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Christmas Gift Catalogue 2012

Branch Supplement See page 48 for more Cats Protection gifts

The Official Cats Protection Calendars and Diary Cats Calendar 2013

Dear Friend At Cats Protection we’ve had another incredible year helping cats. In fact, over the past five years we have helped over one million cats, thanks to your help. Christmas is coming around again and our 2012 Christmas Catalogue is packed with fantastic festive gift ideas for your friends, family and, of course, the cats in your life. As well as plenty of potential gifts, you’ll find a wide range of cards and wrapping paper – everything you need to make this Christmas a memorable one.

All of our Christmas cards carry a Cats Protection message and are supplied with envelopes. All our Christmas cards are printed in This the UK. needs to be vectorised.

Always a hit with our supporters, the 2013 CP Cats Calendar follows its usual popular format with some of the best entries from our annual photographic competition complemented by humorous captions. The clear, user-friendly layout will help you keep track of all those important dates and events. Hanging size: 225 x 305mm. 67384 £4.95

Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. By choosing gifts from this catalogue you are helping us to make a real difference to the lives of cats and kittens across the UK.

Kitten Calendar 2013 This slimline offering adopts the same style as the Cats Calendar - brilliant photos of mischievous kittens and amusing captions. The added attraction with this calendar is that the pictures are actually detachable postcards that you can send to your cat-loving friends or keep yourself when the month is over! Hanging size: 150 x 350mm. 67385 £3.95

Thank you so much for your continued help and support and a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Cats Protection.

Peter Hepburn Chief Executive


All cards on pages 4 - 13 are printed on FSC® material.

By Post: Please complete the order form and post to; Cats Protection Christmas Catalogue, Carriage House, Forde Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4EY By Phone: 08443 248 523 Web: Enquiries: 08443 248 522 Email: See order form for details


Pocket Diary 2013 Customers should look out for the FSC logo on our cards

A favourite for busy cat lovers! As well as showing your support for CP, this diary helps you stay well organised with its handy week-to-view format. Size: 85 x 153mm. 67386 £2.95

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Cards




ade fro



d pape le


gold finish

Christmas Chums Size: 198 x 102mm. 67172 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66989 30 Cards £13.35 g li t t e


Cats Eyes Gift Wrap & Tags

Cats Eyes

Six sheets of recycled paper and six matching tags. Sheet size: 700 x 500mm. Tag size: 70 x 50mm. 67253 £3.50 Buy two packs and save £1.00! 67490 £6.00

Size: 140 x 198mm 67165 Pack of 5 £2.95 Buy 15 and save £1.50! 66983 15 Cards £7.35

gold finish

Cracker contents

Cats Eyes Crackers Exclusive to Cats Protection, each of these six handmade crackers contains a cute cat fridge magnet, hat, snap and motto. Magnet size: 45 x 80mm. Cracker length: 300mm. 67423 £11.99


Frosty Perch

Present Time

Size: 140 x 198mm. 67164 Pack of 5 £2.95 Buy 15 and save £1.50! 66982 15 Cards £7.35

Size: 140 x 198mm. 67168 Pack of 5 £2.95 Buy 15 and save £1.50! 66986 15 Cards £7.35

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Cards

Siamese Kittens Size: 198 x 102mm. 67194 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66997 30 Cards £13.35


By the Hearth






Size: 153 x 108mm. 67173 Pack of 10 £4.50 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66990 30 Cards £12.00 g li t t e



It’s Christmas Twin Pack Five cards each of two designs. Size: 140 x 140mm. 63334 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 63802 30 Cards £13.35


Festive Tree

Tree of Wonder

Size: 108 x 153mm. 67177 Pack of 10 £4.50 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66993 30 Cards £12.00

Size: 153 x 108mm. 67183 Pack of 10 £4.50 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 67000 30 Cards £12.00

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Cards glitter

Best Friends

Jolly Robin

Winter Walk

Contented Kitty

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67167 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66985 30 Cards £13.35

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67171 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66988 30 Cards £13.35

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67163 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66981 30 Cards £13.35

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67166 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66984 30 Cards £13.35 glitter



Santa’s Coming

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67174 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66991 30 Cards £13.35


Waiting for Post

Winter Wonder Twin Pack

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67184 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 67001 30 Cards £13.35

Five each of two designs. Size: 137 x 137mm. 67169 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66987 30 Cards £13.35

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Cards



A Christmas Wish Twin Pack

Snuggly Slumberland Twin Pack

Five each of two designs. Size: 137 x 137mm. 67185 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 67002 30 Cards £13.35

Five each of two designs. Size: 137 x 137mm. 67175 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66992 30 Cards £13.35



Santa’s Helpers

Cycling Santa

Christmas Friends Twin Pack

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67179 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66995 30 Cards £13.35

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67178 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66994 30 Cards £13.35

Five each of two designs. Size: 137 x 137mm. 67181 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66998 30 Cards £13.35

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Cards


gold finish

Stars of Bethlehem

Peeping Toms

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67180 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66996 30 Cards £13.35

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67193 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 66999 30 Cards £13.35


Special Selection Christmas Pack Spoilt for choice? Try our Special Selection pack containing 15 cards, one each from the designs shown here from our stunning range. 67005 15 Cards £7.95 Buy 30 cards and save £3.00! 67448 30 Cards £12.90

All our Christmas cards contain the greeting ‘With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’ unless otherwise stated. Bumper pack greetings will vary.



Festive Puds Twin Pack

Present Antics

Size: 137 x 137mm. 67191 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy 30 and save £1.50! 67004 30 Cards £13.35

Four cards each of four designs. Greeting: ‘Happy Christmas’. Size: 108 x 108mm. 67187 Pack of 16 £4.99 Buy 32 and save £2.00! 67003 32 Cards £7.98

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Cards

Kitty’s Christmas

T GREA E VALU Bumper Christmas Card Pack Superb value with this pack of assorted quality cards from previous catalogues. Sizes and designs will vary but packs will contain at least ten different designs. All cards carry the Cats Protection logo. 61853 20 Cards £4.99 Buy one pack and get one half price! 60678 40 Cards £7.48

Advent for Your Cat

Cat Stocking

Spoil your cat in the countdown to Christmas with this fun advent calendar containing a tasty mini treat for each day. Designs may vary. Size: 230 x 250mm 65685 £3.99 Buy two and save £1.50! 65686 £6.48

Cats need presents too! Mini toyfilled stocking to delight your cat this Christmas. Contents may vary. Please supervise your pet when playing with the contents of this pack. Length: 230mm. 64552 £3.99

