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Goth Backpack Help – My kid wants to go Goth! Every summer, cool backpacks for school kids are searching for the item that will make them too cool for school! This year, high on the teenage wish list is a goth backpack or goth accessories. I used to be a bit goth from time to time in my youth.


Pastel goth backpack fashion embraces dark colours – black and purple primarily. It contains art work and designs related to skulls, coffins and spiders. For some, it is a sub-culture, but for many teenagers, it is just a fashion statement.

Parents, don’t be put off by the dark culture and numerous items of skull clothing! Gothic fashion is going mainstream and combining with ‘Emo’. If your son or daughter is obsessed with skull backpacks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a morbid obsession with death! It is great to let teenagers express themselves so that they will find a style that they like in their adulthood.

Why a Goth Backpack is great for the Back to School Season or Cool backpacks for school

Goth Backpack fashion for teenagers comes from some of the great movies of our time. Tim Burton’s movies are extremely popular, including ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘Corpse Bride’. You can actually get a ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Backpack on Amazon. Kids these days like to look a bit different and feel special. A goth backpack this season will certainly help them to do that.


What are the best Goth Backpacks?


The most popular Goth Backpacks on the market currently are covered in colourful skulls. Yak pack made a good skull backpack. Yak packs are great for school as they have several compartments, often one for your laptop. Pink skull and crossbones designs are great for teenage girls.


Other popular makes and designs this season include Monster High Skull and Skater style goth backpacks. Coffin and alien shaped handbags and pastel goth backpack are also becoming more popular! Some of these are hybrid cultures such as cyber-goth.

Where can I buy a cool Goth Backpack?

You can buy many goth backpacks online quite easily through e-bay and Amazon. There are some great review websites on Goth Backpacks online including .

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