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Official Sponsorship Packet for Cats in My Closet LLC.

ABOUT CATS IN MY CLOSET Cats in My Closet, LLC is a fashion website from a cat lady's perspective based in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 2012, we want to show that fashion doesn't have to be intimidating but rather can be a source of fun and creativity. Cats in My Closet is geared towards folks who want to break the mold and reclaim fashion as a method of selfexpression: coming from a girl whose clothes are perpetually covered in cat hair, style is not about being perfect but about finding fashion to fit you. Frequent posts include daily outfits, sartorial inspiration, and wishlists, among other topics.


OOTD: The Strawberries Taste Like Strawberries Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot Breaking Up is Hard to Do OOTD: Dreamy Photoshoot with Stephanie Stein Photography DIY Floral Hair Wreath

ABOUT THE CAT MAMA Kristen “KiKi” Milford is the CEO and Creative Director behind Cats in My Closet, LLC. She is a bonafide cat lady who has an affinity for all things fashion. Kristen is an accomplished writer and blogger, having had her work featured in Charleston Grit, a city lifestyle blog, and Charleston City Paper, a weekly alt-publication. Her outfits have been featured in Charleston Magazine and on Chictopia and Lalamagic’s homepages. She would describe her style as cat lady chic™. This style portrays a form of dress that combines elements of grandma and kitsch but also incorporates fashion-forward pieces, all of which seamlessly blend together due to the sheer volume of cat hair present on each garment. Face-to-face, she’s an outspoken feminist that cracks a lot of bad puns and loves to talk about anime. When not blogging, she can be found writing fiction & poetry in her notebook, styling editorial photoshoots with a local photographer, or crafting immensely personal songs on the piano. Otherwise, you’ll probably see her conversing with one of the many street cats that runs rampant in downtown Charleston (She’s fluent in feline, you know.)

STAT PAGE BLOG STATS (AS OF 9.28.16) DEMOGRAPHICS United States (44%) United Kingdom (23%) China (12%) France (9%) Australia (6%) Japan (4%) Other (2%)

Female (78%) Male (21%) Other (1%)

Total Monthly Impressions: 5,000 Monthly Unique Views: 2,300 Monthly Page Views: 3,200 Average Daily Views: 100 Current Record: 699

SOCIAL MEDIA STATS (AS OF 1.18.17) Pinterest: 2.5k followers Instagram: 922 followers Tumblr: 241 followers Twitter: 286 followers Facebook: 207 likes Chictopia: 80 followers Bloglovin’: 18 followers If your business targets fashion-forward creative young people interested in personal style, clothing, designers, runway, shopping, blogging, cats, third-wave feminism, DIY projects and tutorials, indie music, beauty, and finding inspiration in everyday life, Cats in My Closet is an ideal candidate for advertising.


Advertisers whose content is either questionable or not consistent with Cats in My Closet's vision will not be approved. Businesses can send additional information that is useful to readers; however, any posts including products sent free of charge, received at a discount or via store credit will be drafted using original copy composed by the blog owner. Cats in My Closet reserves the right to revoke sponsorship without prior written notice. Refunds will not be given excluding extenuating circumstances, which are up to the discretion of the blog owner.


OPTIONS 2016&2017

PRODUCTS FOR STYLE OR REVIEW Cats in My Closet currently accepts the following products for style and/or review Clothing | Shoes | Accessories Makeup & Beauty products | Hair & Skincare products Craft supplies | Books | Office supplies Cat products | Subscription boxes | Computer software

Upon providing product(s) for style or review, buyer will receive one social media mention in conjunction with the blog post on all major platforms. As outlined by the FTC, the social media post will be marked with “#sponsored” to inform readers. Cats in My Closet only accepts items that match our aesthetic. We're eager to support small or independent businesses, Etsy shops, and especially brands in the Charleston area. Businesses can also send store credit in lieu of items to purchase products for styling. All items sent for style or review will be indicated with “℅” in blog copy, standing for “courtesy of.” Cats in My Closet is active on CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) and ShareASale, both of which pay commission. If your brand is active through either of these sites, please let us know.