£10 OFF





Christmas Decorations Twin Pack

Christmas Baubles Twin Pack

Three cards each of two designs. Size: 108 x 153mm. 63300 Pack of 6 £2.95 Buy two packs and get one free! 63806 18 Cards £5.90

Five cards each of two designs. Size: 140 x 140mm. 63009 Pack of 10 £4.95 Buy two packs and get one free! 67727 30 Cards £9.90

Swarovski Crystal Guardian Angels Using the finest quality Swarovski crystal these guardian angels can be hung in a window to capture the light or given as a gift. Set of three with hangers, one each of ruby, crystal and aurora borealis. Size: 25 x 30mm. 67430 £15.99

Santa’s Kitten Figurine

With Affection Figurine This charming angel cradling a kitten will make an ideal gift of friendship and love at Christmas. Hand-painted. Gift boxed. Height: 135mm. 66139 £16.99

A stunning Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Santa. With green mittens and holly collar for his cat, he’ll make a marvellous addition to your mantelpiece every Christmas. Hand-painted resin. Gift boxed. Height: 265mm. Was £44.99. Save £10! 66140 £34.99

Phone: 08443 08445 248 579 523 168


Christmas Wrap










SeasonÊs Greettin ings

r finis


A superb collection for all your wrapping needs this Christmas. Each pack contains six sheets and six matching tags. Sheet size: 700 x 500mm. Tag size: 70 x 50mm. 67281 Christmas Fun £3.50 67246 Little Stars £3.50 67254 Christmas Chums £3.50 66355 So Adorable £3.50 66356 Twinkle £3.50




Gift Wrap Collection




Fantastic value with these assorted roll wrap sets complete with ribbons and bows to put the finishing touches to your gifts. Designs may vary. Four x 1.5m rolls. 67034 Gold and Black Set £5.99 67033 Gold and Red Set £5.99


ade fro M


recyc l

pape ed

Too much choice? Can’t decide between all our stunning designs? Then choose this selection pack containing ten sheets and ten matching tags. Two sheets each of five designs from our collection. 67006 £6.99







Seaso To nÊs Gr Greet eetin tings

A Christmas W ishh To





Special Selection Gift Wrap Pack


SeasonÊs Greettin ings




A Christmas W ishh To

From To

A Christmas W ishh To

SeasonÊs Gree r tings To From


SeasonÊs Gree r tings To


SeasonÊs Greet r ings To









A Christmaas W ishh To




SeasonÊss GreetGreetings ings



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SeasonÊss Greet ings From





Bumper Cat Christmas Wrap Pack

Personalise your Christmas cards by inserting your favourite photograph. Five cards with envelopes. Displays 150 x 100mm photographs. Card size: 170 x 130mm. Photo not included. 67330 £2.99

Excellent value with this pack of 16 assorted sheets of quality wrap. At least four different cat designs which will vary. An assorted tag pack is also available. Ribbons not included. 60399 Wrap £5.99 60400 16 Assorted Tags £1.99

g o l d fi


Vintage Roll Wrap Choose from three designs with metallic finish. Ribbons not included. 66091 Stockings £2.99 66090 Christmas £2.99 66089 Baubles £2.99 Buy all three rolls and save £1.50! 66690 £5.97


From A Christmas a Wishh To

Photo Frame Cards

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A Christmaas W ishh To

From To







Roll Wrap Sets










Cat Gift Labels

Cat Bumper Gift Bag Set Quick and easy wrapping with no sticky tape. Set of eight assorted gift and bottle bags, two each of four kitty designs. Great value at less than 75p per bag! Gift bag: 180 x 230 x 100mm. Bottle bag: 130 x 360 x 80mm. 66305 £5.99


Fifty self-adhesive labels featuring festive felines to help with all those presents to wrap this Christmas. Label size: 65 x 45mm. 66257 £2.99

Merry Christmas Cats Xmas Roll Wrap Superb quality gift wrap featuring festive feline friends on a 20m roll. 60714 20m roll £7.99 66089

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Crackers and Gifts

Red Berry Wreath and Garland Offer


Impress your guests by decorating your home with this stunning red berry and gold effect wreath. FREE garland included with every purchase! Made from synthetic materials you can enjoy them year after year. Wreath: approx. 360mm diameter. Garland: approx. 1.5m. 67479 £19.99


Waiting for Santa Jigsaw Luxury Red Crackers Six luxury festive crackers with glitter finish each containing a handy gift, hat, motto and snap. Size: 300mm. 67009 £14.99

Red, Red Robin Crackers Six luxury handmade crackers each containing a festive robin fridge magnet and a hat, motto and snap. Size: 300mm. Magnet size: 45 x 80mm. 67336 £9.99

A stunning 1,000 piece puzzle featuring a beautifully detailed Christmas scene to challenge keen puzzlers. Finished size: 490 x 685mm. 59602 £10.99

Fragranced Christmas Candles

Christmas Script Family Crackers

12 Family Christmas Crackers

Great value with this set of 12 crackers in traditional festive colours containing a fun family gift, hat, motto and snap. Size: 300mm. 67010 £7.99

Festive crackers each containing a fun family gift, hat, motto and snap. Size: 300mm. 67011 £7.99


Set of three lovely candle tins each with an evocative and festive scent - amber noir, orange and cinnamon and fig. Approximately 20 hour’s burn time each. 67110 £9.99

Kittens at Christmas Roundel A beautifully hand-painted stained glass window roundel featuring cute cats. Presented in a gift box, with suction cup and chain for easy display. Diameter: 160mm. 66406 £18.99

Puss in Boots Latte Mug Guaranteed to brighten up Christmas for cat lovers of all ages. Decorated to a high quality finish. Mug height: 129mm. Capacity: 400ml. 58109 £4.99

Little Red Robins A vibrant festive collection featuring Sarah Summer’s robins.

