we’re showing that EV drivers need not fear range anxiety,

as they can build up their own unique POD Point charging chain. By choosing

On the 12th June POD Point will start a 2,000 mile charge around the UK in an electric Renault ZOE.

the location of their charging points, they don’t need to alter their daily routine, which is great for their travel plans Erik Fairbairn, Founder of POD Point

Event 1: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Event 9: ‘The 2014 BIG Bike Day ’ with Bristol

CATUK Official Launch

BIG Green Week

Piccadilly Circus, London - 12th June;

Park Street, Bristol - 22nd June; 10.00am - 7.00pm

8.00am until 6pm – Start gun 3.00pm

Event 2: ‘From the track to the road -

Cooking Challenge with Sainsbury’s’

Electricity in Formula 1’ + Factory Tour at Red Bull F1 Milton Keynes – 12th June; TBC

Sainsbury’s, Penzance - 23rd June; 10.00am - 3.00pm

Event 3: ‘Design your dream Electric Car of

The Eden Project, Cornwall - Tuesday 24th June, 10.00am - 2.00pm

the Future competition’ The Intu Metrocentre, Newcastle 13th June; 10.00am - 5.00pm

Event 11: Eden Project EV Day

Event 12: ‘Electric Track Day’ with Renault,

Race’ with CairnGorm Mountain & Bothy Bikes

Event 13: ‘CATUK @ the Eco Technology

Show ’ with Eco Technology Show

Brighton Centre, Brighton - 26 & 27th June; 10.30am until 5pm both days

Event 14: ‘Electric Cars for Commuters ’ with

Near Wrexham, N.E Wales - Thursday 19th June; 12.30pm

Southern Rail

Event 6: Electric Car vs. Speed Boat – Cardiff to

Brighton Train Station, Brighton - 26th June; 5pm - 8pm

Bristol with Bay Island Voyages. Mermaid Quay, Cardiff - Friday 20th June; 11.30am - 2pm

Event 7: ‘Two Guinness World Record


Darvill Racing, GoinGreen, Tesla

Dunsfold Park, Surrey - 25th June; 12.00am - 4.00pm.

Event 5: ‘The Eco Castle Day’, Welsh National Trust, Chirk Castle

5 2

For more information about the events or to enter


the competitions please visit www.pod-point.com or

Attempts’ with Domino’s Pizza


Swindon - 20th June; 5.30pm - 8.00pm

E: Hattie.MacAndrews@pod-point.com

North East Somerset CC

Royal Park Avenue, Bath - 21st June; 11.00am - 6.00pm


9 8

T: +44 (0) 7983 499 863

Event 8: ‘Fresh Air Fair & Ev Rally ’ with Bath &

1 - London 2 - Milton Keynes 3 - Newcastle 4 - Aviemore 5 - Chirk Castle 6 - Cardiff 7 - Swindon


Event 4: ‘Electric Bicycle vs. Funicular Railway CairnGorm Mountain, Aviemore - 14th June; 4.00pm -7.30pm


Event 10: ‘Pod Pig & Michelin Star Chef

E: Chloe.Palmer@pod-point.com T: +44 (0) 7595 715 329

11 10



13 14

8 - Bath 9 - Bristol 10 - Penzance 11 - Eden Project 12 - Dunsfold Park 13 - Brighton 14 - Brighton

We are Pod Point

POD Point is a leading UK provider of Electric Vehicle charge points, demonstrating remarkable growth as the automotive industry increasingly transitions to electric mobility.

technology is currently helping UK Power Networks to manage the UK grid through their software.

Founded by Erik Fairbairn in 2009, Pod Point is one of Europe’s largest network of EV charging points, and provides outstanding software solutions. As an industry, EV charging is predicted to hit the billion pound mark by 2020.

Pod Point capabilities stretch far beyond simply producing charging points. Pod Point has been profitable for the last 12 months, and is currently growing at 100% annually with 25 full time staff. With an active network of over 200 installers across the UK, Pod Point is just about to produce its 10,000th charge point, making the company one of the largest suppliers of charge points worldwide.

A company whose success is intrinsically linked to innovation – Pod Point is a business of firsts. We are the first to produce a home charging unit, and the first to develop a public charging post. Pod Point is also the first UK company to develop a network of communicating charging infrastructure and one which continues to innovate. Pod Point’s

The advanced software provides clients with the opportunity to monitor usage of each of our charging points, as well as providing a potential future revenue stream. The shift to a billing model will revolutionise the EV charging industry as we know it. Thanks to the engineers at Pod Point, key players within the industry are able to start making a profit from their charging infrastructure.

Pod Point is launching its first major ‘Charging around the UK’ campaign on the 12th June, taking one electric car 2,000 miles around the UK and stopping off in 15 cities. More details coming soon.

Pod Point 2009 - Present Since we launched

catuk@pod-point.com www.pod-point.com Facebook - /PODPoint Twitter - @Pod_Point

Zap Map - www.zap-map.com/catuk Instagram - pod_point

T: +44 (0) 7983 499 863 E: Hattie.MacAndrews@pod-point.com

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On the 12th June POD Point will start a 2,000 mile charge around the UK in an Electric Car! The #CATUK team will sprint from London up to J...


On the 12th June POD Point will start a 2,000 mile charge around the UK in an Electric Car! The #CATUK team will sprint from London up to J...

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