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Location: Irma, Alberta website: www.barheartranch.com

Bar Heart Ranch Welcome to our 24th annual horse sale. Our focus is family, horses, and creating an environment that people feel comfortable and welcome to come enjoy the sale and take a look at some exceptional ranch horses. It takes a lot of work to put a sale on and we would like to extend a big thank you to family and friends who help out in anyway to make sure things run smoothly and successfully. Due to the age factor, and Shayna's family schedule, riding 10 horses a day has lost its luster, so Shayna and I have enlisted the support of some quality young trainers. In doing so we get more time with the geldings we have and get to have some fun. So we would like to extend a big thank you to these cowboys!! We also want to recognize and thank the other ranches and cowboys that put quality horses into the sale. The experience our horses get is what sets them up for your chosen sport. Miled out horses with good minds and know what a cow is. Taking horses to brandings is not only a good day, but it shows them the pull of the rope, walking past the branding pot, people darting in front and behind them, smoke in the face, and learning to stand and hold a calf down. It works well to desensitize them. Once brandings are done we concentrate on daily use for four or five days a week. Our cattle are in the Battle River hills for the summer, so the geldings get used to traveling up and down steep hills, as well as crossing water and bogs. Arena work also comes into play, working with the zip line, roping the heel o matic, and for the more advanced horses, the roping box. We spend time working cattle on the fence and getting them locked on. When used daily the horses we step on and head for the hills, to get them moving out with their head down and ears forward, wanting to be somewhere. The only day they go straight to the arena is sale day. The object to all of this is when you take your new purchase home you are satisfied and can jump on and get right to work in any direction. For more information please contact Gord at 780-754-2296 or 780-842-8238 Auctioneer Staff: Don Raffan, Jerry McCarty, Joe Farris, & Bryon Wolters

TERMS and CONDITIONS 1. The auctioneer will sell the animal to the hightest bidder, and will settle disputes which arise as to bidders and buyers. 2. Terms of the sale are cheque, cash, or e-transfer. Payment to be made sale day before the horses are released. 3. Transfer fees will be paid by the buyers. 4. GST will be charged. 5. Buyers assume responsibility and expense for the horse after the fall of the auctioneers gavel. Feed and water will be available. 6. Persons attending the sale do so at their own risk. The management and sale personnel assume no liability legal or otherwise, for accidents or injuries that my occur to people or animals.

Sale Location: 9 Km south of Irma on Highway 881. West on Township Road 450

Since the beginning of the Bar Heart Horse Sale we have always had one special cowboy behind the scenes offering his assistance and advice. He was the one who would spend hours working with our yearlings year after year, making sure they were sale ready. He worked with soft hands, patience, a quiet nature, only being stern when he needed to be. When he wasn't working on the yearlings he could be found leaning on the fence of the arena offering his words of wisdom, asked for or not, or sitting in the shade of the barn making sure the tack was shined and polished. He was our biggest supporter and never missed a sale. We lost our Cowboy this past December. So we now cherish the memories and apply some of that cowboy knowledge he passed down to us.

1 Brown Gelding 2014 Grade 16.2HH Bar Heart Ranch

Bodine is a Percheron Thoroughbred cross 7 year old gelding. He has a calm disposition, and a want to be your friend attitude. He was off to his first branding as a 3 year old and then doctored cattle in a a feed lot for four years. You can rope anything off him and he is very broke. Bodine is sure footed and will surprise you with how fast he can run. His fortay is the branding pen. He is a power house for pulling and can side pass with a heavy load. I have a weakness for this big guy, he is a character.

2 Bay Gelding April 26, 2017 AQHA #5803290 15HH Bar Heart Ranch Cold Sun Red Sun Corona

Sun Frost Molly Mcwiggles

Red Rim Rock Red Rim Corona Corona Boon

Corona is a fancy 4 year old gelding. Both Shayna and I have been taking turns riding him. Corona has had a lot of riding for his age and it shows. At the age of 3 he spent the summer at brandings and general riding. During the winter he was roping slow steers and was started into breakaway roping. When we stepped on him this spring, he felt like an old broke horse. We have carried on with him, taking him to several brandings, sorting pairs, routine riding and checking our cow herd. He will be back to roping in the arena before the sale. Corona is a gentle, ride away anytime, fancy looking gelding.