Tea Towel Rooftop Sleigh Ride Advent Calendar and Candle Santa and his reindeers glitter across this advent calendar with a candle to light each day in the run up to Christmas (starting Dec 1st). Advent size: 330 x 240mm. Candle height: 295mm. 12 hours burning time. Candle holder not included. 67382 £5.99


100% cotton. Size: 480 x 730mm. 59204 £4.99

Tea Time Gift Set Mug height: 106mm. Capacity: 290ml. Tray: 210 x 140mm. Coaster/ Mug cover: 85mm diameter. 59202 £7.99 67571 Buy both and save £1.00! £11.98

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Food and Gifts

White Willow Gift Basket

Honey Lovers

Super Yuletide Hamper

A delicious collection of all things honey, certain to make life a little sweeter. 340g Just Honey Clear, 125g Oat, Fig and Honey Biscuits, 100g Roast Almond and Honey Fudge, 114g Honey with Stem Ginger all perfectly displayed in a gift box. Suitable for vegetarians. 65149 £19.99

A fabulous gift containing 300g Original Recipe Cheddar Cheese Oatcakes, 100g Cornish Honeycomb, 300g Peach and Raspberry Melba Coulis, 250g Date and Walnut Biscuits, 250g Christmas Cranberry Crunch Biscuits, 10 New English Teabags, 200g Redcurrant Jelly and 227g Three Fruit Marmalade. All contained in an attractive and very handy wooden trug. The contents of this hamper may be substituted for goods of the same or higher value if stock is limited. Basket height (excluding handles): approx. 120mm. 66636 £37.50

A white willow hamper full of delicious treats from St. Kew. 200g Clotted Cream Shortbread, 200g Christmas Spiced Biscuits, 227g Strawberry and Vanilla Conserve, 227g Christmas Day Seville Orange Whisky Marmalade, 200g Clotted Cream Fudge, 200g Luxury Malt Whisky Fudge. 67337 £22.99

Festive favourites for foodies from Cottage Delight. This mouth-watering gift set contains Christmas Preserve with spiced blackberry, mandarin, apples, dates and brandy; Christmas Marmalade with orange, ginger and whisky and Christmas Chutney with spiced cranberry and orange. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. 113g each. 64524 £7.99

Sandwich Essential

Hot Sauces Gift Set Tingle your taste buds with these five authentic recipe sauces from around the world. Ideal for meat, fish and vegetable dishes, these are not for the faint hearted. Includes Caribbean, Mexican, Thai, Cajun and Indonesian flavours. 5 x 60ml. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. 63603 £14.99


Festive Favourites

Perk up your sandwiches with this delicious collection presented in a handy storage tin. Contains a jar each of Wholegrain Mustard (90g), Beetroot Chutney (105g), Caramelised Onion Chutney (105g) and Tomato, Garlic and Ginger Chutney (105g). Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. 67338 £13.99


Willow Pattern Tins Sshh! Sleeping kittens nestle amongst the fine china on this lovely illustrated giftware by Chrissie Snelling. Beautifully decorated keepsake tin filled with 300g of delicious orange and lemon crunchy biscuits, and matching caddy with 200g of tempting rich toffee chocolate eclairs. Biscuit tin size: 190 x 150 x 70mm. Eclair tin size: 100mm diameter x 80mm. 63098 Eclair Caddy £6.99 63097 Biscuit Tin £9.99


Malt Whisky Cakes Janet’s Cats Biscuit Barrel A lovely biscuit barrel featuring renowned feline artist Janet Pideoux’s cats. Containing 450g tasty Chocolate Chip Shorties, it has a special moisture absorbent lid to help keep your biscuits nice and fresh. Height: 200m. Diameter: 180mm. 66599 £15.99

Made in the Scottish Highlands, these moist cakes are each made with a different single malt whisky. Supplied in stay-fresh reusable tins. 180g net each. Suitable for vegetarians. 63105 Speyside Whisky Cake £4.99 63103 Highland Whisky Cake £4.99 63104 Island Whisky Cake £4.99 Buy all three and save over £1.00! 63599 Three Whisky Cakes Offer £13.95

Phone: 08443 248 523


Christmas Food and Gifts

Village in Winter Biscuit Tin

Christmas Tree Sweets Tin

A beautifully decorated embossed gift tin featuring a traditional village scene. Contains 400g of assorted biscuits, fruit and lemon, shortbread and chocolate chip. Tin size: 230 x 210mm. 67341 £10.99

A novelty tree-shaped tin packed full of scrumptious Christmas treats! 50g white chocolate drops, 60g dew drops and 100g jelly beans. 65161 £7.99

Robin Biscuit Tin

Violet Fondant Creams

A keepsake tin with pretty robin in berries design containing 300g of delicious Ginger and Honey Crunchy Biscuits. Tin size: 150 x 150 x 65mm. 66598 £8.99

Traditional rich dark chocolate filled with natural violet fondant cream centres. A deliciously nostalgic gift. 90g. 67343 £4.50

Coconut Ice A firm favourite at Christmas. 200g of deliciously sweet pink and white coconut ice. 67534 £4.99

Duchess of Hamilton Toffee Train An icon of 1930’s design, the Duchess of Hamilton is one of the most powerful steam locomotives ever run in Britain. Novelty tin filled with 250g of assorted toffees. Length: 330mm. 66517 £7.99

Rose Garden Tin with Fruit Jellies A beautifully decorated embossed gift tin containing 400g of fruit jellies. Free from gelatine. Tin size: 150 x 150 x 50mm. 67345 £8.99

Gourmet Liquorice Mix

Marzipan Fruits

A delicious mixture of gourmet liquorice in a keepsake tin. 200g. 67538 £6.99

A traditional Christmas treat. 150g of almond marzipan fruits with natural colours. Gift boxed. 67346 £6.99

Wake Up! Hot Chocolate Mug A chocoholic’s delight! Ideal for a warming hot chocolate or even a hot toddy! Ceramic mug with coordinating ceramic spoon decorated to a high quality finish. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Mug height: 105mm. Capacity: 300ml. Spoon length: 120mm. 57453 £6.99


The Ginger Box Keep Calm Tea Caddy Keep calm and drink tea with this striking caddy containing 40 bags of premium English Breakfast blended in the UK. Caddy size: 80 x 135 x 65mm. 67340 £6.99

Keep Calm and Carry On Biscuits 200g Clotted Cream Shortbread and 200g Fabulous Oatie Flips presented in striking tins. 67342 £7.99

Sugared Almonds 190g of pastel-coloured sugared almonds. 67348 £3.99

A fine collection of speciality food, perfect for the ginger enthusiast. 115g Tomato, Garlic and Ginger Chutney, 115g Spicy Mango and Ginger Chutney, 340g Ginger Jam, 113g Ginger Curd and 113g Thick Cut Orange Marmalade with Stem Ginger. Gift boxed with recipe. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. 67339 £19.99

Phone: 08443 248 523



Kliban’s Cats Calendars Frivolous felines, without a care in the world - this crew of cats will keep you amused and enthralled throughout the year. Twelve irreverent, unconventional images of cavorting cats engaged in un-catlike behaviour. Wall calendar, month-to-view. Open size: 305 x 662mm. Engagement calendar, week-to-view. Size: 159 x 216mm. 21896 Wall Calendar £9.99 21897 Engagement Calendar £10.99 Buy both and save £3.00! 67567 Kliban’s Cats Calendar Offer £17.98

£1 off High Street Price!

