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Catherine Sewell Fashion Communication Logistics




Introduction Vision Unique Selling Point Brand Competitors Tagrte Market Employees Location The Store Visual Merchandising Inspiration Fixtures and Fittings Mannequins Interactive Technology Signage Swing Tags Flooring Walls Fitting Rooms Tills EPoS Cashier’s Desk Labour Public relations Media and Press Press Release In-Store Magazine Look Book Stationary QR Codes Social Media Platforms Store Opening Invitations Catering Entertainment Website Social Networking App Photo Shoot Fashion Film Public Liability Insurance Print Publications Costing Implementation Future Plans References


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The logistics document will explain how the store will work from concept to design to promotion to launch. The document identifies the logistical implementations of creating a new concept store for the higher end of the high street market, the cost incurred, the strict timescales to be worked to and other elements in order to ensure the concept to become a real space and experience for the customer.



The Vision Belle Femme is the new sister store to River Island that aims to be a retail leader, just like its sibling. Belle Femme is a higher end fashion brand retailing must-have luxury fashion for the sophisticated, confident and sexy woman. The concept store will give the customer a brand new kind of shopping experience, making it stand out from the crowd on the Great British Highstreet and the fashion market. The store will contain higher end retail products from clothing to accessories to footwear in order to target the higher end of the fashion market. As a brand, Belle Femme strives to be professional, sophisticated, luxurious, high quality, innovative, experiential and new. The new brand has been created to fill a gap in the market (1) which is a new and exclusive fashion store for sophisticated women with a love for work, life and of course, fashion. The stores will feature experiential designs and concepts making Belle Femme stand out from the crowd on the great British high street. The store will offer a unique shopping experience for the customer that will differentiate from all of the other shops on the high street. It will be known for the quality of staff and service it supplies, the quality of clothing and accessories along with a store design and concept. The stress and overwhelming feeling of shopping in the high street will be left at the door as customers will enter a luxurious fashion store where the staff and surroundings will transform and evolve their experience into a memorable fashion concept. The customers will be made to feel special and the exclusive service offered will help towards building a reputation for the brand as providing quality service and product for their customers. The name of the new store “Belle Femme” is inspired by the theme of the store. The theme is “French Boudoir” and the name of the store translates to “Beautiful Lady”. This name reinforces the stores concept as well as the target audience which will be explained later on in the document.


Unique Selling Point The staff that will work in the new store will be specially trained stylists that will be able to advise and help the customers within the store. The store will offer a bespoke service to each customer to ensure their visit is unique and to also keep them coming back when they know what type of service they can expect to receive. The staff can expect to be trained every 3 weeks in order to keep up to date with the new stock and styles they can offer to the different customers. The style company chosen to carry out the training will come to the store one evening every 3 weeks and the staff will be expected to be trained for around 3-4 hours (paid). Belle Femme will provide their customers with a bespoke service that is individually catered to each customer that is not widely available on the high street. Where some stores offer a ‘Personal Shopper’ department in selected stores, Belle Femme will offer this permanently, free of charge to all customers. The staff will also be trained to dress different body shapes so they can cater to the customer on a more personal level. New technologies recently created are also a vital part of the store providing a bespoke service to its customers and will be explained in more depth later on in the document.



Brand Competitors Belle Femme aims to be in the same high end high-street category as Reiss, Karen Millen, Zara and Joseph. These brands are known for their quality clothing at a slightly higher price than other high street stores such as NEXT and Oasis. Belle Femme must be different from other stores of its class and offer their customers an experiential store that will be more interesting, innovative, diverse, exciting and more addictive than those of its competitors in order to gain attention from the target market who will also be aware of the other stores.

Target Market Belle Femme target market is prominently women age 35 to 55 years age. The women will be hardworking individuals who also have time play hard too. Their love of work and life combined is what makes strong and ambitious women and their love of fashion is what will tract them to the new brand and concept store.

of to them at-

In most cases they will have a higher disposable income than the current target market of their sister store, River Island (age 18-35) so therefore can afford a much higher quality of clothing and would be willing to paying extra for it. (2)


Employees In order to manage the store and control the business, the store will require a team of employees. For the first year of business the store will need these employees to run the store successfully. Their job title and tasks are as follows:

Store Manager • Manage all store operations • Train and guide sales assistants in offering brilliant customer service • Be extremely customer focused, commercially minded and have strong people management skills combined with good planning and organiza tional skills

Deputy Manager •

Assist the store manager in the day to day running of the store and all tasks undertaken