3 Red Roan Gelding April 28, 2013 AQHA# 5560211 15.1HH Bar Heart Ranch Peptoboonsmal Boonsmal San Lena Miss San Tart Gofers Already Smart Solanos Peppy San Solanos My Dry San Dry Tia Maria

Pepper has been on the ranch for four years and has been Lana's choice horse. He is cow horse bred. When you bring a cow in one on one he will not be beat. Pepper likes to work. Step on and he hustles off head down ears up. Lana lets me ride him in the branding pen. He is a treat to rope off of. Pepper is a slimmer made gelding who doesnt play out in the hills and will pull more than his share of calves. He has a light rein and always a gentleman.

4 Red Roan Gelding 2016 Grade 15HH Bar Heart Ranch

Danny is an honest 5 year old gelding who loves to get out and walk. Its sometimes a lonely ride, because very few can keep up, but he so enjoyable. We have been rding him steady, sorting pairs and he has been to three brandings so far. A duck flew up under his nose when out for a ride one day and it wasnt a big deal. Presently, we catch him, step on and he leaves the yard at a snappy head down walk, Danny is in my pen and I look forward to working with him daily, and will make someone an excellent partner.

5 Sorrel Gelding April 20, 2018 AQHA# 5901078 14.2HH Bar Heart Ranch

Roosters Image

Gallo Del Cielo MIA Colonel Rooster White Sox Maid Little Peppy Jac DC Crystal Jac Docs Crystal Jae

Rooster is a one look at, want to own 3 year old. There is no such thing as a perfect horse, but he is close. Rooster has a good foot, with a nice heel, lots of bone, hocks set low, has a nice big hip, and has a well balanced athletic look. Combine it all together with a handsome face, bright sorrel, and four white socks.... Wow. I thought he might be above my pay grade so I sent him to Trevor Derudder. Trevor has 30 years experience in the cutting horse industry and is a top trainer. Rooster is presently working the flag and getting prepared for buffalo. A very special gelding.


Chestnust Gelding May 9, 2017 AQHA # 6025204 15HH Bar Heart Ranch Two Eyed JJ Mbar Otoe Swift Mistt Otoe WC Two Eyed Cooper Ill Smoke Ya Mbar Hunter Speciakl Dusty Rose

Mac is an easy to look at 4 year old. We started him last fall then turned him out the the winter. Bill Littau has taken him over until sale day. Mac is getting a daily diet of riding and rope horse training. He is athletic to ride and wants to be in the action. Bill is enjoying him.

7 Chestnut Gelding 2017 Grade 14HH Bar Heart Ranch Globe In Male

Chics in the Male Genuine Moon Drop

Chics in the Male Male Mia Ticket Go Jet Doc

Everybody loves Shorty. He is a nice minded 4 year old that likes people and is willing to participate. Bill Littau has done all the training on him and is heeling steers with him, he is also getting lots of cow work. Bill is high on shorty. Shorty sells as a grade.

8 Bay Gelding June 10, 2014 AQHA# X0718109 15.2 HH Bar Heart Ranch Blue Lil Mister Lilbit of Pep

Royal Blue Peppy San Ebonys Class Pride

Lilbit Western IMA Little Western Actell Em Bout Me

Lil Bit is a big, stout, good bay gleding who has spent 4 months with Adam Jamison. Adam has a nice way with a horse and rides a fifty thousand head feedlot and has taken on two geldings for us. Lil Bit gets six hours a day, 4 days on 4 days off, sorting, roping, and doctoring cows. Adam has managed to take him to a few brandings as well. Adam enjoys Lil Bit, he calls him solid and steady.

9 Sorrel Gelding 2016 Grade 15.2HH Bar Heart Ranch

Globe In Male

Chics in the Male Genuine Moon Drop

Cheyenne Shorty BSF Short Lil Fox Foxxy Poco San

Adam has also taken Ticket into his program. He is recieving the same procedure as Lil Bit. Ticket is a five year old gelding that had a later start in life and is now settiling into a useful gelding. Ticket sells as a grade horse. He is a classy smooth moving fella. Watch him handle cattle sale day.

10 Bay Gelding April 15,2017 AQHA# 5855018 15HH Bar Heart Ranch Nite Moves Moves Like A Champ

Certain Potential Dotevite

Cookies Peppa Otoe Kittens Miss Molley Kitty Bar Hank

Cory Wiebe started taking one of our geldings into his program every year for the past few years. Cory picked Champ this year. Champ is a sharp looking, good minded 4 year old. Cory has taken him to a couple brandings, at the second branding Champ settled in and pulled a lot of calves. With more brandings ahead and general ranch work, Cory will have Champ seasoned with and excellent handle on sale day.