Calendars A selection of stunning large format wall calendars featuring fabulous felines. Plenty of space for all your notes and appointments. Month-to-view. Open size: 305 x 610mm. £8.99 each 21139

The Wacky World of Cats Calendar A humorous look at the lives of some of our favourite felines. Features fun observations and the relationship between cats and their owners. Laugh out loud at their antics - for cat lovers everywhere! Month-to-view. Open size: 297 x 428mm. 21152 £5.99



Simon’s Cat Wall Calendar Fans of this animated cartoon series by Simon Tofield will find it hard to resist the Simon’s Cat 2013 wall calendar. Filled with 12 hilarious illustrations of this cat with attitude, you will laugh out loud at his antics and tricks. Month-to-view. Open size: 305 x 610mm. 21885 £8.99


My Cat Pip Calendar 21945




Cute Cats Calendar A calendar of immensely cute cats for any feline lover. Month-to-view. Open size: 305 x 610mm. 21140 £8.99

Driving a tractor, snorkelling and ballet dancing are amongst the antics of loveable Pip, guaranteed to raise a smile throughout 2013. Month-to-view. Open size: 305 x 610mm. 21717 £9.99

Phone: 08443 248 523


Calendars Save £2.00!


Cat Page-a-Day Gallery Calendar One of the most beautiful collections of cat photography you are ever likely to see. Each day has a photo that truly captures the personality of each cat, from the curious to the mesmerizing. This is the calendar for all cat lovers this year. Printed on coated paper to the exacting standards of a fine art book. Size: 165 x 185 x 45mm. 21887 £14.99

Cats by Chrissie Snelling Slim Calendar and Diary


Chrissie Snelling enchants us once again with her lovingly illustrated feline portraits. Slim-format. Month-to-view. Open size: 150 x 420mm. Hardback pocket diary, week-to-view. Size: 82 x 165mm. 21203 Calendar £5.99 21215 Diary £5.99 Buy both and save £2.00! 67499 Offer £9.98

The Cat Gallery Calendar

Hello Kitty Calendar

A fascinating and imaginative calendar of cats painted in the style of various famous artists including Manet, Munch and Van Gogh. Month-to-view.

Cute and collectable, Hello Kitty is famous worldwide and a firm favourite. Month-to-view. Open size: 305 x 610mm. 21365 £9.99

Open size: 305 x 610mm. 21743 £8.99



Cat Naps Calendars

Ivory Cats Calendar and Diary Set Beautiful illustrations from beloved feline artist, Lesley Anne Ivory. Slimline calendar, month-to-view. Size: 160 x 340mm. Pocket diary, week-to-view. Size: 85 x 155mm. 21888 £9.99


Cats spend 16 hours a day in ‘dreamland’ and are masters of the art of relaxation. These calendars are perfect for the over-worked and over-stressed and feature gorgeous photography of our feline friends indulging in their favourite pastime. Month-to view. 21400 Wall Calendar £8.99 (open size: 305 x 610mm). 21664 Compact Desk Easel Calendar £5.99 (Size: 160 x 180mm).

Best of British Cats Calendar

Your Family Photos Calendar Create your own unique calendar and special gift by inserting your favourite photograph or picture each month. Each page presents the two most popular sized photographs 152 x 102mm or 178 x 127mm. No glue or tape required. Month-to-view. Wiro bound. 21112 £5.99

A must-have slim format calendar for cat lovers featuring Ann Edwards’ humorous cats enjoying the ‘Best of British’ including morris dancing, cricket and a nice cup of tea! Open size: 150 x 420mm. Month-to-view. 21684 £5.99

Phone: 08443 248 523

9 Lives Calendar Hilarious cartoons by Chris Masters reinforce what every pet owner already knows - cats rule the roost! Open size: 150 x 420mm. Month-to-view. 21168 £5.99


Home and Kitchen

Full mug image

Crazy Cat Lady Mug Are you crazy about cats? Then this is the mug for you! Microwave and dishwasher safe. Height: 129mm. 59563 £4.99



Everything Tastes Better with Cat Hair Mug

Kitten Paws

A mug for every cat lover who understands this predicament. Dishwasher safe. Height: 110mm. 67775 £8.99

Cat Lovers Apron Dozens of cats to help out in the kitchen with this cheery cotton apron. 67041 £9.99

58645 57469


An adorable puss features on this cotton tea towel (480 x 730mm) and matching ceramic mug (250ml). 59506 Tea Towel £4.99 59178 Mug £5.99

Flower Kittens Gifts Featuring Chrissie Snelling’s cute kittens.

Worktop Saver Ideal for preparing and serving all kinds of food, this tough tempered glass worktop saver is heat, odour and stain resistant. Dishwasher safe. Size: 395 x 296mm. 57466 £12.99

Mug Matching ceramic mug. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Size: 90mm high. Capacity: 290ml. 58645 £4.99

100% Cotton Tea Towel Size: 480 x 730mm. 57469 £4.99



Countryside Cats Kitchen coordinates featuring Anne Edwards’ humorous feline designs inspired by her cat Thomas. Machine washable. Cotton apron with front pocket, adjustable loop neck strap and wraparound waist tie. Size: 950 x 700 cm. Linen tea towel size: 480 x 740mm. Cotton double oven glove with polyester wadding. Size: 880 x 180mm. 67548 Apron £15.00 67549 Tea Towel £6.50 67547 Oven Gloves £12.00


Lucky Black Cat


Brighten up your kitchen with this cotton tea towel (480 x 730mm) and matching ceramic mug (250ml). 59507 Tea Towel £4.99 66916 Mug £5.99



Cats in Waiting Cake Tins

Leaf Print Cat Tea Cosy A contented cat to keep your teapot warm whilst keeping you company at tea time. Cotton with polyester wadding. Size: 350 x 270mm. 67545 £15.00

Is your favourite Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Gateau or Fruit Loaf? There’s room to store them all in this set of three cake tins with beautiful cat illustrations. Stack-away tins for easy storage. Diameters 198mm, 220mm and 250mm. 67553 Set of 3 Cake Tins £23.00

Phone: 08443 248 523


Toys and Gifts





Find the fish amongst a frenzy of felines in this colourful 1,000 piece puzzle. Finished size: 680 x 480mm. 67403 £12.99