Product Manager • • • •

Ensure the clothing and accessories are displayed to a high stand ard within the store Making sure River Island’s brand image is being accurately repre sented across the floor Creating a balance between visually exciting displays and commer cially viable product placement Constantly re-evaluating the displays and adjusting them to feature each of the new key products that arrive in-store


Operations Manager •

Manage operations team in stockroom with replenishment of stock and general tasks

Operations Team • •

Working within the stockroom, carrying out replenishment of stock in the store Carry out stocktake and delivery on a daily basis ensuring quality and renewal of products

Sales and Service Team • • • • • • • •

They must represent Chelsea Girl and deliver outstanding customer service within the store Welcoming customers into the store Ensuring key products are places correctly Helping customers to find their ideal fashion fix Advising customers in the fitting room Processing payments at the cash desk Helping on the sales floor Ensuring their customers leave the store happy with their purchases and most importantly, wanting to return



38-39 Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6DF


The new store will be opened on Duke Street, London. The surrounding stores are high end and high street giving the area a good mix of customers. Selfridge’s department store and Bond Street are within walking distance from the chosen location which is another advantage for the store. The address is 38-39 Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6DF and will be opened across 2 Floors, Basement and Ground Floor. The store is 3 minutes’ walk from both Green Park (Piccadilly and Jubilee lines) and Piccadilly Circus (Piccadilly and Bakerloo lines) so is an ideal location for the store to be opened as access via tube stations are nearby.


The Store

The store design is based on a typical French boudoir with furniture to complement the theme used as display fixtures around the store.


Visual Merchandising The visual merchandising displays in store and in the windows will be installed by the same company that will fit the entire shop. The displays will be vital in catching the eye of the intended audience so will need to be attractive and striking. There will be a variety of visual displays within the store. They will consist of vintage furniture being used as stands and display platforms. The colour scheme of the store will be mainly, creams, whites and pinks with other pastel colours around the store to keep it looking fresh and light. The colours chosen fit in well with the store theme and will give the store a bright and welcoming vibe.





Fixtures and Fittings The rail designs that will be produced for the store are based on a bedroom setting. The clothing will be displayed in door-less wardrobes around the store along with draws and cabinets containing folded garments. The free standing wardrobes and displays can then be moved around in order to change the positioning of garments and the look of the shop floor in the future. The rails will be made to attach onto the ceiling and separate rails made to stand freely on the shop floor.


Mannequins The mannequins will be used to display clothing and accessories in the window at the front of the store and within the store. They will be faceless but not headless (so hats can be displayed if needed in the future). They will be ordered in a mix of white and black gloss to show diversity and to keep the feeling of the store minimal. 6 gloss mannequins will be ordered for the window displays along with 5 wire mannequins to display items within the store. The mannequins for the window displays will feature detachable limbs in order for them to be dressed quickly.


Interactive Technology In order to make Belle Femme stand out from its competitors in the fashion market different interactive features will be fitted around the store to ensure that the customers shop in an experiential environment. Four iPad 2’s will be positioned around the store where customers can order items from the Belle Femme website if they are not available in the store. An interactive hanger system will be installed next to the wardrobe displays within the store too. When the hangers are removed from the rails this will trigger the screens to show a video of the garment being modelled along with a “capsule wardrobe� style page where customers can then see other items that can be worn with the garment they have chosen. The interactive hangers and screens will be installed by the same company that will be employed to fit the store but will be sourced from a different company to deliver to the shop fitters.


Example of interactive hangers in Japan.



Signage is vitally important to the new store as it will be the component responsible for catching the eye of potential customers to enticement them into the store. It is also important that potential customers know that a sister store to River Island has opened. Customers that shop in River Island will be curious to know what the new store has to offer. River Island is an established brand with an iconic logo so Belle Femme branding must incorporate the same values and qualities while still projecting a clear image of the new store. The signage must reflect the image of the store and attract the new target market at the same time.


Swing Tags Tags will be ordered for the clothing, footwear and accessories to feature the price, barcode, size, product number, department number and colour of the garment (similar to the information displayed on River Island tags)

Flooring Original wood floorboards will be sanded and polished when the shop is being fitted in order for the theme of French Boudoir to tie in with the entire store. The floorboards will also be hardwearing so will not be stained and marked by the constant traffic of customers walking in and out of the store.

Walls The walls in the store will be exposed brick painted white along with some of the walls being covered in wallpaper. The exposed brick will complement the delicate furniture and display cabinets in the store and will add a modern twist to the store.