Up to 500 words & 10 images — $75 Native content advertising is a great way to incorporate your brand’s message within the context of a blog post. Content is naturally integrated into blog copy composed by the blog owner. Examples of native content posts are: Outfit Building/Tips | DIYs/Tutorials | Product Reviews Event Coverage | Interviews | Specials/Discounts Wishlists | Specialized Content (i.e., “10 Ways to Wear White in Winter”)

With purchase of a native content post, buyer will receive one social media mention in conjunction with the blog post on all major platforms. As outlined by the FTC, the social media post will be marked with “#sponsored” to inform readers. Sponsored posts are flexible based on the needs of the brand considering but not limited to aspects of timeliness, relevance, and availability. All copy will be composed by the blog owner and will include hyperlinks to products, offers and/or services. Please provide any details regarding the content of your sponsored post as well as any pertinent images, links or graphics necessary for the post's completion upon payment.


Products must be valued at $50 or more to be considered — $50 Giveaways are incredibly popular forms of blog posts and yield the greatest audience interaction. With purchase of a giveaway or contest, buyer will receive one social media mention in conjunction with the blog post on all major platforms. As outlined by the FTC, the social media post will be marked with “#sponsored” to inform readers. Brands must provide giveaway or contest rules upon time of purchase. Giveaway or contest slots are flexible and can last up to one (1) month. Giveaway or contest item(s) must be worth $50 or more total retail value to be featured. Giveaways or contests are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cats in My Closet is open to group giveaways or contests and/or prize packages as long as all sponsorship parties are in agreement. Winners of giveaways are determined with a site called Rafflecopter. Winners are chosen at random and no bias on the part of the blog owner or brand is involved in the decisionmaking process. Contest winners will be determined by the sponsoring brand. Conditions are contingent on both the expectations of the brand and the blog owner. In order to qualify for a prize, participants must follow ALL of the rules of the giveaway or contest as stated in the blog post. For further information, see the Official Rules for Giveaways on Cats in My Closet.


Up to 24 hours (one day) — $20 Social media takeovers occur when a blogger manages a brand’s social media page(s) for a temporary period of time. Cats in My Closet is active on all major social media platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, among others. Takeovers that last more than one day will be charged an additional fee. Social media takeovers are ideal for special events and launches.

BANNER ADS Banner ads are currently available in three sizes: Mini, Medium, and Featured. Businesses have the option to purchase ad(s) for one month, i.e. 30 days, at a time. Those interested in purchasing for more than one month at a time qualify for a discounted rate. Ads will be displayed on the right hand sidebar on the site and will be rotated to ensure optimum visibility. Ads are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved prior to payment. To purchase an ad, please email


MEDIUM AD 300px by 250px


300px by 500px


We’re talking prime blog real estate! The Featured Ad will be displayed at the top of the right sidebar, above the “Welcome!” Section. Only one featured ad will be shown at a time.

Only three spots left!

Perfect for established companies, medium ads will be featured in the top section of the right sidebar listed under “Sponsors and Friends.” Three medium ads will be shown at a time.

Only five spots left!

300px by 125px $8 An affordable opportunity ideal for boutiques, indie shops & bloggers, mini ads will be located in the bottom section of the right sidebar listed under “Sponsors & Friends.” Four mini ads will be shown at a time.

Ten spots available.


BRAND CAMPAIGNS COLLABORATIONS Cats in My Closet is available for brand campaigns, a series of multiple sponsored posts, and collaborations, projects & services done in conjunction with a business. For more information, please email

FREELANCE OPPORTUNITIES KiKi is available for freelance writing & fashion styling. Email for more details.

MEDIA INQUIRIES For those interested in featuring Cats in My Closet, please view our press kit.

CONTACT Kristen Milford, CEO & Creative Director

Cats in My Closet, LLC


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Cats in My Closet Official Sponsorship Packet 2017  
Cats in My Closet Official Sponsorship Packet 2017