Feline Figurines


Size: 100 x 60mm

Jigsaw Roll

A fabulous collection of hand painted, intricately designed fine resin figurines including cute kittens and humorous cats. With amazing attention to detail these are a collectors dream. Gift boxed. 66162 Purl One Figurine by Linda Jane Smith £27.99 67776 A Curious Tale Figurine by Graham Miller £16.99 67390 Bedtime Stories Figurine by Graham Miller £10.99

Just make your jigsaw on the felt mat and when you want to tidy away, simply pull open the telescopic tube, roll and store. Easily stores puzzles up to 2,000 pieces. Size: 835 x 1270mm. 64479 £10.50

Precious Petzzz



Steiff Cat and Mouse Not all encounters between cat and mouse are so friendly! Gorgeously cuddly toys by world renowned Steiff® with authenticating Steiff® buttons so that you know they are the real thing. Soft and machine washable at 30 degrees which means they can be cuddled anytime, anywhere. Gift boxed collector’s items. Age 3+ 67533 Cat £50.00 67531 Pilla Mouse £21.00

Height: 250mm


Height: 100mm

One Hundred Cats and a Fish Jigsaw

Cat Jigsaws Challenging 1000 piece puzzles for family fun this Christmas. Rectangular finished size: 490 x 685mm. Square finished size: 580 x 580mm. 59594 Cats Galore £10.99 56717 Kitchen Cats £10.99 58876 Allotment Cats £10.99 Buy all three and save £6.00! 67568 Three Cat Jigsaws £26.97

Height: 90mm

These cute and lovable ‘breathing’ cats will make adorable gifts. Snuggled up snoozing on their luxury beds these furry friends will captivate cat lovers. Presented in an attractive gift box with a certificate of adoption. All pets come with a bed. Batteries supplied. £24.99 each 59458 Ginger Cat 59456 Black and White Cat

A fabulously floral feline to hold doors open. Cotton, weighted sand and polyester filling. Height: 330mm. 67546 £19.99






io ec



Height: 100mm

Floral Cat Doorstop

Phone: 08443 248 523


Gifts Cat Mood Change Necklace Fun, novelty necklace that changes colour to reflect your body temperature and mood. Chain length: 400mm. 67147 £3.99

Cats on Moon Crystal Fantasy Hang this pretty sun catcher with Swarovski crystals in a sunny window and fill the room with rainbows! Length: 250mm. 67431 £12.99



Moon Cats Beautifully enamelled gifts decorated with two cats perched on the moon gazing at the stars. A handy compact mirror with standard and magnifying mirrors, and a cute little pill box to match. The quality brooch will brighten any outfit and the bookmark will be a lovely stocking filler. Individually gift boxed. 65542 Pill Box (diameter 40mm) £9.99 65541 Mirror (diameter 60mm) £12.99 66464 Brooch (diameter 35mm) £9.99 67419 Bookmark (length 65mm) £4.99


Black Cat Necklace and Earrings A delicate set of sterling silver and enamelled jewellery including necklace and matching drop hook earrings. Both items are gift boxed and make a lovely present for Christmas. Pendant size: 8 x 15mm. Chain length: 450mm. Earring size: 7 x 12mm 67420 Necklace £24.99 67421 Earrings £22.99

Pink Satin Hangers Set of four scented, padded satin-style hangers to make a delightful gift this Christmas. Colours may vary slightly. 67019 £4.99

Cat Silhouette Cosmetic Bags Chrissie Snelling’s elegant feline silhouettes feature on these lovely pink with gold-effect canvas bags. Make-up not included. 64484 Mirror Purse (165 x 100 x 50mm) £5.99 64486 Holdall (270 x 155 x 90mm) £7.99


Diamanté Double Cat Key Ring Two sparkly cats with tails entwined to keep keys safe. Colours will vary. Gift boxed. 67395 £2.99

Cat on Moon Wind Chime

Vintage Velvet Gift Set Guaranteed to soothe the senses and leave your skin feeling as soft as velvet. Beautifully gift wrapped and decorated with a velvet ribbon. Fragranced bath set containing Vintage Rosehip Bath Blaster, Rose Bath Creamer, Velvet Underground Bath Blaster, Rosebud Buttercup, Bejewelled Handmade Soap. Made in the UK from natural ingredients and essential oils. Not tested on animals. 67356 £12.99


Vintage Garden Cards Beautifully illustrated greetings cards (two blank, two birthday) with foil highlights and shaped details. Size: 137 x 137mm. 67294 Four Luxury Cards £6.99

Relax to the gentle tinkle as this lovely copper and resin wind chime gently moves in the breeze casting enchanting patterns in the sunlight. Length: 700mm. 66412 £7.99

Save £2.00 Cat Umbrella A wet weather essential for any cat lover’s handbag. Handy lightweight umbrella that folds down to 230mm. Was £8.50. Save £2.00! 63866 £6.50

Phone: 08443 248 523


Stationery and Books

You Know You’re a Cat Lover When... The Cat Lover’s Companion This beautifully illustrated miscellany is a must-have for any cat lover. With quotations, stories, tips and trivia, along with classic poems by Wordsworth and Dickinson, this delightful collection is the cat’s whiskers. 192 pages. Hardback. Size: 135 x 185mm. 67026 £9.99

Bumper All Occasion Cat Card Pack 16 assorted cat cards, blank for your own message at less than 32p per card! At least eight different designs. Size: 137 x 137mm. 67544 16 Cards £4.99 Buy one pack get one half price! 67595 32 Cards £7.48

Mackintosh Pen and Bookmark Set A lovely bookmark and pen with a Rennie Mackintosh inspired design. An elegant gift. Gift boxed. 66040 £9.99

Magnetic Memo Pads



Handy magnetic memo pads with pencil to keep on your fridge or give as a stocking filler. Length: 285mm. 58787 Tabby Kitten £2.99 58790 Pink Flowers £2.99

...You perch precariously on the arm rest rather From loyal moggies to courageous than evict your feline life-saving kitty heroes and friend from the best seat extraordinary survivors, Wonder in the house. Read on to Cats contains heart-warming tales discover whether you’re that demonstrate the astonishing the number one member powers of remarkable felines such of the feline fan club or as Scarlett, the brave mother that just plain moggy mad! went into a burning building five 96 pages. Hardback. times to rescue her kittens. 202 Size: 110 x 110mm. pages. Softback. 67543 £4.99 Size: 130 x 200mm. 67023 £7.99