Fitting Rooms The fitting room will be designed as individual bedrooms for the customers to get changed in. 6 fitting rooms will be installed, each containing a bed, desk with mirror and seat and a full length mirror. It will be a place where the customer can relax and enjoy trying on the garments without feeling claustrophobic and restricted.



The new store will use the same till system as their sister store, River Island. This will mean using the same suppliers and avoiding the costs of finding an alternative company to provide the tills.

EPoS System EPoS Systems, provide a fast and efficient way of dealing with customers. They handle the calculations involved in sales (totals and change), issue receipts – these have historically been the main function of normal tills. EPoS systems, do this and a lot more. They can integrate directly with credit card payment systems, keep track of stock levels and of course keep track of customer information. The ability to manage stock and CRM (customer relationship management) allows EPoS systems to make a measurable difference to the bottom line. Both in terms of time saved and of in highlighting opportunities and also weaknesses in a business. For example, an EPoS system in retail store, will assist in stock management – helping to highlight stock levels of top performing products so you can ensure you have adequate supplies. At the same time, it might also show product lines that are not doing so well. The EPoS system can record a tremendous amount of information about the business – allowing the store to make decisions with the benefit of the latest sales and stock information.


Cashier’s Desk The cashier’s desk will be bespoke. It will be made and installed by the shop fitting team.

Labour The store will require a large team of expert shop fitters to come and create the new concept store. This will include installation of rails, interactive screens, cashiers desk, till points, fitting rooms and general decoration of the store.


Public Relations An in house PR team will control Belle Femme public relations. By working with the River Island in-house team, they will expand to include and take care of the PR for Belle Femme. This will also reduce the cost for this rebrand and expansion as the new store will not have to contact and pay and external company. The main objectives will include the following: • • • •

Successful launch of Belle Femme, raising awareness of the brand amongst their target audience Develop a reputation of Belle Femme being a fashion forward brand that is a trend setter as opposed to a trend follower Create awareness of Belle Femme having experiential design at its core of both the store design and garment design Gain press coverage of the new brand

Media & Press To achieve the objectives set, the in-house PR team will gain press through the media including magazine advertising, television and internet. Building a strong relationship with the press and magazine editors will help to gain further exposure for Belle Femme. Magazines, fashion spreads and products on trend pages within the press will help to drive sales of the product featured and improve the exposure and reputation of Belle Femme as a higher end fashion brand. Exposure will also create awareness of the brand which is important for the brands success. Belle Femme PR team will constantly seek out new press opportunities to help promote the brand and reach its desired audience.


Press Release A press release is a powerful marketing tool and an effective method to get news distributed for generating brand awareness. In order to communicate with the press, press releases will be regularly issued via email and post and also made available to download from the Belle Femme website. The press release will also be updated with video and images including look-books and runway shows of collections produced and launched within the new store.

In- Store Magazine An in-store magazine will be produced, published and uploaded onto the website by the PR team as well as being printed to give out in the store. It will include style advice, inspirational pages, interviews with designers and celebrities, articles about new and future products and various other fashion features. The magazine will be free to customers who shop in-store and who register online. It will be a seasonal publication (spring, summer, autumn and winter issues) to inform customers about up and coming trends and how to wear them. The in-store magazine will be A4 and will be printed on high quality gloss paper.


Look Book

A promotional look book for Belle Femme will be produced by the PR team. This will include an introduction to Belle Femme as a brand and what the store has to offer. It will also feature pictures of the products that will be sold in the store. The promotional look book will be forwarded with the press release as an advertisement for Belle Femme. It will also be uploaded onto the Facebook page where “fans� can view it prior to the stores launch. People will be directed to the look book through links to the page posted across the internet. The look book will be printed on matte card and will be an A5 booklet. It will be glamorous and sophisticated just like the brand hopes to be and will also be informative and captivating.


Stationary Belle Femme envelopes, letter heads, packaging and business cards will be printed and produced with the logo, store address, contact details and website address and QR codes for extra brand publicity and professionalism.

QR Code

A QR code (Quick Response) is a specific two dimensional code accessible by QR barcode readers and smartphones such as iPhone and Blackberry. A QR code will be generated for Belle Femme with the URL link to the website homepage. The QR code will be features on all promotional material for Belle Femme in order to create instant traffic to the website and increase awareness of the brand.


Social Media Platforms The prevalence of social media platforms makes this arena an attractive and successful marketing tool. The following social media platforms will be used:

Facebook Page

A Facebook page will market the website in an established social network, attracting Facebook users to “like” the page and will be informed about Belle Femme. The brand will also be “suggested” to their friends and to their friends and so forth, the Facebook page will provide regular updates to entice Facebook users to visit the Belle Femme website and shop in the concept store.

