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Steampunk Dog I am a dog lover and I usually spend most of my time about finding new dog fashion to make my dogs super cool dudes. I recently found out about a new dog fashion – the steampunk dog! This article also explores what steam punk is, and how to dress your dog like a rock star or some super hero from space.

 Firstly, what is steampunk?  Well, Steampunk is a fiction genre that combines the Victorian

era’s fashion and steam with modern technology. For example, blimps and Victorian style computers are very popular. Although steampunk started out as a literary genre inspired by authors such as Jules Verne, it has now developed into a fashion and sub-culture.

 There are some fantastic steampunk films, such as Sherlock

Holmes: Game of Shadows and Van Helsing. There have even been recent reports of steampunk on the tube and in the supermarket!

How do you dress a steampunk dog? ď‚— We have some great images and product for steampunk dogs, as well as dogs with

wings and contraptions on their backs! Keep in mind that steampunk dog art is all well and good, but when dressing a dog in steampunk fashion, please remember one thing that is your dog comfortable with these steampunk dogs accessories? If not than please do not force your dogs to wear these steampunk accessories otherwise it can harm or distress your dog.

ď‚— Goggle plays an integral role when designing a steampunk dog or steampunk dog

outfit! There are some great pictures on the internet of steampunk dog goggles! Top hats and monacles also adds glory to your dog fashion.

What is the best breed of dog for steampunk?  Steampugs are much admired! Also, steampunk daschunds seem to model dog goggles very

well indeed. One of the most famous steampunk dogs on the internet was a terrier cross called blitzen.

Where can I find out more about steampunk?  To see our latest steampunk dogs funky pictures, you can visit Steampunk dogs or you can

shop online for steampunk clothing and fashion at our online store Steampunkemporium .  So, if your are steampunk dog fan like me or you have a steampunk dog please visit above

links for more details. Your feedback is important to us.

Steampunk dog