Wonder Cats

Bumble the Brave Kitten Book

Electronic Bookmark Dictionary

Bumble was only ten weeks old when she was found cowering in the hedgerow. Follow the story of Bumble and other fantastic felines in this children’s paperback book. 192 pages. Size: 128 x 194mm. 66466 £6.99

No-one wants to lose the plot right in the middle of a book when they bump into a word they don’t understand! Here’s a handy solution – a sleek electronic bookmark with 38,000 Collins English Dictionary definitions at your fingertips. Batteries included. 170mm high, 2.5mm thin keypad (10mm for the screen). 67493 £19.99

Large Picture Pockets An easy and effective way of storing your favourite photos to make a very impressive display. Holds 40 standard (100 x 150mm) photos (not supplied) in 20 clear reversible pockets. Size: 550 x 710mm. 66518 £7.99


Inspirational Cat Bookmark This functional and beautiful bookmark slides between the pages whilst the Swarovski beads, etched cat motif and tassel hang down the spine. Presented on textured white card with a poem on the reverse. A lovely stocking filler. 67432 £7.50

Book Lamp Retro-style book lamp that can either clip onto your book for night time reading or sit on your desk. Supplied with batteries. Height: approx. 110mm 67349 £12.99

Phone: 08443 248 523

Diamanté Cat Face Bookmark A pretty bookmark with a diamanté cat face. Colours will vary. Size: 125mm. 67683 £2.99


Home Trio of Wooden Photo Frames Hanging handmade white-wash wooden photo frames in a line of three, attached with rope. Our supplier adopts all the principles of fair trade. Size: 215 x 520mm. Fits 6” x 4” photographs (not supplied). 65188 £9.99

Sleeping Kitten Clock Ssh! Is it time to get up yet? An adorable kitten curls up on this circular wooden wall clock by Janet Pidoux. Battery supplied. Diameter: 280mm. Gift boxed. 67593 £19.99

Cat Cushion Show your love for our feline friends with this comfortable tapestry cushion with 100% cotton removable washable cover. Cushion cover: approx. 380 x 390mm. 67109 £12.99

Butterfly Tapestry Bag Roomy weekend bag with inside zip pocket, zipped top, sturdy handles and base protector. Size: 390 x 280 x 150mm. 67355 £24.99

My Cat Photo Frame Quality large wooden frame with ‘My Cat’ mount for your favourite photos of your feline friends. Size: 500 x 200mm 67102 £9.99

Coming Home Lap Tray

Cat Bookends Made from hard monkey pod wood from sustainable forests, these lovely bookends have hand-painted details and are finished with a medium brown wax to highlight and protect the grain. Size: 140 x 165mm x 105mm. 67113 £29.99

Wooden Cat Table A stunning addition to your home. The base of this sturdy wooden table has been hand carved in the shape of cat performing a hand stand. The detailing has been finished in cream and black, whilst the unpainted wood has been finished with a natural brown wax to highlight and protect the grain. Ideal for use as a stool or small coffee table/book stand. Size: 500 x 260mm. 66600 £79.99


Humorous wipe-clean tray with cushion to mould to your lap for comfort and stability. Caption reads “The best part of my day is coming home to my CAT!” Size: 420 x 330mm. 67092 £12.99


Cats Galore Tapestry Accessories

Tapestry style accessories featuring a display of kittens. Tri-fold Purse (closed size: 135 x 115 x 25mm) 66044 £9.99 Cushion (size: approx. 400 x 400mm) 65190 £11.99 Travel Bag (size: 390 x 270 x 190mm) 65128 £24.99 Shoulder Bag (size: 300 x 290 x 130mm) 65120 £11.99




Phone: 08443 248 523


Clothing buy one get one free!

Ladies Thermal Socks Three pairs of soft, cosy and warm thermal socks. Great with boots. UK Ladies size: 4-7. 67361 £6.99

Cats Collage T-shirt

Feather-Soft Scarf and Gloves A feather-soft scarf and glove set for the ultimate in warmth and comfort this winter. Amazing value, buy one set and get one FREE! One size. Length: 175cm. Assorted colours. 99% polyester 1% elastane. 67296 £14.99

My Cat Walks All Over Me! This humorous design decorates both a warm hoodie and a loose fitted t-shirt. The grey marl effect will help to hide those cat hairs left behind after a cuddle with kitty!



Casual fit with double fabric hood, cord tie and front pouch pocket. 80% cotton, 20% polyester. £29.99 each. 66430 Hoodie M 66431 Hoodie L 66432 Hoodie XL

Loose fit and round neck. £14.99 each. 66436 T-shirt M 66437 T-shirt L 66438 T-shirt XL

A collage of cute kittens surrounded by butterflies brighten up this loose fit cotton t-shirt. 100% cotton, pre-shrunk and hand dyed using water based inks. £22.99 each. 67123 T-shirt M 67124 T-shirt L 67125 T-shirt XL

Cats Galore Scarves Cheer up any outfit with these black or burgundy scarves decorated with a variety of different cats. Polyester. Size: 1500 x 350mm. 66058 Black £4.99 67577 Burgundy £4.99

Pure Cotton Ladies Hankies

Fun Socks Cotton rich socks to keep toes warm this winter. Ideal stocking fillers. £4.75 each. 65249 Cats (UK shoe size 4-7) 65247 Paw Print (UK shoe size 6-11)

Three pure cotton hankies embroidered with pretty flowers. Gift boxed. 67424 £4.99

Spark l


Crazy Cat Lady T-shirt

Sparkle Cat Hot Water Bottle

Fuzzy Cat Slippers Fun for your feet! Comfy slippers with PVC sole and multi grip for slip resistance. One size to fit most feet up to UK women’s size 7. 67379 £14.99


This glamorous puss will keep you warm this winter, with knitted detachable cover and sparkle detail. 66066 £7.99

All our t-shirts and hoodies are machine washable. Please specify size and colour when ordering. See main order form for details. Approximate sizings: Loose fit Medium Chest Size: 38”/40” Size 12/14 Loose fit Large Chest Size: 41”/43” Size 14/16 Loose fit X Large Chest Size: 44”/46” Size 16/18

If you’re crazy about cats why not tell the world with this fun cotton t-shirt. Raise a smile wherever you go! Loose fit with round neck. Machine washable. Black. Please specify size when ordering. £14.99 each. 67720 M 67721 L 67722 XL

Phone: 08443 248 523


Stocking Fillers

“meow meow”



Cats Eyes



Gifts guaranteed to raise a smile. Rechargeable, eco-friendly torch with ultra bright LED eyes and hand crank. Length: 120mm. Key ring with LED eyes to help find the lock in the dark. Length: 55mm. Black ballpoint pen with flashing eyes. Length: 150mm. The key ring and pen meows too! 67036 Torch £9.99 67035 Key Ring £3.99 67038 Pen £4.99

Paw Print Pack-A-Bag Chococat Say hello to the most adorable black cat around. Jot down all those important notes in the die cut hardcover A6 notebook. The cute stationery set is a must for any pencil case. Includes a pen, pencil, eraser, small ruler and two clips. 67676 A6 Notebook £3.99 67677 Novelty Stationery Set £4.99 Buy one get one free!