Twitter Account

A twitter account is an effective way to stay in contact with the target market, keeping them informed with what is happening to Belle Femme on a regular basis via “tweets”. This could include new ranges of clothing and future promotional offers and events.


Store Opening The store launch will be complemented with a press event/ launch party. This encourages the press to cover the launch which gains recognition and awareness of the brand and its opening. The event will be held inside the store.

Invitations Invitations will be sent out to the press and guests in advance to make them aware of the event and to keep the date free to attend. Inviting the right guests is vital to ensuring the event is a success. A mix of press, celebrities and industry experts and insiders will be invited. They will be send out via email and on A5 high quality gloss card.


Catering Guests will be greeted at the entrance with champagne and canapĂŠs. None alcoholic drinks will also be provided. 180 bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne will be purchased along with 200 bottles of water.


Adele will be booked to sing and appear at the launch of the store. She will perform for 30 minutes and stay at the event afterwards. She has been chosen because of her strong connection to London and she would be easily accessible as she is based in the city for the majority of the year(3). Background music will also be provided for the guests to enjoy.


Website Belle Femme will launch an e-commerce website to coincide with the launch of the new store. It will feature the full collection of Belle Femme clothing and will enable customers in the UK to purchase from the site and look of new inspiration. The site will feature images of each product from different angles and will be accompanied with brief descriptions of the items along with the price, product number, materials they are made from and a variety of sizes to choose from.

Social Networking Belle Femme will have a Twitter and Facebook page set up so that customers can ‘follow’ and ‘like’ the pages. The pages will be set up by the in-house PR team and will be regularly updated. Videos, images, news and information on competitions will be posted on these pages to encourage interest in the brand and also to help generate sales of items featured on the pages. Customers can keep up to date with the latest news and products as the pages will post regular up to date news that will be right at the customer’s fingertips. The target market will be familiar with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter therefore, relating to the customer through these platforms will engage them with the brand and increase awareness of the brand. Other members on these social networking sites will be informed when others ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the Belle Femme page on their newsfeeds which may also encourage others to like the page and gain further exposure and awareness of the brand.


App The app will be built separate to the current River Island app to reinforce the idea that it is a separate brand from the sister company. The app will be designed by the same company that designed the current River Island app which will also keep costs down as an external company will not have to be found and contacted. The in-house PR team will contact the company. The app will be available to download from the Apple App Store and will be free of charge (much like it’s sibling app for River Island). The app will be designed so that similar qualities and features are included as the website so the customers can access the brand and shop anytime.


Photo Shoot The promotional images and advertising campaign will take place in a photography studio and outdoors in different locations organised by the in-house PR team. The use of outdoor location is vital as the aim of the campaign is to promote a ‘lifestyle’ that the target audience will crave and want for themselves so will be attracted to the brand and what it offers them. The shoot will need to make the clothing and accessories look desirable. The clothing must also look of a high quality and fashionable to it related to the company’s image. This will attract the customers that are viewing the adverts to the store and the website to purchase clothing they have seen on the campaigns and other items they happen to come across in the store and online. The shoot will last 2 days due to the amount of garments and models required. 3 models will be used to participate in the shoot. The stylist along with hair and make-up artist will be provided by the company used to book the studio at additional costs.



Fashion Film The first video for Belle Femme will be a behind the scenes look at the photo-shoot for the advertising campaign. Once edited, the film will be released onto the Facebook and Twitter page as well as being posted onto YouTube to reach all audiences. As the filming will take place the same time as the photo-shoot the only extra cost will be hiring the camera man and editor.

Public Liability Insurance This is designed to protect businesses from being sued should any 3rd party accidently receive any bodily harm or damage to their property (4). River island already have public liability insurance so will provide it for the new Belle Femme store.


Print Publications

Gaining exposure through magazines that target the same or similar market will be vital when developing the relationship between Belle Femme and its customers. Belle Femme will advertise in a few specially selected fashion magazines. Since the target market is age 35 to 55 the magazine will need to be suitable for this age range. Since the brand aims to be at the higher end of the highstreet market, magazines such as Elle, Grazia and Glamour will be used to advertise the new brand. Magazines like Heat and Now will not be used as they may devalue the brand by advertising in them. To help the launch of the new brand to be a success and to raise awareness, magazine advertising will be carried out 1 month before the launch of the store and for the first month after the store has opened.