11 Palomino Gelding July 7, 2017 AQHA# 5855131 15.1HH Bar Heart Ranch Crimson Drifter LLW Drift N Peppy Skips Peppy Ona TW Jewels Dry Drift Breeze Acres Caesar Dry Doc Jewel Ima Dry Doc Treasure

Check out this flashy palomino gelding! This horse has had time put on prior to picking him up at Bar Heart this spring, and I will have 3 months on him by sale day, putting on miles in a 23,000 acre community pasture. Vegas has been used moving cows, sorting, and pasture roping. He works very well in the branding pen. He went to town as a turn back horse in the cutting pen, and I really enjoyed working with him. He is well built, sound, and good with his feet. He has put in many long days on the pasture and is still willing to go to work every day! At 15’1 he is strong and able to tackle any job you give him. Call Kayo Toews @7805005000 for more information or to come try him out.

12 Sorrel Gelding May 16, 2019 AQHA# 5968753 14.2HH Bar Heart Ranch Drifter Paddy Hes A Zippy Jack Shes A Tough Tyree RHR Zippin Outlaw Two Eyed JJ Mbar Miss Tuffy Special Dusty Rose

Dutty came to us from our friends the McIntyre's at River Hills Ranch. They have produced some top rodeo horses and ranch geldings. Dutty is 2 year old gelding and man is he a looker. Dutty has been a willing participant in everything we have thrown at him so far. Dutty will have 30 days riding, with a good handle to take him on to the next steps. Dutty is also enrolled and eligible for the Western Fortunes side pots barrel racing. His half sibiling Dun Driftn is putting on a show in the team roping world.

13 Bay Gelding May 7, 2014 AQHA # 1046883 15HH Bar Heart Ranch Sonnys Black Magic LLW Mity Pepper Mint Miss Might Twister LLW Peppermnt Drift Crimson Drifter LLW Crimson Covergirl Chiefs Future Sunrise

Drifter has lots of looks and a mile eating soft lope. He has seen lots of ranch work and enjoys the branding pen. Bill Littau will be heeling steers sale day. Bill likes Drifters dispostion and big stop.

14 Bay Gelding April 24, 2020 AQHA # X0744836

Bar Heart Ranch

Only Gold Invitiation Only For Chocolates Chips N Rosebuds Chocolate Tiger Wood Choice Driftwood TW Miss Tiger Wood Crimsons Special

Amos is a highend yearling you want to keep looking at. We will be giving him some gentle ground work getting him ready for next year. A fancy colt.

15 Bay Roan Gelding 2020 Grade Bar Hear Ranch

Theodore is an interesting yearling, he is a Quarter Horse, Brabant cross. I will be doing 2 weeks of ground work with him. We will have him relaxed and ready for someone to begin his training as a 2 year old. Theodore is a good looking rascal with extra substance.

16 Blue Roan Mare May 23, 2016 AQHA# 5781330 15.1HH Kayo Toews

Peppy Kilocat

Cats Kilo Peppy Peppy Kilocat Chaicaro Skip Otoe Bills Two D Skip Running Two Kat Running R Kat

This horse does it all. Lori Darling has been used on our 23,000 acre community pasture to treat, sort, move cows, and one man doctor. I have enjoyed dragging calves with her at several brandings. Lori went to town as a turn back horse in the cutting pen and did exceptionally well. This is your “go-to” horse in a beautiful, talented, great minded package! Standing at 15’1, she is big, strong, and teachable enough to handle any discipline you can give her. She has excellent confirmation and feet, and is good to shoe. No vices. Call Kayo Toews @ 7805005000 with any questions or to come try her out. Consigned by: Wiebe Ranching Ltd. Ridden by: Kayo Toews

17 Bay Gelding April 25, 2018 AQHA# 5922554 15.2HH Cory Wiebe Dash Ta Fame Orions Fame Blaze of Orion Famous Jettin Moon Go Buck Jet Go Jettin Moon Magic Diamonds Moon

Chip is a big, strong, 3 year old with a solid mind and exceptional athletic ability. He spent the spring calving cows and has been willingly taking on every job I give him on the ranch, from sorting pairs to dragging calves to the fire at brandings. He's paid up into the Future Fortunes incentive as well as being 5 State Futurity eligible ($30,000 2D futurity) and VGBRA eligible ($193,725 payout 2019). Please contact Cory Wiebe for more information at 1-306-823-3694

18 Black Gelding 2014 Grade 15.2HH Zane Bennett

Boone is a 7 year old black grade gelding that stands 15.2hh. Boone is a stout, strong horse with a good foot and leg. He has done all aspects of ranch work, from roping bulls, doctoring cattle, to dragging calves to the fire. Boone has a big motor and can cover ground. For more information please give Zane Bennett a call at 1-403-350-4715.