With strong reinforced handles this durable wipeclean bag will fold into its own pocket when not in use. 100% polyester. Open size: 380 x 650mm. Was £3.99 Now £2.99 Save £1! 65333 £2.99

Cat Pens Elegant ballpoint pens decorated with cats. Gift boxed. £4.99 each. 64657 Silver 64660 Blue

Time for Tea Big Hug Shopper

Purrfect Pen

Novelty pen purrfect as a stocking filler for cat lovers. Roomy wipe-clean PVC shopper. 370 x 370 x 120mm. Length: 100mm. Gift boxed. 67488 £4.99 55809 £4.99

Paw Print Padblock Ideal for notes and messages. Approximately 800 blank sheets with hole for a pen. 66300 £5.99

Kitten Bean Buddies Set of three cute beanie cats. Colours may vary. Height: 90mm. 67778 £6.75

Wake up! It’s tea time. What’s more, buy one mug and get another FREE! Ceramic mug, dishwasher and microwave safe. 290ml. Gift boxed. 67675 Two Mugs £4.99

Cat Ring Holder A cute pewter kitty with jewelled eyes to display your rings. Height: 90mm. 66022 £4.99

Kitten Noodles Kitty in a Teacup Tea Time Gift Set Elegant ceramic mug, melamine biscuit tray and a ceramic coaster/mug cover with cute kitten image. Mug height: 106mm. Capacity: 275ml. Tray: 210 x 140mm. Coaster/Mug cover diameter: 85mm. 59565 £7.99


12 jumbo fluffy fibre noodles that bend any way you want. Complete with full instructions to make four different cute kittens. Googly eyes, pompoms and stickers included. No sharp ends. Age 3+. 67115 £12.99

Car Wobblers Humorous car signs made from sturdy plastic with suction pad to fit to your car window. Size: 139 x 139mm. £2.50 each 59643 Spoilt Rotten Cats 59642 Beware Crazy Cat Lady

Thank You Cards For all those ‘thank you’ messages around Christmas time. Five cards each of two designs. Blank inside. Designs may vary. Cards feature the Cats Protection logo. Size: 108 x 108mm. 65398 10 cards £3.50

Phone: 08443 248 523


Home and Pet Gift



Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball

Paw Print Cat Bed

Coir Mats A collection of hard-wearing door mats to greet your guests and keep muddy foot and paw prints at bay. Hand decorated on coir, a natural fibre made from coconut husks, with PVC back. Resistant to rot and mildew. Size: 600 x 405mm. £12.99 each. 59508 Please Ignore the Cat Hairs Mat 59510 A Crazy Cat Lady Lives Here Mat 57357 Wipe Your Paws! Mat 59512 Cat Oval Mat


This fleecy bed will be sure to get your cat purring with pleasure as he snuggles up for a cat nap or two. Removable washable cushion. Diameter: 420mm. 62676 £19.99

A flashing ball is suspended in the track to minimise noise as kitty plays. The glow-inthe-dark moons make the toy easy to spot in the dark while the soft sparkle ball twirls as kitty bats. Includes small parts. Diameter: 190mm. Height: 240mm. 67777 £10.49

Cat Playground

Cheese Pet House

A playground specifically for cats and kittens. It helps encourage your cat’s playful nature and will keep them interested for hours. Folds flat for easy storage. Size: 690 x 500 x 330mm. 67406 £14.99

A wonderful bed and activity playground to keep puss happy and entertained. It is soft and cosy with bright coloured fabric. Size: 430 x 430 x 200mm. 67478 £17.99


Spoilt Rotten Cats Decorative Mat Hard-wearing doormats to greet your guest. For indoor use. Size: 660 x 430mm. 53376 £12.99

Kumfy Kradle

Pet Paw Print Fleece Blanket Perfect for catnaps and protecting furniture from hair and scratches. Quality sherpa fleece, fully washable. Suitable for cats and small dogs. Polyester cotton blend. Size: 630 x 760mm. 65697 £9.99


Cat Scratch Mat Keep kitty’s claws healthy and your furniture safe with this sturdy mat containing catnip. Complete with colourful border, back design and wool trimmings for extra fun. Size: 430 x 360mm. 65191 £11.99

Let your cat relax in this soft radiator bed. Just hook onto a radiator and let your puss nap away! The robust aluminium frame will support cats up to a maximum recommended weight of 12kgs (26lbs). Available in two sizes to fit standard or double radiators. Easy to assemble. The high quality Sherpa Fleece cover can be machine washed and tumble dried. Spare cover available to fit both sizes (not shown). 60543 Single Radiator Fit £15.99 64559 Double Radiator Fit £15.99 60921 Spare Cover £7.99

Phone: 08443 248 523


Magnificent Moggies

Gifts For Your Cat From only £2.50!

Best seller

Treat your beloved pets to their own tin for storing food or treats. Includes useful scoop. Tin size: 140 x 230mm. An ultra cute matching melamine cat bowl with non-slip base is also available. Bowl diameter: 155mm. 67099 Treat Tin £14.99 66792 Bowl £5.99

Catnip Sack Jolly Moggy Micro Mouse Laser Fun Toy Hours of interactive fun! A colourful toy that beams a playful light for your cat to chase and stalk. Batteries included. 67566 £8.99

A remote control mini mouse racer to tantalise your cat for hours! Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Mouse approx. 70 mm long. Quick and easy to charge. 66757 £9.99

Cat Spork Serve your cat’s food with his/her very own hygienic, stainless steel ‘Spork’ in bright colours. Length: 190mm. 66540 £2.99

Jolly Moggy Catnip Mice Catnip-filled mice with ribbon tails and bell. Length: 140mm with tail. 65518 £2.99

Pet Hair Remover

Feathered Fleece Balls

Paw Print Cat Bowl Bring a touch of colour to your cat’s dinner time with this ceramic feeding bowl printed inside and out. Gift boxed. Bowl diameter: 127mm. 62108 £4.99

Protect your furniture from sharp claws and provide your cat with hours of fun with this large plush carpet mat and scratching post. Sturdy and simple to assemble. Includes catnip. Size: 400 x 400 x 630mm. 64577 £22.99

How Cunning is your Cat?