Costing Item




Total Cost

£80,000 per annum



£25,000 per year



Deputy Manager

£19,000 per year



Product Manager

£17,000 per year



Operations Manager

£15,000 per year



Operations Team

£7.00 per hour

10 x 30 hrs x 52 wks


Sales and Service Team

£9.00 per hour

20 x 20 hrs x 52 wks


£2,000 per session



£195.00 per item £110 per item £1,355.00 per item

11 4 5

£2,145 £440 £6,775

£1,209.00 per item



£1,144.00 per item



£919.00 per item



£349.00 per item £299.00 per item

2 3

£698 £897

£876.40 £315.70

1 1

£876.40 £315.70

1 1

£700 £2,850

River Island

£700 per batch (2000) £2,850 per batch (20,000) N/A Apple

£579.95 £7,800 £399.99 £15,000 per item

1 1 4 2

£579.95 £7,800 £1,596 £30,000

£60 per year



PREMISES 38-39 Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6DF EMPLOYEES Store Manager

Staff Training Stylist Training Visual Merchandise Mannequins Ceiling to floor rails Antique White Double Chateau French Armoire with rails Chateau Mirrored White Armoire Chateau Wire Double Showcase Chateau Wire Single Showcase Belgravia Large Bookcase Belgravia Slim Bookcase Signage Internal External Store Equipment Clothing hangers Price tags Tills EPoS system Cashiers desk iPad 2 Interactive hanger system Phone and line rental


Seating in store Gold Versailles Carver Gold Versailles Chaise Longue Autonno Chair Fitting Rooms Valbonne Carved Bed Chateau Dressing Table with Mirror Chateau Mirrored White Armoire Gold Versailles Silk Nursing Armchair Labour Flooring Walls Shop fitting Promotion Personal Relations

£619.00 per item £1,018.00 per item

2 1

£1,238 £1,018

£430.00 per item



£1,732.00 per item £745.00 per item

6 6

£10,392 £4,470

£1,209.00 per item



£417.00 per item



£250 £1,274.99 £700 per day

1 1 10

£250 £1,274.99 £7,000

River Island


Website Social Networking Twitter/Facebook

£1,225 FREE


£1,225 N/A



½ page advert ½ page advert 1 full page Photo shoot inc. studio and photographer Stylist Hair & Make up Models Fashion Film Stationary In-store Magazine Launch Invitations & Envelopes 1st Class Stamps Entertainment Moet & Chandon Canapés Bottled Water Insurance Public Liability Insurance

Elle Magazine Grazia Magazine Glamour Magazine

£3,500 per week £2,950 per week £2,750 per week £335 per day

8 8 8 2

£28,000 £23,600 £22,000 £670 Models 1 Staples River Island

£160 per day £250 per day £300 per day £175 per day £2,500 for pack £400 for 1st 1,000

2 2 3x2 2 1 1

£320 £500 £1,800 £350 £2,500 £400

Ryman’s Ryman’s Tesco Marks & Spencer Tesco

£320 for £200 41p per stamp £10,000 for 2 hours £173.70 for case of 6 £300 £4 for 12 bottles

1 200 1 30 1 10

£320 £82 £10,000 £5,211 £300 £40

£30 per month Total







Implementation Time 18 months before 17 months before

Task • Finalise concept • Store location researched

16 months before

• Store location chosen • Finalise floor plans

15 months before

• Book Adele for launch party • Source and order fixtures and fittings

13 months before

• Plan launch event and store launch • Source and book shop fitters

11 months before

• Order interactive technologies for store • Book photography studio, photographer, stylist, hair and make-up artist • Order hangers, tags, bags for store

10 months before

• Order launch event invitations • Send out invitations for launch event

12 months before

• Plan photo shoot 9 months before 8 months before

• Source models • Carry out photo shoot for look book • Write press release

7 months before 6 months before

• Print look book • Photo shoot for in-store magazine • Create layout for in-store magazine

3 months before 1 month before 2 weeks before

• • • •

10 days before 7 days before 2 days before 1 day before 0 days 1 month after

• Clothing arrives to be stored until the shop has been fitted • Shop fitters begin installation • Visual merchandise in window is complete • Place garments in store • Launch party Store Opening • Advertising in magazines continue

Recruit staff Send out press release and look book Publish advertisements in magazines Lease on property starts


Future Plans This logistics document provides detailed information on the new Belle Femme store and shows that once the store has launched there could be room for possible expansion to other parts of the UK. Once the Belle Femme store in London has gained a good reputation with its customers it could expand to other areas such as Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Leeds and other cities within the UK.



Document References

(1) See Appendix 1, Concept Proposal (2) (3) (4)

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