19 Bay Gelding April 26, 2018 AQHA# 5905996 14.3HH Resch Noble Double RN Ranch Smarter Image Smart Chex Special

Very Smart Remedy Teena Cash Flo

Chex Are Wild Miss Chex Special Miss Special Ali

TJ is a 3yr old Bay gelding standing 14.3HH and weighing 1060lbs. Resch has done everything with this colt from the first halter breaking to his first ride. Resch was 13 when he started his journey with TJ. TJ is very quiet and easy to train. He has been used on the ranch and has seen almost everything. He walks out well and lopes nice. TJ is pretty easy to look at as well. He has been rode bareback many times. Would make a nice family horse in his future. For more information please contact Ryan Noble at 1-306-839-7949.

20 Buckskin Gelding June 6, 2018 AQHA# 5913690 15HH Shae Noble Double RN Ranch Sonnys Black Magic LLW Mity Pepper Mint Miss Might Twister LLW Peps Blockbuster Crimson Drifter LLW Drifters Muffet Leos Mighty Muffin

Peppy is a 3yr old Buckskin gelding standing 15HH and weighing 1250lbs. This has been Shae’s project. She was 11 when she started to halter break Peppy. He has come along well. Peppy is a good looking buckskin 3 year old that is stout. He has a nice head and neck with a big hip. Going to be a solid Ranch horse one day. Peppy has been used on the ranch chasing cows and moving pairs. Hauled to pastures, crossed creeks and has seen gopher holes!!!. For more information please contact Ryan Noble at 1-306-839-7949.

21 Sorrel Gelding May 30, 2018 AQHA# 5912676 15.3HH Dakota Noble Double RN Ranch Crimson Drifter LLW Gamble For Gold Miss Mighty Twister LLW Gamblers Easy Jet Shilohs Rapid Fire LLW Fires Easy Jet Smoky Liz

Joe is a 3yr old Sorrel gelding standing 15.3HH and weighing 1170lbs. Dakota has been putting Joe through the paces. Dakota was 12 years old when she started halter breaking and picking up his feet. Joe is a sharp headed, big hipped colt with good feet and legs. Joe is very sensible and learns quickly. He has been rode anywhere that kids would go. He will mature into a good looking sorrel gelding one day. Ranch horse deluxe in the making. For more information please contact Ryan Noble at 1-306-839-7949.

22 Blue Roan Gelding April 23, 2008 AQHA# 5120033 15.3HH Ron Noble

Boona Play Tag

Boon Dox John PC Boons Feature Feature Frost JBS Badges De Ja Vu HQH Lets Play Tag Sabre Blue Trenalena

Blue is a 13yr old Blue Roan gelding standing 15.3HH and weighing 1280lbs. Blue has been a ranch horse all his life. There isn’t a job on the ranch that Blue hasn’t done. If you like a big gelding that can walk out, lope nice and slow he is the one for you. All 4 of our children ride him and sometimes 3 at a time. Blue is a nice one. For more information please contact Ron Noble 1-780-871-4725

23 Buckskin Gelding June 14, 2014 AQHA# 5623722 15.3HH Richard Houston Two ID Bartender ID Bartender Mike Continental Rye SH Bartender Star Zippo Sugar Cande SH Saddle Up Star Saddle Up N Rein

Star is a fancy, correct, and sound 7 year old buckskin gelding. He has spent the past couple years working community pastures and is started in the roping pen. This good looking gelding has a very level mind, will work for a wide range of riders and is a pleasure to have around. He is very experienced in doctoring cattle and handles a rope very well. Star has a rocking chair lope and a gentle stop. With no vices, he is bound to be anyone's #1 go to horse. Up to date on teeth, feet, and 6-way. For more information please contact Richard Houston at 1-403-664-0381


Bar Heart Ranch High Seller 2020 Purchased by Anchor Lazy U Thanks for all your support Bieleny Family

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Bar Heart Ranch & Guest 24th Annual Horse Sale 2021  

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Bar Heart Ranch & Guest 24th Annual Horse Sale 2021  

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