Pet Place Mats Practical wipe-clean place mats for messy moggies. Polypropylene. Size: 420 x 300mm. 58910 Flower Kittens £4.99 56981 Hooray! £4.99


Luxury Cat Scratching Post

These small fleecy balls have feather ‘tails’ to provide plenty of exercise and fun for your cat. Set of three, each 150mm long. 66758 £2.50

Handy for removing fluff and fuzz from carpets and upholstery. Size: 120 x 50 x 50mm. 64501 £5.99

A best seller year after year! Cloth sack containing organic catnip to amuse lively felines. Size: 120 x 185mm. 60613 £2.99 Buy five and save £1! 64764 Catnip Sack Offer £13.95


Do you have a cunning cat endowed with skill, ingenuity and a sense of inquisitiveness? Find out with the help of a furry catnip mouse and this collection of fun tests. 64551 £5.99

Cheeky Mouse Plush catnip-filled mouse that encourages play. Colours may vary. Size: 120 x 60mm. 66893 £3.49

Phone: 08443 248 523


Order Form

Cats Protection Order Form Code

How to order: Order all goods on the enclosed order form or use the space provided on the right. If using this order form a separate order form must be completed for each delivery address. Please calculate the goods total together with postage and packing and any donation you wish to make. Orders will be welcomed until 31 January 2013 but please visit for gift ideas all year round. Online Please visit our shopping website and look out for special offers throughout the year. By Post Please send your order, with payment to: CATS PROTECTION, Carriage House, Forde Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4EY. Please affix a stamp. Please ensure cheques are signed and dated and that cheques and postal orders are crossed and made payable to Cats Protection ENTERPRISES LimiteD. By Phone 08443 248 523 If you wish to pay by credit/debit card you may phone your order on 08443 248 523 Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm; Saturday and Sunday 9am to 10pm. Please have your credit/debit card to hand and be ready to quote the details of goods required. Calls from BT landlines cost 5p per minute, other networks will vary,

Enquiries - Phone: 08443 248 522 - Email: If you have an enquiry regarding your order, or you would like further copies of the catalogue or order form, please contact our Mail Order Department at Cats Protection, Carriage House, Forde Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4EY or phone our enquiry lines on 08443 248 522. Quote the details on your packing note or the approximate date of your order for goods enquiries. Substitutes Every possible effort is made to supply the goods of your choice but if occasionally, any item is not available, a carefully selected alternative will be sent. This does not affect your statutory rights. Postage and Packing There is a charge of £4.95 for postage and packing payable on every UK order. Overseas Orders We welcome orders to overseas addresses. Postage, packing, handling and administration costs are as follows: EU (excluding Switzerland and Norway) £16.00 Rest of the World £36.00 Delivery to overseas addresses may take longer than 28 days. Payment should be by credit/debit card or by £ sterling cheque.

Guarantee Every item in the catalogue is accurately described Sizes and honestly illustrated. If you find that you are unhappy with the quality or value of an item, Sizes quoted in this catalogue are approximate. or if your goods are damaged in transit, please Delivery return it to us within 30 days of receipt using the Your order will be processed immediately on returns form on the reverse of your order despatch receipt but please allow up to 21 days for delivery. form. We will immediately replace the goods or Please send orders early to avoid disappointment. refund your money, whichever you prefer. This is All orders received by Saturday 15 December in addition to your statutory rights. 2012 should be delivered by Christmas Eve, subject to stock availability.


Description (Should your order be larger than the space provided,

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please attach a separate sheet of paper.) Please print clearly using BLOCK LETTERS. Please keep this order form safe until you are ready to order.

Make your gift go further ... and make every £1 you give worth at least £1.25. If you have completed the Gift Aid form for us before you do not need to to this again. Please tick the box to enable us to treat all your donations in the last 4 years, and all your future donations, until further notice, as Gift Aid. Date:  To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay in income tax or capital gains tax must equal at least the amount that all charities you donate to will reclaim in the tax year (6th April to 5th April). If you are not a tax payer please tick the box.


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EMAIL Yes I am happy for Cats Protection to contact me via email (please tick this box) It really helps Cats Protection if we can keep you informed about our campaigns as well as our exciting work, activities and fundraising. If you would prefer us not to contact you by post or telephone, please phone 08707 708 624, email: or write to us at the Freepost address: Cats Protection, FREEPOST SEA 7678, Haywards Heath, RH17 7BR. Further offers from other carefully selected companies may be made to you. If you prefer not to receive such communications by post, telephone, email or fax please tick this box NEM

Method of Payment (BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE) I enclose a cheque  or postal order  payable to CATS PROTECTION ENTERPRISES LTD Please do not pay in cash. If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card please fill in this section:

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All sales from this catalogue are made by Cats Protection Enterprises Limited, the wholly owned trading company of Cats Protection, Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland). All donations and any other payments by Cats Protection Enterprises Limited, other than for supply of goods, are paid to Cats Protection. All trading profits of Cats Protection Enterprises Limited are paid to Cats Protection under Gift Aid. Cats Protection Enterprises Limited. Registered in England. Company No. 2953832. Registered office, National Cat Centre, Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, RH17 7TT.


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(Maestro only) You will be charged only on despatch of your goods. Payment must be included with order and sent to: CATS PROTECTION CATALOGUE, Carriage House, Forde Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4EY (Reply envelope enclosed). Donations help us in our work. Please give as generously as you can. Thank you.

Phone: 08443 248 523


Cats Protection Gifts Show your support with our fantastic new range of practical gifts carrying the Cats Protection logo and featuring loveable felines.

Cats Protection Padblock Cats Protection Tea Towel 100% cotton. Size: 480 x 730mm. 66922 £3.99

Ideal for notes and messages. Approximately 800 sheets with hole for a pen. 67196 £5.99

Full mug image

Cats Protection Latte Mug Great for messy eaters. Made from wipe-clean polypropylene. Size: 430 x 310mm. 67195 £4.99


Perfect for your favourite cuppa. Ceramic dishwasher and microwave safe latte mug. Mug height: 129mm. Capacity: 400ml. 66962 £3.99

FSC info 67640

Cats Protection Pet Place Mat

Cats Protection Christmas Catalogue 2012